3 July, 2022


UNP’s Sinhala-Buddhist Majoritarianist Resolution Endorsed By Maithri

President Maithripala Sirisena has endorsed the United National Party’s resolution to safeguard and uphold the Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarianism in the country at the party 70th Anniversary celebrations held in Colombo.

“Today the UNP Passed a resolution that no external foreign force will be allowed to meddle with internal matters of the country which will affect the sovereignty and freedom of the people and that the culture and heritage of the majority Sinhalese people will be enhanced, while also creating an environment conducive for all other communities including Tamils and Muslims to live in,” Sirisena who was the chief guest at the event said yesterday.

The UNP resolution also included that Buddhists will be given the most prominent place while the minority communities too will have the freedom to conduct their religious activities without any problem.

Both Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe also came together to assure the public that Sri Lanka’s sovereignty will remain unharmed, while assuring that they will create a country where all communities can live together.

Wickremesinghe said that the UNP was a patriotic party, and so was he and the UNP will not take any action that will reflect negatively on the country’s sovereignty.

“We will never do anything treacherous. I have never signed agreements with the LTTE to secure my victory. I would rather lose an election than do something like that. Today, some people who signed agreements with the LTTE are calling themselves patriots, while we are being labeled as traitors,”
Wickremesinghe, who is also the leader of the UNP said.

He called on everyone to rid their archaic mindset and unite to help take the country forward. “Let us create a country where everyone can live in democracy, without worrying,” he said.

Wickremesinghe also pledged to rid the country’s off its debt trap by 2020, left during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime. “We won’t burden our next generation with this debt, we will pay off this debt during our generation,” he said.

He also announced that beginning January, the government will launch a new 500,000 housing project to provide new houses for the families displaced by the war, families living in plantation areas as well as for families living in slums.

President Sirisena said that both he and Wickremesinghe have joined hands to build a better country which will benefit all the people, while maintaining the democracy and sovereignty of the nation.

“Both the UNP and the SLFP have a similar ideology and that is to develop the country while ensuring that the country’s sovereignty and unity remained intact,” he said.
He said that the new Constitution will be drafted in a manner acceptable to all including the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. “But, some people are spreading false information about this, including certain media organisations. I request them to stop misleading the public by publishing false stories. What you are doing is a national crime,” Sirisena said.

“We came to power to build and develop a better country, and we will ensure this will be done while maintaining the integrity of our nation. We will also work in a manner so that the country will not return to an era of conflict,” Sirisena added.

A notable attendee at the event was former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. The event which commenced with the singing of the national anthem in Sinhala, concluded with the national anthem being sung in Tamil.

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    Open source commentators -Canada

    1) recap
    Maithree’s latest speech of agony

    One to one same as Mahinda’s after he was exposed of Tsunami funds issue ( I am in no way endorsing he is guilty , every man is rightfully innocent until he is proved guilty ,charged and sentenced, same with Maithree. he has come up with this speech soon after the Australian issue ,I honestly believe he is innocent, because the way the whole case has been framed ,unless anyone can prove it in black and white ,yes same with Mahinda ,not only in Tsunami issue but even the rest of the accusations .)

    2) Ranil and Maithree’s plan of a new Constitution is a dead duck and from this article if it is true one can understand it is a the same dead rope that was passed to Mahinda by Mathir Mohamed the racist , only difference is this time Ranil’s visit was to meet Najib ,who had been mentored by Mathir , who is a racist and a crook .

    Mahinda worse disastrous rule was due to him seeking advice with curpt regimes and who cared to only fill their pockets.

    It is countries like Iceland , Sweden, Switzerland , Singapore and Canada Sri lankan Politicians should reach out for advice on Constitutional reforms , these are the countries that have a proven record of success story , where the Peoples rights are safeguarded , regardless of race and religion , Going to Malaysia or Burma for constitutional reforms is like preparing the entire nation for a complete suicide .

    Maithree should be careful of dead ropes. it is most disgusting and disappointing to read this particular line in the article , “The UNP resolution also included that Buddhists will be given the most prominent place while the minority communities too will have the freedom to conduct their religious activities without any problem.”

    This exactly what Banda said in a different tune , this will keep the wounds open and rotting forever .

