26 June, 2022


To The Voters Who Placed Their Trust And Confidence In Us

By Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Sri Lanka has proved its credentials as a mature, peaceful democracy as the victory of Opposition Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena is resounding across the country.

The quality of democracy in any country is revealed not only in the magnanimity of the victors of popular franchise, but the graciousness of the defeated.

We thank President Mahinda Rajapaksa for enabling a smooth, peaceful and civilised transition.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya who stood strong in the face of pressure to ensure the integrity and credibility of the election on January 8, 2015.

The police and the security forces personnel must also be appreciated for their contribution to keeping the peace and ensuring the safety of the citizenry during election day.

To the voters who placed their trust and confidence in us we owe you our allegiance and our respect.

*Ranil Wickremesinghe  – Prime Mintier 

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    The dawn of a new era !!

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      Dear Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe , YThe New Prime Minister,

      Thank you, Mr. Matriplal Sirisena and all in the Common Opposition and the people who saved the Land from the destruction of the Medamulana Rajapaksa Dictatorship and Family Dynasty, and providing the opportunity for the people to express their views despite all the hardships and risks you allfaced.

      Thank you, sir and all in the Common Opposition.

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        Jaya Jaya Jaya Maithree ..!


        Maithripala Sirisena 6,217,162 51.28%
        Mahinda Rajapaksa 5,768,090 47.58%

        Valid Votes 12,123,452 98.85%
        Rejected Votes 140,925 1.15%
        Total Polled 12,264,377 81.52%
        Regis.Electors 15,044,490

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          Tamils and Muslims delivered 20% of the vote equivalent to 2.4 Million votes. Tamils 1.8 Million. Muslims 600,000 Votes.
          360,000 Votes by Sinhala Christians and Catholics= about 2.76 million voters.

          The rest is Sinhalese Buddhist. Maithripala got 6. 2 Million votes as a whole, from the CBK SLFP, MS SB, JHU SB, JVP SB, Fonseka DP, Arjuna Ranatunge and the unp block votes. about 20%. which is 2.5 Million votes.

          Donald Gnanakone
          Tamils For Justice

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      One of the most important task for the new Maithree Government is to change the present Anti-minority racist/communal culture in Sri Lanka and make it a true muti-cultural united secular Sri Lankan society where the minorities are treated as equal citizens of the country and not as aliens.

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    It’ s all the Muslim & Tamil minority race votes that made the victory Mr Ranil .W. Be open and thank them first. They were the king makers, don’t forget that ! Let’s see what you guys are going to do. People expect you guys to take a middle path, treat all races equally without favoring one race or religion.

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      It is not the Tamil & Muslim votes that made RW the Prime Minister…..
      Those were the votes of Sri Lankans …irrespective of their race..who
      wanted to re established democracy….
      Do not be a Racist by identifying people by Tamils …Muslims..Sinhalese
      It is enough…enough….enough…

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      No need to mention Tamils or Muslims by the name, Ranil thanked “everyone” who placed their faith in common candidate that applies to Tamils and Muslims too.

      Defeating the incumbent President was priority for us, Now things has gone and we should await for the actions on the 100 day program.

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    Ranil has attained the post of Prime Minister which he richly deserved, at last – that too in a future Westminster style of government.
    His record as the “uncorrupt politician” stands vindicated.
    He will give the correct support and guidance to the brand new Maithripala Regime.

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      Now then, people in Silly Lanka should learn to call the winning team the Government of Sri Lanka. Bear in mind, the ‘word regime’ is gone for ever and it is a united national front. There will be no Maitreepala regime, Wickramasinghe regime, Badaranayake regime, Fonseka regime, Anura D or JHU regime. It’s a democratically elected parliament.
      May all Sri Lankans be well and peaceful!

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    Honourable Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe,
    Wish you all the best once again. This time you have a a President who supports you. I am sure,among other matters, you have an urgent unfinished Task to start from where you left off at Oslo to bring about a solution to to the National Problem before the election euphoria fades away.

    You and President Maithripala Sirisena has the opportunity to usher in Peace in Sri Lanka.

