30 May, 2023


Uniting The Dupes

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“A programme to convert Hindu people into the Catholic religion is being implemented today. This problem is having a severe impact on the Hindu people of North-East. Those people asked us to obtain help from Bodu Bala Sena to find a solution to this problem.” – N Arunkanthan, President, All Ceylon Hindu Federation (Joint Media Conference with the BBS – 26.8.2014)[i]

Bodu Bala Sena has a new ally – All Ceylon Hindu Federation. The purpose of this ‘Buddhist-Hindu’ partnership, according to Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera, is to build national integration.

BBS HinduNational integration, BBS style. Meaning, inciting Buddhists and Hindus against Catholics/Christians and Muslims; dividing the two main ethnic groups along religious lines; making the Sinhalese forget their economic woes; making the Tamils forget all their woes, including the unresolved ethnic issue; creating a religious justification for the de facto occupation of the North and the galloping militarization, nationwide.

If the new plan is successful it will fracture Sri Lanka, along religious lines. It will also bring rich dividends for the Rajapaksas, starting with a substantial victory at the Presidential election.

The Rajapaksas control the state, the party and the army; Mahinda Rajapaksa still retains a considerable degree of popularity. But when it comes to polls, the Siblings do not take any chances, as is evident from the current happenings in Uva.

Violent attacks on the opposition commenced even before Uva nominations concluded. This week, the terror campaign reached a new level. The house of a JVP candidate was subjected to a hail of bullets, for about 45 minutes. The gun-toting attackers who came in Defender jeeps also chased the police away[ii]. As always, the attackers vanished miraculously, leaving the police clueless!

Unfree and unfair practices are now built into the electoral process itself. While these might ensure a bare or even a safe win, they will not suffice to bring about the spectacular victory the Rajapaksas desire. Naked terror is being used to fill the gap. Uva, after all, is very special, with a Presidential nephew in the ring. The Family must not just win; it must win colossal, in order to maintain its gilt and its dominance.

Uva therefore is a prologue to the Presidential election. Mahinda Rajapaksa must not just win, but win with a stupendously huge margin. There is nothing the Siblings will not do to ensure this necessary outcome, including igniting religious fires.

The Rajapaksas seem to have won the battle to prevent the opposition from fielding a common candidate. But other problems remain, including the possibility of vigorous campaigns by several opposition parties. If conducted with single-minded focus on the Rajapaksa menace, these separate campaigns can have a unified effect on the electorate, fissuring the Sinhala-Buddhist base of the Rajapaksas and persuading a segment of floating voters to vote against the UPFA. Consequently the Siblings will persist in creating conflicts among and within the opposition parties.

Then there is the danger of the minority vote going against the Rajapaksas, almost en bloc.

That is where the religious cards will become indispensable. If Sinhalese and Tamils can be divided internally, along religious lines, and if most Buddhists and some Hindus can be persuaded that they face an existential threat from Muslims and Christians, the Rajapaksas will benefit, politically and electorally.

If bogus religious issues are super-imposed on really existing socio-economic and political issues, the electorate can be confused and confounded. The Sinhalese can be frightened into thinking that the ISIS or some other Jihadhist outfit is here and only the Rajapaksas can save the land from this new menace. The Tamils can be divided along religious lines and made to blame each other – and the Muslims – for all their old and new problems. The entire electorate, from North to South, can be made so addlebrained with phobia and psychosis that they become incapable of seeing right or thinking straight. Many Sinhalese can be tricked into voting for the Rajapaksas, again, despite their obvious economic misery. Many Tamils can be tricked into abstaining or perhaps even voting for a BJP-style Hindu-extremist candidate who screams about saving Hindu faith, traditions and culture from Christian/Catholic and Islamic incursions.

The purpose of the new BBS-Hindu Federation partnership would be to divide so that the Rajapaksas can rule.

