17 May, 2022


Ubiquitous Chinese Corruption Facilitated Top-Echelon Felons In Sri Lanka

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Guangxixue lubricated graft in Sri Lanka

Why can’t the scourge of corruption, flagrant family nepotism and rampant abuse of power everywhere be exposed in the exemplary way the Weliamuna Board of Inquiry (W-BoI) has done for Sri Lankan Airlines? All along I tamely swallowed the Prime Minister and President’s lame excuse that “Ho, haa things must be done properly; the authorities must cautiously build a strong justiciable case”. Blah, CID sloths, the tortoises in the Bribery Commission and the lame Attorney General crawl like snails, but W-BoI has shown that a no-holds-barred public inquiry, armed with a mandate to question witnesses and probe documents, can shine light, build a prima face case and urge prosecution of ex-chairman Nishantha Wickramasinghe and ex-CEO Kapila Chandrasena. A BoI is not a court of law and its findings are not conclusive but the public outcry for transparency prior to court proceedings has been sated. The findings confirm every detail of what was previous public knowledge; so many alleged cases of scandalous graft, including China financed mega-projects, are likely to be true.

Why no investigations elsewhere – MR’s Highways Ministry where project “expenditure” was blown up by orders of magnitude, Basil R’s ministries, defence, petroleum, and anything Sajin, Namal and such others touched? The reason is that PM and President are giving the public the kokka-pennanawa run-around. Weliamuna and his team are high calibre, but half-a-dozen more could have been put together if the political will existed but RanilSirisena lack the killer instinct. The Rajapaksas had Fonseka in the cooler in a trice, hauled him before a mock-trial and stripped him of all but his underpants with the speed of greased lightening. En passant exposing the army’s top echelon as the abode of some Generals happy to defecate on uniform and epaulette and make themselves a cat’s paw of powerful political personalities. Sirisena argues, quite credibly, that had he lost the elections he would have ended up six-feet under; that’s the Pakse-style killer instinct!

Guangxi and guangxixue

The two words are not to be confused. Guangxi refers to a personalised network of giving and receiving favours; it means more than connections or relationships and carries a cultural flavour long-rooted in history. It is not bribery, abuse of power, or manipulation of authority; for this guangxixue (actually, guangxi studies) has been adopted by some Western scholars. Guangxi refers to favours and services including the face to return a favour if one receives one. It has influence in political and official relationships and in business and was significant even in the austere Mao period due to strong social ties and a collectivist outlook. Foreign leaders are recipients of guangxi as China builds networks, but greedy and adroit blackguards exploit it for guangxixue. In meddling with private project companies there is a lot of space under the proverbial table.

I was chatting to a winsome wench on the banks of the river Li in scenic Guangxi Province (same English spelling as guangxi but different Chinese character) who was amazed that I located the exact spot where the photograph adorning the back of the twenty Yuan note was taken. Money talks and I was quizzed: “If cooperation agreements were signed after consultation and consensus and the Chinese side did nothing wrong, why are you stopping the Colombo Harbour City project? The company is losing $380,000 a day”. It is not easy to explain to foreigners why they should be penalised when the blackguards are on our side. I had to emphasise the likely complicity of the project company in siphoning and laundering project money from Chinese lending agencies to recipient country leader’s overseas bank accounts, and contentious land sovereignty issues. Now however Colombo is silent on guangxixue; government pronouncements raise only environmental and sovereignty concerns.

The perception of corruption is of utmost public concern in the post-Mao era; it harms social stability and economic wellness. Relatives of former prime minister Wen Jiabo stashed millions in foreign banks and relatives of President Xi Jinping accumulated wealth improperly. Foreign reports of these allegations are blocked – we are familiar with the methods. Nonetheless, President Xi’s anti-corruption drive is robust though selective, targeting opponents who were loyalists of previous leaders. It’s fine by me if Ranil-Sirisena bring scoundrels of the old regime to justice, even if they are political rivals. If of ten heavyweights, eight are rogues, go after the worst four first, the other six are needed to keep the ship of state afloat.

Two high profile cases are headline news. Former Politburo Standing Committee member and Head of Security, Zhou Yongkang, will be charged with bribery, abuse of power and disclosing state secrets it was announced on 3 April 2015. Zhou is the highest-ranked Communist Party official ever to be indicted for graft. At his peak he wielded immense power overseeing the courts, police, domestic security and state intelligence. Family members occupied high places and were involved in scandals at the gigantic China National Petroleum Corporation, the country’s largest oil company (state owned).

