27 January, 2023


The Rising: Nugegoda Feb 18th

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

“Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight” 
– Bruce Springsteen: The Rising

There was a WANTED poster out for Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday at Nugegoda, and it wasn’t one for crimes of corruption, human rights violation, dictatorship pasted by the JVP. It was a WANTED poster made of over a hundred thousand persons, which said that he was Wanted by the people, by the nation, as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

I must have attended an Opposition rally in Sri Lanka which was larger than the one in Nugegoda on February 18th but I can’t remember which, where and when. It must have been back in the 1960s, when my father took me for the United Front rallies of the SLFP-LSSP-CPSL. A more objective source, unrelated to the UPFA, told me on the phone last night that he saw parallels in the largest of the rallies of the DUNF when Lalith and Gamini led it.

Whichever the more appropriate parallel, Nugegoda was quite distinct in my experience, for a different reason. It was the most emotional, energetic and enthusiastic crowd I have seen at a public meeting in Sri Lanka, and that emotion wasn’t against anyone. It was for someone and something. This, together with the numbers, made the event a turning point, and potentially historic.

The main players at Nugegoda were not the personalities who organized it or addressed the gathering. It was the people. They were packed tightly together, spilling over and swarming the area, more enthusiastic than an American football crowd, waving Sri Lankan flags and posters of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

There was another main player at the Nugegoda meeting and he wasn’t even there. That was Mahinda Rajapaksa. It would have been the classic case of what Prof AW Singham named in his book “The Hero and the Crowd”, except that this time the hero wasn’t there and was there at the same time. The absent presence was of course, Mahinda, whose name was roared out by the crowd; welling up from its bowels.

It was as if the personalities on the stage were facilitators and conductors of that energy that came from the crowd. It was an energy that ran along an invisible circuit extending from Nugegoda to Medamulana and back.

The message from the rally had two intended audiences: Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa. The message was that Maithripala Sirisena was safe, unchallenged, acknowledged as President but that the same did not go for the unelected Prime Minister and his UNP government. The message was that the people want Mahinda back in the equation; that the 58 lakhs that voted for him and the 58% of the Sinhala majority that voted for him, will not go unrepresented; almost disenfranchised. The message was also that Mahinda Rajapaksa will not be allowed to enjoy a peaceful retirement and that his people have at least one more national service they expect from him, which is to defeat the anti-national Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister and institute an SLFP administration.

It is not an attempt at overturning President Sirisena or putting the clock all the way back. It is not a restorationist attempt. It is an attempt at re-balancing, at pressing the re-set button in Sri Lankan politics, so that the 58 lakhs (and percent of the 74% majority) do not go unrepresented.

For me the most emblematic scene of the Nugegoda public meeting calling for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s return to politics as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the Sri Lanka freedom Party and the UPFA was that of a young man atop a billboard whose response to the drone camera eyeballing it with him, was to wave a lion flag and Mahinda Rajapaksa’s portrait into the eye of the camera. That was gesture of defiance and proud defiance was what the ingathering was all about.

One of the political highlights of the public meeting was the presence of a significant number of SLFP MPs and ex-MPs, Chief Minister Ranatunga, Provincial Councilors, and local government representatives.

Overall the speeches were of high political quality, with progressive veterans Podi Appuhamy, Vasu, and Dinesh giving classic performances. The younger stars, Wimal Weerawansa, a pure Jacobin orator and Udaya Gammanpila, seemingly softer and more humorous, if you ignore the glint in his eye, turned in superb performances. The senior-most speaker, Dinesh Gunawardena spoke last and appropriately evoked anti-UNP memories not only of 1956 but more emphatically of 1960, in which there were two elections, the first won by the UNP and the second by the SLFP under a new leadership which could bring out the votes.

The Nugegoda meeting seemed to me the birth of a national-democratic movement and the launch of a national-democratic struggle to establish a national-democratic government. It was profoundly democratic in that it refused to accept the legitimacy of a Government which had neither won an election nor obtained the confidence of the majority of the Parliament. It was democratic also in that it sought to question the appointment of the leader of the opposition by a President who installed an unelected Prime Minister and Government. Finally it was democratic as it sought to rectify the anomaly of 5.8 million voters (and the 58% of the 74 % majority of the population) going unrepresented in the power equation.