BBS Divides; Rajapaksas Rule

The desire to divide was clearly evident in the tone and the thrust of the joint BBS-Hindu Federation media conference. According to Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera, Buddhists and Hindus must unite because they have common enemies. “Today the country is in grave danger. Lives were sacrificed to save the North-East. But the real owners are being chased away from these areas. Tamil villages are becoming Islamisised. Sinhala people as well as Tamil people have these problems….. There are problems about resettling Tamil-Hindu people made homeless by the war. But if they accept Christianity, they are allowed to settle down near the Madu Church.”[iii]

N Arunkanthan, the President of All Ceylon Hindu Federation, named the main targets – Catholic prelates of Jaffna and the TNA: “It is evident that this conversion programme has the support of Catholic priests of Jaffna and the TNA. Our politicians are not talking about these things.”[iv]

If an anti-Muslim/Christian Hindu-extremist party, along BJP lines, is set up, Tamil politics can be shifted, at least partially, onto a religious track. If Tamil-Hindus can be duped into a confrontational position with Tamil-Catholics and Muslims, the shock effects might be felt not just nationally but also in the Diaspora.

Twenty four hours after the first media conference, the BBS had another media conference, pushing the same angle. The National Organiser of the BBS, Vithrandeniya Nanda Thera announced that before abolishing the executive presidency or devolving power, extremism and terrorism must be destroyed. He claimed that Tamils in Vavuniya are being chased away from their original lands by Muslim invaders. A gentleman from Vavuniya, A Sanker, stated that his family and other inhabitants of Puliyankulama village in Vavuniya were chased away by bus-loads of Muslims. Mr. Sanker claimed that because the Divisional Secretary ignored the victimised Tamil villagers, they wrote to the President; the President wrote back promising justice. Mr. Sankar took this presidential missive to the Divisional Secretary. “He took the letter, read it and said, ‘What is this? Our President is Minister Bathiudeen’”[v].

In order to survive, the Rajapaksas must divide their opponents. And they will do so even at risk of civil peace and national security.

Create a Hindu-Catholic clash in the North and/or a Hindu-Muslim clash in the East, and every other issue, from land-grabbing by the military to joblessness can be shoved aside. The Siblings are still trying to build an anti-Islamic bridge to Modi-India; in a recent interview with Indian publication, Outlook, Gnanasara Thera proclaimed baldly that Lankan Muslims are a threat to India as well[vi]. Perhaps the Rajapaksas also hope to use the Jihadist-card to reach out to the West and those Islamic-countries at odds with the barbaric ISIS. If North can be made restive with ‘Hindu-Catholic’ clashes or anti-Papal demonstrations, perhaps Pope Francis can be persuaded to limit his visit to the South, for security reasons.

A stone which can kill so many birds! How can the Rajapaksas resist?

[i] Bodu Bala Sena-Lanka Hindu Federation Unite – Lankadeepa – 27.8.2014

[iii] Lankadeepa – 27.8.2014

[iv] Ibid

[v] Before all Extremism and Terrorism must be defeated – Lankadeepa – 28.8.2014

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  • 18

    Tamils should not fall prey to these tactics for temporary petty gains, they should remeber once the muslims were put down , the guns will be pointed back at their head. Instead Tamils should unite with Muslims and reach out to Liberal sinhalese/ buddhists to forge a polictical settlement. the case is equally applicable for Muslims too.

    • 8

      A – brilliant piece and brave lady – who speaks clearly and honestly rather than beating around the Human Rights bush!
      Thank you madam THisaranee – hats off to you!

      Divide, distract and rule Sinhala Modayas is the strategy of the Mahinda Jarapassa regime. Gota and BBS are the policy makers and implementors.
      But the sad fact is that the Muslims Modayas still support Rajapaksa and the UNP which has ample evidence and should educate the Sinhala Modayas of Rajapaksa CORRUPTION is fighting within with Ranil the looser trying to sabotage the joint opposition candidate project. Chandrika
      CBK should be joint opposition candidate against Jarapassa. Neither Ranil or Sajith are any good – one is a corrupt loser and dictator and the other a liar who does NOT have degree from the London School of Economics.

