27 June, 2022


Sri Lanka’s 3G Jihadists – Pathfinders To Another Disaster

By Harishchandra Lokumanna

Harishchandra Lokumanna

Harishchandra Lokumanna

“In time we hate that which we often fear.” William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Although Jihadism refers, in the modern context, to the renewed focus on armed jihad in Islamic fundamentalism ,  in this article, I refer to the 3G Sinhala Buddhist Jihadists; GnanasaraGotaGammampila Combine ( ‘Thun kattuwa’ in Sinhala or the three Sinhala Buddhist Musketeers) who have been leading the way to national disaster through a well-organized  campaign to rekindle Sinhala Buddhist extremism. When the collective conscience of Sinhala Buddhists should stir and condemn these turn of events, it is a matter of shame that only few lone Sinhala Buddhist intellectual voices have emerged , while the silent Sinhala Buddhist society looks on, giving the hate groups the much needed oxygen by not condemning their tactics openly. I therefore would call these 3Gs, the pathfinders to another Disaster .

In my considered view,  the combined effect of these 3 Gs, (not the individuals, but the lobby they represent), acting in concert , harbour  vicious plans , to further their own agenda , to create an intolerant and a majoritarian minded Sri Lanka , with no space for the ‘other’ to exist as equal citizens with self-respect. Did we realize that these ‘Muslim extremism’ stories only came up after the War ended ,which should  create suspicions about the credibility of these lobbying groups and that a government which ended a War, is dragging their feet to act against these hate groups which shows their collusion. Fellow Sinhala Buddhists beware!

Gotabhaya with BBSNo Sinhala Buddhist, in his right mind, will consider Gnanasara as a Buddhist monk, whose language or conduct is worse than a street thug and his track record is corrupted to the core. If someone claims that Gnanassara is trying to save Buddhism through his rowdy thuggish tactics, it is like a person claiming to protect the virginity of a woman through raping. I therefore call him, a conspirator-in –monk’s clothing and a Devadaththa ( who entered monkhood and ultimately  turned out to be the enemy of the Enlightened One). He let the cat out of his bag at a recent BBC interview. When asked by BBC Sandeshaya ,whether BBS follows Buddha’s philosophy, Gnanasara replied : ‘Don’t forget ! Buddhist philosophy is different; Sinhala Buddhism is different.  Thus, Gnanasara is not interested in the well-being of Buddhism, but is part of the conspiracy to destroy it from within by creating his own cult of violence and hate mongering. He represent the face of many anti-Buddhist hidden forces and the puppet , with many conspirators holding and manipulating the other end of the thread.

Those of his elk know the immunity enjoyed by the saffron robe  among the people  and the easy access it provides to corridors of power to indulge in politicking and backroom deals. During the 1956 Bandaranaike era , we saw how influential  Buddharakkitha was and his penchant for theatrics. We can see Gnanasara in a similar light adopting a luxurious lifestyle , with a coterie  of civilian body guards and wielding power and acting beyond the reach of the arms of law,  despite his hate speeches and insulting other religons.Even, the BBS Chair Ven Kirama Wimalajothi dissociated himself  from ‘Gnanassaraism’. A prominent monk, Ven. Malabe Seelarathana says : ‘…The biggest disaster that has befallen the Buddha Sasana in recent times is this organisation known as the Bodu Bala Sena and this monk known as Galagodaatte Gnanasara. We can clearly see that some unseen hand is at work – that is why these bhikkus are behaving like rastiyadukarayas(street thugs). Senior monks are silent on this issue. …. He has the blessings of the government. Without that he would not be able to behave in this manner. We suspect that the defence secretary is involved in this…’

Sinhala Buddhist people should therefore look at ‘who stands to benefit from this G’s street anti-Muslim hate gymnastics? Certainly not the Sinhala Buddhists. Who is financing his luxurious lifestyle  and flashy BBS hate campaigns?  Why did BBS call an emergency Press briefing and try to impress upon an amused public that BBS has nothing to do with Gota while the Defence Ministry had a similar press conference? According to the commentators, support for Buddhist nationalism could be the result of a strategy of the MR government. Ironically, Gota made an announcement recently of his wishes to enter politics .( Is it to keep power inside their family circles?).  He appears to like the image of a re-born Dutugemunu to protect Sinhala Buddhist interests against so called alien attacks – this time from Muslim extremism after successfully defeating  ‘Tamil extremism’. Thus, it makes sense to use the saffron clad class as WMD to play ‘the Muslim extremism’ tune ,which is a ready target and an easy to convince explanation, in the light of the strong Islamaphobia campaign being launched worldwide. Politically, MR clan will need to show more enemies to the electorate after the oft repeated chorus about the defeat of the Tigers has lost its’ appeal. Sinhala Buddhist people should therefore not fall a prey to their machinations and safeguard their credibility as a tolerant race.