Bo Xilai, Communist Party chief in Chongqing, a huge municipality, and a Party high-flyer was expelled, prosecuted and imprisoned. His wife was given a suspended death sentence for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood. A leaked audio recording revealed Bo and his police chief Wang discussing an investigation into Bo’s family and mentioned that he may be linked to the murder. The two fell out; Wang ratted on Bo.

Corruption and economic growth

Was corruption the price of economic growth? They went hand in hand and helped capitalists skirt regulations and an overly centralised bureaucracy. Thriving decentralised provincial and county administrations laid out investment and production plans and promoted infrastructure expansion on a scale that boggles the mind unless one travels across China and sees it. A crucial corollary, corruption too was decentralised. An all round economic explosion, complemented by sleaze of cadres at national and local levels, created a unity of purpose and promoted astonishing growth.

In Lanka however, corruption retards growth, represses and distorts investment and corrodes businesses; all primary determinants of capitalism’s health. Sans orderly progress, good governance and law enforcement, Lanka’s economy will grind to a halt; an incomparably different world from China. There is a kural which goes “Vaana mayl aada athu kanda vaankoli . . .” etc. The turkey seeing the ethereal dance of the peacock imagines it can waltz to the same tune!

But as Yang Hengjun points out in the web journal ‘The Diplomat’ of 18 March 2015, a different problem is now unraveling. Millions of bureaucrats at national and provincial level are backing off in fear; instead of acting-up they are not-acting at all. “For ordinary citizens, an official acting-up is bad, but not-acting is worse. Acting-up is not chaos but following an orderly set of unspoken rules — trading money for power. Give money, get things done; social morals are destroyed but one can still get that business license approved. When officials are not-acting it’s a different matter. They occupy posts, but dare not employ the unspoken rules; they are passive and slow-moving. That business license is not approved and there’s nothing one can do about it! Inaction will have an impact on the economy”.

Hengjun does not take the next step. President Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, though unlikely to be derailed by political rivals, faces its greatest challenge from China’s disoriented bureaucracy. When emperors took on the bureaucracy they lost as it was the mandarins who sustained the stability of the state for more than two millennia. Confucius (551-487 BC) crafted a governance ethic that exalted duty, justice, integrity and meritocracy. Lanka, lacking these traditions and having destroyed what it had of an able bureaucracy is far more vulnerable. If it does not root-out high-level corruption now, the rot will become endemic, and life threatening.

Salvaging Sino-Lanka relations

It is unthinkable to let relations with China go down the tubes; China is far too important for our economic development. While tilting back to a balanced stance such as renewing long cherished ties with India and repairing damaged links with the West, we must have the survival sense to sustain friendship with China. The mandarins are no fools, they see that our disarray is of Rajapaksa provenance and understand that the new government must act against manifest sleaze. If the Paksas are locked up or strung up, not a tear will be shed in the Middle Kingdom.

President Xi Jinping inaugurated the Port City project during his September 2014 visit, so suspension is a small personal setback. China is holding it up as a link in its Maritime Silk Road and staunchly defends the project: “We believe Sri Lanka will act in its long-term interests, advance practical cooperation with China, properly handle relevant issues, keep Chinese companies interested in investing in Sri Lanka and protect their lawful rights and interests.” Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao said: “It meets Sri Lanka’s needs and can bring tangible benefits to the people”. Significantly he added “The new government is firmly committed to a friendly policy towards China.”

China is too important a partner – not only in economic development. Lanka cannot turn away from China. Colombo is waffling over the project, it does not want to alienate Beijing, but neither can it back off on key anxieties. The sticking point is ceding land to a foreign power; environmental issues can be fixed. Frankly, in my view, the entire concept of turning Fort into a pseudo-Shanghai artifice of neon lights, high-rises and a fake enclave of finance-capital will neither serve the people of Lanka nor promote robust capitalist development. It’s a harmful policy choice, irrespective of graft, sovereignty and environmental stumbling blocks. But alas the trap has been sprung and we are so ensnared that finding a way out may be impossible.

Nevertheless, Sino-Lanka relations need to move beyond the maladroit Rajapaksa quagmire and the Port City nightmare. This will keep Ranil, Sirisena and the mandarins at Beijing’s Colombo Desk awake at night for a while longer.

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  • 7

    THIS is exactly why Chinese “loans” for all these mega-projects are suspect. They have made our politicians “bribe-takers”. If any Chinese officials were caught taking bribes or commissions, they would have been put against a wall! But as far as paying smaller and more vulnerable nations to meet their ends, then that’s OK.

