5 July, 2022


The Real Geneva Diversion & A Game Changer

By Dayan Jayatilleka –

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

There is more than one Geneva diversion. The obvious one is that perpetrated by the regime, but it is not the only Geneva diversion and is not even the bigger one. True, a Minister of External Affairs whose diplomatic practice, is no match for the arrogantly aggressive effort of his UK counterpart against the country, and who spends his time playacting as an unlikely Aristotle to an unlikelier Alexander, exemplifies a regime that regards the Geneva challenge primarily as a helpful electoral diversion. Certainly an ex-Minister of Human Rights who brags moronically about a division in the UNHRC votes, forgetting that there is no election which doesn’t have such a split in votes; a regime which projects a ‘Gangnam-cum-gangsta’ style diplomacy in the choice of its most influential presidential advisor; a power elite which does not mind losing votes at the UNHRC by an ill-timed imposition of a heavy security blanket in the North and a petulant justification of it, all point to an outlook in which Geneva is more a vote gathering slogan than anything else.

And well it might be, given that the Rajapaksa administration will owe a significant slice of its election victory this time around, to the ill-targeted Geneva resolution. That resolution in its present shape and form could also help the regime make it over the top at the all-important presidential and Parliamentary elections in (more or less) a year’s time. Thus the multiple ‘R’s (the Rajapaksa’s) will owe their collective political continuity in office, to the dual ‘R’s: the Resolution and Ranil, the hardy perennial.

It is not any resolution that would have this effect; it is this resolution as it has been shaped. Differently put, another UNHRC resolution, equally tough, could have either had a neutral domestic-electoral effect or acted as a catalyst or lever of positive transformation. This one doesn’t. The Americans have a phrase: “how does it play in Peoria?” This means that every political move has to be tested against its effect at the grassroots, in the boondocks. So how will the UNHRC resolution play in Sri Lanka’s equivalent of Peoria?

Not even the best strategist of a regime with a populist-patriotic profile and posture (critics may say a pseudo-populist/pseudo-patriotic regime) could have thought of a better means of ratcheting up a siege mentality and extending the ‘insurance cover’ of patriotism as a political factor, than to have a former colonial occupier arrogantly push an investigation by a strident personality of the same ethnic origin as the island’s disaffected minority, into the conduct of a much loved soldiery during a national resistance war against fascist separatism.

The real diversion

However, the biggest Geneva diversion is not that which is being perpetrated by the Sri Lankan regime in domestic electoral politics, but the diversion currently going on in Geneva at the UNHRC.

That massive diversion is the shifting of attention from the lamentable and dangerous state of affairs precisely in post-war Sri Lanka, by conflating it with the issue of the war and wartime conduct, and thereby diffusing it. The largest cover for present and ongoing misdeeds is the focus on the war. The regime has little credibility on the Sri Lankan street when it comes to its post-war conduct in South or North. By contrast it does retain considerable credibility and legitimacy when it defends the war and the soldiery. This is deeply, ineradicably, rooted in ethnic and ethno religious nationalism, but also in the kind of patriotism that is universal, and the kind of anti-intervention/pro-sovereignty nationalism that is widespread in the global south (and Eurasia). Above all it is rooted in memories of the hideous, suicide-bombing fascist LTTE. The Sri Lankan people will be both grateful for and proud of the crushing of that hated enemy, for a very long time to come. It will form part of the collective memory and narrative of the majority of inhabitants of the larger part of the island. They will never be more in sympathy with an international inquiry — and those minoritarian/cosmopolitan local enclaves that support it— than they are with a leadership and a peasant based soldiery—their sons—who delivered them from this enemy.

The UNHRC resolution thereby extends the historical arc of wartime legitimacy of the regime beyond its natural political shelf-life. It also prevents the natural rift that would have opened up between a parasitic power cartel and the state, and instead solidifies the support of the state as a whole for the political regime because the threat posed to the collective effort of the state (the war) and to the corporate interest of armed forces as an entity (international inquiry), will prove a better adhesive than the threat of individual prosecutions that would prise open gaps.

Crudely put, the resolution as it is presently configured, with its retrospective–punitive focus on the war, appears ethnocentric— and it does so in an already polarised ethnic environment. How pray will this help reconciliation?

Equally crudely put, if it is a choice between a Rajapaksa and a Pillay or a WickremesingheKumaratunga duo that sides with a Pillay as most voters now see the problem, who would the vast majority of Sinhalese, the vast majority of the island’s populace, chose? Who would the million strong social constituency that is the armed forces and their families, chose?

I hasten to add that I am not speaking so much as a former Sri Lankan Ambassador/Permanent representative to the UN in Geneva who stood against an international inquiry but much more so as one whose training is as a student of politics, specially international politics. Let me illustrate my point by way of example. As I type, one of the persons I most admire and am privileged to know, Prof Richard Falk is delivering his valedictory address to the UN Human Rights Council in his capacity as UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestine. His report was previewed by Reuters and made it to the Yahoo headlines. What made the news was his indictment of Israeli policies as reflecting “elements of ethnic cleansing, colonialism and apartheid” and his grim analysis of the prospects for peace, due mainly to the growth of political opinion in Israeli society, which, almost incredibly, is even more hawkish than that of Netanyahu. Richard Falk is an Emeritus Professor of International Law at Princeton. He is the author of dozens of books. He is also Jewish. I have told him that in his uncompromisingly principled moral and ethical stance he reminds me of an Old Testament prophet. But what if he were of Palestinian or Arab origin? Would his indictment of Israeli policies carry anything like the same credibility and legitimacy? Even more to the point, what if he had focused on Israeli conduct in all, some or any of its past wars (1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006, 2008) instead of on its present policies and practices of Occupation? What would have been the moral force of his critique, were he of Arab origin, and were he critiquing Israel’s conduct of the 1967 or 1973 wars, which most of its citizens and some part of the world support, while he also criticised Israel’s model of Occupation, which almost no one endorses or supports?

Isn’t this precisely what a David Cameron driven, Navi Pillay propelled inquiry into the war would be tantamount to, or at the least be perceived as, by most Sri Lankans? Wouldn’t it be an even worse travesty, given that Israel fought wars outside its legitimate territory and engaged in annexation while Sri Lanka manifestly did not?

The international community and the West have to be clear as to what the goal of their Sri Lanka policy is. Is it to soften up the regime and alter regime behaviour so as to further a fair political accommodation of the Tamils (perhaps by Indian and/or South African facilitation)? Or is it perhaps to set the scene for a kind of benign regime change that would further such an accommodation of the Tamil minority without devastating consequence at the hands of the military? Whichever the case, an external probe into the war, proposed by Sri Lanka’s last colonial power, is exactly the opposite direction in which to go. It doesn’t soften either the regime or, more importantly, public opinion and social mood. It hardens them.

The national ‘power cartel’ has engaged in massive social engineering and politico- ideological ‘infrastructure development’—such as the overt and covert militarization of institutions, resource allocation, social practices and state discourse—in order to entrench and reproduce itself, ensuring continuity and succession in office. Ironically though, there is no single act which can remotely match the UNHRC resolution for an external inquiry into the war, as a durable structuring of the entire socio-political terrain in a manner that legitimizes and entrenches the power elite!

