18 April, 2024


Weliamuna Out Of Order: Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri

Spokesperson for the Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA) and a key figure in President Maithripala Sirisena’s election campaign, democracy and good governance advocate Dr Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri said that it was unethical for J.C. Weliamuna to accept money for conducting investigations into corruption allegations at Sri Lankan Airlines.

DR. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri

DR. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri

Dewasiri, speaking to Colombo Telegraph, while conceding that he was unaware that Weliamuna was the Chiarperson of Transparency International Sri Lanka, said that as a strong critic of the previous regime it is unethical or him (Weliamuna) to accept a fee for his role in this investigation.

The first government-commissioned inquiry into the previous government’s corruption and malpractices, the Weliamuna inquiry has cost taxpayers Rs 3.5 million.

Weliamuna is yet to respond to questions put to him by Colombo Telegraph regarding amounts and the breakdown of services for which money was paid.

Dewasiri’s contention is that if the issue was about exposing corruption and other wrongdoing, it is unethical for an activist to profit from such an exercise.

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  • 8

    Most graduates find joining the univseristies as the best way forward since if they leve the university system they will be forced to take up a teaching job or join the government.

    Most of them cannot join the private sector since they don’t have the skills required.

    Unfortunately academics are not bothered since they are not held accountable for their output.

    Further all academics work overtime during weekends to produce good for nothing extetrnal graduates since they get paid at a much higher rate.

    it is a very sad system.

    • 0

      Mr Fernando, what on earth is the relevance of your response to N.R.Dewasiri’s comments? Are you implying that NRD is a second rate achiever who went into academia because he could get no better job? If this is what you are saying it is foul-mouthed. Instead of replying to arguments, you are resorting to ad hominem slanders.

      As it happens however, I think Nirmal is WRONG! I think Weliamuna, or any mother’s son, is entitled to the fee he demands. If you don’t want to pay, tell him to bugger-off – of course the price must be declared up-front. A statement of accounts must be issued by the relevant authority detailing all the expenses of the inquiry, including fees paid to every individual.

  • 3

    CT please stop this silly MR [Edited out] You are only shooting yourself on your own leg. People are very much aware of what your agenda is with regard to Weliamuna and his Report.

  • 2

    More you intensify Your relentless and endless attack on Weliamina more you get yourself undressed. Any sensible person can understand that you are upto mischief in this connection. The credibility of yours is gone now. By your act itself people undestand that you are working for your secret pay masters;Sri Lankan Air former bosses.

    • 1

      But political will translated into political decisions cannot be justified along with partisan politicking. Politicking rubs the whole issue the wrong side up and devalues the political will and its action. Most investigations taking place don’t seem to prove such political will is being turned into impartial inquiry. Weliamuna investigation is one such bad instance. Apart from transparency and accountability issues raised by Colombo Telegraph (CT) and Amrit Muttukumaru, the very appointment of J. C. Weliamuna for investigations on SriLankan airlines smacked of “green” politics. For over three years, Weliamuna was a prominent campaigner against the Rajapaksa regime on “Platform for Freedom” with then Leader of Opposition and UNP leader Wickremesinghe and other UNP stalwarts. He was also a very conspicuous presence in most other UNP led protests. He is quite openly, “UNP in politics”. And from what Chandra Jayaratne had responded to CT on Weliamuna investigations the implied truth is, that investigation lacked expertise to handle the responsibility given. Therefore he volunteered with his expertise. It’s another aberration, for these high profile investigations are not mandated to have volunteers in the panel of investigators. If Weliamuna investigation lacked expertise, Jayaratne’s volunteerism should have been made public. Political colour and incompetency together with undisclosed volunteer investigators violates social trust, a supreme necessity in today’s political context of many uncertainties.

      Kusal Perera

      read more;

  • 2

    I agree with Kumarage. Colombo university ARTS faculty suppose to be having some ragging issues these days.I heard even the entry/exit gates are guarded by the second years to catch freshers for ragging. My firm belief is that this is due to lack of disciplinary supervision by Dean Prof. Athula Ranasinghe.Time to wake up my friend…

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    Your comment is out of place Dr. Devasiri. Mr Weliamuna whether he was the head of Transparency International or not is entitled for payment.There are other grounds on which he can be slated but not for accepting a payment

    You have slapped yourself by this comment

  • 1

    Dr,Dewasiri, mentioned ” unethical or him (Weliamuna) to accept a fee for his role in this investigation”
    Mr Welamuna is a person who investigate this matter was incorrect, because his credibility about the independence and balance result or outcome. He involved and backup against the previous regime an politically active character.Dr, Devasiri said to accept a fee his(Welianuna) is unethical. No totally disagree, he is professional and he has the wright to charge his service.

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