3 February, 2023


The Medamulana-Doctrine And A Brave New Sri Lanka

By Tisaranee Gunasekara –

“They fancy themselves to be gods and that the World was made for their Sakes”.
Erasmus (Family Discourse – Colloquies I)

Ten men on five motorbikes, armed with T56 rifles, descend on a legal political gathering. They shoot into the crowd, killing two and injuring several. For the next 15-20 minutes, they engage in a slash-and-trash operation, undisturbed. Finally, their job done, they leave as they came, with their weapons and on their bikes, into the night.
This happens in the home-district and the political-bastion of the country’s President, and just a few miles away from his family home.
Had we read this story in the foreign news pages, we would have concluded that such an incident can happen only in a god-forsaken land, in the throes of violent anarchy; or that the attack had the blessing of the said President: either a lawless land or a lawless President.

Seriously, would the Rajapaksas, with their security-mania, remain sanguine, if their home turf is being menaced by a bunch of killers, independent of their control?

Is Sri Lanka a failed state or was the Katuwana attack done at the behest of the rulers?
If a murderous attack on a political gathering happens in the President’s backyard in a normal, law-abiding country, the state and the government would be in an uproar, society and media would be shrieking for accountability and many an official – from the august Defence Secretary to the lowly OIC – would be removed for gross dereliction of duty, if they did not resign in shame first. Yet, after the bloody melee in President Rajapaksa’s own ‘hood’, no officer was removed and none resigned; the rulers are unperturbed and society apathetic.
Therefore either Mahinda Rajapaksa is president in name only and Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the most inefficient defence secretary ever; or the violence is theirs.
Seriously, would the Rajapaksas, with their security-mania, remain sanguine, if their home turf is being menaced by a bunch of killers, independent of their control?
Just days after the Katuwana killing, TNA parliamentarians, engaged in a peaceful and democratic protest in Jaffna, were attacked with burnt-oil by two armed men on motorbikes. In an area surfeit with security forces, that crime too could not have happened without official knowledge and sanction.
Injustice, illegality and impunity cannot exist in one corner of a country, without it affecting the rest of the land, sooner or later. Tamils or Muslims cannot be denied justice and fair-treatment, without the same fate befalling the Sinhalese, someday.
The struggle to stop the march of despotism cannot be compartmentalised geographically or demographically. It must be waged in the South and the North, by Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.
Even the most advanced democracies have their anti-democratic moments. Fortunately, these moments do not add up to a transformation of democracy into its opposite. A qualitative transformation, from democracy to anti-democracy, can happen only when rulers want to rule forever, by whatever means and at whatever cost.
Can the Rajapaksas afford to lose power? Can they, and their kith and kin, maintain the lives they have become accustomed to under any other system than that of Familial Rule? Imagine the trials and travails of the Rajapaksa clan, under any other government, including a non-Rajapaksa SLFP one. Think of their collective plight, ranging from loss of employment, income and privileges to legal challenges over corruption, waste and blatant abuse of power.
From a Rajapaksa point of view, would such an existence be bearable? Will they not do anything in their power to prevent such an outcome?
Much is in their power right now, including turning elections into meaningless exercises with preordained results through well-placed acts of terror. The Katuwana attack fits that bill, because it happened when the regime is readying itself for several rounds of untimely Provincial Council elections.
Hambantota is the Rajapaksa politico-economic showpiece. In Hambantota the Rajapaksa utopia is being realised early and more completely. Hambantota is the crystal ball through which we can catch a glimpse of the Rajapaksa-future awaiting Sri Lanka.
Hambantota is more anti-democratic and more intolerant of opposition than the rest of the country, because it is in the advance-guard of the anti-democratic transformation. So, politics is less free and elections are more violent in Hambantota than anywhere else. It is also in Hambantota that the outcome of Rajapaksa-development can be seen in its quintessence – such as mega infrastructure projects which have no relevance to the day to day lives or economic activities of the people; mammoth roads denuded of vehicular traffic including bicycles, pedestrians and even dogs; and a landscape bare except for some construction-contraptions.
Hambantota is almost a ghost-town, with very few signs of private or individual initiative, including house-building. The depressing state of this Rajapaksa ‘Germania’ is an indication of what awaits a country burdened by megalomaniac rulers who violate laws and norms and ignore economic sanity and political prudence.

