16 August, 2022


UNP Nominates Sajith As Opposition Leader

UNP Parliamentary group has today decided to nominate MP Sajith Premadasa as the Opposition Leader of Parliament, party Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said.

Kariyawasam informed the party decision to the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya a short while ago.

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    I admit , I have grown extremely pessimistic of Lankan politicians and politics in general. My observations are UNP is the only party which has searched within retrospectively and had pushed for changes. It is also refreshing to see a young person finally appearing in the arena. Today we see Trudeau and Macron, who are more than willing to take on Trump regardless of their age and seniority. But the question for me is “will Sajith be truly on the opposite side unlike MS/MR/RW who have been mostly on the same side and taking the public for a ride. Also if Sajith can display some of the traits of his father like street smartness ( NOT book ), putting up with any opponent and strategize political career shrewdly, then sure, he will be hell of a challenge to Rajapaksas.

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    Sajith has been ‘loyal’ to the UNP, standing by the party in turbulent times while abiding his time to become the leader. He is now another step closer, so congratulations.
    Sajith had the good fortune of having a.benefactor’ to get his education in UK, followed by an apprenticeship at the White house but being the son of a former ‘illustrious’ President, it was always in the cards. He has inherited his father’s oratory skills (in English as well) & has all the credentials of a capable political leader, specially in the light of the current sorry lot we know as politicians but so far, Sajith, as far as I am aware, has not made any impact throughout his political career. In fact, I would say that, all along, he has been there for the ride.
    I would expect as an educated individual, exposed to international politics, to bring about a breath of fresh air, instead of riding on his old man’s wave, enticing the village vote with religious sentiments, such as, increasing the number of Buddhist temples & other unsustainable promises. However, despite my scepticism, I hope SP has what it takes to bring in a radical change to UNP politics & as an effective leader of the opposition by keeping the Rajapakse dynasty at bay, demanding accountability for their actions. SP has to move away from his old man’s rhetoric & short sighted ‘vision’, distance him self from ‘generous patrons’ (Kili Maharaja comes to mind) & undesirables (Sajin Vass & Vermin Silva?) & build his own reputation based on credibility.
    SP has a blank sheet to prove his integrity. He can start by standing up to injustice & ensuring the safety of all citizens of SL by intervening in the case of the local employee of the Swiss Embassy who is being harassed by the Govt.

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    Sajith. P. was not to the Manor born. As a result, like his father he had to fight his way to get his due. It is the fight that gives strength.
    As Leader of the opposition he faces a formidable and seasoned adversary- MaRa the Prime Minister. But he has the backing of more than 5.5 Million voters who backed him at the Presidential election and he still could turn round a defeat into something more beyond.

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    Iron lady challenges President!

    Your Excellency President just because these people gave you only 240 votes , and being Muslims and having voted to Sajith a strong Sinhala Buddhist, your Supporters have told these poor struggling Muslims living in spaces not larger than 272.25 sqft to get Sajith to remove their Garbage .
    Are you still President of all
    Your Excellency ?
    Already your Supporters are working to remove you when General Elections get closer,
    Do you think you have the iron in you to fight the conspiracy by your very own and fulfil your promises.???

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    congratulation sir.we are very happy to note that you are selected as a leader of the opposition.although you have condemned nor spoke against the atrocities done for muslims.we still will stand by you.we simply want to be accepted as srilankans and live in harmony with all communities.please always do whats right and be just .you are ifeal for the younger generation.and your point of views
    too please dont disappoint us.change the attitude of all communities to be united and good to each other.jayawewa

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    Now Sajith must unite the party to build a credible opposition to effectively fight the general election.

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    Well, @ least he’s the non functioning opposition leader now after the struggle to be the president.

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    Ranil is not just a dead horse , a clean and crafty international dead horse !
    Vijitha Muni Soysa’s ” Appachchi Malow ” rites now has to be done on Ranil .
    Another horse that is junior to Ranil , has already started his journey merrily
    with a big margin signalling a massive loss compared to a massive win and
    to a kindergarten guy in politics ! Whatever tricks the winners used , that
    suited their people and the winners gave what people wanted . It is a wrong
    choice but popular choice that tells stories in volumes . Now , to win back
    what was lost in instalments largely , by the biggest loser Ranil and his
    predecessors , what is left for any new face , let alone Sajith , to do ?

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    Will Sajith break Ranil’s record of being the Opposition leader for over 25 years! If he continues to work with the same group of henchmen he will, for sure!!

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