2 December, 2021


Video: Buddhist Monk Led Mob Attacked Christian Church

On the 12th of January 2014, the Assemblies of God and the Calvary church in Hikkaduwa (Galle District) came under attack by mobs while engaging in worship services, says the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri-Lanka.

According to the NCEASL, both churches were engaged in Sunday morning worship when at approximately 10.00 a.m., mobs of about 300 persons led by Buddhist monks stormed the respective churches. The first to be attacked was the Assemblies of God, followed by the Calvary church. Serious damage was caused to the two buildings. Stones were thrown at the premises while some worshippers were trapped inside.

The previous night, the pastors of both churches received information of the impending attacks. They went ahead with the worship services based on the guarantee that there will be police protection for the services, says the NCEASL.

The protesting monks included Buddhist clergy from a group calling themselves ‘Hela Bodu Pawura’ as well as monks from Hikkaduwa and nearby temples. They claimed the Christian presence was illegal. The protesters obstructed the Galle – Colombo main road, creating a tense situation in Hikkaduwa. The situation prevailed past noon, with the Police unable to disperse the mob. A senior police officer who arrived at the scene gave an undertaking to the monks that the churches will be closed for 2 weeks (until 10th February), during which time a solution will be sought. The mobs then dispersed.

24 suspects including eight monks have been identified the Police spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said today.

Monks attacking Church in Sri Lanka

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    Despite all claim to the contrary, religion divides people, promotes intolerance, causes suspicion and anger, promotes ignorance and ultimately leads to degenerate behaviour such as mob rule, mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

    Buddhism is no exception despite the claim that Buddhism is not a religion. For all intents and purposes Buddhism is a religion and its monks are crusaders.

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    Animals. That’s how I would describe these saffron clad thugs. Pure evil is displayed in the name of religion. For allowing this to happen again and again and other human rights issues the Rajapaksa regime deserves severe censure by the UNHRC in March.

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    The Rajapakshes have a support base. This support base will vote for them no matter what crimes they have committed as long as they are galvanized together. It is the equivalent of the extreme right wing religous nuts in the USA. In order to keep these folks engaged such that they go off and vote republican, right wing politicians have to throw them some red meat in the form of some stupid issue they consider important. Similarly with elections round the corner as they are in perpetuity in Sri lanka these stooges have been unleashed upon the new age churches established in the recent past. Right now the Pakshes need some love from the Moslem world in the human rights arena at the UN. So attacking Mosques is on hold. Instead go after these churches who are an easy target due to the manner they go about establishing them selves. The Sri Lankan founding pastors of these churches have grown very wealthy since most of them insist on their followers parting with 10% of their monthly income. Supposedly the bible says so. They also get generous donations from the USA where all the extreme religious nut jobs thrive. The Rajapakshes know all of this very well since they have lived in the USA. So the show will go on until some western nation or the other whisper stern warnings.

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    These criminals cannot be called monks, absolute disgrace to Buddhism. Where is the riot police!! Don’t leave these criminals unpunished. There has be a hidden agenda behind these co called monks, sooner the GOSL find out who’s behind this better for Sri Lanka.

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    Does the coming of Evangelical Churches in many parts of the country also an indication many Sinhala people – deeply disturbed by the
    antics of the unreligious violent Buddhist thugs that have brought the religion a bad name for decades – are going back to Christianity from which many switched over to Buddhism post-1956? Clearly, many decent Buddhists were disappointed with priests openly getting into the snake-pit of back-biting politics and the pursuit of materialism – all in total variance with classic Buddhism.

    F.N. Stein

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    If the myth about the genesis of Sinhala race – as historians believe with the arrival of Prince Vijaya and his 700 followers, history of the Sinhalese started, the latest about the evolution should equally be believable.Vijaya was eldest son of King Sinhabahu (“Man with Lion arms”) and his Queen Sinhasivali of Bhurishrestha Kingdom. As it was described in that myth, Vijaya’s grand father should be a lion.

    The latest about ‘Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig’: Extraordinary claim made by American geneticist
    (http://www.macroevolution.net/human-origins.html ).
    The human species began as the hybrid offspring of a male pig and a female chimpanzee, an American geneticist has suggested.
    The startling claim has been made by Eugene McCarthy, who is also one of the world’s leading authorities on hybridisation in animals.
    Particular researcher points out that while humans have many features in common with chimps, we also have a large number of distinguishing characteristics not found in any other primates.
    There are also a number of less obvious but equally inexplicable similarities between humans and pigs in the structure of the skin and organs.
    Indeed, pig skin tissues and heart valves can be used in medicine because of their similarity and compatibility with the human body.

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    The Bikhus are well fed. No work. I think a little bit of starvation will help them to lead a normal life. They have been pampered too much. For a start they have to work for their living or starve!

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    As a Buddhist, Am asking Asgiriya and Malwatta chief priests – Is this correct?

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    Is there an ID for these animals, so when they are arrested to prove that they are genuine monks or just riff raff dressed in robes.
    Very good for Sri Lanka just before the Geneva meetings.
    Dont these clowns know the damage they are doing to the whole country, or at least the ring leaders be they govt or oppositio manipuated.

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    (Click here for author information.)

    Biblical/Pentateuch Intolerance:

    I see so many religionists rant and rave about how Atheists are “not tolerant of believers and have no respect for their faith”. To non believers this claim is absurd. For intolerance of various religions is the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, Muslim and many other orthodox communities. Matter of fact, the Bible and Pentateuch commands religious intolerance in MANY verses, even to the point of KILLING people for their beliefs. Here then, are a few choice verses that show just how intolerant these religionists are of other believers and nonbelievers. We shall start with the two verses that helped to inflict one of the biggest mass murders in history, the Inquisition.
    Woman with “familiar spirits” must be stoned to death. Leviticus 20:27
    “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Exodus 22:18

    Kill those who are not Christian or Jewish:

    You must kill those who worship another god. Exodus 22:20
    Kill any friends or family that worship a god that is different than your own. Deuteronomy 13:6-10
    Kill all the inhabitants of any city where you find people that worship differently than you. Deuteronomy 13:12-16
    Kill everyone who has religious views that are different than your own. Deuteronomy 17:2-7
    Kill anyone who refuses to listen to a priest. Deuteronomy 17:12-13
    Kill any false prophets. Deuteronomy 18:20
    Any city that doesn’t receive the followers of Jesus will be destroyed in a manner even more savage than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. Mark 6:11
    Jude reminds us that God destroys those who don’t believe in him. Jude 5

    Ignorance is bliss. Christians should not practice free inquiry nor socialize with non Christians:

    Don’t associate with non-Christians. Don’t receive them into your house or even exchange greeting with them. 2 John 1:10
    Shun those who disagree with your religious views. Romans 16:17
    Paul, knowing that their faith would crumble if subjected to free and critical inquiry, tells his followers to avoid philosophy. Colossians 2:8

    Judge other religions for not following Christ:

    Whoever denies “that Jesus is the Christ” is a liar and an anti-Christ. 1 John 2:22
    Christians are “of God;” everyone else is wicked. 1 John 5:19
    The non-Christian is “a deceiver and an anti-Christ” 2 John 1:7
    Anyone who doesn’t share Paul’s beliefs has “an evil heart.” Hebrews 3:12
    False Jews are members of “the synagogue of Satan.” Revelations 2:9, 3:9

    Here are my two personal favorites:

    Everyone will have to worship Jesus — whether they want to or not. Philippians 2:10
    A Christian can not be accused of any wrongdoing. Romans 8:33

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      Are you suggesting that the Pentateuch is a Christian book ? It isn’t. It is pre-Christian.

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    Thisn is not “Giving Sinhala Buddhism a bad name” this IS WHAT sinhala buddhism IS!!!! Cannot you dumb idiots understand this???

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    Only yesterday that I stood amazed marveling the goodness of our Srilankan culture, as a bank office handed over cash to me with his right hand with his left hand touching her elbow as a mark of respect to me. What a shame that I should see this film. Should I be ashamed of being a Srilankan I wonder now. What happened to Lord Buddha’s teachings?

