30 June, 2022


Tamil Website To Be Unblocked Soon

The newjaffna.net website which was recently blocked by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRC) is to be unblocked shortly, following the completion of an investigation carried out by the media ministry.

According to ministry sources, following the initial inquiry by the ministry, the content on the website has been cleared. “Therefore, an order will be issued to unblock the website soon,” sources told Colombo Telegraph.

Last month, under the orders of the Media Ministry, the TRC blocked the website after it exposed the misconduct of Jaffna Magistrate A.A. Anandarajah. The website, http://www.newjaffna.net/ is operated from the United Kingdom, and had published a series of articles revealing the misconduct of Anandarajah.

The media ministry had reportedly received several complaints including from the Tamil National Alliance against the website, after which steps were taken to block the site. The complainants had claimed that the website was carrying false information and also trying to incite racial hatred, however most of the content had reportedly been in relation to the misconduct of the judge in Jaffna.

This was the first instance under the President Maithripala Sirisena led government where a website was officially blocked.sri-lanka-blocks-websites

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    While you are looking at what sites should be unblocked the dailymirror website has stooped So low as to edit and change the wordings of comments made under the comments section omitting comments that have no reason to be omitted. What a shame democracy at work. Anything outside the worldview of the person in charge of their comment section is excluded!!

    Think the news paper has no control of its own staff!

    • 3

      What about the L web , which covers anti government propaganda with full of Racist Authors propagating venom as always from their comfy chairs , Mostly from Canada , Australia and UK. They sing for their supper paid by Jarapassas Looted money .
      Disgraceful Website.
      Full of Racists and Anti government propagandists.

      • 3

        LWeb is L….a Web patronised by all the Racist columnists. Rings the bell?

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    President Maithripala Sirisena led government,

    RE: Tamil Website To Be Unblocked Soon

    What is your problem?

    Your problem is that you have become Turncoats, Traitors, and Liars.

    You have interfered and blocked the Independent commissions, the independent judiciary and released crooks and killers, the Rajapaksas, based on payoffs, bribes and Santhosams from the Peoples stolen property. In turn, you are increasing the VAT taxes for the people.

    The “President” has earned the titles of Turncoat, Traitor and Gon Sirisena.

    You should be given the standard punishment for Turncoats and Traitors.

    Have you heard about the French Revolution? The Russian Revolution? The American Revolution?

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    There is another web site seithy.com operated from Canada. It carries news items and some articles on current affairs. No contentious news or articles. The site was blocked during Mahinda Rajapaksa’s dispensation and continued to be blocked under the present government. If you complain they plead ignorance or send you from pillar to post. Over to Media Ministry and TRC.

    But I do agree the New Jaffna web site carries scurrilous and scandalous claims intended to character assassinate individuls. Recently it had the temerity to describe elected TNA Members of Paliament as parasites (ஒட்டுணிகள்). How dare they denigrate elected MPs while sitting comfortably in their living rooms in London?

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    Newjaffna . Net blocked in srilanka for writing about non political illegal and criminal activities from north part of Srilankan, this is not good signal from Sri Lankan media freedom.

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    newjaffna .net only supporting to UNP inside Jaffna and Vanni run by Sri Lankan top secret agent from Europe , but NEWJAFFNA com is run by EPDP Mr.A.Selva in Nelliyadi, Jaffna.

    Its very funny UNP government blocked Pro-UNP website NEWJAFFNA . net which is writing against to EPDP, TNA, LTTE…..

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