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      Dear Hon Prime minister Ranil W and Dear Hon President Maithiri

      The people who wish to have a good governance united together unconditional support to save this land from falling into a dictatorship. I know there is a paramount of hopes and expectations from those people who really wanted a change for governance. A better governance can be achieved by a few honest, duty minded reliable people rather than having hundreds of oppotunistic, power greedy people. The lessons from previous President is that alliance with bad people who prepared to give up the conscience for getting into the power to exploite the system. If some one expect something personal Money or minister post for giving his support to you when time comes they will turn against you. The immediate task is going to be clean up and it is going to be risky task and if you replace the bad with another bad you will be thrown out very soon.

      I agree that you must act wisely and honestly the unfinished Task to restart the peace process or devoloution of power. There is no rigid LTTE in the table now, but there are honest people elected leaders who are flexible and adjustable to reach a resonable devolution package if you are genuinely participate in this process. The failure of the past was not the failure of one side, it is the failure of both sides. If we don’t trust each other, no one can save this island again. It is understandable that you couldn’t include because it can be a negative impact on change. Tamils and Muslim together made their contribution unconditionally with clear understanding. Now it is time to explain what impact we had by delaying in resolving this national issue and I am sure you can explain how we can live peacefully and economically sound if we have a accomodating Tamils and Muslims in this process. Tamils and Muslims will agree to find a devolution package that is within a united framework as equals.

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    Well, you need to remind yourself people trusted My3 – not you. You could not win a single election for years.

    Even when Mahinda had so many flaws, i.e. mismanagement of external affairs, corruption and allowing BBS impunity etc, still you had no chance of winning isn’t it?

    What you have as known colloquially as a “Pina Chance”. The only reason perhaps you deserve a second chance is because TNA/LTTE robbed you an election in 2005.

    So your duty is to earn the trust.

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      Vibushana makes some valid points. I believe Ranil could not win so far, despite the fact he was the most eligible, well-informed, experienced candidate given to an educated background because of the weakness in our form of democracy. Here almost everything political is decided by the 80% Sinhala majority – responding to demagogic politicians and Buddhist priests. Once again we have a further opportunity for governance by merit. Have we learnt our lessons?

      We must give the Sirisena administration at least an year to prove their worth. The country should be made to unite and a strong economic agenda should be put forward to benefit the whole country. President Sirisena should learn from some of the mistakes he made as Minister in charge of Irrigation (notably the Mahaweli programme) and then Health. He made awful mistakes of a venal nature that benefited his own family. It is time our leaders place the interest of the poorer people and the country ahead of their parochial greed. You cannot steal public resources without at least a few people in the know.

      Ranil has the experience, the support of the world and, hopefully, a good team to take the country forward. The very nature of the political parties that backed the Common Candidate to succeed can be an example to unite the country and usher in real peace and reconciliation.

      Who knows? The forces of reaction and racial prejudice can be drummed up to win at the General Elections to follow homing on the prejudices and ignorance of the Sinhala Buddhist majority.

      Incidentally, isn’t it time the country found ways to get rid of the cancer in our system in the form of Kudu Mervin, Duminda, Johnnie, Azwer, Galabodda Gnanasara and the like to cleanse our political system of the stench that contaminated it so far.

      R. Varathan

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      Exactly Ranil W has to earn the trust. There is a 5 million Sinhalese who voted for MR and who still do not trust you.

      So please win the trust. Dont rush to radical differences and please dont rush to any power devolutions so quickly as TNA or any other asks.

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        You cannot help yourself can you? What does trust mean in this context? Serving exclusively for the Sinhala Buddhists? Man you have really shown your colours!

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        All those Sinhala-Buddhists who voted for Rajapakshe are either dirty Racists or Modayas who ate the Rajapakshe’s Racist Shit. You are one of them.

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      That is the whole point of common candidate isn’t it!
      A winnable candidate!

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    I don’t know about democracy in Sri Lanka.

    One thing was certain:

    That there was a split between Sinhala Nationalist and Sinhala Liberals.

    The Sinhala Liberals were supported by the Tamil Nationalists and Tamil Liberals and the Muslims.

    This enabled the Sirisena camp to win.

    So tell me Mr. Winner….