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      I believe there is still lot of good in our society. Rowdy’s are few unfortunately the jobless few who would do anything just for a kick will follow the rowdy gang irrespective of the consequences.

      The issue is since there is no conviction and imprisonment of any of the culprits these activities are perceived as fun to do group activities.
      It wont be long before one of these action will inflict bodily harm or death.
      The question the majority community should ask themselves is why is it there is no retaliation ? I would say simply the Christians and Muslims are wiser.

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    In like manner to how Christianity has formed ties with communism and Islam in India, Sri Lanka’s own volatile internal situation is being used to give Christianity greater leverage over the pre-Christian Sri Lankan majority. The country’s Sinhalese-Tamil strife is exploited by local Christian Churches and international missionary organisations who have teamed up with the obvious side in attempting to bring down the majority Buddhist religion, as well as the minority Hindu. For over a decade, the extreme terrorist group of Tamil Tigers (LTTE) has been composed of a significant portion of Christians. (A former prime minister of India was assassinated by a Christian LTTE suicide agent.) Many among the Tamils sympathetic to LTTE have now become Christian as well. On the other side, the Churches are equally active in working upon the Buddhist Sinhalese. By taking advantage of the gaping divide, missionaries continue to harrass both sides. The situation is much like that in Africa, and neighbouring India.
    Who Created Religious Disharmony in Sri Lanka? –

    The disharmony began, when these Evangelical groups began to coerce Buddhists and use unethical methods to convert them;
    the disharmony began when they deceived people by promising them instant cures to illnesses by praying and when the patients died;
    the disharmony began when they began to sow the seeds of disunity in the rural villages by adopting favouritism to those who follow them as against those who don’t;
    the disharmony began when they began to insult Buddha statues by smashing them and getting “the new entrants” to their faith to spit and urinate on the smithereens; [similar to Korea and India]
    the disharmony began when they began to open Pre-schools like mushrooms all over the island in the guise of offering good English education, with a promise of entry into good schools-the objective was “child proselytisation”;
    the disharmony began when they began to teach these innocent Buddhist children of 4-5 years, that they “must not kneel in front of anyone other than God” thereby destroying the age old cultural practises of our Sinhala people who pay reverence to the Buddhist clergy, teachers, parents and elders;
    the disharmony began when they paid men to don the yellow robe and misbehave in society to create a rift between the Buddhist temples and the Buddhists by getting these “fake Buddhist monks” to go and purchase liquor from the liquor bars, to go into meat stalls and super markets and purchase meat and fish for everyone to see, to go into restaurants after 12 noon and order food and partake of it, to be seen by others etc;
    the disharmony began when they use young couples to go into village temples in the night requesting shelter from the temple monk (on the excuse that they were travelling far) and in a short while the male would leave the female alone in the temple, and go out- within minutes, the girl would ring the temple bell and inform the villagers that the monk had tried to molest her( the purpose is to bring disrepute to innocent monks);
    the disharmony began when they started to chase the monks out of their temples;
    the disharmony began when they began a scheme to send paid workers to destroy Buddhist archeological sites and rob temples;
    the disharmony began when they began to teach innocent Pre-school children not to offer flowers at the temple, because the bees and butterflies will have no food;
    the disharmony began when they teach the children that Prince Siddhartha was a bad father because he left his baby of one day and renounced the world to seek The Truth and ultimately to become Gauthama Buddha-The Enlightened One.
    Note, however, that these Buddhists and Hindus avoid scrutinising Christianity and don’t realise that the roots of the problems they face lie in this religion itself. Instead, they always contrast the horrendous Christianity they see and experience in practice, with a fictional “True Christianity” that can only be of their own imagination. They possibly got such ideas from the continous portrayal of Christianity in the media as a religion of peace and Jesus as the Prince thereof. That might explain why these gullible people remain ignorant of Christianity’s own history, the Bible’s promotion of intolerance and its sanction of extreme violence to this end.
    Though Buddhists and others will criticise the aggressively evangelical side of Christianity they see, it does not occur to them that this is True Christianity, updated for the modern era (that is, without the Inquisition, and carefully ensuring all violence used is either deniable or will not be exposed in the media).

    Concern has been voiced that Catholics planned to convert all of Sri Lanka by the year 2000. The goal was later changed to 2005 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese invasion. Rev.Sister M Immaculate in the Catholic Weekly Messenger of 18th October 1990, speaks of “spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ and the message of salvation. He brought to the world…. We [Christians] are called upon to be sacraments of salvation….. it is for us to help them to recognize Him.” Although there has always been a potential conversion threat to Buddhists Hindus and Muslims from the Catholic community since 1970s a deeper threat has emerged.

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      ” Christianity has formed ties with communism “

      This is surely utter absurdity. In Russia under Communist Judaic leadership some 65 million paid the ultimate price for merely being Christians.

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    @Burning_Issue –
    first my apologies if you felt ridiculed – my faith has and is being ridiculed on a daily basis, however I can not remember where and when it happened, I have been on comment a lot and I am sorry if I did ridicule,please do accept my apologies.

    Mean while you seem to have got me all in not-ts, I just can not seem to figure out what you are really trying to justify ,can you come a step down on your English language and simplify your comment ,apologies- mine is not as superlative as yours and by times gone by not using the language as frequently as I once use to have made my grammar and memory of my vocabulary declined ,I humbly admit this.

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    Burning_Issue – Or was the comment directed at ben Hurling? if so I got it Mixed up .. Ben Hurling?

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    Different Angle

    It seems past 36(+/-) months efforts by all the hard line yellow robed balakayas/senas/ravanas is bearing fruit. They have manged to create division among the communities the neighbors and maybe among family members too.

    The mob comes in a very orderly manner just as I see in my hometown during Singhala Buddhist festival/occasion. The saffron robed Buddhist Monk takes the lead putting to work the action plan by producing a document as green light to what they intend to do. It is a well organized activity.

    The marked difference in this action is the people from the area are engaged. It is quite obvious the law enforces are there just for name sake , in order to brush aside the blame that police did nothing.
    Remember the heavy handed approach taken in “Tumulla Junction” against peaceful candle light vigil ? There were more police than protesters!

    What is the reason this time around to arrest so many protesters the following day itself ? then again it’s a drama being played out to show the world as president pointed out in his interview with “Al Jazeera” democracy at play Sri Lankan Style. (He mentioned “a girl is raped people took law in to their hands”)

    Still assuming we can fool all the people all the time! Except in Sri Lanka most of the people are fooled most of the time closed to elections. Then they wait till the next election to be fooled again.
    And the cycle has continues. Majority of us remain fooled all the time.

    This country is being broken to pieces by this rotten, corrupt rulers. But we as citizens should also take the blame.
    You don’t have to look far just look at some of the comments here to gauge the reality !

    Best and only way to safeguard what you believe and your way of life/Religion is to practice it. All these bull work will not do an iota of good to advance Buddhism in this country or anywhere else in the world.

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    @Jim Softy – Pot calling the Kettle black, you are the biggest impersonator of all here-

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    @RajasH -I take it you are a Tamil citizen- you are now trying to behave exactly like what a bunch of murderous did to helpless innocent Tamil citizens in 83, just because a bunch of crude barbarians cl added in saffron clothing’s behavior how does it become fair to tarnish the entire lot of people & some parts of our island?

    Please be fair..

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      Hi Benyamin…
      please read my comments carefully ..I said for the safety of the tourist…

      imagine if these saffron cladded morons rape a few white women in the beaches of Hikkaduwa?

      And peace loving people like you cant afford carry on hiding under the banner “these are a bunch of crude barbarians….”

      These are well organised attacks with the support of the Regime.

      ..and waht more they will call snap elections ….the Sinhala modyas will vote for them…and the Regime will say the people support the attack on Churches amd Mosques …otherwise they would not have voted for us…and cycle will go on…

      it’s high that we stop this!

