4 October, 2022


Army At Odds With Prez, Lauds HRCSL

Contrary to the President’s view on Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Army has today expressed their gratitude and respect for the work done by the Commission.

Issuing a communique Sri Lanka Army said: “It is Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) that assists Sri Lanka Army, as in the case of other sister services and Police, in obtaining HR clearance for its troops who have been selected for embark on this noble duty of UN peacekeeping. In that effort Sri Lanka Army and HRCSL maintain highly cordial and professional relationship with mutual understanding and respect for difficulty of carrying out their respective roles which are open to the public domain.”

“It is the opinion of the Sri Lanka Army that we as Sri Lankans, should be proud that UN selected HRCSL, our own organization, to carry out the domestic mechanism in HR screening process. However, the task is not that easy as thousands of applications have to be scrutinized as all three Services and the Police are engaged in UN peacekeeping, apart from the duties that HRCSL has to perform according to its prime mandate,” Army Headquarters further said.

We publish below the statement in full:


Sri Lanka Army (SLA) has rendered a significant contribution to United Nations peacekeeping missions and assisted the UN in its effort to maintain peace and security throughout the world. Participation of Sri Lankan Army peacekeepers in the UN missions goes back to late 1957, to the first ‘classical’ peacekeeping mission, First United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF 1), to end the Suez War. It followed up with a small scale contingent deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) in 1960. After several decades of silence, due to domestic upheavals, Sri Lanka Army re-commenced its contribution to United Nations with a deployment of an infantry battalion in Haiti in 2004 (MINUSTAH), which lasted till the close down of the mission in 2010.

As at present, troops of Sri Lanka Army deployed in 06 UN missions and working as Staff Officers in the UN Headquarters – New York. There more than 400 troops deployed as members of three contingents in Lebanon, South Sudan and Mali, and 35 officers serving as Staff Officers and Military Observers in number of UN missions and also in the UN headquarters – New York. There have been altogether  more than 18600 troops have served as UN peacekeepers and some have paid the supreme sacrifice in their effort in making the world a peaceful planet to live with harmony.

Apart from being subjected to strict selection process, one of the compulsory prerequisite for anybody to don the “blue Helmet” is, being cleared of Human Rights (HR) violations. It has been the practice throughout in UN for all nationals, and Sri Lanka Army has been enthusiastically engaged in that process in view to produce the best of peacekeepers. 

It is Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) that assists Sri Lanka Army, as in the case of other sister services and Police, in obtaining HR clearance for its troops who have been selected for embark on this noble duty of UN peacekeeping. In that effort Sri Lanka Army and HRCSL maintain highly cordial and professional relationship with mutual understanding and respect for difficulty of carrying out their respective roles which are open to the public domain.

It is the opinion of the Sri Lanka Army that we as Sri Lankans, should be proud that UN selected HRCSL, our own organization, to carry out the domestic mechanism in HR screening process. However, the task is not that easy as thousands of applications have to be scrutinized as all three Services and the Police are engaged in UN peacekeeping, apart from the duties that HRCSL has to perform according to its prime mandate. 

Sri Lanka Army has the highest confidence in the HRCSL that it does its utmost to expedite this HR screening process. It is requested that any querries in this regard or any matter with regard to the UN peacekeeping by Sri Lanka Army be referred to the Commander of the Army or the Directorate of Media for accurate and current information without resorting to unauthorized persons/entity in view to allow the effort of the Sri Lanka Army in UN peacekeeping to further the image of the country. Sri Lanka Army has no doubt that all citizens have the national interest in their hearts and serve the motherland to the best of their ability in whatever way they can.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    My understanding of MY3 being at odds with HRCSL is not necessarily with the manner of its screening of troops for UN duty but with its stand on the implementation of the death penalty especially on “those condemned getting others to traffic drugs on their behalf ”. Hence I am confused when it is reported that the Army is at odds with the Prez. The statement by the Army definitely clears some air. Although clearing the troops may not necessarily be the role of HRCSL it undertaking to do so helps to get some recognition to the troops Internationally. It must also be told that various individuals make allegations of a general nature but no specific evidence against members of the troops. If ever there was any specific evidence, prosecutions have taken place and the most severe penalty have been pronounced on some of them upon conviction. I may not agree with anything and everything what the chairperson and the HRCSL board does but all in all it has done a job of work under given circumstances.

    • 3

      A great post well written. Much good sense indeed.

      Provocative headlines having little basis is not the need of the hour.

      • 5

        Mali is one of the most dangerous places to be on earth. Sri Lanka is exporting its soldiers, some of who were killed reently, as it does poor women to the middle east to make some $$$ so corruption politicians and their business cronies can thrive.