Despite many intellectuals from among the Sinhala people  and civic groups such as BASL, Friday Forum as well as HR groups  clearly identifying  BBS and Gnanasara’s speech as the main cause for the Aluthgama disaster, and there was a clear well-orchestrated hate campaign to hit at the economic base of the Muslims, and to instil fear in them, MR government and Gota failed to identify them as such; but instead sought to whitewash them. Besides, Minister Rajitha, and MP Thewarepperuma from the area swore to that effect that even Police and STF were complicit in BBS led violence and destruction apart from their inaction. Still, there is no official condemnation of BBS and no concrete steps to arrest the real culprits. Therefore, Gota and MR government will have a utopian task in their hand to clear their name as the Patron  Saint of the BBS and the godfather of Gnanasara, in the light of many emerging  pieces of incriminating evidence, including what Victor Ivan and Mangala Samaraweera revealed.

Further, if MR seriously thinks that this is a minor matter and let these destructive forces to continue to play dangerous games based on religious sensitivities, then history will one day judge him as a leader who let down his country at a crucial time. The inaction of the government to call a spade a spade and to reign in the BBS and condemn/stop their hate campaign had already created an irreparable image about  the entire Sinhala Buddhist population among the international community. Besides, the MR government’s sorry attempts to make the victims the perpetrators for example in the official  statement to the envoys and at the UNHR Council, have made the country, a laughing stock in the world, especially when the technology available at everyone’s palmtop  has revealed to the world who  the real culprits were. Needless to say that both Gota and the MR government were caught with their pants down , attempting to use or allowing Sinhala Buddhist nationalism, to reinforce their hold onto power ,which is likely to backfire.

Adding to these 2Gs,  the barks of another G lobby is getting louder by the day, holding candles for these hate groups and raising wolf cries about the existence of  Jihadi cells.  Gammampila, who once stated in his weekly column THE GUARD POST in the Ceylon Today , that he “strongly feels a repetition of the 1915 Sinhala Muslim clash is imminent”,  was seen to be vociferous  in recent times , in whitewashing and defending BBS against many accusations of hate crimes , thus, betraying the moderate mainstream Sinhala Buddhists in this country who voted for them.

It was comical to read the recent interview given by  Gammampila to ‘Ceylon Today’, totally twisting the Aluthgama story, completely whitewashing the BBS and making the Muslims as the ones who cast the first stone and as the perpetrators ,when the true chain of events ,properly documented and reported by groups untainted by prejudice, were stating otherwise.  It was equally comical to read his commentary when he quotes Anura Senananake DIG with credibility, when everyone knows that he is a strong Gota caddy, eternally grateful to Gota for having giving him extensions after extensions. It was foolish to expect DIG Anura  to relate the correct chain of events when he was supposed to relay his Master’s Voice .  How can he implicate Gnannasara or BBS? Incidentally,  Gota is also Gammampila’s  Super Hero, and even  invited the former to support him at his recent PC Elections, which led Srinath Perera -the UNP candidate to raise objections. This whitewashing exercise by Gammampila was therefore nothing, but part of a well-coordinated plan to keep the ‘threat looming against the Sinhala Buddhist interests’ story well- oiled in the minds of   the Sinhala Buddhist public. He was certainly a Goebbels!

Obviously, the views of  Gammampila were not his own, but that of his interest group –JHU and the likes , who finds their influence and image being eroded in the  minds of the Sinhala  Buddhist people in view of the lack of a coherent policy even to safeguard the Buddhist interests, but instead picking contentious issues based on racist and communalist themes, just to keep them on the Sinhala Buddhist radar screen, for their own political survival. JHU’s inner justification to do menial work for the hate lobby to survive,  may be understandable. What was not understandable was how YMBA , and ACBC which represent moderate Sinhala Buddhist opinion, also joined to whitewash the BBS, which was a much more dangerous trend. Recently, they issued a Press statement, unashamedly, whitewashing hate mongering BBS, condone their irresponsible disgusting hateful  verbal diarrhoea and put the full blame on the Muslims for the disaster, without a word of apology to the thousands of Muslims who suffered  extensive losses in terms of lives, properties and business , compared to the losses borne by the affected Sinhala people. This statement also included a denial of the hate speeches of BBS and Gnanassara, despite clear confirmation on Youtube clippings. This step shockingly sends out a message to the world that this hate campaign was not the ramblings of a fringe group, but the views of the mainstream Sinhala Buddhist people as well.