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    The issue is everyone have gone insane in this country ,none wants to practice their faith ,everyone wants to construct buildings or erect statues-I suspect the idea behind this is not spirituality by Making money ,sometime back Buddhist monks as ‘Rouges in Yellow robes’ a boarder security on Mexican boarder successfully confiscated Buddha statues filled with drugs,, and in no way they were Buddhists behind it.

    People are willing to go to any level to make money these days, we never know what will be the next trick after the Container of drugs issue .

    Statues and other staff coming into the country should be thoroughly all these checked.

    This sudden havoc ,when in reality the Island should enjoy peace and harmony after the war , smells like some group are desperately trying to destroy the image of the country and drag it down, I can not see the logic in pointing fingers towards the government as this actions are negative toward the government , why should they go out of the way tarnish their own image?

    Are the defeated tigers paying to do this? so they can divert all attentions away and regroup? anything is possible, the only group who will benefit are them , from onside by attacking the Christians they can ruin any chance of The Government mending the relationship with the west and by attacking the Muslims damage the long time bond Rajapakshe has with the Muslim world.
    good strategy .. who knows who and who is involved with the government too?

    Money can buy anything and everyone today -The bitter truth

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    2:190] You may fight in the cause of GOD against those who attack you, but do not aggress. GOD does not love the aggressors.


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    @Aubergine – Bombay Looking Calcutta going ………………………….

  • 31

    The law to register religious establishments is flawed as it is decided and approved by the Buddhist Monks themselves. Talk about un-biased decisions !!!!!
    All that the yellow mob want is power – maybe the teachings of a different buddha or that of a yaakha

    • 2

      This is called Monk Mahanama Sinhala Buddhism.

      “On the 12th of January 2014, the Assemblies of God and the Calvary church in Hikkaduwa (Galle District) came under attack by mobs while engaging in worship services, says the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri-Lanka.”

      1. The Mahanama Sinhala Buddhist Monks are distracted by the God Illusion. There is no God in the philosophy of Buddhism. So, the Mahanama Monks and the Mahayana monks invent a God and turn Buddha into a God, and make statues, some small, some very large. larger the better because Gods are supposed to be big.

      So, the Monks became the intermediaries between the Buddha God and the laity, and exerted their hegemony.

      2. Now the Christians are giving competition, on the God Illusion. They claim Jesus to be God, the Christian God illusion.

      The Monks cannot use Buddhist Philosophy to create a God. So they attack others who follow other Gods and other God Illusions.

      It is all about power, about hegemony, about perks of the monks, priests and Mullahs.

      See more abort Habaraduwa monks.

      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

      More Details:

  • 16

    Time to revive LTTE to keep these f**ktards in check!

    • 12

      yes Bring back LTTE and these monks will run a mile naked disrobing the saffron robes

    • 12

      Where were these BaluSinhayo when LTTE Prabakaran was alive?
      Now These BaluSinhayo go out of control. We need a strong Tiger or Camal to put these BaluSinhayo back in to sleep..

  • 14

    What most of us do not realize is that there is no one religion that has not evolved via politically ,socially and economically , which is not wrong but the damage of doing so by people in control without proper insight by which the end results were futile and the spirit of the message has been total lost.

    If we take a closer look at any religion you will notice that the same religion practiced else where will be more closer to the culture of the people of that land, it may even have many similarities of the peoples former beliefs , which may seem a conflict and an agitation ,but before one try to become a Crusader it is important to understand the ground situation as long as the customs , traditions which have been diluted with the faith is not totally in conflict of the message and is not causing disharmony it is best left alone , for an example as a Muslim ,I guess I can relate to this situation better if I take my own faith .
    In Sri Lanka long before we started going to the gulf countries to work , we just had two prominent schools of thought in Islam , and members of both Schools got on very well and were united with no issues at all , there were some rituals which of cause were very much close to Hindu traditions , like when it comes to Marriage ceremonies , visiting Tombs of saints, celebrating The Prophets B’day and the saints , this also kept the dignity of the teachers of the Mosques and quran schools as they did not have to go house to house begging , or get themselves involved in business to support their families , the entire year was taken care of through various religious celebrations which was a very healthy way of keeping the community together , while the politicians , businessman ,intellectuals and spiritual men too had a comfortable way to interact with the community they also had a more dignified way to benefit by always keeping the community in mind .
    As soon as the youngster started returning from the Gulf countries they want to to change the outer dimension of the practices and ways of life of the community over night to that of the host countries they were returning from ,of cause all with good intention they thought they and their forefathers were following the religion wrong and thought by introducing a full fledged Gulf arabization version of Islam outwardly is the right way forward .

    They failed to understand in every religion as much as the outer dimension of the faith is important the inner dimension is what is most important , these practices of our forefathers were done with great insight and by men of great wisdom , to make sure while the faith thrived at the same time the system will always protect the community from cultural conflict , to assume by a Muslim bride wearing a Thali ,shawadi a” Hindu symbolic chain” ,like the christian ring to display the lady is married is bida( reprehensible innovation that has crept into the faith) is utter nonsense , same with the visiting of saints tombs where the new generation has unjustly branded such Muslims as grave worshipers , what nonsense , the very ones who say this do not feel the same way when they visit The Prophet’s Tomb? or Kiss the Black stone in mecca, it is ones intention what matters , God is very clear about the Niya the Intention , by dressing up like Arabs neither makes us better Muslims or even Arabs or make us great followers of The Prophet’s traditions.
    This is very much like some Asians who are dressed to kill in western clothing groomed tip toe , but can not understand or communicate one word in the westerners language ( No offense meant)
    Thus it is more important to be able to read ,write and be able to communicate in The language of the Holy scripture you have believed in rather than trying to change the outer dimensions of the faith, most of them want to make the shafi school of thought to place their hands as the hanbali School of thought misunderstanding the concept of religious rituals have gone to such extend people have almost been doped with the insanities of wasting time on petty insignificant issues by which the basic needs that helps the community to remain united , healthy , educated , sheltered and safe is completely ignored, what a sad situation and the end result is? invited highly unwarranted suspicion and hate towards the entire community .

    No matter how hard you try to portray your version of Islam ,or any religion for that matter you will never be able to prove your version is the right one or perfect one , remember all religions have evolved some sects of every religion have some what evolved to a maturity that is in harmony with the cultures of its followers ,while others have lead to utter destruction of the Human race , most of them have even lost the ones who have been having at least the tiny thread of hope and faith by such actions.
    If people think they know better than God or the founders of all these messages they are terribly wrong.
    As God says in The Quraan if God wanted he could have made all men kind to believe like one and same, but remember God gave us the free will and to deny to excessive that free will by man would be ungodly .
    We all have our own comfort zones , we all think differently , each and everyone of us are unique , even identical twins are unique ,hence can we make all men to think a like?
    It is okay to share your belief or your way of thinking ,but to try and force it down others throat, not even down your own children,it will only result in complete rebellion .

    Live and Let live. and especial message to Muslims -remember no son will carry the burden of his father ,nor no father will carry the burden of his son on the day of Judgement ,if you believe in this verse of the Quran is from God indeed , then deliver the message what you think is right in a manner of politeness and none compulsion and you be most upright in your conduct than worry of others .
    peace be to you

    • 12

      What is necessary is to clearly understand the back-ground for the attacks launched by a particular group of Monks on other religious interests. Are their actions being supported by the important Buddhist institutions in the country? No. Are the Monks involved work according to a clear agenda and useful plan for the benefit of Buddhism? No, their utterances and actions are ad-hoc, from one issue to another. The first is forgotten for sometime with another taken-up, then that is forgotten and the first becomes the issue. They jump from Halal to Hijab, from Muslims to Christians, and they go on from one to another and here to there. So is it not clear that they represent ‘an interest’ that uses the Monks with ulterior motives. It is not the issue of the mistakes or wrong-doings of the Christians or Muslims on which some of us focus our discussions and debates. We get immersed on the issues of Religions when the true back-ground is different; that is no doubt a ‘political objective’. What is it? What or who is behind it? Let us discuss and debate the true nature of the problem that threatens the country. That would be useful.

