20 September, 2019


The Threat Facing The Country Due To The Geneva Resolution

By Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

I address you thus, at a time of great peril to our nation. Various views have been expressed about the resolution passed against Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council in Geneva. There was a debate in parliament about it as well. Some contentious points have been raised with regard to this resolution and as the former President and Commander in Chief I am duty bound to explain to the public my views on this resolution. The people of this country should be aware of the challenge confronting the country as a result of the government co-sponsoring the Geneva resolution against Sri Lanka.

I must first draw your attention to the operative paragraphs in the Geneva resolution which will have the most serious implications for this country. There are many dangerous operative paragraphs in this resolution. I wish to draw your attention to three of the most serious and unacceptable recommendations.

According to operative paragraph 6 of the Geneva resolution the government has agreed to establish a judicial mechanism to try war crimes. They have also agreed to the participation of foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers in that judicial mechanism. What this means in effect is the setting up of an entirely new parallel criminal justice system in this country outside the existing system.

According to operative paragraph 4 of the Geneva resolution, the Sri Lankan government has already agreed to allow these mechanisms that are to be set up to ‘deal with the past’ to obtain financial assistance from foreign countries. What this means is that the mechanisms that will be set up to look into allegations of war crimes and other matters will be paid for and maintained by the Western powers.

If the Geneva resolution is implemented, the countries that sponsored resolutions against Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council, will be the same countries that provide funding for the judicial mechanisms set up under that resolution and who provide the judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers to man those mechanisms. These will also be the same countries that tried their level best to stop the final phase of the war and failed. By what stretch of the imagination are we to believe that the cause of justice will be served by such an arrangement?

The government has been putting forward various arguments to justify their decision to implement the Geneva resolution. The appointment by Mrs Sirima Bandaranaike of an Egyptian judge to the Commission of Inquiry to probe the S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike assassination is taken as an example of a foreign judge participating in the Sri Lankan judicial system.

However Mrs Bandaranaike appointed that Egyptian judge to a Commission of Inquiry appointed under the Commissions of Inquiry Act and not to a court of law. The criminal case relating to the Bandaranaike assassination was heard in the ordinary courts of the country. Similarly the instance of the Commission of Inquiry into Missing Persons (Maxwell Paranagama Commission) appointed by me, being allowed to seek the legal opinions of several foreign experts in the law of armed conflict is also mentioned as a precedent for the participation of foreign legal experts in a Sri Lankan legal process.

My government did make arrangements for the Maxwell Paranagama Commission to obtain written legal opinions from several foreign experts on a written request made by the Chairman of that Commission.  Sir Desmond de Silva QC, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, Professor David Crane, Professor Michael Newton and Rodney Dixon – all experts in the law of armed conflict – and Major General John Holmes formerly of the British SAS provided some very valuable written opinions to the Paranagama Commission. It should be borne in mind that we are referring here not to the Maxwell Paranagama Commission Report which was tabled in parliament recently, but to the legal opinions provided to it by the foreign experts.  The government should have circulated the written opinions of these international experts to the members of the UN Human Rights Council. There was plenty of time to do so before the UNHRC sessions but the government deliberately refrained from doing so.

“The Island” web edition published all these legal opinions in full some months ago. If the contents of those well argued legal opinions had been taken into account the war crimes project against Sri Lanka orchestrated by some western countries would have come to an end before it even got off the ground.

The Commission on Missing Persons is also a commission appointed under the Commissions of Inquiry Act and not a court of law. Furthermore the legal experts I mentioned earlier, only provided written legal opinions in an advisory capacity to this commission. All these opinions were very favourable to Sri Lanka. The difference between obtaining advisory opinions about the arguments that can be made in our favour from foreign experts and appointing foreign judges to hear court cases against our war heroes should be clear to everybody.

Various views were expressed about the report of the Maxwell Paranagama Commission appointed to look into Complaints of Missing Persons during the recent debate in parliament. I heard this commission being referred to as “Rajapaksa’s Commission”. I saw some politicians trying to justify their own plans by saying that Rajapaksa’s own commission had made such and such recommendation. I appointed the Paranagama Commission to look into Complaints of Missing Persons in August 2013. After January this year it has functioned under the present government. It is now a commission of the present government. From January this year the incumbent President had the power to make any changes he wanted in the functions of this Commission. So it is not correct to say that was a ‘Rajapaksa commission’. In any event what is of importance to us here are the implications of the Geneva resolution.

The involvement of foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers implies the creation of a new criminal justice system parallel to the existing one. I am totally opposed to any such arrangement.  I regard that very suggestion to be an insult to our courts system, legal profession, Attorney General’s Department and investigative bodies.

Through operative paragraph 8 of the Geneva resolution, the government has already agreed to remove from office members of the armed suspected of having committed human rights violations   through an ‘administrative process’ even if there is no evidence against him that can be placed before a court of law. Some ministers claimed in parliament  that there is no such recommendation in the Geneva resolution. I state with the utmost responsibility that operative paragraph 4 of the resolution requires exactly that and nothing else.

