2 February, 2023


Wasim Thajudeen Murder: Court Rejects Anura Senanayake And Sumith Perera Bail Applications

Colombo Additional Magistrate today rejected the bail applications of former Senior DIG Anura Senanayake and former Crimes OIC of Narahenpita Police, Sumith Perera.

After rejecting the bail application, both were further remanded till July 7. They were both arrested for concealing evidence in relation to the murder of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.

Thajudeen, a Sri Lankan ruggerite and former Havelock SC captain, was killed in Colombo in May 2012.Anura Senanayake

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    Batalanada’s UNP CID and the Yahapalana magistrates in Colombo are looking after the interests of the Pathlaya too..

    Galleon Ravi and Potta Naufer must be ecstatic…Love to see a copy of Batalanda Ranil Bodhi Sira MOU…

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      KA Sumanasekera

      “Yahapalana magistrates in Colombo are looking after the interests of the Pathlaya too..”

      So you agree the Sri Lankan judiciary is corrupt. That is exactly what you implied.

      So now you see why the victims of the war crimes wants foreign judges and NOT Sri Lankan judges. Firstly there is a natural conflict of interests which forbids a judge belonging to either side from getting officially involved in the judicial process. Secondly and more importantly you can see how corrupt the judiciary is.

      Just imagine the extent of tragedy faced by the ordinary people being taken by the military and subsequently went missing. Including war crimes committed on the LTTE fighters shooting them blind folded at point blank range. Killing the fighters who came carrying white flags all after having being informed to the authorities through international mediation. Arrest and killing of Ramesh and killing of LTTE news reader Isai Priya after rape. Just to mention a few.

      I do not deny LTTE did not commit war crimes, they too must be answerable for their part.

      Certainly you can see for yourself how can we trust the corrupt Sri Lankan judiciary for an impartial hearing.

      Now we have caught you with your pants down. When it comes to the Tamil victims of war crimes you become very protective and praise the Sri Lankan judiciary, but when it comes to home and home match we see the truth. Thank you very much for letting the cat out of the bag that the Sri Lankan judiciary is totally corrupt.

      Sri Lanka does not have the honesty and ability to conduct a fair and impartial hearing for the extent of human tragedy that happened. Only an impartial independent inquiry with foreign judges could bring about a permanent settlement and people, the victims and their families be able to put their agony behind them. A local inquiry is just a waste of time, money and exercise an ill advised venture.

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      what has this with Balanda to do ?

      Shotting the messenger cant help us further. We just need the JUSTICE but justice

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      I dont mind him being muslim my cry is as a srilanken we should know why the delay in this case.

      Why Rajaakshes are not called for investigations adequately… waht are the results according to pathologists – and why teh professior who is said to have worked for the disspearances of the testing body parts etc… all these are important to us… why why why…

      No matter we sinahalese, muslims, tamils… justice should be given to all equally.

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      If street murderer or low man to speak out – police make all their harrasement.. these men in custody too should besubjected to them. until the truth comes out from their cesspits.

      Then MR should be brought before the courts to ask more about his notorious sons.

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        Simon De Silva

        I read a reply posted in one of the Sinhala Gossip site about this man.The writer had said his brother had been caught by CID as a criminal suspect and what they did to him. They simply put his brothers penis between a drawer and table closing it few times, causing severe pain until he told the truth.But his brother screamed to his death and said, he knew nothing about it.He wrote like wise CID should do the same to Anura Senanayake,funny though,they would certainly treat him differently.I wonder what he said in his confession to honorable judge last week.

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      “Batalanada’s UNP CID and the Yahapalana magistrates in Colombo are looking after the interests of the Pathlaya too..”

      It should be Pathala Magistrates in Colombo are looking after the interests of the fellow Pathala Magistrates Sumane. one Pathala Magistrate hiding from CID. another Pathala Magistrate helped his friend Pathala Magistrate to go home without even fulfilling bail conditions. Another 2 Pathala Magistrates and 1 Pathala District Judge refused hear motion against fellow Pathala Magistrate. Another Pathala Magistrate ordered to returned the Baby Elephants to the Elephant thieves.

      Pathala Judges in JSC are helping fellow Judges to abuse the Judicial system while shadow of Deal Dasa Rajapaksha is everywhere in this corrupt system.