    • 8

      The Daily Mirror which is is a RAG, good to wipe Mahinda’s ASS is playing the ethnic card for Jarapassa and carried a story about a threat to Borabodur from the Islamic State in Iraq on its front page!

      This rage did NOT have picture of the MASSIVE PROTEST by Mahaweli Authority workers but rather publishes regime SPIN!

      Shame of the editor and staff of the Daily RaG!

    • 3

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “A programme to convert Hindu people into the Catholic religion is being implemented today. This problem is having a severe impact on the Hindu people of North-East. Those people asked us to obtain help from Bodu Bala Sena to find a solution to this problem.” – N Arunkanthan, President, All Ceylon Hindu Federation (Joint Media Conference with the BBS – 26.8.2014)[i]”

      Revised , should read:

      A programme to convert Buddhist, Hindi and Muslim people in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho into the Catholic religion was implemented by the Catholic Portugese by order of the Infallible Holy Pope, as the representative of Christ on Earth, on 1505 ans still continues. This problem is having a severe impact on the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim people in the Land of Native Veddah. Those people asked us to obtain help from the Agnostics and Atheists to find a solution to this Myth based problem. President, All Lanka Native Veddah Federation requesting All Pars to leave for their Native Lands.

      Veddah Aethho Urumaya Peramuna , Veddah Peoples Inheritance Front.

  • 12

    Tisaranee – Spot on…

  • 8


    “Tamils should not fall prey to these tactics for temporary petty gains,”

    Tamils have always fallen prey to petty gain.

    From Ettappan to Kaakkai Vannian, including Anandasangaree, Rajadurai, ……….. Thiagarajah, Arulampalam, Douglas Devananda, ………………… Thondamans, ………. and V Prabaharan, the list continues.

    Here is a news item for you:

    Hindu Congress claims ignorance of a ‘Hindu Federation’
    By Breaking News
    Wednesday, 27 August 2014 18:36

    All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC) in a statement to the media claimed their ignorance of a federation which represents the voice of the Hindus in Sri Lanka. The statement signed by the ACHC President Kandiah Neelakandan and General Secretary Mutiah Kadirgamarnathan said they were unaware of existence or commencement of any Hindu Federation as carried by media.

    They claimed that they received enquiries in respect of news reports been said by “All Ceylon Hindu Federation” and they strongly rejected whatsoever connection with such an organization.

    “It is improper for them to AII Ceylon Hindu Congress has not only been functioning as the Federation of Hindu Religious Associations and Temple Trusts in Sri Lanka since 1955, but also as the umbrella organization and as the voice of the Hindus of this Country,” the statement added.

    The ACHC also said that they think that the Hindus need not join Bodu Bala Sena to protect Hinduism.


    All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC)was established in 1955. No one knows wheether All Ceylon Hindu Federation (ACHF)existed before.

    By the way who is funding ACHF, Modi?

    • 8

      By the way who is funding ACHF, Modi?

      Most probably the land of the Nag people Deekshabhoomi, with Maha Bodhi Society.
      Where the naked fakir,was anointed Om Tat Sat by Nathuram Godse.
      & Ambedkar’s – conversion.
      Many Dalits employ the term “Ambedkar(ite) Buddhism” to designate the Buddhist movement, which started with Ambedkar’s conversion.[6] Many converted people call themselves “-Bauddha” i.e. Buddhists.

      • 4

        So Ja_vi you SLAVE:

        Let us go back in time and analyse.

        1)First of all the Cheenavedi which you are very proud of and have a lot of admiration for and praise has gone up in flames. Let us look at the history.

        The Cheenavedi built you a Power Plant: But it has gone up in flames.

        “Norochcholai power plant stopped power generation yesterday evening. Its first turbine had to be shut down due to technical problems again depriving the national grid a further 300 MW of electricity. The breakdown occurred while senior engineers were struggling to restore its second turbine after maintenance. The boiler of the third turbine scheduled to be commissioned next” month has also developed a leak”.