      • 2

        GHOTA !!!!!!!!!

  • 11

    @dias inquire from any pest control specialist and he will always say by eliminating one pest another breeds more ,like when you get rid of the rats you will suddenly see hoards of cockroaches, so you need to first completely go to grassroots level, as long as you have left overs of food waste etc that attracts pests that has been once controlled by another pest which is no more because you have eliminated them , the others will start to breed, so you need to clean it from the bottom and make sure not leave any think that will encourage the breeding of such pests..

    Exterminator wanted ..Urgently. Location south Asian sub Continent -name of Country Sri Lanka

  • 0

    leave anything that will encourage the breeding of such pests..

  • 4

    Dear CT Readers,

    It is an abominable shame that the Govt and the Police do not move swiftly and firmly to end this type of thuggery and intimidation to nip it in the bud. Most perpetrators are easily identifiable and should be dealt with in the harshest terms, swiftly.

    It is also advisable to look at the reasons that bring about such behaviour and remove the causes ASAP. The following article by a German should shed some light on the issue

    The Next Tsunami Coming to Sri Lanka is a Religious One

    Christian Eckert, Hamburg
    22nd, May 2005
    The Lanka Academic

    While traveling through Serendib, the island that was once quite rightly compared with paradise on earth, the now Tsunami shattered Sri Lanka is crossing a great gap of grief.

    Few Weeks ago my colleague Laith Ganhewa and myself were almost equally shattered, towards the end of our three week trip to Sri Lanka, as we came upon the more or less disguised, in parts also massive and direct attempts of Christian fundamentalist groups in converting mostly native Srilankan Buddhists and Hindu tsunami victims they claimed to rush to selfless aid into reborn Christians.

    I have been coming to Sri Lanka regularly for the past 25 years. My respect for the culture of this nation is great, as I have always felt greatly welcomed by its friendly people. I found it easy to move around with Sri Lankans of different ethnic groups and beliefs, as I in return easily accepted the “Sri Lankan way of doing things”.

    Through the years I visited, it was always my observation that although there were different religious groups, they all lived in harmony.

    But this time it was totally different story.

    I felt sorry, angry and helpless when I got to know about this. What more has this country got to go through?

    I was a Tsunami victim in Sri Lanka caught up at the Light House in Galle on the 26th of December. I witnessed agony, pain, the sheer tragedy of the Sri Lankans who were victims of the Great Wave with my very own eyes. But what touched my heart most was, with all their personal tragedies, they still reached out to help me, a disorientated, ragged and ripped, half naked foreigner. Something I’ll never forget. This is the true kind of hospitality that makes Sri Lankan culture so very unique to the world.

    After walking for four days from Galle to Colombo, I landed at the German Embassy. Hats off for the German Embassy staff ! They did everything humanly possible to get us Germans back home as soon as they could manage. Returning back to Germany, I was determined to return to Sri Lanka to help – as soon as possible. To give help to the country that helped me in the hour of my need. It was in this context of Tsunami Aid for Sri Lanka in Germany, that I bounced in to a small man, yes, disabled, but active like a red ant-his name: Lalith Ganhewa.

    Lalith, is a Sri Lankan born journalist, living and working in Germany for the past 30 years as a producer, broadcaster and as a journalist. He is soft-spoken, but clear and straight – the voice of Sri Lanka; sometimes getting very critical and loud when he goes on air lending his voice to the listeners of the Germany public broadcasting station Radio Multikulti.

    Together with another Tsunami victim who was in Sri Lanka at that time, and few others we formed a foundation to help Sri Lanka.

    Due to the partly chaotic situation, the difficulty of getting objective and question less information from the affected areas, Lalith and I decided to go ourselves – to check who is who and who needs to be helped.

    It was during these travels around the island – all in all 3480 kilometers in 20 days, checking into 18 different projects, collecting first hand information on sight, of Help Projects 100% managed by natives; from childcare to environmental projects; from Tsunami camps in the south to the camps in the North East. We more or less stumbled upon these above-mentioned accusations.

    It was our driver, B. who asked us, whether we would know of a NGO group named “Scientology”.

    We both looked at each other, surprised. We knew: there are some famous Hollywood movie stars who follow this strictly money-orientated “belief”. We also knew that for instance that Scientology is banned in Germany as a sect. By German law they cannot have Bank accounts, rent houses, or engage in public work. German companies can sack employers if they are found to be Scientologists. The German Central Intelligence Service is allowed by Law to monitor and screen each and every activity of Scientologists on German soil. And some say, they do it elsewhere, too…. So we know: Scientology means trouble.

    And our driver, B., says “There are these guys and girls, the later even dressed in yellow Saris, all of them Americans, well dressed, who came into my village and asked for Tsunami-Widows… To re-marry them. And many were happy so they may leave to USA for a better life”.

    Of course, I asked myself -but why a poor widow?

    It was Lalith, who saw through their hidden intention. He explained to me; by marrying a Sri Lankan widow, they are eligible to stay in Sri Lanka with a resident visa. This gives them the legal freedom to build up their sinister operations from a private house, with out getting exposed to the public.

    Similar things happened, when Scientology stepped in to Germany. Marriage brought them German citizenship. They cannot be expelled easily. The German Govt.. had a tough time with them fighting legal battles to finally ban them.

    We thought it strange and just one more of the obnoxious schemes we ran across on the search for the “clean” projects we want to help. That is a totally different story, though.

    We later met Mr. D.S. a well-known businessman in the south, his reputation flawless. He has been helping his people, effective and fast. And he too, told us about this temporary housing area, where the Baptist Church of Omaha is ruling a strange region. He took us to a Tsunami Camp where we met a young woman, who had lost her beloved sewing machine in the tsunami. For her it was the income source for her family. The young woman was approached by members of this obscure church. She was told to attend services and masses for one week and pray to the Lord to give her a sewing machine.

    A week later, after she had attended the services, she got a brand new sewing machine, worth 25,000Rs (US$250).She was told, that other needy things, too, could appear in that way, if she would keep up attending the Christian masses and bible reading hours. This reminds one of the Steven King Bestseller “Needful things – in a small town”, doesn’t it? And: it’s a deeply immoral way, of gathering “sheep” for the Christian Church.

    D.S. sent us to a Buddhist Monk, living in Galle. He had more stories about these un-ethical conversions. We paid him a visit in the Buddhist Temple. He showed us pamphlets, by the Christian group “The sword of the lord”, from Tennessee USA printed in Singhalese and Tamil and English.

    The pamphlet claimed that the people would be better off, if they would give up Buddha, who is constantly alliterated as a reincarnation of the Satan himself. He collected the leaflets from four different Tsunami camps he used to visit to bless the Buddhist Tsunami victims in these camps by chanting Pirith the traditional religious chanting performed in Buddhist homes and religious functions.

    The monk said the Christian group who was in charge of these camps to do “humanitarian work” complained to the police about his presence and the way he publicly defended Buddha in his preaching in the Camps. – the Sri Lankan Police in return warned him and now he is no longer allowed to visit those camps due to an order. Strange world, isn’t it?.

    It seemed to me that Sri Lankan Human Rights organizations and foreign Conflict Management Organization who cry loud in regular intervals of human rights violations and fundamental right abuses seems to be deaf, dumb, dead silent — and most certainly – absolutely inactive on this issue.

    On the way back, we noticed some posters – in Singhalese – pasted everywhere in between Hikkaduwa and Galle: “Stop the religious Tsunami” they read. Underneath, we found smaller posters of the Scientologists inviting to “readings” in certain private houses in Galle.

    In another camp, a man in his 30s, with two kids told us, that a foreign aid group was registering “T-victims” for new houses. When the man wanted to register for a house, they told him to bring proof that he was from the area — and a victim. They told him the easiest and the quickest way would be to get an affidavit from a native Christian father. When the man went there, the Christian priest told him point blank that he does not know him at all, but if he could come to church everyday at least for the next two months or so, then he would be willing to issue a letter. The man gave a second thought and stayed in the camp with his two children.

