17 August, 2022


The ‘Sex And Love’ Concert; A Clarification

By Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena

Dear Enrique Ticket Holders,

We wish to apologise to all of you for your negative experience at the recently concluded Enrique Concert. Although both of us were overseas fulfilling cricket commitments, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the events that transpired. It is extremely disappointing for us that this event, organised to assist the development of Sri Lanka as a tourist and entertainment hub and provide the public with exceptional entertainment of a high standard by accessing celebrated international artists, turned out in this manner. We are issuing this statement today, after understanding all circumstances and the facts.

Enrique ConcertWhen the idea was pitched to us and other investors by the organisers to bring an artist such as Enrique to Sri Lanka, we backed it in all good faith expecting a stellar event delivered in a professional manner to the public of Sri Lanka. Although we realised that such a venture will be an arduous one due to the well-known challenges and market restraints of organising such large-scale events in Sri Lanka, we were willing to support this endeavour considering the rich experience and the image-building potential for Sri Lanka’s tourism. As such, all required resources – both financial and otherwise – were made available to the organizers to ensure the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, the event has fallen far short of these expectations. Although we believe that the organising team worked tirelessly and with good intentions to ensure a well-run event, there have clearly been glaring mistakes made, for which responsibility needs to be taken.

Firstly, although the delay of the artist and some equipment arriving at the venue, which caused the subsequent delay in opening the gates to usher in the public, for which the artist responsibly and graciously apologized, was beyond the control of the organizers, the communication of this to the public was mishandled, thereby inconveniencing people greatly. Those that stood patiently in-line for hours were not extended the courtesy of being informed of the ground situation. This at the very beginning would have frustrated and angered all of you.

Secondly, although a professional security company was hired and protocols were put in place to ensure the safety and the comfort of all, we have been made well-aware that these measures were inadequate when faced with the challenges of controlling such a large gathering, and failed alarmingly. This obviously undermined the overall experience for those who purchased premium tickets by their respective space being encroached upon by others, and we fully understand their disappointment and anger. The premium price paid by them for their tickets needs to be respected and their comfort and viewing experience should have been safeguarded, which is under the direct purview of the organizers.

The organizers are in agreement, with our direction, that such shortcomings must not be tolerated. As such, we have informed them that an apology in itself is not sufficient, but further appropriate compensation has to be made in the form of a suitable refund, irrespective of the financial loss to us.

With regards to recent reports concerning Live Events and Municipal entertainment taxes, we categorically state the company remains transparent and ethical in all operations.

Live Events will continue to ensure full compliance with all relevant tax commitments and is providing all necessary information to the Colombo Municipal Council, in order to clarify facts and the way forward. Accountability and integrity is paramount to us and we believe it to be the same for the organizers.

Although we know an apology or refund cannot fully satiate your disappointment, we wish to reiterate that we remain fully committed to all of you and our country. As such, a full and thorough internal inquiry is ongoing into all areas of concern.

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Whilst this is a good and long overdue statement, there is a clear distancing of the two cricketers from the ‘organizers’ i.e. Riyaz Shah (Shaq), Imran Saibo, and the clan. Comments on race and religion notwithstanding, it is sad that they dragged the names of these much loved cricketers through this much mud due to their arrogance, incompetence and greed.

    • 18

      hide an squeak, playing pol pittha,
      try marbles!!
      send more women to middle east as sex slaves.
      then say how bad those Muslims are.

      • 12

        These cricketers who should set a better example by SIMPLE LIVING. The blame game is irrelevant. They set a BAD EXAMPLE to of crass consumerism and INEQUALITY with their business choices it seems.

        Sri Lanka is being primed for SUPER CAPITALISM and SUPER INEQUALITY, and super CONSUMPTION that only SUPER CORRUPTION of the political and sports elite enables – a culture of crass consumerism that includes 35,000 rupee tics. can only survive on
        a class of super rich consumers who have CORRUPT BLACK MONEY and who make a display of life style vulgarity which is increasingly pushed lso by Countries and embassies like the UK which had a gala launch of the James Bond film Spectre to sell British cars – Land ROver etc. to the Colombo elite.

        Sports, entertainment and corruption as with FIFA go hand in glove to DESINSITIZE the people to ECONOMIC INEQUALITY AND POVERTY. This has happened in the West and ISIL or DAISH is a response to this gross consumerism while the masses remain poor and marginalized.

        The fact is that one does not need to be a Sinhala Buddhist nationalist to be against this kind of kitch pop culture . Surely there are more interesting musicians with a message, to entertain & educate the culturally starved youth of Lanka.
        Surely there are African artists and GLOBAL SOUTH musicians and Jazz starts to invite from Places like South Africa and Brazil???

      • 5

        These cricketers who should set a better example by SIMPLE LIVING. The blame game is irrelevant. They set a BAD EXAMPLE of crass consumerism and INEQUALITY with their business choices and CONSUMPTION PATTERNS it seems.