Another worrying concern was the identification of two dangerous trends in recent events. One being according to several eyewitness accounts, many of these hit squads came from outside which means that it was a set game by BBS and they were brought in to do their ‘duty towards their race’ (Jathayalaya) following the ‘Arise Sinhalese against alien attacks!’ speech by  Gnanasara. In fact, as said by Rajitha, Jathyalalya acts (referring to plundering and looting acts in the name of love for the Sinhala race) have been going on in this country since 1958. Secondly, many eye witnesses also vouched to the fact that many of their Sinhala neighbours also connived under cover, with the complicity of the law enforcement authorities. ( perhaps they were responding to the appeal by Gannasara to the Sinhala Police to cooperate). If these trends continue, in the event of any future  incident involving a Sinhalese and a Muslim, then summary justice will be meted out by these hate hit squads brought from outside areas and if the people of the same area also join in, then time is not far away for another 1983 riots to emerge.

It was very clear that this hate monk Gnanassara clearly called the Sinhala Buddhist people to arms when he threatened  the Marakkalayaas (Muslims) that they will be ‘finished’ if they ever lay their hands on a Sinhalese. ( It was comical why Gnanasara did not act when an entire Sinhala village recently assaulted a monk  and made him to put on a female dress. Perhaps that was not done by Muslims! )  . Also he exhorted the Sinhalese people to refrain from selling lands to  Muslims. Finally he said ‘Aba Saranay’(death knell) to the Muslims businesses which meant that they will be  sitting ducks for Sinhalese to attack them. He also alluded false accusations against the Koran. Still for Gammampila and the Sinhala Organizations to deny that there were no hate speeches is to adopt an ‘ostrich head inside the sand style’ approach and exposes their nakedness before the wider world. It was amusing to note that Gammampila quotes a monk in that interview who said;

We wanted them ( Sinhala People of Aluthgama) to calm down. They should be made to calm down by a person in whom they have confidence. That is why we invited Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera to speak there. Our message is simple. “Please place confidence in us. If such an incident takes place hereafter, we will severely deal with it”.

Inviting a thug Gnanasara to calm down people! Are we from a different plant? Should we as Sinhala Buddhists be more sensible? If Aluthgama was a calmed down scenario, then how would it look like if it was a fully blown riot? Another 1983 ?. Therefore, Gammampila ( as well as his partner Champika)’s  intimate links with Gota and his acting as a poodle for the BBS,  should sound an alarm bell not only in the minds of Muslims, but also in the minds of all Sinhalese as well, regarding their joint dubious plans to drag Sri Lanka into the depths of communalism, racism and bigotry.

The disease has therefore totally  invaded the body-politic of Sri Lanka- flesh, blood, veins and marrow. Manifestations of symptoms such hateful  Gnanasara and BBS, accessories like JHU are being treated with a kid’s glove and more often than not, with veneration. If we consider these rogue monks specially Gnanasara, who were directly or indirectly involved in the riots in Aluthgama or if not involved but surely incited persons with hate speech, they broke rules of our Common Law and Vinaya Rules. Yet, they remain free and robed! More than that, MR government is going to the extent of even fabricating JMO findings which BASL claims will set a dangerous precedent. Mahanayake Theros have spoken out against the Night races ( of course with no success) but failed to speak against the rowdy behaviour and acts of the BBS. It is why it is being asked that the question after Aluthgama was whether the BBS represents the official stance of the government in dealing with minority rights, and whether it has hijacked the views of the Sangha community as well as the moderate Sinhalese populace ? The nation is begging for a frank and an honest answer, as it will have far reaching consequences on the mission to create a Sri Lanka –tolerant and accommodating to others’ beliefs as it was before.

