7 July, 2022


The Rajapaksa Creed And The Medamulana Nikaya

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“The tune the head of the household begins is what everyone in the house sings.” – Rwandan maxim

Mihin Air is a metaphor for Rajapaksa economics.

A budget airline was neither a national deed nor a popular demand. Mihin Air, the first state entity to be named after President Rajapaksa, never made a profit in its existence. It loses billions of rupees annually, and yet its continued existence is not in doubt.

Gota and BBSMihin Air was the first of a kind, an economic project with a single raison d’être – pandering to Rajapaksa megalomania. Today development has become coeval with such projects, from the Mattala Airport and the Colombo Port City to the Hambantota Port and the Lotus Tower.

The Hambantota attack on UNP parliamentarians too is a trendsetter. That wanton and daylight assault was necessitated not by governmental or SLFP interests but by Rajapaksa interests. The Rajapaksas need to ensure that the opposition (and especially the UNP) remains forever in a supine position. Any sign of oppositional rejuvenation, however infinitesimal, is thus met with hysterical rhetoric and disproportionate force. The Hambantota attack indicates, again, that if the opposition manages to produce an effective leader, the Rajapaksas may not hesitate to do a Marcos (vis-à-vis Benigno Aquino) or a Somoza (vis-à-vis Pedro Chamorro). Now that the Tiger has been resurrected, the Siblings have a readymade scapegoat.

Just as Vellupillai Pirapaharan could not afford a lasting peace, the Rajapaksas cannot afford to lose power. Imagine Gotabhaya Rajapaksa returning to ordinary life or Rajapaksa progeny managing without the power and the wealth of the state. The Rajapaksas need to keep the opposition debilitated and divided. The survival of their familial project depends on that.

The anarchic conduct of the BBS et al too is indicative of emerging trends. The Rajapaksas can beat back a Sinhala opposition, a Tamil opposition and a Muslim opposition. But a Lankan opposition, united across ethno-religious divides, can mount an effective challenge to the Family. Therefore the Rajapaksas need to keep the country ghettoised, politically and psychologically. The PTA will be used to discourage unity at the grassroots level; activists who promote ethno-religious sympathy/cooperation will be arrested on terrorism charges; or they will be accused of causing inter-communal disharmony. But state repression will not be enough; this is where the BBS comes in.

The BBS et al have adopted the strict communalisation of politics as their current battle-cry. They demand that Buddhists should talk about Buddhist-grievances, Tamils focus on Tamil-problems, Muslims stick to Muslims-issues and Christians concentrate on Christian-matters. Human sympathy and political solidarity across primordial and ideological divides are represented as betrayal of nation/religion. When the UNP organised an exhibition about human rights violations across the country, the BBS made a not very successful attempt to invade Sirikotha, accusing UNP leaders of betraying the Sinhalese by mentioning Tamil victims (that, according to BBS-logic, is TNA’s responsibility).

With a presidential election reportedly in the offing, the BBS seems to be shifting fully to the new mode. Halal and slaughter issues are forgotten. The saffron-thugs are demanding that political and religious correctness be equated with ethno-religious ghettoisation. If the opposition manages to field a presidential candidate who can unite the communities, the Rajapaksas will use the BBS to attack opposition meetings, while police looks on.

The BBS et al have another very useful purpose – terrify minority politicians into submission. The drubbing the SLMC received at the March PC polls is indicative of the minority mood. The Siblings would know that electoral-logic might compel even the most abject minority politicians to reconsider their options and allegiances.  In that context venality may not suffice to keep Tamil/Muslim/Upcountry-Tamil politicians under Rajapaksa thumbs. The BBS, with its anarchic conduct, is filling the gaps with violence.

The BBS invasion of Rishad Bathiudeen’s ministry is an excellent case in point. A handful of monks invaded the ministry in the minister’s absence and were allowed a free run. The police which hammered innocent commuters in the Fort Railway Station, the previous day, did nothing to stop the saffron-lawbreakers. A senior cop is on record, assuring Mr. Bathiudeen that the monks will not be allowed into the ministry, so long as the minister is inside: “Sir, you are a cabinet minister. I have come to protect you as a cabinet minister. I will not allow anything to happen to you.”[i] The unsaid message will not be lost on such an arch opportunist as Mr. Bathiudeen – he is protected by ‘law’ only so long as he remains a cabinet minister; if he leaves, he will be left vulnerable to the marauding monks. Since Mr. Bathiudeen is as concerned about Muslims as the Rajapaksas are about Sinhala-Buddhists, he will betray his constituents with alacrity in return for Rajapaksa protection. (Incidentally, Minister Bathiudeen’s current plight is partly self-inflicted; he took the law into his hands and attacked a judge, in 2012. Today he is a victim of the climate of lawlessness he helped to create).

