17 April, 2024


State Media Knew Of Monk’s Self-Immolation Plan In Advance And Filmed It – Secretary Media Ministry

The incident of the Buddhist monk Bohowatte Indararatna thero’s self-immolation has sparked a journalistic ethics issue Media Ministry Secretary Charitha Herath told the Sunday Times.

Charitha Herath

According to the Sunday Times, investigations by Media Ministry has revealed that the monk had, before setting himself on fire told the local correspondent of a State media institution of his plans to do so. The correspondent had videoed the entire event. The material had been aired both in State run and private television networks.

“We have to ask the media to draw the line when it comes to such issues. As a result of the correspondent in question keeping the incident a secret until he videoed it, the life of a monk is now in danger,” he told Sundya Times. Media Ministry Secretary said his Ministry was going into the ethical issues in this regard. “We don’t want to be restrictive but the media, both State run and private, must know their limits in cases like this,” he said.

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    EASTERNGUY • 5 hours ago −
    How many BAUDHDA SIN-KELYAA know the riveting truth:

    The Ven(OM) monk who self immolated himself is a member of the Pradeshiya Sabha for Pelmadulla. He has absented himself from past meetings of the Sabha because the Police were on the lookout for him. Among the cases:

    1. Attack on the Weeraketiya Police Station.

    2. Attack on the church at Weeraketiya.

    3. Taking more than three million rupees from different persons

    offering foreign employment. He has not been able to provide one job so far.

    4. This is the worst one. Police are on the lookout for him for molesting an underage girl.

    He was sacked from the JHU for misconduct. Now the JHU ghouls are trying to rise to fame on the monk’s dead body calling his daylight

    suicide as sacrifice. This was said by Champika Ranawaka and his hench

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    Another website – Lankaenews – gives a different version about the monk.
    His photo is shown baring his chest at the police daring them to shoot him while he was part of the crowd which attacked the Dambulla Mosque.
    He,it is claimed,has a history of fraudulent earnings,cheating people.

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    Lanka Muslim and your posting on May 28 2013 at 2.40 a.m.
    How interesting. That is five hours ago, you say.

    Those buggers have lifted lock, stock and barrel what I said
    on Colombo Telegraph on May 27, 2013 2:34 pm

    You fool, don’t you read?

    Jathi Alaya

    • 0

      So, do I become a ‘fool’ because I have missed reading what you have posted? I appreciate that you were quick in revealing the information, but regret that you are not being ‘wise’ by calling me a fool. Let this be a lesson to you for the future to be more cultured in dealing with others.

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    Come on Lanka Muslim

    Don’t be hurt by my remarks. It
    was not meant to be an insult but
    more in a very friendly way. I
    respect your views. So keep going
    my friend. Don’t be hurt by this
    odd snides which are NOT rpt NOT

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    Not bad eh! one litre of petrol to go to NIRVANA.

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      One litre of petrol is the initial cost, not the full cost.

      1. There was a cost y of taking him to the Kandy Hospital

      2. Cost of Treatment at the ICU

      3. Helicopter ride to Colombo General Hospital

      4. Treatment at the Hospital.

      5. Transporting the body to Kahawatta

      6. Cremating the Body

      7. Controlling the demonstration by the Jatika Harak Urumaya

      8. Investigation of the other conspirators.

      There is substantial doubt as to whether he will attain Nibbana or Nirvana.

      Ni in Palu means No, and Vana means detachment.

      So, Nibbana or Nirvana, requires no attachment. The monk was attached to JHU, was anti Christian, Anti Muslim, and had a criminal record.

      Therefore, the Mont will NOT attain the Pali Nibbana or the Sanskrit Nirvana.

      DeJa Vu.. Next ….

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    Maybe we should ban slaughter of cattle. Then we should ban all meat items such as pork, mutton, chicken and even fish. Then we should stop drinking milk too because milk from a cow is her blood which is specially for her calf. I too am a mother and if someone came and took my milk while i was going to feed my baby then i would have killed him. Even eggs which will hatch in to a chick. so these are all sorts of animal products. Then we can go without milk powder, cakes and pastries we love so much and all the restaurants could close shop. And maybe we could all eat dhal and soya for our protein. Then at least our IQ’s would soar and there wont be any forums like this that creates unnecessary rifts between religions.

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    These monks are really criminals who do not practice Buddhism . If they are truly following Buddha’s preachings many monks should have set themselves up in flames on 17th May 2009 when innocent human beings were slaughtered by their disciples who are equally criminals. In order to grab the lands belongs to Tamils and muslims they carry out an agenda with the approval of the criminals of the Mahinda’s regime.

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    self-immolation is as cannibalistic as cattle slaughter…

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