        HRCSL is aiding and abetting this process of cheap labour migration, while Sri Lanka’s lands and ocean resources are being looted by HRCSL’s P-3 foreign funders – US, UK, and France also which oils the Colombo I/NGO cocktail circuit replete with Colonial Raj nostalgia while the country is looted by the same Fake aid donors.
        Also HRC Sri Lanka seems to have forgotten about ECONOMIC RIGHTS and ECONOMIC justice and instead of facilitating cheap labour from Lanka to the UN, should focus on Economic Rights and anti-corruption, as well as, take a broad and inclusive approach to HR in Sri Lanka’s Indian Ocean neighbours and forcus the case of the Chagos Island Human Rights violations by US and UK.\

        • 1

          Chagos Islands violations- forget that! HRCSL has Tunnel vision.

          HRC SL is a DPKO subcontractor and has no time to work even for Economic rights of people of Lanka which are denied by political corruption. HRCSL should be doing anti corruption work but instead is doing sub-contract work checking soldiers histories Guess it must be lucrative work Ha Ha Ha!
          So forget about Chagossians and Human Rights anywhere else
          . Human Rights Tunnel Vision is the sickness that HRCSL has

    • 3

      It is a damn shame for Sri Lanka =” – The President saying he is not aware of the UNHRC Resolution 40/1;
      Prime Minister saying : He has preserved the sovereignty of Sri Lanka/
      Opposition Leader Mahinda says UNHRC Resolution is against the constitution.
      Maha Sanga Silent.
      High time Sri Lanka will be referred to International Criminal Court:
      Reasons in the links below:
      Refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court

    • 6

      SIRISENA/SORRYSENA stands on his head (upside down) even if he has been wearing his SARONG.
      Unfortunatley, he does not know what drolls his lips.
      Since 26 Oct 2018 the manner, he entered to the laps of former MAFIA boss, not a single voter from 6.2 mio that made him a president would have a modicum of respect whatever being uttered by him.
      Not even AMBALANGODA RUKADA (puppets) earned that much ridicule, but SIRISENA as the president of this country has been able to overtake him; BEING most silliest person to have been the president of 93% literate people.
      Yesterday’s ONE another kind of public statement
      that he and his mand to have written the speech of foreign minister of his cabinet for the UNHRC sessions just completed in Geneva. There SIRISENA never thought, that it was a national issue and govt should work as one single entity in such issues. This proved entire world that SIRISENA is no matured for the position at all. His ludicrous statements does not bring him forward. Rather he becomes more a joker.

  • 10

    Army Commander , Makesh Senanayake, one question ( Perabakaran 2nd son was eating – bun/ beard; after that he was short and killed, who kill him, ? Can Army Commander, Tell about this matter, what happened to . I don’t care about, ( Tigers) , but was school stundent, he was studding in ( Puthu Kudi / New Flats) school, in Mulli thevu, Sri Lanka;

  • 1

    Nice Try…
    This Army Dude won’t be asking for any extensions.

    Trumpy & Mays First World Forces wouldn’t go to Timbaktoo to protect the Western Mining Interests and their preferred Rulers in the poorest parts of the African Continent.
    It is not only the living away allowances , but also the problems of accommodation and sanitation and recreation..
    Anyway that is a different story.

    UN HR boss’s main gripe is that the Prez is not allowing Foreign Judges to sit on War Crime Trial in Colombo which Dr Ranil promised to hold by co sponsoring the US, UK resolution ….

    Incidentally one Mano Ththawella an agent of Dr Ranil who has nothing to do with FA, has again reiterated Dr Ranil and Mangala’s promise in the Resolutionas late as a few weeks ago.
    That is what I heard in Lankawe Parliament the other day.

    This Army Commander has nothing to worry about the Resolution .
    Unlike the Field Marshall who was shopping in Peking during the final week of the Battle ,this Dude had been doing Logistics for a US Base in Arizona all along .. .

    If I remember correctly , this Army Commander is the one who ordered Morning Tea ,when Sampathar and Sivajilingam forced their way into the Kilinochchi Army HQ , soon after Dr Ranil took over, the PM Job.

    But now it is Sampathar’s Deputy, Abraham who is fighting Tooth and Nail to bring the Foreign Judges to Colombo, although it is Halal according to the Lankawe Constitution.

    Wonder whether DR Ranil’s new Constitution which was written by Dr Jayamapathy and Abrahm Sumanathiran have addressed this Issue as well, besides the Partition..

    • 3

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “But now it is Sampathar’s Deputy, Abraham who is fighting Tooth and Nail to bring the Foreign Judges to Colombo, although it is Halal according to the Lankawe Constitution.”

      Please cite chapter, verse, page, line number, …. of the constitution where it specifically bans employing Foreign Judges.

      Is it possible to buy them, change their mind with a drink or two, or sending Champa, Shenali, Shenali Waduge, sach, Eusense, Sarojini, …….. Wimala Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa, Dr Mervyn Silva PhD to entertain them?

