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Anti-Muslim Attacks In The Name Of Buddhism

By Chandrika Kumaratunga

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga

I’m deeply concerned about the outbreak of communal violence and Anti- Muslim attacks that occurred in several areas of the country, in the past week. I’m saddened by the loss of precious lives, the displacement of families and the wanton destruction of property.  My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and their livelihoods.

I’m appalled by initial reports that the violence seems orchestrated and followed a public meeting and a provocative march by violent extremists who pursue their narrow, personal goals, in the name of Buddhism.

It’s a matter of great concern that the law enforcement authorities have failed to deal with the hate mongering and blatant violation of the Law for nearly 18 months.

Government connivance with communal violence in 1983 led the country to a terribly destructive war for 25 years. Since then, several governments of Sri Lanka led the military, the Police and the peoples of Lanka to defeat terrorism and separatism.

The present government played an essential role in finally bringing an end to war and terrorism.

We now have before us, an extraordinary opportunity for Progress and Prosperity by creating a Pluralist, Inclusive Democracy, giving to all our citizens, equal economic, socio-cultural and political opportunity. The freedom of belief and of expression is key elements of a free, democratic society and of a politically stable, economically prosperous State.

It is the duty of Government to protect the lives of every one of its citizens, to guarantee the rule of Law prevails for all alike. It is the sacred responsibility of the highest authorities of government to ensure this.

I say this, without hesitation, as I’m aware of how speedily my government successfully halted acts of provocation and communal violence, on several occasions, against Christian churches and also against Muslim persons and their property, which occurred in several Districts in the South and the East. Immediate and strong action resolved the issue.

In the name of the immense sacrifices made by our peoples for a quarter of a century ,during the ethnic conflict and the ensuing terrorism, I urge  that of the large number of leaders, organizations and individuals to call upon the government, especially its leaders, to take immediate action in every way possible, to bring a halt to this communal and religious violence, to institute an impartial inquiry into the incidents ,without delay and to direct the law enforcement authorities to take strict legal action against the instigators and perpetrators of this savage violence.

We cannot, we must not allow our Motherland to be dragged into another civil War, by a small group of extremists. The vast Majority of Sinhala Buddhists believes in the path of understanding, loving kindness, generosity and rationality.

We must all unitedly strive to eliminate this dangerous affliction of hatred towards the other communities and build an United Lanka, where Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Christian peoples live in Harmony

*Statement by the former President Kumaratunaga – 23rd June 2014

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    Though in CBK period the economy was destroyed. She tried her level best to maintain peace amongst community!

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      I think the only thing CBK said right in her whole carrier is this.

      “President Kumaratunga found the Rajapaksa family involvement in politics very distasteful and called them ‘uneducated and uncultured rascals.’ She worried that the political climate since her term had become “vindictive and threatening” and that Rajapaksa had ‘muddied the thinking’ of masses.” The US ambassador wrote to Washington.

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        What the hell are you talking man, she was not that low level as the incumbent has been. To that time, with all the sky high problmes, she mannaged to keep the cost of living to a level… teachers salaries were for the first time gone up only during her times. If her EXTEERNAL AFAIRS DID not get LTTE banned on the rich soils, not MR or anyone could not have eleminated LTTER terror from the island.
        Credit should be given where it is due. These buggers in power, only grab everything as if they are masters but lag today, being unable to handle the peace between muslims and majority folks.

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          CBK is the BEST joint opposition candidate to defeat the Corrupt and criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa regime at this time.
          Unlike Maduluwawe Sobith Thero, Ranil Wickramasinghe and clown Sajith Premadasa who can only talk about his father and keeps dropping Ranasinghe Premadasa name, CBK has an excellent grasp of the national problem in Sri Lanka and has the courage and commitment to solve it and have genuine reconciliation.

          The Shameless Ranil Wickramasinghe had always used the minorities and played ball to get more power among the Sinhala Modayas (recall how he burnt in Paliament (the agreement to share power drafted by Neelan T and GL), and Sajith Premadasa who does not have an undergraduate degree, does not have the brains to grasp even the first thing about identity politics.
          Sobitha Thero needs to first prove himself capable by reforming Sinhala Buddhist Sanga establishment and getting rid of the cursed BBS and derobing GAG as BBS Balu Sena is an insult to Buddhism the world over and what the Buddha taught.

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            Accusing RW CONSTATANTLY cant bring us further. Most of the accusations are far from facts and figures. People to this have been brainwashed by their media machines. CBK and other leaders had been treated the same way by Raja regime. It is the lack of seniors in UNP party caused all the hurdles all these times. RW as a good natured, cultured, educated person, we should commend him as the only person who is competent and uncorrupted is. All other parties to rally round him and build up a coalition, even CBK could do that making a promise that she would not continue after being won. Gone were the days we discussed too much but did not the least. Now time has come to react more than stay on conflict modes.

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      Sinhala Buddhist: Mahawansa Black June

      June 2014 will go down in the annals of Sri Lankan history as a turning point in ethnic relations, with large scale communal violence being unleashed on a most hapless minority. This month saw the worst acts of violence targeted against the country’s second largest minority, the Muslims, since the infamous anti-Tamil pogrom of July 1983.

      This month has been aptly termed ‘Black June’.

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        [Edited out]

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          Ela kollo – hope you come to sense soon.

          Abhaya is marching on the right direction.

          Our common enemy is Rajapakshes.. no body else.
          Sinhalaya baluwela … so long Rajapakshes are there, more ballahs will raise the head demolishing the nation to ruins.

          All these should have doggy genes not to even feel that much. But we see the light at the end of the tunnel – Rajapakshes will be hated by locals and IC very soon now.
          The days they are brought before the I courts, the day of the beigning of reconciliation and peace harmony of the state

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      Dear Madame Chandrika Kumaratunga, former president of Sri Lanka.