    • 10

      “They have made our politicians “bribe-takers”. “

      Lankans are saints born in a coconut shell.

      Boasting about being the only force on earth to beat terrorism.

      Go to Yemen and fight on the streets on behalf of saudi who are prepared to pay the cost of clearing your debts – they have done this to pakistan in fighting at syria.
      you have 600 k women in the medival ME now is the time for the sinha’s to prove that they are the ones saving the nation from financial default.

      Gonow go to Sana Yemen the gold glitters.

  • 3

    The Trotskyist theory of pseudo-political writing anti- Marxist in essence ,that David belongs same clique which serve Reactionary class in power, what ever country and any nation are immaterial to them; as long as serve class collaboration is primer factor is that betray interest of People Sovereignty and ongoing Democratic Revolution in Sri lanka.

    David stand for principle doctrine so-called name of ‘Permanent Revolution’ by Trotsky as which that betray class interest of majority of masses vested interest of Indian RAW and Eealm liberation by collaboration US and UK hegemonic politics power in policy of ‘pivot Asia’ launch by Mohammed Baraka Obama.

    Kumar David most tested Trotskyist in an Island, who had been that anti-Sinhalese background infiltrated into LSSP political outlet since 1964. He had been created Political So-called ‘LEFT MASK’ that his own name of so-called anti-coalition policy had been advocated by LSSP (R) since 1964.

    There are bunch Trotskyist have penetrated into mainstream national political Parities similar like David, are in high rank of political elites of SLFP, UNP, TNA,TULF and JVP, as well as LTTE.

    They are principally stand for anti- Socialist , anti- Chinese, & anti-Soviets until its collapse 1991. They were serve US and UK Imperialism hegemonic policies many ways and means that against undermine National Democratic Revolution in Sri lanka, since Independence 1948.

    Kumar David is pseudo-Trotskyist unlike others his afflation with Tamil blood linked, often used a anarchist and adventurist writing related Trotskyism, rather than empirical or scientific approach to argumentation. David argue to win cases arriving a the objective truth is a secondary goal. He is only present evidence that their case and ignore evidence that casts doubt on it.

    For Political point of new reality in 2015 January 9th, of MS, UNP-Ranil.W… and CBK by foreign installed regime that elites support finding the truth or at least the closet possible approximation to its is paramount.

    We look at all the present evidence to determine what happen before and after 2015 Presidential election. The David argument is a generally in the style of lawyers in the courts.

    The key of Kumar David an approach that reality of political elites consider to be both ineffectual for an advancement of Democratic knowledge of society and contemptible because political scholars know the crucial information and solid evidence that has been left out or by ignored of Trotskyist mindset of methodology.

    Continuing advance of democracy and development of Sri lanka’ model and path of capitalism since 1956, have provided new data and evidence has also rendered neo-liberalism hypotheses about catastrophism or old Imperialism civilization of Christian theology is implausible will be implode sooner or later.

    This truth has been Ignore by David.
    That does not mean that David ideas dead letters consigned to oblivion. Instead his ideas and writing have enter new form of political writing ,where he can be recycled by other Trotskyist writers, with cite them as respected state of foreign funded by Indian authoritative of RAW that sources of power and knowledge.

    Those recent Trotskyist, however have produce anti-democratic psedohistories that have never been grounded on real historical and scientific evidence, but his( David) concord writing not harm the previous MR ruling alliances, the witness achievement and their credibility.

    In popular politics advocated by of MS, UNP-Ranil W… and CBK cannot distinguish good evidence from bad or logical and empirical argumentation from ongoing so-called ‘good governance’ ‘corruption charges’ and ‘rule of law’ that seeming impressive but ultimately empty rhetoric.

    Sadly David formal writing has slighted development of Trotskyist critical thinking. It is a difficult time consuming that even dangerous thing for politicians to teach.

    So many political classes and parties in power Sri Lankan or will to come to power many do not and cannot teach them by David advice of out dated metaphysis ideology.

    I wish to conclude my comment few words by Hendry KISSERNGER-World Order 2014.
    ” In the decades following World War 11 ,a sense of world community seemed on the verge of arising. The industrially advanced( develop Capitalist Countries) regions of the World were exhausted from WAR; the underdevelopment parts were beginning their process of decolonization and Redefining their IDENTITIES. All needed Cooperating rather than confrontation.
    And the US preserved from the ravages of WAR—–indeed ,strengthened by the conflicts in its economy and NATIONAL confidence — launch itself of on implementing ideals and practices it considered applicable to ENTIRE WORLD.

