2 October, 2022


The Fascist Danger Of BBS Gnanasara

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

The failure so far to curtail the extremist Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) activities against the Muslim community is a major black mark on the Yahapalana government as it promised to bring peace and reconciliation to the country. It is understood that people’s racial attitudes, hatred or prejudices cannot easily be eliminated just because of a governmental change after an election. However, it is the bounden duty of any government to curtail open extremist activities, spreading hate and incitement against communities. This is more so in the case of a government elected on the promise of good governance, rule of law and justice to all communities and particularly to the vulnerable minorities.

Preaching of Hate

What Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara has demonstrated at the Satyagraha meeting at Mahiyangana on the 21st of this month is not simply expressing his views. It does not cover under the freedom of expression. It is a clear incitement against the Muslim community and a challenge to the rule of law and the law enforcement authorities. He should have been already arrested and brought before the law of the country.

courtesy Foreign Correspondents' Association of Sri Lanka Facebook page

Gnanasara – Photo courtesy Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Sri Lanka Facebook page

His hate against the Muslim community in this instance is very clear. It has been clear even before and throughout his ‘political career.’ He is simply not a proper Buddhist monk in my opinion but a political activist with extremist views and intensions bordering on a fascist ideology and intent.

Gnanasara is always an emotionally charged person often with the use of filthy language. These are clear signs of a fascist lineage. It is typical of a fascist propagandist to lie, distort or make a mountain out of a molehill. He has said “First they threw rotten eggs at our teachers in Madawala, and then they tried to build a mosque which was taller than the height of the Dalada Maligawa.” Who has given him the sole authority to speak on behalf of the Sinhala people or the Buddhists? Even if he has genuine concerns about the said incidents (which I doubt/dispute), threatening the Muslim community in general is not the way to resolve a dispute. The foremost place for Buddhism cannot be the height of the Dalada Maligawa!

Promotion of Incitement

Most alarming is his threat to enact the ‘phase two of Aluthgama.’ This is where his violent and fascist intent is very clear. After referring to possible ‘intelligence officers’ listening to his speech he said, “go and tell the authorities that if they don’t give a solution to what we demand, we will launch the phase two of Aluthgama.” The demand he placed was to release the two young persons in remand who had apparently intimidated the Muslim businesses in the area to close down their shops during a protest. The said protest had apparently organized because of the ‘pulling down of a Buddhist flag’ by a Muslim youth which should also be condemned and consider provocative. However, this is not a recent incident but more of a pretext.

In his speech, he not only attacked the Muslims but also the Tamils. In his speech, he didn’t fail to recall the ‘proverbial mother’! If anyone has concerns about the people in custody, the right place to go is the courts and not the market place. He has always opted to disregard the laws and law enforcement authorities in the country. In addition to fascism, he also demonstrates a complex strand of anarchism. He cannot simply be considered as a proper Buddhist monk.

His most alarming threat of violence was against the police. Referring to the IGP, he said, “If you can’t handle them, tell us, we will take care of them. We only need about 50 people to take care of them, and we are not scared to go behind bars.” He was referring to the Mahiyangana police as ‘them’ and clearly threatening mob violence as he admitted it would place them behind bars. However, such a threat is sufficient enough to arrest him as a precaution and charge him against incitement.

Why Not to Condemn All Monks

Gnanasara’s outburst, violence or fascism should not be a reason to condemn all Buddhist monks. He is in saffron robes, but he is not a proper Buddhist monk in my opinion. What is alarming however is he is flanked by several other ‘Buddhist monks,’ with or without knowing the gravity of what they do or utter. This is a matter to be untangled preferably within the Buddhist Sangha themselves. It is also apparent that Gnanasara is exploiting business enmities between different communities to promote his fascist cause and in this case at Mahiyangana.
It is not unusual for the clergy of different religions or denominations to get involved in politics, extremist movements or even fascism. However, this cannot be considered ‘healthy for religion or for politics.’ Particularly in Hungary during the rise of Fascism in 1930s, there were numerous Catholic priests who went behind Szalasi’s movement. Ference Szalasi was the leader of the Arrow Cross Party which was responsible for the killing and mayhem of thousands of Jews. This is just an example.

This is also the case today of many Imams and other Islamic religious leaders supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). However, there are many other Imam’s and leaders condemning or distancing themselves from ISIS. Sri Lanka is fortunate to have moderate or ‘Abangan’ Islamic believers and the government or the public should be mindful of not to push the youngsters to the extremes like in some Western countries which could create a virtual hell as a result of these religious polarizations. That is one reason why lawful action should be taken forthwith against Gnanasara and his gang.

Cambodian Example

In the case of curtailing Buddhist monks going for politics or for extremist politics, there were prohibitions in the Cambodian constitution before 1975 forbidding Buddhist monks even in voting. I think it was influenced by the views of Prince Norodom Sihanouk of that time. However this position changed after the UN inspired new constitution in 1993 without any prohibition. Yet until 2006, the Buddhist Supreme Patriarchs (very much similar to our Sanga Nayakas) banned the Buddhist monks voting or even registering for voting, believing that the ‘monks should not be biased.’

However, in recent times this has changed again. A good number of Buddhist monks are now involved in various social causes like human rights and peace. However, there are no organizations such as the BBS or the 969 Movement of Ashin Wirathu in Mynamar (Burma). This is despite the presence of numerous Cham Muslims or minority Vietnamese in Cambodia. Still the Cambodian Buddhist Supreme Patriarchs hold the moral authority to refrain their respective member monks getting involved in extremist politics or unacceptable ventures contrary to the Buddhist principles. This is part of the Sangha Vinaya (discipline) fairly maintained in Cambodia.

I am not at all advocating a constitutional prohibition of Buddhist monks or other priests getting involved in politics like in pre-1975 Cambodia. However, there should be some constraints within all religions or religious denominations of their clergy men or women getting involved in politics or extremist politics. The case of Gnanasara however is different. He is obviously a potential fascist, who can derail all the good intentions of reconciliation and peace in the country. He is apparently a law breaker and inciter who should be brought before the law.

A Postscript

After finishing the above short peace, I had the occasion to watch an interview of Khaled Abol Naga, the prominent Egyptian actor, producer and the film director over the ABC 24 TV (Australia) this afternoon. When he was asked what he thinks about the reasons for many young people going for the cause of ISIS, he said that “when you leave a small injustice unaddressed, the grievances become accumulated. That is what happened after the creation of Israel neglecting the Palestinians and others.”

“The ISIS however is not the solution but the exacerbation of the problem,” he emphasized. The reason he gave was very common to Buddhism, Christianity or Islam: “hatred begets hatred” (Wairayen Wairaya Nosan Sinde). This is why the rule of law should be administered, for Gnanasara or any other perpetrators, without any hatred or vengeance.

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  • 27

    It is entirely for this government and law enforcement agents in Sri Lanka to apply rules of law indiscriminately who breaks the law. This should have been in jail for many offences and crimes he committed. It looks that MS as MR did, tries to make some politics out of this crazy monk. To any discerning man it looks that there is a complacency in the part of government not to take action against him. He is twisting the fact and truth to send false message to incite hatred. Yet, a large majority of Sinhalese people know well that this monk is not following the Buddhism rather his own brand of racism. so, I think Buddhist Hierarchical order should take some disciplinary action against this monk for for tarnishing the good name of Buddhism. I think until such time government and police would not take any action against this monk

    • 20

      The BBS created and fed by Jathika Hela urumaya,Champika is cabinet minister at Yahapalana government.so no one can take action against Ghanasara.sadly all these BBS and Ravana balaya(Wimal nikaya)creations and operations are well aware of Muslim political leaders.but they are doing politics out the miseries of Muslims.there is only one way that is my way.if anyone threatening/intimidating my rights and rule of law not safeguarding our rights,then no other means but action .(if anyone coming to kill you,kill him first). enough is enough.

      • 14

        Take pity on Gnanasara. He suffers from mental illness and needs to be given treatment, therapy and drugs to keep under control and should be under observation at Angoda. After that if he has committed crime of Hate Speech against Muslims and others, he should be tried in the Courts and if guilty jailed.

