30 June, 2022


We Have All Been Deceived By The Same Man: Mahinda Rajapaksa

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that not only him, but even the public has been deceived by one man, who everyone trusted – President Maithripala Sirisena.



“The same man I trusted, ate hoppers with me and then put a vettu, now the same thing has happened to all of you,” he told an event in Kurunegala today.

Rajapaksa went on to say that one cannot expect too much from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as he knew nothing about farming, but President Maithripala Sirisena was the son of a farmer, therefore he needs to understand the hardships they are going through.

“They promised fertilizer subsidies during the run up to election, where? Have you’ll got anything?,” he asked.

He said that not only him, but even the public has being duped by the current administration.

“People voted for this government with a lot of expectations, now see what has happened,” Rajapaksa said laughingly.

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    “He said that not only him, but even the public has being duped by the current administration.”

    Sure, the public may have misjudged him and are now disappointed.

    But you, most certainly, is not the answer.

    • 21

      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa

      RE: We Have All Been Deceived By The Same Man: Mahinda Rajapaksa

      Why not say, Mahinda Rajapaksa Has Been Deceived By The Same Man:

      First He ate Hoppers, Appa, and Deceived me.

      Then he ran against me, and beat me.

      Then he ran against me with Ranil W. and deceived me again.

      Are the Sri Lankan Modayas becoming more Intelligent? It is Bad for Mahinda Rajapaksa.

      • 15

        Absolutely ,!!!
        The Modayas are becoming more intelligent now?? Or are they becoming more Politically savvy?

        • 16

          CT Editors: get it right and stop playing games and censoring comments like this, that you do not like!

          We have all been deceived by 2 men – Mahinda Jarapassa and Maithripala Sirisena. There is very little to chose between Sira and MR. Sira is protecting MR in order to stay in his post of corrupt President in the Miracle of Modayas.

          Both are liars and back stabbers. When will the moda press and public learn?!

    • 16

      This man has been trying to creat new form of hatred between farming community and incumbent president. Mr Sirisena is the most powerful man to my eyes, Germany has not yet banned Glyphosat, but already at the very beginining of the term President Sirisena banned it to srialnka. Now Monsanto cadmium contained heibicide round up is not imported to srilanka. This is really good move. Like wise there are all various kind of fertilizers being imported to the country by various fradulent businessmen. These men had good contact with Mr. Medamulana and he should know all the bits better. Now with all pressures being applied on them, not being able to their black monies, those men are ona struggle. On long term it is well planned not to give more fertilizers to the farmers – considering the lanken health problems. The FATAL unknown kidney disease thatthe Rajarata farmers face is due to unncessary use of fertilizers and allother veried chemicals. Those areas they dont have healthy water which is free from heavy metals that is proved to be one key factor in making young men nepro sick.

      Now Rajaakshe attacks are on

      1) High telephone bills
      2) Farmers getting no enough fertilizers

      This man is so naive to attack the president this way – had his regime been that powerful nothing could break it.. his greediness is above his everything. Let alone today the bugger should see it right.
      I really cant see this man being scot free.. He is able to do all kind of harm .. acting cant work for rest of his life.. basta

    • 2

      Current government is dancing perfectly according to the West, and avoided the UN pressure, everything else is failure. I rather see country is moving forward while we have the pressure from the West, instead of pleasing the West, but going nowhere. If we are on the right path the West can’t stomach it, therefore pressure from the West is inevitable. Honestly, if I knew Mangala will be the foreign minister I would not have supported the new government. Deputy Foreign Minister is a joke. Country’s economy is in disaster, but he is flying around as the deputy foreign minister. Oh well we all live and learn, this is it, this government won’t get a second chance.

  • 27

    Credit to MR for an apt description of another politician, despite it is a case of a kettle calling the other black! MS has to metamorphose into a Statesman, if he is to see a Change and this is far fetched at
    the moment.