      Eyewitness News and information on Sinhala “Buddhism”


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      Remember what cbk said about Tamils during her visit to South Africa during 1999?
      She said that Tamils were “not the original people” of Sri Lanka.
      And also remember Chemmani massacre?

      Here is the video……

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      Chandrika Kumaratunga –

      Anti-Muslim Attacks In The Name Of Buddhism

      Sri Lankan Buddhists please stop racism in sri lanka –


      Published on May 12, 2013
      Sri Lankan Buddhists please stop racism in sri lanka –

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      Was it CBK’s work or

      All were scared to get blown off by LTTE. SO, they were united ?

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    Dear Madame Chandrika Kumaratunga –

    Thank you for bringing this Sinhala “Buddhist” Racism, Fascism and Chauvinism to the forefront and exposing them to the true Buddhists.

    “I’m deeply concerned about the outbreak of communal violence and Anti- Muslim attacks that occurred in several areas of the country, in the past week. I’m saddened by the loss of precious lives, the displacement of families and the wanton destruction of property. My thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and their livelihoods.”

    “I’m appalled by initial reports that the violence seems orchestrated and followed a public meeting and a provocative march by violent extremists who pursue their narrow, personal goals, in the name of Buddhism.”

    “It’s a matter of great concern that the law enforcement authorities have failed to deal with the hate mongering and blatant violation of the Law for nearly 18 months.”

    The facts, known so far are given below.

    RE: “Anti-Muslim Attacks Well-Planned Government Effort” A Minor incident?

    So you wan to appease the BBS and the Sinhaka Buddhist Racists and Chauvinists? No.

    The evidence points to that. The Monk of Kanda Vihara and the the driver seem to have been been set up for this false Flag operation. “Most importantly, why did the Inspector General of Police N.K. Ilangakoon state that a Buddhist monk had been assaulted when he had no evidence to support the claim? The Judicial Medical Officer’s report which would have either proven or refuted the said monk’s claim (as of Friday) has not been issued. Highly placed sources at the Attorney General’s Office could not confirm that the monk had indeed been assaulted” Why lie? What is the need to lie?

    1. The problem is that these Sinhala “Buddhists”, and the State and Mara have been making so many lies, both small and big, for so long, they are unable to distinguish between a small lie and a big lie and the repercussions of the lie. So in order to sort out the lies, the chain of events need to be sorted out with factual evidence, instead of he said-she said arguments. This is what I gathered from the grape wine, the actual events need to be confirmed with more independent eye witness news.

    2. There was an altercation between a three wheeler owned by two Muslim youth and the driver of the van the Monk from Kanda Vihara was travelling. It was not clear if it was related to a parking or accident or a verbal exchange that resulted in the exchange of blows between the drive rand the two or 3 Muslim youth.

    3. However, even though the driver and the Monk were hospitalized, apparently there was no medical evidence for any injuries on the Monk. so what is the truth? Did the Monk lie? did the driver lie?

    4.. There are rumors that the Monk attached to the Kanda Vihara, Alutgama,is an agent of BBS, though not a member, and may have participated in a False Flag Operation, set up for a rally on Sunday, with the President out in Bolivia. Was it a random traffic altercation, or a well planned operation to come up with a reason for the rally on Sunday the 15th and the BBS terrorism later on? Circumstantial evidence and the chain of events appear to show that it was planned ahead, well ahead of June 12th. Did the IGP have complicity? Was Gotabaya Rajapaksa behind it? Was is exclusively BBS? What role do the police play> Why were they spectators and assisters?

    5. Rumors were spread saying that a Monk was killed by Muslims. So clearly, this was planned. Besides, the BBS and Gotanaya Rajsapaksa, who knew of the plan?

    6. “It was not, let us repeat, not a peaceful procession” Yes it was not a peaceful procession. They were looking for trouble. Initial Attack by BBS and other Terrorists looking for a fight in Aluthgama.



    7. One can see the BBS thugs were protected by police and the people in the procession stated firing or the police stated firing.

    8. “If there was convoluted justification of last Sunday’s violence and if justification spurred further violence the blame falls squarely on the IGP for making the following (irresponsible) statement: ‘Three Muslims in a trishaw assaulted the driver and the Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monk was in hospital receiving treatment for two days and then discharged. He was to be taken to the temple in a procession when the incident occurred.’” The Govt, is trying to whitewash the BBS and Gotabaya Rajapaksa using Shills.

    9.. So, who are the suspects for this “Minor” incident by the Sinhala Buddhist racists BBS and their UPFA Supporters?

    a) Gotabaya Rajapaksa
    b) BBS and its members and riot participants
    c) Police
    d) Special police, STF
    e) Monk of Kanda Vihara. Authgama
    f) The Driver g) The three Muslim Youth
    h) The Editors of Silumina for Lying

    g) The Editors of Daily Mirror for lying

    h) The Editors of Daily News. i) Host of other shills.


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    Madam,, we need you back!!!!!! there is no man in the opposition which can give these Raja-passe mob a run at the Presidential elections. The leader of the opposition is not even half a man ,, a serial loser. You were a very neutral and non communal President. I am sure all peace loving and decent Sinhalese, Tamils. Muslims, Christians and others will love to vote for you. This time around if you contest it apparent you are doing so out of retirement only for the love of our Motherland and not for hunger for office unlike the Raja- passe mob and their BBS goons. You are Mother Lanka’s last chance and only hope !!!!!!!!!!!please come back and Save this Nation.

    • 9

      CBK was far from perfect; She made mistakes; For God’s sake, she was not free of corruption; She has not heard that the Clock was invented centuries ago – but she has some learning, experience, class and upbringing. She is non-communal, liberal and enjoys a good local and global profile. She is fearless and will hold the thieving Rajapakses to account. She must contest under the New Sri Lanka Freedom Party label to take the sting out of the Rajapakses, who have less claim to the SLFP. She will unite the country and bring peace between the races and respect among the religions. The Buddhist Clergy and the now important politicised armed forces will watch her with suspicion. She may be the best choice to overthrow the Rajapakses democratically in an electorate where face identity is an important factor.

