25 July, 2024


WikiLeaks: ‘We Will Make Sure The Report To Congress Is Identified As Secondary Source Reporting’ – Blake To Gota

By Colombo Telegraph –

“Blake said that the report requested by Congress on potential violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity committed during the final stages of the conflict is expected to be released in mid to late October. It is secondary source reporting and we will make sure it is identified as such, Blake said.” the US State Department wrote to US Embassy Colombo. 


“However, part of political reconciliation is identifying an accountability process to deal with past human rights abuses and look at what occurred in the final stages of the war. Rajapaksa responded that commissions like these are going to tear the people apart, suggesting that LTTE supporters would exploit the process. He said the government did a lot to control wide-scale abuses, such as those, he implied, that had occurred in the past. Mass rape and village massacres did not occur during the GSL’s campaign, and he pointed again to the positive overall experience in the Eastern Province. In that case, said Blake, the GSL had nothing to fear from a national dialogue and reconciliation. Rajapaksa said the government is committed to winning hearts and minds, but it has only been three months since the end of fighting.” the US State Department further wrote.

A classified diplomatic cable which details a meeting the US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake has had with  Secretary to the Ministry of Difence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on September 24, 2009 in US. The Colombo Telegraph found the related US diplomatic cable from the Secretary of State section of the WikiLeaks database. The cable was classified as “Confidential” signed by Hillary Clinton on September 25 2009.

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    Something happened, a crime has been committed, but at the end of the day nobody will be found guilty. Time is passing and the truth of the massacre is there. But nobody seems really interested in justice and accountability, not the Tamil diaspora, who wants revenge, nor the Sri Lankan Tamils, who need to survive. The international community is too busy in counting alliances and deals, India too concerned with its own intruigues. One more victim is the global effort of universal citizenship. Let’s wait for the next Wikileaks or Google Earth to see how human rights have shrinked so far.

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      The so called massacre of civilians by armed forces, never happened but were created by the Tigers and Tiger friendly NGOs for very selfish reasons, such as to justify their claims for refugee status in the rich nations of the West. They keep repeating this lie, because they believe by repeating the lie over and over again will help it to be accepted as the truth, and therafter the flow-on benefits for the Tiger terrorists..

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        Then you and your regime have nothing to worry say yes for an independent investigation…After all “nothing” happened, hundred thousand missing tamils just teleported to another galaxy during the final stages of the war and the fourty thousand dead simply killed themselves..

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