21 April, 2024


The ‘Sex And Love’ Concert; A Clarification

By Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena

Dear Enrique Ticket Holders,

We wish to apologise to all of you for your negative experience at the recently concluded Enrique Concert. Although both of us were overseas fulfilling cricket commitments, we were shocked and saddened to hear of the events that transpired. It is extremely disappointing for us that this event, organised to assist the development of Sri Lanka as a tourist and entertainment hub and provide the public with exceptional entertainment of a high standard by accessing celebrated international artists, turned out in this manner. We are issuing this statement today, after understanding all circumstances and the facts.

Enrique ConcertWhen the idea was pitched to us and other investors by the organisers to bring an artist such as Enrique to Sri Lanka, we backed it in all good faith expecting a stellar event delivered in a professional manner to the public of Sri Lanka. Although we realised that such a venture will be an arduous one due to the well-known challenges and market restraints of organising such large-scale events in Sri Lanka, we were willing to support this endeavour considering the rich experience and the image-building potential for Sri Lanka’s tourism. As such, all required resources – both financial and otherwise – were made available to the organizers to ensure the desired outcome.

Unfortunately, the event has fallen far short of these expectations. Although we believe that the organising team worked tirelessly and with good intentions to ensure a well-run event, there have clearly been glaring mistakes made, for which responsibility needs to be taken.

Firstly, although the delay of the artist and some equipment arriving at the venue, which caused the subsequent delay in opening the gates to usher in the public, for which the artist responsibly and graciously apologized, was beyond the control of the organizers, the communication of this to the public was mishandled, thereby inconveniencing people greatly. Those that stood patiently in-line for hours were not extended the courtesy of being informed of the ground situation. This at the very beginning would have frustrated and angered all of you.

Secondly, although a professional security company was hired and protocols were put in place to ensure the safety and the comfort of all, we have been made well-aware that these measures were inadequate when faced with the challenges of controlling such a large gathering, and failed alarmingly. This obviously undermined the overall experience for those who purchased premium tickets by their respective space being encroached upon by others, and we fully understand their disappointment and anger. The premium price paid by them for their tickets needs to be respected and their comfort and viewing experience should have been safeguarded, which is under the direct purview of the organizers.

The organizers are in agreement, with our direction, that such shortcomings must not be tolerated. As such, we have informed them that an apology in itself is not sufficient, but further appropriate compensation has to be made in the form of a suitable refund, irrespective of the financial loss to us.

With regards to recent reports concerning Live Events and Municipal entertainment taxes, we categorically state the company remains transparent and ethical in all operations.

Live Events will continue to ensure full compliance with all relevant tax commitments and is providing all necessary information to the Colombo Municipal Council, in order to clarify facts and the way forward. Accountability and integrity is paramount to us and we believe it to be the same for the organizers.

Although we know an apology or refund cannot fully satiate your disappointment, we wish to reiterate that we remain fully committed to all of you and our country. As such, a full and thorough internal inquiry is ongoing into all areas of concern.

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Latest comments

  • 12

    The name says it all “Sex and Love” concert a code name for come and get hooked on drugs and orgy

    Very dissapointed with Sanga and Mhela behaving more like Namal

  • 11

    The classic – Not our fault…we did not know.

    Did you join this outfit because you needed a business card?

  • 2

    I am glad that this statement was made, although it should have been made earlier. Even if they said that they are looking into it at that time would have made a world of a difference. But this is what happens when people who have zero experience try and organise a concert or event of this nature and i don’t blame Mahela or Sanga, they’re just the face if the company. It’s the people who run that company that should taje the bkame and come forward and apologise. Many things could have been avoided if the necessary precautions were taken IN TIME.

  • 18

    Kumar Sangakara, you are one classy guy and an icon of Sri Lankan cricket. Stay out of these garbage positions and maintain your name buddy. Good luck. We all love you very much and respect!!!

  • 9

    I fell the bra throwing act was a planned one.. People plan such acts at the shows like this.. It is magic to MY3 but it is a part of a show and not really a female removed her bra and threw it at him… :P

    • 9

      If bra throwing is contrary to our great Sinhala Buddhist culture surely attacking Muslims is also contrary to it…so when will that thug Gnanasara be imprisoned?