        Cheenavedi couldn’t do anything for you when the IPKF was here other than hide in the Bushes.

        2) You talk about the Tamil Diaspora: according to your GOSL they are wreaking Havoc and as a result GOSL via the central Bank have to spend Billions and as a result fallen foul of the American System. Your Monitoring MP is about to be Charged and he has fled.
        Because of the Diaspora ” Mahintha is a Persona Non Grata in UK and he couldn’t take up the Chair paid for ( to Sharma ) to get it. Waste of money.

        3) TNA had a successful meeting with Modi and he has invited the Tamil Eelam CM for talks but your State Press has twisted the story. But you cant suppress truth.

        But you the looser has a few words and let me help you to copy and paste.

        1) “Kallathoni” :- The Banana Boat in which you lot came to Sri Lanka.
        2) Terrorsist: Yes you are right the State Terrorist headed by the Thug “Mahintha”.
        3) Luny Swami: The biggest beneficiary of GOSL for doing nothing

        (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)(^‿◕)(^‿◕)(^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕) (^‿◕)

  • 6

    There are good grounds for the Buddhist and Hindu temples and their supporters to view the Catholics with some suspicion given the behaviour of those who brought the Roman religion to Sri Lanka in the 1500s. The ancient Hindu temples in the north, east, south and west were all destroyed by the Portuguese. The standard policy was to donate the conquered temple lands to the Catholic clergy and use the stones of the destroyed temples to build forts and churches. Not to mention the temple treasures that were looted. The Buddhist temples were treated the same way.

    It may be that the BBS experiences a broadening of its views by dialogue with the Hindus. There is a lot of common ground between Buddhism and Hinduism (likewise there is common ground in the Muslim and Christian attitudes to polytheism and idolatry). There may be a lesson to be learned from the example of the Chinese Admiral Zheng He who left, in Sri Lanka, thousands of gold and silver coins as offerings to Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, declaring his equal offerings to each religion in the famous trilingual inscription in 1409 AD. The three languages were Persian (praising Allah), Chinese (praising the Buddha) and Tamil (praising the local deity of the Tenavaram temple in Dondra). Mind you, he also kidnapped the King of Kotte and took him captive to China.

    • 2

      So Sumane and Jimmy are advocating killing Muslims here for what Jihadists in other countries are doing, and you consider it only fair victimizing the Christians for what the Portuguese did 500 years ago.

      What- Who-

      I give up. My head hurts trying to process this stupidity.

  • 4

    If the masses cannot see through this, they cannot be helped

  • 5

    This story reminds me of the ancient story.
    A frog allowed its leg to be tied to a rat’s tail because of a new found friendship and both were happily running around in the garden enjoying whatever pray that came their way.
    But suddenly the frog saw a river and wanted to enjoy the river water so the frog jumped into the river. At that point only the rat realized the foolishness of tying together with the frog, but it was too late.
    So, friendship is good but every one has to be careful without looking at short time benefits. I thing most people are wiser.

    • 5

      So you say Tamils are frogs and Muslims are rats?


  • 0

    No wonder if this guy is doing a contract as Ranjeet Singh Kohli alias Rakibul Hasan Khan did to Tara Shahdeo in my country.


  • 6

    There is no getting away from the fact that most of the Tamil malcontents are Christians, led by Christian priests, though they are a minority among the Tamils themselves. The Hindu clergy seems impervious to politics, though politicians are tolerated in the kovils.

  • 4

    Scheme and plot as much as you can. There is a bigger and mega scheme being plotted by the creator of all schemes, that is the divine scheme.

    If you read Moses history in the books, you will find that Pheroa (Firhoun) started killing all the male children when he was told by the Sooth Sayers of that time that his throne will be taken over by Moses in time to come. Finally Moses was brought up by none other than Phero’s wife in the palace itself, while so many children were killed by the maniac.

    That is the power of the creator, whom all believers believe in. It looks like that is what exactly happening in the Royal family at the moment.

    Retribution Time. BBS to follow.