    We also had a chance to talk to a man from Mirissa directly under pressure from Christian fundamentalists. Mr. CT lost his wife in the Tsunami. He has a child of five years. Christian groups visited the camp he stayed in and distributed gift packages along with a native Christian priest several times.

    Later he was asked to visit the house of the native Christian priest where prayer meetings and Bible readings were held. To each meeting there have been about eight families, he says. At the end of these meetings one was given money and gifts. CT took the gifts and the money as he needed them. Later CT came to know to that the Christian Priest who’s in charge for the “sheep”-gathering was a former Buddhist monk. Let’s call him “Sunil”.

    Sunil has been successful converting 32 families from Mirissa who followed the call of the Christian’s god. Whose followers find it necessary to trick people into their belief. According to CT- in charge for this gift packages is the Ingo World Vision, a well acclaimed NGO in the western world’s consciousness.

    CT confessed to us that his inner concieous did not allow him to attend the prayer meetings further and when he stopped going to Sunil’s house, first his followers nagged him to attend the meetings and later put pressure on him demanding to return all gifts and money given to him. Now CT stays in a Buddhist Temple far away from Mirissa, because he couldn’t cope the pressure by Christian fundamentalists, who threatened to beat him and his child.

    Even in the North East , behind Tiger lines, I saw a number of a abandoned Hindu temples – and very large gatherings of open air Christian masses.

    Later that trip, back in Colombo, we were invited to a meeting to tell our experiences to the Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief of the UN Commission on Human Rights. Mrs. Asma Jahangir, was at that time on an invitation by the Government of Sri Lanka.

    Lalith and I told what we saw in front of the committee and what we had spoken about with our witnesses. We refused to give the identity of our informants, as I will not do so in this article. Simply for the reason, that we are not convinced that the “state” of Sri Lanka ever was – nor still is – capable of protecting a witnesses; or even had measures to protect people, when this would be needed. Badly.

    The Special rapporteuir thanked us for our efforts – and for our report.

    And when Mrs. Asma Jahangir left the isle after traveling around for a week, she acclaimed (in short):” Don’t you worry ´bout a thing, the people stick to their belief – if they really believe; and after all, they’re helping, bringing money into the country.”

    She may even be right, you know. Yes it’s true, strong Buddhists will not desert their belief – ever. But Mrs. Jahangir forgets that not all people in Sri Lanka are as strong as she may think these days.

    In fact most people we met, were the affected ones, full of worries, badly in need of help in every way, mentally down and out. And that’s exactly where those missionary converters grab their catch – and obviously succeed. And it’s not fair to think of these people, them being victims – again, as weak believers.

    The temptations put in front of them, they’re just too big, larger than the life they have to lead – against the background of the utter catastrophe and social as well as moral destruction that has been brought unto this land by the Tsunami.

    I was surprised about the comment of Mrs. Jahangir I later read in a newspaper, I think it was “The Island”. Being a UNHR rapporteuir, she seems to have totally over looked the states of the victims and the environment in which such conversations are taking place in. Further I wonder how she managed to come to such a conclusion in such a short visit, when it took us so long to gather first hand information. In Most cases witnesses told us of their experiences but were afraid to speak about these experiences on camera.

    It should be mentioned that if the UN Commission was serious to find out facts, in my opinion they should have first appointed an independent secretive commission to probe whether unethical conversions take place in Sri Lanka rather than sending Mrs. Jahangir first, like the Santa Claus dashing through the snow riding the snow sledge ringing jingle bells.

    On the other hand it is high time the leading Buddhist monasteries and organizations leave aside their often narrow minded differences and Ego trips to join forces in the one unifying task: to protect Buddhism. Not with aggressive or violent acts but in deeds in harmony. Showing why Buddhist have no reason at all to desert their belief. It is also high time the Buddhist monks stepped out of their comfortable temple homes and visit the poor villagers in their dwellings and not wait until they come to the temple. It is high time that the often-rich Buddhist monasteries spend their wealth to uplift the living standards of the very poor. In order to succeed, the rich Buddhists must quickly close this poverty vacuum of the poor Buddhists, which has become the play- and breeding ground of fundamental Christian groups; and as we must remember, they’re only visiting Sri Lanka.

    If not, if they stay and keep on doing what they’re doing, I predict that in a few years the Buddhism will only exist in form of a weak minority in Sri Lanka. The same applies to the Hindus of Sri Lanka. And sooner or later, the Muslims. An exaggeration? Well, now Christian South Korea used to be a Buddhist country, too – only three generations ago…

    I find the religious conversion acts performed by the fundamental Christian groups in Sri Lanka are most disgusting, humiliating and disrespectful to humanity, to Sri Lankans and their heritage. I am sure neither the Christian’s Godfather, the Son, nor the Holy Ghost nor Jesus nor the Pope would have nor will approve of such unmoral acts.

    Since I’m back, I keep asking myself: isn’t Sri Lanka strong enough anymore, to get rid of these so-called aid groups who have a different agenda on the back of their minds ?

    Sri Lanka is a nation with a written history of 2500 years. Its rich culture is built on the Buddhist philosophy. This Buddhist culture is the backbone of Sri Lanka. Every Sri Lankan living in Sri Lanka should realize, that letting someone foreign destroy its native Buddhism means destruction to Sri Lanka itself.


    Conversion: Christianity’s convoluted case
    By Sandhya Jain

    When not at the receiving end, however, Christian missionaries sing a different tune. In Sri Lanka, US-backed evangelicals have succeeded in getting the United Nations to intervene in the matter of the island’s proposed anti-conversion Bill, mooted by the Buddhist Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) party and the Minister of Buddhist Affairs. The Bill is a sequel to the offence caused by foreign missionaries to the native communities in the wake of the tsunami.

    Evangelists, however, managed to get UN special envoy, Asma Jehangir of Pakistan, who represents the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR), to visit Sri Lanka and assess the status of freedom of religion there. Although the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR) defines ‘Freedom of Religion’ as the ‘freedom to pray and practice’, missionaries always stretch this to mean ‘freedom to convert’. They are now working overtime to dub the anti-conversion legislation as a violation of human rights. It remains to be seen how the Sri Lanka government tackles this menace.

    It is high time the Church acknowledged that its conversion activities are perceived as an act of cultural aggression and cause deep resentment among target communities. Only last week, residents of Mangal-warapete village near Mysore, Karnataka, were rattled at Church authorities preaching hatred against Hindus as worshippers of Satan. Provoked by the pastor of the Harvest India Church, established by American missionaries, the entire village revolted and ransacked the Church.

    Is Unethical Proselytization and Evengelism triggering Religious Hatred?

    Read the articles
    “Save Andhra Pradesh! Canadian missionary on mass conversion spree”
    “Missionaries cashing on Tsunami tragedy”
    at the same site.

    • 5

      Scientology is a sect ….not a religion. In the west Christians are forced to convert to scientology. Many Hollywood actors were attracted to scientology, the famous one being Tom Cruise. Hollywood actors trying to get out of Scintology, are intimidated with violence, some ending up in divorce, some losing thier children.

      The evils of Scintology is not confined to Sri Lanka.

      • 0

        Dear RajasH,

        Mr Christian Eckert is writing about Unethical Proselytization and Evangelism.

        Quote “towards the end of our three week trip to Sri Lanka, as we came upon the more or less disguised, in parts also massive and direct attempts of Christian fundamentalist groups in converting mostly native Srilankan Buddhists and Hindu tsunami victims they claimed to rush to selfless aid into reborn Christians. Unquote. Scientology is just one example.

        Here is another
        We later met Mr. D.S. a well-known businessman in the south, his reputation flawless. He has been helping his people, effective and fast. And he too, told us about this temporary housing area, where the Baptist Church of Omaha is ruling a strange region. He took us to a Tsunami Camp where we met a young woman, who had lost her beloved sewing machine in the tsunami. For her it was the income source for her family. The young woman was approached by members of this obscure church. She was told to attend services and masses for one week and pray to the Lord to give her a sewing machine.