When the Human Rights Commissioner addressed the UNHRC on 30 September the matter on which he placed the most emphasis was the need to remove from office through an administrative process members of the armed forces suspected of having violated human rights. The government has agreed even to implement this patently unfair recommendation. If there is insufficient evidence to place before a court of law, no one can be declared a wrongdoer according to our legal system. On what principle of justice are such individuals to be removed from office through an administrative process? This is nothing but a project to persecute our war heroes.

There is another ethical issue here. This war was fought in Sri Lanka. If our war heroes are to be punished for war crimes, many things that were not crimes according to our law during the time of the war will have to be entered into our laws as crimes and given effect retroactively. Our constitution does permit retroactive legislation especially to give effect to international law in this country.

However, one of the most sacrosanct principles of criminal law is that a deed that was not a crime when it was committed should not be declared a crime through new legislation and punishment meted out retroactively. Even though the constitution allows retroactive legislation, this is never resorted to except in the most extreme circumstances.

The last time retroactive legislation was passed in was in the 1980s when SepalaEkanayake hijacked an Alitalia plane. At that time hijacking a plane was not an offence in our law. So the government at that time had to bring in retroactive legislation to make hijacking a crime and to punish Ekanayake. But there is no such issue here. If any member of the armed forces has committed murder there are laws against that in our country. Likewise if there are allegations, of torture, assault, rape or threatening of people against any member of the armed forces, all those crimes can be dealt with under our law.

If any of these crimes can be punished in our law, many would be left wondering why new criminal laws would be necessary at all. If new laws are introduced, that will be for only one purpose – to water down the evidentiary requirements and to enable the expeditious jailing of our war heroes. This is similar to wanting to remove from office through an administrative process even those members of the armed forces against whom there is no evidence, but are suspected of having violated human rights. The evidentiary rules in international war crimes tribunals have a lower benchmark than in our courts and the national legal systems of most countries. Life sentences can be handed down on little evidence.

This is one of the main reasons why the United States of America has prohibited international war crimes tribunals from ever trying any of its citizens. In 2002 the American government passed the “American Servicemen’s Protection Act” which empowers the American president to use force if necessary to obtain the release of any American citizen taken before an international war crimes tribunal. That is how the Americans protect their war veterans and other citizens. But what we see here are politicians falling over one another in their eagerness to betray our war heroes. One of the main reasons why the Americans are against any of its citizens being taken before these international war crimes tribunals is because of the glaring shortcomings in the international law relating to  war crimes and the procedures of the war crimes tribunals.

The present attempt being made in this country is to introduce these faulty laws and procedures to Sri Lanka and to jail our war heroes expeditiously. No self respecting citizen should allow this to happen. If any member of the armed forces has done anything wrong, he should be tried according to our law and only in our courts.

In ruling a country governments do come under pressure from overseas. The government of the day has to find ways and means of dealing with that. There is no need for a government if we are going to agree to everything said by other countries.

The government has co-sponsored the Geneva resolution without considering its implications and without informing parliament and appraising the people about it. If a separate criminal justice apparatus is to be set up with foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators, our ordinary law as well as the constitution itself will have to be amended. Last week in an interview with The Straits Times in Singapore, the Prime Minister had said that foreign judges will in fact be involved in war crimes trials here.

The laws will be changed in this manner for the sole purpose of punishing our war heroes. Changing the constitution itself to punish the war heroes who brought an end to terrorism which had been stalking this land for forty years and which embroiled the country in a raging internal war for 30 years is a dastardly act.  People belonging to all communities are now able to live in peace in this country because of the sacrifices made by our war heroes.

If we change the law to enable foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators to serve in our legal system, what happens after they finish jailing our war heroes? If the amendments to the law continues to remain even after jailing the war heroes, foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators and especially lawyers will continue to work in Sri Lanka and that may pose a major problem for the legal profession. There are many lawyers in parliament. I too am a lawyer.

One of the matters under discussion in this country with regard to the CEPA agreement with India was the provision made for Indian professionals of all categories including lawyers to work in Sri Lanka. If the laws are amended as envisaged to punish our war heroes, one of the unintended consequences of that will be the opening up of the Sri Lankan legal profession to foreigners even without CEPA.

If however, the law is changed only to punish our war heroes and after all the war heroes are jailed the laws are amended once again to restore the status quo ante, then it will become obvious to the people that this government amended the law only to punish our war heroes. That is not an acceptable situation at all.

The government has been engaged in an attempt to justify the position they have taken. One argument they have brought forward is that everything that is happening now had been agreed to in the joint statement made by the UN Secretary General and myself on May 23 2009. They have been misquoting the final paragraph of that joint statement to find justification for their own actions. That final paragraph went as follows: “Sri Lanka reiterated its strongest commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights, in keeping with international human rights standards and Sri Lanka’s international obligations.  The Secretary-General underlined the importance of an accountability process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.  The Government will take measures to address those grievances.”

Joint statements contain the ideas of both parties signing it. The positions taken by Sri Lanka and the UN Secretary General are clearly stated. Sri Lanka has accepted that she is committed to upholding human rights to an international standard and we are doing that. We have a whole chapter on fundamental rights in our constitution. The UN Secretary General speaks about the need for an accountability process. We never accepted that. All that we did was to look into any grievances in that regard.