The movement is national in the senses that it is proud of the valiant victory over Tiger terrorism and separatism, stands for the defence of national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity against centrifugal forces and external pressures such as the genocide Resolution of the Northern Provincial Council and Foreign Minister Samaraweera’s written pledge to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner to “work together on developing a domestic mechanism on accountability”.

It is national also in the sense that it taps into a deep emotional wellspring of Sinhala nationalism in the service of a strong patriotism. It is Sinhala nationalist without being anti-Tamil or anti-Muslim in any manner, though it is against anything that is latently secessionist or of detriment to national security. This is a Sinhala nationalism that cannot but stand naturally at the center and in the vanguard of a Sri Lankan nationhood and Sri Lankan patriotism but in no way seeks to dominate the minorities. This is a nationalism and a patriotism that is directed outward, against external threats and their domestic beachheads and agencies (most notably Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNP government) but does not seek to dominate domestic minorities. It is a patriotism and nationalism that seeks to re-energize the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the UPFA.

This is not the patriotism that will be applauded by the cosmopolitan Colombo elite which is delirious that happy days are here again. This is a patriotism of the people; a people that refused, to give into terrorism and secessionism and remains determined to see through their guises and resist. The audience at Nugegoda was one of the masses; the people, those who fought in and supported the war; those whose sons and daughters went off to fight and die in defence of their country so that we could all live in peace. They are grateful to Mahinda Rajapaksa because it was he who gave the committed leadership that none of his predecessors, most conspicuously Ranil and Chandrika could not or did not. They are grateful for the peace we now enjoy.

These masses, from the middle and what Gramsci would call the subaltern classes, are not willing to be ruled by the unelected, anti-national elitist UNP of Ranil Wickremesinghe. This was a fusion of the nation and the people; what Gramsci terms the “national-popular”. Thus the Nugegoda mobilization was the birth of a popular movement of national—and nationalist– Resistance. It signaled a people’s national/ist Renaissance.

Throughout the meeting was the rising chant from the crowd, “Mahinda! Mahinda! Apata Oney Mahinda! (“We want Mahinda!”)”. So Wimal was probably right when he said to rapturous applause “Mahinda is not a name, Mahinda is a country!” The great Vietnamese leader Le Duan who succeeded the legendary Ho Chi Minh and led the anti-imperialist war to victory often said ‘Socialism and the Nation are One’. For the people who swarmed over Nugegoda in February 18th, Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Nation are One.

It was veteran leftist Vasudeva Nanayakkara who struck the basic moral-ethical and even philosophical chord that unified everyone at the massive mobilization in Nugegoda, when he declared and repeated: “It is not defeat that is a disgrace, it is surrender!”

“’Cause we made a promise we swore we’d always remember
No retreat, baby, no surrender
Blood brothers on the summer’s night
With a vow to defend
No retreat, baby, no surrender” – 
Bruce Springsteen: ‘No Surrender’

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Latest comments

  • 46

    By associating with opportunistic pseudo lefties, dyed in the wool racists, thieves and other undesirables DJ has finally shown his true colours.

    It is sad to see an educated and intelligent man wanting to bring back to power a man who basically destroyed most aspects of democratic politics in Sri Lanka. The man DJ wants to bring back to power is a thief, mass murderer, racist and much worse. Shame on you DJ.

    • 22

      This guy, DJ, is joke, don’t take him seriously…

      • 0

        Mahinda Rajapassa with the help of the various opportunists and liars like DJ who surround him, is digging his grave deeper! Rather than keeping quite and learning, Jarapassa is still greedy for power as his proxies’ Macho posturing in Nugegoda shows!

        This will be an incentive for Maitri, Ranil, Chandrika to speed up investigations and punishment on the Jarapassa family.. and clean up the rotten political culture in the country faster than they would otherwise bother to do!

        Keep up your Bullshit Dayan – BLOWBACK is the name of the game!