        He should be sent to the mental asylum for treatments because he violates What the Buddha Taught and does not know that he is doing this.

        • 9

          Gnanasara is sexually frustrated and is taking out this sexual frustration on the Muslims as manifest in hate speech against minorities. He needs to have a girl friend and a health sexual relationship with a woman or a man or trans…

          This is the biggest problem that the Buddhist Sanga today face SEXUAL FRUSTRATION and anger with society because of this- with facebook and all modern technology available to these so called monks who want to have smart phone, travel overseas and visit hookers and have girl friends..

          There are many sexually frustrated Sinhala youth in saffron robes preaching hatred because they can not have sex and healthy sexual relations with women or men..

          Freud identified how sexual aggression is part of the human psyche. Gnanasara and his followers should be castrated or sent to visit sex workers.

          • 4

            Giving him a masturbation machine. It can be bought in sex toy shops in the UK. Probably Chinese manufacture them.

      • 15

        He should be stripped of the Robes by the Mahanayakas for bringing a bad name to Buddhism.

        Why that the educated students and Buddhist youth activists and university students of Sri Lanka not protesting against this monk who is defaming and destroying BUDDHIST CULTURE in Sri Lanka?!

        JVP and Anura Kumara should lead a protest march against boru buddhism and racism in Sri Lanka and educate the masses.

        • 1

          ” the Mahanayakas for bringing a bad name to Buddhism.”

          These M.Ns to do that.The Asgiriya Balla is no better.The British knew how to deal with this type.MS is scared

      • 5

        May be at the begining… only..
        I really dont htink BBS was fertilized by JHU in very recent years. BBS abused all other supporters and betraying them. That is their today s stand. Not only BBS, but also as you say, Wimal led groups are becoming a threat to all

    • 10

      Islam is the most dangerous threat facing the planet including Sri lanka..The Govt. should ban the ISIS.

      • 14

        Dear J. Vass

        Do not try to catch fish in trouble water..

      • 15

        Joseph De Vazz

        As long as SL is concerned ISIS is a sleeping monster. Are you telling the SL govt. to wake up the monster?

        • 4

          He needs to be made extinct ASAP.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

    • 15

      Almost everyone adds their two cts worth addresses the harm of the BBS or the like movements. But greater quetion is as to why the current DUO stays retarded not taking vehement actions against BBS- alone considering their past cruel actions. In EU countries, if a Church priest behaved himself to the manner BBS aggressive man did, all forces would have worked him to be isolated from the sights. Lanken law and order is said to be restored accordingl to new rulers but nothing like hard punishments have been made against higher criminals is what many question yet today.

      Please the ruling govt should finally take the actions against those men… else, the alarming problem would noth have been resolved… will stay unresolved and those criminals will further breed new criminals of their kind.

    • 9

      We simply would like to know as to why the current govt stay without taking actions against BBS or any culprits. These men are evidently higher criminals. For me, they are similar to Bin Ladin and the like men who put bombs in NY. Just to mitigate the brutal indicent caused by provocative public statements made by Ghansara – not what should have been done. He belongs to go through a theapy by which he should finally learn to behave an aggression free HUMAN BEING.

    • 4

      Comrade, you and everyone else commenting here need to understand that law enforcement, rule of law and legal action all help in a just society where justice serves everyone alike. Do you mean to tell me that our country is a judicial paradise? This is a lawless country where rule-of-law was buried many decades ago even before the last rites to the judiciary was read. The mix of Saffron robes with politics is one factor for this break down of the law. If these fascist would be shot at sight under emergency laws for preaching and inciting violence without any political interference, this will put a stop to this kind of terror.

    • 3

      Fascists are created by Fascistic powers.

      We all know that the BBS and the likes and most of the anti-Islamic groups and individuals have only one evil power to create them, nurture them, fund them and launch them whenever they are required to play their part…. US/UK backed Israeli Mossad and CIA covert operatives.

      BBS, Mahinda Rajapakses are all part of the larger game plan of the Zionists to work for their agenda to keep the Muslims and Islam attacked and intimidated by any means. BBS and with backing of the Zionist backed Sinhala media are at war with Islam on par with the west’s war on Terror (Actual war is against Islam).

      The many govt of Sri Lanka having long term connections and high level friendship and “assistance” with the Israeli/Mossad is not a secret. So, the state and its political stooges who are ripping off the country with their corruption has to bend their knees before these historical criminals. We all know that the borrowings made by the Sri Lankan state throughout many years from the Jewish IMF and World bank is a whopping 44.5 billion Dollars.

      So, the BBS and the Buddhist racists and their antics will not end till the fall of the Zionists. The Jews have clutched the balls of every Buddhist racists with their iron hand and anyone tries to leave will get their tomatoes crushed and squeezed by them.

      There is a big issue going on in the US to control gun owners as the state is trying to take away the rights of the people to defend when the government goes against the constitution. The peoples are empowered to fight the government when the Zionist Jews who are at the top positions in the power structure of their government manipulating everything…..they come up with stage shows of HOAX SHOOTING EVENTS.

      Please watch for more detailed evidence:

      Orlando Shooting HOAX CASE CLOSED 100% FAKE Agenda EXPOSED (Redsilverj)

      Orlando Shooting Hoax Busted Wide Open

    • 3

      Dr. Laksiri Fernando

      RE: The Fascist Danger Of BBS Gnanasara

      How are you progressing with your Common Sense pamphlet?

      This could be a chapter.

      Chapter X : The Fascist Danger Of BBS Gnanasara.

      Common Sense (pamphlet) by Thomas Paine. Sinhala “Buddhist” Ganasara is a Pain!


      Common Sense made public a persuasive and impassioned case for independence, which before the pamphlet had not yet been given serious intellectual consideration. He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity, structuring Common Sense as if it were a sermon.Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”

  • 25

    We all like to put all the blame to this one person, in this case Gnanasara, and call him all the names.. Is Gnansara the problem or the masses (20% or 30%) hard core followers of this foolish ideology, .. supremacism is the problem? These foolishness of masses generate Gnansara, and to my belief Gnanasara is NOT the problem, he is just an opportunistic and cunning man with some leadership qualities?? … Putting all the blame to one man is self lying,, our deception… We all know this anti SL Tamil, anti SL Muslim thinking is in the core of so many SBs and SB monks. Need to identify the root of the problem and tackle it… Otherwise, our kids would be killing each others even after 50 years from now… and the rest like parasites, fleeing all over the world..

    • 3


      “Is Gnansara the problem or the masses (20% or 30%) hard core followers of this foolish ideology, .. supremacism is the problem? These foolishness of masses generate Gnansara, and to my belief Gnanasara is NOT the problem, he is just an opportunistic and cunning man with some leadership qualities?? … Putting all the blame to one man is self lying,, our deception… We all know this anti SL Tamil, anti SL Muslim thinking is in the core of so many SBs and SB monks. Need to identify the root of the problem and tackle it…”

      Thank you. You hit the nail on the head!

      The fact is that the BBS is the fruit of what Mahawansa has been preaching, as per the Mad Monk Mahanama, saying that, Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, belonged to the Para-Sinhala “Buddhists”, who are actually Paras from India, from the South and East of India, who illegally occupied the Land, by coming by Illegal boats, Hora Oru, Kala-Thonis, just like the other Paras, the Para-Tamils.

      The Mahawansa myths are fed to Sinhala “Buddhists” from a very young age. Even the so-called Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra, popularized the Play, “Sinhabahu” that helped further polarize among the Para-Sinhala the populace.

      Furthermore, the so-called Mahawansa, is an Insult to the Buddha.

      Mahavamsa- An Insult To The Buddha! By Sharmini Serasinghe

      Caution- The following is more suitable for the broad-minded and the wise. Others are kindly advised to pass!