      You could have drinky with them and change their mind.
      I can get a few people to supply you with good original Negombo Kassippu. Let me know in good time, it takes quite a few days to brew.

  • 2

    It is in the Army’s interest to hire someone who can write the thoughts of the Army high command in good English. After all, it is likely foreign journalists operating from Sri Lanka convey the Army’s communique to their home country. What a poor impression this will leave of our education system. Did the decline start after Sarath F – the super egoistic “hero” who warned Tamils, in his notorious English, not to “ask for this and that” What a plight our English standards have come down to from the days of Gentlemen army men like Anton Muttucumaru, B.R. Heyn, Dennis Silva and many others – all of whom were flawless in English.

    Chris P. Bacon

    • 2

      Ha, Ha.
      Bacon slice at a Jewish barbecue?

    • 2

      General Denis Perera was an outright gentleman and a top soldier.
      Sadly there aren’t soldiers of that calibre in the current military set up.

  • 4

    The army ‘peacekeepers’ in Haiti were accused of human rights violations & a female major general went to investigate & findings were ‘buried’.
    The army ‘invented & fielded “grease yakkas” who terrorised villagers in the north and when the latter captured two “grease yakkas” and handed them over to the army camp, the army descended on the village – Navanturai – at midnight and thrashed all the villagers. The police, in the morning produced them in courts – the magistrate, blind to their injuries remanded them – just one of many incidents.

    Today, ‘military rule’ prevails in the north and east.

  • 5

    Sirisena has no brain and need to meet a psychiatric to fix himself.
    Now he is desperate to accumulate votes and gain a public impression .

    Nothing can understand in English.
    What he knows about report.
    Who is he to advice others how to speak in UN.
    Sirisena can say anything to impress Sinhalese Buddhist Monks but not others.

    • 2

      he is sitting on his head (upside down). He does not know that he is naked.
      Mostly the stupid man, does not know what he has been uttering from his mouth.
      This has lot to do with his background. He is a jealous guy … the manner he attacks DECENT PM is beyond all ethics and morals.
      Ranil would never criticise SIRISENA,…. even if he has been thrown as supporting SAMANAYA GROUP, RW behaves quiet as a decent person would do. I am not into lanken parties, but my respect towards RW grew rapidly during the recent coup, having studied all the bits closely.

    • 1

      Saman – “Sirisena has no brain ….”. I beg to differ. Ignoramus President Gamarala Gonsena’s brain is embedded elsewhere and we all know where?

  • 1

    HRCSL is looking for ways to be important probably looking for foreign funds.

  • 1

    MS is ordinary man. Just because he is holding the office of President he does not become a philosopher or educated. He should study for that. All what he says are just his opinion and not necessarily words of wisdom. Mahesh’s opinion is welcome. You must call white as white and black as black.

  • 0

    Anan : I can not remember… also this “stundent” was he “studding” at Puthu Kudi? Oh ! fresh information..
    Anan: where R our children kidnapped by 2nd son’s father???

    CP Bacon : Its not like Ham & Cheese…. It was Dennis Perera & not Silva who was baconed.

    Justice: The tamil Magistrate was unable to verify the grease yakkas names when produce in court. They may have been that ‘Slippery” to handle?

    Saman: there appears to be several Presidents running Sri Lanka. Apparently, Mr. Tilak Marapone “did not remember” attacked the UNHRC that sent shock waves down Michelle Bachalete’s spine.
    In the absence of Americans the British stupidly stepped into the UNHRC “CESSPOOL” with scores OF OTHER COUNTRIES TO SPONSOR 40/1………..Former Empire is now toothless and stinks.
    Struggling to arrive at a Brexit deal.

    The world infested with Canines??

    • 2

      The “grease yakkas” were only with loin cloths when captured by villagers, and never divulged their names.
      Those produced – by police – in court were the villagers, with obvious injuries which the magistrate ignored.