    David of Trotskyist world is backward political class is still far lagged that behind Kissinger line of Thinking.!

    • 3

      Mr, Nimal don’t waste your time writing broken English garbage which make no sense Sorry mate you are unfortunately a product of the Yako Swabasha generation, that have produced a lot of idiots like the present generation of nincompoop politicians that have been the curse of this country. Go to some English language night classes before you attempt to express you thoughts in grammatical q Queens English,

  • 8

    “”Ubiquitous Chinese Corruption Facilitated Top-Echelon Felons In Sri Lanka””

    Colony Boy!!

    According to French Judge investigating corruption in foreign contracts.
    UK is the only country in the EU that is immune to being questioned about foreign contracts and commissions.- they have always been above the Law because they are the law.

  • 6

    As usual, Prof. Kum has shown his capacity to write long essays. But he must face the reality. The current government personnel were in the opposition and made all kinds of allegations against the government and the President that was booted out. Had they at the time of making allegations collated the facts correctly (I am sure they had all the connections to do it) then it is easier for the investigators to verify them quickly. Prof Kum praises the Weliamuna BOI for producing results. But all along fellows knew what as going on and the WBOI (using Kum’s acronym) has only put out a miniscule of the allegations that Nishantha, Kapila & Co is supposed to have done. Had all the material been collected of Sri Lankan Airlines collected then the WBOI would have done a better job in highlighting all the sordid activities at that time and in double quick time. So Prof. Kum don’t blame the Police and the Attorney General’s Department for only receiving hardly any real evidence and asking them to do the real investigations.

    I have to say the same thing of the Constitutional quagmire the present lot are facing. The real core issue that these people were talking of now requires a referendum. Why? Lack of preparedness. They should have hired real experts to study the JRJ constitution, not amateurs. They should have documented how a President constitutionally abuses his powers. Study the entrenched clauses well. The study on indirect impact on entrenched clauses is something a real expert must carefully look into. The fellows started doing something only after winning the Presidential elections. In fact the 19A in my humble opinion should have been such that the President to be elected or after elected should not belong to a political party, like in Singapore. Such a stipulation would not be directly or indirectly impacting an entrenched clause. In the event that President is outside politics, instances that he says NO to the Prime Minister are a few and far between. That way the President can be an amiable man to the Prime Minister just as much as Wiggie of Northern Province describes his Governor.

    Prof Kum has to blow hot and blow cold. He must throw a dart at the Chinese and at the same time he has to be mindful that he is in Chinese soil. Citing Chinese examples the Prof asserts that corruption grows with Economic growth. In his second assertion he implies that corruption retards growth only in Sri Lanka. Oh! NO! Corruption retards growth in every blessed land. The cost of projects swell up and so does the cost of living. It is well known even in the 1980’s of Sri Lanka the Government spends about twice the bill for recurrent expenditure and 3.5 time or more on capital expenditure.

    What is important to us in Sri Lanka immediately is not the internal workings of China but meeting the Chinese argument about its projects in Sri Lanka. It says whether it is corruption or lack of obtaining necessary approvals or clearances is not the fault of Chinese institutions but Sri Lanka should have done its due diligence. There is a valid contract between the two parties. The only consideration that Sri Lanka has to do is to take a well considered quick decision as to whether to continue with the projects or not. If the damage to environment etc. are so bad is it worth to stop it after paying all the damages to the Chinese Institutions (I hope the treasury will have the money). If we dilly-dally in our decision making it can be construed that we are delaying because the new lot in power in Sri Lanka is also waiting for blood-money to go ahead with the project.

    • 8

      “”The only consideration that Sri Lanka has to do is to take a well considered quick decision as to whether to continue with the projects or not.””

      SL would eventually lose very quickly at WTO- that is `the workshop of the world` Chinese record. No one would bale out SL.
      The amount is less than $10 billion so China has no time for SL stupidity.
      Remember they have investments world wide and own 30% of Africa’s Largest Bank in South Africa.
      Why is it that UK, France, Italy…Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB,
      Against American wishes??
      The Chinese cheese stand alone….

      • 2

        It is incidental to note that a certain newspaper article published recently reports that a Singaporean Investor wanted to this same Colombo Port City project on the initiation of Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe at that time and it is also reported that Mr. Wickramasinghe opposed the current operation of the project on grounds of environmental hazards. Therefore my original comment quoted as follows have a greater bearing as any delay in the decision can be construed having an ulterior motive:

        “The only consideration that Sri Lanka has to do is to take a well considered quick decision as to whether to continue with the projects or not.”

