20 May, 2022


We Welcome Human Rights Boss Zeid’s Report, But Sri Lanka Lacks Credibility: TNA

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has welcomed the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of the 2015 Human Rights Council resolution, and its recommendations.


Issuing a statement today the TNA said: “The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) welcomes the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of the 2015 Human Rights Council resolution, and its recommendations. While the report acknowledges some areas of progress, such as discussions on constitutional reform, it is critical of the government’s failure to deliver with respect to a number of critical issues. The TNA shares the concerns of the Report that confidence building measures such as land releases, release of prisoners, repeal of the PTA, reform of the Victim and Witness Protection Authority and ending military involvement in commercial and civilian activities have not been pursued satisfactorily. In fact, the failure of the government on these issues are steadily eroding the trust of our people.

“We have continued to express our concern about the lack of progress on the issue of accountability, and have called on the government to present a time-bound action plan to implement its own commitments. The systemic failure to make progress on emblematic cases in the regular courts highlights the need for a special court with robust international participation in keeping with the government’s commitments. We welcome the High Commissioner’s recommendation echoing this demand. We also call on the government to operationalize the Office on Missing Persons forthwith. The inexplicable delay in doing so unconscionably prolongs the agony of the families of the disappeared.

“We therefore welcome the High Commissioner’s call that the Human Rights Council sustain its close engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka and ensure monitoring of developments in the country. We call on the Government to demonstrate good faith by making swift progress on the issues highlighted by the High Commissioner.”

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Latest comments

  • 16

    It’s high time our Yahapalanaya government realised that it is safer to be brave and face the truth rather than be afraid of what the Rajapaksas will start saying when they launch credible investigations.

    We can always balance at least some of the incidents with accounts of Tiger atrocities and their use of child soldiers, after all!

    That’s politics, I guess. But it is very necessary that some of your politics is honest!

    • 3

      sinhala man
      Are you out of your mind???
      or are you a tiger supporters?
      Who said honesty pays in this world?

      • 11

        No, honesty doesn’t often pay in this world.

        However total and obvious dishonesty is even more dangerous.

        Me, a Sinhalese, a Tiger Supporter? My real identity is known to most regular reader of CT.

      • 2

        Check his comments.

        Sinhala man is a Tamil.

        there are many sinhala man, sinhala buddhists BBS, all are christian tamils crying out loud for Eelam.

        • 7

          Mr. Jim softy,
          “Sinhala man is a Tamil.”
          Yes, and you are an idiot, because you can’t read.

    • 8

      I too think that requesting another two years extension was a wrong move without a honest good faith commitment to resolve the issues. This will only confirm that SL will be taken-up for discussion in another two years. Rajapaksa’s messed this file beyond repair and the sooner it is closed the better it would be for the country.

      This govt too has failed miserably as it has not even dealt with the soft issues which it could have resolved in the first year like returning the occupied land, preventing military and outside parties taking away the economic opportunities of the locals, moving from military to police control and doing a better job of local recruitment. Managing the control of the Governor as practiced in other parts and actively funding the elected local govt with a mandate to create livelihood projects.

      • 2


        You can not go to Tamilnadu, you become nothing there. So, youhave get the eelam here. Even your children are better off in england.

        • 6

          You can go with lion

          • 6

            jim prefers young boys over lion

        • 8

          jim softy dimwit

          “Even your children are better off in england.”

          Is that why your political philosopher mathematician Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa has sent his children to England?

          I heard Mithiri’s brat also in the UK.

        • 6

          Burt can go to Tamil Nadu and you can go with him to Bangaladesh. There is a reason why Sinhalses stole the national anthem from Bangaldesh

    • 4


      “The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has welcomed the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of the 2015 Human Rights Council resolution, and its recommendations.”

      Sri Lanka will respond and lay, ONLY when there are not options left, or if the options are very painful.

      This is what precisely happened to Apartheid South Africa. Ran out of options, and it was costly.

      The fact of the matter is that both Mahinda Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa are expendable just like Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi.

      So escalate the pain, if any action is needed.

    • 2

      The West is using Tamils to occupy the moral high ground

      The Western Countries are the masters at occupying the high ground, and translating it into great power. In their hands morality becomes a weapon, they wield to attract attention to their cause while distracting attention to others. They make such a show of moral superiority that the others feel ashamed to disagree with them. The Western Countries have killed millions of innocent people, yet they present themselves as moral superiors. They are free to do whatever they want, by waving their magic cards so called “democracy and human rights”. In fact, the Americans, Australians, Canadians and Kiwis do not even live in their own country. If that is the reality then how can they talk more about democracy than others?