There is another more perverse explanation to all this of course. The only logic that a war-centred, backward looking UNHRC resolution could have is that its main sponsors, or at least the ex-colonial one, intends to give a Balfour declaration-like signal to the Tamil people, envisages the gross overreaction of the paranoid element of the Sri Lankan security apparatus, and entertains the option of a Kosovo type partition of this island. Let us recall that the Balfour declaration was the product of the interaction between the Zionist Diaspora and the British politicians of the early decades of the 20th century— and we have witnessed such interaction between the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora lobbies and British politicians at the highest levels.

Any attempt at breakaway under external patronage will only reinforce the lunatic fringe in the South, including within the state. Already, towards the end of the war, with the pressure for a cessation of hostilities, young ‘lions’ in uniform (including at officer level) were prepared to resist, arms in hand, any external intrusion from any quarter. Ultranationalist Sinhala ideologues and ‘strategists’ have long fantasized about capitalising on the less than neat demographic map of the island and the presence of minorities outside the North and East, to deflect and draw in any external power projection to the island’s Southern two thirds, engage in protracted resistance and create a quagmire.

A game changer

In the midst of such dark clouds it felt uplifting to spot a silver lining. This came in the form of nothing less than a tour de force by Anura Kumara Dissanayake the new leader of the JVP, facing a grilling by a panel on the programme ‘Satana’, on Sirasa TV. He kept the audience engaged while he ably rolled out a new perspective, which could, if elaborated and refined, indicate a possible game changer both in public consciousness and national political trajectory. Under its new leadership, the JVP is growing into a real political option at the national level, and it is doing so in real time.

After watching this episode of ‘Satana’, Sarath de Alwis, a student of the University of Heidelberg in the heady days of ’68 and a literate political columnist under my father’s editorship in the Lake House and Times newspapers in the 1970s emailed me about Anura Kumara’s performance. Significantly, he wrote: “He made it easy for me on March 29th. In the autumn of life, he made it worthwhile for me to leap over the winter of discontent and live in hope of another spring”.

While this renewal of the JVP through its new young leader brings to mind the electoral renaissance of ex-revolutionary groups in Latin America, it is also true that he is no Jose Mujica (of Uruguay’s MLN-Tupamaros), Dilma Roussef (one time militant of Brazil’s VAR-Palmares) or Salvador Sanchez Cerena, the newly elected President of El Salvador, known to my politico-ideological generation as Commandante Leonel Gonzalez of the Farabundo Marti FPL (and successor of Salvador Cayetano Carpio). However, when redrawn to the Sri Lankan scale, and given the urgency of the Sri Lankan crisis, I have no hesitation in saying that if in the immediate aftermath of the upcoming PC elections and with the imminence of a Presidential election within a year, the UNP fails to  effect a generational change in its leadership as the JVP has done, and the UNP’s reformist ‘young Turks’ fail to launch a new party, society may — and should— shift a few steps leftward, to a JVP-centric broad Oppositional project at both Presidential and parliamentary elections; one in which Anura Kumara Dissanaike rather than the ridiculously rancid Ranil or colossally confused Chandrika, can be the common oppositional candidate, along the lines of the successful Latin American populist-democratic left.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    It looks like D waited for the last possible minute before he fi…nally turned against MR!

    He is now preparing for the net jump as revelaed by the sentence “While this renewal of the JVP through its new young leader brings to mind the electoral renaissance of ex-revolutionary groups in Latin America,” etc.

    Ha… Hum.

    • 4

      Mile post,

      Please let us know the purpose of you reading CT Newsletters.

      Are you an Astrologer,or a top mind reader to analyse who Dr.Dayan is.

      If so the best place for you to go is Araliya Gaha Medura, as there are many vacancies available.

      Please read the content of what is written by Dr.Dayan and try to understand them, and not to judge him.

      They say the stupid people talk about other people, but the Intelligent people talk about events and innovations.

      Yes I totally agree with Dr.Dayan as to, JVP now is an Innovated party, full of Vigor and a party to contend with.

      Their Political Offensive capability, their straight forewardness, their energy level and anti corruption ideology is admired by every right thinking citizen.

      Also their vision of Private Public partnership for economic growth and resource utilization is ideal for 21st century.

      Please watch the following video on following web to see JVP standing.


      JVP came a long way and now it’s their time and nobody could hold them.

      JVP should spread their agenda across all the communities including from rural folks to academics to professionals and Intellectuals to enterprenuers, from Clergy to Sri Lankan Expatriate communities and foreign organizations,from foreign missions and International communities and Governments to NGO’s and foundations.

      It is Rajapakses who are not scared of UNP, but it is JVP that shievers them.

      JVP is not a sole dictatorship, but a collective leadership which is ideal for Sri Lanka.

      It is President Rajapakse who woke up JVP the sleeping dragon and we are thankful for him.

      Sixty years is enough that many political crooks screwed our country.

      It is time for all Academics, Intellectuals, all Majority and Minority community heads and Innovators to rally behind JVP and help them to come into power.


      • 0

        Sihala Buddhist are no Different- change name change religion like most of the present day jews of Israel.

        Bestseller- The Invention of the Jewish People

        Winner of the coveted Aujourd’hui Award in France

        Prof. Shalom Sands argues that most Jews actually descend from converts, whose native lands were scattered far across the ME and EE. The formation of the Jewish people and then a Jewish nation out of these disparate groups could only take place under the sway of a new historiography, developing in response to the rise of nationalism throughout Europe.

        Beneath the biblical backfill of 19th centenary historians and the 20th centenary intellectuals who replaced who replaced rabbis as the architects of Jewish identity.
        The Invention of the Jewish People
        Shlomo Sand
        London, Verso, 2009, ISBN: 9781844674220; 332pp.; Price: £18.99
        Professor Michael Berkowitz


      • 3

        DJ thinks he can get a post from Anura Kumara of the JVP – since neither CBK or Ranil will have him it seems!

        DJ you seem to have lost the plot! The fact is that there is a REAL LEGAL CASE against Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gota the goon with regard to war crimes that the international community can pursue. Jarapassa’s post war crimes are more difficult to establish and prosecute under INTERNATIONAL LAW – hence the focus on war crimes, rather than post-war crimes..

        • 0

          Libya comes to mind , Khadfi was painted a real devil , his subordinates were give big chunks of money and promises . US paid thugs over threw Khadafi and killed him.
          Libyan oil is looted by BP.
          Corporations who own operate this world has plans for Srilanka .
          Srilankan traitors just like Pilimathalawe will be given all kind of promises by the evil Brits.
          Srilankan kalu suddas think their uncles and aunts in Londongrad are very fair and humane .
          Sad to see , good Diplomats also are sold to some NGO.

    • 3

      Paradigm shift of lanken typical thinking is in demand. People in general learn to raise the question why to support Rajapakshe, why not opposition. Just putting the entire blame on RW for lost leaders in that party from the begining to end of the war caused that party to what is today. Not RW himself should be accountable for all the misery that the party suffered. It was the civil war and the related background almost weakened the party future. But now it is time people to understand the realities not being stuck to UPFA the most dangerous highly ever corrupted coalition in south asian region.

    • 0

      I agree with most of what DJ has written this time around. The more the neo-cons force reconciliation through one sided and selective investigations, the more southerners will be determined to vote for MR.
      I wasn’t going to vote at this coming up PC election. Now that neo-cons have put their game plan to turn Sri Lanka another Arab spring country, I shall rush to vote for betel leaf. Its a clear sign of Sinhala Nationalists are on the rise.