        • 1

          Dayan likes to seethe scum rising to the top again:

          What he describes is nothing other than crowd psychology when reasons are submerged beneath hysterical emotions.

          If you have read the classic book (which I read many years ago):

          The Crowd & Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds By Gustave LeBon, and Charles Mackay

          you will understand the emotional madness going on in Nugegoda!

          Dayan takes the role of intellectual fueling of this madness of the Sinhala Buddhist supremacist crowd.

    • 21

      ”… a thief, mass murderer, racist and much worse”:
      an annihilator of the essence of Buddhism

      ”shame on you” : DJ, where is your ”New Humanism”

    • 1

      A suggestion to you Piranha. Go to a mirror and see who is in front of you. You will find someone who has all those qualities you mention in your comment.

    • 0

      The Nugegoda meeting was the last ditch effort by Mahinda R and those whose political fortunes entirely depend on him to see if he is already a forgotten factor so soon. Why did you think he did not personally attend the meeting. Weerawansa and the other derelicts spent all their hoarded loot to buy more than half of those who gathered there and spent heavily to bring crowd-for-hire audience.

      Whatever doubt that was left in the initiated public mind if Dayan J
      was an opportunistic political animal or a balanced political analyst and scientist was blown away when Dayan made his second most spectacular blunder in his political-academic career – the first being involved with Varadhans quislings. He has desecrated the good name of that giant independent journalist and gentleman – yes, his illustrious father – Mervyn de Silva down badly. To lose all credibility and public esteem is worse than death to one who pretends to be advisor to those in the throne.

      Susil Premjayanth is the second senior SLFP leader – after Nimal Siripala de Silva – to openly declare to Mahinda R is not welcome in the SLFP any more. The voice of these two men together with Anura Yapa, Dimu Jayaratne, Ratnasiri Wickramanayake count far more than hacks like Berawansa, communalist Dinesh and Vast, the non-starter.
      All these men personally suffered and were insulted by the familial rule. Besides, the money bags who were 24×7 around MR and family are all seen with Ravi K, Malik and the UNP heavyweights. They are spilling the beans. Gothabaya’s hit men in the “Unit-eka” are not there to finish off whom the family did not like.

      The arrogance of Gothabaya, the lecherous lifestyle of Namal and his siblings; the greed of Basil have buried Mahinda R for good. He has lost the powerful influence of India, the UN, USA, Britain and the EU. China has no time to waste on losers. MR’s only hope – with the talents of Booruwansa and Dinesh – is to rake up the communal cauldron. He has given more than a single indication he has a score to settle with both sides – and the man can be brutal when he seeks revenge. The country is beginning to, slowly but surely, learn how the Rajapakses looted the country for 10 years. Will the simpleton Sinhala mass understand why Sri Lanka needed an embassy in the small island of Seychelles (pop. 90,000 people) and why the bankrupt Mihin Lanka had a regular flight there. The US, British and Indian intelligence services do. The Rs.2,500,000,000 rupee written-off by the NSB – that is the savings of millions of poor – is not the only economic crime the ping-adi Rajapakse family inflicted on the entire country. There’s a whole list more.


  • 19

    I wonder why the matinee idol Rajapaksa did not show up at this meeting to see his adoring fans.

  • 24

    Must be his new contract. He will shop for anybody as long as he gets paid. Just a mercenery

  • 27

    Sad to see this man is going behind crooks and robbers.
    No doubts that he is the same.
    Though people call him DR.
    He has no any principle or policy as a educated man.

    Those who are joining with those failures are also failures.

    Go back to the history of Wimal Weerawansa. He completely destroyed the JVP.
    He betrayed the JVP. And joined with Mahinda Rajapaksa and did the same.

    He is the man who promised people that he would use only Three Wheeler but now where is he and what he does. Foolish Sinhalese still go behind that idiot.

    What he talks when he makes statements and on political flat forms.
    His words are despicable and disgusting.

    Buruwansa and Gonwansa are the appropriate names for that idiot.
    He does not know and has not learnt how to respect elders and educated and matured people.

