27 June, 2022


The UN Internal Review Panel Report And Sri Lanka’s Urgent Need For Accountability

By Thiruni Kelegama –

Thiruni Kelegama

The Report of the United Nations’ Internal Review Panel1 was released one year after Sri Lanka’s self-appointed commission of inquiry, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, submitted its findings to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The LLRC was established in May 2010 to investigate events between the February 2002 ceasefire with the LTTE and the end of the conflict in May 2009 and make recommendations aimed at ethnic reconciliation. When the LLRC Report was submitted, it was assumed that it was merely going to clear the government of any accountability, especially in relation to allegations of violations of International Humanitarian Law during the final military offensive against the LTTE in 2009. The outcome was, however, an unsuccessful attempt to bury questions of war crimes, with the LLRC Report stating that even though the military gave highest priority to protecting civilians, many had been killed, albeit accidentally. This was a step forward as it clearly contradicted the Government of Sri Lanka’s (GoSL) previous stance insisting that there were no civilian casualties.2Given the prevarication on the part of the GoSL with regard to the implementations of the recommendations put forth by the LLRC, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution in March 2012 titled “Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka”. Although one of the results of the UNHRC resolution was the formulation of the “National Action Plan”, it did nothing to change the country’s culture of impunity and the fact that the government continues to resist any independent investigation into alleged war crimes or other human rights violations. This situation and the recently concluded Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session on Sri Lanka of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights have raised many difficult questions for those interested in genuine peace and reconciliation in the country. The GoSL has consistently rejected suggestions that it allow an international role in human rights monitoring and accountability efforts, both in the context of the first UPR in 2008 and subsequently as well when calls for an independent international investigation into alleged war crimes intensified. Three and a half years since the final battle was fought and won, the GoSL continues to be evasive. Against this backdrop, the release of the Petrie Report has refocused international attention on the deteriorating human rights situation in Sri Lanka.

The Petrie Report and the UN’s failure

During the internal conflict that started in Sri Lanka three decades ago, several UN agencies, along with various other Intergovernmental Organisations (IGOS) and international non-governmental organizations (INGOS), were based in the war-torn North and East, serving people affected in the conflict zone. The situation provided ample opportunity for these international organisations to attain an insiders’ view and a better understanding of the difficulties faced by civilians living in these areas, while providing them with much needed aid. It has been widely reported that towards the end of the war, on the directive of Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry, the UN agencies as well as the other local and international organisations were compelled to leave the areas demarcated as the war zone, in spite of the large number of civilian demonstrations pleading with the UN agencies to stay because of the protection their presence would ensure. The Petrie Report asserts that the closure of offices and the subsequent withdrawal of UN agencies from the war-affected regions represent a failure on the part of the UN to “…act within the scope of institutional mandates to meet protection responsibilities” (pp. 27).

Produced by a panel appointed by the UN Secretary General and headed by Charles Petrie, the report draws on almost 7000 internal documents. Its final conclusion is the damning fact that UN agencies failed to ensure the safety of innocent civilians. A key revelation of the report is that UN staff members were in possession of reliable information showing that the GoSL was responsible for the majority of the deaths. The report reveals that two-thirds of the killings were inside safe zones unilaterally declared by the Sri Lankan government, purportedly to protect civilians. It states that “Numerous UN communications said that civilians were being killed in artillery shelling, but they failed to mention that reports most often indicated the shelling in question was from Government forces” (pp. 20), Moreover, “From as early as 6 February 2009, the SLA (Sri Lankan Army) continuously shelled within areas that became the second NFZ (No Fire Zone), from all directions, including land, sea and air. It is estimated that there were between 300,000 and 330,000 civilians in that small area” (pp. 11).

Summing up the UN’s failures, the Report points out how the UN’s acts of omission and commission unwittingly served the GoSL’s agenda, and thus exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe. It states:

Seen together, the failure of the UN to adequately counter the government’s underestimation of population numbers in the Wanni [warzone], the failure to adequately confront the government on its obstructions to humanitarian assistance, the unwillingness of the UN in UNHQ and Colombo to address government responsibility for attacks that were killing civilians, and the tone and content of UN communications with the government on these issues, collectively amounted to a failure by the UN to act within the scope of institutional mandates to meet protection responsibilities (pp. 27).