    1. What are you going to do about the Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka ?
    2. What type of constitution are you going to introduce ?
    3. Are you going to consult the people of Sri Lanka, the USA, India or EU ?
    4. Are you going to get rid of the proportional representation election system and introduce first past the post with preferences (Eg: put 1..2…3..to candidates)
    5. Are you going to introduce a senate that is province based using proportional system of election counting…?
    6. What are you going to do with “Foremost place place to Buddhism in the constitution..keep it remove it….(Note: This is a problem for Tamils , Muslims and Christians)…I am Sinhala-Buddhist-Govi ..I know to give Buddhism the foremost place in my life and family I don’t need this in the country’s constitution. I practice Buddhism to my ability.

    7.What are you going to do with the 13th amendment ?

    8. What are you going to do with GROUP RIGHTS ?

    9.Is Sri Lanka made up of Sri Lankans who ONLY differ by their POLITICAL Opinions ?


    Please answer these questions…As the country’s future may be hidden in the answers to these questions……………..

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      Where were these question during the past 10 years ? if 1/3 of it has been addressed today we will not be in this situation.

      Let him do his job, lets clean up and bring in good governance , independence of judiciary and law and order, The rest will fall in to place. The hype of country being divided and foreign conspiracies are made up stories. No one is going to give anybody anything. All that the people want is be able to live according to their aspirations within a democratic country.
      One day soon the majority community will than the minorities for joining with right minded majority community to get rid of a cancer engulfing the whole nation. 8 more years of this we would be left with nothing called Sri Lanka.
      This is the time to unite, MR did a great service to the nation by ending the warm his task is done. Now the goals has to be reset a new beginning is required.

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      “I know to give Buddhism the foremost place in my life and family I don’t need this in the country’s constitution. I practice Buddhism to my ability.”

      Thanks for bringing this up.

      Truly religious people are religious in their souls and secular in their acts and deeds and in their words.

      Cherish Diversity,celebrate it be happy for each other,Take part in their happiness and sorrows.Above all do no harm in word or deeds.

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      I am a Tamil and no affiliation to any religion though was born in a Hindu Family. I think you have asked many pertinent questions and the chief among them is about Buddhism in the Constitution. This subject has been avoided carefully, but it has far reaching relevance to ethnic rations. People may raise their eyebrows but, it implicitly empower the hardline Buddhists and the police are powerless to stop such people. Anybody can erect a Buddha statue and no permission is needed it is all because of the cause in the constitution.

      Buddhism survived with flying colours along with Hinduism in SL even after nearly 500 years of colonialism and why is now considered an endangered specie when the Buddhists constitute over 70% of the population?

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    Honourable Prime Minister( Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe) is a great gentleman who always act with great qualities. Not like D.M.Jayaratne who tremendously dealt with illicit drugs.

    I am sure that Both New president and New President along with new team will lead our country to right place with justice and good governance.

    All the best.

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    It is suspected that there will be more cross overs by some shameless SLFP’ers who did not have the guts to cross over when Mr Srisena parted
    ways with the govt to contest against the incumbent President, who was contesting, for the third time, unlawfully. Once this is completed, the
    majority in parliament could be SLFP’ers and the not be UNP’ers, as Mr. Rajapakse’s SLFP cannot hold the present MPs in his party as voters
    rejected them on corruption charges, hence, once the honey moon period is over,Premiership may go to an SLPF’er and presume Mr. Ranil Wicks has taken enough precaution to protect his position. There is a saying that the blood is thicker than water and Mr. Sirisena may accept his former collegues with a simple pardon and may form the majority in the parliament and UNP and Ranil may get left out in the lurch and we will
    be back to square one, once again.

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    Congratulations to you and to all in the coalition.

    Poeple have spoken and wanted this change. now sir it is the duty of you and your coalition to fullfil all our citizens requirements and plight and may god bless you to make this country a sucessful one. Jayawewa!!!!

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    To : Hon.Ranil W,

    Congratulations , Sir.

    Trust you will give a good leadership to the new government. Please consider tge fo, lowing

    – Eradication of communalism from the country.
    – Eradication of poverty and redistribution of wealth amongst all masses
    -eradication of cronies and corruption from the society.
    -ensure peoples right to information,
    – fair play and justice to all
    – through establisment of independent commissions for police, judiciary, public service, bribery etc ensure these would function without any interference.
    – develop the economy in a systemsgic manner but please do not allow few imdviduals to amass wealth improperly.

