24 May, 2022


Rajapaksa Justifies Building His Luxury Underground Bunker

Responding to allegations of constructing a bunker with spacious facilities underneath the President’s House in Colombo Fort, former President President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that the facility was built during the war time for security reasons.

Mahinda April 12 2015Speaking at a public function in Colombo, Rajapaksa said that there was a similar facility at Temple Trees as well.

He said that authorities should refrain from divulging such details and identified it as a serious breach of sensitive security information being leaked to the media.

Rajapaksa also identified the leaking of information regarding the facility to the media as another attempt in a series of similar deliberately orchestrated events to tarnish his and his family’s image.

The media recently reported with pictures, about an ‘underground bunker’ with spacious facilities constructed at the Presidential House in Fort during the former government’s tenure.

The construction of the said underground bunker reportedly began during the war but ended after the war was over.

According to reports, the two storey underground facility also has an electrical elevator and a 24-hour automatic air-conditioning system.

It also consists a half completed tunnel with the exit towards the port reportedly built for a secret escape if necessary. Media reports say despite Rajapksa’s claims the facility was frequently used by his sons.

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    All this publicity is not necessary as the new government is not in a position to take positive action for all misuse of public funds for personnel benefit.former big boss has friends every where in the new government.ALL FARTS NO SHIT.

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    “has an electrical elevator and a 24-hour automatic air-conditioning system”

    What extravagance! An electric-powered lift AND air-conditioning. Why he cannot have a diesel or people-powered lift like everyone else ? After all, we have plenty of diesel and coir-rope in Sri Lanka.

    And automatic air conditioning !!! Who needs air inside a sealed hole-in-the-ground ? I am sure no other bunker, in the West or elsewhere has air-conditioning – Only our MaRa has the audacity to install air-conditioning on the pretext that occupants need to breath.

    Someone objected to the bathrooms.. I totally agree. Bathrooms/toilets not required, The occupants can simply do their business on the floor and no need to bathe either. After all, we are Sri Lankan and a few layers of dirt and encrusted caca wont do any harm, right ?

    Massage Parlor ? For sure..it must be one. After all, why go to an expensive hotel when you can dig a massive hole under the Presidents House, build a bunker and then use that. It’s obviously MUCH easier!

    And this super luxury stuff like beds, telephones, computers, refrigerators and food.. What a colossal waste!!! Who needs a bed ? I am sure that none of the good people commenting and objecting on this thread are using a bed or a computer for that matter.

    What a dumb idea to stop building the bunker when the war ended. He should have continued building it.. for then, we would have had MUCH more to complain about in our Yahapalanaya fog

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      “I am sure no other bunker, in the West or elsewhere has air-conditioning – Only our MaRa has the audacity to install air-conditioning on the pretext that occupants need to breath.”

      Did VP have a air-conditioner inside his bunker(s)? If he had, then why not MR?

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        VP had air-handling systems so that the occupants of a sealed hole-in-the-ground would not suffocate! If the air handling system included air-conditioning, well than, that was just the price that VP had to pay for being able to breath !

        Much different from Air conditioning in a similar, sealed hole-in-the-ground under the Presidents House. Now THAT, as I and others have taken great pains to point out, is sheer extravagance.

        Don’t you see the VERY CLEAR DIFFERENCE between the two ?

        One dug a hole in the ground to take refuge in case of being bombed.. and the other, dug a hole in the ground to take refuge in case of being bombed……



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    Does Rajapasses still use his under ground, super luxury, air conditioned bunker?

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    The question is if there was already a bunker under Temple Trees what was the necessity for another? Another 2 years of MR’s regime would have seen many more extending to Medamulana. Notwithstanding all this a bunker must look like a bunker and function as a bunker NOT a palace or part of.

    • 4

      But Jamal:-
      The Bunker at ‘Temple Trees’ is pretty basic; Not in line with the Luxurious Tastes of the Rajapakses.

      Can CT please publish some comparative photos of the two Bunkers.

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    Just wondering whether President Sirisena discovered this bunker only last week or kept it as a secret for 9 long months to use it whenever he wants to cover up his own mistakes and weaknesses by exposing Rajapaksa. He may be having more cards against Rajapaksa to be used in the next 4 years. It is high time he stop Rajapaksa bashing and do some valuable work to the motherland.

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    Folks! Yet another astonishing achievement of MARA has come to light. MARA, the drug dealer,[in association with Mervyn Silva, that’s why Mathata Thitha was introduced]the embezzler, the scoundrel,the killer, the scumbag and the liar has busted up several billions of rupees during his scandalous reign.Do not forget folks our great Sinhala kings like Dutugemnunu and Walagamba, fought their wars face to face with the enemies not hiding in bunkers. However,when our self proclaimed pseudo King Gonpaksa was building luxury bunkers,the battle scarred warrior Sarath Fonseka, was worrying for his safety, after being incarcerated and made to languish in jail. Meanwhile MARA’s lecherous sons were on the sly satisfying their carnal desires in the safety of a multi-billion rupee bunker. BLOODY RASCALS.

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    More important security meeting were held by Yoshitha and NAMAL with their buddies in this underground palace than MR With the security council. Not the security council members but rugby security guards had important meeting in this venue.

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      @ MrRetort
      If you have secrets to spill please do through proper Chanel.
      This is why I call the Slankans are cowards and Modayas. These very important pieces of alleged allegations should be passed on to the so called judiciary .
      Then I don’t blame you for opting out informing the Authority as you and I have NO CONFIDENCE IN OUR JUDICIARY.

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    “The construction of the said underground bunker reportedly began during the war but ended after the war was over.”

    Ah,now we can use that for the next war.

    “Media reports say despite Rajapksa’s claims the facility was frequently used by his sons.”

    Ah,now we know where they took the girls to.

    • 3

      “Ah,now we know where they took the girls to.”
      And what about the boys- where did they take THEM to?

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    The self proclaimed war hero, MARA, had in fact, been a dirty coward to hide behind bunkers. He chose to spent billions for a luxury bunker, for the exclusive use of his family, when the poor peasants were struggling to make ends meet. We have no doubt this luxury bunker was a part of MARA’s pipe dream of establishing a dynastic rule for perpetuity.

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    This disgusting pig should have built a pit full of human waste for him and his entire family to roll in. This is what happens when you install a low life pig in big office.

  • 1

    Looks like we have a lot of LeN readers who comment here after reading that rubbish. Latest report is that the “Underground” Bunker now has a heliport as well !!! It has also multiplied to 4-stories !!

    Apparently having communications equipment is also a no-no !!

    I have no doubt that we are a bunch of stupids.. small-minded, petty, illogical stupids that can be led by any fool willing to concoct a pretty story

    • 0

      Maalumiris ,

      So you reckon majority of CT readers are dumb , ok Malumiris we will take your word , please tell us the secret behind your ingenuity ? perhaps we the dumb asses can take a leaf from your magic book !

      By the way what is LeN , is that the one which Mafia king blocked during his reign ?

      • 0

        Not majority.

      • 0


        There are things that are totally worth protesting about. BUT if anyone thinks that having communications equipment, a lift or ventilation system in an UNDERGROUND bunker designed for wartime is wrong, then at the very least, I say that is ignorance, at the most, just plain nastiness. Being Sri Lankan, I am biased toward the latter for, I am sadly aware of what our national psyche is like.

        For example, do you know whether or not previous Presidents utilized bunkers or not ? Do you know whether they existed during Chandrika’s time ? In which case, they too must be faulted.

        No idea whether MR blocked LeN. What I do know is that is full of maniacal reporting, mangled language and … well, you can see for yourself.

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    [Edited out] We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

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