      Mangala will agree and support her – but he too must learn from his mistakes – the biggest one was he loves to live extravagantly on the meagre resources of the State. A divided UNP has no choice but to join her in a Coalition. The serial-loser Ranil must be despatched home – on retirement. Or he must accept the post of Foreign Minister under CBK in case she wins. Why not? William Hague did it in the UK after being Party leader and there are several examples in the Israeli cabinet. Sarath Fonseka and the JVP should also consider joining the Coalition. I know others who think along the same lines with Ranil as the leader and CBK as Foreign Minister. The TNA should not join such a Coalition in a communal Sinhala electorate but offer outside support.


      • 1


        Today,communal hatred has become a part of
        country development projects in the MARA & co
        chinthana.There are two things that any of
        Srilankan successive leaders engaged
        themselves not to take into account even after
        each of them had first hand experience,big or
        small.And Chandrika no exception.Easy to talk
        from retirement.No leader did anything to
        promote lasting harmony among communities and
        nobody did anything to stop communal hatred
        taking root in the country.They all exploited
        the prevailing hatred by silently watching the
        tree grows bigger because at the end,it was
        the minority that suffered and that was not an
        issue for them.None of them was ready to take
        risks in their play to uphold justice for the
        affected party.One such incident against
        Chandrika in her own electoral district was,
        the grenade attack at Bairaha at Dalugama
        somewhere between 1995-1997 and the consequent
        closure soon after opening by one of her own
        strongman Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopille,
        another Gampaha district MP!The clash was not
        directly between Sinhala and Muslim persons
        but Sinhala and Muslim business communities.
        And in the same period,Gnanam was not allowed
        to open his outlet St Anthoneys in
        Kiribathgoda.Now the question is clear madam
        Chandrika.Now,in the case of Bairaha,you,your
        minister,the DIG at the time all were on the
        side of Bairaha but without success.Even now
        it is a racist kingdom.In your time you just
        allowed the thugs of Kelaniya to rule
        Kelaniya,that’s twelve years.Now your wrong
        pick MR,another twelve years,what has changed
        in Kelaniya?Now,more locations follow Kelaniya
        and even forcing into Muslim populated areas.
        This country doesn’t belong to unruly racist
        Buddhist monks who are a shame to Buddha.Are
        you ready to work out a plan to separate
        Sinhalese from rogue Buddhism?Sinhalese from
        rogue Sinhalese?Strictly enforce the law that
        all people are free to establish businesses
        wherever they choose to?Perpetrators are
        punished?A climate immediately created for
        anyone to live anywhere,I mean settle down
        anywhere in the country without harassment and
        humiliation from the bigger numbers?Leadership
        is not a luxury,a leader must look after the
        people of all hues,at least for a fee!
        Otherwise they are all thieves with protection!

        • 0

          I cannot but agree with most of what Whywhy says. Increasing communal and religious tension too is a profitable business to some of our political leaders now in governance. Kudu Mervin, the new Messiah of the Kelaniya Buddhists, is bent on “cleansing” the electorate of Muslims, Tamils and even his own Christians. Not for the sake of Buddhism but to advance his own political ambitions in an electorate where his own life is in danger from his own ex criminal comrades fighting for the drug turf.
          Who arranged the meeting with the Pope for this drug-trafficker?
          Does’nt the venerable Vatican screen those who secure an audience with The Holy Father. Or is it the good intention of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith in the hope the Kudu rascal will turn a new leaf. Fat hope. Sihala Buddhist Chauvinism runs riot in Kelaniya and most of the country where there live other communities in sizeable numbers. Are the Rajapakse Bros capable of repairing the deep communal and religious wounds of recent dates in the country – sincerely. Why is GR’s mouthpiece and propaganda man Chandraprema (Island) used to attack USA and the American Ambassador? Have relations between the USA and the Rajapakses collapsed at a time when OCHR/UN is about to act against the Rajapakses (and not Sri Lanka and its people, as Mr. Sampanthan took pains to make a distinction of)


    • 0

      Reality is that she could never come back … I know she tries hard and guys like you want her coming back so that country could be divided … But, it is a dream … You guys are white washing Muslim extremists exactly like TULF’s leadership did it for LTTE … You renember what happened to Amirthalingham and many leaders of TULF … Boys killed them in cold blood without any mercy … History repeat itself with regards to Muslim extremists … They are now mollycoddled by you guys lead by people like Chandrika, Kumar David, Laksiri in a hurry to change the regime …
      These guys have no shame in supporting Muslim extremism, they utter no single word regarding Muslim extremism … What a world!
      What is the percentage of conflicts of the world which involved muslims/Muslims and Muslims/others?
      I think it is in high 90’s … I’m not surprised at all if these ‘Muslim lovers’ say that in all these Muslim conflicts, BBS is behind with the help of Gota …
      They blame one side and do not see the extremism of Muslims at all. Their logic is insane and their hatred towards sinhales Budhists has no limits … They want to create huge gorilla out of Sinhalese Budhists who are very very minute minority in this world … Their short sightedness analysing affairs in the world is in public display … Whole of their energy is narrowed down to one aim … Change of regime … They are blinded to all others …
      Chandrika says “We cannot, we must not allow our Motherland to be dragged into another civil War, by a small group of extremists. The vast Majority of Sinhala Buddhists believes in the path of understanding, loving kindness, generosity and rationality…”
      Yes! The vast majority of Sinhalese Budhists believs in the path of understanding, loving kindness, generosity and rationality … I must add one more very very important one … That is they are wide awake and see what’s happening in the world right now …. That quality will not serve these Srilankan haters well … More they try, more is exposed … Their hatred towards country and the it’s people has no bounds …

  • 5

    Deerga Aayou for at last, coming out with a genuine desire to liberate the desperate, helpless and hungry victims of a cruel regime which you in away paved the way to establish themselves. As a relative of a very close foreign officer and a friend of yours, I beg you to forget the past differences between parties ,individuals and establish a parliament, legal, monitory system strong, honest and working peoples group of MPS.
    May the ‘Dhamma’ save the country.

