29 May, 2023


Transnational Government Of Tamil Eelam’s Parliament Dissolved For Next Election

After completing the first term in office, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’s (TGTE) Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, dissolved the Parliament on October 1, 2013.

Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran - Prime Minister TGTE

The TGTE Election Commission then took over the responsibility to hold elections for the 2nd term of the TGTE Parliament. The Chief Election Commissioner S. Sridas along with her other Commissioners around the world started to organize the elections, says the TGTE

The TGTE says; “Nominations were accepted by respective Country Election Commissions to elect 112 Members of Parliament (MPs). Countries where the nominations were filed are: Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand. Even though arrangements were made to conduct elections in all these countries, timely withdrawal of groups who were unwilling to go along with TGTE agenda in the past, have resulted in all the candidates elected unopposed.

“This heralds a remarkable welcome development in the Tamil Diaspora. Signifying unity not seen before and effectively strengthening the Diaspora’s role for the freedom of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka.

“With this elections, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) begins its 2nd Parliamentary Term.”

The following is the list of Candidates who have been elected as Members of Parliament (MP) for the second term of the TGTE Parliament.


1)Joseph Ponrajah Antony. —– 14)Selvarajah Ayathurai

2)Eelaventhan M.K. —– 15)Thuraiappah Ramachandran

3)Nimal Vinayagamoorthy. —– 16)Nanthakumar (Nanthan) Maharajah

4)Ravinthiran Tharmalingam. —– 17)Sivananthan Muthuckumaru

5)Henry Kirupairajah. —– 18)Thanusan Rasiah

6)Srisangar(Shean)Sinnarajah. —– 19)Navaneshan Murugandy

7)Suren Mahendran. —– 20)Yogendran Vaiseegamagapathy

8)Shanthini Sivaraman. —– 21)Ratna (Shanthan) Muthukumarasamy

9)Srinarayanadas Navaratnam. —– 22)Eric Xavier

10)Ramanan Kumarasamy. —– 23)Mark Mokanasingham

11)Selvajothy Ravindran. —– 24)Priya Ajay

12)Vimalarajah Kulasingam. —– 25)Kosaladevy Sivananthan

13)Marearasa Mariampillai. —



1)Mohan Thiagarajah. —– 11)Thamotharampillai Murugadas

2)Ruthrapathy Sekar. —– 12)Arun V.Gobith

3)Ambalawanar Ahilawanar. —– 13)Balambihai Murugadas

4)Thillai Nadarajah. —– 14)Karthika Vigneswaran

5)Vannyasingam Gunaseelan. —– 15)Lavaniya Balasingham

6)Kanthappu Arumugam. —– 16)Thirukumaran Irasalingam

7)Manivannan Pathmanabhan. —– 17)Appathurai Vairavamoorthy

8)Sockalingam Yogalingam. —– 18)Nimalan Seevaratnam

9)Vasuki Muruhathas. —– 19)Thevarajah Neethirajah

10)Arunasalam Rajalingam. —– 20)Vadivelu Surendran



1)Victor Sinna Rajalingam. —– 6)Dr. Mrs. Sarveswarydevi Thevarajah

2)Jay Kanagaratnam Jayanthan. —– 7)Surenthra Thurairatnam

3)Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran. —– 8)Dr. Thavendra Ambalvanar Rajah

4)Ranjan Manoranjan. —– 9)Chandrasegaram Kandiah

5)Jeyakumar Aiyathurai. —– 10)Shan Sundaram



1)Dharshan Gunasingam. —– 6)Uthayakumari Singarasa

2)Kanagasabapathy Sresutharsan. —– 7)Sabesan Sanmugam

3)Suppiah Skandakumar. —– 8)Dominic Santhiapillai

4)Paskarajothy Kandasamy. —– 9)Kanagandram Manicka Vasagar

5)Dr. Mrs. Apiramy Visuvanathan. —



1)Nadarajah Pathmanathan. —– 6)Suppiah Loganathan

2)Sinnaiah Rimann Loganathan. —– 7)Velauthapillai Raveendranath

3)Kandiah Subramaniam. —– 8)Ampalam Nemynathan

4)Sebastian Thaninayagam. —– 9)Harold Ratnakumaran

5)Subramaniam Paramananthan. —– 10)Selvavinayagam Manimaran



1)Kanagasuntharam Kajanthan. —– 6)Murugiah Suginthan

2)Arulanandam Deivendran. —– 7)Selvarajah Jeyam

3)Sathasivam Jegaseelan. —– 8)Rajanidevi Sinnathamby

4)Rajathurai Senthilkumaran. —– 9)Mohanarajah

5)Markandu Devarajah. —



1)Eliathamby Logeswaran



1)Kalaialgan Karthigesu

2)Sutharsan Sivagurunathan

3)Mahinthan Sivasubramaniam

4)Kamalenthira Balachandran

5)Saverimuthu Constin

6)Balachandran Nagalingam

7)Jeyachandran Kanthasamy

8)Joseph Jacobpillai S Michel Collins

9)Logarasa Parthiban



1)Anandam Charles

2)Anisan Kulasingam



1)Sayandra Shan

2)Thomas Aloysius



1)Arumugam Thevarajan

2)Anne Uma George

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    What! No Usha Sriskandarajah, Dr. Brian Seneviratne??