Casino Bala Sena

The BBS et al are given the same free hand accorded to the likes of Mervyn Silva and Eraj Fernando, because they are primarily and mainly Rajapaksa pawns. They may occasionally criticise the ruling family but they will never act against familial interests – as is evident from their consistent refusal to take up the casino issue.

Two delegations consisting of several Sinhala-Buddhist organisations met the Malwatu Chief Prelate on Wednesday. The National Sangha Council delegation focused on the casino issue. The BBS/Ravana Balaya delegation ignored the casino issue and focused on the ‘threat to Buddhism from unbelievers’. At the conclusion, BBS head-honcho, Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thero said, “Fundamentalist cliques belonging to other religions are operating in Lanka…. Some priests of these non-Buddhist religions betrayed the country by sneaking to the US and Geneva…. We will become very agitated in a couple of days…..”[ii]

The regime is planning to ram through the Strategic Development Act, creating a wide backdoor to mega-casinos. This is an issue which reveals Rajapaksa hypocrisy. It is also an issue on which the Opposition is clearly in synch with the Sinhala-Buddhist majority and a majority of monks. The Rajapaksas therefore need to prevent an anti-casino agitation from getting off the ground, bringing representatives of all ethno-religious communities onto a single platform. What better way to do that than to unleash the BBS marauders screaming about Muslim, Tamil and Christian threats?

During times of extreme socio-economic distress, suffering multitudes turn to religion for solace, particularly when systemic forces fail to offer any hope. The other function of the BBS is to step into the breach, and blame Sinhala-Buddhist economic distress on ‘Tamil/Muslim/Christian exploitation’. This is why both the BBS and the Rajapaksas are trying to maintain the myth about an independent and uncontrollable BBS.

Like in the case of Lankan militarization, the Rajapaksa-Sangha nexus will not be a relationship of equals; the Sangha will be pawns rather than partners, Buddhism merely a weapon and a shield. The Rajapaksas, in the interests of their familial project, will do to Buddhism and the Sangha what they have already done to every other Lankan institution, from the Judiciary to the Central Bank.

It’ll be Buddhism devalued and debased.

[ii] Lankadeepa – 23.4.2014

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    Miss Thisaranee You say that “The BBS et al(All three groups with the blessing of perhaps the most Ven Maha Nayakes) have adopted the strict communalisation of politics as their current battle-cry.

    So what is the wrong in it. That is what the people of this country seem to be requesting from the government. The government is moving the things to suit the needs of the people. You see when the BBS was on a rampage against Halal what were the issue at that time. Jihad, spitting on the food served to non-Muslims, Halal money goes to world terrorism, Halal is coerced on the sinhala businesses, Staff at the No-Limit shop are beinf converted to Islam. All these grope in the dark policies helped to incite the feeling of Sinhala Buddhist against Muslims.

    When the leaders or rather the practical “Ruler” kept cool(Tail wagging the dog situation within the government) and gave this despotics the free hand without reining the culprits, the people think this Ruler is our real mesiah so we should protect and support him. This is what the foolish masses do and the govt also wants the same thing. What is the wrong in the government cahooting with BBS for its survival.

    Now this is the time to prevaricate the things from the people till the next presidential election for the communalism to reach its zenith. They only have to take anti Muslim stance then its enough to escalate the situation to its zenith by next december to muster the support in an illogical manner because the voters have no intelligence and basic human decency.

    The real example of thugerism was proved when the BBS et al is hunting for the Vataraka Thero. Yesterday they stormed the ministry of Minister Rishard. What was their motive are they going to kill him. or asault him. Who has authorised them to do so. What has the Police to do. What does the individual freedom say. Are Sri Lankan Buddhists or rather the Monks of BBS barberians.

    The way BBS handles the things show that they are the BLESSED PEST of this rulers

    • 15

      Madam Thisaranee, BRAVO – keep up your excellent work and take good care.
      Please also translate this into Sinhala to educate Sinhala Modayas who vote for the corrupt, criminal and uneducated Jarapassa brothers military dictatorship.
      Madam, you are so right that Rajapaksa brothers HATE PEACE and need a perpetual state of WAR aka. CHAOS as theorized by Lalith Weeratunge – Chaos Specialist and Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka.

      Now, Sri Lanka needs an URGENT BILL passed Against the Incitement of Religious and Racial Hate Crimes and Hate Speech. BBS leaders need to be locked up for Hate Crimes and Hate Speech and disturbing the peace. Why is that coward Vasudeva Nanayakkara who was supposed to table such a bill 2 years ago under his Ministry of National Languages and Social DISintegration delaying the process? What is the point of having a Special Unit of the Police to address Racial and Religious attacks? ALL police need to be trained to take urgent and immediate action against Hate Crime to prevent a repeat of the RIOTS of JULY 1983. The fact is that the greatest Hate crimes are being committed by the Gotatbaya Rajapaksa’s Balu Sena (BBS) to spread CHAOS and DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE Sinhala Modayas. This was promised by Mahinda Jarapassa’s CHAOS SPECIALIST, Lalith Weeratunge in a speech in Geneva – if the regime is held accountable for its war crimes.. Sri Lanka is headed for a CHAOTIC Syria-like situation today with the Saffron Thugs and Jarapassa’s MILITARY DICTATORSHIP steered by Goon Gota’s DEEP STATE.