    Hint. 1/2 SLFP+ 1/2 UNP + DP + JVP

    • 7

      anonymous and Madame,

      “May the ‘Dhamma’ save the country. Hint. 1/2 SLFP+ 1/2 UNP + DP + JVP ”

      28% + 15% + 10% +8% = 60%

      Yes. You become President and Save the Dhamma from Mara and Mara’s Family hegemony.

      • 1

        anonymous and ,Madam and Amarasiri ,

        “May the ‘Dhamma’ save the country. Hint. 1/2 SLFP+ 1/2 UNP + DP + JVP

        28% + 15% + 10% +8% = 60% “

        don’t forget the whole minority’s (Tamil and Muslims) votes as well. .

        PS: Ra Daniel dawal Migel Ranil and Mutt Sajith want to see the continuation of MR rule for another 6 more years , simply because they know damn well under CBK rule both will be sidelined .best option for CBK is to contest the election along with Ven Sobitha Thero as an independent.

  • 10

    Is this an election pitch? CBK can say all she wants about wanting a pluralist society etc, but in reality, she will need to deal with the Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalism head on. I do not agree with her notion that, it is a small minority that exhibit Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalist ideology, far from it; rather, it has wide-spread support and sympathy among the Sinhala Buddhist community in general. Many give their tacit approval regardless of their social grouping they belong!

    Basically, the Sinhala Buddhists view Sri Lanka as their alone. They were jealous of the Tamils and attacked them when the conditions were right. Now they are jealous of the Muslims and their success; conditions are right now for them to attack the Muslims. All along the incumbent regimes encourage and abet with tacit backing. Nothing has changed since July 1983. The lull in the Sinhala Buddhist aggression towards the minorities can be explained through the emergence of the formidable LTTE. Now that the LTTE is no more, the normal rendition has begun with vengeance. What is it with the Sinhala Buddhists? They will not live peacefully, and will not allow the other to live in Peace either. How can CBK ameliorate such a people with such ingrained mental make-up?

    • 2

      Buring_Issue and Madame Chandrika Kumaratunga,

      “What is it with the Sinhala Buddhists? They will not live peacefully, and will not allow the other to live in Peace either. How can CBK ameliorate such a people with such ingrained mental make-up?”

      1. They believe in the Monk Mahanama lies and Imaginations. So, expose Monk Mahanama lies and Imaginations. Challenge BBS and Sinhala “Buddhist” Chauvinists to prove that the lies and imaginations are true.

      2. The Sinhala are Paras from South India just like Tamils and Most Muslims. The DNA in their Bodies proves that. Challenge them, to test their DNA, and the DNA of Muslims and Tamils, Muslims and Native Vedda, to prove or disprove their claims.

      3. To JHU, the so-called Jatika Hela Urimaya, rename them Jatika Para Urumaya.

      4. Post the Vedi Urumaya poster all over and distribute as leaflets.


      The Poster is given below. This is NOT copyrighted, print as many as you want, and post on walls, trees, T-shirts, Busses etc, including temples, Churches, mosques, Schools. Put footnote and say that the Earth goes around the Sun. Not many para know that in the land of Native Veddha. What are the facts pertaining to Lanka?

      So, this is Amarasiri ‘s Poster, which Amarasiri wants on every wall in Lanka.

      Those Para who cannot live as Egalitarian members of society, in keeping with the Native Veddah culture and Ethics, are requested to leave for their Native Land, South India, as proved by DNA analysis of the Paras.

      ENGLISH TRANSLATION of Sinhala and Tamil poster













      Lanka will be peaceful, and the Naive Veddah can live in an environmentally friendly manner. No more Para Wars. Pars, please Go, Go, Go…

      They will not be able to,

    • 0

      Dear Burning Issue,
      Let me guide you toward the path, which is the ‘Noble Eightfold Path’

      ( this is a 100% safe site and you will be amazed when you find out where real Buddhists and the Dhamma still exists.

      First of all you must remove the ‘Coloured Glasses’ you are wearing.
      In ‘Dhamma’ the teaching of the Buddha, there are no such things or beings called Sinhala or Buddhist. There is no ‘Me, Mine, You’ ……etc;. I do not think you are in the realm of the ‘Aryans’ still to understand the importance and the value of this present moment but that does not mean you are not capable of entering the path.

      “They will not live peacefully, and will not allow the other to live in Peace either”
      In your thoughts or imaginations, who are they?… whom are you referring to?. We must always ask the question ourselves…’Who am I’?.

      If one starts to find a solution to any question with ‘ I think…..the conclusion would always be……therefore I am’

      So, I my self do not think, but ‘there is thinking’. Pretty complicated isn’t it?

    • 0

      Many seniors will support CBK but not the blood sucker MR … that is for sure.

      She should have learnt lessions from the past. Everyone makes mistakes, but to the degree that we now experience in the current regime, no any presidents have made. He is the worst president.. thought his regime won the relay raise due to collective reasons.
      But having grabbed the war victory credit as they continue with land grabs across the country…. they have made a wrong picture about MR through out the country.
      IC will support CBK and Sobitha thero are the ones remain to save this nation from current crital situation.
      MR has proved that he has not held any initial talks yet with TAMIL representatives, nor has he initiated either. In CBKs times, there were all efforts made to get brutal LTTEers to the table. That is aware to entire IC.

    • 0

      B.I. writes wisely. The curse of the Sinhala Nation is its narrow Buddhist clerical hierarchy and the rise of Buddhist Fundamentalism
      in response to other extremist developments in the world. Positioning of the majority of the Buddhist Sinhalese the island is theirs exclusively alone – the Mahavamsa mindset, if you like brings in the votes to form stable governments. Curiously, this excludes useful, peaceful and patriotic Sinhala Christians/Catholics – clubbed with “the other” since the mid-1950s.

