27 June, 2022


‘We Salute The Chief Justice For Her Courage & She Remains The Chief Justice’ – Lawyers Collective

By Colombo Telegraph

“The conscience of the nation and the BAR is disturbed & is in anguish-and will never accept the illegal and unconstitutional removal of the Chief Justice.  We have no doubt that in the annals of history, Chief Justice Bandaranayaka would be remembered as a judge who did not succumb to pressure and who held the scale of justice without fear or favour. We salute her for her courage, leadership and steadfastness in facing one of the most unreasonable and irrational inquiries ever faced by a person holding such an exalted office of the Head of Judiciary in a democratic country.  The Lawyers Collective categorically reiterates that Hon. Dr. Shirani Bandaranayaka remains the Chief Justice, notwithstanding being unconstitutionally removed.” says the Lawyers Collective.

Issuing a statement it says; “H.E President Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s purported letter of removal has been received by the Chief Justice. The Lawyers Collective states that this removal affects the very foundation of independence of the Judiciary, the Rule of Law and all basic norms of a working democracy.  The politically motivated process of removal of the Chief Justice was nothing but   a misuse and abuse of Constitutional provisions and Standing Orders.”

“The Executive and Legislature deliberately ignored the constitutional interpretation by the Supreme Court and the decision of the Court of Appeal quashing the decision of the impeachment report by the Government Members of the Select Committee of Parliament. With this impeachment, the Government of Sri Lanka has demonstrated that it will not respect the Constitution and the Judiciary. The manner in which the impeachment process was conducted, in and outside parliament, by the government, the state media and the government-sponsored goons leaves the country with unforgettable memories of a horror period in our history.” the Lawyers Collective further says.

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    Sandbunt and kane mail chief legal advisers of this whole episode.We feel very sorry about CJ’s Bad legal advise given in respect of impeachment proceeding.Now another few idiots making another episode, be careful Sri Lankan few lawyers fled the country and save their lives during the UNP regime(JR-Premadasa) in late 80.Our political history is very clear for people working without their limits.

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    Is it correct to publish the names of possible replacements? Lawyers criticize them even before the appointment. They should not have polished.

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    Sorry to say that there are too many cowards among our sinhal community
    and that is proven by the number of army deserters.
    But this Lady belongs to the courageous minority.

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    There is no disputing that the PSC hearing was both illegal and vulgar.

    Be that as it may, when the alleged misdemeanor of Shirani Bandaranayake’s husband surfaced, the CJ should have honourably resigned at that time.

    As long as she is legally married to him and remains in the same matrimonial home, justice would not appear to be done. That is particularly fundamental for a person holding the highest judicial office in the country.

    The public and government would have warmly welcomed her resignation and the current drama avoided.

    It now appears that there is an ego battle and a clash of wills between the President and the CJ.

    There are no prizes for guessing the winner!

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