  • 2

    Brave words, but what is happening in practice? During the war, thousands of Tamils were killed by bombing and shelling and thousands disappeared after arrest by the armed forces. They are too numerous to catalogue. When Sarath Fonseka was the army commander in Jaffna, more than 500 Tamil youths disappeared after arrest and detention. Now to the specifics.
    On 18 May 2009 hundreds of LTTE surrendered to the army, some with white flags. Mahinda Rajapaksa gave an assurance that no one will be killed and all they have to do is to wave the white flags they were carrying. However, the army shot them like dogs after torture. Here is a list of LTTE cadres who were killed after they surrendered to the 58th Division commanded by Sarvendira Silva at Vadduvaakal. Prior to their killing, the LTTE cadres were taken by CTB buses. A Catholic Priest Francis Joseph wrote down the names of the surrendees and he himself accompanied them in one of the buses.
    Could the army chief tell us what the army and Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka doing about these gruesome and cold-blooded killings?
    (1) K.V. Balakumar and his son Sooriyatheepan
    (2) V. Ilankumaran (Baby Subramanian) Head of the Tamil Eelam Education Department and his wife Vettrichchelvi and daughter Arivumathy
    (3) Yogaratnam Yogi in charge of ’Institute for Conflict Research’ in Vanni
    (4) Poet Puthuvai Ratnadurai, Coordinator of LTTE Arts and Cultural Department
    (5) K. Paappa, Coordinator of LTTE Sports Department
    (6) Rajah (Chempiyan) Assistant Coordinator LTTE Sports Department and his 3 children
    (7) Ilanthirayan, LTTE Military spokesman
    (8) Veerathevan, Coordinator LTTE Bank
    (9) S.Thangkan, Political Wing Deputy Chief
    (10) Aruna, Thamil Eelam Education Department
    (11) S. Naren, Asst. Executive Head of TRO
    (12) Kuddy, Head of the LTTE Transport Department 1/2

  • 0

    (12) Piriyan, Head of Administrative Service Department and his family
    (13) V. Poovannan, Head of the Administrative Service Division of the LTTE
    (14) Thangaiah, Administrative Service Department
    (15) Malaravan, Administrative Service Department
    (16) Pakirathan, Administrative Service Department
    (17) Reha, Head of LTTE Medical Division
    (18) Selvarajah, Commander Manal Aru Head Quarters
    (19) Bhaskaran, Commander Manal Aru Head Quarters
    (20) Major Lawrance
    (21) Major Kumaran
    (22) Prabha, Batticaloa District Commander
    (24) Rupan, Coordinator of Supplies
    (25) Babu, Coordinator of Jewellery Business
    (26) Ilamparithy, Executive Head of Political Wing
    (27) Elilan, Head of Trincomalee Political Wing
    (28) Vijitharan, Executive Secretary, Political Wing
    (29) Major Veeman
    (30) Sakthy, Coordinator Forestry Division and his family
    (31) E.Ravi, Charge of Houses
    (32) Sanjai, Mulliyavalai Divisional Political Wing Coordinator
    (33) Para Ratha, Coordinator Justice Department
    (34) Kumaravel, Coordinator Air Force Security
    (35) Chithrankan Malathy, Commander Manal Aru District
    (36) Suhi, Commander
    (37) Arunan, Major Sea Tigers
    (38) Manoj – Medical Department
    (39) Lawrance, Finance Department
    (40) Lawrance Thilakar, Coordinator TRO Planning Department
    (41) Karikalan, former Commander, Eastern Province

    The above list is by no means complete.

    On May 31, 2009, Lankafirst.com website quoting Government Information Department sources, reported that some top Tiger leaders under the custody of the military were going through a series of serious investigation by the security forces.

  • 0

    The current Commander of the Sri Lanka Army, Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake does not know that what he says here must be left to GoSL.
    Mahesh lauding HR SL?
    Does he know what HR is?
    CT 23 March 2018 had this “Army Commander Brags About Brutality, President Gives Silent Consent”.
    In this Mahesh matter-of-factly says that his men in routine operations ‘ crush skulls and blows ears’.
    When Brig Priyankara Fernando was recalled by GoSL over the throat-slitting gesture, Mahesh said that he will not initiate an investigation.
    Few weeks back, Mahesh wanted arms be produced in SL – Avant Garde style.
    Mahesh wants the civil war to continue in a new form.

  • 0

    1.Psychological Operations (PsyOps) in Northern Province:
    ‘’A 2009 report and supporting documentation indicated that the Sri Lankan military planned to expand greatly over the next five years. …… Conduct of Aggressive Intelligence Operations and pursuing Psychological Operations to rehabilitate the mindset of the public to tilt their affinity will also be facilitated by such a deployment. ….. .” – Sri Lanka Army Troop Strength,

    ”The Directorate of Psychological Operations was established on 18th April 1994 and carried out very effective Psychological Operations on LTTE terrorist to lower their morale during the fight against terrorism. Presently Directorate carry out Psychological Operations activities targeting local population where they are deployed.” – Annual Performance Report 2012, Sri Lanka Army, https://www.parliament.lk/uploads/documents/paperspresented/performance-report-srilanka-army-2012.pdf

    Jaffna Army Commander to the journalist: ‘’What we have realised is that it is extremely difficult to change the mindsets of some of the adults,…… Therefore, we switched our target group from adults to young students and children.’’
    – Crucial reconciliation steps in North, 9 May 2018, http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Crucial-reconciliation-steps-in-North/14-654694

    2.Peacekeeping in other countries for handsome dollars

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