      • 9

        Do not worry Don – there will be NO Syria in Lanka!

        Goon Gotas’ CHAOS unleashed by BBS will provide a perfect excuse for India to annex northeast Sri Lanka, a la Russia in Crimea.

        Tamil Nadu absorbing northeast Lanka will be the greater legacy of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime and its Chaos Specialists to Lanka’s Sinhalaya Modayas! They are still eating Kevum after the New Year!

        Sri Lanka will be divided into 2 nation-states!

      • 4

        What is the point of having a Special Unit of the Police to address Racial and Religious attacks?

        Good question DS since Jarapassa has now set up a Special Unit in the Police on the subject of Hate crime against minorities. This is for the International Community’s consumption – a PR stunt – while Gota’s Saffron clad Thugs are running amok and attacking minorities and other real Buddhist monks like Vata Reka Thero – who actually practices the vinaya..

        The fact is that the ENTIRE POLICE FORCE should be re-trained and put on HIGH ALERT to capture anti-minority TERRORIST outfits and leaders of the Balu Sena..
        Training on MULTICULTURALISM and GENDER-SENSITIVITY needs to be MAINSTREAMED through the ENTIRE police force and United Nations should see to this. Madam Navi has already stated the need for a Bill against Hate Speech and Hate Crimes.

    • 2

      Ms Titsaranee, What is or where is “Madamulana”.
      [Edited out]

      • 0

        Pooty Wanda:
        Why don’t you save the editors of CT the trouble and provide us with a list of the pseudonyms under which a piece of s…t like you hides while trying to denigrate the work of Sri Lanka’s premier journalist? Most people I know wipe the likes of you off the soles of their shoes if they have the misfortune to trample such.

    • 1

      Memulana Nikaya has passed Casino pacts by abusing the 2/3 parliamentary mandate.

      Dr. Harsha Silva and his JVP colleague make it very clearly that the hotel complex going to be built – as Medamulana meeharaka louded today, is rather paving all avenues for their revenues by introduding CASINO culture to this island.

      People should decide whether or not to help this man further. He has been ruining this nation.
      Please watch these video, links are added.










    • 1

      Rajapakshe Nikaya and Gota’s Tera pets,


      A must watch.

    • 0

      We TNA, ITAK, ACTC, TELO, etc. also does this.

      SLMC and ACMC are also doing the same thing.

      Why this double standard against BBS?

    • 0

      Hey guys, in today´s context even if you would as opposition vehemently disagree with harmful acts or pacts from being passed for their benefit
      Opposition has no success.
      They the rulers can do anything even if some constituent parties would not support or abstain from voting to it.

      So, now they have got passed the CASINO project in which singapore, malaysia and severl other countries earn over 80% of annual income by GAME AND THE FACILITIES. Even if planned project is said to have no gaming facilities, Harsha De Silva pointed out very clearly to Hiru sender lately giving all facts and figures.

      Today, if the MR regime would want to get passed anything against amidst the heavy protests of general public, it is all because 2/3 parliamentarian mandate
      Please read more below


      Packer’s project approved
      FRIDAY, 25 APRIL 2014 19:53 E-mail Print
      The two gazette notifications on mega projects by Australia’s business tycoon James Packer and JKH Waterfronts were passed in Parliament with a majority of 65 and 68 votes respectively this evening while Government ally JHU voted against both projects.

      The gazette notifications of James Packer received 109 votes in favour and 44 against while the gazette notifications of JKH Waterfronts received 112 votes in favour and 44 against.

      The JHU MPs Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera and Minister Champika Ranawaka voted against the two gazette notifications.

      The SLMC, Wimal Weerawansa’s JNP and Rishard Bathiudeen were absent at the time of voting.

      Despite accusations by the opposition about cultural and social implications, the government stressed the need to develop Integrated Tourism Resorts in Sri Lanka to attract Chinese tourists in particular.

      Investment Promotion Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardane said Chinese tourists undertook the highest number of foreign travel for tourism purposes and therefore Sri Lanka should be able to attract them in larger numbers.

      He said the Chinese spent as much as US $130 billion last year.

      “In China, only five per cent of the people hold passports. Even with such a small percentage of the total population, Chinese travel abroad as tourists. They are also the highest-spending tourists. A Chinese tourist spends an average of US$1230,” he said.