      Reconciliation is moving towards the reverse gear. Moderates are sliding along the slippery downhill. Needless to say, separatist Tamils would consolidate in the north and others will gradually migrate to live in the South. Army will not hold back building its bases but consolidate to meet any eventuality. And neo-cons would love this trend for that’s the way they can interfere and cover up their own atrocities the world over.

      MR said; he loves CBK becoming the common opposition candidate for he can find out the ones that stand on the fence. Though its a very unlikely scenario, I am sure, MR would be disappointed if Anura Kumara Dissanaike is the common opposition candidate not because Anura would be challenge to him but potential double gamers in his party would continue to lurk in the shadows.

      Sri Lankans are not racists but majority do not trust Tamils for they know Tamils would settle for nothing but Eelam. By far the majority are dead against the so-called international community for they tried their best to save the terrorists even at the last minute. MR wins every election despite his numerous shortcomings because he stood against the neo-cons and had finished the terrorists and saved the country. Ranil has become a persistent looser for he couldn’t grasp majority perception.

    • 2

      What do you mean ‘turn against MR’? If the choice for President remains Ranil vs MR, I’ll publicly endorse and support MR. If it is CBK vs MR, I’ll probably do the same, though I may mull it over a bit.

      • 6

        Is that all because his administration earned the harm carried out of alleged killings of avalanche of civil folks ?

        Give us reason why dont you talk anything about the wastage of 90% of the huge loans taken alone during the last few years ?

        Why you behaved as if we have one another MERVIN (Kelaniya) ? We thought that you have hands on exp in lanken politics ? Are we all dumbs to have trusted on you in this regard ?

        I have the feeling you behave as if you are clothless not focusing the grave problems before us.

      • 4

        WOW Dayan Well done!!!!!

        ASAW…… ASAW……

        Dayan finally shows his real self.

        ‘Ranil vs MR, I’ll PUBLICLY endorse and support MR.
        CBK vs MR, I’ll probably DO THE SAME’

        Brilliant Dayan, keep it up.

        You are a person who runs away from danger
        – SUPER COWARD.

        • 4


          DJ has become to that low level – Mervin was little bit decent.

          From this day on, I hate this [Edited out]

        • 1


          Wouldn’t it be safe for Dayan to stay with clan?

          • 2

            This is the typical nature of DJ. Go back to the past where he was little god under Premadasa Regime, there you will get more about the person. Today, he himself made statements Premadasa junior to win the elections, while RW to loose. Can you imagine ? Some said to me he even ran naked to saving his life in late 80ties or beginning 90ties. For me, his articles have never been consistent. Like Sirimal made it clear, he is a great example – exagerated opinion of ownself -hubris.

      • 3


        Just a token response since you were goaded into giving one eh?

        The “cowardice” deco just got even more vivid! – Thank you Pandukabaya for the Super-Coward recognition.

      • 0

        Dr Dayan Jayatilleka,

        You say………”If the choice for President remains Ranil vs MR, I’ll publicly endorse and support MR. If it is CBK vs MR, I’ll probably do the same, though I may mull it over a bit.”

        If I highlight few issues if you could answer will be helpful.

        1. Do you think is there democrazy prevailing in Sri Lanka now? . in all areas.

        2) Where is the freedm of Expression, freedom of speech, human . rights and Minority religions and races.

        3) Where is the rule of Law and justice, police, fair elections, . free and independent media and minority rights.





        8) Don’t you think it is the Private enterpreneurs who are helping in growth in Sri Lanka’s economy and not the Public sector.

        9)Don’t you see there is an increase in corruption, murder, theft,violance, illicit drugs,ethenol,cocain etc, in the market now than ever in Sri Lanka’s history.

        10) Dont’t you see the gap between have and have not been widen today than ever before.

        There are many more I could write, but this is only a few that I look for your answer.



        Hope there is no white vans coming after you.

        My best choice as to who and which party could Lead Sri Lanka is (I have very few options left)

        1) Madam Chandrika Kumaratunge with a coalition of UNP,JVP,DM Gen.Sarath Fonseka, TNA,and all other minority parties.

        2) JVP

        3) DM (Gen Sarath Fonseka)

        4) UNP

        5) TNA

        Never ever for corrupt UPFA.

        Let me have your frank comment on above. ( Without fearing for white vans or without any Rajapakse’s Bribes)

        Thank you and hoping to hear from you.

  • 8

    This rat now sitting on top of the wall is trying to find a hole to creep into!

    • 2

      Exactly right.

    • 2

      More than a rat he has `Gridiron Belly` so the “Humpty-dumpty doctor” and he as usual has to quote the American Jew Richard Falk who has written books about Israel seated in the US.

      The Jew Prof Shalom Sands who studied history at Tel Aviv and Paris and teaches Contemporary History at Tel Aviv has written (In Hebrew) many a bestseller and the best of his is “The Invention of the Jewish People” translated to many languages is the man who sees history like a scientist than a bluff jack- he is hated by the politicos of Israel but loved by his students and the world at large- Very clear that Israel is run by Jews of UK/US and the Israel folk are just pawns in the game.

      DJ before you carry on with your boru katha boru sobana read Prof Shalom Sands he would change your pseudo politics as much as he has changed the view points of Profs at SOAS, University of London.

      Colomba Choppe (^‿◕)

  • 4


    Any reason other than perhaps cowardice that made you decide not to respond to any questions that have been posted following your multiple weekly submissions of late?

    It seems you decided to take advice from the other weasel, Rajiva -“just throw it in and then look away” quite unlike your previous reaction to legitimate questions.

    I guess your response to this will help confirm the cowardice diagnosis!

  • 9

    I hasten to add that I am not speaking so much as a former Sri Lankan Ambassador/Permanent representative to the UN in Geneva who stood against an international inquiry but much more so as one whose training is as a student of politics, specially international politics

    I simply scanned the entire article for the mention of your great victory….surely as the sun rises in the east, Dayan states the entire reason for this article (as it is for every article)….self praise !

  • 6

    Anura Kumara Dissanaike rather than the ridiculously rancid Ranil or colossally confused Chandrika……

    So now you are hoping to suck Anura? Last time I checked you were praising Sajith as the messiah to save the world ?

    What happened ????

    God, don’t you have any principles?

    Oh I forgot…you don’t ! My fault !

  • 8

    Time has come you too Dayan to call a spade a spade. Why to repeatedly beat around the bush ?

    Are Chandrika and Ranil that megalomaniac as Mahinda has been sofar ?
    Why should we feel that MR is better than CBK and RW ? was that just because his regime succeeded the elemination of ltters with avalanches of civil folks in the tail end of the war millitarily ?

    AKD of JVP has not yet gained adequate experience to contest the presidency is a fact. Anyway, people would face a great opposition if AKD would be the future opposition leader.

    • 4

      I am still not pretty sure what Dayan J is upto.
      Please Dayan as Sama says call a spade a spade for heavens sake.

      Everyone in this forum know that AKD is the best orator we have right now (along with Sumanthiran, ofcourse). I love to watch when AKD speaks, His Word Selections His Humor, His Sarcasm everything is unique & brilliant. Yet JVP has to prove their administrative capability, they good organizers though. No point having AKD as leader even if he is the best in the world if the JVP going to be aligned to China or Russia.

      Coming back to point, RW will not tolarate you (like the Sirasa guy) in any case so you dont like him and MR also apparently kicked you out. So which side are you now, Sajith P or AKD? Perhaps Sajith but JVP will not buy your book.

      • 4

        You are spot on.
        I really ask the question several dozens of times but none seem to give me any reason why DJ is married to MR ?

