21 May, 2022


SriLankan Airlines’ Stewardess Released For Namal Rajapaksa’s Work Arrested

The scandalous stewardess of SriLankan Airlines, Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka who was released from the airline to carry out various duties for Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa has been remanded till August 22 by the Colombo Additional Magistrate over money laundering charges amounting to Rs. 45 million in connection to the HelloCorp case. Even though she is also involved in a financial scam at the airline, she has only been formally charged over the money laundering case.

Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka,

Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka,

She was arrested and then subsequently remanded for her alleged role in aiding and abetting to commit an offence in her capacity as a Director of NR Consultations and Gowers Corporation, which are all owned by MP Namal Rajapaksa. Both, Namal Rajapaksa and Sudarsha Ganewatta are currently in remand custody over allegations of money laundering in the HelloCorp case.

Last year, the JC Weliamuna led Board of Inquiry in a report on corruption at SriLankan Airlines revealed that Samaranayake had been released from her work at the airline at the request of the then Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga. Samaranayake was released to carry out Namal Rajapaksa’s political work, and she was paid approximately Rs. 158,000 a month by both the airline and the Presidential Secretariat.

During the inquiry by Weliamuna and the team, Samaranayake had said that there was no special project to which she was attached to whilst she was working for Rajapaksa. She had also said that she couldn’t describe an exact location where she was working for Namal Rajapaksa, the eldest son of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The report also highlighted that she had been overpaid more than Rs. 4.2 million although there was no proper explanation as to what sort of services she provided. The Weliamuna report recommended that Sri Lankan airlines take action to recover the overpaid money from Samaranayake.

In an interview with Hiru TV’s Salakuna programme in May 2016, Namal Rajapaksa claimed that no special treatment was meted out to Samaranayake. “I have seen her around, I have spoken to her at the Presidential Secretariat, but there was nothing beyond that. No special remuneration was given to her as far as I know,” he told the television channel. He added that he never had even an office at the Presidential Secretariat, and Samaranayake was employed by the Presidential Secretariat directly and he had nothing to do with her.

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    Ha, haa! Baby danne na, baby danne na !!

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    TRUE.She did not have any specific duties or functions. She was only required to obey and oblige Namal Rajapakse for which she was paid fabulously and enjoyed all privileges!

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    Aney Paw. Namal had used local condom that why the whole issue. Yahalapalnaya now its your turn to prove the case and throw them to jail once and for all.

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    Internal source says there are few Narmal’s Chicks and Narmal’s Thugs who are working as cabin crew going to be arrested outside in near future. This will show to people how that Rajapaksa and co done the damage to Srilankan airline and the mother land.

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    moral of this story: dont give blow jobs on government tab. it will back fire.
    you wont get your fees. so free service for nothing.

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    It’s too late for these chicks to be jailed !!!! They are aiding to corruption. They are doing this for money !!! They know that their action is result for corruption !!! They are NO BABIES ANY MORE !!! They are the real suckers.They live lavishly they are a treat to the system. Just imagine How many people would have got caught to their power of SCAM !!! Unethical they should remain at Welikad or Bogambara for at least 30 years without any BAIL

  • 1

    Namal Baby was not the only one to get privileged Cabin Service.

    Why are we missing out on the fun and frolic of the then SriLankan Airlines chairman Nishantha Wickremasinghe whose adulterous antics are well-known and has been the subject of public comment.

    One who has escaped notice in this regard because he flew under the radar is the then governor of the Central Bank.Nivard Cabraal, Nishantha and Namal were three who made hay (and actually lay on it)when the sun was shining in the Caribbean as the Sri Lankan crew lobbied to host the Commonwealth Games. A hand picked cabin screw(pun intended) was taken on that famous ride wasting millions of dollars just for the delectation of the Rajapassa relatives.
    So much for cabin activities.

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