  • 4

    Kumar & Mahela, your intentions were genuine and really appreciated. To see a performer of the magnitude of Enrique in Sri Lanka was only a dream! In spite of all the shortcomings the moment Enrique came on stage the crowd went crazy.

    Thank you for making it possible for us to see Enrique perform in Sri Lanka. For most others to see an entertainer in the caliber of Enrique in future in our country will remain a dream.

    • 3

      ” Kumar & Mahela, your intentions were genuine”

      liveevents.lk says Please call over ishani 0777123895 for a
      “”full refund for tickets over Rs.10000.00 only.””

      Robbing the Voiceless Poor is Dharmista Lanka-

      way to go by idiots who talk of pol addi! international my foot.

      Sinhala Buddhist/Muslims know only to feel the heads of baldies
      and kiss their rear.

  • 0

    Yes dear Sanga & Mahela. This is good lesson to learn. We know you have done this in good faith but the deplorable behavior of that woman has made the whole show a muck.It was unexpected.Good that you have expressed sympathy over the issue.We appreciate it. Buddha has said” Labo-Alabo,Ayaso-Yaso,Ninda-Prasansa and finally Duka-Sepa. This is called Atalodahama. Do not worry.

  • 4

    No one is perfect! Move on!

  • 1

    Dear all,

    I have to confess that I have not read any of the articles or whatever related to this “concert” except for the titles.

    I consider most of the writers, commentators and readers of CT as members of a very small group of elite.

    Do you really have nothing better to do than comment on a concert like this?

    In ancient Rome the masses were provided bread and circus to distract them from real problems.

  • 2

    please don’t clarify, clarification is to clear the air of any misunderstanding of any previous statement you may have issued , like done very often by likes of Izeth Hussein in CT.

    In future just issue an statement unless of course you have a guilty conscious issue a statement of Apology. no shame in apologising.

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    Bra throwing at the Sex and Love Concert is nothing comparing to yearly midnight blast through every end heralding the New Year in every Star Hotel in Colombo with a live Striptease with bouncing Double Deckers.

    Go and enjoy tomorrow night.

    • 0


      Thank you for that.

      Most of these puritanical and oh-so-shocked protesters of this “bra-throwing” incident choose to ignore the goings-on at pretty much every old-boys gathering, stag-party or other similar event in Sri Lanka

  • 1

    Hazim’s comment is more depicting the actual situation. Mahela and Kumar are used as the poster-boys of this event. The real crook behind this fiasco is Shaq, the so called KNOW-ALL, BE-ALL character that he claims to be.

    Shaq needed the funding adn backing of two prominent figures and he found it in Kumar and Mahela. This does not relieve these two great cricketers of their responsibility either. They got lured by the quick profits shown on paper by this rogue Shaq. Hence, all three of them are partners in this great swindle.

    Shaq is a person who hides his real identity. This fellow needs to come out clean to the public and announce his real name. May be a name such as RIYAZDEEN is much real and more acceptable to the common folks, right Shaq?

    This Shaq has put these two icons of Sri Lanka Cricket in a very embarrassing and uncomfortable position. And he needs to rectify the situation with a clear apology and return of funds to the innocent victims of this event. More importantly, pay the taxes to the Municipality.

    Ashna D’Souza has commented very correctly and that picture speaks a thousand words.

  • 0

    Culture, Tradition, Decency, day time robbery tickets, sudden awakening of Gambler Mayor Muzzaa the Alfred h gardener.

    Lawyer cum cricketer cum eating Maha including Ashna D souza of victim whooay the ticket for Bi-sexual Latin American Iglesias son Enrique

    all of you repeatedly doing one brutal crime

    this is for those you embark bark for canines too.

    two third of population just alerted what was the ticket price and who was here on that day to sing a song or three more…. who throwing senorita or triump, victoria’s secret to the public ( sorry not used to brands)

    whoever paid 10000/- and punished by unworthy for money equals to those who standing or walks to miles and miles to be audience for Biscuit Kuddu Biscuit Kuddu songs till onna nangi malli cherio baai tata jesu pitaai thungwan sarai ….bands…… Chevan Daniel was there i doubts what was the fulbright scholars he had. Every single attempts of sirasa maharajah biscuit kuddu musical fiesta ,,,,Chevan Nedra Sisira Marikar Nalin Coleen spare there valuable time.