      The minister hailed John Keells Company for its diverse investments making a great contribution to the economy.
      He said Sri Lanka had also been able to attract a key Australian investor.

      “This investor has described Sri Lanka the most attractive place for investment in the region,” he said.(KB & YP)

  • 7

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    • 9

      Ela kolla´s aggressive commments are identfied with those of Maharaja.

      These fraction would never learn so long Rajapakshes are in power
      Everytime when reading news from SL, I cant erase the way that Thugs similar to Rajapakshes attacked UNP MPs lately.
      Their abusive langauge is almost similar to that of Rajapakshes, Mervin and the like fractions. These abusive meeharakas have almost disgraced our nation making Hambantota a Somalia like place to this day. The other problem that Opposition cant raise their voice, idiotic Premadasa buruwa is trying to every effort to bring violenc within the major party in the opposition.
      I hate both Premadasas and Rajapakshes. I would be happy all oopossition parties would make a coalition and fight against MR and remove him from all our sights. There we the gentle kind of peace loving srilankens would achieve our goal.

      • 5

        Even today, Maharaja is cheating mode, but preaching that nobody would be above the prevailing law. What has this man been doing all the time ?
        Have anybody of us seen any kind of fair verdicts from the crime investigations that have been made since he s in power ? NO BIG NO.

        Telling someting palatable and doing the totally upside down thing is in his blood.

        Budusma budusarnai Api Srilankens lata, so long this bugger governs the nation.

    • 4

      Thana Kolla, were you trying to say that you are an idiot?

  • 8

    Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Medamulana Thug’s lies and hypocracy is phenomenal.
    Jarapssa and his Balu Sena are destroying BUDDHISM AND MULTICULTURALISM in Sri Lanka while deporting tourists for having a Buddha Tattoo!

    Uneducated, criminal and corrupt Bastards are running Sri Lanka today..

    • 5

      Mahinda Rajapakshe is a man who manipulated the masses for his sake to consolidate his political powers across the country. Saying that we are a demmocracy but doing the other way around, while abusing all democratic rights, values of the the nation.

      Kissing and touching of small ones to send a message that he could be the father that would love younger generations as no other leader would do, but to silent when it comes with the grave issues like IMPORTING unblievable amounts of loads of heroin to the country, but nothing seems to have taken against – today, it is said, some food items are not avialable but packets of HEROIN and the like drugs are pletentily available also on the door steps of the schools specially in urban areas.
      This has beocme a no issue for the MR and thugs, while not even a single word is uttered about the issue yet.

      If the situation would stay this way further, nothing, but Gadafi´s fate would be what people will have to see. But many would not feel sorry for Rajapakshe´s fate, instead, people will celebrate it to teh very same manner kiribath eaters were found on the streets immediately after the war against terrorist were ended.

  • 6

    BBS, Ravana Balaya, NSC meet Mahanayake

    Members of the Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Balaya and National Sangha Council today briefed Malwatta Chapter Mahanayake Ven Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangala Thera about the government remaining silent in the face of acts against Buddhism.

    MR have a master plan with BBS.
    MR will replace the power of Mahanayake by BBS.

    Who says MR cannot fool all the people all the time?

    • 6

      I heard Mahanayake telling Ghanasara yesterdy, ” do something against the current problems in the country”.

      Anyway, that I never expected Mahanayake to react in that way. Ghanasara is free from all investigations though his attacks to Muslim cleargy men and Watareka Thero publicly. Not a warning was valid for the bugger, because people believed Gotabaya is behind Ghanasara. Or may be it was wrong to say that, all what MR has been doing is – things wihtout plans and vision. As it was the case with UNHRC sessions that passed the resolution against srilanken regime.
      MR´s behiavour has become to the levels that a monkey armed with a barber´s knife, would have reacted. He cant now say anything against PS members or Mervin or anyone, since he has gone wrong from the beginning on. So how many more weeks, months the coalition would hold intact is the question. Mervin is made silent right athte moment, Maithirpala sriasena is making all unexpected remarks about his past experience.
      So, much more will be adding to the news in the days to come.

    • 4

      The completion of conquering Sri Lanka from within will be complete
      once the Mahanayakes are shut-down, using the BBS. This will then be
      a Democratic Dictatorship with 100% Buddhist support – all other issues
      can go under the Family carpet!

  • 6

    1)Most of the projects invested by the Rajapaksas are white elephants apart
    from one good thing ,the building of the prison in Hambantota. There will be a time all of these culprits could end up there.
    2)BBS has taken their law on their own hands by storming into ministries,why couldn’t the police do the same thing what they did to the railway protesters.These days you are scared to call the police if you are burgled you end up losing more.
    3) Our big brother Maraja should have come on national TV and condemned the Nippon hotel saga, what the hell is going on.A president is elected to solve these issues.
    4)BBS only worried about things like eating hoppers from a muslim restaurant and attacking the minorities. why don’t these guys oppose the casinos and other important issues,they won’t go against the masters , If you start casino crawling in the nights in Colombo ,you can bump into these so called BBS thugs playing big money. ,(to get into a casino you should use influence)

  • 3

    The Nobel Institute should commence awarding Nobel prizes for Journalism too. If that happens Tisaranee would stand a very good chance of bagging it! Seriously, considering all the insightful observations made by her over the recent past.