        • 3


          Don’t you know that MR is the biggest crook in Sri Lanka’s history.

          He not only screwed Dr.Dayan,where he used condom theory on him soon after Dr.Dayan who won the 2009 UNHRC.
          How about Gen.Sarath Fonseka, CJ Shirani Bandaranayake and for many others like Bribing 800 million rupees to VP to win 2005 Presidential elections using Tsunami Jackpot money.

          Same with Ranil who is a SLEEPING BEAUTY. Ranil is more concerned to safeguard his Parliament opposition leadership post.
          Where was Ranil when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was impeached…..He was Holidaying in Venice…Many more.


          You know Sama, no body can go inside the soul of a person to judge or check his nature…specially Sri Lanka’s politicians.

          It’s only through moving with them and with time and experience you know a person’s nature and being.

          May be Dr.Dayan has got some experience on this NOW.

          But the truth will come out one day.

          That day is near.

          • 3

            But why DJ to stay away from any direct criticism on MR yet ? He criticises almost many in his regime, but often saying the good of president ?

            We are all aware that MR is the most stupid president that sl ever produced. But not many are able to get it yet, why DJ is yet away from criticising MR ?

            • 3

              It is jus tlike live on kakka, but not caring where it is coming from. DJ is DJ…. not addressing the core issues, just making roundabouts to tease us the minions. Earlier I thought this guy with his unique kind of verbal diahree, should be a great thinker, analyst, or man who has something to say to the world etc, but now I really really feel he is only focusing on his ownsake. He should have used tricks in his previous years of diplomacy, so the same tricks could have been used to get closer to stupid MR and told him the due. No, he failed there, today, telling us it in public could have grave consequences, since all these stuff are being screened by IC

          • 3

            Yes I agree with you.

            Our number meeharaka of the nation is MR.

            I dont think that any president was that stupid. That he has proved this time alone in UNHRC session. It is all lack his selection creteria in terms of foregin appoinments. Tea taesters are being appointed as amabsassadors to Washington. Many othe rplaces have been occupied by former army men, perhpas not having Alevles or the basic qualifications that low ranking officers of external affair should bring with. Latter is the ground reality. So given that situation, to see that everything would end up in vain – is seen even LONG LONG before the resolutions or anything being PASSED against the country.

          • 3

            Jayantha – I agree with what you say but about your MR’s condemn theory on DJ I would like to ask you, why this same DJ white washed MR after he is been rediculed by the Gonraja.
            Or did DJ realise who MR is just now?

            On Shirani Bandaranayake who is still the legitimate CJ, she too went kade for MR in the beginning, didnt she? Shirani is a Rauf Hakim to me. They themselves put the serpent inside their pants and now screamimg ‘kanawo kanawo’. They very well knew it was a serpent, leave it alone or kill it.

            Gen Fonseka, with all due respect for the General, I must say that he is a lost case. Rather than having a useless and a hopeless party he must support RW at this stage without wasting time if he wishes to stay in politics longer unless he is an agent of Gonraja.

            I still want Anura Kumara to appologize on behalf JVP publicly for two criminal activities. One being, 88-89 uprising in which they killed people indiscriminately thus making havoc in the entire country while the govt was fighting against LTTE carnage & Two, forcing Chandrika to dissolvea democratically elected legitimate goverment. Having said that I must admit with Anura Kumara’s leadership JVP’s gaining momentum rapidly. Dood sign indeed.

            Sama – Gnanasaraya the PIG must be hanged by his balls at the Galle face and shot in his rear. Champika Rathana Gammanpila should be put behind bars for 10 yesrs minimum along with other crooks.

            • 3


              I agree with you above except that you call SF as a lost case.
              I really dont think that SF is like that, he is very like holding ot principles than anyone else inthe political spot light today. But the wording used to address his thoughts and minds in previous election rallies have sent a sharp message across the nation. As DJ makes it very clear ” Manussakama” is given first place in lanken folks, they get horrified just listening to wrongful media contents. Given that SF´s election victory was not grabed by MR in 2010, to this day, many feel corruption would have sunken to significant levels. JVPers today raise it veryclearly what the govt has done with 90% of billions debted to china and other bodies. Only 10% has been proved to be spent on all mega development projects. None of them have brought his beofre the people. They even stay very silent being unable to leave a constructive response to this.
              Gommanpila stay mum, but making every effort to pass his own way of CHATU politics betraying all buddhist lovers but not realizing him standing with COUNTRY`s most idiotic president ever produced.

              Very agree with GAG to be hung on Galle face together with Gommanpila and Champika ranawaka to bring us calm and quiet.

            • 2


              all we cant be without is law and order to the manner singapore and other developed nation implemented them, if we ever want to prospher the nation.
              There we need to learn disipline. Disipline could only be achieved through a leader who himself is bound to code of such conducts. In that case, I believed, SF could bring that to the nation as had done with millitary. If elected, he would not abuse EP as it is the case with the current man – in power. Above all we have to handle human rights issues before pouring debts into road counstruciton. Nation building should be given priority above physical road constructions.

              A special code of conduct should be introduced to buddhist monks with the approval of highly regarded malawathu chaptor leaving no space pseduo monks to destroy the long held cultural values as recoganized by world. Latter is allowed by current thugghish facist coalition in power, their silence against violence against minsiter of Justice is no means accetpable. Atleast MR could have made a statement – against BBS at the time, Cestpit of Ghanasara used the filthy word ” parayah” to MINISTER of justice. Latter is a great great mistake… I did not hail the silence of Minister of justice but he is minister of justice of the country…. I did not like his silence at the time that innoicent muslim girl was beheaded… at the time, halala issued was festered by BBS.. and several other issues including some crimes that occoured in the country. If this was the case, in a country within EU, peole would have sent SUCH MINISTER OF JUSTICE home long ago. But now we know that over 100 or more powerful units of each of ministries have been taken under President using his excutive powers. This is unfortunately seen as that ministers are made powerless while president is the man to react whatever the minor issue is risen.

            • 2

              If no wayout is seen, dogstherapies should be applied to humanize Ghanasara. If the authorities are wholehearted with the issue, there are lot more methods to learn him civilized way of life. MR´s totally ignorance lead the wounds created by Ghanasara to become festered levels, rather than getting them healed off.

            • 1

              Senerath Kalupahana,

              Yes I agree with your comment.

              Yes JVP should come foreward and apologise to people for the carnage they brought upon them, their families, their children and to Sri Lanka’s economy.

              But again they paid a heavy price for their stupidity.

              Their trying to immitate Che or Castro for Regime change backfired due to Bad planning and due to it many of their leaders were perished by the thousands making only Somawansa Amarasinghe seeking refuge in UK and not in China or Russia or Cuba and others changing party ranks.

              I think SA learned a lot and got a true picture on Democrazy when he was refuge in UK.

              I hope JVP have changed their policies and party agandas now to suit more Liberal and Private Public partnership in 21st century world.

              Thanks to Madam Chandrika, JVP was given a second chance and they built up from ashes.

              Sri lanka cannot survive without Private sector’s participation, good governance and contribution from International community and JVP should know about this.

              Old communism helps to administer a nation, but for economic growth and prosperity you need Enterpreneurs,new talents and visionaries, thinkers, Academics,Scholars, Research Professors and a dedicated, disciplened and confident society.

              Hope JVP will adjust their party agandas to suit 21st Century world.

