8 June, 2023


Ven Sobitha thera; The Second Father Of Our Nation

By Lakshan Wanigasooriya

Lakshan Wanigasooriya

Lakshan Wanigasooriya

On the May 31, 2013 Colombo Telegraph published an article written by me in support of the NMSJ proposals and Ven Sobitha thera; I have below noted the link to the article for the reference of the dear readers;

Today on the January 11, 2015 we have as a country got an another opportunity to build or at least lay the foundations for a secular, democratic country thanks to the Ven Sobitha thera and our leaders having the foresight to see this vision. President Rajapaksa in 2009 got the first and what could be deemed as the best chance to achieve the above noble cause; which would have most certainly eclipsed the military victory after all what is a military victory when compared to building of a nation. Yet we all know what he did with it and this will go down as one of the darkest chapters in our history that is now water under the bridge.

I believe the most urgent task in front of us is to lay the foundations for this secular society where no mosque or church will be attacked no one will look at a son or daughter of this land through a lens of religion, cast or race or place judgement through this and where every Sri Lankan will have an equal chance in reaching his or her full potential. Extremist like excrement will always exist but what is needed is the ability for the mainstream society to isolate them very quickly for example see how the French society has come forward to defend its freedom in the wake of the attacks on its free press.

We all know this is not something we can achieve in a day two or in one parliament but what is important is that this goal be engraved in our leaders and in our principle expectations from them so we can continue to get the leaders we deserve.

Elections day morning - Ven Sobitha is working with the opposition

Elections day morning – Ven Sobitha is working with the opposition

The January 08, 2015 is a very proud day for any Sri Lankan it is a day when as nation we forgot the relative ease, comfort and security and stood for freedom if we didn’t we would have not only lost our freedom but our ease and comfort as well and in this light Ven Sobitha thera should be elevated to be the second father of our nation for lighting the flame of freedom in this blessed land of our and for that I say thank you father to the Ven thera and I think it is the duty of all Sri Lankans to do the same

In terms of moving forward the 100 day plan ad document is very comprehensive and I think all Sri Lankans should be encouraged to read this fully or indeed have this read to them via the media.

Also it is very important that we extend a hand of friendship for the Sri Lankans who have had to leave the country under mitigating circumstance in 2009 when the war ended I was one of the first to campaign after the famous victory speech of President Rajapaksa that all ex-Sri Lankans should be given the chance to come back to the country and support its development as citizens of equal rights and they should be given a Sri Lankan passport upon taking a vote of allegiance to the country and its existing laws, we all know what the Rajapaksa government did rather than welcome them they sort to keep them out to steal their land and gold. I have seen that steps are underway to re-issue of dual nationality but from what I read the new system also is designed to keep away the very people who have left the country under the most mitigating circumstances if so how can this be proper reconciliation? I humbly request the new government to look into this and make this a truly reconciliation tool.

We also need to re-establish the rights of all those Sri Lankans who contribute so much towards our economy who have no voting rights the Sri Lankan community in Italy brought this to the attention of President Rajapaksa may a time during his most recent visit.

Another Urgent step should be to de-block all the current banned news web-sites and we most invite those talented journalist who have left the country back.

Going back when the above referenced first article was published many did not think the Ven thera’s proposals would find the light of day but yet some of you saw this like me the only chance for Sri Lanka and we must thank those leaders who also saw this for the first time in Sri Lanka we have seen today a winning election campaign based on universal values and not nationalism, the seed has been planted we not out of the woods yet but the journey has truly started, Sri Lanka all will be well, all will be well.

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    Wait, hold your horses, let’s wait for few months (100 days to be exact) before jump in to any conclusions. Time will tell whether ven. Sobitha is the second father or the villain.

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    yes – I thinks this one of few actual struggles of sri lankans since independence – most others were manufactured ones by politicians. People from now on should never let another dictatorship emerge. Notice to all politicians if you are a aspiring dictator – take note – we will throw u out! thank you all Government officials who stood firm – EC / OIC / army commander and AG- these are the trues sons of the soil

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    What is the story of the origin of the NMSJ?

    What is the role of Mr. Elmore Perera in the NMSJ?

    Can someone give us the facts, pl.

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      “”What is the role of Mr. Elmore Perera in the NMSJ? “”

      primarily a non racist from the old school (not the ambude JR Banda independence cowards who hid in india and came in as oxbridge racist)and the rest is history.

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    So right and I didn’t see him anywhere during the “celebrations”.

    Maybe we have at least one true disciple of the Lord Buddha among us.

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