In other words, the UN stood by and largely kept silent while a massacre of civilians was underway. In doing so, however, the UN was simply fulfilling its function as an instrument of the major powers. The United States and European powers, along with China, backed President Rajapaksa when he unilaterally broke the ceasefire agreement with the LTTE in 2006 and subsequently turned a blind eye to mounting evidence of the atrocities and gross abuse of civilian rights. As the Petrie Report points out, there were no meetings of the UN Security Council, the Human Rights Council or the General Assembly on the appalling situation in Sri Lanka. The notion of Responsibility to Protect, the Report claims, was raised but “…to no useful result” (pp. 32). Speaking of the relationship between top UN officials and the major powers, the report states: “The tone, content and objectives of the UNHQ’s engagement with member states regarding Sri Lanka were heavily influenced by what it perceived member states wanted to hear, rather than by what member states needed to know if they were to respond” (pp. 27).

With regard to the Rajapaksa government’s “zero civilian casualty” claims and particularly the GoSL’s assertion that it had rescued the trapped Tamils “without a drop of blood”, the report reveals this to be utterly false.3 The Panel thus reported on the GoSL’s denial of casualty figures and the manner in which it pitted UN officials against one another to create doubts as to the veracity of the UN’s casualty figures:

The Government responded robustly to any UN suggestion that there were civilian casualties at all. Aware of disagreements among UN principals, the Government used correspondence and public statements by senior UN officials to refute the OHCHR public statement. Diplomats who had attended the UNCT’s 9 March briefing and wanted the UN to take a public stand on casualties leaked the briefing materials to the media. On 24 March, the RC [Resident Coordinator] was summoned to meet with Minister of Foreign Affairs and on 25 March, the Government released a statement saying “[the RC] has stated that he is unable to confirm the veracity of the figures of civilian casualties…” and describing the numbers as having “not been attributed to any reliable or independent source “ and the assertion that two-thirds of casualties had occurred in the NFZ [No Fire Zones] as “patently false” and “unsubstantiated”. (pp. 12)

In the light of these incriminatory findings, the Petrie Report concludes that the United Nations did not have a vision or proper plan to deal with the catastrophic events that unfolded during the final phase of the war and immediately after it ended. The United Nations and its various bodies, which were set up to prevent precisely such atrocities, failed in their mandate to protect these civilians by letting politics and vested interests come in the way of prioritizing the lives of children, women and men who were caught in the NFZs. The report concludes by stating:

“The UN’s failure to adequately respond to events like those that occurred in Sri Lanka should not happen again. When confronted by similar situations, the UN must be able to meet a much higher standard in fulfilling its protection and humanitarian responsibilities” (pp. 35).

The Secretary General in response to the Panel’s findings about the UN’s failure declared that “transparency and accountability are critical to the legitimacy of the UN […]” and has announced that he will appoint a senior level UN team to give considerations to the report and advice him of a way forward and has promised that “other actions will follow in short order”.4

Problems with the Report and Colombo’s Denial

The findings of the Petrie Report are an indictment not only of the Rajapaksa government, but also of the United Nations. Previous reports such as the Darusman Report indicated that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed by both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE, but did not refer to the UN’s failings.

While acknowledging the findings of the report and the UN’s admission of its own failure, questions have been raised as to the nature of the fact finding mission that preceded the report. Noting the UN Security Council’s indecisiveness regarding Sri Lanka and lack of a required mandate, Vidura notes that: “…it took more than two-and-a-half years since the end of the conflict – and only after a forceful recommendation by the PoE [Panel of Experts], and probably a ratcheting up of pressures from internal and powerful external actors – for Ban Ki-moon to commission a review.”5 He also draws attention to the appointment of a part-time UN staff member to head the Panel (as opposed to a team comprising of persons not attached to the UN) which brings up issues of independence and impartiality: “They had the option of drawing expert observers/participants from among the donors or other humanitarian agencies or any of the regional inter-governmental bodies that are conversant with the humanitarian reform agenda to ensure objectivity.”6 The final and pressing issue is the lack of transparency, methodology and process the UN review team adopted as there is a significant absence of “…a mechanism for the affected communities and concerned activists to engage with the process and raise issues.”7