    A sincere politician who really loves the nation and all of its people will come with a federal solution by changing the constitution of the exisiting dead Provinces to either Canadian model of Provinces with each having its own Premier or the Swiss canton system ,both giving people the maximum rights , but the Swiss model is the best with some changes , where a a place is inhabited by a particular ethnicity given the right to choose the language to run their administration and with their own budget and where ever there is a high concentration of mixed populace to be recognized as cosmopolitan and bring such places directly under the Federal government’s administration.

    As long as any government is not willing to be completely open in their economy and banking policies , where every citizen can have access ,just remember and reflect on this , some country or countries we owe are in control and calling the shots .
    This is one of the reasons why Burma is suffering and all that is happening in Burma is under the instruction of some nations who have a huge financial interest in Burma ,my only prayer is that we do not end up as badly bankrupt as Burma or Bangladesh.

    Burma and Bangladesh are both playing whore to powerful rich countries who have let them borrow and steal the debts and not invest on their people.

    Well it is in the hands of the majority of people in this country to decide.

    BBC: Sri Lanka+Tamil Tigers: Evolution of the Ethnic War 2×6


    S.W.R.D Bandaranaike – Interviewed by the British National Television BBC

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      Yes. Sri Lanka should look to europe for inspiration. They are some of the most developed nations with the wellbeing of their people, and preserving and expanding their freedom in a rational humane balanced way given priority.

      The dialog and understanding in all areas of study are at the cutting edge in this region before spreading to the rest of the world. these countries have successfully created the ideal environment to create and support these exceptional people who are shaping the modern understanding of our individual, planetary and universal environment.

      • 1


        You look like a dirty Heyna.

    • 5

      A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.
      The delivery of criminal justice is relatively effective, but compromised by political interference.
      The lack of competitive political processes, institutional checks and balances and accountability mechanisms, an independent judiciary and a free press increase the regime’s susceptibility to corruption.
      “”“Today the UNP Passed a resolution that no external foreign force will be allowed to meddle with internal matters of the country which will affect the sovereignty and freedom of the people and that the culture and heritage of the majority Sinhalese people will be enhanced, while also creating an environment conducive for all other communities including Tamils and Muslims to live in,”””

      UNP the real left wing party of control freaks that commenced the July 83 the catalyst to arms en masse. UNP continues to beg. With the rains Ravi K begged the world community for $$2 billion.
      No nation’s security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow-nations.As long as we allow conditions to exist that make for second-class citizens, we are making of ourselves less than first-class citizens.

      “” “We won’t burden our next generation with this debt, we will pay off this debt during our generation,” he said.””

      Troika BodhiSira Ranil, Watti amma, all liars Liar, Liar attempt to censor the Media.!!
      The country has an external debt of US $$ 60 Billion and Ranil cannot easily get a billion from Xi. so settles for money laundering at the Colombo Port city financial hub. Repercussions would be catastrophic.

      “”He also announced that beginning January, the government will launch a new 500,000 housing project to provide new houses for the families displaced by the war, families living in plantation areas as well as for families living in slums.””

      Oh yes UNP Premadasa ordered 1 millions homes- shelter for all met the Queen and did the war on India but more people are under the trees. He started the black cats killed many now Ranil is gearing up like uncle JR and his hay day youth movement.

      Alas the islanders are spin doctors concealing the cause, effect and syndrome- shape shape okama hari.

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    Open source commentators -Canada

    Sunil I wonder if that could be ever possible ,
    The previous regime has sold the entire nation to a bunch of foreign
    PLUTOCRACY CARTELS, it is their command which our Politicians whoever they may be have to obey .

    We need a Sri lankan “Lee de iron fist man” who will dare to show the middle finger to anyone who dare step in the way to stop Sri lanka becoming the first south Asian nation that can guarantee a relatively secured environment ,while letting people enjoy the most of the freedom with a true legal system to keep the freedom checked in , not one that sends Murderers inside on death penalties and then pardons them on the leader’s b’day.

    One of the most disappointing action of the present government was the re-approving of the Port city , an open eye wash by renaming it, this shows who is in control of our nation… we have no more say. who is going to occupy this city once its completed? ,call it by any name you wish, Its going to be occupied by the super rich of foreigners, this is the modern day of Invasion,

    It is strange though while the ” Nationalists” cry and wanting to kill or deport to a so-called Countries of origin some of the born Minorities , karma has permitted the previous regime to handover the nation on a platter to total rich foreigners who will definitely colonize this ideally moderate populated nation in the next 20 years .