  • 11

    Maybe the winsome wench addled your brain, hopefully on a temporary basis. Tell that stupid woman that in Sri Lanka when one goes to a lender for funds for any project, that lender checks the project plans against market prices and will NOT lend any more than about 80% of the market price of your project.

    China on the other hand seems to have been happy to lend many times the market price of projects. Its own officials may have received generous kickbacks for passing these projects and that is Chinas problem.

    This kind of corruption causes the moral decay of the state and we cannot do business with countries who encourage and facilitate this kind of moral decay. Please keep in mind that China has sent many winsome wenches over here and they have played no small part in lubricating the Richards of our politicians and government officials as well in order to enable them to slip more easily into these wayward paths of corruption.

  • 9

    ubiquitous academic talking shop after a stint at Hong Kong school run under the British regime.

    Why is it that the maximum Chinese foreign investment in the west is at Germany on purchasing brands, products and retaining the proud labour??
    (The Germans have the best labour laws in Europe safeguarding the worker)
    (UK have very high disparities from its CEO to general staff and its CEO to German CEO)- Its called the English talk shop less production but more discrete politics)

    Why is it that export to Hong Kong is second?? (like Malaysia exporting to Singapore)
    This list was released on January 10, 2014 and reflects the volume of trade in 2013.[1] Total trade values are in billions of USD.
    Rank Country Total trade
    1 United States 521
    2 Hong Kong 401
    3 Japan 312.55
    4 South Korea 274.24
    5 Taiwan 197.28
    6 Germany 161.56
    7 Australia 136.37
    Why is it that the Germans are transferring the best robot technology to China??
    Seen Robot TT in action building automobiles.

    Why did Gordon Brown give £3 billion to TATA to build a collaboration for the manufacture of Rover & Jaguar at Chery Auto China??
    (today 75% of TATA income is form Rover)

    Remember Peter Mandelson and the bribe after he visited Saudi Arabia having lived in a council home all his life- when the pay is low and however bright you are corruption creeps in so that you may socialise with the gang.

    Why is it that UK, France, Italy…Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB??
    The cheese stand alone….
    (Washington’s Lobbying Efforts Against China’s ‘World Bank’ Fail As Italy, France Welcomed Aboard)

    Italy and France’s membership was a resounding rejection of Washington’s request for allies to stand down. When the U.K. announced it would consider joining the bank it opened the flood gates of European nations begging to hop on the Beijing bandwagon. Norway, Portugal, Iceland, Hong Kong and even Taiwan all applied to become members in the $100 billion bank yesterday. The final number of founding members will be confirmed on April 15, after the opinions of all founding members are considered. Founding members have the right to create governance and operating rules for the bank. Countries that join after the deadline will have voting rights only, with less say in the rule-making process. So the U.S. has 12 days to reconsider.

    Obama went against the WTO decision and increased the tax to 60% on Chinese made tyres so that he played with the republican policy of home made goods and employment.
    So where are these home made tyres coming from but Venezuela where its Chinese investment. (the number of graduates that arrive in the EU to study and speak in Spanish is on the increase and they are on their way to take up high appointments in their mums and pops investments in South America.)

    At Amazon market place I purchased a card reader for euro 0.99(pp incl) delivery in 30 days by sea. I received it at Madrid within time and it also included a little complementary trinket that cost Euro 1.00 at any super market.

    They are the workshop of the world and you are just an academic fool.

    It is because individuals accept it that there is bribery-
    Who says one could never offer a bribe at the top at Singapore and even purchase cocaine?? It’s who you know that matters.
    Why is it that every foreign investor from EU wants to meet the president before plunging in??
    Why is it that Dr Liam Fox was never questioned about his Lankan dealings but was forced to resign due to an internal matter???
    Finally Xi the businessman is having the time of his life trying to calm the corruption locally and create employment
    readjust income distribution to stop the yawning gap, firmly curb excessive rise of housing prices, implement prudent monetary policy, intensify anti-corruption efforts, accelerate economic restructuring, and deal with the complex situations in development- Timeline: China’s 13th Five-Year Plan
    An interactive timeline from Yale University sets out key milestones on the path to launching China’s next development blueprint (2016-2020)

  • 1

    Dr. David,

    I think you have mixed up the Kural: “kaana mayilaada kandiruntha vaan kozhi thaanum adhuvaaga paavithu aadiyatham”

    It is not as you say “Vaana mayl aada athu kanda vaankoli…”

    I remember this Kural from childhood well because my father often used it to illustrate the correct usage of ‘paavithu’ ( i.e., ‘to imitate’, not as in popular usage, which is ‘to use’).