    NONE of you thought about kids who identified as tsunami orphan kids & their desperate needs? War victimized Sinhalese widows or Tamil widows it’s sweet also least even if you waited as racist partial donor, aide to those who speaks your mother tongue I’m sorry many of you restricted your patriotism to facebook, twitter & social media’s.
    None of you unite for physically disabled soldiers … none of you visited a family of brave demised soldiers on you way vacations to south central north east west NE NW SW SE any of the directions…….You guys lives with Iphone fevers of AMG series, S class E class but no class when you guys drunk or drugged than those in shanties……………..

    Many of you guys not know who’s your backbone of your economy? Sanga Mahela not only you….there fellas same as you dilcoops sana malli aravinda baiya…….. country men & women not even respects their parents but you were above all. what did you all establish? except few one day programs 365 luxurious clubs restaurants hotels shops…… you need poor lankan fans but you serves to Moghalayans,, bhai, pakistanis, sindi’s khan’s, shah’s lalvanis … Lords, barons, moghuls

    one last chance country can overtake stable economies, cultures, arts and social well beings…. stop pioneering western admiration and living Chinese/Korean exportation

    Note the gold your girls wear somebody brought in anus gap… drugs too… unite to create biscuit kuddu free music culture… heroin kuddu free young culture…when you go for 30000 35000…. ignoring poverty of country don’t expect any pardons when turns goes to masses hands.

    Now politicians not in lime light tax frauds get ready for secure you

    Ayobowan… adung nogalavan mummy daddy no kiyapang….. neththam pitti kanda coke bonda rata pala duvapang

    • 0


      What ?????????

  • 0

    Dear Mr. Maalumiris the hidden face.

    Love & Sex a live event held in Colombo Town Hall the prices of Tickets and one Sri Lankan girl thrown her inner wear towards Latin American singer a incident become popular after head of state condemns in publicly before that promotions not done as such attempt not even closer.

    I believe Maalumiris (don’t get hurt it’s my way of replying) always chopped by second commis wife or first commis boss so not possibly aware Yes Fm biscuit prank calls… go to YouTube type “biscuit Kuddu” Yes FM prank calls listen, enjoy and get the idea what’s biscuit kuddu before falling to next paragraph.

    for me there’s no difference between HiFI posh WiFi Colombo young generation and poor, uneducated, gamey young boy and girls who stationed in hostels for their employments garment factories or any same kind industries in metro cities like Colombo. HiFi young generation :- Guys & girls who went schools like CIS, Wycherley, Bridgettes, Vishaka, St. Josephs, Royal, Bishops,St.Peters, Thomas sorry saint hood missing since 2005 onward due to few admissions from Medamulana-Mirihana

    those who from backward, illiterate rural background stationed in metro cities same as youths who born or shifted to metro cities of this country always humiliated by Metro HiFi youths who lost their cultures who highly educated or known what’s their nativity and culture.

    Biscuit Kuddu live bands sponsored by someone else paid by someone to perform general public or audience never pay any cents. Shame on you whoever bought tickets for Rs. 35000/- to 10000/- or any amount and awaited hours and hours till Bi-Sexual music icon Enrique finish sniffing and start shows….. SHAME on you….. those Biscuit kuddu audience and YOU no differences.

    you paid tickets and those who signed pact with organizers your Iphone gives better music than the event you were participated When Sanga & Mahela turn to establish Ministries for crab, Kemasutra’s with half Jap-lankan same Baharaini-Lankan cinema sluts, you Hi-Fi society entertains and criticize about corruptions economic policies of states. when Sanga-Mahela-Muni starts ministry for crab you should alerted Sanga no more a sportsman also Businessman. When Jaqculine the Salmon Khan’s toy girl arrives with SalmonKhan for partial politics again you guys acknowledge pays rupees 200/- for one Hopper…. do you all having patriotism ? if it’s so you never eats at pro-indian pro party potholes of economic of country.

