24 May, 2022


WikiLeaks: “Rajapaksas Are Uneducated And Uncultured Rascals” – CBK

“President Kumaratunga found the Rajapaksa family involvement in politics very distasteful and called them ‘uneducated and uncultured rascals.’ She worried that the political climate since her term had become “vindictive and threatening” and that Rajapaksa had ‘muddied the thinking’ of masses.” the US Ambassador to Colombo informed Washington.



The Colombo Telegraph found the leaked cable from the WikiLeaks database. The cable is classified as “CONFIDENTIAL” and recounts details of a meeting ambassador Patricia A. Butenis has had with former President Chandrika Kumaratunga on 14th December 2009.

The cable said “Former President discussed President Rajapaksa’s abuse of power and said that under his leadership, the economy, the political climate, health care, education and international relations had spiraled down reaching a new low in the country’s history. Kumaratunga remarked that governance had broken down and corruption was appallingly bad. She noted that while she was responsible for nominating President Rajapaksa for the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, he had a detrimental impact on the party.”

In response to Ambassador’s query on elections and General Fonseka’s candidacy, Kumaratunga said, while she was surprised by Fonseka’s entry in to politics, if ‘free and fair’ elections were held today, Fonseka would win. “While Fonseka came from a Buddhist extremist background, he seemed more honest than Rajapaksa and might not go back on his promises.” Butenis wrote.

“Kumaratunga acknowledged the mood and the thinking in the country was changing. People were hopeful of changing and were interested in moving ahead. Although Kumaratunga was no longer directly involved in politics, she remarked that President Rajapkasa feared her influence and had restricted her movements.” the ambassador further wrote to Washington.

Read the US diplomatic cable below for full details:

DE RUEHLM #1150 3510954
O 170954Z DEC 09
C O N F I D E N T I A L COLOMBO 001150



E.O. 12958: DECL: 10/08/2019


1. (C) In a December 14 meeting with Ambassador, former
President Chandrika Kumaratunga discussed President
Rajapaksa's abuse of power and said that under his
leadership, the economy, the political climate, health care,
education and international relations had spiraled down
reaching a new low in the country's history.  Kumaratunga
remarked that governance had broken down and corruption was
appallingly bad.  She noted that while she was responsible
for nominating President Rajapaksa for the Sri Lanka Freedom
Party (SLFP), he had a detrimental impact on the party.
President Kumaratunga found the Rajapaksa family involvement
in politics very distasteful and called them "uneducated and
uncultured rascals."  She worried that the political climate
since her term had become "vindictive and threatening" and
that Rajapaksa had "muddied the thinking" of the masses.

2. (C) In response to Ambassador's query on elections and
General Fonseka's candidacy, President Kumaratunga said,
while she was surprised by Fonseka's entry into politics, if
"free and fair" elections were held today, Fonseka would win.
 In the same breath, however, she noted that Fonseka's
negatives were insurmountable for many voters especially the
Tamils and, thus, the Tamil vote was still in question.  In
Kumaratunga's opinion, Fonseka was the only man who could
counter the President's "war victory" strategy.  She reminded
the Ambassador that it was her administration that cleared 70
percent of the Northern Province and that Rajapaksa was only
responsible for clearing 30 percent of the LTTE-held grounds.
 Conversely, the Rajapakasas were falsely taking sole credit
for winning the war.  In her opinion, Fonseka would need the
Tamil votes to win, and while the United National Party (UNP)
leader Ranil Wickremesinghe could command the Tamil vote,
this was not a guarantee with Fonseka.  While Fonseka came
from a Buddhist extremist background, he seemed more honest
than Rajapaksa and might not go back on his promises. She
noted that the State-owned media, Rajapaksa's propaganda
machine, had been very effective and had brain-washed the
masses.  Kumaratunga observed that the rural people referred
to Rajapaksa as "King" and pointed to the President's 12 foot
billboard cut-outs as distasteful examples of abuse of power.