        Sri Lanka is being primed for SUPER CAPITALISM and SUPER INEQUALITY, and super CONSUMPTION that only SUPER CORRUPTION of the political and sports elite enables – a culture of crass consumerism that includes 35,000 rupee tics. can only survive with a CLASS of super rich consumers who could have only made CORRUPT BLACK MONEY or have inherited wealth, and who make a display of life style vulgarity which is increasingly pushed also by Countries and embassies like the UK which had a gala launch of the James Bond film Spectre to sell British cars – Land Rover etc. to the Colombo elite.

        Sports, entertainment, consumption of kitch and corruption as with FIFA go hand in glove to DE-SENSITIZE people to ECONOMIC INEQUALITY AND POVERTY. This has happened in the West and ISIL or DAISH is a response to this gross consumerism which numbs the mind, while the masses remain poor and marginalized.

        The fact is that one does not need to be a Sinhala Buddhist nationalist, or worried about female fan’s underwear, to be against this kind of kitch pop culture show of Enrique. Surely there are more interesting musicians with a message, to entertain & educate the culturally starved youth of Lanka.
        Surely there are African artists and GLOBAL SOUTH musicians and Jazz starts to invite from Places like South Africa and Brazil???

        • 4


          So well said!!! Thanks!

          But aside from the crass consumerism, are the “honorable” Esoteric groups who have made big with the enablement of the ultra-capitalistic system.

          Lankan nationals who made good with imbroglio deals, have much Lankan money being spent in major cities on real estate and high-society get-togethers.

          No, they certainly do not throw their underwear around. They don’t don cheap trinkets and makeup that are meant for the humble masses to feel a bit ….effervescent.

          It’s to do with the simplicity of possessing one super-expensive diamond or pearl necklace for example (while the masses who want to look a bit pretty, are wearing and assortment of junk trinkets). It’s to do with expensive facials in the beauty salon, for example (while the masses don some power or foundation and lipstick). It’s to do with expensive pilgrimages to the holy land (but the scorn spending of 1/100th of that of that money on a rock concert).

          And all the while, the struggling masses have to pay taxes, to pay back the super-capitalistic loans the Gosl borrowed, that the Esoteric groups enabled and consolidated for Gosl.

          • 0

            More nonsensical crap from the [Edited out]

            • 0

              Guess you are in need of some redemption, Thesaurus. To throw off shame from themselves, Esoteric group then turns the direction of their disgrace to ordinary Joe’s family. Any flaw, any handicap, any autistic characteristics are looked at, discussed, and condemned in the most sophisticated, though….mendacious…..of ways. Ordinary Joe’s family is damned. Esoteric group is vindicated.

    • 8

      How come there is no apology for the ‘bra’ throwing and the daughter of the Navy Commander jumping on stage for a kiss and a finger from the middle aged sex-god?

      Do you approve of such behaviour in our country or you belong to the ‘globalisation’ mob who keep saying that we have nothing more to call ours?

      You two buggers should be handed over to the Saudis for punishment, together with the two suckers and the Shaq charater.

      • 3

        You armchair morons are quick to shift the blame onto other people when things go wrong. These two cricketers had used their platform to help promote tourism to Sri Lanka, what have you done? It is better to try and hope it succeeds rather than never try and cry. You are through your ignorance making this sound as a scam without any evidence and forgetting everything these two have done for the betterment of our reputation. The only mistake they probably made is with their lack of experience and poor judgement but that is not a crime.

        • 7

          “You armchair morons”

          at least no one is in burka.

          you are the ignorant school teacher just come out to support the caliphate.

          Why else do you come to CT??

          Sex , casino and drug in lieu of Halal was what Namal offered.

          your iraq has 370days left after that it won’t be on the map but called Exxon City.
          Don’t worry it wont help.

          • 0

            Bigfoot, what are you babbling on about? It has been rightly said that having a little knowledge of world events is more dangerous than having no knowledge at all. Stop trying to show off that you know something outside of Sri Lanka.

    • 10


      Shed no tears for people who spent LKR 35 000,- per ticket. They got what they deserve.

      Splashing so much on themselves in a nation where millions went to bed hungry last night. Grotesque!

      Pathetic they cry for a refund.

      Sanga & Mahela, please send the refund check to a charity of your choice. Not to those ego maniacs, who think they are a cut above the rest. Nation will salute you.


      PS: Sanga & Mahela, we fully accept your apology. Let us move on. And forget that fake morality debate.

  • 8

    That is pathetic.

    Bring “SEX and Music” to Sri lanka. Now, there is HIV_AIDS. what is coming behind HERPES and other venereal diseases, orgies etc. or Gay festivals.

    Colombo Municipal council says that they were sleeping and they lost Rs 30 million as Tax revenue, it is a just from this end to that end unbelievable.

    When Organizers say that they were dumb.

    Money is important, but not this way.

    • 13

      This is the culture of sinhala buddhist from Portuguese Caffirina- nothing new though the president is talking as if its a new phenomenon.

      President Maithripala Sirisena today slammed the organizers of the Enrique Iglesias concert staged in Colombo saying it had a negative impact on local culture and tradition.

      Speaking at an event in Ampara, the President noted that the December 20th (2015) concert saw some girls removing their undergarments and throwing it towards the singer while one girl got on stage and kissed him.

      The President noted his displeasure at liqueur being served free to those who purchased the most expensive tickets.