      • 3

        familial rule is planned as if they would live another hundreds of years. They are only greedy at grabing money and materials that any state could use better for the uplifement of the poorest of the poor. Today, it is said, that bitter guards have become the principle food of some while lamboginis are the family vehicle -tax free with direct approval of president for less than 0.25% of the population.

      • 4

        Pandu, now they will call us – deshadorhiyo-traitor sinhalse. I dont mind them calling us as even traitors, all I want is peace. This man in power has failed to hold discussions with Wigi though promised to have done so to all and sundry as MR promised to India about 13AMD plus. As you do, I have a great respect to AKD and Sumanthiran in lanken politics, me being sinhaalyas, I dont have any fears to share what i think is right. We are unlike DJ… it is becuase we dont have second thoughts.
        In an era saffron robed skind heads call justice minister as parraah, this seems to be nothign for the rulers, they continue as if they did not hear that. I really hate to see the picture of GAG the high criminal in sivura but continues his agendas of all harms to this great nation today.

        • 2

          Sama, In a nutshell I would rather be a traitor for Mara supporters than a hero. I would proudly like to say that I am a Pro-Sri Lankan than bluffing & showing as a Pro Sinhala/Pro Buddhist.

          Any type if terror is a terror whether its LTTE terror
          or Taleban terror or BBS/Gota Terror. Why Mara is not condemning BBS terror is because he is the BBS.

          If the Bros & Sons & Co taken into account that they are fooling the majority of the citizen they are sadly mistaken. After all this family has no brain or basic education. They have been surrounded by some Rats. Thats the only strength & power that this regime has. Those Rats will flee in no time. Just wait and see its all matter of time.

          R Premadasa thought he too was a king although he was not that bad as this megalomaniac.

          • 5

            I wish I could hang that GAG by his balls.

            The man is really disgusting … he is not a monk though people feel he should be.

            pLEASE check the wording he uses towards the police here below


            Just listen to this and pass it further. I hate this to be igonored by many of the lankens today.

            • 1

              If I were one of those police there, I would have done the maximum to corner this Ghanasara GAG on that day itself. Having lived on the west several countries, I cant be without the law and order being implemented to the rule. No space should be given anyone – even any threat is being exercised on police by virulent politicians. If police men worked very confident and honest, we can build a nation that would be seen as in S pore and GERMANY.

              Today´s world to tame animals sedatives are being used, to tame Ghanasara kind men, poliice should be adivsed to use them too.

  • 3

    Prophet Dayan has spoken: He joins A K David in predicting the future while trying to shape it too.

    Ground reality of repression and decimation faced by the Tamil nation is not of any consequence in Dayan’s analysis. He is only concerned about the majority (read Sinhalese), the lions who bombed no fire zones, and their state.

    This is a world where imperial powers prevail: Right now the puny imperial power of the emperor of Sinhala rata and Tamil Eelam prevails over Tamil Eelam with a satanic grip.

    We have a neighboring big imperial power that is India, the former colonial British Empire (who annexed Sinhala rata to Tamil Eelam) and the world super imperial power – the US. China and Russia are other such powers.

    World order is created by the bigger imperial powers as we all know: If anybody has any doubts the recent action of the Russian empire on Ukraine dispels it.

    Who are the bigger imperial powers who can prevail in the island to prevent instability spreading in South Asia? The readers can answer that.

    Sri Lanka, the puny empire is ganging up with the rival imperial powers, Russia and China. The fight is on in Geneva among these imperial powers.

    Eventually Monroe doctrine will prevail and Indian ocean is no exception.

    Future will unfold the reality in the island and we wait for it.

  • 2

    War time Sri Lanka is not different from Post war Sri Lanka or Pre war Sri Lanka. The Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalists used all the opportunities given by British (unification Nations and hand over the power of unified Nations) to implement their brutal genocidal act against Tamils of this Nation.

    • 1

      Try telling that to the thousands that died as a result of LTTE bombings until 2009. But don’t let the truth get in the way of the absolute nonsense you write!

      • 3

        You have a history of 65 years after 1948. Tell the world how did you manage to kill thousands before the birth of LTTE. Tell how you guys burnt the business of Tamil people in Colombo. Tell how your killed thousands of Tamils in the upcountry and burnt their Lines. Tell how you killed hundreds inside prisons cruelly.

        • 0

          Read him you would love it;
          The Invention of the Jewish People has now been translated into more languages than any other Israeli history book.

          While acknowledging “the affinity between Jews and the holy land,” Sand has said that “I don’t think the religious affinity to the land gives you historical right.” Still, he supports Israel’s existence “not because of historical right, but because of the fact that it exist today and any effort to destroy it will bring new tragedies.” He explained that he doesn’t call himself a Zionist, but “a post-Zionist and non-Zionist because the justification of this land is not historical right.”[9]

          Comparing the Palestinians to children of rape, Sand has said that Israel “raped a population. And not only a population – we destroyed this society, in constituting the Israeli state.” He opposes the law of return an the right of return. Still, “Israel has to be the state of Israelis. That is the only way we can continue to live in the middle east.”


  • 1

    True, Anura and most JVPers are good orators.
    We know how MaRa used JVP to win elections.

    But after UPFA-JVP won the coalition JVP were on leading roles to develop the country. They are complete failures.
    When JVP had the honeymoon with CBK, JVP was offered good ministries and they were to develop all the reservoirs and agriculture. But ended up in total failure in that project.

    People have to decide they want gentlemen in politics.
    Ranil, Karu have those qualities. But failure in crowd pulling speeches.

  • 0

    Agree with your analysis in toto. The people are in serious danger and whatever the morality of the judgement at the UNHRC or any other body, the politician has primed up the people to commit hara kiri. Whilst the blame should fall on the injustice, cruelty and unfairness of the President and this government, what needs to be feared is not what the international community or the diaspora Tamils think, but the consequences of all their actions as well as that of the government on the lives of the people. My fear is that, as it currently stands, the climate is primed for large scale violence, death and destruction. If we are not careful, and reason does not prevail (and it does not seem likely), destruction of Sri Lanka is imminent. The forces that will be unleashed will be unstoppable. Prepare for one million deaths, Sri Lankan and Indian. Inevitable Karma perhaps. And a catharsis leading perhaps to a renewal of sorts.

    • 2

      WIthin today´s context, it will be inevitable if such violence would raise.
      They the current administration giving priority to impunity than law and order has brought us to this levels today.
      There people will see the true colours of MR and thugs.

  • 5

    A rather verbose presentation full of unnecessary jargon. Is Dayan playing the role of an astrologer or a prophet of doom?

    Does Navi Pillay being a South African of Indian Tamil origin, who probably does not speak Tamil, be the factor that distorts the Geneva process. Would the reaction that is being engineered and staged in Sri Lanka have been different if a Sinhalese of her calibre was in her place? Would the reaction have been different if Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke was in her shoes and had made the observations and authored the reports, she has? Dr, Jayatilleke was fired after his first successful stint in Geneva,because he advocated the 13th amendment! Did it make a difference that he was a Sinhalese and one who advocates the right of the Sinhala Buddhist majority community to lord it over the other communities?

    The big question is whether the pseudo-public opinion that is being synthesised by the government using the resources at its disposal, should determine how the international community should act or who the head of the human rights council should be? Should the UNHRC have multiple heads, each to deal with the particular paranoid concerns of the different countries that are on its agenda?