      The other factor that inflates the ranks of those hire-a-mob ruffians in the street is the very large number of educated unemployed youth, who, although they might disagree with the chaos and violence they inflict, nonetheless have no other source of income. So they care little if they attack Tamil, Muslim or even Sinhala people or assets. What we see is the unhealthy convergence of many hungry, restless sections of the population out to get a piece of the action.

      We will have to await the arrival of a strong Statesman/Statesperson
      to take us out of this narrow prejudice. It is not easy but it will happen – sooner than later. Until then Sri Lanka will go through turmoil of different kinds in the absebce of good, plural and truly democratic governance.

      R. Varathan

  • 13

    Another anti-Muslim pogrom is planned for tomorrow in Kandy by BBS in the guise of some Buddhist puja!

    ‘Devotees” are requested to come from all over the island reports say!

    BBS is given permission by Gota, the genocidaire and war criminal, to go ahead it seems!

    Shame on Sinhala Buddhist Sorry Lanka state and its rulers.

    UN should intervene usingR2P.

    • 3

      Is the true? What’s your source Thiru? How can they prevent the Muslim demo that was to be held opposite Fort Railway Station today, on flimsy excuse of fears of breach of security, and now allow this to happen in Kandy to happen on s much bigger scale.

      I guess it is a case of ‘baduth haamuduruwange, naduth haamuduruwange’. Ah, ah, Ohoma yasn, ohoma yan’, ‘wadai varadhunama thamai theyrei.’.

  • 4

    You make good sense Madam President, but unfortunately this article will unleash the demons who will now personally attack you, and refer to the past, totally unable to comprehend and address, the subject matter.
    You are right here, these racial attacks are an abomination, and only bringing shame to the country.
    Encouraging ethnic violence by leaders of any nation is dangerous and asking for bigger problems, that
    will get out of control. This inability for the present rulers here, to protect ALL ethnicities, and treat all citizens alike, is deplorable.

  • 1

    Anti-Muslim Attacks In The Name Of Buddhism

    The government has three faces


    The present leaders of the UPFA government wearing various masks promote communalism for their existence say political analysts. They say communalist leaders of the government who rouse the Sinhalese against the Muslims and vice versa and also the Sinhalese against the Tamils and vice versa are behind the communalist trend that is spreading throughout the island.

    There is a communalist tendency that is raising its ugly head in the country again. The violent bursting of these communalist tendencies was seen at Aluthgama, Beruwal and Dharga Town recently. At the moment the whole country is feeling the tremor of the violence that was unleashed by a handful of communalist lunatics.

    The present government cannot evade the responsibility of nurturing the communalism that has come up with a religious tint. For, politicians such as Rauff Hakeem and Rishad Bathiyutheen who rouse Muslim community against the Sinhalese, Weerawansa and Champika Ranawaka who stir up Sinhalese communalism and Dougles, Karuna and Pilleyan who represent Tamil communalism flourish in the present government.

    It has been well established now that it is Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who backs up the BBS that leads groups that rouse Sinhalese communalism. The likes of Weerawansas and Champikas promote groups such as ‘Sihala Ravaya’ and Rawana Balaya’.

    At the Eastern PC election held last the Muslim Congress headed by Rauff Hakeem sowed communalism throughout their campaign while the UPFA carried out its campaign spreading Sinhalese communalism.

  • 9

    You are the only one to take on this evil man. He will sell Buddhism to win the election and also sell Srilanka to China.

    Godd luck and God save Srilanka!

    • 2

      Godd luck and God save Sri lanka from Mara and MaRa and Family.

  • 1

    It looks like CBK is a closet Christian.

    She says her prayers is with the people.

    • 2

      Jimmy woukd not that be a great qualification given the morose mob behaviour of the Budhist of Sri Lanka and thier Dummanayakes – that the Budha never recommended for any thing else but to beg, lead excemplary monastic life instead of being the morons that they have turned out to be?

  • 12

    Actually Madam Chandrika, we cannot agree with you in what you are saying. You were the President in our Country for 10 years but you failed to bring the peace to the Country. But Hon. Mahinda gave us the peace and now we are exporting excess peace to foreign Countries. Recently we exported Large stock of Peace to Bolivia for which our Hon. President received an award also. Now it is up to our University Bosses or Chief Prelates of Asgiri and Malwathu to arrange another title as ” Saama Chakrawarthi”. In my Opinion Nobel price committee should consider his name for “Noble Price for Peace” for his contribution towards peace in Bolivia while suggesting “Gobble Price” for Naanasara in Sri Lanka. May be you still do not know that our Hon. President has categorized the Aluthgama Incident as “minor” as only killed 3. In any case he is considering to appoint a high profile commission to Investigate in to the Incident. During your 10 years you didn’t do anything to protect “Pure Sinhala Buddhism” in Sri Lanka but Hon.Mahinda and his Family created BBS(Pvt)Ltd, White Van (Madamulana) pvt.ltd, Rawana Balaya, Sinhala Rawaya, Dharmapala Parapura and so on. Now they are doing the rest to protect the Pure Sinhala Buddhism in Our “Pin Bima”. Govt. of our Hon. President recognizes threat from Muslim extremists and wellala Vigneshwaran and the credit should go to Champika Ranawaka, Nishantha Sri Warnasinha, Galagoda Gandasaara, Wimal Weerawansa and other Deshapreme. You didn’t have such Deshapremis in your Govt. I still feel you are responsible today’s mess as you failed to introduce “Prevention of State Terrorism act” during your time.

    • 0

      Ha ha, lapatiya well said. -:)

    • 1

      Enjoyed it, Lapatiya. Specially liked the sting in the tail? Ouch!

    • 0


      America also brought peace to Japan by dropping two nuclear bombs onto Japan in 1945.