Bad Economics and Violent Politics
The interminable Rajapaksa self-hosannas notwithstanding, the Lankan economy is not invulnerable to the global crisis.
According to Fitch ratings, “Sri Lanka is most at risk” from the European debt crisis, because of “high external funding needs and weak balance sheet” (The Island – 12.6.2012). Last week, the Standard and Poor placed the Lankan banking system in the risk-prone category. According to the Central Bank, loans to the government and the private sector have increased in the first quarter of 2012.
With the Commonwealth summit of 2013 and Asian Youth Games in 2017, the regime’s need for funds will increase exponentially.
Thus the decision to seek another IMF bail-out even before the last one is complete. This road will lead to our own Greek Tragedy. IMF bailouts are infinitely worse than Eurozone bailouts. The Brettonwood-Twin pioneered the method of asphyxiating the patient to cure economic-ills. The IMF is like those early physicians who regarded cupping (bleeding patients) as a panacea for all ills. And it is not the rulers who will be bled dead-white and stone-dry, but ordinary Lankans.
Import taxes of several essential goods have reportedly increased. As the regime imposes more and more economic burdens on the masses, violence and malpractices will become essential to win elections and maintain stability.
The Armed Forces are being strengthened and moulded, so that they can step into the breach created by the erosion of popular support and prop up the regime against public and voter discontent. Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism is being promoted, in order to provide ideological cover to the familial project. (The political upheavals in Egypt constitute a clear warning of the danger of giving the military an economic stake and a political role).
The Rajapaksas will depart the political-scene some day, willingly or unwillingly. Their legacy will include an economic wasteland, an oversized military with a Superman-complex and Sinhala-Buddhist extremists addicted to lording it over minorities; plus habits which are antithetical to democracy and peace, decency and intelligence.
For instance, the UNP-led CMC seems to have caught the Gotabaya-mania for cosmetic-solutions, as is indicated by a plan to remove birds’ nests from city’s trees at ratepayers’ expense! The reason is said to be the foul smell of bird droppings. This in a city with overflowing drains, spilling sewage and rotting garbage… Clearly getting rid of the Mahinda Chinthanaya is going to be harder than evicting Mahinda, Brothers and Sons.

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    The Central Bank is planning to issue another huge bond to pay off the 500 million bond maturing in October this year and to keep funding Rajapakses’s extravagant white elephant development projects, Namal’s sports extravaganzes from car racing to Carlton Sopts and Rugby sevens to beeach games – is further in debting the people of Lanka for generations to come. Cabraal must be stopped at all costs. Meanwhile the Universities are underfunded and being destroyed by a Minister of Higher Education who cannot speak to sentences in grammatical English, never mind understanding what research is all about
    This new BOND ISSUE which is going to be done by foreign banks with questionable track records with and equally questionable Central Bank in Lanka including J.P Morgan Chase which faces a number of court cases in the USA MUST BE STOPPED.

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      Keep up the good work Thisaranee. We are with you as you SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER! But, it also seems that the Rajapakses know that their days are numbered and are running scared with the economic crisis on the one hand the international community on the other.. time is running out for them and a war crimes trial becomes increasingly likely!

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    Tisaranee is a person who sees only the negative side.

    I think, only Gota is the person who tries to do something. But, most politicians are against him. I don’t know why.

    Other than that, every other politician is a crook and some of them are criminals, thugs, thieves etc., etc.,

    With respect Katuwana incidence, that Gangster had been a friend of every political party. There had been a culture with every politician, including R. Pemadasa to socialize with Gangster – criminals. So, some how that cultures still continues. Even police knew about his where abouts and did nothing, I suppose, because he was a frined of politicians. Mahinda Rajapakse has changed nothing. He just continues as usual and actually he enjoys every thing of those and uses for his advantage.

    I think if the Fake-Tamil -protesters were beaten and chased out as it would happen in Tamilnadu that would have been the best.

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      Hers cant be that negative, if the increasing majority becoming feel close to what she has often been pointing out in the current and the recent articles.

      How can ruliing authorities just ignore when millions as FC and other items of overestimated valued that have found under the pilliow of the chairman of National Airline. As it is clear to all who travel frequently and many others keep come and go to country must declare their currencies and valueble belongings. How can this be an example to the passengers if the chairman himself has been behaviing violating the custom lawas. As it is reporting in the article published on http://www.infolanka.com, how can any thinking person admit what is being explained. The gift valued over millions are the gifts given by his sons. If the authorities are genuine and willingly to investigate the reality behind this can easily done by contacting australians counterparts, since the sons of the chairman are staying in Australia. Australa and europeans country treat equally to all passengers and country men be you are politically influenced or not.
      As Dr. Niramal of FUTA of the country clearly pointed out in his interview, these are the fairy tales to the innocient majority that have repeately been fed through local media.

      Just because he is President ^s brother in law, he must not be permitted to go above the law of the country. While the country ^s airline is fully on banccrupt state as never before, how can he be robbing the nation -in this way ? What will be his answer to the nation ? What will be the answer of the country^s president whose unanimous approval made it possible for such fradulent personalities to abuse higher positions of the country today.