        Here is another
        D.S. sent us to a Buddhist Monk, living in Galle. He had more stories about these un-ethical conversions. We paid him a visit in the Buddhist Temple. He showed us pamphlets, by the Christian group “The sword of the lord”, from Tennessee USA printed in Singhalese and Tamil and English. The pamphlet claimed that the people would be better off, if they would give up Buddha, who is constantly alliterated as a reincarnation of the Satan himself. He collected the leaflets from four different Tsunami camps.

        About Scientology
        Scientology is legally recognized as a tax-exempt religion in the United States (wiki)

        One purpose of Scientology, as stated by the Church of Scientology, is to become certain of one’s spiritual existence and one’s relationship to God, or the “Supreme Being. (wiki)

        Is Unethical Proselytization and Evangelism triggering Religious Hatred?

        Kind Regards,

        • 4

          scientology is a fraud.
          people in it want to get out..but cant..as they are threaten with death, thier children are taken away..
          and people

          • 6

            why don you write an article about Scintology and post it in CT we can then discuss.

            You are hijacking the issue here

            • 0

              Dear Rajash,

              I haven’t hijacked anything as I have denounced in no uncertain terms the Criminal behaviour seen in that video.

              However I may have pulled the rug from under the Proselytizers, Evangelists and separatists who are using that video to slander Buddhism and the Sinhalese.

              The German Tourists Mr. Christian Eckert’s focus is on Unethical Conversions triggering a reaction the equivalent of a Tsunami. The video is just a prelude to that Tsunami unless all of us take action to remove the cause.

              Kind Regards,

    • 12

      I’m against unethical conversions of all kinds be they be Religious or Political.
      Religious beliefs is a personal choice. It’s the choice of the individual if he or she wishes to be converted and follow the religious beliefs.
      I read a recent report that more Buddhist are converting to Christianity largely due to the behavior of the Buddhist monks in local temples.

      I also believe that most sri lankan individuals who convert are following are erst while politicians in unethical conversions of the Political kind.
      A True Buddhist will remain a Buddhist.
      A True Christian will remain a Christian.

      A couple more years of BBS antics the Churches will be bursting in the pews.

      • 0

        Dear Chandra,

        You say “I’m against unethical conversions of all kinds be they be Religious or Political”

        Don’t stray away from the question. This is about Religion not Politics.

        “Religious beliefs is a personal choice. It’s the choice of the individual if he or she wishes to be converted and follow the religious beliefs.”

        I agree with you a 100%.

        But you have lost sight of the Facts this German Tourist is disclosing. The issue is UNETHICAL conversions not Ethical conversions.

        You say “I read a recent report that more Buddhist are converting to Christianity largely due to the behavior of the Buddhist monks in local temples”

        Rather than believing all that you read shouldn’t you question it intelligently?

        Have you seen the film “Rabbit Proof Fence” or read the book the book Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington Garimara ?
        Have you read about what the Christian Missionaries did to First Nation Children in Canada?
        Are you aware of what happened in Orphanages and Church run Schools in England?

        Here is a sample

        “A number of monks and teachers at Ealing Abbey and neighbouring St Benedict’s independent school in west London have been linked to alleged abuse from as far back as the 1960s right up until 2009”.

        Quote The former pupil – who cannot be named for legal reasons – claimed that he was regularly sexually abused by the former headmaster of the junior school, Father David Pearce. The abuse took place over a twelve year period in the 1980’s and 1990’s and started when as a boy he was just 10 years old. His claims were validated at Isleworth Crown Court in July 2009 when Pearce was convicted of 5 counts of indecent assault against him, as well as offences against other boys who attended the school, and sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment. Father Pearce was known to pupils at the fee-paying, all-boys school as “Gay Dave” and he had a reputation among the students for favouritism and inappropriate sexual behaviour. He is due to be released from prison in April this year. unquote

        After the revelations about Fr Pearce came to light, allegations of abuse were made against other former priests and teachers at St Benedict’s and other schools over the decades as further victims came forward, prompting police to begin a fresh inquiry.

        Victims have said offenders were allowed to leave the school without a warning issued to future employers, leaving them free to go on and abuse pupils at other independent schools, The Times reported.

        Now let’s have a look at the Vatican itself

        Vatican Facing UN Showdown on Sex Abuse Record
        Vatican city January 15, 2014 by Nicole Winfield and John Heilprin Associated Press

        The Vatican is gearing up for a bruising showdown over the global priest sex abuse scandal, forced to defend itself publicly for the first time against allegations it enabled the rape of thousands of children by protecting pedophile priests and its own reputation at the expense of victims.

        The Holy See on Thursday will be grilled by a U.N. committee in Geneva on its implementation of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, which among other things calls for signatories to take all appropriate measures to protect children from harm and to put children’s interests above all else. The Holy See ratified the convention in 1990 and submitted a first implementation report in 1994. But it didn’t provide progress reports for nearly a decade, and only submitted one in 2012 after coming under criticism following the 2010 explosion of child sex abuse cases in Europe and beyond. Victims groups and human rights organizations rallied together to press the U.N. committee to challenge the Holy See on its abuse record, providing written testimony from victims and evidence outlining the global scale of the problem. Their reports cite case studies in Mexico and Britain, grand jury investigations in the U.S., and government fact-finding inquiries from Canada to Ireland to Australia that detail how Vatican policies, its culture of secrecy and fear of scandal contributed to the problem.

        Their submissions reference Vatican documentation that show its officials knew about a notorious Mexican molester decades before taking action, correspondence from a Vatican cardinal praising a French bishop’s decision to protect his abusive priest, and even quotes from the former Vatican No. 2 saying bishops shouldn’t be expected to turn their priests into police.

        “For too many years, survivors were the only ones speaking out about this and bearing the brunt of a lot of criticism,” said Pam Spees, a human rights attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights, which provided a key report to the committee. “And so this is a very important moment for many, many people who are here in Geneva and around the world who will be watching as the Holy See is called for the first time ever to actually answer questions.”

        Indeed, to date the Holy See has never had to defend its record in public or in court since it has successfully argued that it is immune from lawsuits as a sovereign state and that, regardless, bishops were responsible for pedophile priests in their care, not the pope or his policies. Even efforts to have the Vatican investigated for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court withered. But the Vatican was compelled to submit to the U.N. rights scrutiny as a signatory of the convention, and officials have privately said they are hoping at best to do damage control at Thursday’s session.

        Abuse that was covered up by the Church for centuries!

        Has any of these driven the Christians of all hues away from Christianity and towards Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism?

        You say “I also believe that most sri lankan individuals who convert are following are erst while politicians in unethical conversions of the Political kind”

        Please do not conflate issues. This is about Religion let’s keep to that.

        You say “A True Buddhist will remain a Buddhist. A True Christian will remain a Christian”

        But are all Christians TRUE Christians? Are all Mohamedans True to Islam? Are all Buddhists True Buddhists? What % of TRUE adherents can be realistically expected? 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%? Is it not foolish to expect such an Utopia? Can you expect even 30% True adherents? It does not exists anywhere on Earth does it?

        In 1993 Unethical Proselytization and Evangelism was identified as causing religious hatred by Christian and Buddhists leaders.

        Venerable Madihe Pagngnaseeha Mahanayaka Thero, Head of the Amarapura sect, headed the Buddhist delegation. Auxiliary Bishop Oswald Gomis, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops´ Conference of Sri Lanka, and Anglican Bishop Kenneth Fernando of Colombo, Head of the National Christian Council, were the main representatives of the Christian Churches. The three religious leaders signed a document unanimously approved by the group condemning and calling for a halt to “the present campaign for unethical conversions being carried out in the country.”
        “As much as the Buddhists are against the activities of these so-called Christian groups,” the statement says, “the Catholics and Christians of the established Churches here present also express their disapproval and disassociate themselves from these activities.”
        “We feel that it is imperative to have a powerful organization of the leaders of all the traditional religious bodies in Sri Lanka to monitor activities of this nature that impair religious harmony and goodwill ” the statement said.