    Finally, please give the highest possible reward/honour to the elections commissioner for his great service to the people and the country by ensuring free and fair elections.

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    Congratulations to the new team.

    Hope you direct the country as promised in your open letters and articles.

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    Whatever happened to KP, Karuna, Pillayan, Douglas Dev? wont they face charges? they ALL have blood in their hands just like MR GR and their ilk…. Awaiting a GOOD answer from the newly elected Representatives..

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    Please repay the trust and confidence we have placed in MS and you by fulfilling your promises.
    We need a Sri Lanka,
    Where we need not fear , if we abide by the law;
    Where we are not robbed and cheated of what we legitimately own;
    Where we need not fear for our life and freedom to be what we want to be;
    Where our earning are sufficient to have three square meals and the basic comforts of life;
    Where we are equal in everyway as citizens;
    Where we can speak, sing, dance and pray to the Gods we revere, in the language we inherited;
    Where the politicians and the public servants are not our masters, but serve us;
    Where men of the cloth, do not preach hatred and violence ;
    Where man does not eat man;
    Where men respect fellow men, though they be different;
    Where all prospects are decent, nice and beautiful, including man.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    Mr. Prime Minister,

    Going by what your colleague Mr. Wijedasa Rajapaksha has reported to be said today (see “Military, govt. interference in Presidential Election negated by EC, IGP – NDF” in the Island web site),the ousted President Mahinda Rajapaksha was contemplating to defy the people’s verdict and wanted to remain in the power on the basis that he has two more years to go. it is reported that together with his brother he conspired to win over the commanders of the armed forces . It is also said that commanders of the forces declined to agree with his suggestions. It is also reported that there after he has attempted to win over the cabinet members for his conspiracy. Both Mr. Wijedasa Rajapaksha and Mr. Champika Ranawaka have made these allegations in the press.

    We the citizens has a right to know as to whether their has been an attempted coup against implementing peoples’ will, and you as the Head of the new Government has an obligation towards us to direct the IGP to investigate fully into this matter. If there are evidence to prove a that there was a conspiracy, it is important to frame charges against those who instigated such a conspiracy and bring them to justice. This is your first test on the rule of law and please don’t dodge this important matter by saying that you don’t investigate friends.

    This is not about taking revenge or how you treat friends and enemies, but demonstrating your own commitment to get every politician to honour people’s sovereignty expressed through their unalienable universal franchise.
    Conspiracy to defy the people’s verdict expressed in a democratic election is a crime against the people. So please do show us that no one is above the law.

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    CT Team.

    Please pass all the comments above (except one or two) to My3 & RW.

    Keep up the good work CT.

    CH4 – “Mr Sirisena is not predicted to bring any great changes to improve the lives of Tamils. He, like his defeated opponent, rejects the UN investigation into war crimes allegations, has pledged that senior commanders accused of such war crimes will not face legal action, and will not reduce the military presence in northern Sri Lanka”

    Sri Lanka needs democratic rule: Rajapaksa’s rival Sirisena
    Padma Rao Sundarji , Hindustan Times New Delhi, January 08, 2015

    Sri Lanka’s main opposition presidential candidate Maithripala Sirisena gestures as he leaves after casting his vote during the presidential elections at a polling station in Polonnaruwa. (AFP photo)
    A day before today’s presidential election and surrounded by swarms of noisy supporters in his office, candidate of the opposition, Maithripala Sirisena, who is challenging incumbent Mahinda Rajapaksa, spoke exclusively to Padma Rao Sundarji for the Hindustan Times through his media advisor.

    Q: For decades and till just two months ago when you crossed over to the opposition the day after preponed presidential elections were announced, you were one of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s most trusted advisors and a member of his cabinet. You are being called a ‘traitor’ by the ruling regime. Why did you take so long to lay down your portfolio as health minister and leave?

    A: The fact that I did so in November is of no significance. For long, I have been telling Mr Rajapaksa that we urgently need reforms, that we must abolish the executive presidency, that it has become a Rajapaksa ‘family firm’, an autocratic regime. I emphasized over and over again that this country needs democratic rule. But my requests were ignored, neglected and discarded. This is the only reason I had to take this decision. Few people know this: even before the crossover, I had written a secret letter to Rajapaksa without releasing it to the media. I urged him not to bring the elections forward as he has done. I warned him that it may create a dangerous situation. I pointed out that he still had two years to go as president and that he could use those to introduce reforms. But even that letter was ignored. By that time, various other parties had come together and were looking for a ‘common candidate’ to run against Rajapaksa. I decided to offer my services for that role.

