3 July, 2022


‘Toy Pistol’ Eraj Attacks Opposition Protest In Hambantota

A group of Opposition members staging a protest at the Hambantota bus stand this morning, including the Opposition leader of Hambanthota Municipal Council, Ayub Khan had been attacked by a group of thugs led by Hambanthota Mayor Eraj Fernando.

Eraj FernandoThe Opposition members along with the ‘Veediye Virodaya’ group that performs street drama criticizing the Rajapaksa regime, had been engaged in performing a play and staging a protest at the Hambantota bus stand at about 9 am this morning when the attack took place.

A group of thugs led by Fernando – the infamous owner of the ‘toy pistol’ who attacked and threatened Opposition MPs who were on an inspection visit to the Hambanthota port earlier this year – had arrived at the location dressed in t-shirts that read ‘Team Eraj’, armed with knives and clubs.

They had attacked the Opposition members including Veediye Virodaya members Brito Fernando, Nimal Dissanayake and Jayatilleke Bandara heavily. Those injured have admitted themselves to the Matara hospital.

A complaint has also been lodged at the Hambantota Police regarding the incident.

Jayatilaka Bandara

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    People of this country have every right to know what happened to so called investigation ? And what were the punishments ? Then only our little ones would get that justice is safegaurded in this island. If this is not the case, even 10 year olds will get it easily there is no place for justice in Rajaapshe rule.
    Today, MR dares to express that he knew why opposition went on fact finding missions – according to him they wanted to privatize – but the man has totally forgotten to do the due against his culprits who delivered all physical and mental harm to the visiting mission.

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      The rule of law and justice doesn’t function under this current regime, This why when the opposition candidate called the President for a debate on these stage, Mr. President refused to comment; We know that he is guilty of misusing the powers which has been widely abused.

      Now its the time for us to come together and chase way the corrupted regime. With the unity method, It will be more harder for the President to defeat the opposition common candidate. At then first before Mr. President called for the election he realised that it would be easy to win the election because he thought Ranil will be running for Presidency, Suddenly Mr. President’s plan has gone completely wrong as he expected, Now he has no other choice to change things, but the choice was to abuse the people by forcing them to attend the President’s rally and his popularity is fading away on daily basis.

      Do you think that putting him as President for another term, Will the people receive democracy and their rights?

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      This man current Mayor of Hambantota should be hung by his balls immeditely a new govt is appointed. This man treated those fact finding mission brutal.. simply bruta.

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      These goons and the others like Duminda Silva will remain active if people would vote MR for his 3 rd term. Masses in the country should see it clearly, else, we will be fallen in deep. As many are clear that nothing was given as justice in the preivious cases toy pistol holding mayor and his professional thugs empowered by President of the nation himself – attacks made to fact finding mission to this day. So people of all kind should raise the question – smidgeon of justice would prevail in today s society. [Edited out] Rajapakshes to speak out asking another mandate is really joke when looking at all these.

      Mama thamai miniha – I am the one who will get elected etc are being passed to the nation, so he is confident of winning… all across the nation are saddened and helpless being unable to face the cost of living of current day.

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    Following the example of Maithree’s son no doubt!

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    Let us join in condeming this brutal attack on the artists. They have every right to express their opinion freely in any part of this country. The attackers should not think that Hambanthota is a seperate country. The politicians have no authority to prevent anyone from exercising such rights. Will the authorities investigate this incident and bring the culprits to book? This attack is another evidence to show that that law and order and democracy does not exist in our land under this government.

    We as democratic citizens should bring pressure on the authorities to act without favour to anyone. Will the Police do their duty?

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