  • 0

    Ego without bounds really isn’t it? I think the Tamils are incredibly special this way.

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    TGTE should remain dissolved. Period.

  • 0

    This a game they play. Better dissolve it permanently. An ineffective government is as good as no government. Haven t printed play money yet?

  • 1

    So who is Vicky? Is he with us or against us? Are you beginning to speak like MR and Gota.

  • 0

    Whats this joke?Kids playing truant?

  • 0

    These names don’t sound like the real deal.

    Didn’t the handlers of Vellala CM nominate any?.

    Did they at least have a manifesto ,like the one which the Vellalas gave the War Widows represented by Annathi.

  • 0

    From the very first day, I knew that your TGTE is a pie in the sky. But don’t tell me that you have landed it somewhere for now.

  • 0

    Tamil Transsexual Government without any country!!!

    What a joke. Tamils are such modayas.

  • 0

    Children play better games than this.

    Stupid idiots don’t have any shame.

    This is like playing hide and seek.

  • 0

    Not a single Sinhalese in this racist Government.

    • 0

      You are right Mann, no Muslims in the TGTE either. Bloody racists!

      • 0

        Oh and there are non Muslim Tamils in the Muslim Congress then? Soo hypocritic of you!

        Considering Muslims don’t identify themselves as Tamil even though Eastern Muslims are racially the same as their non Muslim Tamils and other Muslims are mostly Tamil ,why the hell should the TGTE include a single Muslim.

        SL Muslims like you got some nerve to demand a place in the TGTE when you lot do not want to identify as Tamils. There are Hindus and Christians in the TGTE, because neither deny they are Tamils but Muslims being the Arab ass kissers they are , and being brainwashed by the small % of Moors/Arabs who settled in SL deny their Tamil identity, so don’t think you can have the cake an eat it too!!

      • 0

        This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

    • 0

      Considering the GOSL is a Sinhala Nationalist entity and the TGTE as the name suggests is Tamil, what sense does it make to have a Singhalese in it. Besides even if they did have a Singhalese, the Singhalese like you would just claim that this person does not speak or represent the Sinhala community.

      • 0

        Firstly, the GoSL has Tamils and other minorities in it. Secondly, why are you worried about what our Sinhalese will say about your Sinhalese; do you see us getting worried about what your Tamils say about our Tamils? Right now, the TGIF or whatever looks like a mono-ethnic entity. Tamil only, in Eelam?

  • 0

    A government without a country! :)

    • 0

      There’s plenty of communities around the world that have governmental organizations but no country;

      • 0

        True, but they are not Transsexual Governments!

    • 0

      Fathima Fuk continues to expose her ignorance lavishly in these pages. De Gaulle ran his Govt (France)in Exile from London, Mandela and colleagues ran their S.African Govt in Exile from Lusaka. There are many more examples dirt-collectors like F.Fuk will never know.
      TGTE clearly use their head and empirical precedence to declare their identity. F. Fuk uses a much-used different part of her anatomy to exhibit the lunacy she regularly displays. A classic Muslim muttal


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    Instead of complaining you should try and use your vote to influence this unique government in the Sky(pe).

    Check voter’s Eligibility for the upcoming elections:

    The voter must be 17 years of age or over on Election Day.

    Must be identifiable with Tamil Eelam culture by descent, marriage or adoption or claimed as such under any other residual category, to be ruled on as admissible or otherwise by the Presiding Officer.

    The latter category is a residual category to be applied strictly having regard to the merit of each individual case.


    I’m eagerly awaiting for madam Sriskandarajah to explain:
    What’s “Tamil Eelam culture” is – Is it different to Tamil culture?
    What are these other “ residual categories” – a list will help.

    In the meantime I’m checking my DNA and actively seeking an East Ham girl.

  • 0

    At least keeps Gota in Baya as he cannot travel to the land of his petrol pump attendant days.

  • 0

    oh good to know , this is very important information . !!! NOT

  • 0

    Ministers in yhis mythical govenment charged with child molestation in Sudan

  • 0

    I am not a supporter of MA-RA regime. I like to ask from Rudrakumaran, the Ex- PM, why they failed to save and liberate the 300,000 thousand odd Tamil civililians Prabakaran was keeping as his hostages. Also what good the TGTE performed during the lat full year to support and provide housing for the poor Tamil people including the IDP’s to construct houses and to provide much needed medical and other facilities.
    When they expect to create the Tamil Ellam in the North and annex East to make it their country. Also what action they are planning to get the 40pc Tamils living in Colombo and the suburbs to their new country. Will they get their brothers and sisters In the up -country to their Tamil Ellam, as Israelis did with their people ARound the worLld.

    Another question to Ex- PM is how many countries has recognise your government in exile an: do you get Diplomatc per elegies fRom those countries?

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