    • 13

      What cant come out of the cesspit of Rajaakshe?. this man is now on attacking Mr Sirisena putting him that low level. If I may say so, Mr Sirisena did all good things within the last 18 Months than Mr Medamulana within his last 5 years (60 months). Besides Mr Sirisena, if he had been a Rajapakshe would have attacked MR in all possible manner.: Thanks god, he is not a Rajaakshe. I think that says everything to you.
      TOday, being unable to see it any further… this man MR has been making every efforts create all antipathy to Mr Sirisena. Mr Sirisena is intelligent enough not to even to react on the kind of verbal attacks. That shows his strenghts. I really dont know why MR the born rascal needs to attack the incumbent president this way. That could rather come out of a criminal, prisoner or someone similar to that.. but not a former president… please rethink what you are talking about Mr Mahinda Jarapakshe

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    “People voted this Government with lot of expectations, now see what has happened”. If this is what you said; you are very correct. The PEOPLE voted this Government to investigate all those corruption and criminal activities committed by you, your family and the goons; but what have the people seen during the last 15 months? The PEOPLE thought, those investigations would be completed soon and send all those convicted to the “PALACE” located at Borella. Nothing of that has happened. You and your family and those goons are allowed to roam around the country as if nothing of that sort of crimes against the PEOPLE of the country has taken place. You are true and well said. But at least “YOU” must be thankful and grateful for this Government for letting have that FREEDOM. But please remember the PEOPLE are not ready to set you FREE.

    • 10

      They can not do anything because there is nothing to prove!
      Do you think if they had iota of proof, where MR and family would be!

      There are still lot of people who support him and so generalizing your opinion (and writing in upper case) as the opinion of the whole country is incorrect!

      The man was doing a good job and people got hood winked by magicians hoping to solve real problems with magic!

      • 9

        Srinath, as a retried person why you should further be in the UK ?

        Why not you go back to your Magical POlitician – Mahinda -whose toilet pits need long cleaning these days. He is btw invited by UGANDA president not by UK… that says everything .. these are good news for you guys -sadly you would never learn to see it right if not you see it today. Good luck

  • 41

    “but even the public has been deceived by one man, who everyone trusted – President Maithripala Sirisena”
    We the public do not trust any politician, whether Mahinda or Sirisena. Sirisena could be a crook, but you were certainly a bigger bastard of a crook.

    “The same man I trusted, ate hoppers with me and then put a vettu, now the same thing has happened to all of you,”
    But this is what you also did in Temple Trees inviting every tom dick and harry for meals (cunningly to get their votes) and running high bills that were paid by the public. Just because you served hoppers out of public money doesn’t mean that all who ate at your table should nod their heads for all the corruption, criminality, arrogance that your spewed.

    “one cannot expect too much from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as he knew nothing about farming, but President Maithripala Sirisena was the son of a farmer, therefore he needs to understand the hardships they are going through.”
    You bloody mutt, one does not need to have farmer qualifications or lineage to govern the country. One simply needs human qualities, civilized family back ground, immense honesty and good business sense to run a country. Tomorrow if their is problem in the transport section, a idiot like you will say that the leader needs be a bus driver to understand that. This is why you failed in running this country, including the war where even though the LTTE was eliminated many thousands of our own minority citizens were murdered and butchered indiscriminately.

    “They promised fertilizer subsidies during the run up to election, where? Have you’ll got anything?
    The concept of subsidy needs to be eliminated. Subsidy is a system where one plunders from John to keep David happy. If farming cannot be done profitably, the answer is not to provide subsidy but to look at all aspects of what is causing the loss. This could mean even eliminating those middle men (your own hench-aiyas) who purchase items from the farmer for cheap rates and sell it to the market at exorbitant profits. The hench-aiya gives your cut, so you don’t want to bring in systems where the farmer gets assured prices for this product.

    “People voted for this government with a lot of expectations, now see what has happened,”
    When you eliminated the LTTE, the expectations of all communities were much higher from you than what we look forward from Sirisena. Unfortunately, you commenced your ingrained racism, thuggery, corruption, disrespect towards international bodies, uncivilized disrespectful and uncouth tactics towards your own minorities who expected you to be the fair father for all races religions and communities, arrogant mismanaged development where airports, harbors, roads, buildings were built with massive overspending where all such structures have become total white elephant burdens to the public.