      The so-called Sinhala, are Para-Sinhala. Its varieties, Sinhala “Bukhhhism” is Para-Sinhala “Buddhism”. It is Not the Buddhism Buddha Taught Why is it that there are Hardly any Tamil Buddhists and Hatred toward the Tamils? Because of Para- Sinhala “Buddhism”, is not Buddhism, it is Racism.

      The Para-Sinhala are Paras. just like the Para-Tamils, whom the Para-Sinhala Hate. Support is given below from the Para-genes.

      Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations.

      Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112; published online 7 November 2013


      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

      The Vedda Tribe


  • 6

    Islam is the most dangerous threat facing the planet now, similar to the Roman Catholic church in earlier times. The Koran is a copycat of the texts of Judeo Christian religions, themselves a ripoff of Egyptian and Greek texts that preceded them. The amount of division the refusal to assimilate by Islam has caused in the UK is not a small reason for their recent Brexit vote. Gnanassara will never be kept in check because he is a warning to the more extremist elements of the muslim community in Sri Lanka. In that, he has the tacit support of the entire Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist community of the country (despite their outward false indignation) who would rather not get their own hands dirty but watch silently whilst approving of it implicitly.

    • 11

      Your statement of “tacit support” of the ENTIRE Hindu, Christian and Hindu community in the country, belies the results that these racist dogs got at the General elections. Were you in the Moon then Armenian ?

    • 1


      “In that, he has the tacit support of the entire Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist community of the country (despite their outward false indignation) who would rather not get their own hands dirty but watch silently whilst approving of it implicitly.”

      Ganasara and BBS got about 20,000 in Total Island wide out of 15,000,000 eligible voters, and 10,500,000 of the eligible voters were Sinhala Buddhists.
      This is 0.19% of the Sinhala Buddhists or 2 Sinhala Buddhists per 1,000 Sinhala Buddhists. Is BBS funded by Norway, Israel and the Christian Fundamentalist West?

      Ganasara is doing the most damage to Buddhism, just like ISIS and the Wahhabies are doing to Islam.

      With an Average IQ of 79, based on a standard deviation of 15, yes, you you can find 20,000 low IQ voters!

  • 13

    The learned gentleman was quick to point the finger at MR adminstration following the aftermath of the Aluthgama incident/s for inciting racial and religious hatred but goes soft on the MS/RW administration for not taking prompt action to curtail BBS hate mongering activities. All the alleged wrong doings of the MR administration continues now but, the venom with which the writer dealt them in the past is now conspicuously absent. Goes to show the effectiveness of a well oiled propaganda machine can do (as on 8 jan 2015) to buy their way to power. Sad, if academics are tricked or rewarded to discard intellectual honesty to favour one shade of politics or other, whilst the minority Muslim community languish in fear for their lives. Sad indeed!

    • 1

      Lal with all respect to your opinion which I found is right to our knowledge – here too not many would discuss about the failure or delay of the current rulers to punish any high criminals meeting with their criminal energies. However, yesterday I happened to see MR s record of support in criminal gans in public.
      Please watch the following videos – Ranajan Ramanayake made a greater speech inthe parliament in revealing all the close ties of former President with that Nimal Lanza who is allegedly to have been connected with drug traffic to srilanka. Latter is not secret to public if they can recall the past – at the time, narcotics rounded the Lanza s house – former MR MAGIC Mahinda R abused the state helicopter to visit the Lanzas house. But lanza denied publicly that nothing like the incident occured…. may be the entire nation is lying or dreaming of the records of former govts all high crimes, but MR has been saying the truth…. he has not done anything wrong. Many like me join this CT forum cant know why all these high lies to the people.. and people like you too stay so stupid further describing MR rather than anyone who would do good politics today.

      Today the rulers say, they investigate everything.. please let us know if they have already investigated the incident and charge the former president to have abusd Helicopters in protecting Drug kin pins.

      Please people rally round to round up these drug traffickers. We need more Ranjans and young blood of UnpERS to go against these men. God save srilanka

  • 6

    script well written in Washington LONDON BRUSSELS
    BBS does its bit part role play
    Moslem Council does it is part another role play
    both parties controlled by PUPPET MASTER probably through proxy`s proxy.s proxys proxy so no one understand what really going on
    it is like Jada palanaya government and staged opposition(except joint opposition)
    Put a big wedge between and Singhalese and Moslem
    in potential referendum in Eastern Province they are want moslem to vote with Tamil
    separatists kattunkudy moslem mosque massacre by LTTE in 1990 may be hicough
    moslem may vote with Singhalese
    They are light years ahead in planning
    Ada Derana also got sucked into their script of course media knowingly or unknowingly TAKE PART
    I remember 4 years ago BBC camera man was there an hour before Fashon Bug at Maharagama was attacked by BBS

  • 12

    Gnanasara should have been in jail for aluthgama.
    Now he admits still not in jail. Also he is going for aluthgama 2 in Mahiyangana .

    Let’s see, as I see it: The government doesn’t take action of this facist, because they
    Also have the same views.
    Though they are more refined in expressing it.

    What will happen: There can be genocidal attacks on Muslim,
    What will the Muslim do: They will bare it for some time, and when
    It is not possible to bare anymore, will fight all over.be it in Middle East,
    Asia,Africa, Europe against the Buddihst Sri lankens.civil war 2 will start.

    And there will be more outside actors than the Tamil civil war,as already
    Islamic state is in existence , And though all west and Russia has fought them,
    They have not lost.

    Sri Lanka has a choice now, I hope they take the right path

    • 3


      What do you think about Romans and Hitler ?

      did they think ever that are also impermanent ?

      So, you think, ISIS is eternal and Islam prevail the dominant religion on earth ?

      Islam has peaked.

      • 6


        “What do you think about Romans and Hitler ? did they think ever that are also impermanent ? So, you think, ISIS is eternal and Islam prevail the dominant religion on earth ? “

        There is a believe among Sinhala/Buddhists that Buddhism will continue for another 2500 years.

        Buddhism was killed 100 or so years and replaced by Sinhala/Buddhism in this thrice blessed island.

        In funny way you are right. Nothing is permanent.

    • 0

      No matter what religion you belong to or even do not belong to any, what happened in Aluthgama has to be condemned by all right thinking people. Nobody knows who is funding BBS and their political backers. The previous govt did not act to disband BBS and failed to bring the thugs who behaved violently. There has been a change of govt but the BBS is still continuing to propagate their hate message. Those who pointed the finger at MR and GR in 2014, including some learned academics are cagey with their denounciation of the present govt for not disbanding the BBS and take punitive action against the perpetrators of violence. Sadly, some academics disregard the notion of interlectual honesty, and have publications only worthy of throwing into shredders.

  • 1

    Dear Laksiri
    This comment is not to commend you (r) article.
    You begin your article with “major black mark on the Yahapalana government”.
    Could you please show any clean space left in this government where Gnanasara can make way for any further tarnishing.
    Your learned knowledge and analytical abilities, is needed in other areas of life in Sri Lanka, which are like a spark hidden under the ashes.
    Gnanasara is like a Nalagiri (or a Rabid dog) who is distinct,
    while there are many monks who are mosquitoes, singing in the ears of the most innocent of the innocents, and suck their blood slowly.
    For the sake of humanity, Let us take the courage to raise the issue of stolen Generation of Sri Lanka, the young boys (children of poverty stricken Buddhist peasants) who are being driven to the monk-hood at very young age as ten years. They are deprived of any childhood and prone to unknown miseries. Just take the incinebt of the Samanera of Mathara Temple few weeks back.
    This comment is not the proper platform to elaborate further, but needs open discussion to awaken authorities to stop these crimes,( make laws).
    The intellectuals need not be frighten of the monks, who may cry high, saying that it will lead to the wiping out the Sasana.
    We can leave Gnanasara to Ranjan Ramanayakes and Palitha Thevarapperumas to deal with and.
    Your time energy and wisdom is needed in many worthwhile areas, as Otto Rene Castillo says
    (A )political Intellectuals: Laksiri Fernando; Sarath Wijesooriya, Sarath Mayadunne and many others
    One day
    the (a)political
    of my country
    will be interrogated
    by the simplest
    of our people.
    They will be asked
    what they did
    when their nation died out
    like a sweet fire
    small and alone.
    No one will ask them
    about their dress,
    their long siestas
    after lunch,
    no one will want to know
    about their sterile combats
    with “the idea
    of the nothing”
    no one will care about
    their higher financial learning.
    They won’t be questioned
    on Greek mythology,
    or regarding their self-disgust
    when someone within them
    begins to die
    the coward’s death.
    They’ll be asked nothing
    about their absurd
    born in the shadow
    of the total lie.
    On that day
    the simple men will come.
    Those who had no place
    in the books and poems
    of the apolitical intellectuals,
    but daily delivered
    their bread and milk,
    their tortillas and eggs,
    those who drove their cars,
    who cared for their dogs and gardens
    and worked for them,
    and they’ll ask:
    “What did you do when the poor
    suffered, when tenderness
    and life
    burned out of them?”
    Apolitical intellectuals
    of my sweet country,
    you will not be able to answer.
    A vulture of silence
    will eat your gut.
    Your own misery
    will pick at your soul.
    And you will be mute in your shame.