Frances Harrison, former BBC correspondent and author of Still Counting the Dead: Survivors of Sri Lanka’s Hidden War, adds to this debate by claiming that if the report had not been leaked to the BBC before it was released to the public, it would not have been released at all: “A reluctant UN in New York had to publish the document but chose to do so without its powerful executive summary that set the conflict in the context of post 9/11 global attitudes to terrorism that tragically skewed the reporting of the bloodshed.”8 She cites the Executive Summary of the Report, which was first released and then withdrawn,9 as stating: “Some have argued many deaths could have been averted had the Security Council and the Secretariat, backed by the UN Country Team, spoken out loudly early on, notably by publicising casualty figures.”10

In turn, the GoSL, finding itself under fire yet again for its conduct, promptly denied it had forced the UN or acted against it in any manner and challenged the contents of the report. The President’s Special Envoy for Human Rights and Minister of Plantation Industries Mahinda Samarasinghe was quoted as having said: “We consulted with the UN and there was no intimidation of UN official. How can you intimidate the UN, the USA, Japan or any other country? These are sovereign entities”.11 He also added that he was unaware of any agency being asked to leave the conflict zone: “I have not heard anyone say that we asked them to go out.”12


Though little has changed in the Government’s position and ‘accountability’ remains an issue of contention, through the appointment of the LLRC, Military Inquiry Panels and the formulation of a National Action Plan the GoSL has, to date, been able to hold off calls for an independent international investigation. The Petrie Report has emerged at a time when the Rajapaksa Government moves to impeach the Chief Justice, continues to maintain a heavily militarised zone in the North and the East of the country, and repeatedly alludes to the abolition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, the constitutional chapter that deals with devolution of power.

Given the findings of this Report and the Darusman Report earlier, the UNHRC must take immediate action in the upcoming 21st session in March 2013 when the progress made by the GoSL is to be discussed. The UNHRC’s previous record with regard to Sri Lanka has revealed that it has done little to find the truth – it did not convene a special session at the time the war was raging, failed to acknowledge the human rights violations taking place and in the 19th session passed a resolution that only succeeded in giving the GoSL time to establish its own domestic investigation.

Finally, the Petrie Report states that: “… in Colombo, many senior staff simply did not perceive the prevention of killing of civilians as their responsibility” (pp. 27). With this being the conclusion of the UN Internal Review Panel, the United Nations can no longer ignore the elephant in the room; it is time to address the issue of accountability and this should be a priority for senior UN officials and all UN bodies. With two combined UN sponsored reports and other independent investigations now in the public domain, all providing irrefutable evidence, the UN needs to start moving the wheels of justice with the establishment of an independent international war-crimes investigation. This could be a step towards restoring the UN’s credibility, at least with regard to Sri Lanka.

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*This article is first published in Institute for Defence Studies And Analyses

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    LLRC remains a dead letter and the regimes excesses, arrogance and impunity are increasing day by day. The guns which were aimed at the terrorist are turned on its own people. The very basis of democracy and rule of law is at stake. UN should take decisive action to appoint an independent tribunal and hold those guilty responsible for their misdeeds.

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    Good piece Ms. Thiruni Kelegama, the international community which includes particularly INDIA and its DOUBLESPEAK is culpable for the Rajapakse regime’s absolute disregard for ethics, morals and principles and Lanka;s slide into dictatorship and destruction of democracy under Rajapakse and his cabinet of uneducated goons, fools, criminals and leftist geriatrics.
    The Indian housing project for IDPs is also a disaster having taken so long to get off the ground, while the UN and other donors along with civil society in Lanka is responsible for not putting in place a coordinating mechanism and soliciting funds from the donor community to provide decent homes and “building back better” as was the motto with the Tsunami recovery along livelihoods for the IDPs the priority for reconciliation with the northern people. It is quite clear that the UN’s humanitarian industry NEVER LEARNS LESSONS AND KEEPS MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES in order to stay in the humanitarian business and ensure jobs for the boys and girls!

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    7000 documents just in a couple of years to help the inhabitants,

    This must have certainly helped, Not a single terrorist act on Srilankan soil since May 2009.

    Per Capital income of the polpulation is closer to USD 3000.

    One Million Tourists in 2012.

    And one of the most desirable places to visit says Americans.

    Compare this with the other countries where UN has been involved and still calling the shots.

    Iraq, Libya, Afganistan,Syria and, now Mali and the the neighbours too.

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      It is noted that you are a recent recruit to defend this Family dictaorship.
      But many of the readers do not take you seriously.

      Nowadays the terrorist acts are done by “authorised” actors.
      What about the killing of a Kelania pradeshia saba member a few days ago?
      Per Capita income is the average income of the poorand the rich combined. MaRa’s family being at the top with millions and the ordinary citizen less than 100 dollars.

