18 August, 2022


Video: Ranjan Ramanayake’s Speech In Parliament On Ranjangate

MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s full speech in Parliament:

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    The so called ‘highly civilized developed’ country USA also had a guy like Ranjan. May be he learnt the game from Nixon. We still have to find out who is Bob Woodward in Sri Lanka.

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    I do not believe everything what RR said but i believe there is a lot of truth in it because some of the facts are already known to certain other sources and politicians who are close to the culprits.The simple reason I believe RR is because he is NOT a politician. That is one of the reason he has done it in his own way and come out with it ,which no politician including the opposition will ever do. He very well could have easily avoided personal casualty, but did not even attempt. He could have bargained it for personal gain but he did not. The guy did not even try to lie, pretend , blame some one else or try other political gimmicks which every politicians including MR, MS and RW have done, all their life. He even challenged the government in public to go ahead and punish him,which no politician including Rajitha, Pattali will ever do. It is funny when some so called righteous Lankans talk about ethics which none of the current politicians seems to have. Also remember RR did not murder, kill, loot or embezzle like the ones who are now accusing him. So enough for your ethics and other bullshit. As RR rightly said the phone recordings are the only immunity he has right now. The UNP dumped him in no time. None of the rogue politicians will be of any support. I hope as he mentioned , he has saved it elsewhere outside of the country. Our crooks even deny what they said in Parliament , do anyone really believe they will accept what they said in a phone conversation without the recordings??? Are you really naive or pretending to be one??

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    Remember RR was the first to bring such controversial issues like drug use among politicians and peddling , in parliament. He was adamant in bringing the truth related to Rajapaksas and others because he very well knew it, until he was silenced by his own party by means of disciplinary actions , showcase notices and warnings (because UNP too has plenty of rogues ). I remember he was even thinking of giving up out of shear frustration and eventually RW had a personal talk with him , (most likely would have given his usual sermon called bullshit)following which he went quite.

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    Thilanka Sumathipala, is a well known crook and ICC had enough proof to kick him out. Obviously the guy refused to hand over his phone which he used in match fixing. Now RR says he too has evidence (phone conversations) to prove. Can anyone deny this fact /truth , except for the accused and his cohorts , which is Rajapaksas who brought him back and nominated, as a minister. Lankans can fool their own , but not the whole world.

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    Ranjan has put many MPs in a cold sweat and he has done justice to many victims by his revelations in his speech. MR and and his team must hang their heads in shame for trying to twist Ranjans exposure. They did all kinds of things to twist and put spin even better than our Doosra king Murali. The recording of personal phone calls is not ethical, but given the fact nothing is ethical in this country… then he has done great. He needs protection. Lets hope now at least the gullible public will think twice and not vote for MR and his goons at the general elections.

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    Will the good CT put Hirunicker’s Speech also here?.

    Because that speech is more riveting than this.
    In fact I rate it 8/10 for entertainment.

    After watching it , I had the opportunity to listen to the 2nd Tape which Hirunicker talked about and swore that it was fake done by Iraj Weeraratna to to harm her good Character, Integrity and her good standing among the UNP Elite in Colombo.

    UNP Minister Mr Ramanayaka is like a good Food Critic in New York,
    He has a wide array of taste buds and the ability describe them.

    I am very disappointed that this brave UNP hero Minister Mr Ramanayaka has been sacked from the Party..
    And now has to work hard as an Independent to win back his seat.

    That is not an easy task specially which needs oodles of Cash.
    Keselwatta Kid is in Debt around 250 Million in his own admission ,after he had the first go against Nandasena.-
    Now KK is fighting tooth and nail against the whole UNP Exec Committee to have a another go ,this time against Mahinda-
    Wonder how KK is going to pay all this Debt?.
    Despite collecting that Dr Rani’s extra LKR 100,000 per month after the Yahapalanaya kicked in.

    BTW my Double Salute to the UNP Minister Ranjan for rejecting that extra LKR 100 thou from Dr Ranil.. –

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    All these drug mules in parliament are crooks, and the idiots electing them deserve them. If you want to know if they are involved in criminal activities follow the money. It’s as simple as that. Calculate how they got rich in such a short period. Any idiot knows when you follow the money they cannot escape detection. Ranjan was the only one who wanted bring out the dirty laundry about these animals. But they all stick together , birds of a feather f-ck together.
    Get rid of the whole lot and first and foremost get rid of corrupt police. Wonder why suddenly the mirihana head of police committed suicide, or was he silenced by someone?

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    Hon Ranjan Ramanayake of member of Parliment, while that playing political vandalism against Institutional of Democracy of our Republic.
    Who has been an empowers and this mode of policy to RR & UNP ?
    What a voice that ensure and interest of those who are less democracy like RR which networked are also inside working in the Parliament ?

    What I have say of RR heel of governance is lack of clear accountability, which that relationship of his voice of tape?

    Is that RR address to that vital interest of sovereignty of nation State of democracy rule by justice and fair play for that governance in house of Parliment?
    Indeed RR and his comrades in arms of Hirunika of another the MP has to not that respond to your constitutions’ expectation and aspiration majority people and their sovereignty of island Republic that VOTED OUT in next Election will coming very soon.
    Lankan Nation electoral accountability of this mode of voice of political filth by RR is too far-fetched a notion of Rights of Principle of functions of basic norms of sovereignty of Parliamentary democracy.
    Meanwhile that simple truth needed to be acquire of knowledge an approached by UNP line of politics is far from truth and reality.
    The polices of UNP has big gap to reached democracy rule of govt..

    Well, Good or Bad that current period that Sri Lankan citizens are not that traditional notion of accountability.These drama play by RR is unaccepted to majority of an Islanders. The Lankan public typically has only a hazy notion of what problem need solving and how to solve them.
    RR has to realized that the electorate in the ultimate sources of political mandate election the end of vehicle of an accountability !@
    Of cause we need different political order and mechanism to address current issues of unresolved and left by UNP regime 2015 Jan 8th

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