    Dayan is confused and is advocating the expedient at the moment and not what is right for country, that has been led astray. Expediency has been the bane of this nation, at every stage of its evolution as a modern nation. A student of politics, should also become a student of philosophy and contemplate the consequences of expediency

    The man on the street is concerned about the cost of living, the corruption and the national debt. He is thankful for the deliverance from the LTTE. This is however no longer the determining factor in an election. The LTTE bogey will also not work, because he knows the security forces are in overwhelming control. He admires the infra-structure development around the country, but is aware that it does not feed him and his family. He is aware of the Geneva process, but is not much concerned of the outcome, because he knows his life cannot get any worse. He is aware of the malignant aspects of this government and fears it. He is very sullen on account of this and in a contemplative mood. He knows what he needs, but yet is not clear who will deliver. . He is worried about the lack of clear alternatives to chose from and how he feels on Election Day will determine his vote. Though the JVP is presenting a clear case on various subjects, its past is yet its burden. The votes for the opposition may be split and this gives an advantage to the UPFA. However, the total vote cast for the opposition will be indicative of the direction the political winds are blowing.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      The man on the street is concerned about the cost of living – TRUE

      the corruption and the national debt – FALSE

      He is thankful for the deliverance from the LTTE. – TRUE

      This is however no longer the determining factor in an election – FALSE

      The LTTE bogey will also not work – FALSE
      (There is a Sinhalese saying that a man beaten by fire will be scared of even fireflies)

      because he knows the security forces are in overwhelming control – FALSE
      (1/Overwhelming presence is not the same as overwhelming control.
      2/Weren’t security forces in overwhelming “control” of Colombo when LTTE started planting bombs in buses, trains and other public places???)

      He admires the infra-structure development around the country – TRUE

      but is aware that it does not feed him and his family. – TRUE

      He is aware of the Geneva process – FALSE

      but is not much concerned of the outcome – FALSE

      He is aware of the malignant aspects of this government and fears it. – FALSE
      (The last time people in the South were scared of their government was in 1988)

      He is very sullen on account of this and in a contemplative mood – FALSE

      He knows what he needs, but yet is not clear who will deliver – FALSE

      He is worried about the lack of clear alternatives to choose from and how he feels on Election Day will determine his vote. – FALSE
      (there are very few floating votes in Sri Lanka. People will either vote for their party or not vote but rarely if at all vote for another party)

      Though the JVP is presenting a clear case on various subjects – FALSE

      its past is yet its burden. – TRUE
      (JVP is a past relic, its out of place and time)

      • 1

        good analysis – agree- JVP – will not get votes because of their violent past – it will take some more years for people to forget

    • 1

      “The man on the street is concerned about the cost of living,
      the corruption and the national debt.
      He is thankful for the deliverance from the LTTE. This is however no longer the determining factor in an election. The LTTE bogey will also not work, because he knows the security forces are in overwhelming control.
      He admires the infra-structure development around the country, but is aware that it does not feed him and his family.
      He is aware of the Geneva process, but is not much concerned of the outcome, because he knows his life cannot get any worse.
      He is aware of the malignant aspects of this government and fears it. He is very sullen on account of this and in a contemplative mood.
      He knows what he needs, but yet is not clear who will deliver.
      He is worried about the lack of clear alternatives to chose from and how he feels on Election Day will determine his vote.”
      wow Dr RN is close to the heart beat of the Souther Sinhala voters, I dont think even Mahinda is as convinced as DR RN

      DR RN the same guy who said that both the Tamil and Sinhala victims have forgotten their kith and kin killed or died during the 30 year war
      what a moron

  • 3

    JVP wanted to do good to the country through a revolution. Revolution was a failure and was full of destruction and mayhem. But, they got opportunity to do the same thing as politicians and they failed every time.

    Are there any other times that JVP succeeded except in killing innocent civilians, academics, and important people in the society because they were not JVP ?

    Have JVP shown any type of ability to do anything to the country except here and there they talk something useful ?

    So, what is the purpose of getting JVP into politics again ?

  • 1

    AS the situation in Geneva is getting out of control, Mr, Dayan, the grey monkey is beginning to hoot more and more racist ethnocentric invectives regarding Tamils and his fear psychois….
    What better evidence of this deeply racist Monkey than this confused and inept writing shows.

    Time for your ilk to stop this B.S. Grey Monkey!

    • 5

      Grey monkey could have done the job to good, if he was appointed.

      MR cant have brains to send a cattle group to Geneva this time. It is like asking pigs to fly if MR would ever make good decisions in terms of external affairs. That mahinda samarasinghe is a born fool that has no brains to support GLP in the task.

    • 2

      Akura Diasanyaka,

      Truly Sri Lanka is at a grave danger at this year’s UNHRC resolution.

      This resolution eventually could head in for either…..

      1) Division of North and East from the rest of the country after UN . . troops guarding the boarders( similar to West Bank and Darfur).

      2) Could lead to a Regime change with an internal Progrom with . Religious and racial divide.

      3) Prosecuting all including Govt. heads and Armed force personnel if . they are found guilty of war crimes.

      4) Paying compensation for war victims could be enamours.

      5) Possibility of sending UN troops to North South and East to curb . . communal and religion unrest.

      It’s more grave than one think.

  • 4

    I tried understanding what Dayan has written and trying to make sense of it. Saddam Hussein was elected with a thumping majority in a phony referendum. When the regime was disposed off, a young lad brought down his statue. MR’s another “brother” Gaddafi boasted of popular support but his pathetic end is not even worth mentioning.

    Look at the history of SL since independence. SWD Bandaranaike, his wife, JJ, MR, etc won their votes by pitting the Sinhalese against the Tamils. The Tamils were their pawns in their ascension up in the political ladder. And expecting this stop will be foolhardy. Sinhala politicians, across the divide, know very well that the Tamils always become handy for lashing and beating them up to become the president. MR is no different. In fact, he has taken this to an all time different level.

    Even after this, if the international community believes that there can be amity between the two races then they are going to count more dead bodies and most of them would be Tamils. The Sinhala antagonism against the Tamils is deep rooted and expecting them to reconcile is foolhardy. The rapes and tortures are just the expression of hatred and enmity against the Tamils. Look at Dayan, even now his suggestions centre around what the regime should do to save itself, and not the least concerned over the loud cries of those women who have been brutally raped and disoriented. The many males rapes is sickening and clearly and emphatically potrays a regime that is hell bent on subjugating the Tamils by such shameful acts.

    The Tamils may even forgive the horrific deaths but their girls and women raped and disgraced will always be at the back of their minds. The regime will never get off the hook, that I am pretty sure.

  • 3

    The best thing for everyone is not to take Dr DJ very seriously anymore. He’s just writing all gibberish for the sake of writing and fulfilling his personal desire. That’s all, let’s leave him alone to praise the king or insult him, it’s none of our business, but we can watch the fun if necessary.

    • 4

      Had he approched President directly, things would have gone better for him.

    • 2

      Yes credibility of his views have fallen down to the levels of gossips heard at kadapilwala or streets corners. But he himself seems to be not knowing people´s pulse instead he continues his usual verbal diahree. We all realized that MR would never give a place to anyone with higher qualifications. Just addressing the shenanigan charactor, he was ready to offer anyone with anything.

      It is sad, but DJ is DJ. He would never see things unbiased, right at the moment, still being stuck to MR – the nation´s donkey, and even more stuck to Premadasa junior. There he is not talking about not having a basic degree for his Premada´s own. But in the case of appointment of candidates to external affairs, he loudly criticises guys without a basic degree are the majority among all foreign appointments made by MR administration.