    • 0

      To add to my comment above, I will withdraw Thewalapperumas to handle Gnanasara, as they are the “cheer girls” (holding the brief) at Dewata Galle
      To emphasise my concerns and to address the comments of
      Sri- Krish
      June 26, 2016 at 8:48 pm
      “What is the root cause?”
      Please read the extract from CT 11 June 2016, is Gnanasara “Those young monks who become victims turn into perpetrators themselves when they grow up.”???
      Buddhists! Wake Up To Protect Novice Monks!!
      June 11, 2016 | Filed under: Colombo Telegraph,MORE OPINION,Opinion | Posted by: COLOMBO_TELEGRAPH

      By Tiran Kumara Bangagamaarachchi –

      “There is no an iota of doubt that these three people have been committing similar crimes for a long time. At some temples, this ‘Dharma’ of sexual misconduct is increasingly common. Those young monks who become victims turn into perpetrators themselves when they grow up. When such incidents get out of hand and lead to harm and violence, they are secretly solved within the temples. These things, however, need to be discussed openly and seriously in our society. The monk perpetrators and monk victims are both parts of a greater tragedy. These things must not be ignored in the name of religion or the Buddhist order.
      Poor parents who are unable feed their children donate them to temples need to consider that they might be putting their children at risk. What kind of service these young monks can do to the religion, the Order and the country in future, when their childhood is robbed and they are sexually abused?”
      Sinhala Banda
      June 26, 2016 at 9:38 pm
      …..on noble Buddhist Sinhala people.”
      I am not proud to be a “noble Buddhist, Sinhala, Govigama, Udarata, person eligible to be suitable to be a monk in Siyam nikaya of Malwathu sect..!!!!

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 5

    Gnasara will not be touched because he was a grand part of delivering the Yahapalana band to the government. Muslims take great pride in voting in the Yahapalana government now they have to eat humble pie and live with Gnasara. On the other hand Muslims instead of writing lengthy useless articles can ask Turn coat Bathudeen or Rauf Hakeem to talk to Bodhi Sira and Batalanda Ranil to see whether they can do anything. On the other hand both Sambandan and Summa are up in arms against the duo for back tracking on the promise they gave in front of the Americans to roast the Sri Lankan War Heroes for punishing Thambi at Nandikadal. So I guess Muslims will be sour losers either way. Why not for a change put your kids to learn Sinhala and integrate and think like Sri Lankans they will have more leverage in the society rather than investing on turn coat politicians.

  • 3

    Dr Laksiri Fernando,

    I was rather disappointed with your article.

    You simply denounce the symptom and allow the disease to spread.

    Blaming the fascist danger of BBS Gnanasara and treat the danger simply as a law and order issue is to hide the larger picture and provide the culprits with an escape route.

    This is not a law and order issue

    If you ban BBS and arrest Gnansara Theor you are playing into their hands.

    Banning BBS and placing Gnanasara under custody will not help unless the root cause is addressed.

    What is the root cause ?

    Is it the desire for Buddhist hegemony? and that is preciously the reason for the deafening silence of almost the entire Buddhist community including Maha Sanga

    It is a wakeup call to all Budhist1

    • 0


      Sorry for your disappointment! But I hardly think your accusation is correct when you say I “allow the disease to spread.” What is the proof?

      Of course I was focusing on the hate speech, intimidation and mainly Gnanasara’s threat to launch the ‘second phase of Aluthgama.” This undoubtedly has to be addressed as a ‘law and order issue.’

      Whatever analysis we do about the ‘roots causes’ is not the immediate concern. These type of rabid religious extremists are there in many countries, and in many religions, and even in Australia. What contain them primarily is law and order.

      Your identification of a single root cause (desire for Buddhist hegemony) is partial. If the aim is to denounce the ‘entire Buddhist community,’ it is a sure recipe for strengthening more and more extremism. There can be various reasons for what you say “the deafening silence.” I am not analyzing them here. In my view, there is no single monolithic Buddhist community. This is a wrong premise of social analysis or category equally applicable to ‘Sinhalese,’ ‘Tamils’ or ‘Muslims.’ The task should be to differentiate the variations and address them separately.

      My task in this short and quick piece was simple, direct and not armchair. That is to highlight the fascistic danger of the person and ask the law enforcement authorities to take action on the basis of what he said and tried to instigate. You are wrong in saying that I asked the BBS to be banned. That is completely a different matter.

      Are you going to say that Gnanasara should be left scot-free because of the “deafening silence of almost the entire Buddhist community” and we should write only on ‘root causes’?

      • 0

        Banning hate speech will not prevent the continuing growth of hate-filled sentiments in width and depth among members of religious groups. This is similar to the argument trotted out by opponents of capital punishment, who claim that the implementation of the death penalty does not reduce the incidence of murder significantly. In fact the banning of hate speech could result in the gradual build-up of intense hatred towards a specific group resulting in an explosive, violent outburst when the correct spark is lit. For example there are reports emerging from the UK that subsequent to Brexit there is a surge in anti-EU sentiment being expressed by UK whites against EU citizens. Clearly this anti-EU sentiment has not developed overnight, but had grown gradually and remained dormant until the spark was lit by the Brexit vote.

        The root causes for the anti-Muslim sentiments have to be identified and neutralized. This is the only way by which a permanent solution can be found to this problem. If, at the time the BBS raised hell regarding the Halal issue, the corresponding root causes were identified and neutralized, the problem could have been laid to rest permanently. As it is, this issue still remains largely unresolved although the protests have subsided for the moment. In Thailand for instance where Therawada Buddhists account for 95% of the population and Muslims for the balance 5%, the halal system has been institutionalized by the Thai Govt by positioning the country as the Halal Kitchen of the World. Has anyone heard of objections from Thai Buddhists regarding the halal system ?

  • 6

    I totally agree with Mr Laksiri Fernando with his statement that Gnanasara is not a ‘Buddhist monk …. but a political activist with extremist views and intentions bordering on a fascist ideology and intent’. His actions & despicable language is an insult to Buddhism & the saffron robed henchman (are they actual buddhist monks?) who surround him give a bad name to all Buddhist monks in general. In most civilized countries, his open threats & intimidation are ample grounds for a jail sentence because he is preaching hatred & creating racial tension. If there are no such laws in SL, it is time new laws are established & implemented, otherwise there will be a reign of anarchy & we will be back in the good old days. Justice is known to be blind some times but in this case, it seems that the Ministry of Justice is sleeping.

  • 5

    There was a time the Christians thought that the Buddhists were not educated and hence could be easily defeated in any debate in the past. Similarly, there were few hundreds of Christian families who aided Portuguese to smuggle the dead body of Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero to Basilica in Goa, India and there were some Christian families who erected Platforms and organized venues for the Christian Church to debate Migettuwatte Gunananda thero. All these attempts failed miserably and those Christian families were ridiculed however they continue to prosper and live safely under a civil administration, security apparatus, education system and parliament that was heavily infiltrated by the Christians. The children and grand children of these Christian families of Sri Lanka are still smarting from the shameful acts perpetrated by their forefathers against noble Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka. They are of the view that they will be able to succeed in destroying Buddhism in Sri Lanka, a task that was started by their forefathers but not finished. Laksiri Fernando is one of them. There are so many other wolves among Sinhala people wearing sheep’s clothes.