    You are one shameless bastard, who will remain as one of the worse Presidents Sri Lanka ever produced.

  • 30

    There is nothing for you to show still .
    The war you say wrongly won by you have brought disgrace to the country.
    The UN is after you now for all the dirty war you fought .

    At least we are living in a safer environment. You a village muppet and your cronies can only sit and laugh.
    Agree on one , that’s the present Regime has not done all what they promised on their inauguration.
    You create scenes every where you go.
    Shouting about your security in the Parliament you as an MP should not be provided with all you have got . Its paid by the Tax payers of Srilanka. When you were in Power you pilfered from the people.

    You are laughing about price increases.
    How do you expect to pay for all your mammoth requirements.
    You say SL is Middle income !! So why not People pay for the increases.
    You expect the government to pay everything for you FREE , how do you expect the Government to pay.
    Price increases are necessary for the survival of a country.
    You don’t pluck money from the trees.

    Most of all stop being a real brainless village thug laughing like a hyena for everything the present regime intends to do to make this country a respectable one in the near future.
    We are hoping that the GG Will deliver the promises if not YOU AND YOUR THIEVES ARE NOT IN THE EQUATION TO RULE THE COUNTRY. Some one else will.

    People are more Politically savvy since your departure.

    Good Riddance you waste of the EARTH.

  • 29

    Only Uneducated Unintelligent Village Thugs like MR and GR can speak in Public like this with a sarcastic laugh as though there is nothing inside their brains , only SARCASM.

    Shame on you as the Ex President’s mentality of a village THUG. Your brother’s public speech can be accepted as a village thug’s , but you have been Our President once , so why don’t you speak and behave like one other than going round showing your IGNORANCE.
    The Srilankan voters were at fault to have made you the President of our country 11 years ago.
    We all should be ashamed .

    Please don’t go out of our country and say you were the ex president , A disgrace then a disgrace still.

  • 29

    Pot calling the Kettle Black? After all what that terrible family did to our country, the nepotism (over 200 family members in top positions in the government), members of the media killed, missing, kidnapped, threatened, appointing in laws to run our national carrier, which is in bankruptcy today, our money wasted on airports that don’t see flights and are empty most of the time, and a port that cost us a fortune, but do not see ships, the corruption, attacks against minorities that were not stopped, the cost of living sky rocketing while they lived a life of endless foreign trips, flashy cars, and expensive designer clothes, he is now pointing fingers at the new regime? We are tired of these jokers and their hypocrisy. All leaders turn to be disasters for this country, with no one honest enough to do what is right for the people first, instead of their own selfish greed.

  • 28

    Mahinda Rajapakse

    Truly you are a great pied piper. People had a great respect for you as you reunited the mother Lanka in 2009, but you completely let them down since then and lost all the chances you had to enjoy a memorable retirement life that no other leader in this country had.

    In 2010 you made a clarion call to the professionals living abroad to return for rebuild the nation, and some responded positively. But you had other ideas. You start with destroying the justice system that you considered a treat for your plans, with appointment made to superior courts, simply according to your whims and fancies, probably the worst crime you committed to protect your private interests.

    No doubt that you became blind after elected to the office for the second term (2010) and went on to commit the worst crime that one could by amending supreme law of the land, the Constitution, for your private benefit, that is to secure a further term in office.

    I invite you to revisit the promises you made to the people in 2010 – ‘Chintana’ Election Manifesto (page 35)

    “… A society with high values, free from corruption and fraud – 
Early travelers who visited Sri Lanka, including Robert Knox, were struck by our courtesy, hospitality and discipline. Unfortunately, these treasured social values deteriorated after 1977, when our society was directed towards legitimizing and legalizing fraud, corruption and violence, leading to the erosion of our time honoured values. 
I will address this social decline and establish high values and ethics by eliminating fraud, corruption and malpractices, which have engulfed our society for a long time, and will take whatever measures necessary to eradicate criminal activities.