3. (C) Ambassador raised the issue of international
expectations about accountability and reconciliation in
reference to the release of the Department's war crimes
report.  Kumaratunga said that there was a fear psychosis in
the country and that President Rajapaksa had instilled a fear
in the people, so no one was willing to talk. She disagreed
on Rajapaksa's stance with the West and said that foreign
criticisms, international pressure and monitoring had kept
the human rights violations from getting worse.  On the issue
of Tamils, Kumaratunga noted that the vast majority of Tamils
were not terrorists and did not want a separate State, but
rather fundamental rights. According to Kumaratunga there
were 800,000 Tamils overseas and the diaspora was now ready
for change.  In the last few months, Kumaratunga acknowledged
the mood and the thinking in the country was changing.
People were hopeful of change and were interested in moving
ahead.  Although Kumaratunga was no longer directly involved
in politics, she remarked that President Rajapaksa feared her
influence and had restricted her movements.
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Latest comments

  • 2

    CBK you make me laugh. The whole lot of you politcians from SWRD Bandaranayake,J.R.Jayawardena, CBK was selfserving from the start.Mahinda Rajapakse had a god given chance to change things, after the end of thirty years of terrorism. However the cronies around him will not allow the nation to overcome the nepotism,corruption that is endemic in the island.CBK you have had your chance and you messed it up please enjoy your retiremrnt in the UK and belt up.

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    If it is not for President Rajapakse sinhalese people would have been massacred by the megalomaniac Pirapaharan. All the presidents who were there before what did they do? Nothing. Give the credit where it is due.President Rajapaksa has saved Sri Lanka from worst terrorists ,lived on earth.Is’nt that itself is enough?

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    un-civilized – she missed to add

  • 2

    Madam,simply you have no option but to watch with envy how the country develops under a brave patriotic Sri Lankan educated leader (Not from a aristocratic family), but from deep South. A true son of the soil who has a backbone to stand by the country and its people. Madam, you and your one time political enemy Ranil from Colombo 7 put together cannot even ever dream of coming closer to the mighty Mahinda! We Sri Lankans are grateful and know best who could be our true leaders are. You and your pack are still conspiring to change the regime. But the people of this country are awake and that is manifested by the continued electoral victories to for the peoples government.Yes we do understand your frustrations and pain of mind, having reduced to nobody today in political oblivion and wilderness along with your chums and pals from the opposition! Learn to live gracefully in retirement than a sour grape. Viva Mahinda, you are unstoppable and let your detractors sling mud, make allegations , bang their heads againt walls and roll on the ground. The majority is firmly behind you.

  • 2

    I have read all the criticism, lets face it many governments of Sri lanka dance with the LTTE for the last 30 years while the country and it people were living in abject poverty. The politicians and the Tamil diaspora made fortunes from the endless wars but the people of Sri Lanka suffered both loss of lives and diginity to live as productive citizens. I left this country to the US in 1984 and have no intention of ever coming back. Now the LTTE terrorism is over and people atleast have the freedom of living relatively safe lives, but the LTTE has been replaced by ex-military gangster that are making life miserable for the people of Sri Lanka. Corruption amongst the politicians, public servants is all time high and the legal system is under political influence. We have sold the country to Chinese occupation but the infrastructure is better with new habors and airports, but at a hugh cost and burden tyo the working class Sri Lankans. Inspite of the dams and coal generators the cost of electricity is the highest in all of South Asia and food is as expensive as in America, but the average income of a sri lankan is still less than $100/month compared to $1,500/month in the US.All poltician just like the one’s in the US are power hungery and corrupt but unlike the US the legal system is under direct control of the politicians. The police and the arm forces are under government influence and all the media as well. The freedom of the Sri Lankan are restricted and the cost of living is simply unbearable with no relief in sight. The society of this country is not one of entitlement or opportunity, but rather a nepotistic and status ridden. The educational system is very rigid and ancient and does not rpovide opportunity for the youth to do anything with their lives even after getting a university degree. Science and research is dead in this country where the people are per-occupied with their gods and endless holidays with nothing accomplished or done at the work place. Many youth do not get the chance to even get a third rated university education in Sri Lanka, they turn to thugery and gangster lifestyle to survive. And the women are forced to leave the country and serve as maids in oppressive muslim countries just to be raped and killed by men in those countries. The sad reality of life in this country is that the only people who can live a rich lifestyle are the corrupt politicians and businessman. A professional career in medicine or in science is dead with a disgraceful salary not enough to support a family and even have a car. The brain drain continues and the country is left with the uneducated people amongst corrupt policians and businessman. This is the true plight of the ordinary working class Sri Lanka with no bright future or relief and with no opportunity to have a comfortable life style in Sri lanka.

    • 0

      This good Doctor I believe received his medical degree in Sri Lanka free at the tax payers expense and now he is making millions in the US. The crap he has written here indicates that he is no better than Chandrika.Those of us who continue to work and make a living in Sri Lanka are very happy with the progress the country is making under the present government. If in fact he qualified at our expense he should return a part of that money because the country needs that money to train others as doctors who will remain in Sri Lanka and serve the country.