    This government can not play the old baila and expect the people to do the tango , they need to prove they can honestly bring equality and make this nation a true peoples lanka , this majority Baila wont work anymore with lankans , especially with the modern educated Sinhalese to put it bluntly , there is a great expression of maturity and refinement displayed now a days . It may work in malaysia ,Burma ,bangaldesh etc, not in Sri Lanka , where the literacy is 100% .

    Politicians should stop insulting the Sinhala intellectuals of today , the educated are more concerned in peace and harmony and working and earning to give a better life for their children , so please do not try to deceive them , you may succeed with some of the lesser educated and lesser knowledgeable,they may follow you with a bottle of arack to dance to your baila,but it is a dangerous game play .

    Please address the peoples suffering by uniting , that is what you both promised and that is the only reason that for the first time a national government was ushered in by the people , not for you to take the country back to the same cancer of giving false promises of priorities and recognition to the Majority race, most of those among the Majority race whose minds are not warped are no more interested in your dupe of My race ,My religion , they want real sustainability, they want real peace , they want a share of the economy ,and am sure they will not grudge sharing it with the rest of the minorities once they understand that it will unite all and bring in a lasting peace where their children can progress.

  • 0

    The only ones who will celebrate your resolution will be a large scale majority among a certain minority (hick hick) no name calling …(hick hick) who are happy to remain in the dark as long as you let them perish in any fake dogma that is driven into them by their dogmatic masters and the elite who thorw them a few pennies here and there to let them not survive but exist to both whom they are a willing slave , and a very wiling subject to keep their children in the dark , deny education , and choose to live in poverty and slums , the dogmatic community who love deny their rightful goodness of this world and choose to live an ignorant dogs life.

    Yes Their super rich will also pump you from overseas with dollars to keep them in the dark .

  • 0

    So Victory is here at last , Thank you Hon Pm and your excellency , now we can grow our beards , cover our women and send our children to Madarasas no more pare sudas education , , what else do we want in this world .

    • 2

      Ibnu wahab -a.Wahab

      Now, sinhale is a Saudi Arabian Colony for Muslims, Tamilnadu for Tamils, for christians it is the vatican of the east.

      Sinhala -buddhists keep the mouths shut because it is racism, fanaticism, extremisms to talk about islamization, christianization, tamilization of sinhale.

      You call it is democracy.

      that is just before Tamils, christians, Muslims start complaining against each other.

      • 12

        jim softy, all nations around the world have citizens from various cultures, religions and ethnicities living together and learning to get along with each other. They see themselves as all being equal and a part of the nation. that is where the world is moving towards. They are learning to live together treating each other equally without any majority minority or any kind of discrimination or harassment.

    • 2

      Sri Lanka Belongs to the Sinhalese Buddhists. Buddhism is the state Religion is well endorsed.

      • 13

        Buddhism belongs to the world just like all religions. no religion was made to be exclusive it is supposed to be inclusive! Please don’t turn religion into a tool of discrimination and turn it into something horrible that it was not meant to be. when you do this you corrupt a religion and make it spread hate instead of the peaceful lifestyle instilling good morals it was meant to instil in people.

      • 0

        Joseph De Vazz – Kotte
        What a beautiful Sinhale Buddhist name.
        With a name like that what are you doing in Sinhale land. You should be in vatican according to jim softy , so pack your bag , the boat is waiting!!! you racist bigot

  • 1


    Has Sira gone bonkers…

    70 % of the inhabitants are poor Rural Sinhala people who are Buddhists.

    Majority of the Catholics their friends, and their extended families are also in the same category which are a mix of Buddhists and Catholics.

    What do you need guarantees from Bodhi Sira or any one else to keep this status quo?.

    The real guarantees which they need are

    Not to confine and force them to share only two thirds of the land mass

    And not to make them the poor cousins among the 21 Million inhabitant population.

    The way things are panning out. their access to free Education up to , University , free Health Care, and descent employment are under threat.

    These are aimed to keep the rural Sinhalese the poor cousins going forward..

    What they want to know is, what this hush hush constitution making is really aiming for.

    Vellala Tamil Political outfit is the main driver of this UNP Government.