      • 10

        Liquor would only be free if it had been given for those who bought no tickets. Presumably, the cost is included in the price of those same expensive tickets. Unfortunately for the poor sods, there was NO liquor given ‘free’ or otherwise, apparently. God only knows how one could listen to music such as enrique’s in a sober frame of mind.

        • 12

          “God only knows how one could listen to music such as enrique’s in a sober frame of mind. “

          He was drinking water so are you telling me Enrique was on coca or skunk or choco to play that sort of music??
          Have you heard his pop Julio or Pavarotti?
          many almost 80-90% including paul simon, hip hop artist come from the church coir which the sinhala buddhist and muslims got rid of by nationalising our schools.
          M.I.A. hip hop artist performing at estate carnivals of London not in the bars and pubs.

          Woman are emotional and if they understand music they don’t need drink or drugs.

          • 1

            Yes, I have heard his father (the talented iglesias in the family) and Pavorotti as well, although I have also heard many musicians you wouldnt know who are even more talented. You’re just supporting my argument that there is more to it than this talented hack Enrique, even in Sri Lanka (where the church choirs you’re railing about are very much alive and well). Not sure what the rest of your rant is about or how it is relevant.

            • 7

              “you wouldnt know who are even more talented.”

              What do you mean I wont know?
              you are an idiot and presumptions guy.

              ” Not sure what the rest of your rant is about or how it is relevant. “

              You are a simply a coward and part of the mafia that organised the bullshit.
              Typical idiot who sends sex slaves to ME am i right??

              Now keep repeating Infidel.

  • 28

    Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena,

    how many of you cricketers have any form of university graduation??

    to agree to Enrique singer of sexy songs with the caption Sex & Love. you two having traveled in the commonwealth would have been aware and decided to stay away for this moment when it goes all wrong and having charged as much as Glastonbury of today.

    yours is only the start to make it like Thailand sex center in the ASEAN.
    Port city Colombo is only the base.

    cricket is not everything. Hikkaduva is still known for hippy land now you make – sex and love- way to go pious sinhala buddhist.

    remember outside of SARC cricket you are not known.

    • 4

      not many of those sportlers are educated, Just because they speak the queens langauge is not everything. This is common to Boris becker Beckham and anyone. In general colombo so called posh people feel they should beahve the way westerners do. But not knowing the bit of srilanken culture. This is the colonial mentality that left by those masters. As Bandit made it very clear Colombo should remain as a srilanken city no need to turn it a city akin to that ofa west

      • 7

        ” This is the colonial mentality that left by those masters. “

        Indians Pakistanis, Sri Lankans don`t count their blessings. I mean the infrastructure that you live on thanks to the coloniser.-Do you get gas pipe line to your home?? You never knew and will never appreciate- it’s just the politics.

        While Singapore LKY saw the beauty in the colonization and the beast of Malaysian racism in his The last farewell to my wife.

        “In general colombo so called posh people feel they should beahve the way westerners do.”

        The missionary schools left a vacuum when they were taken over.
        So SWRD’s religion and free education caused the sleaze.

        I have said this on many a previous occasion: that had the mix in Singapore been different, had it been 75% Indians, 15% Malays and the rest Chinese, it would not have worked because they believe in the politics of contention, of opposition. But because the culture was such that the populace sought a practical way out of their difficulties, therefore it has worked.
        · President’s Address, Debate on President’s Address, Parliament of Singapore (March 01, 1985). Retrieved on January 16 2015.

    • 3

      We have seen what these University educated idiots have been up to in politics and public life, including during undergraduate studies. One does not need Uni education to be good, noble, intelligent human beings, which these two cricketing gentlemen are. By the way, Sanga could not complete his law degree because of his cricketing commitments.

      • 1

        You should have been fed up with Kirimati… clay. else you would not attack the eduated generalizing this way.

        Go to europe or anyhwere, education and bring up is the basis for anyone to be exemplary. Else, those guys that follow up punki and hippy styles have ended up becoming life long drugies, or the like.

        Cricketers should be there, they should also earn respect for their performances, but letting them destroy the nation should NOT be by any means.

        During my days at Mahinda COllege, most that played cricket or had the company with cricketers were all coming from all abusive families. THis is the same with others from Cmbo schools too. This could be cliche – but that was the reality. Unlike europeans, lankens that go to perofrm sports have no sorta of good up bringing. They the ones go to after school training are th emost that abuse their friends for sex fantasies. They either end up with drugg addict or become losers for ever. Sure we should have some respect to those top crickerters, but they should let the society remain as had been before.

  • 10

    This has nothing to do with “University Education”. If that was the criteria, then we will have more “educated” politicians. Take it easy, Kumar and Mahela. We understand what education can do!!

    • 3

      as it is your university is 3rd grade `trade union`so don’t think you are spinning.

  • 12

    As directors of the event management company both Cricketers and any other party on the board are directly culpable in the fact that there was a clear “Breach of Contract” as far as the VIP ticket holders are concerned, Sanga and Mahela fails to see that there would be additional compensation on top of the full refunds of ticket costs to the affected parties to compensate for the emotional trauma and harassment that they had to endure due to the storming of the VIP area by a rowdy crowd from Slave Island and Vanathamulla, they should read my comment on the refund request form which was sent more than a week ago.