    These children of anti Sinhala-Buddhist movement has now found a target; Ven. Gnanasara thero and his movement. They have labeled them as fascist and claim national reconciliation is at stake due to the activities of organizations devoted to protect and preserve Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Others call them racist. If any Sinhala Buddhist speak about the danger faced by our Buddhist institutions, our Buddhist communities, Buddhist sacred lands, they are labeled as FASCISTS and RACISTS. These dubious forces opposing SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage must understand SRI LANKA is a BUDDHIST COUNTRY. Laksiri Fernando, do you have guts to say openly in this forum SRI LANKA is not a BUDDHIST COUNTRY. Do not evade my question with a convoluted answer. It is a simple question “either woman is pregnant or not”.

    It is the view of Non-Buddhist Sri Lankans; a minority. However, a silent majority of Christians understand the treacherous acts their forefathers have perpetrated on noble Buddhist Sinhala people. Hopefully one day Laksiri Fernando’s children and grand children will come to the same conclusion; carrying forward their forefathers’ vengeful activities and desecrating Buddhism in Sri Lanka are not only futile but sinful.
    Finally, Laksiri Fernando remember that, Ven. Gnanasara thero will be known among other great Buddhist monks who fought against the injustices committed by Non-Buddhists of Sri Lanka and also against those who attempted to encroach into Sacred Buddhist Lands spread throughout our motherland with sinister motives. You and few others have awakened us to face the dangerous plots introduced in a subtle manner to destroy our Sri Lanka-Sinhala-Buddhism linkage . Thank you.

    • 1

      Well said Sinhala Banda.
      Unfortunately most Sinhala Buddhists are not aware of the “Modus Operendi” of non Buddhist organisations again Buddhist organisations, it’s ugly discriminations against urban Sinhala Buddhist. There is a section of elite Sinhala Buddhists unfortunately do not want to see the truth for their own advantage and support theses morons. We know how the recruitment of officer ranks to Police and Armed forces done even post 1956, how the process was manipulated by non Buddhists like Laksiri Fernando to push the smart Sinhala Buddhists off the recruitment process. Not only that Sinhala Buddhists were the last in the choice done purposely in the order of ( refrain from writing at this stage) . We can go on and on writing these but opt to do it when the time is right. Shipping field was too dominated by Non Buddhists until Mrs B realised the facts post 1962 coup. Who is behind 1962 coup, all non Buddhists and elite sinhala Buddhists.

      Urban Sinhala Buddhists are not a racists, want a fair go for everyone without any discrimination, irrespective of religion or ethnic background. People like Laksisri Fernando should stay away without creating problems , stay away from media for true reconciliation without being a proxy of a non Buddhist organisation.

      • 1

        Game Kolla ; Thank you,

        I thought all SINHALA-BUDDHISTS have left the country or fully intoxicated or attending the Schools of Corruption to learn how to make a quick buck. Or they don’t give a damn about SINHALA-BDDHISM piece of the SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage. Mother Lanka is weeping and saying “Where did my children go?”
        Believe me I grew-up in the system you have described and by the way; First Science Graduate in the History of the Province I was born in. Still it is the most backward province in the country. I am not a fan of any Protest movement but it appears that unscrupulous individuals like Laksiri Fernando have been doing overtime to dislodge SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage for some time under different guises. They are itching to call anyone supporting the above noble linkage as RACIST or FASCIST.

        • 2

          Sinhala Banda

          “I thought all SINHALA-BUDDHISTS have left the country”

          If they did, it would be a blessing from the “Awakened” one. Is it our Karma that we are forced live this noisy minority?

          ” Still it is the most backward province in the country.”

          The authorities have let the wrong one enter the Uni. Had the uni admitted the deserving student from your province no doubt he/she would have contributed to the development of the province.

          It is a curse in this country somehow stupidest are awarded places to study degree courses at others expenses. How did you manage to get in there when hundreds of other students denied this opportunity? Bribe, political favours, standardisation ….

          “I am not a fan of any Protest movement but it appears that unscrupulous individuals like Laksiri Fernando have been doing overtime to dislodge SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage for some time under different guises”

          If you thought Dr Laksiri Fernando is trying to dislodge “SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage”, he is not doing a very good job.

          By the way, what is this “SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage”?

          • 1

            For your information, Most likely I entered the University before you were born, before the author of this article entered University and way before Baduddin Mohammed introduced Standardization act to facilitate his kind to enter University without proper qualifications. Talented, and the intelligent Sinhala and Tamil children were the victims of this education act authored by Baduddin. Now we as a nation pay the price.

            • 2

              Sinhala Banda

              “Most likely I entered the University before you were born”

              Yet you haven’t learnt anything from university education.

              Maybe you are one of Banda’s Balavegaya children, just by being a bigoted Sinhala/Buddhist (Sinhala Only) alone would have brought you everything on a platter, job, promotion, good pay and perk (under the table), respect and honour, no need to work, no need to go to work, no need to innovate, no need to be receptive to changing world,no need to adapt and change, pension is automatically paid, just switch alliance between two parties you are safe and prosper for the rest of your life.

              “Talented, and the intelligent Sinhala and Tamil children were the victims of this education act authored by Baduddin.”

              Baduddin was only a minister who was carrying out the orders of Siri Mao’s Mafia, who could have prevented that particular law was being passed and implemented. Whom are you kidding.

              It was the Sinhala Only helped to destroy this island now we as a nation paying the price.

              All these years it was the Tamils who were thought to be enemies of Sinhala/Buddhists. Now its Muslims’s turn to be the bogey man.

  • 1

    At the apex of previous regime`s infrastructural projects, to be followed by investments was brought to a stand still with the appearance of this thug of a monk. His activities were ignored by the establishment. Many investors out side SL feared to take a step forward. Rajapakse government shot themseleves in the foot by permitting the BBS to continue. Wrong advisors.

    It was also a time the previous governemnt needed foreign Investment, going through much pressure, but investors were willing to overlook but Invest. We see a repetiton of it. SL was brought into fame for it`s ability as a nation, it`s people`s tolerance and others understanding of a military victory.

    Coincidental enough, the present regime needs foreign inveestments like the previous one; the people too want it in their areas, which is now going to be a set back. BBS movements activities is timely, with confined political strategies. It is above the law. Permit the same; the present government too will be shooting themselves on their foot.

    Investors fear religious tension and ethnic tensions; an area they fear to tread, especially, when they know, the majority is not for this “monk”. The law has to be executed. Precepts and the temple, brought in the principles; this man; the monk, is not a part of it…!

  • 5

    Gnanasara is an opportunist rabble-rouser, and his demagoguery incites and motivates the rabble to civil disobedience. He is a disgrace to the Sangha, and those charged with keeping order within should be held fully responsible for not curbing his activities.

    Similarly, The President, The Prime Minister, other ministers and politicians
    and people of influence in our nation should be unequivocal in their condemnation. The IGP must explain why he cannot maintain law and order in the light of such open and blatant incitement to public mischief.

    The law must be upheld whoever, whenever, wherever. Failure to do so is a flagrant dereliction of duty with dire consequences.

    • 10

      Spring Koha

      Where are the Maha Nayakas (great leaders)? They are keeping mum probably they are saving their energy to fight the new constitution.

      What is the Minister of Buddha Sasana Wijeyadasa Rajapakse going to about this

      • 2

        They are on the MODE of like clay fed crocodiles behaviour – meaning.. clay fed crocodiles would not even move an inch since being unable to stomach they have been fed with…. thse Mahanayakes stay like those crocodiles – when it becomes to alarming levels. these we got to see over ther years. I question what have they dont at the time, RABID DOCGS of BBS made every effort to attack innocient muslims in aluthgama… ? where has the justice been ?