    Note country towards revolutionary perspectives Those who stand and loudly said King of King silently change their minds as well as Regime….. Once Again same perceptions can influence country towards communism or Marxist theories to follow in the economic rivalry…….. bridge gap by uplifting rural youths of Sri Lanka.

    Also don’t mistaken Love & Sex never bridge any than leads Fornication, Nudity , Car-Key cultures, Sodomy life styles like Kolu’s, Iraj’s, Anarkali’s, Namals, Yoshitha’s, Tatayana’s some of our cricketers like Aravinda’s, Sanath’s & only only dilshaan’s.

    none of above not my friends nor enemies they are living there liberty of choice still many of us mistaken it’s examples for countries long standing valuable, peaceful, beloved culture & traditions.

    You can get role model from professions not personalities unfortunately Sri Lankan young generations who lost their nativity on the track of inhuman less human or cruel attitudes.

    DID any of you attend Love & Sex paying 5000/- to 35000/- ever collected Rs 1000/- each and went any of our rural villages to identify the war victimized families or disabled soldier to facilitate something very useful to them ????????????
    for that cause I recommend you can be racist do only to your own ethnic…..

    *******Note this is also suits cross ethnics Sinhala or Tamil or Muslims ***

    Do you ever know Urban poverty is worst than rural poverty ??? where your fellow Colombo city shanty dwellers lives under sewerage lines or canals which smells as drainage ?? you know your five of them 10000/- X 5 tickets money can build a Toilet where those urban poor cued up every single day ……

    President Maithripala Srisena were saying about whipping those who throwing bra to foreign singer also pointed the power high rate ticket prices too unfortunately his spy chiefs or speech preparations missed to insert drugs cocaine or charlie or sniffing matters in the vehicles what basically 13000/- 20000/- monthly waged Cops refrain to check or looks in. Or Pills what swallowed by 40% of youngster…..weeds that smoked by 50% but who mentions 90% drunk girls & boys also rich Mervyn silva’s son’s ICE MEth faces in among the townhall ground.

    I know ColomboTelegraph slashes to President PM but never ever pointed out these young rich Sri Lankan youths drug, alcholic, sodomized fantasies.

    Maalumiris sorry if it;s seems kochchi miris.

    SHAME SHAME BLOODY SHAME we don’t have basic ethics and growing strategies we either trapped by boiled skins from North India…. or Boiled & Fried skins from Latin America……………. Many of you can dictate my grammar errors it’s not my mistake Country’s educational malpractices since when they abolish English medium education to all and start mother tongue schools.

    Shoot if you find a flaws but those names above directly ruins traditions and culture of Sri Lanka.
    Flawlessly many youths who following their footsteps only in entertain as like them.

    • 0


      I say again, sir… What ??

      You seem so full of rage that it is difficult to understand what you are upset about. If “Love and Sex” upset you, remember you are also the product of the same thing.

      If the Iglesias and Bra throwing incident is upsetting you and you are supporter of Excellency Sirisena’s “Deshiya De”… then let us immediately BAN Iglesias AND the Brassier since both are “videshiya de” and are not part of culture or traditions of Sri lanka.

      Do you support that ? Oh, and I suggest you consult with the women of your acquaintance before responding – After all, it’s something that directly affects THEM and only titillates you.

      Not only that. let us ban everything “Videshiya” and go back to the 14th Century when we will be totally “Deshiya”. Throw away your computer, phone, cut the electricity to your home, dont use the bus or car… you get my idea ?

  • 0

    I support His excellency because he was the prime target and had higher enmity of then His Excellency….. i don’t ever expected he will be take same risk and failure suggestion of Ranil W. You know what General Fonseka faced adopting the same suggestion.

    As person i can pin point how powerful is Excellency in Sri Lanka since 1989 till date especially between 2005-2015 January.