    Every macro policy of Batalanada Ranil is geared towards fulfilling the demands of the Diaspora and the TNA, the latter which has an agreement signed with the UNP through its London Brach.

    Buddhism must Go from the Constitution” told the TNA Anglican Faction leader Abraham Sumanthiran ,in his address to the Colombo Elite on Prime Time Free to Air TV .

    Which must have certainly prompted the Hon Cardinal in Colombo to say publicly, that no one should meddle with the constitution and change the Religion as it is in the current Constitution

    Abraham further said “there won’t be reconciliation until Buddhism is removed”..

    The other serious issue is the War Crime Trials,

    War winning generals have been sent home already.

    Will they go to Welikada or Bogamabara in the next issue?.

    People who are asylum seekers in far corners of the planet are also listed as missing in Nathikadal.

    What defence can the Soldiers use?.

    These are the issues which Bodhi Sira should give guarantees to the people.

    And not try to put Spin on UNP propaganda to hide their real agenda.

  • 5

    The politicians voluntarily come forward giving all sorts of pledges, promises and get the attraction of people and beg their vote. Some people(voters) believe them as genuine, some criticize, anyhow people(voters) cast their vote and they get elected, some get rejected but get selected to the parliament according the wish of the leader of the party concerned, whether their names appear in the National List or not. The voters cast their vote for so many a reasons. Some for the party, some for the person (individual) and others for the future betterment of the country and very few who cast their vote for the sake of casting their vote, but at the end the masses realized that they have been hoodwinked, fooled and mislead by bogus promises and lies betraying them as well as the country as a whole.
    If you look at the present day politicians, the qualifications needed is to be a citizen of Sri Lanka and more than 18 years of age with or without any qualification academically or professionally but be fluent in the speech to lie and criticize one another and to be a member of a political party or an independent candidate. One could feel why these people so voluntarily come forward for elections spending immense sum of money is that either they are for Power craziness, greediness for earning money by hook or crook, to defend from wrong doings, enhance their businesses with power and “make hay while sun shine” in fulfilling their ambitions of this nature. I do not think there is any present day politician who has come forward for the prestige as a patriot to serve the country and find solutions for the sufferings and difficulties that the masses undergo in keeping their heads above water and hope for a better future for their children.
    The Parliament or Local Body member becomes an employee or a savior of the people to be of service to them as he is elected by the peoples’ vote or party leader’s choice entitling to draw a substantial monthly salary, allowances, vehicles, foreign trips and what not. These are in addition to other perks such as petrol allowance, housing, drivers, staff etc. and at the end of five years holding the position he/she becomes a retired person with a pension. whereas Government Servants are appointed by an Appointing Authority as stipulated in the A.R. and F.R.(Administrative and Financial Regulations) through a gazette notification or newspaper advertisement with necessary qualifications by giving ample publicity and get selected if he/she fulfills the qualifications as per the scheme of recruitment for the post/position, and he/she will be entitled for the full pension after sixty years of age serving more than twenty to thirty or more years of service to the people and country as a whole.
    The qualifications needed In the case of appointing a Minister by President, he should be a Parliament Member, as the main qualification But now even this qualification, to be an elected member of the Parliament is not considered, if the head of the political party wishes, anybody could be appointed as a member of the parliament and then as a Minister even rejected by the people and not in the National List.

