14 June, 2024


UN Rights Chief’s Visit To Sri Lanka Reinforces The Need For An International Investigation – TGTE

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) welcomes the visit of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to Sri Lanka last week.

“Ms. Pillay’s visit reinforces the call of all those interested in human rights and international law for an independent international investigation of crimes against a large section of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka at the end of the war,” said TGTE Prime Minister Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran.

PM - TGTE - Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran

“Continued human rights abuses against the Tamils by the Sinhalese-dominated government and its military necessitate some form of international protection mechanism to prevent the impoverishment, marginalization and decimation of our population on the island.”

Ms. Pillay’s observation pertaining to the failure of rule of law in Sri Lanka, her shaken confidence in the independence of the judiciary there, and her reference to the “side-stepping” of the much needed full, transparent, impartial investigation into the war crimes and other violations committed during the final stage of war in the LLRC Report, reinforce the need for an international investigation.

Even after the publication of the domestic LLRC report, the UNSG’s Expert Panel’s Report, and the UN Internal Review Report, along with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other reputed NGOs all explicitly stating that there is neither a political environment nor a judicial environment to dispense justice through domestic mechanisms, Ms. Pillai’s observation reinforces her position that only an international investigation can bring justice” noted Mr. Rudrakumaran.

“The TGTE pointed out earlier that threats had been made by the all-Sinhalese Sri Lankan army against the people who met Ms.Pillay. We congratulate Ms.Pillay for addressing this issue forcefully,” said Mr. Rudrakumaran. “The visit also enabled Ms.Pillay to see firsthand the militarization of Tamil civilian lives, the continuing disappearances, and the sexual violence against Tamil women committed by the army, especially in households headed by female breadwinners. The quote by Ms.Pillay of a missing man’s wife “Even when we eat we keep a portion for him” touches the conscience of every human being. The need of the hour is an International Protection Mechanism”

Mr.Rudrakumaran further stated, “TGTE welcomes Ms.Pillay’s call for the repeal of, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), which on face value appears neutral but in effect targets Tamils, and for the speedy and transparent trials of political detainees”.

We note that High Commissioner Pillay’s reference to the Northern Provincial elections as an important new stage in the devolution of power has been refuted even by the Tamil domestic leadership.

The comments of Ms.Pillai who works for an organization of states on the LTTE might have been made in order for her to appear as a balanced and neutral person, but we believe that there is no symmetry between the persecutor and the persecuted. There is no moral equivalence between the perpetrator and the victim.

“We wish to bring to the High Commissioner’s attention the fact that the then Presidential candidate Zuma and the African National Congress itself have called the LTTE a National Liberation Movement when expressing solidarity with them, not in June 1999, but in December 2008 and March 2009 respectively. We wish to reiterate our position that the sacrifice of their lives made by thousands of Tamil youths in the cause of freedom must be respected and paid homage to by all Tamils, and by all those who consider freedom as one of mankind’s highest ideals,” said Mr. Rudrakumaran.

“We concur with High Commissioner Pillay when she says that what is needed in Sri Lanka is a ‘more holistic approach to provide truth, justice and reparations for peoples’ suffering during the war’”. “It has been TGTE’s consistent view that an environment should be created on the island for Tamils to exercise their inherent right to self-determination in a remedial fashion.”

“The TGTE is grateful for Ms. Pillay’s effort and engagement on human rights on the island of Sri Lanka and we look forward to her thorough reporting in due course to the UN Human Rights Council. Diaspora Tamils applaud the work and hold the hands of all protectors and promoters of Human Rights throughout the world,” concluded Mr. Rudrakumaran.

*Full text of the TGTE press release 

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    Rudra forgot to mention Ms Pillay’s comment on the LTTE. Noting that the LTTE was a ‘murderous organisation’, she said, “Those in the diaspora who continue to revere the memory of the LTTE must realise that there should be no place for the glorification of such a ruthless organisation.”

    UN Rights Chief’s Visit To Sri Lanka Reinforces The Need For An International Investigation into the finances of those diaspora Tamils who financed this ‘murderous organisation’.

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      LTTE is not a terrorist or a ruthless organisation it is the Sinhala government which is racist and a criminal mafia style organisation. Put that in your little brain Puswella jack A ss

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        “LTTE is not a terrorist or a ruthless organisation it is the Sinhala government which is racist and a criminal mafia style organisation.”

        LTTE and Sri Lankan state are angels, only the people are vile.

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        Brainless fools reply with abuse because they are unable to contradict a valid argument.