      • 1

        I am not sure who you are one needs to remove the smoke screens and actually look at the life of ordinary people, they are struggling to survive whilst the businessmen and the politicains are making fortunes with foreign investments and shady deals. The cost of living is unbearable with price at global rates similar to the cost of thing in America but the people of Sri lanka cannot simply afford them when the average income is less than $100/month. These are facts I have relative in Sri lanka who are upper middle class and they are complaining about the cost especailly the outrageous electric beills of $200-300/month. These are facts my friend not crap. The present government has not done much to control the prices of food and utilities. The edicational system is very archiac and outdated with even the poorer countries in the world producing graduates who cannot compete in the global market. I left this misearble country in 1984 and received my education in the USA including my medical education, I am glad I did not receive a third rate mediacl degree from the university of Colombo. There are many Sri lankan doctors like me who want to help the country but are relunctant owing to the wide spread corruption and ministrial inefficiencies. The salaries of Doctor in Sri lanka are disgraceful where many businessman and politicians live oppulant lives and doctors still cannot afford even the cheapest car on their salaries. That is why there is such a brain drain of smart people from this countries. The country is left with idiots, and crooked politicians and businessman. There is no scientific innovations and research at any university in Sri lanka that is worth talking about the country is just a welfare living on loans from both western countries and now china and India. A strong educational system, self sufficiency and advances in technology and science is what got singapore and other Asian countries the envy of the world. We are too pre-occupied with are gods and goddesses to think about science and the people live their lives in ignorance and mass dellusion of a better life when in actuality the politicians and businessman have realized the true dream of a wealthy lifestyle in Sri lanka. These are facts and not mere fictional stories.

  • 1

    Totally agree with you, for instance when it was said that Judiciary is no longer independent, he provided solid proof in support. Remember the Picture that appeared in news papers when the new Lady Chief Justice was appointed?? She standing beside the President with her husband?? The husband was introduced as a Political Appointment of the President.

  • 0

    Why CBK angry with Mahinda because he did not release her couple of cheques for sum of millions she written after she was defeated from office to her NGO a/c.
    Actually speaking CBK is a bitch of a most respected family in Sri Lanka. She ruled SL for 12 years nothing done remarkable but left with corruption and loss.
    People given her a mandate because of Vijaya, Sirimawo and SWRDB. Most worst woman I have ever seen in Sri Lankan political history. Sri Lankan female dogs thousand times better than her.

  • 0

    Mahinda R is a game kolla who saved our country and commander of the whole team who saved all of us from LTTE. He never bent his back to the western pressure. He schooled at Richmond and Nalanda Colleges. If not for his brave leadership (Sarath Fonseka was only just the Commander of the Army at the time when LTTE was defeated….when US killed Osama Bin Laden did the US Army Commander at the time ask Barrack Obama to get out and give him the Presidency ?….he is got a better brain than Sarath F). Chandrika B is a buddhist convert and studied at St Bridgets convent. No feelings for the country but bent her back to the western world Sudda. Ranil too is a buddhist convert and schooled at Royal Vidyalaya in Colombo 7. He is a sucker of Sudda too. No true feelings for the country at all. It is only due to Mahinda R’s strong unbend able leadership only that now all Sri Lankans are roaming in the country without any fear at all. Else the LTTE would have now bombed the whole country from sky by now. This is not the time to check Mahinda’s educational certificates..he is the country’s President and under his able leadership he had saved all of us the Sri Lankans.

  • 0

    What a joker she is.

    CBK has no education. Never work any where. She is very stupid with low IQ.She became the leader because people sympathized after Vijayakumara’s death. Mahindha Rajapaksa is a lawyer.Rajapaksa family saved Sri Lanka from maniac Praba. CBK never did nothing for the country other than robbing the country. All she did was drinking Whiskey and sleeping with Sanath whole country knows that.No one in Sri Lanka has no respect for her. Readers Can compare Gotabaya to Anuruddha Ratwatta. Rajapaksa will be respected for thousands of more years from now on. You have lot of our money, leave us alone. Shame on you.

  • 0

    Okey guys just think positive, During CBK’s time what did she do? Sold the profit making AIR Lanka to Arabs, got a very good commission, then She sold the Gas company another commission, then the rest!!!!!!
    on the other hand for past 400 years the only person who gave total peace for Sri Lankens is H/E The President.
    He gave the real status to our ARMY, real place for people, stated development in every part of the country.
    The only leader who had the back borne to tell the west to back off this is our country you dont control us any more.
    During this time what did CBK do? she went all over the world and build a force against our nation thank you for that CBK, because traitors like you our war hero was called on to US courts so again thank you for that as well you bitch.