  • 2

    Aiyo Machan..

    Didn’t I say the first bout between Pillai and Rajapaksa is this Saturday?..

    And the Govt strategists didn’t have to put any posters even to show the UNP and your new Champion JVP in the background , hanging on to her skirt.

    Next one will have them for sure..

    And Cameron and Harper and even Rudrakumaran will be in the background.

    Can’t believe you took so long to realize this.

    Politics is to become winners,and do something for the country and its inhabitants.

    This mob is doing it well.

    Your JVP buddy with the fat face also said that Rajapaksa will be there till at least 2021 if Pillai keeping pushing the Diaspora barrow.(not in the same terms though.)

    Give our great majority of inhabitants to live peacefully for 10 , 15 years until they make a decent living and have at least some of the income and facilities which you and your intelligentsia mates and their kids enjoy.

    Then Camerons and Harpers will be able to make them think and act like you and your city slickers.

    Western tactics , like Ukraine, Syria, Egypt , I am afraid won’t work in Srilanka as long as Rajapaksa are around.

    • 1

      Let time be the answer for that. For sure, the words of MR that he is ready to sit on the “electric chair” is still ringing in my ears. I am not saying this, your hero president said this, and that notwithstanding that there is no death sentence imposed on convicted criminals. When he said that, did he take you people for ignorant fools?

  • 0

    Common misfortune makes strange bed fellows!!!

    JVP will win only 1% of the vote.

    TNA will win only 2% of the vote.

    SLMC will win only 0.5% of the vote.

    Dayan – 0% votes.

    RATS and mice.

    • 2

      Fathima Fukushima,

      Here’s my predictions on forth coming Provincial council elections.

      UNP 35%

      UPFA 30%

      JVP 20%

      DM 5%

      SLMC 5%

      Others 5%

  • 1

    JVP may be different from the other political parties on good governance and all that but as far as the Tamil question is concerned it is no different to the others. As long as it retains it’s Sinhala supremacist views there is no hope in Sri Lanka for peace and reconciliation. It is a shame that a party that has principles and is strongly anti graft alienates the Tamils and is devoid of any Tamil support at all.

  • 3


    What is the alternative to the UNHRC intervention? Be specific.

    MR and co are doing nothing towards reconciliation. In fact the Tamils continue to be subject to increasing doses of contempt, scorn and mockery by the Sinhala military who rule their lands. To make matters worse the Muslims and the Christians have been added to the list of those who must be harassed and vilified. The Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists ably controlled by the MR Clan who are running the country now, are hell bent on annihilating every citizen of a different ethnicity or a believer of a different deity. Long suffering minorities need a solution now, to live in peace, respect and to live without fear or shame. If the MR family dictatorship is not brought back down to earth by UNHRC or any other such organisation, the only path left for the ethnic minority sadly is to take up arms again; don’t you think so Dayan?

    So if the UNHRC resolution is counterproductive, and if another armed conflict is to be averted, come up with an immediate alternative plan Dayan? If not all your convoluted ideas are nothing but a cacophony of words only.

  • 0

    Dayan apparently has exhausted all attempts to lure MR’s attention towards him and is now looking towards a new source, the so-called resurgent JVP! Keep trying, Dayan, one day you may succeed!

    Sengodan. M

  • 0

    Hello Dayan
    Where are you my dear??? I havent seen you quite a longe time. Absolutly jvp will be the OPPOSITION. It should be like that. No doubt about. But Jvp ers are running above and they have already won like. Thats bad and sad.Anura Dissanayaka a grate Sinhala Talent Politition with Vision. No doubt about that and no arguments.Its the best option that might be for a cource of Aktion.
    We are concentrating the fukin Resolution!!!! It of no use. If i would have been the president i would have not sent any. I ll become a Avatar befor any resolution. Imperialists are awkward. The Tamil is a peace of Nut to promote a resolution against the majority of the country. Not even that Sinhala Wellknown Polititions are also backed for the resolution. Why? Are they igomeniac sinhalesen? oder Kalathoni sinhale… Woooo Its bit pitty man … Dayn are you a Sinhalise or some what prtending man… I never know. Ihave to concentrate this in a concentration camp. What i want to say we as Sinhale lost compleetly lost the Resolution. Win is to west as it is. Not Russia Nor China. What the hell… Hell is we as commen. Our bloody mad Polititions who have malfunktioning Brains.Truly The resolutin has no means. Simple and easy. This is truly against Mr. Rajapkscha. Us most war Kriminal Then comes Uk then stands Lanken Tamil after Jew.Thats also a commen Fakt. Yes thambi thats true… Any way Rod ahed and tribunal is only to us . Not for UK and Us. Good so now you know i tell to our mad politicos-Bugs the fukin truth of west. so get ready to crack the brains of our educated idots and get the best job done. you konw what i mean. Push them to the deep end to come out of a creative solid aspekts of survivel. You all are barking for the moon while Pilly poony categorice you to North Koria. North Koria is proud of its own achivements. At any cost. Thats solid resistence. They are not barkin dogs. They are ready to. My question if JVP was in power what might they have done? Or our Wikramasinha und Chandrika loving girl…. Oh ja Dayan might be able to answere? Dayan will you be able to help me darlin…GGGG.

  • 0

    A facile attempt to dilute the UNP vote and con some “intellectuals” into voting against Ranil.

    I hope those seated in the drawing rooms of Colombo and whinging against the UNP don’t get mislead into wasting their votes for the JVP.

    The JVP won’t win anything until they are able to convince the majority that they have changed from a bloodthirsty gang of thugs.

    I hope this happens but it is too soon to expect it this time.

  • 2

    Anura KD is getting popular among Tamils too, Will be a good choice for All Sri Lankans

  • 2

    “President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the outcome of the Provincial Council elections next Saturday will be significant as it could send a message to the international community at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). Speaking at an event in Kalutara, the President said that the public must send a message to those looking to pass a resolution against Sri Lanka that they will not support international interference in the country”- Colombo Gazette.

    President Rajapaksa is lying to his people. The resolution has nothing to do with the people of Sri Lanka. The international community is not waiting for the election results. The truth is the international community has been watching President Rajapaksa how skilfully he has been fooling his people. The votes he gets from fooling the people will not save him. President Rajapaksa has been fooling and manipulating Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese and the world. President Rajapaksa will face the consequences; nothing will be overlooked by the world.

    It is extremely disappointing to see that the Sri Lankan leaders have not learned anything from the past sixty five years, especially through the brutal civil war. Challenging India, the West and Tamil diaspora is nothing but a suicidal move. The Rajapaksa regime can’t act like India, America or Russia by living in that tiny island. India created the LTTE to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, because of the President JR’s ignorance and arrogance attitude towards India; however President JR realized what he had done and quickly backed off by accepting the 13th amendment. But the Rajapaksa regime is too arrogant and foolish. The Rajapaksa brothers are not smart; therefore, they won’t back down as President JR. The West hijacked the civil war from India and brain drain the country, in order to develop the West. India did not suffer that much compare to Sri Lanka. The Real winner was the West. I bet the US backed UNHRC resolution would lead to the same path.