  • 1

    What she says is that she was never a suitable president for majority -buddhist Sri Lanka. She simply did not know Problems and onslaught faced by Sinhala – buddhists.

    • 3


      Best thing for the Sinhala Buddhists is to kill off all the minorities. I do not think that you lot are capable to building a plural society on equal footing; this you so eloquently manifest on these forums. You feel chronically insecure and helpless within a plural setup; such feelings run through right across your pathetic society. It is just unfortunate that you happened to be the majority!

    • 0

      Yet I wonder why Rajapakse hasn’t said a word about BBS, but said a lot about the Hatals. One would have thought that it would have been so easy to dismantle Hatals with all the Al-Quida networks around globe, and which the UN would have probably given its thumbs up if they were eradicated from the very onset. Wonder why Rajapakse has to use BBS and Champika Ranawaka persons to incite violence on these so called Muslim jihadist networks, when all he had to do was call the armed forces onto them.

    • 1

      Hitler considered Jews a threat to Germany. Tamils and Muslims are considered as a threat to the Sinhalese by people like Gim Softy.Can anybody show any difference between Hitler followers and tribe of JimSofty?

      • 0

        It sure looks like Nazi Germany at present, with Rajapakse’s muted attitude towards BBS et al.

        However, we will wait and see how he moves in these coming weeks. Maybe wisdom away from the inheritance of racial rhetoric of successive governments and cultural heritage might see him creating a better structure for Lankan pluralistic society (and for the benefit of the SB majority).

        Hope that rather than Muslim societies working solely for themselves, and out of context with the local SB, they will incorporate local SB’s into their prosperity.

        One Muslim man therefore cannot set up a mighty shop in the middle of SB territory and be smug about it. For example, when setting up shop with SLMC funds (collected of the Muslims, by the Muslims, and for the Muslims), it should be mandatory for SLMC to also give part of it to SB’s also (more directly i.e., rather than through taxation – taxation, no one sees where exactly money goes to).

        Same thing happened to SB’s during tsunami times. When destroyed villages tried to set up brand new villages with all the foreign funds available, unaffected villages started complaining that they were unprivileged. Such is the nature of persons world over (but more so in Sri Lanka).

  • 4

    “The present government played an essential role in finally bringing an end to war and terrorism”.

    Dear Madam,

    Are you sure that war is ended and terrorism is ended? The war on Tamils and Muslims by Sinhala Buddhists are continuing and the Buddhist Sinhala state terrorism is flourishing in this land without any barriers.

  • 1

    Mrs Kumaranatunge seeks an absolution by blaming Rajapakse for the troubles of the Muslims and the minorities. There must be a dispassionate look at the role that she had to play in the history of the sad saga that blighted the lives of all Sri Lankans. We leave aside the fact that her father started it all, presided over Sinhala Only and the 1958 riots; her mother continued it and raised the army into a monster through the elimination of 70,000 young Sinhalese. We cannot visit the sins of her parents on her. So let us be charitable.

    She presided over Jaya Sikkuru, the longest military operations in the war. During this time, the civilian casualties mounted. As President as commander of the armed forces, she bears command responsibility for the civilian deaths that occurred during this period of operations. The TGTE, one does not the extent of the support it has, has branded her a war criminal. One must pause and think whether, Mr Sivanesan notwithstanding, there is good grounds for the charge. She also scuttled the ISGA proposal which the Tigers put forward at a time when Ranil was willing to consider it. It may have been a bad proposal but there was a proposal by the Tigers to accept a solution within a unitary state. It should have been negotiated. Instead, she sacked Ranil precipitating later events leading to the Rajapox. She is not an innocent. The idea that she is the only hope for defeating Rajapox is a fallacy. Even if true, it is best not to have such a hope.

    • 0

      Not Ms Kumaratunga any one with sanity would put blame on Rajapakshe.
      Just to attack her to have come forward is unfair. In today s context no senior politicians are given a chance to add their comments. There is no press freedom at all. Next days, state media will make every efforts to attack and RW and any other persons that would stand against the brutal regime.
      People wake up… we are caught by a dragon to this day. Rajapakshes are unpredictable. They will run amok to survive their politica agendas all this will surface to those who are in slumber in coming days.. for sure…

    • 0

      One cannot dispute Ponkoh Sivakumaran’s passionate comments.
      But as someone wrote she seems to be the best of the worst in
      the market today. There is sufficient anger in the country
      growing against the Rajapakses she might be able to throw them
      out with an effective coalition. Do millions of workers know
      there is a good chance those who reach 60 years may not get their
      EPF/ETF dues in full. There is a plan to pay these retiring workers in staggered lots of 15% of their dues. If this is true, what a crime?
      Both EPF/ETF funds have been squandered by the billions in suspect stock market deals, prohibited in the Articles of Association of both institutions. One great financial brain in the Govt has fooled the Rajapakses and even used influence to invest over US$500 on Greek Bonds – now worthless.


  • 0

    A bold, courageous and forthright statement from the queen of lies and deception
    Thank you for the statement – and no thank you to you.

  • 2

    After the forthright interview of the Army Commander in the main stream English Daily in Colombo. the great majority of the inhabitant population do not have to recall the ex President to safeguard the Motherland.

    As the Commander correctly points out , fringe groups, politicians, overseas interests .terror lovers, religious and racial bigots are all in it to fulfil their own agendas or agendas of their masters and handlers.

    And this ex President is no exception specially after her Land deal in Colombo 7 collapsed.

    And he assures the inhabitants that more Aluthgamas will not be tolerated and implies that these incidents wouldn’t be allowed to become “Arab Springs”…

    And this ex President is no exception, specially after her Colombo 7 land deal collapsed.

    And this is the ex president who is on record telling her Foreign buddies that the current President is an uneducated feral and a rascal.

    Probably she couldn’t remember that he was the PM in her own Govt.