  • 2

    The Tamils are essentially a secular people for even after centuries of Buddhism in Sri Lanka the number of Tamil Buddhists can be counted on one’s fingers although Buddhism is not regarded a religion. If the BBS can get the Tamils to convert them to their line of thinking just like that, then there is something wrong in their thinking. The Tamil jokers who are flirting with the BBS will realise their folly. Any person can claim to have converted to Buddhism for there needs no physical evidence to prove it. Europeans and Americans who become Buddhists do so not for the fear of being thrashed but because of their convictions. We now have also the farcical spectacle of reciprocity of Sinhala Buddhists wishing to become Hindus. Bensen

    • 4

      Just go to Munneswaran, you can see there are as many or more Sinhala Buddhists than Hindu Tamils there. I think that means they can can exist together with common values under the right directions. At long last, BBS and All Ceylon Hindu Federation are in the right track.

      • 5

        No Mechanic:

        That is called colonisation which has come to a dead end after Mr.Sampanthan met Modi.

  • 9

    “National integration, BBS style. Meaning, inciting Buddhists and Hindus against Catholics/Christians and Muslims; dividing the two main ethnic groups along religious lines;”

    A genius puts into life similarities.
    You put your expertise into work for all to see the difference.

    Why didn’t the 2 worms go into Noah’s ark in an apple?

    Because everyone had to go in pairs.

    Lets see more of it.


    • 5

      Ja_vi you fool:

      What pairing are you talking about.

      The only pairing I can see is

      BBS & Muslims ( MR & Raful in bed together )

      Wigneswaran the Hindu and Rayapu the Bishop of Mannar. ( You cant get better than that )

      Stop talking rubbish and get real man.

  • 4

    As always a nice article for those who have EARS opened and not for whom MINDS are sealed.. People who can think outside the box are a rare commodity in SL.. Hence, like what TG states.. the masses WILL be hoodwinked yet again with the religious and Islamic Terrorism card for which GOAT has already laid a foundation, by saying that Islamic Threat is a concern to SL. Little did he forget about the MONSTER he has created. IF BBS is not a Religious Terrorist group, what are they? IF GOTA is concerned about Islamic Terrorism, he better think twice about Wirathu’s 969 brand of Confrontational and Terrorist Buddhism from BBS, Ravana Balaya and JHU..

    SL will be a playing field for terrorists of all sorts.. THANKS to GOAT-A…

    Terrorists are NOT born but are created… and lets brace ourselves for, the tide is turning into a storm…not in a tea cup.. but a beautiful Island in which I was born…to be destroyed.

    Oh Sri-Lanka.I weep for the… the TEAR DROP of the Indian Ocean..

  • 1

    Tamils will not be duped except the minions of the pseudo-military dictater – every ethnic group has its own deviants who pursue ‘better prospects’ , filthy lucre, pseudo-power/prestige/position/perks – as happens in any society.
    the UVA ‘battlefield’ is a sign of the times.
    We can expect worse at the presidential election.
    Marauding attack groups in Defender jeeps like in a few african/middle east countries shows refinement in tactics by the murderous regime which also conducts “defence seminars”!!!!

  • 2

    Typical corrupt method of winning elections, knowing they may not win honestly considering the corruption, nepotism, and crimes, committed by the rajapaksa regime. They want to win and stay in power, fill their coffers, and continue their dishonest reign of this country. More road, markets, ports, gambling dens, and more commissions. IF they thought for one moment they are running this country credibly and honestly, they do not have to resort to thuggery and dirty tactics, against the opposition. Last time they did not allow the opposition to even hang their posters and flags, this time it will be the same. The guilty are afraid – afraid of losing their power and continuing this fascist dictatorship.

  • 3

    How many Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka are represented by ACHF?

    Oops, how many Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka know about the existence of ACHF?

    Most Tamil Hindus respect all other religions and are not fanatics.

    If some Hindus want to change their religion, it’s their choice and they mustn’t be denied their right to do so.