    Q: But it is a ‘rainbow’coalition that you have cobbled together: one that is bound to lie in shreds within months.

    A: There is absolutely no danger of that. That is a non-issue. We have been witnessing such ‘rainbow’ coalitions for years. Take 2005. Rajapaksa’s own coalition had the Sinhalese nationalist parties JVP and JHU…

    Q: Sure, but not Tamil nationalist parties like yours. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is supporting you. By doing that, they are supporting Sinhalese nationalists within the coalition. Surely an absurdity?

    A: I am glad you bring up that point. Please note: this is the first time that the larger Tamil parties are coming into any coalition containing Sinhalese parties. That is the beauty of the whole thing ! Look at the significance of it. We needed a nation-building project which can’t happen unless all factions come together and now –this is precisely that dream coming true. It is this diversity that will ensure success. We consider ourselves blessed to have this disparity. If Sri Lankan voters were uncomfortable about it, they would have expressed resentment weeks ago. But no such thing has happened. On the contrary, there is a big surge to vote for me.

    Q: From the Indian point of view, there are two, important issues – the speedy implementation of the India-authored 13th Amendment (which envisages greater rights and self-rule for the Tamil provinces) and your growing relations with, and concessions to China in the geo-politically sensitive Indian Ocean region. Respond to the amendment first. Will it be in place soon ?

    A: My manifesto has intentionally refrained from talking about the 13th Amendment. This election is not focussing on the ethnic question. This is only about restoring democracy. Once that is done, there will a healthier room and space to discuss the Tamil issue. All Sinhalese and national parties are in unanimous agreement over this initial goal. Rajapaksa was never able to achieve this kind of consensus.

    Q: But the Tamils want the army out of the North. And you just made it clear that if you win, you, like Rajapaksa, will never withdraw it.

    A: Sure. But I will ensure that the army will exit civil administration altogether and give local police and civil servants that task. I only said that existing army cantonments like at Palali in Jaffna will not be shut down. And of course I will act totally in consonance with the security apparatus and our generals. The point is, all democratic Tamil parties of the TNA are backing me right now.

    Q Not quite. Two TNA members – Ananti Sashitharan (wife of a former LTTE cadre) and the TNA’s youth wing leader are not.

    A : Who are they? They sound like they are still with the LTTE!

    Q: Ananthi is an elected Northern Province councillor of the TNA – which is supporting you. She assists the CM, CV Wigneswaran.

    A: Well, I can tell you that KP (the LTTE’s former arms procurer, who now lives in Killinochchi)and others may still sympathetic to the LTTE and yet, Rajapaksa has been hobnobbing with them. Whoever does not approve of those double-standards is with me. With us and for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, truly democratic Tamils will have their own government. So this is the great advantage in voting us.

    Q: You have also suggested that your policy towards China will be less indulgent than that of Rajapaksa. India is watching closely, wary of China’s sprawl in the Indian Ocean. What specific assurance can you give India in this regard?

    A: We will revert to the old, non-aligned policy as adopted by the Bandaranaikes decades ago. Rajapaksa ignored that policy. India is our first, main concern. But we are not against Chinese investment either. We will maintain good relations with China too. The problem is that in the name of development, some people made colossal money themselves by robbing and crushing this country. That will be stopped immediately. We want equally good relations with both China and India.

  • 1

    you and My3 have an golden opportunity to rise above race, religion, language and unite this country

    the first thing you should do is to stop referring to Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist country. Start referring to Sri Lanka as an multi ethinc multi religious country.

    If you and the new political leaders take that giant step to refer to Sri Lanka as an multi ethinc multi religious country, every time you make public statments, that will win the hearts and minds of Sri Lankans.

    then Sri Lanka can truly apsire to be the Mircale of Asia

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    My heartfelf gratitude to Ms Tisaranee Gunasekera who fearlessly exposed the rampant corruption, the lack of the rule of law and injustices perpetrated by the defunct evil regime.As an expatriate I never miss reading the articles she fearlessly wrote to the CT . You will no doubt continue to expose any injustices that may be caused by the incoming Government.Take a well deserved rest and continue the good work you are doing. Many thanks again.