We never undertook to set up war crimes tribunals or to man them with foreign judges and prosecutors or to sack members of the armed forces who have not been proven guilty of any wrongdoing through an administrative process. As per the pledge we made we appointed the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission to look into Complaints of Missing Persons.

These plans that are being made to persecute members of our armed forces cannot be implemented without amending the law. Parliament has the power to thwart all these plans being made to victimise our war heroes who sacrificed so much in the war against terror. I appeal to all Members of Parliament regardless of party affiliation, not to allow the passage of any legislation aimed at persecuting members of our armed forces. This is a matter that goes beyond politics and is about our country, our nation, our sovereignty and our self respect.

The people should be vigilant about what these powerful forces are trying to achieve by jailing our war heroes, sacking through an administrative process those who cannot be jailed, and breaking the back of this nation. It is my belief that we as a nation are now faced with the most perilous moment since independence in 1948. We are all duty bound to come forward on behalf of the nation at a time like this.

Victory to our country and nation!

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you

*Text of a speech delivered by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Abeyarama Temple in Colombo on Sunday 25 October 2015

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  • 12

    What we heard even in those days,

    Country was saved thanks to three forces and more. Since then, Mahinda Rajapakse made wrong decisions and lied to almost everybody. That resulted the situation that we are in.

    As Gota handled the administrative part of the war, Mahinda Rajapakse should have handed over post war handling to another capable person.

    Instead it went really wrong.

    • 5

      What MR should have done immediately after the war, only a few examples

      Providing immediate financial assistance, livelihood to war widows running over thousands , to ensure their children are given food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, sanitation,

      It was the duty of Govt. of Sri Lanka, because those affected were Sri Lankans, instead what govt, did was spending billions US$ on mega infrastructure projects in North,

      First thing first as Lord Buddha said, “ Don’t preach to hungry but give them food first & then preach ” but MR did not follow Lord Buddha.

      Getting TNA to join govt, by making them Cabinet Ministers , If TNA was part & parcel of GOSL ,they could not have complained to outside world TNA should have been given role of Welfare of War affected,

      ( If I am not mistaken Sampanthan of TNA had asked Mahinda if they could join govt & MR had replied , instead of joining Govt. first TNA should participate in PSC, to find political solution to ethnic crisis or so , PSC was a damn useless never ending, waste of time & TNA rejected. So this golden opportunity went waste )

      For 6 long years valuable time was wasted, country’s economy is in ruins , now outside world show their powers & dictating terms .
      Who is answerable ??

      What Next.

      Now Paranagama commission appointed by Ex-Prez MR has given it’s report. It says in no uncertain terms HR violations by both sides , LTTE & SL Forces.

      One Solution to this is ” forgive & forget” ,

      Govt. of Sri Lanka should bring in a resolution / act in parliament , with PM Ranil & MP Mahinda jointly proposing it & opposition leader Sampanthan seconding it & passed with 2/3 majority ,

      “that all those LTTE suspects in jail as well as all those Sri lankan forces personnel who would have committed any such crime be absolved of any such war crime committed or not & acquitted & released as the general rule” ,

      And perhaps as exception to rule being

      “if any one in SL forces or LTTE who can be identified specifically beyond reasonable doubt for crimes against humanity in specific instances, be dealt with existing law including death penalty”.

      This exception to rule won’t be difficult since war ended 06 years ago

      If we Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim are united in our resolve as one Sri Lankan nation, No body from outside would ever interfere .

    • 11

      “The Threat Facing The Country Due To The Geneva Resolution”

      ” What we heard even in those days”


      Get it straight! There is/was no threat to the country now or then. Yes, there was and is a threat to you and your brother Gotabaya and few others who committed murder out of ill-breeding and bloodlust. There are many combatants on both sides who fought this war with honour and there is no threat to them. There are some who misbehaved in battle and later civilian life due to the example set by you and your siblings. It’s time you, without crying like a baby, stand up and accept responsibility for your actions like a man. You had no trouble accepting all the kudos for the war-victory for yourself.

      Sure, there was a threat of sanctions; not because the country had done wrong but because you had done wrong. Stop trying to project it as a threat to the country.

      Get one thing straight, the country is not Rajapakses. The country is 20 million people with a long good/bad history; you are only a miniscule part of it. You and your family have no more or less rights or importance than the rest.

      When you strip away all the hoopla, the simple truth is, the Singhalese had to have a uncouth ill-bread brute to get rid of another blood thirsty Tamil brute. The island was too small for the egos of both; one had to bite the dust. That’s the essence of the whole shindig when you cast aside all the long hours of analyses by Oxbridge/Ivy-League analysts who can’t find their own noses in the dark.

      I don’t hold anything against you because that’s the way you have been brought up; you know no better. It’s in your nature.

      You can’t walk into the jungle and blame a Hyena for his nature; that’s his essence passed on through generations.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

      • 3

        Medamulana Percy Mahendra Rajapakse was behaving like a Game Chandiya (village thug) when he was dealing with the West thinking that China will always come to his rescue. He made the US and UK the enemies of Sri Lanka due to his village thug diplomacy. The Geneva Resolution was one of its outcome. Now, he has not rights even to talk about the Geneva Resolution.