        We talk about reconciliation, what have the rulers done against those men who harmed those people.. ? alone having built their houses would never be sufficient… those hurts will need to meet real healing processes.. BBS must be punished basta

    • 5

      Spring Koha, you echoed my thoughts.

      The mystery is why the President, PM and other MPs are disregarding this disgrace and have made no effort whatever to take appropriate action.

      The Sangha have proved themselves to be a spineless bunch of nonentities who are letting Buddhism descend into the gutter by allowing this maniac to run amok.

      This is a guy who was jailed for prior offenses and is out on bail, so aren’t there some conditions attached to his release like a violation of parole that should land him back behind bars?

      What a circus!

  • 2

    We SALUTE Dr Laksiri Fernando….he has rationalized and opened the eyes of the commoner to avoid Sri Lanka becoming again a killing field due to racial extremism by BBS

    Its time the yahapalana government exercise the law and prevent any Hate Speech to prevent disharmony in mother lanka

  • 2

    Gnanasara thero’s word may be harsher, but he’s the only one who has the courage to expose the Muslim’s shenanigans,e:g; halal fraud, drug smuggling, Muslim colonies, and destruction of Kuragala, Willpaththuwa, Digawapiya, Muhudu Maha Viharaya, etc.

    Laksiri, you may be living abroad and you don’t know what is really happening in Sri Lanka and you have no knowledge of Buddhism or Sinhala-Buddhist culture. Some Muslim started Aluthgama riots by assaulting a Buddhist monk. In Aluthgama, before BBS cleaned up the area of Muslim terrorism, Wahabi Muslims were committing crimes on Sufi Muslims. Thanks a lot to BBS, now the Muslims in Aluthgama live safely and happily.

    On Wesak day, some Muslims in Mahiyanganaya destroyed ‘Wesak Koodu/lanterns’ and torn up the Buddhist flags. Mahiyanganaya happens to be another place where Muslim terrorism is plaguing with.

    A lot of Muslims secretly admire hero Gnanasara thero of his efforts for eradicating Muslim terrorism out of the Island. More strength and power to BBS!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S; CT please publish the comment unedited.

  • 1

    If the injustice caused by Gnanasara goes unaddressed , yahapalanya is asking for big trouble , who knows what the peaceful muslims in Srilanka are planning to do, there will be stage where they will think enough is enough and its natural. If another lunatic like Gnanasara on the muslim side goes berserk and attack Gnanasara ,there will be carnage and blood shed and Yahapalanaya will be blamed. My3 has to divorce Ranil.
    One should also think why all these things are taking place at a time when evidence of Murder ,money laundering etc committed by MR and co is coming up. Namal organising a protest at the same time should also has something to do.
    Its high time for the president of Srilanka to make his backbone firm and put these rascals behind bars before its too late.

    We all want a peaceful Srilanka.

  • 1

    This is The holy month, he starts all non-sense in this holy month, Greezy Yaka and just before Ramadhan He started with GOTA’s support in Aluthgama, curse on him following Ramadan MARA was out. We pray hard to get rid of these cruel racist n curse of Almighty we will see next Ramadan

  • 2

    Lankan Muslims move with the tide like driftwoods. This has worked since the SWRD era. They never took positions on contentious issues and no wonder they have rarely been in opposition for long. Has a Lankan Muslim leader shown any form of dismay/concern over the assassinations of Lasantha or Prageeth? Over the 14 June 2014 Aluthgama anti-Muslim pogrom there was no protest of note here but there were demonstrations in Tamil Nadu!

    The Gnanasaro threat to “repeat Aluthgama” implies acceptance of involvement in the 14 June 2014 anti-Muslim pogrom. As to whether Gnanasaro is a full-fledged fascist or part-fascist is immaterial. There is sufficient evidence to file a complaint with the police. This must be done by a Muslim leader but they will not – selfish fear of possible reprisal to their properties. They hope that some civic minded Lankan will promote their cause and here is Laksiri doing just that.

    Laksiri’s dismay is understandable but Lankan Muslims must also play their part.

    Thank you Laksiri for the mentioning the Egyptian actor Khaled Abol Naga interview. Khaled said ” …………when you leave a small injustice unaddressed, the grievances become accumulated. That is what happened after the creation of Israel neglecting the Palestinians and others”. Brexit may be traced to this. What about the infamous Lankan predicament? Food for thought.

  • 3

    The writer of this piece seems to be justifying and/or pacifying the actions of extremist Muslims. Pulling down Buddhist flags, assaulting Buddhist monks and throwing stones at Buddhist pageants will not, cannot and should not be taken lightly.

    Dr. Fernando, why have you failed to mention the above?

    For the record, I too am dead set against this man Gnanasara and his actions. But what people who are in favour of the Good Governance fail to realize is, this BBS is a creation, is a vital part of the same powers who brought the current administration into power!

    BBS is funded by Norwegian INGO’s ….. think about it !

  • 2

    I have noticed that the BBS led by this Buddhist monk tries to create problems during the fasting period, this is very bad. With his size and his accomplices sizes, people should exempt from giving them the dana. They are hoodwinking the honest Buddhist people of Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    Mr. Nanasara, what you’ve thinking and speaking is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this country is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
    “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.”

    The life and property of all citizens in the state are considered sacred, whether a person is Buddhist or not. It should protects honor. Insulting others or making fun of them not allowed under Yahapalanaya. We All are Citizens of lanka Racism is not allowed by its Government Instead making peace and development of the country. We completed thirty years by killing the innocent lives and blood shading the pearl of the Indian Ocean and at least if you have little bit love with nation please stop this unwanted nonsense. Nations being favored because of their wealth, power, or race. God created human beings as equals who are to be distinguished from each other only on the basis of their faith and piety. One of the major problems facing mankind today is racism so please try to wash this

  • 0

    [Edited out]
    His knowledge of Fascism misinterpreted and his interpretation of Fascism has not relevant of apply to BBS.

    The very fascism was borne out of in highly develop capitalist country like Germany or Italian.
    They(Fascist and Nazis) seek dominated world and they want to be divided world for Imperial hegemony and develop hegemony by that rival between of British, France and US monopoly capitalist.

    Act of Fascism in Germany and Italy having so many tools of operating against basic rights of Human being and mode of dictatorship ruling and by their governances are totally different from democratic governances in world wide.

    BBS is not that such organization similar organization like LTTE ruthless of Tamil outfit.

    BBS is very poor organization working for rights of Buddhist innocent civilian in rural poor. They having no funds and organization capacity to lunch Fascist methods in democratic society in Sri lanka.

    They rise voice of Buddhist but not that racism in deeds is voice of Majority Buddhist had been ruthlessly supressed by 425 of colonial rule under British, Dutch and Portuguese; oppressing and supressing by Christian rule of the colonial power, that rights of majority Sinhalese people of having right raise their voice is not that Fascism proposed by L. Fernando.

    His(Fernando) line of ideology has some thing links with colonial masters politics of West!

  • 5

    Gnanasara or not I want the loudspeakers on top of Muslim mosques and Buddhist temples all banned.


    • 3


      We agree on this point; please also add the Hindu temples! I am a Hindu Tamil but loath amplifying noise in public space. Noise is also a form of pollution. Jaffna town is unbearable with load music and advertisements.

  • 0

    why is everyone going on at Gnansara Thero what about Wigneswaran and what about Hakeem they too are extremists in their own way so don’t only talk about Gnanasara Thero . Wigneswarna is a ace terrorist so don’t even think of touching Gnanasara Thero there will be a lot of upheaval if so

  • 1


  • 1

    we Muslims did not vote for yahapalanaya because of Bathiudeens and the Hakeems; Or SLMC or any other muslim parties.


    Muslim parties may be strong in the east but not elsewhere. We follow our ancestors in voting; when no such muslim parties existed.

    We don’t want to have any Muslim party to represent us.