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    A Cleaning job for Navanethem Pillay
    C. Wijeyawickrema
    N. Pillay was against the Buddhist flag flying at the Independence Square in Sri Lanka. If the bogus UN agency that she is now a paid worker is opposed to a country with
    (1) 70% of its population Sinhala Buddhist
    (2) hoisting a flag which does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists anymore but universal
    (3) which was created in 1885 with active participation of the first white Buddhist in the world, an American by the name of Col, Henry Steele Olcott
    (4) which was created as a peaceful reaction to the suppression of Buddhism by Christians supported secretly and openly by a colonial white government
    (5) which has a meaning of peace and harmony for all people of the world
    (6) which is not the national flag of Sri Lanka
    Then this Pillay should use her bogus UN agency to examine the national flags of the countries listed below and take action to remove the Christian cross from them
    (1) The cross was also a symbol in the past of cruelty, war and killing in the name of Jesus by religious politicians whether it was Pope, slave masters in America or white colonialists
    (2) The countries with such flags have non-Christian citizens except very few such as the Vatican.

    Pillay’s bias against Sri Lanka came out clearly from her protest against the Buddhist flag and her plan to kiss with flowers the death scene of Prabhakaran.
    Sri Lankan president is fooled by his black-white advisors that he can escape American-EU white Christian establishment plan to break Sri Lanka in to two countries by placating UN agencies and some white countries.
    Unless he empowers villagers at GSN level and remove 9 provinces and divide Sri Lanka into 7 river basin units all according to a language-blind, ecology-based boundary demarcation system and GSN-level units of ecology run by10 member local committee elected on non-political party basis (this is the home-grown solution), he will go down in history as the president who destroyed Sri Lanka. King Parakramabahu is said to be a great king. But he killed all his enemies and thus removed anybody who can continue after him. Soon Sri Lanka ended up without a proper king!!!
    This is what I see in store for Sri Lanka.

    See table below.
    • Australia – the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
    • Burundi – a St Andrew’s cross
    • Denmark – a Scandinavian cross
    • Dominica – a centered cross in three colours that extends to the edges
    • Dominican Republic – a centered white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles
    • England – the St George’s Cross
    • Fiji – the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
    • Finland – a Scandinavian cross
    • Georgia – the “five-cross flag”; the central element of the flag is St George’s Cross (used also in the national flag of England); there is one smaller cross within each of the four quadrants
    • Greece – a cross in the upper hoist corner
    • Iceland – a Scandinavian cross
    • Jamaica – a St Andrew’s Cross
    • Malta – a George Cross in the upper hoist corner (in the canton of the white stripe)
    • Moldova – in the coat of arms appearing in the center stripe, a stylized eagle is holding a cross in its beak
    • Montenegro – two crosses appear in the two crowns depicted in the coat of arms contained in the flag
    • New Zealand – the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
    • Norway – a Scandinavian cross
    • Portugal – Compound cross of five quinas, each one charged with five saltire-arranged bezants
    • San Marino – a cross appears in the crown depicted in the coat of arms contained in the flag
    • Scotland – the St Andrew’s Cross
    • Serbia – cross in crown and cross in inescutcheon, both in coat of arms appearing in flag
    • Slovakia – double cross on top of mountain, appearing in coat of arms contained in flag
    • Spain – one cross in each of three crowns, as well as a cross in the fourth quarter of the shield (for Navarre), all appearing in embedded coat of arms
    • Sweden – a Scandinavian cross
    • Switzerland – a bold, white Greek cross in the center of the flag
    • Tonga – a red cross appearing as a canton of a red ensign
    • Tuvalu – the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
    • United Kingdom – the three crosses of the Union Flag: St George’s Cross, St Andrews Cross and St Patrick’s Cross
    • Vatican City – a cross on the top of the papal tiara in the coat of arms of the right side of the flag

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      Mr. C. Wijewickrama:

      Great comment.

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      C. Wijeyawickrema

      “70% of its population Sinhala Buddhist”

      100% stupid, the flag symbolises your stupidity.

      “hoisting a flag which does not belong to Sinhala Buddhists anymore but universal”

      Hoisting a flag is American/European martial tradition not Buddhist one. Buddha renounced every bit of his possessions, Sinhala/Buddhists accumulate every bit of others’ possessions, suffer from Dukka all the time.

      “which was created as a peaceful reaction to the suppression of Buddhism by Christians supported secretly and openly by a colonial white government”

      Did the Sinhala/Buddhist fight with Christians armed with a piece of cloth? That must have been a great war and strategy. If it worked why didn’t MR fight LTTE with flags? War of two flags, Tiger and the lion.

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        cant you Sri lankans tie this flag between your legs

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    Apparently Ms Pillai,s list of civilian casualties in Nanthikadal is around 3000.

    Even then she had chickened out to put it on the Table because, she didn’t want to divulge how she counted the numbers and who are the witnesses or at least the names and addresses of people who provided these numbers.

    Would any prosecutor go to coourt for a murder trial without any witnesses?.,

    In contrast, PM Mr Rudrakumaran pulled the plug on the Peace Talks, which the West had persuaded Mr Piraparan to hold in order to stop its murderous terrorism.

    Isn’t this PM responsible for the subsequent killings by Mr Prabakaran and the LTTE which amount to thousands?.

    Shouldn,t this PM volunter to be examined by Ms Pillai as an example for the Srilankan Govt to show that he is fairdinkum?.