    The true grit of a person or a company is defined by how they act in times of difficulty, I wrote some serious details on my refund request over 7 days ago, I am yet to hear from anyone from LIVE EVENTS, this shows clearly that this is a company that buckles under pressure and should not be in the entertainment business. How dare you say that you have the best intentions when you are unable to address a serious issue communicated to you clearly even after 7 days had passed?

    Sanga and Mahela, I urge you guys to resign from the director board before any more damage is done to your good names, surely; you guys do not buckle under pressure, therefore why waste your time or reputation on scum bags like the guys running this Pig Farm. The respect that I had for you guys has diminished by a great deal after this, I will never again patronize any business that you guys associate with in the future, I have spent over Rs. 5 million at the Ministry of Crab alone entertaining business partners, friends and family, never will I visit this establishment ever again. I will do my best to steer away from any brands that associate with you guys as well.

    • 3

      Its the fault of culture ministry who only see building buddhist temples as a duty.
      did Lanka PM & culture office not have drugs?
      Hope you understand why Male Maldives is still the no 1 European executives weekend hideout outside of Spain where there is sun 366 days (islands)

    • 7

      VIP Ticket Holder ,

      “the full refunds of ticket costs to the affected parties to compensate for the emotional trauma and harassment that they had to endure due to the storming of the VIP area by a rowdy crowd from Slave Island and Vanathamulla,”

      Everybody has a first time and that is how we learn at Europe.
      Asking for compensation because you have the resources is in bad taste.
      To take over a business??.- stinking rich I suppose so?

      As a man if i felt uneasy I would have walked off forgotten it as a bad experience but as a woman you hung on because your money, money was more important??

      I have attended many an open air music festival throughout Europe from the 80s.
      From Paléo Festival de Nyon Switzerland right down to Barcelona Primavera Sound and even working with the organisers of sound at Glastonbury 2008.
      Every one of them still has major problems and they are drink and drug related. It is not something organisers can stop and not even at Singapore. So many arrests are made – go google it. Most American writers are on hash as a 74 year old woman member informed me and I was stunned- its legal purchase at San Francisco.

      It seems your whole idea of the festival is sitting in a closed door cinema with family and friends.
      Go feed the poor and feel happy that they thanked you from their soul. That is what most of these festivals are about-giving the have nots a meal. Google and observe where major component of the proceeds of European festivals go to. – It’s always towards good causes.

  • 26

    “This concert was to assist the Development of Srilanka as a Tourist Hub “

    It is pathetic to hear this sort of bull crap from these two cricketers who seem to have an obsession to make money.

    Real Investors who build roads, bridges,hospitals,schools,manufacturing plants , power stations for the benefit of the inhabitants in the third world countries do not go to watch Englesi Ass, even if they go to watch artistes.

    But the investors from Perpetual and HSBC will hire ” corporate boxes” to entertain their investors to make money.

    And even have a feed of this Sanga Mahela duos Crab Curry.

    This concert was purely to make money from the Colombo Elite who now want to show off their ‘hip ‘side and the power of their dosh.

    Their loving babes think they are cool, if they watch Julio’s son on stage although they wouldn’t understand the lyrics…

    Wonder whether Sanga & Mahela will organize a another gig by Julio himself, so that their baby boomer moms and dads can gyrate too, listening to Julio singing I love all the Girls and Boys I loved before…

    And the PM and his FM will join them for sure.

    • 3

      Sex , casino and drug tourism was already ushered in by Namal

      • 5

        Why do you forget the marriage of convenience or are you guys so blind?

        Sex , casino and drug =in lieu = Halal –that’s how it was.

  • 19

    One thing that this Sex and Love concert proved was that all the people involved in this hilarious racket, the two cricketers, promoters, organizers, audience, gatecrashing backstage kissers, liquor sellers, drinkers, commenting politicians etc etc, have one thing in common: their brains are located between their legs.

    • 4

      Thrisu, you are spot on.

      This hipi culture shold not be promoted in srilanka. Basta

  • 23

    Never thought I’d see the day when I not only could understand what you had to say, but agreed with it!
    How in heaven’s name can bringing some second-level entertainer who owes most of his fame to his paternity to Sri Lanka ENHANCE OUR TOURIST TRADE? Is there a suggestion here that hordes of tourists are going to pour in here to see this kind of “pop entertainment?” We had enough of our national resources wasted in indulging morons who claimed to have the capacity to bring Sri Lanka fame and renown with auto racing to permit scams of this kind which were promoted so that some people could make (and probably already have!) unconscionable profits.
    As for Sangakkara and Jayawardena: you’ve been around the block too long for us to believe that yours was a purely altruistic effort.

    • 8

      Well, there’s no need to try insult Iglesias, calling him 3rd rate etc. Actually he’s one of the more successful singers around (look him up)

      It’s difficult to figure out the reasons for this concert Was it to make money ? Obviously. Was it to improve tourism ? Perhaps. Was it to present an artist to a Sri Lankan audience., Yes.