    Still we remember how he talked about Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena.

    Unfortunately this present government has failed to bring him and his wife in to justice and incarcerate in the prison for life.

    Dayan if you have a micro sense of wisdom you never join with these failures and crooks to bring defeated Mahinda Rajapaksa back into politics in your life.


    • 0

      The best man to deal with Booruwansa is Kaduwela’s Buddhadasa,
      who hates the sight of the former JVP upstart. Wimal W is dead scared of the oldish Mayor. Wimal’s goose is half cooked by his trying-to-social-climb messy wife – Sashi. Defrauding the Immigration Dept is only one of her minor vices. The ambitious woman is up to all sorts of rackets with wheeler-dealers and Container smugglers.
      If Income Tax authorities seriously look into Weerawansa’s affairs for the past few years, the “hero” and the wife will be behind bars for a long time.

      By the way, what happened to that poor girl at Lake House the faithful
      Weerawansa was tormenting for years. Boy! What principled socialists we have in the frontline of our left politics.


  • 27

    DJ is racist not a sinhala nationalist. He should think unity of the country. His is hiding under nationalist banner. Your academic qualifications has no relation to your rational/intellectual thinking. You are a mere typical educated modaya.

    • 2

      Wahhabi Sally is a nationalist and 13A backing DJ is a racist eh?

    • 0

      NGO Boy has gone crazy … Paw…

  • 20

    DJ’s father, he tells us, was a good journalist.

    Why has DJ then become a mere copy writer – advertising copy writer?

    Does he not have enough means to sustain himself and be an independent witness?

    Of course singing for your supper, weeping and breast beating for some small alms are an ancient tradition.

  • 23

    DJ cries ‘tiger, tiger’ to stir up sinhala emotions and win votes. The same old tactics. Everybody knows there is no more tigers in Sri Lanka even in the jungles. You are no more than a racist. You and clans have no more place or position in our country. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic country and we all want live peacefully in a democratic and united country. You have lost the plot before but now doing ground work for the future post as an ambassador if lucky. Although you have a PhD, you are not an intellectual.

  • 9

    It is not the personality but the policy and principles of a party and a person that matters in the west to win the election. Having obtained a PhD somewhere will not take you anywhere unless you have some intellectual capacity and thinking to build a united and prosperous Sri Lanka. Instedd of cry wolf you cry tiger. Not all Sri Lankans are modayas like you.

  • 12

    Sri Lanka would be better of if a party win on policies(economic, development and foreign) and principles for a united country. You still rely on emotions of the people and cry wolf(tiger) to win the vote. What a shame for your PhD and foolish thinking. Not all Sri Lankans are educated modayas like you and clans. Remember the current government is democratic enough for you all to have a rally as you wish. Don’t spoil the soup DJ.

  • 8

    I once had great respect for you but you have sold yourself.

  • 11

    Like Arjuna Ranathunga did when he won the world cup, Mahinda should retire with dignity. Not try to help those bankrupt with no future to be resurrected.

    He played his innings like Ranatunga , there was good the bad and the ugly. Let history judge him. There is absolutely no doubt about the good that he did. But the bad were more the hangers round and family who brought destruction and because it was family and perceived friends he was blind to reality. He must reflect now in retirement being content having done a service to Sri Lanka that no other leader had the balls to do.

    He will always be in the hearts and minds of people, But he should not venture any more all fall into the category of hate in the eyes of the people where JR who brought economic liberation ended because of similar despicable conduct and teaching young and old Politicians what should in the minds of the public never done. What JR did was bad. What the hangers on got Mahinda to do was beyond definition. The evil conduct is similar to the theme in Alpocino’s Devil’s Advocate.

  • 11

    DR stands for Doctor Rogue (Hora) OMG. all the bloody Rogues want MR back so that they can rob the Country. These people who came for this rally are the worst Idiots I have come across.

  • 6

    Its call people power.