        Fortunately today, thanks to the gentleman diplomacy of Mangala-Maithree-Ranil, we have all the countries helping us. America has even gone to the extent of catching all the thieves who have invested all the money that they robbed from the country and deposited in off-shore foreign banks. I am sure, the Geneva Resolution will not be a threat to Sri Lanka.

    • 5

      Why is this corrupt crook who has stolen billions, Mahinda Jarapassa still at large?
      What is the agreement that so-called Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe have with him to provide immunity and impunity?

      The ‘parliamentary privileges’ of the corrupt politicians must be removed.

      MR should be behind bars, but the Ayahapalanaya Prime Minister is busy bailing out Wimal Weerawansa and letting Rajapaksa continue to delude the moda Sinhala masses.

      Ranil Wickramasinghe – so called Prime Minister should be charged in court for promoting a culture of immunity and impunity and massive political corruption in the country.

      Ranil is playing a shell game with the law and undermining the course of the law by asking for the release of Weerawansa who was arrested fro having 2 passports like his wife. Ranil has insulted airport security and the police.

    • 6

      MR is using the Geneva vote to DISTRACT people from his and his family’s corruption and criminality. He is also using it to divide people and play the old game of DIVIDE DISTRACT AND RULE Sinhala Modayas.

      Rajapaksa must be tried for corruption and put behind bars. So too his corrupt and foul mouthed mouth piece Wimal Weerawansa. But Ranil and the AG’s office doing opposite?!

      Today the culture of corruption is going from strength to strength in the parliament of corrupt morons where Ranil Wickramasinghe plays King of the Circus while is twisting the law and undermining the legal process to save crooks like Weerawansa and Mahinda Jarapassa.

      The AG’s office is useless and not a single criminal and corrupt politician from the Mahinda Jarapassa circle has been tried and convicted so far. Rather Ranil is busy promoting impunity for corrupt politicians and further rotting political culture.

    • 5

      All in all, with even BUMSOFTY becoming clear about that to this date – no longer MR and thugs should be hung by their balls for all what they have done in the post war period. Alone leaving billions of debt bills to handle any govt that took power after him should have to bear the burden to the manner as none did before. This man to add his cesspit thoughts, thinking that he could always be better is a curse. At least he should be somewhat remorseful to this date. People rejected the bugger not once twice.
      Today, being unable to face it the world and locals, he has been sharing his little knowledge with his hey men further. Media should not pay attention to this man s thoughts anymore.

    • 2

      only way out to silence MAFIA king is – Ranil et al to reveal all the high profile fund grabs of the mafia king.

      Sooner the current regime is capable of doing it – easier for them to take over all the handlings. Else, people would continously feel that they have been abused by giving the hopes about cornering the born goons.

  • 8

    Well, the guy that kept hounding Sri Lanka at UNHCR was Robert ‘O Blake.

    Apparently you lied to him. I suppose its OK if it was just one lie. However, you did not behave in a manner fitting a Statesman even afterwards. You did not implement YOUR OWN FRIGGING LLRC!!

    So between Robert Blake’s ego and your stubbornness the entire world lost 6 years.

    The world could have spend their energy and resources than wasting more time carrying the never ending Tamil baggage!

    • 0


  • 32

    Get lost you thief. You and your thieving clan’s days are numbered. You can con the village folks, not the ‘International Community’, including the well informed Ceylonese diaspora.
    “May the blessings of the Triple Gem be upon you”, whom are you worshiping you ‘Mithyadrushtika Baboon’?
    Worshiping the ‘Buddha’ squeezing a ‘Majik Ball’ between the palms?

  • 23

    I was looking out for something hilarious to read and then I saw this piece. Just the first paragraph alone just got me rolling on the floor and laughing. Did not read the rest.

    This person has a wonderful sense of humor. My colleagues just sent me a note after visiting some parts of Sri Lanka in early October. They remarked that it was very similar to what they saw in Japan about 50 years ago. People in some parts of Sri Lanka were living much much below poverty line and in desperate need of a decent life. And here, we are reading some gibberish from a person who plundered and looted what was rightfully belongs to the people of Sri Lanka. Those people are loitering and stumbling in darkness while this man’s sons were running around in a deluxe bunker!

    C’mon give yourself a break. Go to the temple and meditate rather than bring insult to yourself.

    • 2

      I agree with almost all that you have said, dear “Japwatch”. However, I must add a caveat.

      I am happy that you got the war over, “by hook or by crook”. However, MaRa, you do have to answer for all the unnecessary suffering caused caused towards the end of the war, and for all that happened during the last six years.

  • 25

    This MF MR still believes that he wields power in the country. Little he realises that he has been rejected by the majority masses. Dayan with his mediocre arguments writing bullshit, believes he can resurrect MR again. When will they ever learn. Eventually they will.

    • 3

      You are dead right. Media seems to be playing a greater role even if the man was rejected not once but twice by the same people. But the man to stay in the same mode thinking that he could be voice for the nation – is a all stupidity. HOw come this man ever sense about tha tproblems of the tday. Alone the bills left by him go to billions. If the accounts alleged to have them in foreign soils could reveal and save this nation.
      State leaders to allow such billions to be grabed is a curse since allthe funds taken were from through taxes. Tax payers went starving but the bugger et all honey mooned the name of the country. As if he won the war by his own.

