2 July, 2022


There Is No Reason Why Muslims Shouldn’t Vote For Rajapaksa: BBS

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has today stated the Muslim community in Sri Lanka should not hold any reservations in voting in support of the Rajapaksa regime, claiming it is the Muslims who have been benefitted the most since this government was elected into power.

BBS Gnanasara

BBS Gnanasara

“Many have accused the BBS and its activities as the reason behind the loss of votes for the government at the Uva Provincial polls. It is an unfair accusation – what is it that this government has not done for the Muslims?,” BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Ganasara had questioned while adding that handing over extremely important portfolios such as the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to two Muslims itself has spoken for the current government’s affiliation with the Muslims.

Meanwhile, the BBS had warned potential candidates at the upcoming elections to stop themselves from expecting the votes of Sinhala Buddhists in their favour unless they are ready to make a strong pledge to implement the six bills introduced for the protection and preservation of Buddhism that have remained unimplemented for over a decade.

“Even though we admit that those bills alone are not enough, their implementation would ensure a certain protection for Buddhism from the widespread conversions and other attacks that are being launched against Buddhism and Buddhists,” Gnanasara has stated while urging the government to take immediate measures to implement the six bills including the Temple and Devala lands draft bill.

Despite calls by the BBS, it is doubtful as to whether the Rajapaksa regime is interested in implementing these bills. Colombo Telegraph in 2012 published a leaked US diplomatic cable from 2005 that referred to a meeting between Mahinda Rajapaksa who was the Prime Minister and then US Ambassador where PM Rajapaksa had assured that the anti-conversion bill is dead and that he had informed the Jathika Hela Urumaya to ‘to forget about it’.

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    Bhuddists all over the world should rue the day this Gandasara came into existence. Buddhism as a philosophy is revered by scholars of all religions because it is one of the only few religions that is based on logic. There is no beliefs in anything paranormal and all the doctrines are there for logical reasons. Gandasara is bringing it all into disrepute, by his own actions and by his wanton hatred of his fellow human beings. Lord Buddha must be turning in his grave. I am not associated with any religion, but I wholeheartedly worship the Buddhist teachings that has grounded me to live a better, selfless human being.

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    Gnanasara’s must be missing his only soul mate in the world today, baby-face Wirathu, the butcher of Myanmar. Wondering when he will ever see him again, thinking of him every night at bed time and wanking away, waiting for any type of contact to pour out his psychopathic desires. A good couple I must say, birds of a feather who could get along well as partners in life. Go ahead and lead the way, so others may soon follow by example. Buddhism can wait a while as a side cover.

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    Look who is talking for the UPFA. BBS claims they are non partisan. GAna the cat is officially out of bag that BBS is para military of the Rajapassa’s.. MARA look at what has happened in Bukarino Faso and give up your grand plans

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    Sinhalese Mob Attacks Muslims In Pathirajagoda Led By Buddist Temple (Aluthgama)

    02 November, 2014

    A tense situation around Pathirajagoda, Dharga Town was reported last evening (Nov 01 2014).

    A group of Muslims were heavily assaulted, including a Muslim lady, by a Sinhalese mob that had come from the Pathirajagoda Buddist temple. The lady was rushed to the hospital.

    The temple bell was rung to call in more mobs to carry out attacks. There are also reports of power cuts being imposed on the area. The attack took place in the vicinity of the Pathirajagoda Buddhist temple. Two Muslim youth who had retaliated to the attack in defense was arrested by the police.

    The Police stated that this was a “minor incident”. The situation is now under control with the help of the Army led by Major General Ubaya Madawala.The local media has maintained silence on this incident so far.

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