  • 6

    I just want start few words from Tokutomi Soho of Japanese, who summed up by rational way that what early Japanese sincerely believed in;”….We must show to the races of East Asia that the order, tranquility, PEACE,HAPPINESS and Contentment of East Asia can be gained only by eradicating the EVIL precedent of the encroachment and extortion of the Anglo-Saxons in East Asia..” (De Bary, Gluck and Tiedemann eds. sources of Japanese Traditions vol. 2 p 137.)

    Present day politics in Sri lanka, Democratic task left behind by colonial rulers that democratic political structure of underdeveloped and backward Capitalism has not totally shifted that into new venture capitalism , until 2005 which MR came into Political Party leadership of SLFP.

    There was peaceful rise of National forces under MEP led by SWRD Banadarake, in 1956 to 1959 that decolonization of Colonial Rule was incomplete and unfinished task left by previous SLFP leadership of SRB 1960 July 1977 and CBK 1994to 2004.

    During 1960 to 2004 of SLFP party policies of the neo-colonial logic of worked out the nihilist mindset, which battle of power with UNP that without any real-alternative policies of bourgeoisie democracy or national democracy, that is what DJ said his essay.
    That how I understood.

    As National Bourgeois’ of political party of SLFP had been totally unable delivered nation state building with sound economies footing and power in Sri lanka 30 years of as Ruling party.

    The UNP policies attached Western agenda and NEO-liberal that builds around the endless multiplication of individual desire are likely to wage the most destructive that WAR of politics, since 1977 until 1994 and 2001 to 2004 by UNP Ranil W….

    The destructive wars of anti-Demcratic politics in order to maintain people of Sri Lankan chosen way of LIFE over 30 odd years, until 2009 May. UNP produced its own right-wing thinks, that keen to preserve the propagate certain if not all norms orthodox and conservative and ideals of western oriented neo-liberal style of corrupted democracy.

    Needless to say achieve four principle of moribund democracy of West advocated by UNP as local partner utterly corrupted ethnics of politics that ;selfish, to kill other, to have little integrity, and to feel little shame.
    How is different are principle of Democratization of civilization.
    In political terms of in fact, we mean that ours civilization of democracy designed to benefit all men and women every nook and corner of an Island.

    Hence Western bourgeoisies civilization, under-development bourgeois class and its democracy and the plan for TWO Republic have all bankrupt in the eyes of the SRI LAKAN PEOPLE. Ours modern society is still very much underdeveloped and Undo democracies of Governances and Rule of Law has disappear last 30 days in MS in power of state of Governances’. ( since 2015 January 9th)

    The freed from local isolationism Tamils & Muslims and that status of discriminations of traditional society that ideally created by Tamil Separatism or Eealm by Tamil political class of extremist in TNA; a society needed urgently address that FREE and equal individual Ruling parties no longer are eliminated by social status according to their birth and rise of Capitalist nationalism and national political parties even after the 1956.

    End of war 2009 May and defeated that politics of war by Tamil Eealm has left by Old SLFP leadership and Conservatives UNP behind unfinished task. Indeed MR Led Ruling alliances challenges by unending Task was not easy one.

    The situation was more complex ,class struggle in new level and form, its struggle turn and twist by Foreign powers of West and Indian interfaces of internal politics of Island led to political coup assist by UNP and part of few SLFP old policies since 2010.

    Sri lanka Political and Economic Sovereignty Republic of Island challenge by Indian and West Foreign power after 67 years of Independence. Political democracy and People sovereignty become invalid.

    Sovereignty of Sri Lanka political and Economic and development of democracy that undermine Sustainability of Capitalist development challenges by Foreign power.
    MR alliance have been sever challenge by West and Indian power since came to power 2005.
    1 Defeated LTTE Tamil terrorism and war of Eealm launch by Tamil terrorist blessing by West and Indian ruling class.
    2 National economic development of Lankan And shifted new mega projects that initiated by MR ruling alliances

    The peace & stability give rise to National democracy of Capitalism side by side given certain freedom for Masses; which Peace,Stability and Security after long years of Tragedies disappear under MR ruling party alliances until 2014.

    Majority of People feel they lost and displace their identify, dignity security and sovereignty after lost of MR Presendintal election 2015 January.