      Do you know how many of the 1 million visitors were from Tamil Diaspora,how many tourists come for sex, and how many for drug peddalling?

      Americans dont have to say that our land has the most desirable spots
      for tourists.
      What did Mark Twain say about Ceylon and its people?

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      The terrorist acts have only been by the Rajapaksa goons against the people. Rapes, murders, child abuse, robberies, politicians of the ruling party killing each other ………..

      Welcome to the miracle of Asia. How miraculously Rajapaksa has turned a golden opportunity for the country to become a paradise into a nightmare. enjoy!

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      KAS:”Per Capital income of the polpulation is closer to USD 3000.One Million Tourists in 2012.And one of the most desirable places to visit says Americans.You mean Tel Aviv tel dala ;)

      Your left foot is not the same as your foot moron. Statical average of all the frogs is not equivalent to each and every frog southern gaas gembo. :)

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      UNO is now a Useless Negative Organization with no one interested in its affairs. Relegated to deploying peace keeping forces at the behest of USA, UK and EU.

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      “Not a single terrorist act on Srilankan soil since May 2009”

      Except the acts of terror by the state at Hulftsdorp on January 10th.

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        Please leave name to the real villager who has some good ideas. We don’t want the pure Aryan mixed up with the hoi polloi of Lanka

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        Except for the acts of terror by MaRa henchman against its own people.
        I’m sure you don’t me to give examples do you?

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      Very impressive, but what about human rights violations, journalists missing or killed, and answers to thousands of families whose loved ones are missing in the North?

      Everything looks great on the surface, and but the Government has not been held accountable for crimes against the Sri Lankan people.

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      K.A Sumanasekera

      Your selective quotes of statistics do not say much about the quality of life in my ancestral land. In fact statistics important for the ruling class to hide disparity among the people.

      You say:

      “Per Capital income of the polpulation is closer to USD 3000”.

      I may or may not agree with your selection of statistics however the one is tempted to ask those statisticians a simple question.

      People received $1 from this per capita income who got the rest of it?

      “And one of the most desirable places to visit says Americans.”

      They visit Vietnam too although the US lost the war.

      They visit Sri Lanka because they won the war for MR.

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    I will rejoice if we get a million tourists soon. I wonder if we succeeded in doing that last year in the classic definition of the word
    “tourist” of the Tourist Board viz: a visiting foreigner staying in a paying facility at approved rates for a period of a minimum of a week.
    This can be made to apply to those business persons staying a minimum of 72hrs. I am told in the figures to reach the million, large number of Indian transit visitors travelling to/from the Middle East, Indians and those from the diaspora who come here and stay with friends and family are all included – that belie figures for real statistical purposes. But the good news is, with lodging facilities improving and expanding and with the new rich Chinese sending some of their visitors here, the figure can be accomplished within the next 3 years.

    As to how the “millionth” visitor happened to be a pretty Chinese lass, one has to go to BR for the answer. He is the man for extra-ordinary economics and statistics, as we hear from officialdom.


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      Yes, BR/GR have all the facilities to tell what Computer output
      should read, as ALL future elections will be won with this
      artistry.!! After all they are American Citizens and they know
      better than the Villagers!!

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    My question to UN and to the writer:
    Every square inch of the north has been scrutinised for mines during demining not just by the army but by 30 NGOs and INGOs including the Danish Demining Group and the Halo Trust of Britain amongst others and not one skeleton of these so called civilians who perished have been found. Not one shred of evidence has been found that civilians perished maybe any more than a few hundred civilians perhaps. This is the unpalatable truth that the terrorist lovers such as Channel 4, BBC, Gordon Weiss, UN (Lacky of the US) and the rest will not accept. No evidence and still they keep harping on about this civilian that perished or that civilian that perished and making up ridiculous numbers which they cannot prove for lack of evidence of course.

    The writer should ask what did the American and Western European staff of the UN do in Sri Lanka except support the terrorists and the BBC or Channel 4. For 30 yrs they supported the LTTE that is why. Now they are writing fake reports.

    My advice to them write reports about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and so on. The Iraq war started in 1991 and still in 2012 there is still war. For the NATO, US, Britain, Europe it is endless war unending wars which never ever ends which the citizens of these countries are fed up with many civilian deaths but no UN reports. Hypocracy at its best.