    Media can slash president social media too when he speaks refrain mentioning Enrique name or Organizers names too. But same Media or Nor human spoked about Russian cheerleaders buttock or ass shown to Country’s most sacred place in Kandy……Next I were there at IIFA friendly cricket match as one behalf of one request of catering supplier. SalmonKhan, Asin, Dia Mirza, Sanath Jayasuriya and Namal Iraj and A fat rich girl Tahire Edirisinghe , Rishini Weeraratne some rich kids and junior executive level lower middle class corporate staffs , executive level upper middle class Srilankan young and mid age generations challenge my memory and history no sports ground was used in history for booze in day light with blessings of then His Excellency at SSC with close vigilance of Defense secretary GotaaR through his slave or henchman Lawrence Fernando. Did anyone can deny ?

    So i am proudly respect present president… who didn’t triggered citizens via words deshiya vidhesiya bluffs…..who was wearing Rolex worth millions i knew the rate sorry for that which is immaterial Mont Blanc pen , for his son Luis Vitton shoes Lamborghini’s Austin Martins….. He doesn’t deserve a right to speak Nationalism ….

    Enrique Iglesias not criminal but does he worth to watch 35000/-? 50000/- ? where children and elders struggling for medicines in country’s hospitals ?
    widows who seeks ration for feed their children ? victimized disabled soldiers who just mute and worries about being that status

    I here nothing said about Ban anything……we don’t have good music audience nowadays…. we had era where no internet but god sake good entertainers like Clarence, Gypsies, Milton, Desmond some English artists too….. timely we turn into hall of fame world artists but being drugged, drunken monkey activities often continues in places like Kama, Bamboos-Hikkaduwa, ArugamBay sides Malu Malu why not nude fornication parties too which is solely under discretion of two parties guests – hoteliers not in publicly in place like SSC or in Town Hall.

    Being drunken and nude and sarcastic in English not Deshiya …

    Enrique tickets 35000 or 50000 was collect not for a good musical event rather a selfie shoots with highly Sniffed Enrique the Vidhesiya stamped Gay/Bi-Secual artist…it’s culture in Rio De Janiro or Columbia or Mexico or Peru they don’t guilty of their deshiya acts behaves….. the mom instruct to daughter baby don’t forget to use ur condom i kept in your bag….. Do we towards that CULTURE ?????? in name of modernization ????? Even if My3 or Ranil or Whoever admits Majority of Lankan parents or our elder generations who signs assets to heirs never allows that.

    You favor to make dispute than writing benefits of your vidhesiya fantasies ?

    name it ?
    you will admit our shopping malls must sells sex toys near future where we lack with that still……. names not necessary ……open your eyes I dont know how old are you..i don’t have any hard feelings but remember IF don’t have strong side of our traditions our future generations i mean era of all sky scrapper hotels , port city , car race courses our girls does same as Swarnabhumi Thailand , Pataya i pitty for you if you not their …….. Being updated not crime but i admit experiences all above activities are sin, still it’s my soul my secrecy ….. i can enjoy but i can’t allow or expect others too inherit without unknown i can criticize to any.
    also i can’t allow my country be such country of Ranches for economy.

    or this is can’t be NEVADA Las Vegas…. stop being counter reactive for those who shouts what should avoid when growing policies were action.

    Chinese want us to be slave and called our women as sluts? will you accept the idea. ?

    Indians too as their red light areas do we need as same ? same as giglo culture as in Mumbai do u know?

    all starts from fantasy like drugged, drunken, dark night word happenings.

    go back to 14 century human race was sodomized watch Caligula read books how were human race being humiliated or tortured by European Western Far eastern Arabian worlds…… do you want us to follow ….. ?

    • 0


      You are upset about Russian Buttock ? Oh Please !!. When you see man’s buttock in Ambudey, and womans buttock in the bathing place, you get so offended also ??

      What is your problem if ticket is 25K or 35K ? if can afford, why not ? I myself cannot so will not but I do not envy those who can and disguise my envy in Fake Bhumiputra claims like ‘deshiya de’ and ‘videshiya de’ !

      Please dont twist my words. You are the one wanting to discard the videshiya in favor of deshiya.

      My proposition to you is, IF you REALLY want to do that (which I know you don’t – you are just pretending to be offended), don’t do it by halves. Do it completely. Discard EVERYTHING and go back to 14th century if that is what it means to be totally Deshiya. Otherwise, you are just a hypocrite like the Yahapalanaya.