    Nugegoda meeting vast gathering feel silent protest of masses of ongoing fail policies try to turn back democracy, development and peace into destabilization path of island by present ruling class, anti-democracy worrisome is that widespread of policies of West and Indian ruling class power games.

    The Masses of majority of public agrees that one of the biggest changes since 2015 January.

    This is how fuzzy the meaning of democracy is and how easy it is manipulated election. That is democracy do not want work Sri lanka longer and NOT accepts by Majority of Democracy.

    • 0

      Sir, Are using Google Translator..whatever written here is garbled.

  • 16


    I know enough PhDs who have no common sense and are removed from reality. Dr DJ seems like one, and a an egoist to boot. The fellow cannot write one simple paragraph without having to quote some author or other, Che Guvera or Marx or Mao. Is this man not capable of a single original thought?

    As for the rally, does Dr DJ not realise that whilst this administration allowed the rally to proceed without let or hindrance, under MR’s dispensation, there will have been goons with automatic weapons, power cuts, intimidation and as happened in Pelmadulla, even a fatal shooting? Does this well educated man want to take us back to those dark days?

  • 15

    DJ Is a racist and naturally he participated at the rally enthusiastically.

  • 0

    Is this DJ wimal weerawansa’s kade yana man. He is misleading the nation, beware we want peace in Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    Dream on you [Edited out]….. your hero will soon be experiencing due process for his vile actions.

    >>The absent presence was of course, Mahinda, whose name was roared out by the crowd; welling up from its bowels<< Indeed! Just wait until the roar from the bowels passes through the nether end!

  • 0

    It is a shame DJ is going behind MR, i have been following the articles / news items of DJ for a long time and it appears that he is been paid to write by the crooks

    This is the same old DJ who claimed that he prevented UN inquiry in 2009 ( there is no reason one should oppose if there was mass human right violation irrespective who is responsible for it)

    i will never call him as a educated person, people can have education / position / money but if one does not have common sense there it is a serous problem
    i see that DJ does not have COMMON SENSE……..so no point in talking about him
    It is a shame…………look to the end

  • 0

    UNP CF Leader Ranil says it is ready,,, I mean 19 A is ready.

    SLFP will approve it. No need of a referendum.

    Once approved, Ranil ( PM of course ) will be in charge.

    Him and his Cabinet will tell the President what to do and what not to do.

    And it will be all revealed in April.

    I didn’t make this up. It was all in the Daily news, which is now pretty close to LankaeNews..

    Colombo Elite , Anglicans , Vellalas and the SLMC Muslims must be be ecstatic.

    Assath and Bathdeen are already in Ranil’s team ..Right…

    Wonder whether the One Hundred thousand Nugegodians will approve this arrangement?.

    I mean the agreement between Ranil and the SLFP !!!

  • 0

    DJ has always been associated with anti-progressive forces during last many years. He misuses his academic qualifications and writing skills to mislead people. He has always been an angry, unhappy and unsatisfied man whatever he does. He is a shame to Sri Lankan academics.

  • 3

    UNP fanboys and Tamil racist scum should first press the government to go for parliamentary elections so people can appoint a legitimate prime minister. Bringing in reforms that can have effect for decades through an unelected, rejected prime minister is highly undemocratic and is a criminal activity in a sense too because they are directly violating the constitution of the country.

    • 0

      B.O.S.S.= Hooo hoo- Buffalo Obviously Sprouts Sh*t! (*^_^*)

      flu bug, Don’t worry, we will soon have you out of that birthday suit !

  • 0

    I strongly believe there should be checks and balance so strong opposition to steer ruling party on right course, I love to see Formar President give leadership to that task but we don’t want to any more Sinhala Majority, Lion Flag etc DR Jayatilaka, why not rephrase your wording such as national flag, people mandate from all part of the country so on?