  • 0

    “Fonseka came from a Buddhist extremist background, he seemed more honest than Rajapaksa”

    You Are Real President..

  • 0

    “The actions of the Sri Lanka armed forces, coupled with the economic blockade imposed on the Tamil homeland, are a clear contravention of the Geneva Convention relating to non international armed conflicts. The impunity with which President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s government continues its genocidal onslaught on the Tamil people is an affront to the sensibilities of the international community. We urge non governmental organisations and governments with a deep commitment to human rights to publicly condemn the terrorism of the Sri Lanka government and help to save the Tamil people from further wanton destruction at the hands of a Sinhala dominated Sri Lankan state. (Press Release by International Educational Development, a Non Governmental Organisation on the United Nations Economic and Social Council Roster – 24 September 1995

  • 0

    During the CBK era sri lanka went into recession. it was -1.5 growth of the economy. I cant beleive person like her would make such a comment on her own party leader.

    shame on you CHANDRIKA!!!!!!!

  • 0

    This bitch must have lost her other eye as well!

  • 0

    Dear Lord, please pardon me. I voted for this bi*ch once.

  • 0

    ChandrikaK accuses Rajapakse as ‘uneducated and uncultured rascals.’ For one thing Rajapakses never brag about their education and their family apishness. But I remember very well how Lasantha Wickramatunga elucidated us about Chandrika’s education. He said; Chandrika was never educated at Sorbonne but studied in a French education institute called ‘Science Por’ and she had never done any kind of Phd research which she claimed bogusly.
    I say; Chandrika is jealous of Mahinda Rajapakse and for that reason alone she is blind and cannot appreciate what Mahinda had done and is doing for this country.
    She talked about President Rajapaksa abusing power. She had forgotten to what extent she had habitually rundown the very constitution that she swore to protect. Remember, even at the very last minute, she tried her very best to interpret its wording to hang on to power for few more months.
    She is said to have said that governance had broken down and corruption was appallingly bad. What nonsense she is talking about; haven’t we seen all her cherished egalitarian qualities during her infamous Wayaba electioneering. She presents as if she is a Samaritan. Yet we all know that her erstwhile confidantes and body guards had been of the type Baddegane Sanjivas. This lady thinks we are born again Christians like her.
    As for her rule, other than waste, corruption and evil deeds, what worthwhile accomplishment she could claim as she had initiated and completed during all those wasteful years. Insofar as we are concerned, she couldn’t fulfil anything but had botched up everything. The bread that she promised to give at Rs.3.50 was made to raise more than twenty fold by the end of her rule.
    The electricity board that was running at a profit before her time was ruined to run at a colossal loss for sheer lack of vision. In the name of appeasing minorities she gave into evangelists and tiger backers and cancelled building the much needed Norochcholai coal power station and resorted to expensive diesel generation. And we had experienced long drawn out blackouts and puffed up bills.
    The US ambassador Butenis may wish or like to think the mood and the thinking in the country was changing. But if she think President Rajapaksa feared Chandrika’s influence and had restricted her movements, she is nothing but a fool. Let me tell Butenis that Chandrika cannot win even a municipality today. If Butenis wants to know why in specific, she should read that Ivan’s book called ‘Bandit Queen’.

  • 0

    The problems of Ceylon since 1956 lies with the Bandarsnayakas. SWRD was financed by the Indian merchants and the Indian Intelligence service in 1951 to divide the Sinhala people.
    An indian merchant had a mortgage on SWRDs residence in case he did not follow their instructions. Buddharakitha was the only other person to finance SWRD. Indian merchants did not allow SWRD to grant the contract to ship rice from Burma. He was shot dead and he definitely deserved it.
    He did not nationalise any Indian owned
    mega businesses but nationalised Sihala businesses.

  • 0

    SO DO I AM

  • 0

    People who live in Sri Lanka would be ideally placed to evaluate the reality of life under the various heads of state, say from the first executive president JR Jayawardene, through R Premadasa, DB Wijetunge, CB Kumaratunge and MP Rajapakse.

    The thirty -year civil war was concluded in May 2009. It enabled huge savings from the massive expenditure incurred in purchasing armaments and conducting military operations. No other major drain on finances has since been experienced by Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lankans who had lived in Sri Lanka through these periods from around 1977 up to the present (2012) should reflect on issues like hopes for their children’s future, education, employment, quality of life and affordability of food, health care and clean environment etc. comparing all the above periods and come to some balanced conclusions on how they percieve life under the various leaderships, from then to now…

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