  • 4

    Today the headline news, a British tourist who visited Sri Lanka thrice before was sent back to England after three days in detention, simply because she had a Buddha Tatoo in her arm.


    It says……The 37-year-old said she told police she practised Buddhism and had attended meditation retreats and workshops in Thailand, India, Cambodia and Nepal.

    Also it says ……Her mother, Julie Mockford, said: “She’s been treated like a criminal.

    This woman had been to Sri Lanka thrice before with no problem.
    Then why this time the Law changed.

    Many tourists have tatoos with Jesus Christ, Holy cross and other Saints in their bodies and Christian church has no problem with them. wear More over they wear holy medals.

    My point is when a tourist is barred to enter Sri Lanka with a Buddha tattoo, how come BBS Buddhist thugs attack Christian Churches and Muslim Mosques and vandalise them in open day light and still go unpunished…..


    Listen to Big liar Palitha Kohonne talk Bull shit.

    If Mara and Gota trying to deceive people and Sri Lanka they are doing a great mistake.

    Currently Sri Lanka is a Thugs, Drug, Cocain, Ethenol, gambling and Pedifiers hub under Pres.Rajapakse’s patronage.

    Rajapakses have taken the country under Ransom with draconian 18th Amendment.

    Until 18th Amendment in place, another political party coming to power is a BIG JOKE.

    It’s time for both MR and Gota to face International criminal courts for war crimes and instigating communal and racial violence, while criminalizing a British Tourist simply because she had a Buddha Tattoo on her arm.

    Sri Lanka Springs already started…….heading for another Crimea.

  • 4

    When the time for the Rajapakses to go comes – yes! it will come soon –
    they will not hesitate to inflict a blood-bath in the country that will take many lives and take weeks to
    settle. All communities will suffer. The antics of the BBS and the different Ravayas are signs of the regime ready to unleashing their last line of defence to keep them afloat. They will even run to India eventually to save their lives – as Mrs. B and JRJ did, at various times.

    Running a plural country like Sri Lanka today requires brains, tact and diplomacy with the outside world. A wee bit of personal integrity too. The Rajapakses lack in all 3. The absence of these will be their downfall. Like the Shah of Iran, Phillipines’ Marcos and Rumania’s Ceucescu they will have no place to run when their Apocalypse comes. Like CBK today, they will then find all their “supporters and friends” disowning them. “Politics is the last refuge of scoundrels” is a conclusion credited invariably to Johnson, GBS, Churchill and many others. And our Medamulana friends are dyed-in-the-wool scoundrels of many a generation.


  • 0

    (Incidentally, Minister Bathiudeen’s current plight is partly self-inflicted; he took the law into his hands and attacked a judge, in 2012. Today he is a victim of the climate of lawlessness he helped to create).

    This is well-fitting to majority community rather than Bathiyutheen. They say it as “after losing the vision only remembered to pray the Sun” (Kan kedda pinnar sooriya naskkaaram)

    1.) If the son of heaven had retaken a birth on this earth after Jesus, it could be only one; it is SJV. Outside the Hindu community there exists an untainted praise for Gandhi’s services. But a Hindu extremist shot Gandhi because of the suspicion on him. May be they will be never substantiated; yet Gandhi was accused of practicing of Tantric because of his connection with women. Sage like, Brahmachari J. Krishnamurti was accused of keeping his friend’s white wife and caused their split. It is not my idea to do character assassination of these great figures or prove any of these things true to readers. I just want to remind them this information is available on the web. But never ever anybody attempted that to SJV. SJV was called as “Eelaththu Gandhi” by Tamils. Hindus gave him a different name “Thanthai Chelva” – i.e. Father Chelva- because Father is guiding figure in Christianity. Though he was a Christian he was not a Christian religious father. This name was given to him by Hindus because of the faith they had on him. The belief, the Tamil Hindus and Tamil Christian, had on him was 100%. There wasn’t even an atom of stain was on that.

    It is he who Organized 1956, June 5th non-violence protest on Galle face. That was the first and the last the Tamils’ protest at Colombo. Some excerpts of it from somewhere else on the web:

    ” The Federal Party conducts its satyagraha protest on Galle Face Green against the introduction of an intended bill to make Sinhala the official language. The protest is attacked by Sinhalese mobs leaving several protesters, including Tamil parliamentarians injured. The protests spark communal violence in Colombo. Violence spreads to Ampara and the Gal-Oya Valley, where ten days of sporadic violence results in an estimated 150 deaths, mainly Tamil.