    • 0

      Mr. Sumanasekara!
      Remember!What land deal are you talking about? You just want to attack her. Bandaranaikes gave thousands of acres of land to the government. They did not do businesses. they didn’t do contracts to fatten their bank accounts.
      Chandrika is an honest lady who wanted to make Sri lanka better place for her citizens.
      It is she said that SL is a multi ethnic , multi-lingual , multi-religious and multi-cultural country.
      She never allowed to have communal violence during her time.
      She is a human being. Every human being makes mistakes.This country needs leaders like her to counter BBS terrorism.

  • 0

    Mme CBK,

    You say, ‘Progress and Prosperity by creating a Pluralist, Inclusive Democracy, giving to all our citizens, equal economic, socio-cultural and political opportunity. The freedom of belief and of expression is key elements of a free, democratic society and of a politically stable, economically prosperous State.’

    This message is meaningless to a family enterprise which run Sri Lanka on the lines of a Mafia Cabal, amply rewarding ingratiates, murderers and rapists for any kind of support to the family and being utterly ruthless to anyone who will even squeak up against them.

  • 0

    Almost everyone has been put in house arrest by the current regime so that opinions of others would not get to the general public. CBK, RW, OR any other former and current senior politicians are made silent by the current thugs using all kind of thuggish mechanisms.

    You guys saw it clearly the way the MATTAYAS physically attacked the acting UNP parlimentarians in Hambantota. What has the president taken agains tthose culprits ?`Nothing ? He todays just put it into air that police is given powers to do their job. This man is so devious telling something palatable to the public and implementing totally different agendas using GOTAs network.

    Actually, I would not harm even an insect, but when I see the way MR is trying to act his role.. not being genuine enough, I become very allergic.. I really do. I ask why the MODA folks voted him into power.
    This man will not be destroyed even if you heat him to 100 degrees.

  • 0

    Ramona – “Yet I wonder why Rajapakse hasn’t said a word about BBS” Devil not agaist Devil – this is what Jesus said.

    How can Mara go agaist what Jesus said?

  • 0

    Chandrika tried to portray her self as peace candidate. She changed the wording and claimed she was fighting war for peace. She sacked Ranil from Prime Minister post for having signed peace accord. Her troops air dropped people to move to Religious palaces to save them. Then went and bombed Navali Church. A 125 died on the spot. She falsely blamed LTTE for that. ICRC denied that right away. She used Thermobaric Bombs in Chavakachcheri, Kaithaddi… She is accused of war crime. She should face it and clear her name if she is honest. If she doesn’t when the good time come, Kings government is waiting to catch her. They will investigate and put in in for life time, if they not bought electric chair by that time.

    1. In her time the war monger Ratwattha destroyed the country on war.
    2. Economy went down
    3. Sinhala-Tamil relationship deteriorated, further.
    4. Failed to attend the Tsunami.
    5. Refused to eliminate the promised EP.
    6. Successfully used Kathirkamar to discredit Tamils Party. She misguided foreign diplomats. That is the reason today even Sinhalese has been caught in into the mess.

  • 0

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  • 0

    A well drafted statement worthy of a former President of Sri Lanka. It acknowledges the essential role of the present government in finally bringing an end to war and terrorism.

    All of us have a responsibility to call upon the government, to bring a halt to this communal and religious violence, to institute an impartial inquiry into the incidents ,and to direct the law enforcement authorities to take strict legal action against the instigators and perpetrators of this savage violence. We are now on the path to our ending like Sudan!

  • 0

    Guys wake up and ask yourself why the many that the educated community feel could have come forward to add their two cts worth.. but they failed… sofar.
    Why Senior minister like Vasu, Gunasekara and even Rajiva W not to have add their hearted comments on the ground reality yet ?

    Ask your neighbours whether they are in the view that Govt s actions against any kind of crimes sofar are fair.. ?
    Ask yourself whether there exists a law and order in this country today…
    even if there is no war situation ?

    Previoulsy there was a law.. except that Sarath N silva made it a mockery, but to that time Neethipathi dept was not under Executive President. So, people never felt that President of the country abuse Judiciary.. but today, all those who care.. are well aware of …
    Buruwa the president of the island does whatever to survive his political will. No matter anyone would add their valuble points, nothing seem to a change..

  • 1

    Wrong wording CBK- It’s not ethnic tension but its call ETHNIC CLEANSING!
    Many people do not have much respect for you or appreciate your Govt (I was in the wilderness) at that time but the general feeling now is from frying pan into the fire!
    You should also not forget your father who started the Singhala only ‘mindset’ to get into power and should take responsibility every killing occurs in this killing field.
    I appreciate you that you are not with the racist’s camp!!!

  • 0

    One must not forget the embargo on essential food, medicine and fuel placed on the innocent Tamil people living in the Tamil areas which lead to sickness and numerous deaths due to starvation.Bensen

  • 3

    This woman is now shedding crocodile tears for the Muslim community. We can see her plan. Her Apala period has just ended when the muslim slaughter began in Alutgama. Now is the time for her to grab the opportunity of wiping her tears on her saree pota and crying justice for the muslims. What a convenient way of staging a come-back to the political scene with so much media attention on the muslim crisis? She is trying to play the role of savior in the midst of all this fuss when all she is interested is paving a way for her jobless son to cut his teeth in the political arena.Where was she when innocent Muslim youths were gunned down like dogs by her General Uncle and his thuggish sons in broad daylight? Remember the ballot-box incident near a village in Kandy? What happened to the goon murderers–father and sons after the butchery? They escaped the law and still hold high state jobs like Kudu Vermin, Anuras room-boy who she nurtured and brought into the political scene. The Muslims better warned about Greeks bearing gifts. Another Trojan Horse, but this one, concealing our local Helen inside.