      Was it altruistic ? Well, probably not bu there may have been a glimmer of it earlier on.

      Organization of these events in Sri Lanka, in my experience, is almost ALWAYS poor. I remember attending a South Indian actors concert, ended up in a shoving match with queue jumpers, getting beaten up by the cops and seated in seats that were not the ones I had paid for – par for the course

      Should we stop such events as a result ?

      You guys decide

      • 1

        “Actually he’s one of the more successful singers around (look him up) “

        He knows what he is saying. There is more to culture!

        Get to know what his original language is and the standing of that language the west.

    • 6

      Mr Poorten, Now you are talking…

      Can I call you Machan .

      If Sange and Mahela are fairdinkum about giving our Dalits a good time by expanding Tourism, they should invest in good Toilet blocks in major and even minor towns for the convenience of Tourists as well as locals.

      They can charge special rates from locals as the Govt does to give admission to our Holy as well as not so holy places.

      I myself don’t mind paying LKR 50 for a pee and may be LKR 100 for number 2..

      I know your arch enemy Rajapaksa’s boys liked fast cars.

      But there is no record of ripping off the fans ,like the one Sange and Mahela pulled off on the Elite.

      I really don’t give a fuq about them whether they are Sanges, Mahelas , Rajapaksas Batalanadas or even Sirisenas.

      I only look at the big picture and recognize any good things anyone has done for the country. and the Dalits in particular, to lift their living standards..

      • 5

        KA Sumanasekara,

        “I only look at the big picture and recognize any good things anyone has done for the country. and the Dalits in particular, to lift their living standards..”

        Sure you do. Only thing is that when you are
        hell bent on batting for a particular camp of corrupt
        criminals, most of the time, one finds that incredible.

  • 14

    Sanga and Mahela, you say that “… we were willing to support this endeavour considering the rich experience and the image-building potential for Sri Lanka’s tourism”. But wasn’t the ‘business’ angle and making profits also part of the plan?

    You guys are raking it in through your stellar performances in cricket and have earned the respect and love of many of us around the world, so what’s the deal? More money, instead of being satisfied with the many millions you already have??

    Too bad the love and respect you have earned is being contaminated by what is seen as ‘greed’ by many of us, and the ‘reason’ you have quoted (“rich experience and the image-building potential for Sri Lanka’s tourism”) sounds like a load of bullshit!

  • 12

    We have seen quite a few Muslims praising the president for what he said about the badly organized event and the bra throwing. Yes, it was badly organized, but this is not Sharia law country. If you Muslims don’t like the way women dress in SL, go live in a Muslim majority country.

    • 3

      Hello Jilmart

      Why dont you climb the Sigirya Rock and cover the Frescoes with Hijab and bring decency to those frescoes.

  • 0

    This is NOT surprising. This is typical Sri Lankan organizational skills. It happens all the time…ALL the time…

  • 5

    These money sucking two past cricketers who have no brains or education now throws their past publicity in bringing and organizing disgrace to our culture. They exploit the younger generation who fall easy prey to their sucking events like these. They should be be whipped in public as the President has stated and deserve no place among Sri Lankans if we are move as a dignified nation with values.

  • 3

    Thank you for bringing this entertainer but as any event in SL you have to be hands on and be accountable if you get involved. Find out how these events are organised abroad and get advice from those experienced in these matters. Start by having it in a proper venue and stop giving out complimentary tickets and giving preferential treatment. Specially selling alcohol as you don’t need to be drunk to enjoy an event like this.

  • 4

    Both Mahela & Sangakkara have been stumped well and truly!

  • 5

    Sanga & Mahela, although you state that your intention was to promote Sri Lanka tourism, anyone with some common sense can understand that the pure motive as to earn some extra dollars.

    Because, there are more other ”civilised” and effective ways of promoting tourism in Sri Lanka rather than bringing down this low grade artist who has links with both sex and drugs.

    You have spoiled your good names by getting in to a money making venture rather than getting involved in whatever way to better those absolutely poor in our own society.

    People already understand about your ”selective” generocity too by throwing millions to those TamilNadu flood victims when thousands of our own scavenge streets just to have one meal per day.

    Disgusting my friends.!

  • 2

    I never went for the show, its not down my street, and never would I have thrown away hard earned money to watch guys like this ‘perform’. Music to me, and what I saw on these videos are eons apart. Be that as it may, there are people who went, paid colossal amounts of money looking forward to a good time….never materialized, as it was quite definitely badly handled, organised, not it appears, for want of planning but for poor execution. This happens in the best of circles. There has been sincere apologies extended, with a promise of a further inquiry. Lets accept it and not be ungentlemanly to demand ‘more than a pound of flesh’like Shylocks, after all those who went, took the risk that goes with attending this type of show as much as the ‘organisers’ took risks in their decision to present this show.I would not go so far as to say BLOODY GOOD for all of you as that will be ungentlemanly too. So top your whining and learn a lesson from this, before you decide to go for such performances in the future.

  • 0

    Please call over ishani 0777123895 for a full refund for tickets over Rs.10000.00 only. (Subject to production of full or part of the original ticket)

    • 3

      Ah, now why would liveevents only offer refunds to those holding tickets which cost Rs 10,000 and above? Do you see this as being just and fair by the other patrons who may have paid less but should be entitled to the same level of refund offered to the richer fogeys who flaunted their money?