    For the estimated 150 deaths: B.H. Farmer (1963): A Divided Nation, London Institute of Race Relations, OUP; Witness to History: A Journalist’s Memoirs (1930- 2004), S. Sivanayagam, 2005.

    “While making Tamils virtually illiterate overnight in the transaction of public business, the bill proved to be a millstone round the neck of the country as well, dragging it into ultimate tragedy and ruination. … The Tamil Federal Party under the leadership of that gentle Christian, Samuel James Velupillai Chelvanayakam believed in the philosophy of non-violent action as a way of protest against injustice. Tamils had traditionally come under the influence of the Indian Gandhian movement for independence from the time of he Jaffna Youth Congress of the 1920s and 30s. The value of the concept of satyagraha was, unlike in the case of the Sinhalese, ingrained in the Tamil mind. It is this that led them to organise what they believed was a peaceful satyagraha at the parliament end of the Galle Face Green (but disallowed) on that momentous day.” S. Sivanayagam, 2005.

    “The moment the volunteers and leaders reassembled at the hotel end, a waiting mob of more than a thousand Sinhalese toughs ell on them like a pack of wolves in a most inhuman and cowardly attack. [The satyagrahis] were thrashed at felled prostrate on the ground. Their placards were seized and the wooden poles used as clubs. Some were trampled upon, kicked, beaten and spat upon. Not a single satyagrahi raised his hand in retaliation, except Dr. Naganathan. Five ruffians singled him out and chased him to the end of the promenade. He turned and met them alone with his fists and legs, satyagraha or not. Naganathan by nature was one who would never brook an insult to his manhood. … The police stopped the satyagrahis at the northern end of the Galle Face Green and blocked their way to the precincts of Parliament House. The volunteers sat down peacefully where they were stopped and remained there for the rest of the day. A prominent Sinhalese lawyer of Colombo, Mr Paranavitane of the law firm of De Silva and Mendis, and a Roman Catholic pries, Father Xavier Thani Nayagam, the famous Tamil scholar, emerged out of the crowds and sat down with the satyagrahis . The gesture did not pass unnoticed by the press.” V. Navaratnam, then Member of Parliament for Kayts, Rise and Fall of the Tamil Nation, 1995.

    Not just the peaceful protesters, even the MPs were beaten to bleed.

    2.) 1961’s Satyagraha was dispersed by police and army by violence. After this, army was placed all over North and East under emergency regulation. In the north Dr. Vanniasingham MP died eventually by the complication of the beating during the Satyagraha. In the east Ehamparam MP died by direct cause of the beating. FP’s eastern leader Rajavarothayam MP struggled a lot to save his constituents and himself from army. For all these, the crime committed by the Tamil MPs and their constituents was a Satyagraha, non-obedience protest against the government’s Sinhala- Buddhist extremism.

    3.) 1983 the opposition leader Amirthalingam was battered by army in Jaffna. He was impeached and sent out to India for exile. Eventually, the Lankan election process meddled to ensure that never a Tamil can come as an opposition leader.
    4.) MPs Ravi & Parajasegaram were shot by government in open encounter style.
    5.) After the 2009 war, a team of TNA MPs, by the fear for their life, ran to India.

    Of cause the weapon was tested on Tamils. Now the governments see it is perfect and fully operational conditions. Neither Sinhalese nor Muslims can escape from its sharp teeth.

    Bathyutheen has been accused of forcefully entering into Tamils lands and grabbing it; accused of issuing extreme hate notices against Christians, to revenge Mannar Bishop, on the name of Hindus(The extremist Shiv Sena); accused of operating BBS style thugs and staged fake protest marches with that gangs, attempted to dislodged Mannar Christian fishermen to occupy the beach for exclusive fishing of his gangs; On that issue, when the fishermen tried to seek court help, he sat on the defense ministry helicopter and directed the attach on the court and the judge; then when this attack on the judge matter went to court he abused judged and lawyers in court and ended up pleaded excuse for that conduct. I have yet to see BBS plead an excuse for having gone to that extent to abuse the court.

    I see many Muslim leaders begging their sincerity of association with government during the war and asking for exemption for them only. What can I say about that? Best Wishes! It is not stupid, it is a poor, childish behavior. Be courageous enough to reap the one you saw. Otherwise it is shame on you.

    TNA come from FP. It has not forgotten its eastern brethren. On its agenda for freedom struggles, it has its place for Muslims. On the next Eastern Provincial election it will capture the Eastern Province too and will hand it over to Muslims as it promised 35 years ago. These Hakeem and Bathiyutheen et al who serviced the government for personal benefits will perish on the hand of the government. Everybody seeing the reward of their selfishness is coming in the name of BBS.