      The Spanish took part of South America, the Dutch and Portuguese took part of South America and Asia, the French took Africa, and the British took most parts of the world. More than a hundred million indigenous people were killed in Australasia and North America. Twenty two million Africans were killed during the slave trade. Fifty nine million Indians were killed by starvation while the British rulers were sending India’s food to the United Kingdom and Europe. Furthermore, more than one million people were killed in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. But no-one was held accountable for those innocent people’s deaths. However, the British and the Americans kept the records of Nazi Germans’ atrocities in detail, and exposing them to the world, in order to cover-up their own atrocities. The Western Countries will never admit their atrocities; if they do then they can’t keep themselves on top.

  • 12

    Dear TNA leader Sampanthan,
    Tamil people had high expectations when Mahinda was thrown away but now people are loosing confidence in the new administration day by day and they feel it is another tactical game played by Sinhalese leadership as in the past six decades. The war crimes committed by Mahinda regime and the massacre of civilians in large scale put Srilanka as a failed state Sinhala leadership wanted to change the image of Srilanka. Most of the Tamils suspect that this change of govt in 2015 was a tactical game and once the international pressure subside it will go back to the same old regime and all the talk of constitutional change, devolution, demilitarizaation etc. will terminate. Don’t you think that they have put you in the trap? How are you going to ensure that your believe is right regarding the motive of new administration?

  • 4

    Can you believe when the Tamil motherland is just 16 miles or KM away, Tamils are dieng for for Sri lanka.

    Are sinhala buddhists this kind of chicken which can be manipulated and exploited by these shamelss and ungrateful Tamils ?

    • 7

      Rich Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim business owners are very united, and they care nothing about religions, but business. Likewise the politicians, leading artists, sportsmen, leading doctors, professors etc.

      Just the below average to average people in SL seem to be racial minded. Where do you fit in Jim softy?

      • 2


        Poor people even if they are interested in the religion, the country, they don’t have time. Thye need food on the table.

        busienssmen are racist, but they don’t support openly. It is Catholic businessmeen and muslim businessmen who support filling Sri lanka with churches and mosques and destroying buddhist sites.

        Politicians are the least racist even though they talk about it because that is their living.

      • 3

        “Just the below average to average people in SL seem to be racial minded.”
        You have rightly accounted for 98% of the JO and its supporters.

      • 6

        Jim is a closetted old gay guy. He pretends to hate gays so people will not suspect that he is gay. I suspect he was raped by a monk. May be even gang raped, but Jim loved every single movement of it. He thinks it’s a psychotherapy for him.

        • 4

          Sarcasm is wasted on Jimmy. He doesn’t have the brain to understand it. Let us pray for his early recovery from the gang rape. He was recruited into a temple at the age of 6.

          • 4

            haha Jim admitted on earlier post that rape is like a psychotherapy for Tamil women. He got this idea from his own experience.

    • 6

      Tamil Land is 16 KM away, But Chinese land is within the Island. There is going to be a day in in the near future in that you are going to beg for your human rights from Tiananmen Square China.

      Best Wishes Softy!

    • 4

      Which Tamil land? Oh you mean Tamil Nadu from where most of the ancestors of the present day Sinhalese originated from? May be even yours very high probability. The homeland of the Eelam Tamils is not Tamil Nadu but the north east and the north west coast. Called Tamil Eelam from ancient times. Even DNA proves this indigenous Sri Lankan Tamils only share a 14% DNA with South Indian Tamils whereas modern Sinhalese share a 70% DNA with South Indian Tamils. We all know whose homeland is Tamil Nadu. Just because the largely low caste Indian Tamil ancestors migrated to the island changed their language and religion over the centuries does not make the present day Sinhalese indigenous and Aryans or the present day Sri Lankan Muslims Arabs/Moors.

      The entire island was called Eelam/Eezham ( Land of toddy or Metal in Tamil)or Chingkalam ( meaning the land of the copper or red soil in Tamil) and the semi Tamil Elu speaking population were called Eelavar/Eezhava or Chingkallavar. A male Chingkallavan and a female Chingkallathi. from the classical Tamil word Allavan/Allathi.

      The parts that retained its ancient Tamil identity and culture was called Tamil Eelam/Eezham . The rest took the Pali version of these ancient Tamil names Eelam became Hela and Chingkalam became Sinhala ( nothing to with a lion from Bengal or Orissa, where lions never existed , this was a later day myth) . Even now the indigenous Tamils are the only people who still call the modern day Sinhalese by the ancient Tamil name Chingkallavar.