    When considering the huge Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President, there is a doubt whether the government could give more emphasis on the needs of the people and country’s future, as the motives of these politicians are for their own existence on the taxpayers’ money and poor peoples’ sweat. They should realize as sons of Sri Lanka to be of service to the people without being a burden to them who have elevated them to such positions. As we are aware most of them who have been on this job for even few years are millionaires or billionaires or so.
    It is in this context in mind that I suggest the following proposals for the forthcoming New Constitution to be included, whereby billions of rupees could be saved for the poor peoples’ needs:
    (i) The salary of a Parliament Member should be reduced to the lowest grade of SLAS Officer. A parliament member is not an employee to draw any monthly payment as salary and as such it should be termed as an allowance. The payment paid to Parliament or any local body member for their services should not be paid as salaries, but should treat as an allowance.
    (ii) Only one vehicle to be given with a petrol allowance for official travelling.
    (iii) The Duty Free vehicle allowance should be withdrawn.
    (iv) They should not be entitled to housing as they have to be in their constituencies to enable them to be acquainted with the needs of the electorate.
    (v) If they need to be in Colombo or Jayawardhanapura, close to Parliament to attend to Parliamentary duties, they could be provided with hostel accommodation facilities as was done in the past, Srawasthi Building (when the parliament was in Colombo) near Glass House.
    (vi) Any allowance paid for attending Parliament should be stopped, as it will be their duty and that they have been provided with transport and subsidized meals with taxpayers and voters’ monies.
    (vii) Pension rights of Members of Parliament and other Local Bodies should be withdrawn.
    (i) The salary of a Minister should be reduced to that of a Grade 2 –SLAS Officer, as Permanent Secretaries will become sole advisors to the Ministers in formulating and implementing the Development Policy of the Govt. and the National Development Plan of the Country as a whole.
    (ii) Ministers should not be provided with more than two official vehicles with a reasonable petrol allowance. If possible it should be reduced to one, as there is the possibility of getting vehicles from the vehicle pool of the Ministry in an emergency.
    (iii) They too should not be given housing facilities as had been done in the past, as they have come forward voluntarily to serve the people and the country. In an emergency situation, if they want to be in Colombo or Jayawardhanapura, they too could be provided with a hostel accommodation as was done in the past, a few decades back.

    (iv) All foreign trips of Ministers should be with President’s approval and the number of participants too should be controlled by the parliament. All outcomes of the foreign trips should be tabled at the Parliament and approval obtained.
    (v) None of the Ministers or any official should be met with their Medical or any other personal expenditure bills even with Parliament or Cabinet approvals. If one is given, then it becomes precedence and could be manipulated.
    (vi) The Ministers should not be given back-up security, as they have come voluntarily to serve the people. If they are not sure of their own security why should they hold such position? Then we can appoint Ministers who are people friendly, who could be with the people and save some billions of rupees of the poor citizens, voters, taxpayers money and utilized for the needs of the needy.
    The president too has come forward voluntarily to serve the people of the country on a manifesto given by the party. As such he has to work for welfare and up-liftment of the lives of the people, none of the majority of people (voters) have forced him to come forward except casting the vote as acceptance of his policies. Under the circumstances he should not betray the voters and the people of the country requesting or acquiring power for his personal benefits and a luxury life with the expense of people as well as the country as a whole. In this context it is suggested that he also should set an example for the politicians not to be greedy in dragging the poor peoples’ sweat in the pretext of their positions.
    (i) He/she too should not be given a salary but an allowance
    (ii) No retirement benefits to be given, as he/she is not a govt. service officer
    (iii) He/she may be given some sort of escort but not a show-off during the term in the position
    (iv) Only one residence should be allocated as official. No more houses for personal use.
    (v) The privileges given to previous presidents should be withdrawn forthwith and the official residences and other assets should be taken over to the Government.
    (vi) In future after relinquishing or termination of the period in the position, they should live in their own residences without being a burden on innocent peoples’ sweat and their hard earned money
    Unless and until the unwarranted privileges enjoyed by present day politicians which have been approved by themselves from time to time to the whim and fancies and caliber of those who have come to those positions through thuggary , frightening people, fighting each other and various other notorious ways and means betraying the people, are withdrawn, it will be a threat to the so called democracy of the country as well as to the descent livelihood of the citizens of Sri Lanka. In order to eradicate unscrupulous characters coming forward for elections, the pruning down of the unwarranted privileges enumerated above has become a must and it should be the view of all of us to get this embodied into the amendments of the New Constitution which is to be presented to the Parliament in the near future. Then only we could get a set of real genuine patriots not crazy for power and greedy for money but interested in the welfare of the people and the prosperity of the country will come forward for elections to be selected by the people the most suitable amongst them.

  • 2

    This is a losers game. Playing the same tune to the gallery will never bring Sri Lanka out of the morass that we are slowly sinking in. It is a shame that both Ranil and My3 are treading in the murky waters that Banda stirred up. Gutless, gormless leadership continues and will only nurture a divisive society.

    Imagine a father addressing his family and saying ‘I will favour my oldest son above all other children because he is big and strong. But I will let you also live’. This is a crude analogy but not too far from the truth. All other children will feel deflated, unwanted and alienated.

  • 1

    And those who have been saying all along that only way Tamils can have equal rights and not have to live under the jackboot of Sinhala majoritarianism is to separate from the Sinhalese have been proven right again.

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