    The West has been ruling the world for the last 700 years; its knowledge and power are beyond the comprehension of the Sinhalese, Tamils, Indian and Chinese leaders. The West had defeated Germany, Japan, and almost Russia as well. Therefore, Sinhalese, Tamils, Indians and Chinese really can’t predict all of the West’s tricks in the future. Just wait and see how the West is going to spin the heads of Sinhalese, Tamils, Indians and Chinese through the resolution. Again the Sri Lankans will suffer more than others due to the foolishness of the Rajapaksa regime. Sri Lankans are very unfortunate people in Asia, yet the Rajapaksas are fooling their own people as they are the leaders of wonder of Asia. You have to be an absolute inhuman to fool the people who have suffered for thirty years through the brutal civil war. Well, you would do anything without thinking second time; if you have a heart made my iron to steal the suffering people’s Tsunami money. I rest my case!

    • 2

      Antany Peter,

      You hit the nail on the head.

      One of the best comments I have ever read.

      Hope President Rajapakse will read some of these comments and LEARN FROM THEM.

      Please keep educating them which they lack badly.

  • 0

    After examining more than thirty war of LTTE-terrorist out-fit, who had been that terrorist the people of Sri lanka by methods of politics of terrorism has come an end to blame by ‘war crime’ issue against elected of democracy Govt.
    That project has been taken by International Institute of UNHRC and Power Politics of by the USA and UK. Under the name of ‘Human Rights’ & ‘War crime’
    Big power nations already failed understand and miscalculation of nation social forces how strong to defeated LTTE-terrorism by own without support from Big power politics.
    Having unrealistic political plan of Big powers to undermine national and social forces, that limited their sovereignty rights of People of Island and gross imbalance political power in fervor of TAMIL Community-Tamil-terrorist, who defeated by sovereignty nation.
    With certain elites in non-democratic organizations, that who are dealing with foreign countries to make short-term gain and profit at the expense of sovereignty of our nation. They attempt to evicted elected govt. by misleading wrong direction to the leaders in power providing misdiagnosed current international situation by intuitionally.
    Since the beginning UNHRC having two strategic.
    1 Sri lanka bring under the orbit of West political domination. In supporting Tamils Rights or Eelam State
    2 Completely stop of National Economic development by allegation made that Foreign Investments by China. This is part of Tamil-terrorist politics by as well as TNA and Diaspora influence by Big power proxy politics.
    We as nation last stage of neo-colonial era. We are willfully blind to the basic reality of the national and International changes take into account; and balance of political power ,that we need underlying reality of our NEW RELATIOSHIP WITH EMERAGING NATIONS AND COUNTRIES.
    Some elites seeming blindness is reinforced by the World principle methods that accounting new international policies of politics by themselves is that they serve for moribund forces, that they think, in appearances they are powerful.
    In fact the many alarms currently had being sounded about that US power of politics decline are based on a comparison between new forces and old power face difficulties that sense of how completely the US dominated world decision making become weak since beginning of 21st century.
    Needless to say NEW POWER EQUILIBRIUM HAS EMERAGE due to that current several significant uncertainties has been around world politics and power balance challenge for future US and other nation generally.

  • 1

    Today’s Lanka C news say that President Rajapakse has ALREADY agreed for an International Investigation.


    It says…….A famous N G O Member Kumar Rupasinghe has said that the President had agreed for an international investigation after the Human Rights council meeting in Geneva.

    He has informed this to Ambassadors, senior officers in foreign service and few U N officers using his e mail. But, the foreign affairs officers are surprised on this and they say that they are unaware of this. Few days back, Dayan Jayatilake and Kumar Rupasinghe have met H E President at the Temple Trees and expressed their views about the Geneva proposals and have stated that there will be a worst situation if not agreed. The e mail was circulated after 2 days of the discussion.

    This is how the Fake Patriot cowards play double game in Sri Lanka.

    They say one thing to public and dupe them, while bowing to International community betraying the Country and Soldiers.

    Rakapakses have already accepted the UNHRC defeat.

    My prediction is that Sri Lanka will be defeated by 29 VOTES.
    (39 for UNHRC resolution and 10 against it)

    This is a stark loss compared to last year.


    • 0

      On his trip to the US a few weeks back, secretary to the President, Lalith Weeratunga said investigation should not be for the last few weeks only; it must be for the entire period of the war. I bet that must include the duration in which IPKF fought with LTTE. Jayanthaya sees things only in black or white.

      Have you seen any tourists coming to Sri Lanka at the airport these days or do you still hallucinate empty planes?

    • 2

      Jayantha ,

      “My prediction is that Sri Lanka will be defeated by 29 VOTES. (39 for UNHRC resolution and 10 against it)”

      Total no of countries in the HRC is 47 , in order to pass any resolution only 24 votes are needed ,so it doesn’t make any difference whether you get 25 or more , that magic number is 24.

  • 0

    You are proposing Anura Kumara as the common candidate because you want Mahinda to win at the next presidential election too.
    You are scared of Chandrika who can pose the biggest challenge to Mahinda.
    Mahinda , Anura and you are birds of a same feather

  • 0

    Sri Lankan is not the property of Mahinda Rajpakasa, he has no mandated to SURRENDER Nation and People Sovereignty by agreed on “INTERNATIONAL INVESGATION” against so-called ‘war crime and human rights’ ,that allegation made by Tamil chauvinist- terrorist outfit of internal and externally of moribund forces.
    This is come under the matter of PRINCIPLE OF SOVEREIGNTY of INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND POLICIES ARE ACCEPTED by NORMS members of UNO, which have NO ROOM FOR Negations AT ALL ongoing reality of Sri lanka ground reality is concern.
    We are in towards more Democratic Global Order, and country in the path of Capitalist development that we have to denied and reject violating country’s sovereignty by Big powers to be created anarchist world order by few nation vested interest of Global Game Plan.

  • 0

    are you working on your next article yet? Any advice to your murderous friends on how to escape the international investigation and save your friends and the motherland? Any advice on how else to destroy the Tamils and their homeland before the investigate ends?

    • 1


      Any predictions of another “Parippu” Dhal drop anytime soon.

      People need Parippu, Ulundu, bombay oinins etc, very badly due to high price and shortage.

  • 0

    Dr.Dayan Jayatileka.

    During the hight of the LTTE war all of us country loving patriots who live in the West, toiled in Western streets holding Boards and Sri Lankan flags protesting LTTE atrocities and murder that were going on in Sri Lanka, gathering International support.

    We were so happy and celebrated when finally our soldiers won the war.

    We thought that there will be permanent peace in Sri Lanka after the war.

    But to our sorrow and frustration the peace did not come as we predicted.

    It was purely due to President Rajapakse’s blundar,stupidity, moronic attitude and lethargic behaviour, that Sri Lanka was dragged to face another UNHRC resolution.

    He should have implemented LLRC without any problem with the powers he had. But he did not do it.

    He should have implemented some form of 13th amendment after compromising with parliament members and TULF. But he did not do so.

    This is the President who Jailed Gen.Sarath fonseka in ONE WEEK AFTER HIS ARREST USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.

    This is the President who impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake in TWO WEEKS USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.


    He forgot that thousands upon thousands of Sri Lankans who live abroad helped him in this struggle. Also so many soldiers sacrificed their lives and limbs and their families and all the citizens for this struggle.












    Therefore I kindly request to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, or any other organization or Institution or Citizens committees to bring a LAWSUIT AGAINST PRES.AJAPAKSE AGAINST ALL OF THE ABOVE CHARGES.

    This is he who messed everything and he is responsible for it.

    Please let me have your views and comments on this COMMENT.

    CT Please publish this in the International media with full exposure.

    Thank you.

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