        You say “couple more years of BBS antics the Churches will be bursting in the pews.”

        They would be literally bursting not in the pews but probably at the seams.

        This German Tourist has traveled extensively covering 3480 kilometers in 20 days, checking into 18 different projects, collecting first hand information and has written what he has observed in an Essay titled The Next Tsunami Coming to Sri Lanka is a Religious One. This was nearly 10 years ago and today we reap the results of unabated Unethical Proselytization and Evangelism. What is strange is the Myopic defence of this unethical and immoral action that a visitor to Lanka identified as escalating into a conflagration of Tsunamic proportions.

        Instead of attacking the symptom should we not remove the cause?

        Kind Regards,

      • 1


    • 3

      Scientology is a sekt and that is known to almost everyone in Europe. Hollywood actor Tom cruz publicly promotes scientology. The powerful sect is also within the US.

      Where poverty is there, it is easy – any kind of abuses can occur easily. All what the german national has been explaining is common to any other like minded countries too.

      Anyway the problems related to such sects are unequivocally an another threat, but a different matter from what we sri lankans face in the country today.

      That has nothing to with crimes of sanga that seen on increase rapidly these days. None of sect related issues or others should be excuses to any pseudo Buddhist monks to go on amok harming the fellow christian or Muslim citizens in this country. I am a buddhist and would never want to help any violent segments like BBS or the like that have been on a mission of destroying lanken buddhism to this date.

      I ll bet the mentioned German national should already have noticed it, that people in lanka today are much more abusive, lost all human kind of values than two decades ago in the country. I know some Germans have shared me how they were brutally attacked by so called buddhist lankens, some germans stay longer to get devorced from lanken forged wives, that they claimed, be caught by wrong ones. These women proved to have their own lovers though being ready to get married to Germans in order to abuse them. I have even met Germans that have got married to lanken women, were later assulated by lanken parties. For no reasons some stay longer than to get devorced from their wives. Some have even spent (8 lacks of rupees, but still waiting for devorce)GIVING to lawyers -, those lawyers continously black mail such germans or foreigners in general- though the latter examples are said to be single issues, it is important those foreigners be treated fairly. It is very important that tourist board should react strictly with such issues if their aim to promote tourism to the country. There should be special authority to work on these anomalies.

      • 0

        Dear Dan,

        In 1993 Unethical Proselytization and Evangelism was identified as causing religious hatred by the Catholic Bishops´ Conference of Sri Lanka, National Christian Council and the Amarapura Buddhist Sect. That was long before Mr. Christian Eckert wrote his essay in 2005 (12 years earlier).

        Mr Eckert has identified the “Baptist Church” of Omaha, USA, “The sword of the lord”, from Tennessee USA and World Vision as being involved in unethical practices.

        The Sword of the Lord has printed and distributed pamphlets that claimed the people would be better off, if they would give up Buddha, who is constantly alliterated as a reincarnation of the Satan himself.

        “World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization” is how they describe themselves. They say “We work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender” According to wiki their Revenue in 2011 was US$2.79 billion.

        This is what the German Tourist Mr. Christian Eckert wrote in 2005.

        “a foreign aid group was registering “T-victims” for new houses. When the man wanted to register for a house, they told him to bring proof that he was from the area — and a victim. They told him the easiest and the quickest way would be to get an affidavit from a native Christian father. When the man went there, the Christian priest told him point blank that he does not know him at all, but if he could come to church everyday at least for the next two months or so, then he would be willing to issue a letter

        And All that poppycock about serving all people, regardless of religion on their website!

        You said “Scientology is a sekt and that is known to almost everyone in Europe. Hollywood actor Tom cruz publicly promotes scientology. The powerful sect is also within the US”

        It is strange that you are focusing on just “Scientology” while ignoring all the above. Hence your proclamation that you are a Buddhist rings hollow.

        Strangely, those who try to dissociate themselves from this God Religion called Scientology (in USA it is tax free and is a recognised religion) has not raised their voice against it.

        It is very easy for Fundamentalist who believe that their Religion is under attack from God’s disciples to lump all of them together as the attackers.

        It is of no use attempting to eliminate the symptom unless the cause is eliminated too.

        Kind Regards,

    • 1

      Dear OTC,

      Most converts to a new belief had incentives of one kind or other to do so, throughout history. In most instances the incentive was to avoid the sword, the gun and persecution. In other instances it was economic incentives. I have seen the phenomenon unfold as quoted by you. It is happening now on a large scale in the north and east, because there are many in need both materially and spiritually, whose needs are not catered to by the existing institutions.

      However, the solution or alternative is not to take to the type of violence displayed in Hikkaduwa. The solution is for the established institutions and society at large to come forward to fill a gaping void in many peoples lives. What was displayed was what will alienate many from the Buddhist establishment in this country, eventually. It is perverse and represents everything Budhism and Buddhist monks are supposed to be?

      I remember a conversation with my late father, who was bitterly complaining about the conversions being made by Mother Therasa’s nuns. I told him that if the Hindus were looking after the needs of their forsaken, there will be no takers for her acts of kindness that led to conversions. When there is a vacuum air will rush in, however putrid it may appear to be, to those who are not in the same circumstances.

      Buddhism established roots in India, because Brahminical rituals and beliefs were strangling the very essence of Hinduism. The weak in society were oppressed and discarded by society. Buddhism, Hinduism and the established Christian churches have and are failing to meet the spiritual needs and other wants of their respective followers in a Sri Lanka that us both in economic, social and moral crisis. The new churches with money to spare are filling in the void.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • 0

        Correction: — are supposed not to be.


      • 0

        Dr RN,

        Not just in the N&E of Sri Lanka, the Tamils in the West are also converting to Christianity in numbers! The needs of the people within N&E are for more acute in the nature of post war trauma and extreme emotional void. This type of condition is conducive for Christian evangelistic activities. By contrast in a country like UK, it is very difficult to explain; only explanation I have is that, the Tamils have historically always been living within tight nit community environments. Such environments are find wanting in the west for those who lack in confidence and suffer from various forms of vulnerability; such people are easy target for evangelists. The evangelists offer a sense of community environment; the paster, father or rector act as counsellors as well. It is very difficult to counter this and at the some time respecting religious freedom.

        I am in complete agreement with you; both Hinduism and Buddhism withstood avalanche of such evangelical activities with state patronage during the colonial period by getting organised on several fronts. Both Buddhism and Hinduism must strengthen their religious institutions and spread the message and listen to peoples’ concerns; this is the only way. I am an atheist by the way!

      • 0

        Dear Dr Rajasingham Narendran,

        Wish you a prosperous and peaceful 2014. Glad to have a rational mind expressing an opinion for a change.

        The Jaffna Tamil Hindu’s were butchered and massacred by the Portuguese and forced to convert. A Baptismal certificate was Mandatory in order to get an education during British times. Still Hinduism survived in Jaffna. There is no need to analyse how it did.

        I am not concerned with the survival of Buddhism, it will survive the way Hinduism survived in the North. I am concerned with preserving a hard earned peace that we cannot afford to lose.

        I see two aspects to this unfortunate situation. There is the Effect and there is the Cause. The Criminal acts you see is the effect and it should be suppressed and the Criminals brought to book and given the harshest of punishments as swiftly as possible. Talduwe Somarama did not escape the gallows just because he wore a saffron robe. The Kelaniaya High Priest Mapitigama Buddharakkitha did not escape rigorous imprisonment just because he was the high priest of one of the Most venerated Buddhist shrines of Lanka.

        But what is the cause? Symptomatic treatment does not eradicate the problem. The cause must be identified and eradicated. The German Tourist Mr. Christian Eckert, had the foresight to see this situation developing 9 years ago. He was no soothsayer but assessed the situation from his own observations.

        Head of the Buddhist Amarapura sect Ven Madihe Pagngnaseeha, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops´ Conference Auxiliary Bishop Oswald Gomis, and Head of the National Christian Council, Anglican Bishop Kenneth Fernando identified and underscored the cause in 1993, 21 years ago.