    • 2

      @Ali Baba Sabry

      Its Good you reminded us about the massacre of the innocent muslim youths carrying ballot boxes. Udatalawinna is the name of the rural village and Ratwatte is the name of the murderer. All relatives of the now-sobb ing CBK. One of the thugs sons is the current mayor of Kandy and projects an oh-so innocent and ‘cultured’ image of himself now.Can CBK honestly look into the mirror and say that justice was not denied to the victims because of her influence then? No; She too has blood on her hands. Lets not forget this and not get too carried away by her tears for the muslim community.She has her own agenda behind this.

    • 0

      Ratwatte prolonging the war to earn Commissions on arms purchases
      and getting caught red-handed with the loot in the vault of several banks is one of the ugliest episodes involving a senior Minister – no less a member of the so called Noble Kandyan families. Forget the large number of dispensable Tamils killed during Ratwatte’s stint as Minister but what about the hundreds of Sinhala soldiers and offers killed. But the worst was he went scot-free despite the damning evidence. And his son, cheated the law killing that PBG Ruggerite in a night-club which is a whore-house anyway. That is Justice a la Lankan style. There is one law for the man in the street and another for those in high and influential positions. Even in neighbouring India, where many in Sri Lanka, erroneously, believe governance is of a lesser quality than ours the mighty Indira Gandhi was sent to prison. That great budding lawyer Hirunika, daughter of the slain Bharatha Luxman Premachandra – should write an essay of what she thinks of our governance vis-à-vis the established law. That was the practise when the learned young returned from England then. They wrote publicly on matters of national importance and proved their mettle.


  • 3

    Let me first off state that I am in no way a supporter of the Bandaranayakes and I have been around during the riots and even when SWRD made the terrible mistake of implementing the sinhala and tamil medium all in the name of gaining votes. The country is still suffering for his poor decision.

    However with the current regime I am more fearful than I have ever been over the past 60years. The country is on a slippery slope and seems to be following the likes of Zimbabwe. I see very little hope unless the next generation steps up to the plate to make a change for the better. I do not mean the likes of Namal Rajapakse or any of his brothers as they does not have leadership qualities. I mean the likes of Harin Fernando, Shehan Semasinghe, Niroshan Perera, Hunais Farook & dare I say it Vimukthi Kumaratunga. Just because CBK & SWRD made grave mistakes doesnt mean that he too will follow them. Just as our children do not copy and make the same mistakes we make in life. I for one would vote for him as he is more qualified, educated and level headed than most of the men sitting in our parliament today.

    The future of this country lies in the hands of these young men and other educated young men. As with any business there comes a time where the elders step down and hand over to the younger generation. I think that time is fast approaching. I just hope that educated gentlemen will not be too afraid to step up and take leading roles. May God bless this country and may the people support the next generation in building a corrupt free society which is safe and prosperous for generations to come. That is the wish of a dying old man….

    • 1

      @Hopeful Citizen

      ” I for one would vote for him as he is more qualified, educated and level headed “

      Your one sentence alone speaks volumes about your sense of judgement. With ‘Hopeful Citizens’of your calibre voting, our country can surely expect to go to the dogs sooner than later. “More qualified, educated and level headed” Huh; Just because he happens to belong to a family of dynastical rule. Wonder how you happened to evaluate the qualifications, educational level and level-headedness of a man who has no political experience at all and is completely alien to the local scenario. Pray, tell us, what are these qualifications you talk about and how ‘educated’ is this man so that I too could join you in casting my vote for him. That is, if Im convinced that he will not be another useless opportunist just on the lookout for a highly paid job at state expense.

  • 3


    Let us ask ourselves one question. Out of all the current politicians of our country how many have a degree in politics and economic studies?

    Both you and I could run as candidates but neither of us will. This is true for more than 99% of the educated Sri Lankans. Why is this? We know politics is a dirty game and it will destroy our lives and the lives of our children and our children’s children.

    From what I have heard Vimukthi Kumaratunga has no interest in getting into Politics in Sri Lanka. He has a comfortable life and probably earns more than he would as a politician in Sri Lanka. If he was power hungry he would have been in Sri Lanka years ago campaigning and making a name for himself.

    We need people like this (and Harin Fernando, Shehan Semasinghe, Niroshan Perera, Hunais Farook etc) to make a self sacrifice and do something for the good of our country. This applies to all young men who have good intentions for their motherland.

    When CBK was president I do not recall much news on her children and them playing havoc in the country. I presume that they were brought up well otherwise they too would have had expensive sports cars, races on the streets, dubious night club incidents, thuggery and violence by their security to name but a few.

    Yes I realize that I am making many assumptions here, but please do let me know of someone more suited to take our country forward.

    We need to focus on a solution rather than the problem. Who will be the next generation of politicians who are brave enough to take the challenge and who will have the peoples support? With all the corruption it will be difficult for any young man or woman for that matter, to enter politics but I hope that someone steps up to the plate soon.

  • 0

    Hopeful Citizen raises a question that is in the minds of many who love the country, its present and future. In the determination of future leaders Name-identity will play a role – like in all countries.
    In S.E. Asia it is almost an indispensable factor. Sri Lanka has run out of good and respected names. We will have criminal types coming out soon. Look at the young Rajapakses who are already spoilt with bribes, women and what else? They, like Anura B, are in the mistaken notion the country owes them a favour in making them PMs and Presidents.

    I suspect what we will have soon – and to the country’s eternal disgrace – are army men taking over from the politicians. For that the Rajapakses will have to accept the blame – specifically Gothabaya, the semi-literate. The people, with little other acceptable choice, will not reject option. The fact is politicians from 1956, with few exceptions, have ruined the system enough. I am not in the doomsday prediction business but I see little hope in the future – after the present corrupt lot passes into the cesspit of history, where they rightly belong.

    There may be good news to the Tamils. Having suffered and discriminated for so long. At last they will get a chance to run the affairs of the NEP. They will succeed and build a peaceful and prosperous society based on education, able and educated leadership and a committed population – like how LKY of Singapore built his young country. They will have the support of the West, Japan, China and India. In this landscape Sinhalese and Muslims also will benefit.

    R. Varathan

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