    Promise made to make the Presidency a Trusteeship

    “… I was particularly careful when exercising the powers of the Executive Presidency. In the past, the Executive Presidency was used to postpone elections, to topple elected governments, to disrupt the judiciary, to ban political parties, to suppress demonstrations and lead the country towards a violent culture, to sell state intuitions at under-valued prices, to defend criminals and to grant concessions to unscrupulous businessmen. Agreements that betrayed the country were entered into using the powers of the Executive Presidency. I used such powers to unite the country. An open discussion on the Executive Presidency will be held with all parties. The Executive Presidency will be converted into a Trusteeship which honours the mandate given to Parliament by being accountable to parliament, establishes equality before the law, is accountable to the judiciary and enacts laws that are accountable to the judiciary, and is not in conflict with the judiciary…”

    Enough is enough. You have proved that you are a great Machiavellian, a cheat who promise one thing in public and does completely the opposite in private. Please, at least now, mind your own business. I am sure that people will make sure that Sirisena – Wickramasinghe clan, too will probably face a far worst fate that you. They appear to believe that people in this country are simply gullible. Please look after your own interest and save time to face possible charges of serious crimes committed against mother Lanka. At the rate they go about, Sirisena – Wickramasinghe clan, may face the same fate sooner.

  • 21

    This man still trying his best to grab the power by misleading people. He has done this years since 1990 s. He has done this under CBK Gvt. He is never going to give up. Look at how power hungry he is. He has dont care what happened to people or the country. Only him and his family. “yes..people voted for this Govt not they just want to change the Government, but to get rid of your corrupted, murderous family rule. ..Yes see now what happened! Nothing has happened..only certain decisions taken by the present govt are wrong. One is not taking all the corrupted, political criminals like you into custody. They could have put you in Jail on the same day when you defeated by the people. Only What you did to Sri Lankan airline is enough to jail you for lifetime in prison.Other thing JRJ took two years to start all the development work including Mahaweli Development program. The work they did was not like your only foundation stones during your ten years.

  • 21

    MR gave a good character certificate to President Srisena and we all most be very happy about it. MR gave many things to many people to buy them but he only managed to give string hoppers to Srisena – it proves Srisena’s straight forward genuine character. Even MR could not bribe Srisena. Thanks God, we have a good president at last.

  • 4

    A smartly stroke from you Mr. Ex-P, after a long time. Well said.

  • 28

    Karma works in mysterious ways before the coup de gras is dealt, so in spite of being in a Hell of his own making due to his insatiable lust for power and glory, he ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’!

    This shameless bumpkin still thinks he can fool all the people all the time, but even though his diehard followers’ (who are only behind him for what they can get out of it) flattery and lies can stoke his ego, much of the rest of the country has seen him for what he truly is and he can kiss his ass goodbye as far as being returned to power.

    Unfortunately, although Maithri and Ranil are not doing very much to bolster our faith in them, they are far superior to the Medamulune Monster and his family.

  • 20

    Dear Mahinda,

    Yes people are worried; yes you are correct but not for the reasons you are imagining, but for not taking action to your speed overtaking the laid Govt. protocols, over the phone detailing of forces to apprehend the man who contested you and for the same reason, and for the reason failing tit for tat, tooth for tooth action of your calibre and for the freedom you and your family are still enjoying despite the vandalism of ruining the nation by the name of ruling the country and despite you letting your entire family run amok and burgle it out.
    Mahinda you are person never believed in laid laws, principles, establishment code etc but you had a thrill, enjoyed just doing the opposite of those codes by the firm believe, that overstepping those is rulers calibre, and burgling and bungling is ultimate goal of a ruler.
    When your son complained that he cannot sit the law exam you arranged a box and a lap-top within examination hall and forced your son to write that exam and made him become a lawyer of your own brood…….
    So the people who are wise enough will not allow you or your son to ruin the nation once again and the The Good Governance will see that another person to your calibre not taking the reigns of ruling machinery as well- melting out the law enforcement the way it should carry on.