  • 0

    Well done Ranil,

    That was a super cool move to get rid of that goon. Now that is gone, we are curious to know how you are going to get rid of the rats like Rajiva who where the trusted lap dogs of MR by jumped the sinking ship ?

    We look forward to your next cool move.

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    My heartiest congratulations to Maithripala and the team. Please also bear in mind that 48% of the electorate did not vote for you but treat everybody as Sri Lankans first and equally. Together we have a wonderful future ahead and I am confident we shall all succeed.

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    A word of advise if you like, the guy MR had been bombarding you with saying ” I could be able to buy Ranil for a cup of tea”, but you didn’t rebut it, instead you keep praising and respecting him as the president who won the war. Do not disagree, but the victory is not solely attributable to MR. You should be man enough to claim at least a portion of it. Take a leaf out of CBK, I heard she said “I won almost 80% of the war”; true, she who made LTTE flee from the peninsula. Is not it open secret that you dealt the major blow to LTTE by providing shelter to Karuna, who had ultimately been used by MR. When you maintain silence about MR teasing, voters seemed to start guessing if he would do a Tissa as MR says. I wish a nicest gentleman that you are, to succeed.

  • 0

    When I woke up this morning I wondered what the kindred spirits who prowl CT and like sites will do going forward. Now I know.

    It seems we have quite a few who cannot fathom how the Rajapakses lost. It is called democracy and in THIS instance, it worked because of a clever (seeming stupid) Elections Commissioner and a determined IGP. And, a determined public too. Yes 47% still voted for Rajapakse and I am sure they have their reasons for having done that. That is their right and it must be fully respected.

    Going forward, those of us who wanted a change must ensure those changes come fast and are set on solid ground. Not cosmetic shit that politicians are inclined to do often.

    I want:

    A judiciary free of cronies and anyone even with a whiff of corruption. That includes Shirani Bandaranayake and her husband. If you talk corruption, understand what the word means first!

    Intelligent, educated and experienced technocrats to run all the ministries and corporations. Reveal the deals, punish the perpetrators and seize the ill-gotten earnings.

    Set up a separate commission to investigate the illegal transactions within the last 10 years. Give the culprits a choice to come clean, make good or have their assets seized. After all they bribed to get advantages. Justice must not only happen, it must appear to happen.

    Set up procedures where things can get done not bogged down. Open up the economy so I can import what I want and sell it when I want and charge me a reasonable duty/tax as the govt’s share. Let not the Customs officer pocket the duty as a bribe and I do not want to spend my time kissing arse trying to get it cleared.

    We all love Singapore and Dubai. Let us take the good things from those places and avoid the bad things.

    Prostitution, liquor, drugs…. who cares. If you want it, go for it. It you like it, pay for it. My Dharmishta should not be your Adharmishta!

    Mr Wickremesinghe has an impeccable character and even more impressive credentials.He still has to deliver and for that he should find reliable trustworthy Sri Lankans to surround himself with. THAT will not be so simple!

    Let us learn to respect another’s choice, and then we will understand our choices too. We are not always right.

  • 1

    The world’s first GAY prime minister! What a dubious beginning for the my3 farce.

  • 2

    You are the last leader we had. You are a real gentleman. Thank you for being patient and being true patriotic at all those Tiger labeling and bombardment of many accusations. They steal your ideas and development plans to stay in power. As far as I know,You have genuine interest of the people. You may have all the strength , health and support of everyone to make our nation a true developed country.

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    Dear Mr. Wickremesinghe:

    Congratulations! This is a position you occupied before. I met you a few times then as an investor in the region.

    I believe that what is happening in Sri Lanka is very similar to what happened to India with Modi. Modi got elected on an anti incumbency wave as Indian got tired of corruption and inaction. They wanted a change and they did it in style. I honestly think what happened in Sri Lanka is an extension of that.