  • 5


    But a Lankan opposition, united across ethno-religious divides, can mount an effective challenge to the Family.

    *** But that is the problem. In Sinhala Lanka as long as you play your Cards ( Race) right you wont have a Lankan opposition.

    But state repression will not be enough; this is where the BBS comes in.
    *** State repression is carried out using different agents of the State 1) The Army 2) Paramilitariues 3) Paid Thugs and BBS.

    You are not going to have a Regime Change from within. That can only happen with outside pressure.
    The Only people can make this happen are Tamil Diaspora and that explains why King Mahintha banned all the Tamil Groups.

  • 1


    Today xinhua news says President Rajapakse is ready for snap Presidential polls if opposition parties request.


    Could you ever imagine that a combine opposition (UNP, JVP, DP, TNA, MC) presenting a common candidate, could still defeat Pres.Rajapakse with 18th Amendment in place during the next Presidential elections……

    18th Amendment has given MR enormous powers where he currently exploites everything using it.

    Remember this is the President who paid and bought over 60 Opposition MPs to his side, and today he is running with an IMPORTED parliament.

    The actual UPFA is only the four Rajapakse brothers who control 90% of Sri Lanka’s economy, it’s Budget, it’s fiances, it’s Projects and contracts, it’s finances, investments and Banking, it’s imports, Trade Tourism and commerce, it’s manpower and foreign relations etc,etc,
    The rest of the Govt.ministers and MPs are mere “Yes Sir” bone licking dogs. This is a sad situation to our country.

    Today the Black money casino bill was passed with a majority vote.

    This is a President who controls all corporations and Government Institutions, social activities, Youth afairs and their developments with Divineguma,tharunayata Hetak and other programmes.

    This is a President who Controls country’s Judiciary, Supreme court, all Jails, Police Dept, and all three armed forces comprising over 250,000 personnel, Bribery commission, all state Media, TV,Radio, Press and Journalists.

    This is a President who has allocated the highest amounts of funds for Buddhist activities and to Buddhism and has got now their favour and support.

    Finally this is also the Presdent who has hand on imports of Mega container loads of Ethenol, Drugs, Cocain, Casino Mafia cartel getting incredible amounts of Black money and also now has newly formed BBS Gnanasara, OTHER THUGS AN GANGS, and WHO INTRODUCED WHITE VAN CONCEPT.

    When you look at the last Presidential elections you see how Gen.Sarath Fonseka had to face this incredible powerful monster Mahinda Rajapakse, and you saw what happend to Gen.Fonseka later.

    Let’s see what ammunitions Pres.MR used during 2010 Presidential elections to win the presidency. Here’s some of them.

    Pres.Rajapakse used all the tricks under tha sun,tactics,loop holes, thuggery, funds, bribery and powers under the 18th amendment to win last Presidential elections. From giving Mega Danas at Temple Trees to Buddhist monks, all media personnel, journalists, corporation heads, voters, teachers, cabinet ministers, MPs, upto to the voting centers and to the final ballet counting centers he was taking care of all of them.

    He gave bribes, gifts and promotions to lure votes, while using all the Govt.parliament members, provincial counsil members and all Govt. Corporation heads. He used all media,TV, Radio, Press, advertising, posters, mega cut outs throughout the island etc,etc, to win.

    He used all the clergy by giving them mega land deeds, SUVs,buildings and other gifts, and used school children,school teachers and other Government servents to Promote him and also used thugs and gangs to intimidate voters of Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

    Pres. Rajapakse also used Judiciary, Police, Supreme court, election commissioner, Bribery commissioner, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Diploatic core, newly recruits and all available funds from National Budget, all youth movements such as Tharunayata Hetak,Divineguma receipients etc, to win elections.

    Finally he used Public and private banks,giving loans to people,used public enterprises and forced donors for funds while using over 450,000 Police and Armed forces to lure votes.

    If you remember during the Last PC elections, one Government UPFA candidate who contested for Western Province spent a whopping ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE MILLION RUPEES (1,125 Million rupees). Just imagine how much President Rajapakse and his brothers and his Family Oligarch spent for last Presidential elections is anybody’s guess………….

    Also during last Presidential elections,we herd that Election commissioner was kept under house arrest dring the ballot paper count, and it was the only time we herd about “Computer Jilmart”.

    Also Gen.SF was kept under house arrest at Hotel Cinemon Lake side during election Vote count and subsequently he was arrested and sent to Jail.

    There’s 100 percent chance that with 18th Amendment in place, Pres.Rajapakse will use all of these and many more tactics to win next Presidential elections.


    At the moment I could see only one person who is capable and who could stand upto these and that is Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge. No one else. It is CBK that Rajapakses are fear most. The reason as follows. Read the following web.