Due to lack of evidence, government was compelled to accept that there is no merit in the claims about ‘Muslim terrorists’ in the country as alleged in Indian intelligence reports, as JHU and BBS would like us to believe. However, it would need to warn itself that its’ apparent reluctance to rein in racist elements, and ban these hate speeches /groups,  are reinforcing people’s and world’s views that it is acting in collusion for a common purpose. Further, this strategy will definitely backfire. Sri Lanka has just emerged from a civil war  and it  should concentrate on nation-building and reconciliation. Allowing the ethnic and religious fault lines to further open up  will spell disaster. We have seen how countries that have promoted religious fanaticism for short term gains, such as Pakistan, suffered as their policies backfired. Sri Lanka risks going down a similar path. Furthermore, a sense of insecurity breeds radicalism and minority groups in the country could turn to violence if they feel threatened. Thus, if the Muslims feel that the government is not safeguarding their rights to practice their religion and culture, then their level of tolerance may get exhausted and even invite some foreign Muslim Jihadi groups to lure in youngster among them with relative ease. This has already occurred in Sri Lanka with its’ Tamil minority. May sanity prevail in our mother-land.

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  • 11

    “We wanted them (Sinhala people of Aluthgama) to calm down. They should be made to calm down by a person whom they have confidence. That is why we invited” Gnanasara “to speak there”.

    Mewa ahala pana palayan pereda!

    Sorry for those who are unable to understand Sinhala. There is no proper English translation but it goes like this ” it’s better to have died day before yesterday than being alive to be hearing such a story”.

    Congratulations Mr Lokumanna! Good analysis and very well written. Hats off to you.

    • 3

      Appachchi, I am really sorry karma conspired to produce an offspring for you from that awful female canine.

      • 3

        Harishchandra Lokumanna,

        You are an honest Sinhala Buddhist writer compared to many others with biased views: Your views must be heard across the whole spectrum of the Sinhala society.

        The government, its leaders, the Buddhist clergy, the security forces including the police, the judiciary, and the state are not doing their duty to protect all peoples, their lives, properties, freedom and dignity.

        The Sinhalese society using their strength in numbers cannot abuse the minorities with majoritarianism, but they to have abide by democratic norms in the modern world.

        If the society doesn’t right itself from within by the Sinhalese themselves then it will be sad that they will be straightened by outside forces as they did to Nazi Germany and the racist Germans.

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    • 1

      “Our message is simple. “Please place confidence in us. If such an incident takes place hereafter, we will severely deal with it”.

      It does not happen in the west even with all the incentives- animals will be animals in their thinking- only block vote living in ghettos is their survival.

      This is the menace Islam has created- the world of suicide bombers and terror.

      The west has banned Nazism it must now ban the collaborator Islam so that the world can be a single community.

      If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who’s very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that’s a very tricky business. We’ve got to know his background… I’m saying these things because they are real, and if I don’t think that, and I think even if today the Prime Minister doesn’t think carefully about this, I and my family could have a tragedy.–Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, September 19, 1999 on Malays in the Singapore Armed Forces

      I have to speak candidly to be of value, but I do not want to offend the Muslim community… I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims… I would say, today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam.
      from his book ‘Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going’

      You never will integrate and if you do because of fear of being rehabilitated then its only seeming.- the supreme religious fanatics on earth.(if i convert a non believer i go to heaven- only god knows what the hell that is)

  • 8

    Wow, what a telling condemnation of the powers that be, for their poor foresight and judgment in promoting racial disharmony in little Sri Lanka. Look at the mess we have created for ourselves. Everyone is suspicious each other – is he friend or foe. We never lived like this before this BBS, Sihala Ravaya and JHU broke into the scene. If you listen to what JHU Champika says about Muslim (what he claims intolerance) immediately after the Aluthgama/Beruwela incident, it just drives us Muslims crazy and shiver with so much anger and hatred at what he says. He was just simply rubbing it in with his usual style of an imaginary foe, deserving every bit of what we received. It was just sickening after all that we’ve been through in racial induced riots.

    Thanks Harishchandra my friend. We Muslims don’t ask much but a little honesty in reporting the facts, and this article we hope will become the turning point in understanding our difficulties to simply survive in these trying times. I only wish this could be translated and sent to as many people as possible to expose these jerks. They must be told in no uncertain terms that there is no place to run and hide in this world, to escape or get away after committing mischief and evil, as it will keep haunting them to their graves. The guilt is enough to kill them with slow and painful death. They reap only what they sew. May you goons who instigated and brought this calamity on us and all those who participated in it, may you all rot in hell.

  • 7

    The 3G’s and their acolytes are playing with fire. Sooner or later the worm will turn and then it will be too late. The wildest dreams of Gammanpilla may come true.

    • 0

      `The 3G’s and their acolytes are playing with fire.`

      Ho ho a half maggot and his ever loving apple corps – ISIS; Al-Shabaab, HAMAS??