    Please put a full stop such writes, we have a great responsibility to leave better Sri Lanka to the next generation, they should not suffer another meaningless war for such writings. DR Jayatilaka remember our country and Your reputation at stake

    Let’s work for one country, with many nations

  • 0

    The chief backers of the Nugegoda meeting are those whose files were with MR. they know very well that their political fututre will be doomed without having MR back. They have no love for MR but themselves.
    Dr. D. J is also working on his selfish agenda to make good for the wrong decision made to oppose Maithreepala Sirisena and regain lost prestige and may be Foreign Ministers post that was promised by MR prior to the Presidential election. Percey

  • 1

    I am a proud sinhalaya who participated in this rally.This was my first and not the last!! Until we bring back president Rajapaksa to power we will rally. No bus came to take me to the rally but I took a cab. Half way through I had to get down and walk and run towards the rally as roads were blocked by the massive crowd.
    We will fight until we get the security and protection we had underf Mahinda from separatist agendas and foreign interventions. We need to protect the hard earned peace of this country for our children!!
    Dr Dayan you are correct when you say that ” Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Nation are one”.
    I thought I will mention some unfavourable developmets happening in the country:
    The NP governer was replaced by an NGO man.
    A police officer who was patrolling in the night was shot and still the culprit is not arrested.
    1000 acres of High security land is released for the Tamils.
    Mankulam main strategic police post is taken out without the approval of the parliament.
    NP pass a resolution against the sinhalise governments accusing of genocide.
    Mangala gives a written pledge to UN for a domestic inquiry.
    Our soldiers did not give their lives to see these developments again in this country!!!!!!!

  • 0

    This Rally and the bunch of loosers remind me the Marweer celebration of LTTE!!! It is Pointless to Celebrate the Dead!!! ( except of course the musical rebels the Grateful Dead!!!) That grand looser Dayan Jayathilake , what he managed to pull off in Geneva in 2009 now looks like DEFINITELY a FLUKE!!! Or he seems exactly what Dr. Nalin( another looser there) along with that Dath( Nethi) Dosthara the older you get the stupider you become according to these folks conduct!!!! The Suckers who voted for Mahinda should learn this lesson that is ‘In life either you learn and get wiser or keep following the same foot path and perish’ Fortunately in this Country there are folks who are quick to correct their course and luckily they are in the majority!!! Also there is no ELECTION for selecting PMs in this Country!!! It will be Mitri who will select the PM even if Mahinda contested( if he does not have a shame and IF Chandrika grants him Nomination and Mitri did not put him behind bars.!!! Such is the odds. So this is like the headless Chicken doing the death dance until it falls down. It will die Naturally, by the next rally the lesser the chicken will be by 3rd Rally it will be the Four Grand loosers on Stage!!! aj

  • 1

    Big joke. Al those sitting there are rejected ones for various ugly reasons. All those attended are paid money, food, transport. Same crowd will go everywhere when they have meeting. For the lazy to survive you need rogues to feed them. And those who write praises of them are well fed to the throat. Sri Lanka has learnt their lessons with these rouges for many years. They are not stupid to repeat the same mistake.

  • 0

    I agree with Saman. I am sorry for the country and the innocent people of srilanka.

  • 1

    Too bad for you Dr DJ. You are such a disappointment. Your attempt to romanticize the meeting as if it was one before the Bolshevik Revolution made me want to throw up!I could somehow excuse everyone on that stage even Mr Nanayakkara but you?? The saddest thing is I now have to accept a lot of things people said to me about your “political motivation” are true.

  • 1

    The present government is trying to be very democratic and carrying out investigations on corruption and the misdeeds of the MR regime including all their cronies accordingly. They are not applying the jungle laws as applied by MR, Gotabaya etc, e.g. the way GenerL Fonseka Was arrested abd treated like a criminal though he played a major role in winning the war. It is not far away that atleast some
    Of the investiagtions would be completed and action filed in courts to prosecute tbe wrong doers.

    The so called rakky in Nugegoda on 18th was part of the campaign to arouse communal disharmony and create chaos in the country so that they can cover up the robbing, stealing, etc they committed during the time if their rule. However, this will not succeed when people are informed with proof of some of the misdeeds abd all these guys will be dumped.
    This includes DJ, who thinks he knows everything and only he has solutions in hand.

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