    Modi is a straight leader and he gets things done. I hear the same thing about you often. It was the UNP who introduced corruption to this country. The Rajapakses took it to a different level and today Sri Lanka has become a country where corruption is taken for granted at all levels of the society. It is the leaders who set an example for the people they rule.
    I hope Mr. Sirisena and you will set an example. This is where Rajapaksa failed and you have a chance to succeed. It doesn’t mean that you allow the cronies under you to get rich at the expense of the masses. I think the public also except you to recover some of the ill gotten wealth of the past regime through impartial investigations. I do not think “I will not go after my friends” is something that is going to be acceptable to the tired public.

    When you feel the power of your office and the arrogance that comes with it, please always think that you are a temporary custodians of the trust of the public and you actually work for the citizens of Sri Lanka and not the other way. In your case the people actually did not even vote for you for this position. Therefore you owe an extra gratitude to the people of Sri Lanka for the opportunity given to you to serve them. I hope you do it well.

    Please create an environment where we can live in peace with our Tamil/Musim brothers and sisters. Without their votes, you probably will not be where you are today. They have the same hopes like all of us and they should be allowed to live in Sri Lanka with dignity and not with fear.

    You have to bring the cvil institutions into life that were systematically destroyed by the previous regime. In India, politicians are corrupt like in most countries. But certain institutions such as the Election Commission, the Supreme Court, Reserve Bank of India (Indian central bank) and the independence of the press remain untouchable. These are the values/institutions a country needs to nurture to thrive in the long run. These were the same institutions that were systematically destroyed by the previous regime. Please put in place the right people, irrespective of their race, color, religion or the gender, for the important jobs. This is one area the previous regime failed miserably (at a great cost to the public) as they try to entrenched the Family and the cronies.

    As for the economy, just look at what India is doing and extend it to Sri Lanka. They are doing a lot of things right. I am saying this because I have been an investor of India for the last 25 years. Make everything transparent to avoid corruption. Getting a loan from China is not an excuse to avoid the tender process. If you add the debt taken by the government institutions such as BOC, NSB, and Sri Lankan Air etc., Sri Lanka’s external debt levels are much higher than the numbers the Central bank lets you believe in. A good chunk of this debt is now own by foreign investors. They come and go as they like and the country can suffer when they exit in droves (Asian Crisis 1998!). Sri Lanka has no control over what they do once we open our markets and we should be aware of it. Another way to avoid corruption is if you are unable to privatize the money losing state-owned entities, just get them listed in the stock market.
    Then these companies will become more transparent and answerable to the public. They will also have to operate under commercial norms. The government ownership of CPC and CEB only resulted in Sri Lankans paying more for petrol and electricity as corruption is rampant in these organizations. Airlines is a global and very competitive business where one has to compete with the best in the world. Who would have thought, other than Rrajapakse, that his brother ican do a better job in running Sri Lankan than Emirates, which is probably the best airline in the world today.

    I wish you and Mr. Sirisena all the success in your endeavors!

  • 1

    Congratulations to MS and ALL Opposition parties and groups for the great victory achieved. Thanks too to all Patriots who voted for this change. It is gratifying that this victory was achieved against all odds. The Dictator MR and his cronies violated most election laws of the land, including using state resources to its fullest and so such odds were almost insurmountable. But this time around the Opposition machinery (and the vigilant publc) was equal to the task and was able to thwart, counteract and neutralize all such machinations and devious schemes of MR and his acolytes. The pressure brought about by the world bodies (Commonwealth, UN, India and USA) may have also been a factor for MR to yield to to wishes of the voters. Commiserations to those who voted for MR. It is time to accept the voice of the majority, set aside your differences and help the Government in its efforts.
    Now that the two main players have taken their oaths of office, please implement the 100 day programme as promised. Firstly re-establish true Democracy and rule of law in SL. Please enact legislation to prevent the re-emergence of a Dictator the likes of MR. Please appoint the right people to head the Ministries and most other critical appontments should be on merit. Please apply the rule of law to the letter equally to ALL.
    Thereafter please address the many burning issues of the land including grievances of the minorities. Please remember they voted en-bloc for this change and so you owe it to them to bring about true reconciliation.
    May the blessings of God be with the Government and its Leaders to achieve these onerous tasks.