    Madam CBK should get back her old SLFP party from Rajapakse UPFA.

    Also she has to find out why Pres.Rajapakse suddenly pardoned and released the ten Criminal thugs who attacked Rukantha and Chandra Leka. The ten STF men who were Madam Chandrika’s PSDs during her reign, were suddenly released from prison and set free by Pres. Rajapakse two weeks ago. This May be a Rajapakse conspiracy in waiting. Watch the following Viedos.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vb0unIzzR4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEfZEpcAczI

    Yes it is one and only Madam CBK who could challenge Rajapakses.

    Not the “Sleeping Beauty” Ranil or Old man Karu or talking box Sajith or recently came to town Anura Kumara Dissanayake or Once looser Gen.Sarath Fonseka.Not even the too innocent Rev. Sobitha Thero.

    But I still doubt if she could win with 18th Amendment in place. We have to abolish it before next Presidential elections.

    IF ANY OF OTHERS THINK THEY COULD WIN AJAPAKSES IT’S A JOKE. Infact they all should support and rally BEHIND Madam CBK’s candidacy and protect her and give her all the support she needs to defeat ever powerful, ever rich monster Rajapakse brothers.

    This is a fight against four equally powerful four brothers who control 90% of Sri Lanka. They all should remember this. Finally I say Madam CBK has all the qualities, experience and both Mental and physical power and body language to stand and face incredibly powerful Rajapakse Brothers, who will use all their wealth, influence and power to defeat madam CBK.

    Therefore it is opposition parties duty to Sri Lanka and it’s people to help Madam CBK to win next presidential elections.

    Remember the example our Cricketers gave us which is united we win and divided we fall. Even the Captain sacrificed his position for the team to win in last world 20/20.

    Never to be Sinhalaya Modaya again by being selfish and Greedy.

    Let all the opposition parties rally behind Madam CBK to win next Presidential elections. It is their duty for us Citizens. If they don’t stand by the Citizens who are in need, Citizens will take the Power to their hands and will topple the Government and the opposition. There are signes that show Citizens frustration in governing of our country.

    Therefore it is not Madam CBK who is asking to be the President, but it we who seek for a regime change and it is her gift to all of us.

    Finally I say Pres.Rajapakse missed opportunity to develop Sri Lanka after winning the war. It is fast becomming a Failed state. Sri Lankan Springs is looming in the horizon.

    Better rescue it and save it now. Abolish 18th Amendment and Executive Presidency now.

    • 0


      Your passage alone shows the majority community can never be trusted they just vote what’s good for them.

      Watti Amma CBK gave birth to Passa & Co in Sihala style putte. You can never get together in cloak and dagger style over the minorities dead bodies because it is too late to be even sorry.

      Did the Sihala women leaders with world first bring laws for age of consent, rape paedophiles, incest breeding? No they delivered rice from the moon, went shopping shooting and drooling.

      So consider your own BBS and Rajapaksa-Sangha and stop working for casanawa but casinos like the rest of your culture.

  • 0

    I have no confidence in Mahanayakas All these 21st century Mahana Yakhos are saffron clad parasites. But, it is also advisable to take a critical view of the activities of these fundamentalist muslims.It looks as if they are planning with the backing of the Maha Rajah to repeat what took place 100 years ago – in 1915.( Read Hundred Days in Ceylon Under Martial Law by Armond de Souza) Be ware of Bin Laden`s followers!

  • 0

    There were 111 names in the Interpol wanted list under “Wanted By Sri Lanka”. I was looking for any obvious addition, but I could not. So, I saw the last name.

    It was a Sinhalese man, by the name, SIRIWARDANA KANKANAMGE, SISIRA SENARATHNA. Then, I was curious why he was listed. I wonder how One Mr. Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa was not listed under Red Notice group! Everyone in the know knows who facilitated Karuna’s trip to UK under a forged passport with a Sinhala name, Kokila Gunawardena.

    Reason: Facilitating a person to leave Sri Lanka on forged passport and documents.


  • 0

    This is why we Tamils want to have a separate nation of our own.

    Can any sane person like in this moda Lanka?

    We Tamils want to be out of this crazy country in our own country.

    Tamils’ right of self determination must be respected by all.

  • 0

    If Eelam becomes a reality, not only Tamils but Sinhalese will prosper too. The diaspora wealth is greater than SriLankan assets. With the Diaspora investing here both communities wil elelevate themselves to Singapore standard.

    • 0


      Leave alone Eelam, Sinhala Buddhist Racists are even blocking their Land, lively hood and self determination.

      The uneducated, lazy and Jealours Sinhala Buddhist racists will never allow minorities to be self sufficient.

      They neither like to come up in their lives, nor allow others to do so.

      Also Rajapakses are scared of UNHRC investigations and scared of Hague.

      Sri Lanka, the Paradise lost.

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