  • 22

    I dont know whether to laugh or to cry after having read this by someone who had written this on behalf of Mahinda Rajapakse. MaRa was not in Parliament when the Geneva Resolution was taken up.

    Perhaps, he must tell the Nation where he has hidden the 18 Billion US Dollars instead of beating about the bush!~

    • 6


      The person who writes statements for Medamulana [Edited out] and his playboy son Namal (imminent “lowyer”) is their family tuition master G.L. Pe is !

  • 26

    If he is concerned so much why did he not attend parliament and speak on the debate on the UNHRC report last week. 15 minutes Was allocated for his speech where he did not show up? If he did not want to speak in the parliament why did he contest to enter parliament? He could have restricted himself to temples for his political campaign within the temples. What a hypocracy.

    • 4

      This [Edited out] cannot speak 10 words without a teleprompter. How can he speak at a complicated debate. He calls himself a lawyer ” There are many lawyers in parliament. I too am a lawyer.” [Edited out]

    • 4

      If our forces have committed war crimes, they should be punished. It doesn’t matter what law is used. He has forgotten that he put our real war hero Sarath Fonseka in prison jumper and dragged him out as a common criminal in front of television cameras. Now, he is singing to save his back-hole from being widened by people like Sarath Fonseka. War crimes will end with the people who gave the orders, and that is the commander in chief and his sibling the phycopath Gota

    • 3

      MR was busy washing the pots and pans at Abhayarama temple and the andanakadey of the high rogue.

  • 20

    Nothing new here. All of his points have been debated and well countered on state and private media. “Giraya, Satana etc. So this appears to be for the benefit of the new ‘Alliance’ that is being formed to contest the LG elections. He continues to do the bidding of the UNP by maintaining the split in the SLFP.

  • 12

    The threat to all human beings is none other than the Zionists and the Jewish Supremacism. Mahinda is a slave of that system and the Sri Lankan state too for a long long time….

    So, Mahinda’s racist madness has a root that lead to Tel Aviv and the NEW YORK Banking system.

    [Edited out]

    • 5

      Desert Storm

      What are you talking about? Slow down, tell us what you have typed above.

      • 0

        Native Vedda,

        Do you know that the world at present is 80% controlled by an evil gang of criminals, who are 0.36% of the world population called Zionists?

        These criminals are responsible for almost all the mass murders that took place and is still taking place in the world for the last 300 years.

        World Wars were are few of there designs to implement the evil one world governments rule. All the revolutions from Marxism, Communism, Nationalism, Racism, Apartheid, Colonialism are all have a Jewish origin.

        Most of the Bolshevik leaders and the top level operatives and decision makers were Jews. Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin were all Jews. The amount of mass murder they committed on the world human population is unimaginable.

        Stalin conducted the biggest mass murder in Ukraine during his rule. He starved the people, destroyed their crops and food just to annihilate them lock stock and barrel.

        FOR WHAT????? That’s million dollar worth question….

        They have an agenda to implement NWO (New World Order) where they (Jews) rule and the rest of the world population who are 99%, who are non-Jews are considered to serve them.

        The only problem the so called JEWS/Zionists having is there are too many non-Jews living in this planet. They need ruthless systems to control these huge amount of people. They need many many methods to control this huge mass number of people, for if not, they might just over run this evil lot called Jews within a matter of a second. Its so simple and easy. Unless, they have a better plan of keeping this huge number busy with something else.

        They can’t get into the boots and start killing all of them. Because, this small amount of Jews/Zionists could be outnumbered in any method they devise to destroy.

        So, they are united in their effort in bringing about their plans imposed through secret means. First they accumulated wealth through evil money lending/Usury means. Then they started to creep into power centers and governments and ruling monarchs by trapping them in making war with imagined enemies just to make war and by such evil activities earning huge sums of wealth.

        They used these unfairly accumulated wealth to fund rulers in their crazy wars. Then the states became bankrupt and the Jews who lent money became the policy makers in the countries that mistakenly made their decisions to listen to these evil men and women.

        Bolshevism, communism was funded by the New York bankers like Jacob Schiff. One of the men who funded the NAZI regime of Hitler was none other than the grandfather of the evil George W. Bush – Prescott Bush.

        Even Mao of China was connected with the New York bankers and he was a notorious Pedophile who destroyed little children.

        Today, the evil that you find everywhere is originated in a Jewish Rat Hole in New York and London. Pornography, Drug/Narcotic trade, Terrorism, Money Laundering, Arms dealing and arms proliferation, manipulating countries and their political and financial systems, Gambling/Prostitution…..etc..etc..etc….. You just can keep on writing about their evils.

        Coming to Mahinda, he was connected in the high places of the New York Zionist system through which he became friendly with the Tel Aviv (Branch of the Rothschild-Empire) and Gota became the implementer of the Zionist tactics to enslave countries. In this case, Sri Lanka was being pushed towards a powerful inner circle click controlled Junta.

        Mahinda started to serve the Zionists by trying to bring gambling and prostitution in a very large scale, to serve an entire South Asian region.

        To appease the Zionists to make them rely on him, he showed them that he can destroy anyone, he chose the Muslims. He employed his brother the evil Gota to maximise the anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic propaganda.

        Until now, the Sri Lankan state is unable to touch the BBS and the JHU influenced racist groups for their many crimes in killings and all the race attacks against the minorities.