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    International Intrigue is high on any country’s political set up without exception, even to our’s. Turning back, it is not difficult for one to understand how MR got elected over RW, VP sabotaging the Presidential Election resulting one half of the country prevented from voting and a good section from the rest being disenfranchised which number easily overshadowing the majority received by MR. Yet, RW is prevented taking the matter up Internationally by the very forces responsible requesting him to allow the process to continue. RW has very little or nothing he could do, if the attitude of the Watch Dogs was precisely that. Then we see the GREAT War to annihilate the LTTE which MR boasts all along, with no form of protest being heard, even from Tamil Nadu, obviously for money and promises of devolution made. However now with all the accusations of War Crimes with irrefutable evidence surfacing, yet MR is not taken to task by the very Super Powers, the self appointed Policemen guarding the world of any injustices being foisted on any nation. Every excuse is made on behalf of MR by these very schemers hoping and praying things would die down with time, after hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan lives lost due to a senseless war, fanned and fueled by these very Super powers to fulfill their agendas.

    It is no secret that today the MR govt. is cash strapped and have had to raise the price of bread, the common man’s diet along with a number of other essential items and involve in spending BILLIONS on beautifying the Capital city of Colombo and the suburbs at Sri jayawardenepura, immune to critisism of the need to grant redress to an impoverished nation. I have photographs of the American Pacific Command directing development operations in the East after the LTTE of the East aligned with the corrupt MR regime, where Karuna was made the deputy leader of the SLFP after the faliure of Gota trying to send him to the UK under a false Passport in the name of Kokila Gunawardene. How if an ordinary citizen was involved? What would have been his plight? The question is who is financing the cash strapped MR govt. for all the infrastructure development that is underway, as premixing the road network and the funds for beautifying? Is this not an exercise to salvage the MR regime of their sagging popularity thus keep them afloat in the political arena? Please read todays Sunday Leader 24/06 where this bugger MR is exposed of his connections to murderers as Julampitiye Amare and yet surviving and an Impotent Judiciary, an Impotent Police Force and an Impotent Public looks on. Funnily it is this very public who was castigating Ranil Wickremasinghe and still do so saying he is backboneless and impotent. As far as I see, it is this sickening society that is IMPOTENT and SPINELESS.

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      Ranil Wickramasinghe is not a saint. He did the same thing. Many people who says those days, Sirikotha was frequented by Ranil Gangsters. Ranil Wickramasinghe also rewarded a Peace of Justice post to a Gangster cum drud dealer.

      It is every political party. JVP is direct murderers and this amare had worked for JVP at the beginning.

      It is stipid to accuse one party when both the politicians and henchmen are changing the seats as well as the affiliation or the loyalty to different parties when ever the party becomes the governing party.

      There is a good story about even how One very close-to the president escaped from his overseas living foreign Lender and the business partner by getting into the election – bus of Ranil Wickramasinghe.

      For power, politicians spread legs to any one. Politics has destroyed Sri Lanka.

      So, identify the root of the problem.

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        However, RW is EVIDENTLY not a corrupt politician. What matters is that. Just because his regime was able to irradicate LTTE terror within the country – people of the country should not consider him MOST capable person to guid the country and nation.

        See, how he reacts when almost entire nation criticises Mervin, Duminda and any other criminal politicos.

        How MR reacts against white van dissapearacnes, abductions, tortures and killings

        If not he himself as a minister of Defence of the current regime, who is to be responsible against the increase human rights violations as had never been in the history of the country.

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        Thalaivar, I think you have trampled your tail. There was one Gonawala Sunil in the Kelaniya Electorate who was a UNP supporter long before Ranil went to contest from Kelaniya as all these thugs have alligned to Political parties. When Ranil went to contest from Kelaniya in ’77 he was also a person helping Ranil in the campaign. Later when Ranil came to realise his true character Gonawela Sunil was distanced by Ranil. When Gonawela Sunil got caught syphonning fuel from the CPC lines from the harbour to Sapugaskanda, Ranil never tried to save or acted on his behalf. Thereafter Ranil Wickremasinghe has been very cautios of any who tried to befriend him. Therefore do not try to make false accusations that you cannot substantiate to tarnish his name. On the contrary MR has a very long history of working with murderers and gangsters, from Wambottas to Juliyampitiye Amare.

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      Fairly agree with you here.

      It is absolutely the majority of our people whom to blame.If country ^s police react indifferent, While seeing things worsening day to another but being apathetic, in the same time accusing of anyone who would bear contradictory views to that of MR and co.

      In an epoche where crime rate is reported to be the highest in the country – while every 4th of youth is caught by drugs/drug trafficking – if general public want to save the nation, there is no other options than supporting to strengthen the oppostion. Instead of doing so, they just criticise RW and any other opponnets.

      Before long – lanken folks will be named internationally as the most stupid on this planet eventhough they own high literacy and other socical indicators.

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    As long as you have the power of the word, you can keep writing for
    the benefit of only we avid readers, whilst the Sinhala Voters can be
    easily bribed in various ways to ensure another mighty win, proving
    that everything is Democractic as it should be.

    The Tamil votes for the future is being ensured with Douglas-Pilliyan-
    KP-Karuna and now Thamilini, as the front (Rajapakse rump) of the future!!!

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