  • 1

    Dear Sirisena

    Fascism has no link to financial position but to dismantling democratic institutions and forcing through domination, culturally and politically.

    In Europe fascism was born in a economic recession where Hitler used democratic institutions and finally when he was in power he dismantled democratic institutions systematically. Where Galagodatte Gnassara is concerned he is a tool of the Sinhala Buddist Fascist Class.His target is to work towards an extreme intolarant society to marginalize the Sri Lankan Muslims.His ammunition is Wahabbi Salafi extremism mixed with economic deprivation.
    Every community is fighting for the ever diminishing economic cake.
    We need to share this cake equitably and rationally.
    Just ignore this guy because the majority is basically good and want to work for reconcilliation on a sustainable basis.Lets not get diverted by this a** H**e.
    We need to work on the reform package.
    Dr Laksiri hats off to you .Keep up the good work.Your analysis was spot on just dont waste time with this *******.

  • 1

    Threatening anyone does not have a place in any religion, least of all Buddhism. Apart from that, there is nothing wrong with expressing his views, but he must not express hatred.

    Ideally I expect the President to have a private word with the Venerable Monk, and advise him on matters of civility. “I agree with your views, however it is not right to threaten the Muslims and threaten the Police. After all this is a civilized country – with a 2,000 year old history”.

    Is the President afraid to speak to him? Maybe the former President then? Maybe the Hon. Minister Patalee Champika Ranawaka of the JHU which is the Champion of Buddhist rights in this country?

    Will someone make a statement?

    • 3

      New Vanguard

      “Ideally I expect the President to have a private word with the Venerable Monk, and advise him on matters of civility. “

      Are you saying that if and when you feel like meeting the president, you just wear a saffron robe, terrorise the minority, …… and you expect to have an audience with the first among the equals?

      This saffron clad thug should be dealt with by the police/STF and not directly by the president.

      The Sangha should have a word with because he is a thug who has been wearing this rope for a long time, insulting his professed vocation.

      “After all this is a civilized country – with a 2,000 year old history”

      How civilised is this country? What is the civilisation you are talking about?

      • 0

        While I agree that the Sangha should have a word with him, I believe that if we held talks with terrorists we should also talk to other persons who are threatening the peace.

        My point is that no-one is making a statement – persons like these are no doubt fighting for a cause but it is in his best interests to fight in a civilized manner, and someone should make his see this.

        If anyone has the guts to publicly denounce him or even correct him, please post it on CT.

        • 2

          New Vanguard

          “While I agree that the Sangha should have a word with him, I believe that if we held talks with terrorists we should also talk to other persons who are threatening the peace.”

          One should not appease thugs, especially a saffron clad one. If this thug is whipping up racial hatred then its the responsibility of the police to drag him to the nearest police station follow up with criminal investigation procedure. Based on evidence the police then should charge him under relevant law of the land.

          There are plenty of evidence available to the police. The question is why is the police reluctant to go ahead with whatever is expected of a honest police force.

          Who is protecting him, for what purpose and in whose interest?

          A Hate monger should be isolated from the community and imprisoned for present and future threat emanating from this thug.

          You ought to be ashamed of yourself for backing a thug who wears saffron robe. It is an insult not only to the Buddhists of this island but to the entire world.

          I have known a few monks who have dedicated their entire life to serving the people and worked to bring peace and harmony to this island, without seeking publicity or political power. The saddest part is there are only a few of them.

    • 2

      Why should President speak to HIM or another unscrupulous dude like Ranawake. Sri Lanka is a BUDDHIST COUNTRY and the Buddhist monks are responsible for safeguarding Buddhism from threats to its survival. Should I remind you that Mahiyanganaya and other Buddhist sacred places must be out of bound for non Buddhists bent on desecrating SriLanka-Sinhala-Buddhism linkage. SriLanka-Sinhala-Buddhism linkage is far superior to civility you have come to know. Christians and Muslims are welcome and they are not restricted in any way but it does not mean they can freely encroach into our scared lands and desecrate them. For your information Mahiyanganaya is one of them. Remember it is a BUDDHIST COUNTRY whether you like it or not.

  • 1

    Laksiri this is direct to you second time;

    Laksiri Fernando, do you have guts to acknowledge openly in this forum SRI LANKA IS A BUDDHIST COUNTRY. Do not evade my question with a convoluted answer. It is a simple question “either woman is pregnant or not”. “YES” or “NO” – What is the answer going to be?. I and lot of others are waiting.

    • 3

      Sinhala Banda

      “Laksiri Fernando, do you have guts to acknowledge openly in this forum SRI LANKA IS A BUDDHIST COUNTRY.”

      What do you think?

      Why should he answer your stupid, rhetoric and bigoted question? Unlike you, Dr Laksiri Fernando has other important things to deal with.

      ” It is a simple question “either woman is pregnant or not”. “YES” or “NO” – “

      There are other issues with yes or no answers:

      False pregnancy, phantom pregnancy, or hysterical pregnancy— officially called pseudocyesis in humans and pseudopregnancy in other mammals—is the appearance of clinical or subclinical signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy when the organism is not actually pregnant.


      ” I and lot of others are waiting.”

      Not really, it is just you, a loner, a village idiot, a racist, one who cannot live the fact.


      Sri Lanka never been a BUDDHIST COUNTRY never will be.

      Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto and Buddhist country are completely two different concepts.

    • 1

      Mr.Sinhala Banda, According to the history taught to us, Vijaya was a ruffian deported by the Indians. He landed here.He got around Kuveni and seduced her , had two children.He could not have seduced her if he was unable to speak to Kuveni in her language.Then he killed Kuveni’s people. This is the history we were taught.

      he and his people could not satisfy their urges and wanted women.The women brought from India were prostitutes and destitutes could never have been any princes from any Royal House.We are the progeny of those liasions.When I say we, it include the people who adopted the Sinhala language as well as the tamil language.

      When Buddhism was brought to SL Arahath Mahinda addressed Devanampiyatissa.It could not have been in Sinhala. There would have been a common language, which could be the same language that later developed into tamil.Incidentally Devanam Piyatissa’s original name was said to be Thevanai Nambiar Theesan.

      So my answer is this is not a sole Sinhala Buddhist State, but a state of all.

      If you do not accept that fact, pity you.

    • 0

      Sri Lanka is foremost a Buddhist country with a multi-religious society with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and other believers and non-believers.

      You are asking me a ‘black and white’ Aristotelian answer. But I am giving you a Buddha’s Catuskotian answer.

      • 2

        Dr Laksiri Fernando

        “Sri Lanka is foremost a Buddhist country”

        I Found the meaning of Foremost interesting and as follows:

        Most prominent in rank, importance, or position.

        Before anything else in rank, importance, or position; in the first place


        Why is it most prominent in rank?

        Why should Buddhism be given importance or position in the constitution (chapter II) among people?

        How does this undue/unnecessary recognition benefit the people of this island? As you would have noticed religion, language, patriotism, …… are good places to hide crooks, murderers, drug smugglers, nepotism, corruption, war crimes, human rights abuses, …..

        Spiritualism does not need branding, packaging, incentives,.. (Sinhala/Buddhism or Tamil/Saivaism) to be sold to the people.

        Vihares, temples, Churches, Mosques, …… have far more important roles to play within the local community than promoting sectarian bigotry.

        The state is is suppose to protect Buddha Sasana. Has the Buddha Sasana alone protected people since 5th April 1971?

        In fact the state and terrorist had killed score of Buddhists monks.

        The state should leave the religion to the lay people and hopefully it would be safe with them. The state has other urgent and important things to do.

        Academics too need to rethink how they define certain concepts, much used and abused definitions.

        Would anyone classify nuclear arsenals as Christian Bomb, Hindu Bomb, Juda’s Bomb, Islamic Bomb, Atheist Bomb, … and give prominence according to its numerical supremacy.

        Religion too kills/killed innocent people, therefore state and people must stay out making Molotov cocktails. Giving prominence to religion only prolongs suffering of the people.