        The origin of the Sri Lankan state’s pro-Zionist system was introduced by almost all the figures in the Sinhala elite in the 30’s and 40’s. 90% of them were Western brain-wash educated elites who were voluntarily became the agents of the Zion.

        SWRD bought the Zionist idea in locally implementing the racist idea of racial supremacy as the “Sinhala Buddhist Supremacy – Sinhala Only”.

        The rest is history, the timeline of the SL history will show of how many murders and killings were carried out to implement this evil whispered by the Jews into the ears of Anagarika and then to the elites of that era and is still being taken forward to the modern age with ruthless application.

        Still, the political hierarchy of the Sinhala Political groups call th war against the minorities as a good war.

        Throughout this long journey, the US/UK/West supported the SL Govt., as well the opposing party LTTE to fight among themselves. Because, this serves their ultimate goal of pitting the non-Jews into in fighting and killing each other, thereby making it easier for them in their DE-POPULATION efforts.

        Draw the lines in the dotted paper….and you will see the big picture very clearly.

        Just look at the Middle East. They created Wars and now they created ISIS to keep the in fighting and killing among the non-jews going.

        Remember the Nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Napalm bombing of Vietnam and all…. do you see now….

        All the NAZI scientists whom were transferred to the US who invented the Nuclear bomb and the Military Industrial Complex were and still are JEWS.

        Its Jews…man…Its Jews.

  • 25

    Dear Dictator Mahinda Rajapakse,

    It is you who made the judicial system as a mockery system. It is you who made the Parliament as a place for criminals, drug dealers and corrupters. It is you who ordered for unlawful abductions, murders, rapes and massacre of civilians. It is you who violated the law of the country and constitution. It is you should be hanged under the law of this nation, not by international or western countries.

  • 18

    Mahinda Rajapaksa

    “If any member of the armed forces has committed murder there are laws against that in our country.”

    So why did you not punish the culprits when Paranagama has clearly identified the war crime in his report. You had sort to protect the criminals. Now your turn is over and it because of your inaction the world has moved against Sri Lanka.

    Your first duty as a President was to protect the citizens and who are now the victims of war crimes. Are these people citizens of another country? Is your duty to protect the few renegade criminal soldiers or thousands of victims of the war due inhumane and disgraceful conduct by these soldiers?

  • 26

    You bloody coward,Go to the parliament and answer the hard and candid questions raised by Ranil like a man without taking refuge in temples and misleading the poor gullible masses.

    You had been a bloody dramatist throughout and still continue in the same line and acting on regardless.

    You can sell your stories to the idiots like Dayan,Booruwansa,Gonawardane,Gembampila,Vasideva and the likes.

    Carry on moron and take the idiots on a costly ride,as usual.Luckily the majority have realised your duplicity and double face.

  • 19

    Sorry man, may be some of the things here are true. But I cannot tell because I only read a few words like ‘Sepala’ in it. Why didn’t I read it? Because I know that it was not written by you. It is not even a translation of something that you have written in Sinhala. You don’t have the brains to do it.

    The only thing you are talented at is to turn everything you touch in to a mess. A sort of Midas touch in reverse.

    So what shall we do about this Geneva thing? May I suggest something? I know that whatever you or anyone of us say or do, it is going to come. A fait accompli.

    This is what you brought upon us. So you and everyone of us are going to be raped. So we might as well lie down and enjoy it.

    • 2


      I haven’t read all this rubbish that “MaRa has written”, either; and it is perfectly possible that somebody other than MaRa did the actual writing.

      However, it is unfortunate that you should have brought in, as an issue, MaRa’s ability to use various languages. You say,

      “It is not even a translation of something that you have written in Sinhala. You don’t have the brains to do it.”

      There’s nothing wrong with a guy preparing a draft in any language; what you say smacks of an “over-veneration” of the English language. Such comments will merely play in to the hands of MaRa. Having done most of the hard work already, we must not jeopardise all by trotting forth arguments that will allow the guy to off the hook.

  • 14

    From the man who butchered tens of innocent civilians with artillery and cluster ammunition to please his southern sinhale vote base. Lol. Its time for two different countries like the Singapore-Malaysia model. Time will tell.


  • 24

    MMahinda mama escaped from the parliament debate from the back door to deliver a lecture in Abeyarama Temple. Still assuming people can be fooled by playing to the gallery.

    Saw the video he is nicely dressed with face plastered with makeup, must have been a rare grand event for a man who was in the limelight constantly in the past.

    He did not forget to bring those gold balls to squeeze while he is putting the attendees in to a trace with his grand talk. Don’t know who he is trying to fool !

    • 4

      Classic case of a Thug in retreat.

  • 22

    Rajapakse who did not have the guts to speak in the Parliament when he was allocated time is now making noise, that too at a Temple. A Temple is a place of worship not a soap box park. Rajapakse who destroyed the country is making noise to create trouble in the country. I wonder whom is he protecting, himself, his brother or all the other commanders of armed forces with whom he robbed the country. In front of the law all are equal. If the forces have committed war crimes they have to be punished.