  • 11

    Here`s what the Sinhala intelligentsia said about you and your Governance , at the tail end-of your rule, for fear of a white-van:-
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwFRgMySYBs (English)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-49bqe4EJs (Tamil)

  • 15

    My question is does “Does ex-president read these comments and the responses”

    • 14

      I sure hope so, Once Bitten… No, wait, he is an idiot who can’t speak English so guess he don’t read too, but he sure as hell must be getting a feedback and hope he is happy at reading all the comments made by Sri Lankans…

      You know he had committed some murders and the like, with the help of his buddy, the Pimp, Mervin Silva??? This is before he stole tsunami funds….

      Cheers people…

    • 7

      Once bitten twice shy

      You forgot that Medamulana Meeharaka cannot understand the nature, effect and content of any document even if he makes an attempt to read !

    • 0

      Once bitten twice shy

      “Does ex-president read these comments and the responses”

      Certainly he does and has a list of names of those who blamed, scolded and criticized him.

      He is hoping to come to power when he would take revenge against these forum commentators by abducting and finishing them off!

      Else he would make you his ‘friend’ like what he did for KP, Pillayan, Douglas and the likes, for you to do whatever he wants and he can be clean!

  • 12

    All know that now you are a suffering sociopath. What you were not aware was that such a one makes at least one mistake at one point.It seems that you never anticipated the outcome which you had prepared against yourself. If your successor follows the same principle, their fate too would be the same.

  • 17

    Didn’t you back stab Ranil several times.
    Didn’t you back stab Chandrika
    Didn’t you back stab Sarath Fonseka
    Didn’t you back stab the LTTE after having bribed them with Tsunami money
    Didn’t you back stab Bharatha Lakshman
    Didn’t you back stab the people of this country.

  • 6

    Is this a drama or this foolish one is convulging to have his file opened up?

    Two crooks maintained files on each other. Now this crook is claiming he believed the other one and asking for “Chenchooru Kadan”. The proverb is early bird catches the worm. This crook is trying to out beat the other one.

    One is claiming he provided Aapa for the other one. He is repeating this Appa story. This Aappa story looks like the one similar to Kavan Tissa offered rice balls to his children and ask for promises -Othas – be to be dedicated to his principles. It looks like he was trying to build a devotion with Dayan, Mahindapala, Mervyn Silva, New King… But the the New King had broked the dedication. What horrible status of this Aappa supplying Aappa diplomacy.

  • 12

    shut up mahinda, we know when to send MS home (like in your case we wont delay) but you are the worst we had, so MS is not as bad as you

  • 12

    MR said: We Have All Been Deceived By The Same Man:

    TFN said: hahahahhaha…………..hahahahaha. MR is the new official comedian of SL. His assistant KA Sumanasekera will join soon.

  • 2

    Jarapasse’s comments are true. But what is their purpose? To give the impression that Sirisena is his enemy. But is it possible that it is only a facade? What is most plausible is that Mahinda and Aappa Sira are made of the same cloth. That they have a pact: Jara says You run the government; I will not rock the boat; Sira says in return I will not jail you for the billions you looted.

    But there are no guarantees as both guys are low bred betrayers. When is Sira going to jail Jara? Or will Jara despatch him to Yamaloka earlier?

    Any comments, readers?

  • 4

    You only need to watch the video of the parliament brawl to recognize the lies of this government. Before the video, even I thought JO members assaulted an innocent UNP MP who ended up in the hospital. We heard so many of UNP ministers and MPs including State Minister Ruwan Wijewardane accusing JO members of committing a grave crime. Ranjan also didn’t miss the chance to tell his story and then the video came out.

    It was very clear from the video who started the fight and how the MP who was admitted to hospital got injured. He was the one who tried to assault and eventually brought JO MP (Ranaweera) to the ground and somehow ended up hurting himself. They are all liars including JO members.

  • 7

    Yes we have been deceived by Mr.Srisena because he has failed to arrest people like you and your clan.

    • 1

      K. Anaga, absolutely. You said it beautifully man.

  • 1

    Percy Mahendra Jarapassa,

    I am sure you can ask your Mongol son who calls himself a “lowyer” to make an attempt to translate all the comments written here for your reading pleasure, or else you can ask POO (Point Of Order) Ass-wer for help !

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