    When Catholic priests voice the HR violations afflicting the Tamils we have never heard the voice of ACHF?

    Catholic Diocese have a Peace and Justice section and social justice section. Does ACHF have anything like that?

    Hinduism is not ”organised” under a ”governing body” which other religions have.

    Hindus only try to do their best for themselves and for others according to their own understanding of Hinduism.

    Very good Hindus/Christians-Catholics/Muslims/Buddhists become humanists.

  • 4

    People have a right to change their religion or give up their religious belief to embrace humanist view.

    Let us not put any more evil into the ethnic relations – pl don’t lacerate it any more and pl let it heal.

  • 5


    I am sure you are cleverer than this and there is no religious war between Hindus and Catholics. If the BBS pays a few Hindus the right price they will join forces with BBS but the overwhelming decent Hindus will not fall for this trick.

    Even during the Eelam war there was never any war between Hindus and Muslims but Prabakaran attacked Muslims ( not the Religion ) for being traitors and spying for the Sinhala Army. So next time please get your facts rights.
    Hindus are by nature not religious fanatics and Hinduism doesn’t preach violence.

    “In order to survive, the Rajapaksas must divide their opponents. And they will do so even at risk of civil peace and national security.”

    The THUG is not going to survive if Sarath Silva has his way.
    Modi has spoken and I am sure MR has heard it.

  • 3

    Bodu Bala Sena has a new ally – All Ceylon Hindu Federation.

    This is another MASTER PLAN of GOTA to please Mr.Modi. Gotabaya is such an idiot judges others by his own standards.

    BBS and Gnana are merely the instruments of GOTA. Nothing will materialise out of these combination except disaster of the communities,culture and wealth.

  • 4

    For all the talking in this thread no one has answered the question…what is the Hindu Federation and who are the people seating with Gnanasara?

    Anybody? Somebody? Nobody!

    • 4


      “what is the Hindu Federation and who are the people seating with Gnanasara?”

      Could you ask Gota and his strategists.

      I guess he is one of the former grease yakka or Karuna’s henchman, or KP’s bodyguard, or ……. or …..

      • 4

        It’s tiger `Siva Sena` on the `Hole in One Tiger VP` followers via Maha Bodhi Society.
        This is the vipe out the vipers into bin lardens seabed homeland.

        Viva Lanka way to Go.!

  • 0

    You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia. It’s all here.


  • 3

    The All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACTC) existed from the time when the country was known as Ceylon, but the so called All Ceylon Hindu Federation (ACHF)did not exist then. This upstart body that styles itself a federation should publish at least a partial list of its constituents if it is not to be dismissed outright as a bogus, spurious entity. Who are those two characters seated there anyway?

    • 5

      A colony of the land of associations and royal seepage does not need to have an identification parade.!
      `Hole In One VP` followers must be thrilled:)

  • 5

    Hmmm…….i’m getting to appreciate BBS a bit more………thought they were racial supremacists, but it seems they are truly concerned for the souls of the Thamil brethren.

  • 1

    No Tamils will fall for this.

    But what I am worried is, GoTa’s army men might attack/damage some churches to initiate a rift between communities (similar to what was done to separate tamils and muslims in the east).

    But I am pretty sure First Lady won’t allow this.


  • 4

    Holy Lady of Madhu Church and the surrounding land is totally Bishop Raiaapu’s property entrusted to him by the Jaffna Diocese .

    If they don’t want Hindus there , Nothing much the Govt or even Rajapaksa can do about it.

    I don’t think our Muslims want to live there even if they are invited, when our Catholic devotees enjoy their Lunch after Sunday Mass with a Pork Badun and a Pol Arrack.

    TNA said all along that the LTTE represented the whole Tamil population when Mr Prabakaran was around.

    Mr Sambandan then came along and declared that he and his Vellala mates are the sole reps and every one must go along with that.

    So where deos this ACHF come from ?

    If all the Tamils are with the TNA as its leader points out, this ACHF wouldn’t be not much chop.. Right !!

    So why is Ms T panicking?.