        • 0

          Let me correct this…
          it is a fore most buddhist country with just born buddhists.

          But when considering their nature of practising it – not even 20% of those buddhist respect buddhism.

          Like the case in China – many in srilanka are no buddhists.

          I know this very well by being born to a sinhala traditional buddhist family. Most within my circles are no better with their avearge thoughts.. jealousy, malicy and all forms of devious agendas they have learnt or been practising… I am learnt to share my thoughts in a pure manner since I live on the west.
          I resect german laws and the way of living not harming the others.

          Now you guys would attack me it was the germans who killed millions of jews. but those were 70 years ago. Today, when ti comes to help the other germans lead.

          They are more to their systems than to others.. make it difficult other folks to get on with them easily.. meaning not that that inhuman than majority of our folks back in my home country.

          • 2

            The problem is that the majority still assumes that the Sri Lankan identity is nothing but Sinhala Buddhist identity. SWRD thought so when he brought the Sinhala only and then gave Buddhism the foremost place in Sri Lanka.

            As long as their twisted minds fail to understand that not everybody sees Sri Lankans as Sinhala Buddhist, the problem will continue. If they think that the Tamils are allowed to stay in the island out of your benevolence, then we do not want to be a part of Sri Lanka, we will have our own Tamil Eelam.

            The kind of condescending arrogance on the part of the ‘Sri Lankan’ identity should be replaced by respect for every human being who live in Sri Lanka as equal citizens who have freedom to practice their own culture of choice.

        • 0

          Native Vedda,

          Let us first take the full sentence.

          “Sri Lanka is foremost a Buddhist country with a multi-religious society with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and other believers and non-believers.”

          ‘Foremost’ means most important or leading (Cambridge Dictionary Online). One may put it as ‘a foremost Buddhist country.’ Why do I accept it? It is by and large a historical matter and more importantly a popular demand/feeling. However, in my formulation it is balanced with the notion of “multi-religious society with Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and other believers and non-believers.” That is the present reality and more enlightened formulation.

          I was not proposing it for the constitution. But answering a question. However, I don’t have an objection for such a compromised formulation going into the constitution. I myself a secular person. Nevertheless, no objection for a religious formulation going into the constitution.

          There is a contradiction if anyone objects to something like Chapter II and then wants to have Sri Lanka as a multi-religious society under the Nature of the State in Chapter I.

          As I have stated in my Q&A on constitution making, this not a matter that there should be much controversy. There are more controversial and important matters to be sorted out for peace, reconciliation and justice.

          • 2

            Dr Laksiri Fernando

            “It is by and large a historical matter and more importantly a popular demand/feeling.”

            I am not convinced it is a historical matter. The idea gained currencies only in the past hundred or so years, which has shackled the country from progressing and unleashing its true potential, and it would be so for another 2500 years unless we understand what is meant by separation of state and religion.

            A popular demand/feeling cannot and shouldn’t be accepted/entertained just because it is coming from majority people. Demand for Lynching cannot be allowed even if people demand it or they feel good about it. You may chose not to agree with me however giving foremost place to any religion in a democracy is a contradiction in itself.

            What has this branding of Sri Lanka being “foremost a Buddhist country” brought to the people of this island? Do the people really understand the meaning and consequence of branding this country with abstract ideas?

            Sinhala/Buddhist, Buddhist country, Sinha Le, Bumiputras, Hela Urumaya, ……. BBS are consequences of those abstracts, indeed an anachronism going back to Faxian time, and the country is still at war with itself or shadow box with its own people.

            I believe we live in a modern world where rationality, science, technology, …. suppose to predominate anything else. The question is are we going to make informed rational choices or just sticking to brand loyalty?

            The way forward is to have a secular constitution and laws that guarantee human rights of every person.

      • 0

        Laksiri Fernando;

        “All religions in the world answer the question of what is eternal, including secular humanism,materialism/naturalism and Marxism, which are sometimes given special status but operate for their adherents as sources of meaning (i.e. religions). As religions make claims about what is eternal and develop those claims, challenges arise. They can be internal or external. Within the existing religions, Islam presents an internal challenge to the Christian understanding of God (the nature of God’s justiceand mercy and how that relates to atonement, and the bearing that has on the doctrines of the Trinity- One God, three persons-and the dual nature of Christ-one person, two natures). At the same time, Islam is an external challenge to Hinduism and Buddhism raising questions about the claim that true self is eternal.”- Religion and Violence, Jeffrey Ian Ross, Center for Communitarian Policy Studies.

        Ven. Gnanasara is reacting to this external challenge to Buddhism. The Muslims who arrived in Sri Lanka as guest workers mostly from Southern India have been continuously challenging the essence of Buddhism. The filthy responses and insults directed at Lord Buddha, His teachings and his disciples as a result of your highly biased and vulgar characterization of Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. We are very hurt. Just like Trinity in Christianity; I hope you have capacity to understand what “Triple Gem” in Buddhism is. “Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha” . We the Buddhists wake up in the morning and worship the Triple Gem, meaning we worship Lord Buddha, His Teachings and His Disciples(Sangha); these three entities cannot are inseparable. You attack one of them, mean you attacking the core of Buddhism. You have encourages Non-Buddhists to perform sacrilege. In addition, we pray to have the opportunity to visit Twelve (12) Sacred Buddhist Places (known as SOLOSMASTANA”) in this life as a part of purification of “self”. Mahiyanganaya is one of them. Do we ever ridicule you Laksiri, if you want to visit Vatican or Palestine or the desire of Muslims to visit Mecca? Ven. Gnanasara is confronting the Muslim squatters to preserve and protect environment of one of the SOLOSMASTANA stated in the FOREMOST religion in Sri Lanka for the Buddhists. SOLOSMASTANA must be kept away from Non-Buddhist encroachers.

        I am glad you have given at least a Catuskotian answer, it is your own answer based on Catuskoti argument explained in Buddhism very well. However, I hope you will not attempt to challenge Buddhism as a non-entity in Sri Lanka using the same theory, clever move and it is good for dubious Sri Lankan politicians to justify their position of “Have the cake and eat it (too)” or to justify their behavior of speaking from both sides. Lord Buddha never gave a catuskotian answer when he prophesied that his teachings (Dhamma) will be protected and preserved in the island of LANKA. Therefore, let’s not blur the responsibility of Sinhala Buddhists for Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

        Let me respond to your answer now The meaning of “Foremost” is in many words “Arch, big, capital, cardinal, central, chief, dominant, first, grand, great, greatest, highest, key, leading, main, master, number one numero uno, overbearing, overmastering, overriding, paramount, predominant, preeminent, premier, primal, primary, principal, prior, sovereign (also sovran), supreme , distinguished, eminent, illustrious, noble, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, prestigious, signal, star, stellar, superior; high-level, senior, top; important, influential, major, mighty, momentous, significant; incomparable, matchless, unequaled (or unequalled), unparalleled, unsurpassed; celebrated, famed, famous, renowned”.
        The readers have many options of interpreting the answer given by Laksiri; for me; Sinhala Banda it is “NUMERO UNO”

        You and those who attacked Buddhism have attacked “Numero Uno” religion observed by nearly seventy five percent of the population. You and others may say your attacks were directed against only one individual; Ven. Gnanasara Thero. No my dear fellows, knowingly or unknowingly you attacked core of Buddhism. Would you do the same in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, and Austria where Numero Uno is Christianity? Or Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Brunei, Afghanistan where Numero Uno is Islam. I do not have to explain the disastrous consequences. I doubt, Laksiri Fernando and Hilmy Ahmed are foolish enough to encourage sacrilege in the two blocks of above countries by criticizing Christianity and Islam respectively. But both of you within a span of one week denigrated Buddhism in Sri Lanka. We cannot just overlook what you have done but be prepared to save our PREEMINENT (Numero Uno)religion that has been their always to protect and rescue our nation whenever there were internal or external threats to the existence of SINHALA PEOPLE. As a devout Buddhists We will forgive all those (acted under different guises)who attacked us due to their ignorance and misunderstandings about what is Buddhism.

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