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    My Dear International community: USA,UK,UN,EU,CW, Asian and African Federation member states.

    We Sri Lankans have lost our faith in both tha Ruling Rajapakse Government and the Opposition Parties who give bogus promises until come into power and once in Power use all the country’s resources and wealth for their own selfish greed and power.

    Ever since we got Independence All the ruuling parties as well as the opposition ran the country like a Toddy Tavern ruining the economy,Education, health and social lives of the people
    The uneducated, Uncultured thugs from Both the Ruling and the Opposition Parties ran the Country only to fulfill their selfish ambitions and money greed leaving Citizens to suffer.

    Behadding under age Rizana in Saudi Arabia was due to greedy politiciens looking for foreign exchange started exporting poor and helpless children for slave labor in Middle East.

    Please see Rizana Nafeek’s home in the following web sites.



    It is worse than a cattle farm cottege.
    Seventy percent(70%) of Sri Lankan’s live similar to these houses with tin and Coconut leaf roof houses similar to VEDDA (native) community live sixty (60) years after independence.

    While Politicians treat poor citizens like this, they send their children to all the expensive Colleges in USA and Europe and buying them BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Lamborghini cars and make family foreign pleasure trips wasting valuable foreign exchange these poor people bring to Sri Lanka.

    President and Ministers all have their Foreign Private bank accounts and expensive houses in all over the world using these citizens hard earned foreign exchange, while no effort was made to rescue Rizana from beheading in Saudi Arabia.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse Impeached CJ Dr.Shirani Bandaranayake because she did not allow his brother Basil Rajapakse to steal Divineguma 85 Billion Rupees. Basil Rajapakse has US $ 4.5 Million House in california, USA and definitely he planned to use most of this 85 Billion fund for his personal use, and that’s why CJ Shirani Bandaranayake opposed it.

    As a result of helping us the citizen form allowing President’s Brother to steal, CJ madam Bandaranayake had to sacrifi8ce her Job.

    Now both she and her husband are unemployed while having a son to look after and also now feared for her and her family’s lives.

    Also President Rajapakse Stole Millions of Dollars that International Community sent for Tsunami victims….but due to his friend ex.CJ Sarath N.Silva President got away from that fraud.

    Therefore we Sri Lankans have lost our faith in both Governing Rajapakse Regime and the Opposition parties to help us.


    1)International community should impose travel Ban to President and all the Govt. Ministers and MP’s who voted for CJ Impeachment. Also Isolate Sri Lanka from future conferences like CHOGM,CW,Asian and African Forums and from UN.

    2)Bring President Mahinda Rajapakse for war War Crimes and Tsunami Fraud stealing millions of Dollars of Foreign Donations given to poor homeless people who were effected by 2004 Tsunami.

    3)Terminate USA GSP status, trade and tourism. Let President have his own vacation in Hambantota harbour.

    4)Stop all Aid and Loans given to Sri Lanka by World Bank, IMF, Asian Bank and EU banks.

    5) Freeze all personal foreign bank accounts, personal assets of President’s family (like Basil’s USA 4.5 million dollar house and Gotabaya’s 950,000 dollar house) and other Govt. Ministers and Government officials etc.

    6) use both Internal and external methods and pressure to Change Rajapakse Dictatorial Regime.

    I request this on behalf of all Sri Lankans and you could find their views if you talk to them.


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    After the UN HRC Resolution and the publication of the action plan the Sri Lankan government has gone on reverse gear. Arrests of Jaffna students for commemorating the death of their loved ones and beating of students and journalists, the latest illegal impeachment of the independent chief justice and planting 500 gms of explosives and pornographic material at the office of an outspoken Tamil MP in order to justify the arrests of two officers point to the government’s disregard to the human rights and turning the quasi-democracy to autocracy. A loyal friend of the president and dubious personality is appointed as the new chief justice with the support of the police. That shows nothing can be done locally to stop the juggernaut of the Rajapakse brothers but if the UN members wanted they can stop playing geo-politics and bring justice to the victims of persecution within the country.

  • 0

    The hatred for the LTTE made the Sinhala people both blind and insensitive to the misery and suffering of the innocent Tamil people. Most Sinhalese never realized that the dictatorial MR regime would treat the people in the South too the same way it treated the people in the North. Now time has come for people of both South and North to unite to fight against the impending tyranny!