    Unless this ACHF is a non Vellala outfit which represent the poor.

    Divinaguma wants to give LKR 50,000 to 5 Million rural poor in 35 000 Villages to help with their little businesses, paddy fields or chook farms so they can improve them or even start new ones..

    But the Vellala TNA run municipalities are against it .

    And it is the main reason that the poor villages in the North are still not getting anywhere even after Prabkaran released them from captivity.

    Could this AHFC be representing their interests for Ms T to be so frightened of them ?…

    • 2

      Because we all know how deeply you care for the minorities of this country. One article you’re bashing all Tamils as kotiyo, next one they’re all poor victimized souls.

  • 0

    MR and his family exposed beyond anything I’ve heard before by JVP Anura Kumara. His entire speech in Badalkumbura.


    • 2

      It connotes: J`ust V`ultures P`icnic.

  • 0

    “National integration, BBS style. Meaning, inciting Buddhists and Hindus against Catholics/Christians and Muslims; dividing the two main ethnic groups along religious lines; making the Sinhalese forget their economic woes; making the Tamils forget all their woes, including the unresolved ethnic issue; creating a religious justification for the de facto occupation of the North and the galloping militarization, nationwide.”

    I really don’t understand what the Sinhala Writers and the intellectual think of Tamils? All these time they were calling the Tamils as Terrorists, LTTErs Kottiya etc. Now waking up when the King is tightening noose on them and crying BBS is going to set the Hindus and the Christians one against to the other. Ammea Ammea! Okkame comedy thamaai!

    Is there a day in the History that Tamils believed the Sinhalese government and voted for them? Did SJV or Thalaivar Prabhaharan believe when they signed the pacts with Sinhala governments that they by accident implement the pacts? Tamils had Kathirkamar. Tamils had Thuraiappa. Tamils have Douglas, Karuna… But where is the evident of Tamils having ever believed anyone of them? Why is this new sympathy that Tamils are going fall victims to BBS?
    Did ever Tamils stopped believing their marvelous leaders like SJV, Sampanthar, CV etc. and believed in DS, Banda, Sirima, JR, Prema, Ranil etc? Why this new teaching of BBS to Tamils?

    Didn’t Tamils understand the Mahawamsa Modayas, did not believe them even before the freedom, and ask for 50/50? Now they are going to believe the BBS and start to conduct a religious war within them? What happened to Upper caste lower caste vote splitting tactics used in the NPC provincial election? Even if the 250,000 men strong Royal Army, stationed in the North to occupying had voted to the King, UPFA would have fared better than 2013 election. Didn’t Vijeveera bring the terrorism to Lanka from Lumumba? Then why did they call LTTers the terrorist? Didn’t DS, SWRD, Srima, JR Premadasa all terrorized Tamil, 1948, 1949, 1956, 1958, 1961………………….? Why these Sinhala intellectual try to Brian wash everyone as it is only King did these to Tamils? Tell me a time after freedom when the governments didn’t insert wedge between Tamils and Muslims have them successfully separated them used for spying? The standardization heroes Srimavo and Badiudin Mahmud are better than King and Hakeem? Tamils and Christians do not want the pity from anybody. They fully understand why the Royal Government crated and floating the BBS. So they do not want to lose the war crime factor and run after the BBS. Sinhala intellectual are not ready to accept that the Royal Government, after putting the NGOs out of the country, tortured and murdered the freedom fighter and the Tamils in perfect genocidal way. They are camouflaging the war crime with BBS.

    BBS did not kill Muslims in Aluthagama. It is the Royal Army, the Royal Police and His majesty’s other Knights and Sirs did. It is not going to be difficult to win any court battles for BBS in Aluthgama murders. Did BBS go to Wellaveriya too? Why these Sinhala writers and intellectual talking about the BBS? Isn’t that what the government wants? Are these people knowingly working with government to popularize BBS or they too are victims of the Royal Government’s plot of distracting the war and genocide crime of killing Tamils’ freedom fighters?

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