    In addition, shouldn’t PM Rudrakumaran volunter to publicly pay compensation to the victims of the LTTE killings , now that his new proxy Mr Sambandan is demanding in his Election Manifesto that the Government pay compo to war widows and the other LTTE casualties?.

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    You are quite right to protest Ms Pillay’s remarks regarding her unwarranted and meaningless comments about the Buddhist flag flying in Independence Square. However you go are guilty of the same trespass when you cite the crosses on the National flags of other nations. Sri Lanka has the Bo leaves on her National flag a reference to Buddhist symbolism as much as the Cross is in Christian countries.
    I admit I do not understand the gibberish about the European plan to establish river basin units and completely eliminate the provinces.Never herd of it has anyone else? He also seems to be worried about ‘King Mahinda’ eliminating all his enemies a pro Parakramabhu the great whose reign is considered by all Historians as the most glorious of any king in Sri Lanka.

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    This Rudrakumaran guy says:
    ‘The comments of Ms.Pillai who works for an organization of states on the LTTE might have been made in order for her to appear as a balanced and neutral person ….’
    Yes, no doubt Pillai will say anything to appear as balanced but we all know she is biased towards the racist, murderous Tamil elements.
    The conflict was brougt about by Tamil racism articulated by likes of him, Chelva and Sunda with their hatred towards the Sinhala community. All Rudrakumaran does now is to propagate hatred from a comfortable home in Canada, UK or US, and subject poorer Tamils to misery yet again. Your choice, and soon there will be no Tamils in Sri Lanka.

    • 0

      Lal [Edited out],

      Mutderous Tamil elements?? Rephrase that to [Edited out] Sinhala elements which is trying to destroy the island nation. Lal you bugger do you think that Sinhala race is a superior race or something? Sinhala scums thrived from their ancestors who were deported from Orissa. They were sent to Ceylon because of their low status. Tamil kings provided them a place in Ceylon remember that. You dirty sinhalese bugger I’l kick your ass back to Orissa.

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        Colombo Telegraph, personal abuse from neanderthals like this should be deleted

        ‘You dirty sinhalese bugger I’l kick your ass back to Orissa.’

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        Those tough talking murderous Tamil elements met their Waterloo at a lagoon in the North East, and begged their Sinhala bretheren for mercy by going on their knees. Some, including the fat leader ended up in a pool of mud with a hole in the end, and many surrendered to the Lion-hearted army. Did they forget to “kick your ass back to Orissa?” I did not say the Sinhala race is superior, but if you feel inferior, I’ll take your word.
        All I said was: “…. she is biased towards the racist, murderous Tamil elements. The conflict was brougt about by Tamil racism articulated by likes of him (meaning the racist coward Rudrakumaran), Chelva and Sunda with their hatred towards the Sinhala community.
        Can you please adhere to decent norms in your communications?

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    “Sri Lankan president is fooled by his black-white advisors”

    No need to fool him.

    still you did not understand.



    But they all are very cunning and conniving in thievery.

    Master thieves and thugs.

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    Ranmal de Mel,

    Yes, there are so many things we do not know. We learn until our death.

    If you want to know more about getting rid of colonial arbitrary system of 9 Provinces and modern ecology-based 7 river basin regions please go to the Island newspaper and type my name C. Wijeyawickrema and look for two essays out of so many. (1) Language-blind regional development units (2) APRC and the eco-regional concept.

    This idea was presented to LLRC as evidence and it had no guts to accept it directly. Indirectly LLRC report present the same idea without telling so.

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    USA never forgave bin LAden for funding 9/11.

    Yet, LTTE Tamils are writing articles asking revenge from Sri Lanka.

    If Ms. NAVI PILLAI is FAIR, she should initiate a program to deport these people to Sri Lanka. So, they can at least be prosecuted.

    forget the Same fate as that happened to Bin Laden.

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      No she should initiate a program to rehabilitate the Sri lankans and bring them back to civilization. The world can not afford to have an uncivilized country.

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    This man is still living in dream world.This type of educated idiots after claiming asylum in the western countries try to show off joining with political organization to issue statements on behalf of their organization.You may be king of Diaspora what the matter to us.But I can’t understand why this your idiots statements published in our papers still.They are bloody traitors of our country.Cring day and night

    liking boots of western people (MPs,NGo’s Newspapers Journalists, etc)Do you think their dreams will fulfill in this world .Mark my word no no.no. never ever.Until you rest in peace.In Sri Lanka Now most of our Communities live in peacefully.North ,East and south without bombs, and killings.No cyanide pills regime any more.No suicide bombs any more.MR or Gotta for a short period used their power but remember
    our tiny country save by gods.that is our Armed forces.Not foreign forces.Those people never helped us for nothing.They have loss their contracts.Invested money. That’s why they are angry with us.To punish our leaders.To kill this animals destroy our country, innocent people past 30 years with help of India, Western countries is not a crime.Why they havn’t used cynide phills like their other soldiers.please think again and again. change your mind.


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