17 January, 2022


Uduwe Dhammaloka Indicted Over Elephant Case, Released On Bail

Buddhist monk Uduwe Dhammaloka was served with a charge sheet today for possessing a baby elephant without a valid license. The monk was however released on bail by the Colombo High Court.

He was released on two sureties of Rs. 10 million each, even though he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The case will be taken up again in August.

In March this year, Dhammaloka was arrested and subsequently granted bail over the case.Uduwe Dammaloka

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  • 3

    These men in safron robes are not seelawantha as they appeared to be.

    I can bet you guys, most of them have their pvt life styles no different to those of laymen.

    They seek attention being hidden behind the robes.

    I remember what he said ” I dont curse anyone – I dont even sense that I have got to do a mistake”…. law should be equal to everyone should be the message this rev. man should pass further… that is miles away from his conscience. These men destroy lanken future. Meehalaraka led regime allowed the kind of men to do whatever they thought was right. Even in Thailand buddhist monks woudl not do the kind of mistakes… if they, they are being punished. why not in srilanka ?

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      Pinguththarayas of any extreme kind should be subjected to screening.

      Then only we can change this nation for good.

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    These monks made loads of money during MARA time.

    Elephant is a symbol of power and hence the reason to have them. I could remember how the elephant at Gangaramaya temple was chained and tortured.

    When are they going to ban elephants from pageants?

    • 2

      That Gangarama fellow is another fake priest. A “collector”. His temple is a tourist attraction of the wrong kind.

      Colombo and main suburbs abounds with fake priests.

      If you wish to meet a real priest, visit the forests.

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    Look at the picture. Just imagine how it is for the poor baby elephant. One hind leg is tethered with a steel chain to a coconut tree. A front leg is also similarly tethered. Just imagine what kind of kindness this is for the poor animal. I wish the animal in the saffron robe is tethered likewise and a kindly elephant will come and feed it some bananas.

    All Sri Lankans who claim to be Buddhists and condone such acts as imprisoning animals are either idiots, rogues or outright mad.

  • 2

    So what do you call him now? The Venerable Ali Hora?

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