    • 5

      Did you notice that the bugger still has no respect towards MY3 as the head of state ?- he feels that MY3 doest suit to be the presdient. Media men should be kept away from this man – since his statements have no meaning. Power greediness has ruined him to no go levels. At the time Dr Angela Merkle got elected in Germany, former SPD leader-Gehard SCHROEDER did not even trust her to be called as female Chancellor of the nation -but today, she has become most powerful women figure in political world.
      Though lanken counterpart cant be comparable with Gehard Schroeder or any western leaders, but rather with that of Swaziland, Congo, Zimbawebwe or Gadafi – pepole should be clear that MR regime was a disaster. He thought his fat pockets – more of them will be clear inthe days to come.

  • 5

    Dear MR

    Do not mistake your peril with the counties peril.You are not the country.Only DJ can convice us that you Percy is the country.Pls pay his fees and he will convince us.

  • 1

    If opinions expressed by Foreign Legal Experts, based on media and other sources to the Maxwell Paranagama Commission should be accepted by the government, as argued by Mahinda Rajapakse,

    So should opinions expressed by International Judges who are Foreign Legal Experts of a higher calibre, be accepted, as they will base their opinion ON EVIDENCE LED BEFORE THEM.

  • 4

    Sorry your @#%#@ Excellency,

    Your time is up. Get ready for life in prison and forget the electric chair
    because you and your family have to pay for all your sins.
    RIP means Rot In Prison. Got it you fool!!!

  • 0

    We have all sined and deserve the dath penalty. But in law we must meke comparisions. America s track record. We have to air our views at geneva and at Hague. The world must beome a beter place.

  • 3

    A load of crap written by the demented professor. Why is the Mara worried about this resolution if no war crimes were committed as he makes out. Really nothing to worry you scumbag, stop trying to fool the people as we know what a rogue you are. Why did you not publish the Paranagama report if as you say you instigated this initiative. All you attempted to do was to fool the citizenry and the international community that you were serious about investigating war crimes by establishing this commission but you had no intention whatsoever of publishing it or implementing the recommendations. You reap what you sow you scumbag so be prepared to be hauled up before a court made up of decent judges not like the De Abrews that you appointed and now have been sacked. The western countries that sponsored the resolution are all countries that follow the rule of law which you do not understand. As long as decent well qualified judges with integrity are appointed, why are you worrying. The truth will always prevail you fool.

  • 5

    The only threat this country faced after the LTTE was the dirty low life Rajapaksa family. Just like the LTTE, someone should wipe this entire Parapaksa family off the face of this earth.

  • 3

    Interesting to note that something sensible has been written, but obviously not by the ex president, for he does not or never had the educational background to do so; leave alone being a statesman.

  • 5

    It is all your fault Mr Rajapakse. You screwed up the judiciary in the country. First you elevated an unsuitable person to the post of CJ. Then, when she didn’t play ball, you impeached her and got all your minions in parliament to sack her. Then you appointed that knave, Mohan Pieris, as CJ. And the rest of the world laughed at us.

    Now, do you say that anyone would have any confidence in our judiciary? Even we citizens don’t trust the judiciary – they way the supreme court was stacked up to suit you and your government.

    Had you had the decency to act as an honourable man (a difficult thing given your background), we would not have been in this mess.

    Let saner minds try and sort out the mess you created….

  • 1

    Ranil Delivered a confusing speech at the Parliament, after ensuring the Old king will stay out from there. Old King could have saved the so called war heroes if had he be present at the parliament. Ranil’s powerful suppressing ability had made the canons to fizzle out during the debate. We do not know the outcome, but it is said there was no fireworks. If the SLFPyers, the Old King’s spies, as how they are claimed by old king in another occasion, wants to hold on to their minister positions and going to keep spying the government to Old King, they have to vote some of the resolution Ranil brings to Parliament. So missing the parliament to stimulate the Modaya crowd in the parliament and instead attempting stimulate the Abeyarama Temple Modayas may not work and bring the object success. I doubt this will do any good even at local elections too. Even Modaya Mass will know the difference between the local and the General election. Further, just for a talk, say, the Old Royals wins the Locals, then so what? The Grand Total of these talks is when the Old King gets scared he is shouting in the dream to save the war heroes. That is why he and the New Prince were releasing half nude photos from the beach while the UNHRC debate was going. Now, when the parliament debate is going, he is hiding in the Abeyarama Temple without being in the parliament.

    Ranil may wish to sacrifice few Cadets and soldiers to save Old Royals and Fonseka, Shavendra, Jagath Dias…… His promise to save the Old Royals during the election is open ended and perverse up to the last boundaries of shores of the Lanka beaches. That is going to be hard if there are foreign judges and lawyers present. If the case takes direct inquiry into LTTE’s operations as requested by the UNHRC resolution, then any leftover of LTTEs may ask for their representations in the courts too. Once they jump in, punishing only the army cadets and saving the commanders will not be easy.