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    ban ki moon represents the UN



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      any suggestion hybrid mongrel modaya. how about the famous hunger striker and groper wimal weerawanka.

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    I think there is an urgent need for accountability, not only in Sri Lanka but in the UN itself which will hopefully lead to the replacement of Ban Ki Moon with someone that actually possesses teeth.

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    All wars result in civilian casualties. That is inevitable. A war zone is a nasty place, where raw power wins to fight another day. Niceties are generally not exchanged.

    Enemies are engaged not after establishing their bona fides as legitimate targets but largely on intuition on the ground. Aerial bombardment has a different philosophy. Nagasaki and Hiroshima, or Falluja and Najaf in Iraq where bombed to teach civilians a lesson, rather than kill the enemy.

    History abounds with massacres (ie in Mai Lai in Vietnam all inhabitants of the entire village were massacred as they were thought to harbour the Viet Cong)The Turkish government to this day denies their annihilation of Armenians.

    The US did not “do body counts” in Iraq, although authoritative counts later established a figure of about two million since 2003. One must see these things with a clear perspective, political statements notwithstanding.

    • 0

      The Sri Lankan war was without-witnesses, the State killing it owns
      Citizens in the name Terrorism. The present day evidence is more
      readily available for Investigations by Independent bodies. A
      diaspora has been created unforeseen and action is inevitable.

      • 0

        The strongest of the strong holds of the LTTE, Killinochchi where VP had his bunker was handed over to the Forces without a fight. Then is the Public to believe that there was a war for the lesser important places? after the LTTE had buried all their heavy weaponry? It is to cover this drama that the war was fought without witnesses. However in the end when VP and the LTTE numberibg over Forty Thousand surrenderees were butcherd by Shavendra Silva under the orders of Gota at the behest of the Americans and the Indians. This is the white flag story SF revealed but had to retract due to pressure from the Americans, lest their involvement gets exposed. However the evidence of the massacre is available and if the Human Watch Dog Body press for an Inquiry, the truth will be revealed for the Fools to understand how MR hoodwinked the masses how he defeated the LTTE helped by the Americans.

        • 0


          A former DIG Edward Gunawardena had all along in his possesseion the evidence which implicates LTTE to the burning down of the Jaffna Library. After all it was not Dutta Gamini. Please read the link below:

          Jaffna Library Burning – Gamini Dissanayake exonerated

          By Srian Obeyesekere

          A crime committed in 1981 during the Jaffna District Development Council Elections attributed perniciously to the late UNP Presidential Candidate Gamini Dissanayake was in fact perpetrated by the LTTE, according a former DIG Edward Gunawardena. This has been revealed in DIG Gunawardena’s memoirs, ‘Memorial tidbits including the Jaffna Library Fire’, launched yesterday at the Mahaweli Centre, Colombo 7.

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    What accountability? Has the US been accountable to the carnage caused in Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan?Sri Lanka is one of the respected nations in the Commonwealth. The Sinhala antigovernment Traitors, the NGOs the Tiger supporting Diaspora and the politicians in the west duly financed and looked after by the Diaspora have tarnished the good name of the country. Also stupid statements such as the White Flag utterings by the Ex General turned saboteur and the dodgy Ex CJ have all done their part in tarnishing the Motherland. However Sri Lanka has a very able leader Mahinda who has the strength of character to fight the evil forces and withstand any issue or any pressure. SriLanka is also blessed with a good leader of the opposition Ranil who is the only decent man in the opposition. Though Ranil is a strong critic of the government he does his criticism in a responsible manner. I hope both these good leaders will stand together to safe guard the Nation. The Commonwealth should appreciate that Mahinda and his government eradicated the evil terrorist forces and brought peace to the country. The UN should deal with the real violators if human rights namely the West and praise SriLanka for destroying terrorism. Sudu Akka

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      Thats funny !!! Removal of CJ is ‘normal’ in a lawless country only !!!