        We have four great world religions that over time, learned to respect each others space and cohabited side by side, in peace for centuries. Something has disturbed that peace and threatens a conflagration so great that a complete outsider, a foreigner, observes, a “Religious Tsunami” is on it’s way. Are we to stand by and watch that Tsunami engulf this Nation?

        Just have a look at the comments on this thread. Some of them are conversion zealots trying to hide behind pseudo indignation. Some others are having a go at the largest section of Sinhalese as that fits their agenda. Do you believe any of these comments will build public opinion to stop the impending Religious Tsunami? Most of them fan the fire.

        The reality is that there are 15 million Buddhists in this country. A majority of that do not have a deep understanding of Buddhist Philosophy. Amongst them are fanatics who consider the use of Unethical methods a direct attack on their religion. Even if those fanatics are just 2%, we have 300,000 capable of mayhem. What you see in this video is a very small section of those fanatics in action. We don’t want that minute section of fanatics growing exponentially. The potential for that is ever present. We have experienced ONE religious riot in 1915. Stones thrown at the Kandy Esala pageant set this country on fire. We are approaching the centenary of that conflagration. Do we want it repeated? I certainly do not want that and I am certain that you do not want it either.

        What do you suggest?

        • 0

          Dear Burning Issue and OTC,

          Thanks. Happy New Year to you and other contributors to CT.

          The only solution lies in a very uphill( almost impossible!)task of restoring the rule of law in this country and through law restoring order. This in then requires good governance. Good governance requires a change in the existing political culture and quality of players. This would require major changes to our ‘Cursed’ constitution. A tall order! Where do we begin and how will we do it? We are in a very unenviable trap with no exits discernible!

          Everything that ails this country is rooted in the political quagmire we are trapped in. It is sucking us deeper by the day.

          Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

          • 0


            Ultimately, we the citizens- all of us- have to take the blame. We are unable to collectively visualize the country we want Sri Lanka to be. We do not know where we want to be.

            Even if we do, we will not know how to give it form. Our politicians have learned the art of playing us like a broken violin and we have been trained to accept the discordant noise as music. This is what the post-independence h9istory of this country, to which I have been a witness, has taught me.


    • 4

      Though i’am a hindu i would say that the most decent people i have come across in srilanka in my life time was the christians.Some of the behaviour of the bhuddhists and hindus make me puke.Very rarely i have come across christians behaving like that.Even the catholics are quite decent.Good on the people who try to convert the savages into civilised people.If the whole country was christianised it would have been a much better place than the cess pit it has become.

  • 7

    Licensed criminals in yellow robes.

    • 1

      When looking at the manner that rulers deadly silence after each of the brutal incident, I also feel that they should be hired by them. But again, going through the manner all other pissu ballos – BBS men drop down, I feel, may be, Rajaspkehs just ignore entire issue for their greediness to be in power.

      As any sane person would feel, immediately after any kind of harm done to the folks, we should see things happneing with the justice system. But justice, defence and other ministries to just stay deaf without even coming with statements – pathetic.

      Keeping the religions aside, those who have been attacked were srilanken citizens. They are all subjected to equal rights. Those who wait to call for war crimes will say- if they treat sinahelse folks in this way, how would they have been towards the tamil folks in the war end phases ?

  • 4

    Why is the government allowing these M…..R f…..S WITHOUT ARESSTING THEM.

  • 4

    There is dirt on the hands of most people,I must say ,,,

    Let the few clean ones come together for once think of this country recognize the right of every citizen to live by a life that is each ones birth right ,Buddhist ,Christian,Hindu ,Muslim or atheist.

    If this continued racial and religious hatred continues we may soon see a Sri Lankan Myanmar , which will be worse than LTTE issue, I personally suspect That Myanmar has a bad influence over Sri Lanka as since of late there seems to be to much of interaction and bad influence encouraging a violent version of Buddhism ,just as same as the Al-Qaeda ,Taliban and Deobandism influence over the Local Muslim Populace and the “Angry” Avenging evangelism of the Christian sect , working hard to replace the peaceful Catholics, Anglicans & Methodists who have been living minding their own sheep.If we continue to bury our heads in the sand and believe everything is going to go away and things are going to get better we are damn wrong , somebody out there don’t want to see this country turn around and they are doing a great job in trying to achieve it, there is hardly anything the Minorities can do honestly at this junction , people forget fast , It is the Majority of this country who is eternally indebted to The President and his family , he has given you
    so much and it is up to you to stand up and end the constant attacks on the Sinhalese Christians otherwise you will end up one day with a situation similar to the fight of Karen state in Myanmar and then anything can happen we may even end up with a real harsh Junta regime with a huge almost nearing half million troops idling and frustrated and been accused of war crimes just anything could happen, pointing fingers at The President is of no use he has done his Job, you wanted the LTTE menace wiped out, he has done it, he has successfully cleaned up the Colombo shanties and the road is crystal clear now to make Colombo a City once occupied by minorities to be handed over to you and that too with modern amenities and housing which even Late. President Premadasa failed though he tried so hard , then most of the promising jobs especially the tourism is almost open doors to you ,same with universities , medical faculty and the Law faculty , government jobs, so what is that you guys really want ,I do not understand how you could let a bunch of crude men tarnish the image of The Noble Buddha ,his teaching and the country and his followers and go to sleep as if nothing has ever happened , you must understand that the President’s hands are tied ,he can not risk and meddle with the clergy ,it is the people along with the clergy who are not bias and sincerely following the creed who need to take steps to end this, if you have done the same during the 83 riots we would be on top list in the world today , but all of us have blood stains of 83 on our hands is the truth , we did nothing to stop, we the people could have easily done it,let us let go the past.

    But here you see another ugly head rising and you are seated doing nothing about it.

    If anything goes wrong this time even one drop of blood in the name of race or religion is spilt you have no excuse ,or lies to fabricate and it is you the majority people of this country who has the responsibility to protect the minority will have to take responsibility, unlike Myanmar ,you are not a backward uneducated lot, you are much advanced and educated in everything today with a ability to think and act,,, if you do not,although I see sri Lankan President making extremely good progress to the country having the majority’s concerns as his first priorities (which any leader of any country would do the same)it is very much what Dr.Mahathir did for Malaysia for the Malays , but what happened the Malays after giving them so much they let it run like rain water into the drains ,which ended Dr.Mahathis’s long reign of his blood and sweat to build his nation and people, by defeating the communist terrorist, building a fantastic economy and a great infrastructure to step down with tears with the words the Malay dilemma, they are still where he left them today , but with Najib grasping the hands of his neighbors there is hope as long as the majority backs him and makes sure racism does not lifts its head .

    You need to stop this whole crap of Muslims taking over this country or Christians if you keep believing this , unconsciously you are admitting that all of you are a bunch of dumb heads who can not think for yourselves.

    Please for the sake of humanity stop this nonsense ,Muslims are producing more children, Muslims are marrying off your women practicing polygamy, Muslims and Christians are using money to convert, what is the matter with you guys ..? where is the proof that Muslims are producing more kids , show us the censors or come lets get together and do it ourselves to see how far it is true.

    Look if you damn care so much to protect your people do not make the minority scapegoats.

    why don’t you start by saving on the money you waste on things that you can mange without ? smoking , drinking ,gambling , building houses at extravagant costs , buying cars that are expensive , and start a trust with one rupee a day and help your people with the billions you waste , you can feed , build homes and do a lot pay off farmers debts and many more , then your people need not stretch their hands out to other communities , go and check the beggars on the street , the people living below poverty level are mostly your people go and help them without blaming others it is time the majority of this country who are honestly loaded with funds hard cash take responsibility to help their folks by empowering them ,building homes , health care, etc, there are lot of stuff you can do which will leave the Christian evangelists empty handed with no one to help, who knows even poor Christians and Muslim neglected by their own community might convert to Sinhalese Buddhism -More the merrier .

    Think out of the Box..the world will be all yours ,but not for cry babies

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