      Haney bung!

    • 5

      but the ones who held the higher denomination were the ones who had the money to get drunk and stoned and create a fuss that they were not able to kiss like the woman we saw. Spanish know how to kiss! age of consent 13.

      Refunds to the rich only what a bunch of assH**es.
      Europe never sees it that way when it comes to a music festival. because all festivals are for a good cause.

    • 1

      Liveevents!! ishani ,ishani

      Colony boys.

      Financial collapse 2008. Northern Rock bank (private bank) had to shut down as bankrupt.

      Government intervened and paid the small depositors in full and this average was carried forward to the larger depositors.(only the larger loss)

      Right now the fiscal policy UK is the FSA guarantees upto £70k no more. So the smart ones distribute wealth.

      It is good financial practice therefore we are the financial capital of the world still. Functioning Democracy- if you kill the poor its bad for a nation.

  • 0

    Putting the issue of the female fan aside, this event was injustice to those who put so much of hard earned money and didnt get the value they deserved or paid for. Its not the artist, its not the security guards-rather the event organizers who needs to take the blame. And thankfully Sanga and Mahela are at least admitting.

    Lesson is pretty clear for Mahela, Sanga, or Govt or anyone- event management is a professional business that should be done by professionals not mere radio jockeys or party organizers-no matter what their background is.

    They could have easily held this at a large stadium with 20,000 plus seats with multiple entrances, charge modest prices, maximize economies of scale. Instead they took a short term focus, tried to milk the couple of thousands of fans with exorbitant prices which they dont even charge in more developed nations for even more renowned artists.

    Unfortunate result of this is in future fans will think twice about buying tickets, and even artists might think twice about visiting Sri Lanka

    • 4

      It is tradition for pol pitta guys in the rubber estate to mess it up for themselves. They did it at London too when Nonis was High Com.(its on CT) party blues.

      what is glaring is the caliphate and sinhala buddhist marriage of convenience from 48 to keep the sh*t house(cabinet) from falling apart.

  • 5

    very dissapointed and traumatized at what transpired. Hard to imagine people like Mahela and Sanga would associate themselves with such low life as those crooks running live events. given their high standards in cricket it is shocking how these two could be part of such a substandard event. as someone rightly pointed out, just refunding the money is not enough for what we were subject to.

  • 3

    Where is PONNASARA ?

    Bloody foul mouthed sucker. Let him talk about this bullshit without talking bull about other faiths.

    This is a serious threat to the Buddhist Culture and Sri Lankan traditions.

    You bloody grand standing blood sucker, do something meaningful to Buddhism rather than finding fault in other people’s faith, in which you do not have an iota of knowledge.

    Do you at least know anything about Buddhism in the first place, you bloody drunkard? I do not know who is sitting in your audience, must be two legged species without the sixth sense, with due respect to the animals though.

  • 4

    I was shocked an amazed that our two “plum” cricketers were involved in the
    Englesias” disaster. It is sad that they have got avaricious, charging exhorbitant rates even for our local crab (cheaper in Singapore) and events such as this despicably poor organization of an event. Do not worry, despite this, our gullible rich will attend more high priced events, just to keep up with the Jones’s.

    If you have any conscience left you should refund all the ticket monies, along with some compensation for the suffering the people were subjected to. Do this before you re-invest your enormous profits in another disastrous venture like this.

  • 5

    “Sex and Love concert” The name itself implies vulgar indulgence in sex and love would be the norm at this event. No amount of apologies would wipe away the disgrace this concert has brought to Sanga and Mahela. Poor organizing, poor security, poor administration, poor planning and very poor understanding of how to run a mega event, brought about this disaster. Didn’t this Shaq idiot know that they should have got Municipal approvals for the event and paid the taxes on tickets printed? Shame on Sanga and Mahela for associating with scumbags just to make money.

  • 2

    Some people seem to take plaesure at the oppotunity to bash Mahela and Sanga. They may have hoped to make some dough from their investment and there is nothing wrong in that and im sure they never intended to fleece any one though the same can not be said about others involved in organising the event.
    It looks like a case of misplaced trust and forthat the duo will have to pay dearly.
    Since they have apologised and come forward to refund futher bashing does not seem warrented.Everybody makes mistakes and theirs was a costly one!

    The President bashing them is entirely in a different setting and he may have been waiting for a chance for that. If this was such a bad event why didn’t he ban it in the first place? if there was no way to know that it is so, how could Mahela and Sanga to know.

  • 1

    What was the size when the bra was pulled out? Were they hanging like two sick things? Get the BBS to assault the two cricketers

  • 3

    Dear Colombo Telegraph,

    First, thank you for featuring me once again. And I still wonder how my post got picked over all the posts on both ‘LiveEvents’ and ‘Sex and Love Tour’ pages.
    Second, I would like to share the following here as I feel that this is a more appropriate forum. Quoted below is my comment on Kumar Sangakkara’s apology published by his official Facebook page.