    Your English translation of it is essentially correct though.

    Also, I read about Bo Xilai’s case nearly two years ago, so I think it is kind of an old story. I was just talking about it a couple of days back with some of my friends who are admirers of Lee Kuan Yew and the Singapore model. I am no fan of the Singaporean and Chinese models. In my mind, the fact that India has managed to remain democratic even in the face of its myriad problems and poverty, is more impressive than those models.

  • 2

    Another crazy professor at work. Wonder where these guys get their qualifications from. He expects Sirisena-Ranil to act fast like the Maharaja MR, family and the forty odd thieves. He is bringing in the Chinese to explain his theory. What we need is some decent, honest, truthful patriotic people and certainly not these Booruwas with heavy books on their backs.

  • 9

    You also seem to be suggesting that Ranil and Maithi behave like Mahinda and Gota ! . If they did why did we go through the trouble of voting out the former in favor of the latter. Certainly not to be dished out more of the same? Can you please explain your logic if there is any left. The winsome wench appears to have inserted the “dictatorship of the proletariat” program in your head.

  • 2

    Portuguese , Dutch and British came to Asia as business people. Then their governments to protect their countrymen’ s businesses developed their naval powers.
    Eventually what happened to many of the Asian countries.

    But for majority of the Sri Lankans and the major political parties, denying minority rights is more important than allowing other countries to control SL through their hidden agendas.

    This has been the case since 1947/ 48.

  • 3

    Chinese loans and related have created local billionaires overnight.

    That is the bottom line.

  • 2

    Kumar, an excellent analysis. Indeed Ranil and Maithri have to refine their killer instincts. In the meantime the rogues will get away. The ramifications of corruption and bribe taking differ from those obtaining in China and Sri Lanka differ and hence the Sri Lankan rogues get away. Bensen

  • 2

    Prof. Kumar David is like the sinhala man who [Edited out]

  • 2

    China is hell bent on getting a political hold on Sri Lanka in the name of a major
    commercial venture. They would under no circumstances forego the land lease part of the
    Agreement, with a long-term ulterior purpose, in the guise of friendly economic assistance. Some way out has to be sought from this MR mess quickly.

    • 6

      “”China is hell bent on getting a political hold on Sri Lanka “”

      shape shape lanka tamil- kanke??

      To the Chinese the greatest happiness is in the movement of the bowels and the GDP is on the Pig- its called Win-Win. not some other culture and its politics like the Europeans crusaders.

      It took Mao a lot of doing/killing to make 42 ethnics into one and one language of yellow people.

      China town EU the largest is at Madrid and the owners are all yellow- Taiwan, japan, Korea Mainland China Hong Kong. That is the final destination of the Silk Route train- ship is slow costly and dangerous voyage to Europe the sale and purchase of the best Olive oil, Jammon, Cheese,Wine, Brandy, Port, Sherry.

  • 2

    D.Nimal in his fractured English has stopped short of calling Prof:A.K David as an LTTE sympathiser! Perhaps,he should reread Trotsky or if he is unable to compehend go for classes first in English Grammar!

  • 9

    Lanka must pay for what it eats(you are not oil rich Kuwait but coconut heads pick pockets)- there is no such thing called a free lunch at the financial market London or Hong Kong or Singapore (where most of Chinese sovereign funds are invested after the US Citi bank debacle of 2007-2008)

    The problem with Lanka and its British education gives false pride to non-whites in a white rule world. Above all China has its own` bards`(Shakespeare) and have set records at Oxford 100 years on- neither Lanka or India can boast of that caliber.

    If it goes to WTO it’s sure death for Lanka.

    What the stupid’s of Lanka are not aware of is that almost all small nations are run by multinationals and not any other agent nations.

    In this case the agro economy island has contracted very big with China Bank envisaging future payments to grow.

    Most of the Chinese Billionaires did not borrow from the state or banks to be leaders in construction or industry but by borrowing from communities where the retirement age is 55 years.

    It is a type of one party god fear of acquisition by almost all citizens outside the party powers.

    The party still has less than 100 million members. Its population at 1400 million is almost 20% of the world and 54% of the population is urban.

  • 1

    There is a difference between Chinese Comp[anies and China. Chinese Companies are backed by Multi national technology. Chinese Banks give credit. Look who is behind specific companies.

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