    There are two scenarios possible. One, UNP delays everything for at least eighteen months until Sec. Kerry goes off the State Department with the hope of asking for restart all over again after his departure. This is how all Lankave’s pacts ended up from the 1948. The Trincomalee naval base to Britain, Soulbury’s constitution and the Minority close of Section 29, the pacts with SJV, 13A and India Lanka accord to India’s security, the aforementioned UNSG’s joint Statement, Hakeem promise to Hillary Clinton to implement the LLRC, the promise to Under Secretary Robert Blake to co-sign the resolution in the 2012 UNHRC resolution …….. Further even that stagey can be only a hope. It appears, unlike Navi Pillai, Prince Zeid has some muscle in the UNHRC. He, for the first time, turned the tables around and brought a report of the war crime to UNHRC floor. Even if Sec. Kerry goes away, High Commissioner Prince Zeid is going to be in the UNHRC for another three more years. So the hard negotiations for UNP, unlike as they are looking for, will not be over in one year. They have to face 2017 sitting again, though that the signing at the police station (as called by them) every six months seems to be little bit relaxed.

    The second is, do some sincere investigation, reinstate the Tamils constitutional status before the Soulbury constitution time, dismantle China’s bribe to loan projects, open the economy for free trade with countries, Change the income level of the lower strata and come back to power. The question is, with 145,000 murders in the war last months and many politicians from parliament, Provincial and local government (Even the small town Hambantota mayor to SLMC chief are accused of personal, business and political murders, rapes, bribes and crimes) involved in crime, how easy it will be to make a genuine investigation? Ranil may be free from,( unlike other politicians) any direct accusations of Big bribe, rape or murders. But his real nature is foxy behavior, twisty talks, underhand actions and dictatorial decisions.
    If we come back to the speech of Ranil made at the Parliament , these are some points: “We know the people murdered Kathirgamar”, “The money was passed after the murder”,” If you want we can investigate that too”, “Old King did not wanted to continue after the Mavilaru”, Athuraliye Ratana Thero was one forced for the war to be continued”.

    Every one of the above sentences confirm there is no sincere interest in investigating as per asked in the Resolution and find the war criminals and convict them. It seems even if Athuraliye Rathna was convicted of war crime Ranil will not the Old King get caught.

    Kathirgamar family had accused previous government’s investigation is not true. Now there is Udalagama’ report is there. During that investigation, CJ Bhavati resigned with the IIEGP. Now Ranil has said “we know the killers”. This statement appears to be a revenge on LTTE for accepting money from Old King. But Mangala has not said anything about this money transfers so far. Ranil appears to be saying LTTE accepted money after (For) the murder. Though he says he knows the murderers, he is not the one go to court and give any evidence. All what he wants is have punished the one he look for revenge on his assumption that took money from Old Royals and defeated him, while he wants to honor the promise he gave to the Old Royal the safety from the war crime investigation. This twisting clearly indicates in the near future Kathirgamar’s family can’t expect any justice from Lankawe. He doesn’t feel any responsibility on Old Royal to have conducted a war with Genocide crime. He feels it is the Athuraliye Rathana is the one caused the war go on.

    Where that type of attitude is present with the government, how there will be a sincere investigation.

    So what the real drama appears to be is, there is an arrangement between Ranil mahata and the Old King. One is covering up in the parliament and other one is taking care the outside.

  • 3

    Every single one of the above responses is an angry denunciation of Rajapaksa’s tyrannical, hypocritical, plunderous, and murderous rule. That shows the degree to which he has been rejected by the people. He has created enough trouble. At least now he should go home and let the new government repair the enormous damage he did to the country socially, politically, economically and internationally, and let them start rebuilding our tattered country.

  • 4

    There he goes again…. Racialism oozing from all over….. Hood winking the masses…. We all know that there are many a war heros ….. but a few war criminals including your brother….. his accomplices Shavendra…Prasanna etc etc thats what the world is after…..If this was so important you could have raised it in Parliment…… Instead you got either Dayan or Tamara or some boot licker to draft this piece of crap to fool the masses as we all know the standard of your English Language.

    Shame on you .

  • 2

    A recent remark by PM Ranil sums it all. The commanders on the ground should have been allowed to make those critical decisions on surrendering LTTErs and victims instead of being ordered around by the politicians. The mayhem that occurred during the last few months certainly happened because of the “animals” who headed the regime. They instructively ordered the war to be finished, whatever the cost, before the conclusion of the then Indian polls. By doing so, they misplaced their brains and fell into the trap of the LTTE, damned you do and damned you don’t. For the game played by the two, innocent victims had to pay the price. Now both stand accused of alleged war crimes.

    Mahinda, instead of visiting temples and their heads, should ponder on this. There was a time when he crossed swords with Sarath Fonseka at the presidential polls. Despite knowing that he was the army chief who concluded the war, the Tamils overwhelmingly voted for Fonseka, or rather against Mahinda. From what was gathered, the Tamils see MR as PURE EVIL. MR admitted as much when he told them to “trust the devil they know, than the angel they don’t know”.

    MR should take comfort. The Tamils, by staying away from elections, voted him in. Now they simply dumped him. You play politics with people, they will too. Today his concern is not the welfare of the country. He had done enough damage. His concern is that the truth will eventually cause the people to spat on him and the money he and his brothers have amassed will shrink. What goes around comes around.

  • 4

    The accused and the criminal who played the chief role in killing,tortures and rapes along with his brother Gota, is now giving us and the world about how to conduct an inquiry.
    This is funny.

  • 6

    Editor why do you even feature this common thief, all he wants to do is protect himself and his family’s arses, get UNHCR to arrest this vagrant and his thieving family

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