    “There the Gentlemen talk… Thank you Sanga and Mayya for everything you have done for the country. In my opinion these bunch of rogues of LiveEvents tarnished your reputation as well, but I am indeed glad to see this apology coming from your end. We are certain that whatever you two did was for the best interest of the country. However please teach LiveEvents team the following,

    1. Get them to stop patting themselves on the back.
    2. Ask them not to treat people like cattle, be it the lowest ticket, people should be given due respect as they have spent money.
    3. VIP ticket holders need to be given some sort of a compensation as they were utterly inconvenienced.
    4. Be transparent in all the future dealings, tax or whatever it is.
    5. Make sure to use a proper mode of communication in case of a delay. People were very much tolerant till about 9.30 pm. A simple announcement would have made people understand better. Not at all times silence is the best treatment.

    And by now we know that only gentlemen know to apologize, i.e. You, Mayya and of course Enrique.

    Thank you so much for your effort in giving us a world class performance experience of a international best selling artist. “

    • 2

      In 7 years there won’t be oil at Saudi : that is a loss of $1 billion from Saudi alone from housemaids. so where would you export the sex slaves.

      Sky News
      28 December 2015
      Saudi Arabia is to consider major changes to its high spending, low tax regime after the plunge in world oil prices saw it post a record budget deficit of $98bn (£66bn)

    • 4

      Ashna D’Souza ,

      “of course Enrique.??of a international best selling artist.?? “

      Do you speak Latin? I doubt it Then do you speak Spanish? un poquito/ A bit)

      He is a Latino artist- 3rd grade international(google).
      You are taking the public to their roots (DNA) the Arabs- 800 years of Portuguese rule- sex-slavery.
      Europeans keep them at arm’s length from the reign of Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1 (daughter of Henry 8 )
      Why not then invite South American carnival dancers where they have nothing more to bare.- bellus- Latino culture. samba!tango!jazz?? Rickey Martin the old man both try to mimic Bruce Springsteen.

      Who are your main tourist and spenders?? Brits, but they are not the high spenders.

      yours is more like `Ophelia Dream`
      ….Or like a creature native and indued
      Unto that element; but long it could not be…..

  • 11

    Here comes the expensive PR machine to salvage the reputations of these two worthies. You both played fantastic cricket, represented Sri Lanka with dignity on and off the field, and you have my respect for that.

    What happened at the concert on the other hand is business – money is involved. No respect for that! If you are directors of this company, and have a financial interest in it, then step up to the plate and make good those who felt cheated. If you just lent your name to the board of directors, only expecting to reap the rewards, then resign because your first instinct was about money, not about Sri Lanka or anything Sri Lankan.

    At this moment Sangakkara and Jayawardene’s PR machines are trying to protect their reputations for future undertakings that may be in jeopardy because of the bad publicity. We Sri Lankans are all not clueless, about the world of Media and Public Relations.

  • 2

    The selection of venue. CR&FC? Would’t a place like Sugathadasa Stadium made things much easier in crowd control and for quality acoustics. This is not an after thought, but what came to my mind when this concert was announced . Why CR..FC?

  • 2

    Please resign from the Brand Ambssodor against drugs & narcotics. You don’t deserve to hold it and if you have some dignity don’t disgrace the cause against drugs & alcohol etc.

    You have mixed your priorities of money sucking from higher society at the expense of the true values of our culture by organizing this event that only promoted indulgence in drugs & alcohol and vulgarism in public. Your Crabs, Sex & Love with alcohol flow only deserves you to be The Brandy Ambassador of Sri Lanka.

    Remember Development of Tourism is not promoting vulgarism, sex & love at the expense of our values. Sri Lanka as a tour destination have greater things to offer than indecency and erosion of values.

    Shame on both you guys for disgracing our country, our culture and values that innocent Sri Lankans are long proud of.

  • 3

    Some are gifted with talents. They get popular and earn respect for their performances. Then they exploit the popularity and respect earned to engage in unacceptable activities.

    • 1

      Here he did nothing. Even if a bra is thrown to you – you have to react somehow. What matters is these YOUNG [Edited out] or the ones are trying to become like them from colombo follow up the westerners. They dont feel like they are part of lanka. If the westerners would use the any kind of sex toy in public, these [Edited out]at once start doing so. That is the tendency of today youth. They have no respect or dignified life styles. Even in Belrin, I have not seen fans throwing bras to the stages. Colombo is not Berlin, Frankfurt or London.

      when we are in rome we have to act the romers do. That should have been warned to the visiting stars or any dancers if they would further be invited to this country.

      While drugs and casino are being not welcome, why should the very same people to go amok hearing the president brave statements – is my question.

  • 3

    Sanga and Mahela as directors of the company, are equally responsible as Shaq or anyone else. There is no point in their fans, or anyone else trying to

    portray them as noble gentlemen cricketers being unfairly exploited. They got into this business to make money. They got into the restaurant business to make

    money. Nothing wrong with making money as long as the product given meets upto expectations, and does not seek to defraud the customer. Regardless of how

    highly they represented Sri Lanka on the cricketing field lets not get carried away by the so called noble game of cricket, because even cricket now is about

    money. And the cricketers make lots and lots of it. So they need places to invest their cricket earnings and winnings.