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    Mr. Prime Minister
    Going by what your colleague Mr. Wijedasa Rajapaksha has reported to be said (see the Island web site) ,the ousted President Mahinda Rajapaksha was contemplating to defy the people’s verdict and wanted to remain in the power on the basis that he has two more years to go. it is reported that together with his brother he conspired to win over the commanders of the armed forces . It is also said that commanders of the forces declined to agree with his suggestions. It is also said that there after he has attempted to win over the cabinet members for his conspiracy. Both Mr. Wijedasa Rajapaksha and Mr. Champika Ranawaka have made these allegations
    We the citizens has a right to know as to whether their has been an attempted coup against implementing peoples’ will, and you as the Head of the new Government has an obligation towards us to direct the IGP to investigate into this matter. If there are evidence to prove a that there was a conspiracy, it is important to frame charges against those who instigated such a conspiracy and bring them to justice. This is your first test on the rule of law and please don’t dodge this important matter by saying that you don’t investigate friends.
    This is not about taking revenge, but demonstrating your commitment to get every politician to honour people’s sovereignty expressed through their unalienable universal franchise.
    Conspiracy to defy the people’s verdict expressed in a democratic election is a crime against the people. So do show us that no one is above the law.

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    “The quality of democracy in any country is revealed not only in the magnanimity of the victors of popular franchise, but the graciousness of the defeated.”

    When Dharmapala started to preach his Buddhism, grace departed the Lanka. I believe, magnanimity was removed from the Lankan Dictionary as soon as Lanka got the freedom, under the leadership of D.S.Senanayake.
    The word got pronounced back in Lanka when PM Cameron went to Jaffna and reminded Churchill’s 2nd world speeches.
    Last two days, there was lot of paper news were created by opposition, including the one “State Secretary Kerry was threatening the King that he is going to send the American military to Lanka”. In fact not one single media, including CT, has not explained why the things happened in the 8th and 9th happened in the way how it happened. The man who said the diaspora trying to send him to UN electric Chair, the man who claimed if he gives the NPC the police power he cannot get out of his house, without showing hesitation, walked of the Temple Tree House. The loss was not hard to predict. In fact, he did not lose to NDF. He lost only to the TNA, the tiger front end. But his action, not one single person had predicted or has explained so far.
    So, rather than twisting the realities continuously, let’s interpret the happened as they. If the responsibility to the magnanimity is going to be honored, let’s not to protect the war criminals with the fake interpretation of the magnanimity. Let’s us encourage them to face it. Let’s not play cunning fox games. If the graciousness will be honored, not be grace only to the one who is ready to protect you from the crimes you did. Show the grace to which you did irreversible damages, by telling the truth.
    If anything King did on the 9th can be appreciated by Tamils, he has come out of the protection MY3 offered to him as no internal or external inquiry. Just the way he wiped out his back and left the Temple Tree chair, he needs to cross his hand, walk to UN’s electric chair and sit on that. He needs to fire his international lawyers. He needs to call the NGO’s to tell his story. He has to tell who his partners were in the game the ended in 2009 May 19. He has to tell what happened to Pirapakaran. He has to release all the files he claimed he had. He said Ex PM Ratnake was the only man accompanies him when they discussed the war actions. He had MY3 to manage the last days of the war. He used Fonseka to wipe out Tamils. He had Vije Nambiar, Satis Nabijar, Shiva Shankar Menan, Narayan work hard for him. He made UN SG Ban – Ki – Moon to change his words after visiting Dalada Maligawa. The only man who knows the truth, to show his graciousness to the people he brought pain, should not just attempt to please Ranil, but has to tell the truth. Let him talk the truth. We need to re-burry with due respects the bodies bulldozed and buried.

    Revenge is not the purpose. Need for the truth is the ailing pain. Whether he is going to plead mercy or granting it for anybody are respectively for him and the job of the UN’s ICC judges. We are not judges. We are victims. We are seeking for justice. Let the King do the proper thing. Let him be man, not hiding behind Ranil, MY3, and Chandrika.

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    What Sinhala_voice raised is the question we all need answers from you all. Are you peoples priority is to pacify Sinhala mass who voted for MR’s Sinhala Buddhist favoured militarised development agenda or explain the people reality that our critical problem is how to build a nation with all other ethnic groups of the country.

    Tell the truth now rather than repeating that we are not going to divide the country and not going to withdraw the security forces from North. These are MRs regimes propaganda. Sinhalese who voted MY3 ignore them. Be honest and ask others to honest about this.

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