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      Off topic and completely irrelevant. Why does his comment end up at the top?

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      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      How long you’ve been the official b***s carrier to MR?

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    These men should be kept in prison all information are taken. They have to tell the truth about the murder. Leaving victimized family but only thinking of the god side of Rajaakashes, this can not be solved.

    Those victimzed mother and father and the family would never be able to make their mind as to why their son, brother should leave them that way.. harming that young life that way, was a greater harm done to all that family and srilanken folks. Why does anyone have right to take the life of the other just because of you are previleged being President s sons ?

    Namal baby continously adds his thoughts as nothing was wrong or further pretending that they had no connections interms of the killing of the sportler.. but what have the investigators argued so far…. I think FORMER president should give a open speech on the issue .. as a father of two most abusive sons whose behaviours tremored the nation by the kind of killing or the like acts and night car races.

    Now his presidency is gone, as a father of those allegly murderous sons he has to add his thoughts openly. Basta

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    Good comment Samuel J. A life has been lost in a cruel manner. Justice delayed Justice denied!!. On whose order was young Wasim Killed??? Guess Guess Guess Guess Keeeeeep Guessing. Yahapalnaya its time up to take action

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      What torments should that victimized mother go through…

      Mothers please wake up… and protest go march… asking justice… but justice…. This is a broad day light murders by FORMER FIRST FAMILY.

      How many more days… hopeful or hopeless.. what does it take taht long…. if suffcient evidence is available.. why cant AG to allow giving the verdict… why why why. ?

      former first citizen should be not kept on Altar, but be interviewed, why the evidences are becoming more today…. as a father of notoriioius sons, he should know it well… rather trying to defend his adminsitration .. with all the reveals are becoming more… This investigation should be put above all other investigations since this iis a revenge and it to have been thrown as no murder was above all laws.

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      Easy Come Easy Go Colaba.

      Part of it’s favours for the powers, and the rest is guarantee.

      Cops & Crooks are all there to stay unlike the occasional voter with no party clout for hope.

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    President and PM making huge mistake protecting the killer filth who will never appreciate their misplaced kindness.

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    I have only one request, can the Govt. of Sri Lanka PLEASE stop this whole case and save the tons of sorrow that the family Thajudeen has gon thru and goinf thru. Stop using such things likethis for your bloody dirty games.
    Today these 2 are refused bail, tomorrow they are out and free and are given royal treatment by all the political pimps in Govt.
    Oh you bunch of uselesss morons.

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      How come that to limit 1 dozen – we perfectly knew many among the Pradesheeya Saba candidates were either killers or rapists. Even if they were close to Mr Madamulana, he could not see any kind of difference from what they had been sharing with them.. since they spoke the same language as being used by Rajaakshes.

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    Spot on Jayalath. What you say is the exact truth of this whole affair. There appears to be a deal between yahapaalana leaders and Rajapaksas, to protect Rajapaksa family.

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    That our Judiciary is corrupt, is a foregone conclusion. It was corrupt under MR and is corrupt still. The “Elephant Judge” case is just one which has been in the public eye recently and all the related proceedings of this case reeks of corruption of the highest order.

    MS & RW are known not to involve themselves in the day to day workings of the Judiciary which was not the case when MR was holding the reins. The Tangalle British tourist murder and the gang rape of his Russian girlfriend is just one case among many others in which the Judiciary was lacking in conviction to do the right thing.

    The reasons for what transpired in the Tangalle courts is anybody’s guess.

    The Wasim Thajudeen murder was investigated and closed as a traffic accident and all that has transpired after MR was thrown out democratically has shown the general public what the Police and Judiciary was up to during that time.

    A senior Police officer like Anura Senanayake and the JMO stooping down to boot licking level just shows us the ordinary citizens of the country how MR and his goons controlled both the Police and the Judiciary.

    Anura Senanayake and all others who were involved in this dastardly act must be given no quarter before the law as they had the chance to stand by the same law even if they had to face discrimination by MR and his goons of the time.

    The bottom line was, none of them believed in their countrymen and the power of the ballot, and that one day MR would be sent home and the tide would change.

    This alone is sufficient to see that the full force of the law is brought down on the culprits and they be incarcerated with the maximum term allowed under the law.

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