  • 5

    ‘Catholic businessmeen and muslim businessmen who support filling Sri lanka with churches and mosques and destroying buddhist sites. ‘

    That is a load of hog wash. When were you last in SL? Its Buddhist Temples that have mushroomed and expanded. Now your even asking for Churches and Temples saying its your holy place just because a crow did shit on the roof. LOL

  • 1

    The useless and trouble making United Nations must be dissolved immediately.

    Even Trump had enough with UN the club. Lots of Americans want to END the United Nations.

    If the SL government do as the UN says, full blown out civil war will happen.

  • 2

    It is natural for Mr. Sam(panthan) and the TNA for the “slow progress”. But could that have been speeded up with the present state machinary? Who will have the advantage, politically, in voicing such sentiments now? In my humble opinion it is Jarapassa.

    What can be done, in my humble opinion, is to establish a Commission of Inquiry consisting of Foreign Judges (which is possible and there are precedents) as well with a broad mandate to cover all aspects the matter with the provisio that there be no choice for the AG but to file indictments against persons who have been found by the Commission violating the law. A High Court at Bar (perhaps say of 5 or 7 judges) can then hear the case. AG will request the Court to appoint eminent foreign jurists to be amicus curiae. To some extent the constitutional barriers can thus be overcome.

    Let us remember that it is the TNA who approached the then President CBK to appoint a High Court at Bar to try the Krishanthi Kumaraswamy murder case. The TNA can, with all its legal minds, definitely can provide viable alternatives. I suggest that Mr. Sam and his boys must do their best for the agrieved Tamil persons.

  • 1

    Earlier there was an International Independent Group of Eminent Persons appointed to inquire into trials of those involved in human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.


    After they witnessed trials in which both the prosecuting and defence lawyers were from the Department of the Attorney General, thus making the process a ‘sham’, they withdrew.
    This should not happen this time.

    If the armed forces did not contravene the Geneva Conventions, why this objection to the appointment of International eminent jurists recommended by the UN.

  • 1

    By granting roll back for Lankawe, UNHRC is rolling back to May 2009. In May 2009, UNHRC praised Lankawe for its humanitarian rescue mission, Zero Casualty and allowed it to formulate its own program for responsibility and accountability. In September, 2015 UNHRC allowed (or co-sponsored) Lankawe’s resolution. (OISL had recommended different path). But, unlike 2009’s one, 2015’s one had some terms stipulated that need to be full filled by Lankawe. The main difference between the 2009 and 2015 is the time limit of implementation requirement. By praising Appe Anduwa’s white washing deeds as genuine changes and removing the time limit to implement, in March 2017, UNHRC is practically returning to May 2009. That is UNHRC2015 + UNHRC2017 = UNHRC2009.

    Everybody in this loop is well aware that Lankawe is asking the extension not for implementation of the resolution 30/1. Everybody is: UNHRC, UNHRC HC, EU, USA, TNA, Appe Aandu, supporting diaspora orgs….. Even today Ranil has reiterated that. Then why is everybody getting together and doing this? A difficult question to answer. One is the affected Tamils are too weak to stop this. Further, each entity has their private reason.
    Many commentators, supporting Old Royals, in this website have repeatedly said that there is no way this resolution can be implemented. Practically, there is no SLFP-UNP Unity Government existing. The real SLFP has gone out of Yahapalanaya with the name of “Joint comedy Club”. The real SLFP leader is leading that group. The New King cannot lead even 1/5 of the SLFP in a power challenge. Everybody’s prediction is if there is 3 prong competitions in election, New King’s faction may be even walked over by JVP. In that condition Yahapalanaya has no prowess to implement the resolution.

    So Sampanthar is just saying Thathasthu for UNHRCUC’s speech, without believe.

  • 1

    Please do not hoodwink the Tamil people any more because they know where you stand. You and Sumanthiran have faked tongues. The Tamil people wants both of you to resign from the parliamentary seats and retire from politics.

  • 2

    Dayan Jayathilak has explained else where why TNA is pi$$ed off because the govt is not going to have a referndum.

    • 4

      Haha TNA loves the idea there is no referendum because they will lose it. When will the stupid Sinhala politicians understand this. Haha what a bunch of morons

  • 1

    USA, UK, France and Germany are tested war Criminals the modern world.
    That is established facts no nation can beat them .

    They have occupied many numbers of countries 20th century.
    They invaded and killed millions of people of Asia Africa and Other American nation .
    That comes to millions of People of World understand that USA and UK world number one WAR CRIMINALS.

    BUT the CASE OF TNA IS DIFFER from others .
    They (TNA) think western as their are only liberators of Tamil nations . How can that such a nation of USA and UK only be fought for liberation of people of Tamils?
    How is that USA and UK demand for War Crime against People of Sri lankans >

    TNA is proxy forces of LTTE of the Tamil terrorist ,who killed all Tamil leaders by 30 war against People of
    Sri lankan.