  • 8

    For the atrocities committed , these Gs should be punished by stripping and hanging them by one leg and the little lads at Aluthgama should be given catapults to aim at the smelly black cherries.

  • 6

    Harishchandra Lokumanna –

    RE: Sri Lanka’s 3G Sinhala Jihadists – Pathfinders To Another Disaster

    “He let the cat out of his bag at a recent BBC interview. When asked by BBC Sandeshaya ,whether BBS follows Buddha’s philosophy, Gnanasara replied : ‘Don’t forget ! Buddhist philosophy is different; Sinhala Buddhism is different. Thus, Gnanasara is not interested in the well-being of Buddhism, but is part of the conspiracy to destroy it from within by creating his own cult of violence and hate mongering. He represent the face of many anti-Buddhist hidden forces and the puppet , with many conspirators holding and manipulating the other end of the thread.”

    Thanks. Very Good analysis. Who is the White guy in the Picture. Is he the representative from Norway who funded is finding BBS with Israeli and American Christian Fundamentalist money?

    It is more or less a modern version of Monk Mahanama Sinhala Buddhism and Racism.

    Did you ever wonder why there are hardly any Tamil Buddhists in Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah?

    The para-Sinhala current mindset is that now that the Tamil Terrorism ended Separatism is controlled, they need to control the Muslims.

    So they will come up with all sots of lies and others theories.

    What the 3G are saying is that Buddhism is just a name-tag, a reason for a group. What is Important is Sinhala, rather Para-Sinhala “Buddhism”, not Buddhism.

    Yes the Cat is out the bag.

  • 1

    There is no ‘threat to Budhistum in the western countries, Developing well. my belive, in Sri lanka getting worst, These prople is responsible for it. BBS,JHU RB

    • 1

      “There is no ‘threat to Budhistum in the western countries, “

      There isnt because western Buddhism is developing from Zen Buddhism and discussion to suit the western thought of co existence.

      Its interesting with things like mindful eating and obesity.

  • 5

    Harishchandra’s forthright analysis needs to be seen by the intellectual community in SL who should lead , when the govt and religious leaders have failed, in guiding our people towards realizing the dangers of giving silent approval to these hate groups instead of confronting them . Silent Gnanassaras are more dangerous than the vocal G. Let us speak up before this virus fatally affects SL.
    Well done HL.

  • 2

    So where did the Tamil youth who took up arms end up?

    The victims of July 1983 were bigger victims in 2009!!

    Should the Muslims follow Tamils to Nanthikadal?

    I don’t know. I’m sure the “genocidal army” is ready for any eventuality!

  • 2

    These three “G” Jigadhist groups are headed by one and only “M”. Without the approval of “M” nothing can move in this island. If Sinhala masses are true Buddhists and peace loving and they are not part of this group they should prove by disassociating with this group. Can they do it?

  • 0


    last sentence you mentioned – This will come true soon:-
    “if the Muslims feel that the government is not safeguarding their rights to practice their religion and culture, then their level of tolerance may get exhausted and even invite some foreign Muslim Jihadi groups to lure in youngster among them with relative ease”

    Islam is Global, we have to be very careful as even us we dont like this to happen, but if GOTABAYA is trying this then he is tikcing his time for death by us.

    • 1

      Scaremonger, just with 9/11 Musharaf and the western media showed computer stimulated effects of what india would be like if mumbai were nuked (uranium 250) to unfortunately the very man who as minister of defence created it (pluto 1000 years)
      Remember the japs in the US were all jailed when pearl habour was bombed you like that I suppose so just 10% and still breeding like rats.

      stupid imran khan said exactly what you are saying- lost his rich and powerful socialite wife and lives in shanty town.

      cursing the west but not his own self.

  • 1


    Well written! Good analysis and full of facts. Hope most of SL understand the motive of this 3Gs. It will end soon.

  • 2


    I find your article is an extremely interesting analysis of the Aluthgama pogrom premeditated by the three “G”group. I would also add not only MR but also Champike into the conspiracy.

    As you rightly said the cat is already out that the three group Budhism is different from The Budhism the Teacher of Budhism taught and it is Sinhala Budhsm.

    Your article must be published in Sinhalese newspapers and exhibited in all prominent places for the attention of all decent Sinhala Budhists notice.

    You are an example to show there are right thinking Sinhala Budhists but I cannot understand why they are keeping silence.

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