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    Sri Lanka will continue to move forward, if you say it is going backward then you do not know what is politics in the strategic location of the Indian Ocean, but listens to the foreigners who are the masters of dividing and fooling others. I have an obligation to support the President as a Sri Lankan intellectual. I do not take arms against fellow countrymen. I do not join with the foreigners to undermine fellow countrymen either. I work with fellow countrymen to change or develop the country. I lead others by my intellectuality and good deeds. Lets ask ourselves one important question. What is the value of the Democracy and Commonwealth? The Chinese do not believe in democracy, nor part of the Commonwealth, but they are advancing much faster than us. The Westerners ruled and ripped off our country for more than 440 years, but they never done anything to eliminate the caste systems, gender inequality, and racial, language and religious discriminations. Because they knew it will continue to eat us and keep us under them forever. Furthermore, India the largest democratic country by its population created the Tamil armed groups to keep Sri Lanka under its wings. However, India also understood that letting the Tamil armed groups grow beyond its control would be detrimental to India. This is the reason Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi reached a very good political solution for the Tamils’ issues in Sri Lanka under the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement. Unfortunately the LTTE did not see what Rajiv Gandhi did, because of the Tamil diaspora. The 2002 ceasefire agreement between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government also broken by the LTTE. A reasonable political minded person knows that Prabhakaran would not have fought against India without the help of the Westerners through the Tamil diaspora. And also Prabhakaran would not have broken the 2002 ceasefire agreement with the Sri Lankan government without the help of the Westerners through the diaspora. If you can answer the following questions you will know who have most of the Tamils’ and Sinhalese’s blood on their hands. Who have been deliberately stopping the peace agreements? Who have been guiding the diaspora? Who have been fuelling “hate and bitterness” among the Tamils and Sinhalese? Who have been facilitating the funding to the LTTE, even though they had everything within their reach to stop money get transferred from the diaspora to the LTTE. The answer is Western political minds through their intelligence network. Think about the lost lives since 1987, think about the suffering since 1987, think about the lost opportunities to develop the country and people’s lives. The Westerners created bitter divisions among the Tamils, Sinhalese, and the Indians through the diaspora. The Westerners act like peace makers, but they are not. They talk about democracy and human rights to fool others, in order to turn people against their own governments to destabilise the developing countries. The truth is, the Westerners have a vital interest to divide every community and every country to rule others. There is a most ugliest face underneath their white faces, it is pure evil. Not many people have the ability to see their real face, but few of us do through our hard work and sacrifices. Ask Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, they will tell you more about the Westerners evil side. Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are Westerners, but they exposed the truth and ended up in a prison in the US and stuck inside an embassy in London, UK. Some Sri Lankans and some other Asians are backing the Westerners for their own self-centred lifestyle, they don’t care about their own people, or their motherland.

    The removal of the CJ is not something new in the world, it happens in the world, including in the United States. However, some eliments may use this opportunity to bring chaos into the country, in order to achieve their ulterior motives. Remember, few eliments were fuelling the civil war and benefited by the war, but not the Tamils or Sinhalese. We must not let that happen again. The president appointed the CJ, the 2/3 of the parliament wanted her to leave the office. If I was the CJ, I would have resigned once the parliament decided to remove me from the office. Taking this matter to the UN is not advisable. It is a new beginning for the CJ. The Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake has a huge potential. She has a lot to give for the country. She must get involved in politics and bring new ideas to the table. Lets people decide whether she is worthy or not. She must not go to the UN, but go to her people and put her ideas forward, in order to develop the country. She must not go to the enemies who divide others, invade others’ countries and kill millions of people to keep themselves on top. Do not go to the devil to get justice. I encourage every Sri Lankan to bring forth good ideas to the table to develop the country. If you want to get involved in politics to help the foreigners then you will fail utterly as Sarath Fonseka. Mr Fonseka recently reiterated that he needs outside help to topple the government. I am extremely disappointed by his statement. I urge every Lankan to stop listening to the enemies who divide us, they use every opportunity to bring chaos into the country to rule us. We must understand what is missing, then find a solution within us, looking outside will create more problem and chaos than a solution. The country has been fighting for thirty years, people are free from fighting for only three years. Just wait for few more years, be patient, you all went through the bloody war for thirty years for nothing. The Sri Lankans have been suffering from the independence, due to lack of smart leadership. As intellectuals, we are sharing our ideas with the leaders to make them act wisely, it is process it will take time. I know very well about the parliament members, can we change those MP’s mindset overnight? I am also well aware that Rajapaksa brothers are dominating the country. Does it really matter if Rajapaksa brothers are developing the country? The extremely talented Sri Lankans will continue to direct the country leaders into the right path. The President does not have an answer for everything, but he has the ability to deal with the external threats better than any other leader, this is extremely important ability, because Sri Lanka is in a strategic location, the past, the present and the future superpowers want to influence the country. Therefore, Lets approach matters very pragmatically for sake of the innocent people who have died due to the bloody war. The Tamils are in the bottom, because of their disunity. I never seen such a unity among the Tamils as I seen among the Rajapaksa brothers. May be we need such a close family ties to overcome the Westerners’ and Indians’ divide and conquer strategy. The Indians and the Westerners can easily fool the Tamils, because of their disunity. People like us who are enlightened and committed to bring a change can’t do anything. I am isolated by the Western governments. The propaganda against me are shocking, even my family members, relatives, and friends believe the Westerners more than me. Due to my writing the Westerners do not even allow me to get a job, they did not even allow me to sell my house for a profit, because they knew the money will be used to expose their evil deeds. They are keeping me in financial hardship and perfect isolation by their dirty propaganda. My fellow Tamils are keeping silence, they gave millions of dollars to the LTTE, but nobody would support me to have a website to expose the Westerners evil deeds. The Tamils are prepared to undermine their fellow Tamils, in order to cater their own self-centered lifestyles. We all know how the Tamil armed groups fought and destroyed each other, the TNA has its own agenda, the TGTE has its own agenda, Global Tamil Forum has its own agenda. They all concern about being leaders, they are not concern about the Tamils. If the TNA is leading the Tamils, then why TGTE leader call himself as the Prime Minister? I am ashamed to call myself a Tamil. I really don’t believe the Westerners could have isolated me this much if I am a Chinese, because the Chinese are very close to each other, this is the reason the West could not invade China, or could not stop China overtaking the United States economically.