    If they choose to engage in businesses they know nothing about, ie restaurants and event organizing, they should take responsibility both financial and

    moral, for the fiascos that ensue. To begin with they are not idiots, to bring an artiste whose entire tour is named Sex and Love, without thinking of

    possible repercussions and consequences. So lets not talk about their noble intentions of making Sri Lanka a tourist hub or bringing down an “A Lister” to

    perform here so that tourists could come a flockng. Enrique being late, and any other reasons for delays, including but not limited to defrauding the CMC of

    its so called revenue tax, are all directly under the purview of the directors, organizers, Shaq, Mith, Mike, and whoever else was involved in this

    fraudulent fiasco. Did the CMC not care that the concert was called “Sex and Love”? Or do names and songs no longer mean anything and the “culture” card is

    invoked only when a girl comes on stage and embraces the star? They could well have gone onto Youtube and looked at his previous concerts. After all this is

    not the first concert on the tour. Why did the CMC wait till the last minute to act, thereby inconveniencing the fans, by over 5 hours? They are equally

    responsible and inhumane in their own actions.

    Why did the powers that be allow this concert to happen in the first place? This question needs to be answered as well.

    We all know that the motivations of all involved are the furthest thing from altruism or national development as can be imagined. They created a class of

    tickets which was expensive to start with, and then created further classes of tickets to milk money from the sheeple who coughed it up willingly. They

    forced people who wanted to upgrade their tickets, to have to upgrade all the tickets, irrespective of whether there were those who couldnt afford to

    upgrade. And upgrade people did. So if they want to throw away 50$,100$, 150$, 250$, or 300$, should they receive a refund? yes, the refund should go to the

    childrens homes and orphanages, elders homes, animal shelters, and such places where children survive on Rs 8 per day, and the donations that outsiders give

    on special occasions to them. If these rich kids have a problem with this refund, they should refrain from busting their monies, whether lack, white, gray,

    or red, no one will ever know by the looks of things, but they should avoid busting money if it actually meant so much to them, to spend it on an evenings

    entertainment. And these are the same people who would buy New years eve Party tickets for 20,000 per person. Shameless and deserving of the fleecing they


    Those who bought VIP tickets especially deserve to not get a rupee back, for their crassness of throwing their money away in indulging their carnal apetites,

    when there are thousands in the streets of Colombo itself, leave alone the rural areas, who sleep on the streets or in shacks, drink unboiled water and eat

    from dumpsters, or leftovers of restaurants, walk in waterlogged roads, and sewage polluted areas or live their entire lives in landfills, breathing in

    methane which rises up every hour of the day? What about the poor who roam the streets of Colombo, babes in arm begging for a few rupees? What about the

    girls who prostitute themselves without any other hope for income? What about the countless babies who are illegally aborted by doctors seeking to earn yet

    more money by murdering unborn humans who have no hope for defence? After all, its after concerts titled Sex and Love, that many of these unborn are being

    conceived in the first place. Or do these facts escape our gentlemen cricketers, organizers, politicians, and all involved here, who after all, remain

    devoted to the betterment of their country?

    These are the people who also follow their so called cricketing heroes, with slavish devotion. What do these cricketers, radio DJs and event organizers care

    about the poor, downtrodden and suffering in Colombo? They should give the revenues they earned and defrauded from the public to the charities who actually

    help these people.

    Lets get real people and call it for what it is. A vast moneymaking enterprise, supported by the noveau riche who as always throw their money lavishly. If

    the long wait and the gate crashing itself had not happened, this would have been hailed as one of the “greatest benefits to Sri lanka” It probably

    benefitted a few Sri lankans greatly, but definitely didnt greatly benefit or even mildly benefit the greater populace of Sri Lankans who are struggling to

    make ends meet?

    There was an Official Insurer. They should have underwritten such contingencies like this, and ensured that the ticketholders are compensated for

    inconvenience and also bodily risk and harm. let them also take responsibility!

    If there has been any fraud involved, let those responsible be speedily dealt with regardless of who they are.. Why has it been 7 days since the cricketers spoke out? Why is it taking so long for them to give a refund back, and it should be given to all ticket holders, not only those who have 10,000 tickets and above. All people went through the 4 or 5 hour wait, so why should only the rich be compensated? Isnt this the same sick attitude that treats people like this in the first place? Compensate everyone incl 5,000 ticket holders, but give all the money in the ticket holders name to their favorite charity. Let them nominate a charity to whom the money should go. After all they still saw the concert. And some benefit to the country will come from this fiasco

    • 3

      I have aboslutely no rspect to shameless crickerts that make every efforts to parasites srilankens this way.

      This goes to my intial feelings many of the lanken sportlers have no real charactors.
      They cant feel it even if they show off to know lot about the world.

      How could that be, if President appointed one of these men to represent us in the uk ?

      Though I respect MY3 and RW, at the time, President invited a cricketer to become the ammbassador to UK, I was speechless feeling what should have gone thorugh the head of the presidet to fall that level.

      Diplomats or ambassadors should have long years experience in that field as doctors and engineers obtain by their exp. Else, nothing could work towards the targets – is crystal clear

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