    No need to say TNA is running out of myth of Tamil Eealm?

    They are working towards the agenda of Tamil Rough puppet regime in North-east.

  • 0

    Ranil wants this extension secured in March to support him to sign the Hangbangtota sale in May at Tiananmen Square. He is going to China to do that as the Joint Comedies disturbed it last time in Hangbangtota. Joint Comedies cannot stop the plane Ranil is taking so this plan will go well. In other words, he wants two mangos out of this extension. There is a chance the Colombo Laptop Medias, when he comes back, may start to bray louder than Afghan donkeys. Using the March victory at UNHRC, Ranil is going to claim once more that he is the one saved the Old King from UN electric Chair. This is part of the game of Ranil and Mangala.

    We know Sampanthar knows it too. But Sampanthar will not ask UNHRC to stop Mangala cheating at the floor and when he go back home, Ranil claims “I Am the one saved the heroes from UN Electric”. This is how UNP is utilizing UNHRC to flare up racial feeling in Lankawe to advance their agendas. UNP never says that criminals needs to be punished, instead shows UNHRC as Yakas and UNP saves the heroes from its jaw.

    While Old royal were entertaining China, UNP came to power by China bashing. Then UNP, who too has been bought out by Chinese commission, started to sell lands to China. So as usual of Lankawe politics, Joint Comedies is in China bashing with the hope of winning back Sinhala Buddhist for them. .

    Further UNP, which has sold to China all possible properties in the South other than the Sirikotha, soon will start to look for Tamils’ North & East properties, which are forcefully occupied by Army, for sale. UNHRC should not succumb to this UNP’s techniques and contribute to this by ignorance.

  • 2

    Page 88 of the book “Tamil Tigress” by Niromi de Soyza refers to a room in which Sinhala and Tamil people (soldiers) were killed by the LTTE.

    People and parties including TNA, Sampanthan, overseas Tamil groups who backed and supported LTTE are responsible for these war crimes.

    • 2

      B S Perera

      “People and parties including TNA, Sampanthan, overseas Tamil groups who backed and supported LTTE are responsible for these war crimes.”

      You mean LTTE’s share of war crimes.

      Who is responsible for IPKF and Sri Lankan armed forces shares of war crimes?

      By the way who is responsible for committing war crimes in 1971 and between 1987 and 1990? Do you still believe TNA, Sampanthan, overseas Tamil groups should apologise for war crimes committed during those years?

      You are reading, good sign.

      Would you also read the following:

      Emergency ’58 – The Story of the Ceylon Race Riots

      Tarzie Vittachi, 1958, Copyright Tarzie Vittachi

      The 1915 racial riots in Ceylon (Sri Lanka): A reappraisal of its causes

      Ameer Ali

      South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
      Volume 4, 1981 – Issue 2

      Buddhism Betrayed?



      The Origin and Institutionalization of Political Violence

      Prof Gananath Obeysekere

      in James Manor Edited, Sri Lanka in Change and Crisis (1984).


      Broken Palmyra


      By Ananda Wickremeratne


      Edited by Mahinda Deegalle

      What are you trying to tell us?

  • 1

    UNHRC Review Report on Sri Lanka has highlighted and exposed Sri Lanka’s actions, inactions, delays and dilly-dallying approach without any reservations.
    It is a telling Report which fully unearthed Sri Lanka’s lack of commitment, political will and determination, its inexcusable unwillingness to settle the various issues particularly the 60 year old ethnic problem. Above all, the festering wounds caused to the Tamils during the genocidal war could be left unhealed for the sake of political compulsion and to hold the leverage in the game of power struggle.
    The Commissioner deserves full praise for his frank candid and no holds barred Report highlighting the endemic of Sri Lanka’s politics and the problems plaguing the country … culture of impunity, lack of consciousness on crucial issues delay and defeating tactics, denigration of promises & commitments, above all lack of credibility as Tamil National Alliance Leader and the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Sampanthan recently and finally confirmed this.
    Commissioner is courageously sticking to his guns in relation to the setting up of a hybrid-court which Sri Lanka has flatly rejected solely to shield and save the security personnel from possible war crimes convictions.
    If Sri Lanka brushes and goes on to choose its own way, it will be nothing but an insult to the UN High Commissioner’s valuable report and to his reputation as an impartial officer who is tirelessly working to uphold the lofty ideals of Human rights council and its stature.
    Hope sanity will prevail in Sri Lanka to redeem its battered image in the International Community.

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