    The Westerners ruled and ripped off the Indian Subcontinent for more than 440 years, but they never done anything to eliminate the caste systems, gender inequality, and racial, language and religious discriminations. Four hundred years is very long time, at least 10-12 generations. The Westerners could have done a lot to the Indian Subcontinent, but they deliberately done little to keep the Asians under them. The Westerners have a lot to talk about the Indian Subcontinent’s failure than China’s communism, but they won’t talk about it, because it will highlight their deliberate misleading to keep the Asians under them, plus the Indian Subcontinent is not a threat to their dominant power, but China. “English are to blame for India’s backwardness” published by the Dominion Post, written by Philip Collins, on page B5, Dated January 5, 2013. The Dominion Post is one of the major newspapers in New Zealand. Not all the Westerners are naive or blind, there are people like Philip Collins who sees the Westerners’ evil side. The Indian Subcontinent has enough intellectuals to develop the Subcontinent, but the system won’t allow the intellectuals to lead. Therefore, the intellectuals leave the Subcontinent and develop the Western Countries. This system was developed by the Westerners, in order to keep the Indian Subcontinent poor and weak. We fought against the Westerners to have our freedom, but we still trust them, listen to them and run our political system according to them. This is a huge disaster. The Indians are too scared to change the manufacturing sector, because they don’t want another East India Company. However, they are happy to run a political system recommended by the Westerners. The Chinese are really smart, because they have chosen a political system to suits their culture and ideology. The Chinese did not choose a political system recommended by their enemies. We must stop listening and trusting our enemies. We must develop a system according to our culture and ideology, like the Chinese did, otherwise the Indian Subcontinent will be struggling forever. We must depart from the old system and bring some changes. Being part of the Commonwealth is only helping us to stay behind. Time for us to move forward, our policies are not helping the Indian Subcontinent to move forward as China. Am I recommending a communist system? Not at all, but we need some changes, if we come up with something good, the Indians may even consider our system in the future. We must find a way to lift the whole Indian Subcontinent. India can’t try something new, because it is too big. In India 627 million people do not have access to toilets, the Indian politicians do not even provide basic needs to their own people, but they believe in God and democracy, they are vegetarians too, but love their bribes. Sri Lanka is a small country, and its leaders are committed to their people more than the Indian leaders, at least the Sri Lankan leaders provide access to toilets to their people. As Sri Lankans we must try something new and help the whole Indian Subcontinent, otherwise we will be betraying our future generations.

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    dear un panel
    please understand we fight with powerfull terroist in the world brutly kiling innocent children in my country come to mycountry and speack to me and other sri lankan. i am a muslim but fourtnalty we have a brilliant president i salute my president to ending 30 yeeeears long bloody war dam ltte .y un supporting gurrilas in here cant belive it … as respectable un presiddnt plesse dont distroy my country again and again dont look at my government badly again i am saying as a muslim we never give up over our president he is our King .

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