21 June, 2024


WikiLeaks: GSL And LTTE Not Interested In Diplomatic Niceties – Solheim To Co-Chairs In 2007

By Colombo Telegraph

“Norwegian Minister of International Development Erik Solheim described the government and the Tigers as “two entities not interested in diplomatic niceties,” who are not responding to Norway’s messages.” the US Embassy Oslo informed Washington.

A Leaked “CONFIDENTIAL” US diplomatic cable, dated July 24, 2007, recounts the details of a meeting the representatives of the Sri Lanka Co-Chairs (United States, European Union, Japan, and Norway) has had in Oslo on June 29,2007 to discuss the  developments in Sri Lanka.The Colombo Telegraph found the related leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database which is classified by DCM Kevin M. Johnson.

“Solheim said President Rajapaksa is focused on his Sinhalese electorate in Sri Lanka, “like a US Congressman” focused on his constituents. While Solheim,s recent meeting with Rajapaksa in Geneva was “pleasant,” his overall sense was the president has no plan or strategy to solve the Tamil issue nor does he appear that interested since he does not even have a good Tamil advisor. On the other side, Tiger leader Prabhakaran is preoccupied with waging war. Solheim stated that it has become more difficult for Norway to assess the current Tiger position without regular contact and without a senior Tiger leader outside the country to fill the shoes of the late Balasingham. Solheim emphasized the need to keep Norway,s communication with them open, particularly through access to Killinochchi.” the US Embassy Oslo further wrote.

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    All these buggers were having their own agendas. First they were nurturing the LTTE. Then they were trying to broker a Peace deal with GOSL. After that they pick MR and drop VP. Now they are revealing the shortcomings of VP and the LTTE and also they are helping MR to hoodwink the masses and allow the Tamils to have their rights with KP at the helm, by deleting the 13th amendment. Who wants it on paper the Constitution, if only they can enjoy the facility what was intended by the 13th amendment anyway. Now the ground work is being currently laid for that and the moment MR abrogates the 13th Amendment he will be hailed as a Hero once again.

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    Thank you Gotabhaya for fearless expressing your view on the 13thA, which was forced down our throats by the very Indians who formed, trained and financed the Tamil terrorists and unleashed them in our country to kill us.

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      what do you mean by 13th amendment being forced down your throat.it only shows that sinhalese have no respect for other ethnic groups.if something has to be forcefully fed let it be done.it is similar to some patients who dont want to take medicine rather they should be forcefully fed.if sinhalese dont delegate authority then outside world is bound to step in it cant be termed as intrusion into the sovereignity of srilanka.srilanka when it wants help from outsiders to combat tigers it was welcome but when it is told to do some good things it is unacceptable. a clear case of tails i win and heads you lose.

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