      Anyway, you should not be here. You are using Videshiya Technology on the Videshiya Internet which you should not be doing. Go back to ‘Pus-Kola’

      • 0


        “Anyway, you should not be here. You are using Videshiya Technology on the Videshiya Internet which you should not be doing. Go back to ‘Pus-Kola’”

        How about pigeon post, marathon runners, Persian horse riders, smoke signals, talking drums, telepathy, hydraulic semaphore, fire, horn, …

  • 0


    i am happy for one point out vidhesiya dhe that all can agree worthy “internet” in your citation i must be away as Pus-Kola i just want to remind you. Internet we not wearing as our tradition, not even in New York or Amsterdam where extreme liberty of Love & Sex CMC “Town Hall” behaviors allowed.

    You said something about Our farmers “Amudey” and bare buttocks Note Deshiya dhe Amudey never ever designed for women even in 14th century or last century when D.S Senanayake or era of Pus-Kola //

    Those who wear Amudey to jump and do cultivation, has valuable reason for that costume, in English there no name for that word “Amudey” in Tamil yes of course “Kovanam” i am very proud for my country men or forefathers worn “AMUDEY” if i have one photo i will frame it with piece of paper for my following generation please remove it if any such day this photo identify as vulgar or unsuitable or disgusting to any principles or laws or norms.

    SAME TIME you!! especially i suggest for YOU!! not those foreigners they are not insane as people like you.

    Can you frame photo of Enrique Iglesias with that “Bra” moment when that audience thrown and caught by Enrique in your Living room visible to all. If you are an person admits that’s not improper activity ?

    Go to videshiya dhe guys who engage Bigbang theories or “CERN” http://www.com inventors to bring their women with same Bikini/Bra throwing behaviors to one public event or stage. the word freedom and liberty at right side in administration but always there is left side of administration certain perceptions of control actively preventing underage children or adolescent from nudity and sarcastic entertainments. IF you don’t aware just click your computer and see every public events and videos has to follow the rules. FBI Warning…….

    Deshiya Dhe:-
    in Sri Lanka Saree Or Hosari a traditional dress for women.
    of course there no restrictions for wear any alternative dresses to them. So far no dispute rises about our lankan Male / Female common dressing culture.

    Vidhesiya Dhe:- Posh-Kolla or Kella Maalumiris this is my one last question over to you and people aligned with you. i will not gonna write any replies here after sue i am off towards our deshiya Tal Raa Palm Toddy consumption with lamb fry side dishes where you can see only a middle finger every time you spends Bottle what written drink responsibly or funny thing in Spanish i guess ” BEBA RESPONSABLEMENTE” one BeBa girl didn’t consume with responsible made all this word war.

    here that last question:-
    Did you ever asked why men not allowed Shorts in Night Clubs or Casino’s ?????? Have you guys ever gone ever with barefoot or slippers into a casino? Why it’s your freedom can dress and go anywhere if you can pay or afford the tickets..!!!!

    your shorts
    your body
    you have money
    your legs
    your slippers

    but if you go with above dress code, you shut your nine holes especially anus and mouth at entrance return with money or millions because you know Maithripala Sirisena only head of state will be always a person to bear any humiliation against to his name not like superhero Koviyagey Amudey Karey ellappu Karaawe Karaa will send white van if any nasty comments towards him. (sorry for a caste mentions but it prominently been known)

    First think can you teach your thoughts to any infant or your child ? son / daughter just admit as nirmal if a auntie or uncle suddenly remove under garments at the party just do the same when you grow.

    If you say yes. type your address here at reply there are Ambulances awaiting in IDH or Mulleriyawa Hospital especially people like you.

    Please stop writing, do whatever you want it’s your liberty what My3 and Ranil re-instate from Jan 9- 2014 by re-active this CmB Telegraph hidden faceless media dealers who works for bulletins and keep the ratings of viewers. Lol if this lines strike off so sorry fearless to speak truth whether it’s bitter than bitter guard.

    Wilpattu De-forestation is most dangerous than Brazzier throw put you concerns Maalumiris.

    Good Bye.

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