22 May, 2024


Behold The Crazy Guys Of Yahapālanaya

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Did any of you readers see the video of Deputy Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe going in a boat in a flood affected area in Colombo and distributing donations? Did you see the video of Minister Dayasiri engaged in cleaning up muck in a residential block somewhere? Both these gentlemen are well dressed with the cameras turned on them. Serasinghe,in shorts, looks like a Walawwe Hamumahattaya or like Loku Baby Mahattaya. Shifting to a serious note, aren’t you shaken up by Minister Rajitha Senaratne having an open duel with the doctors of the GMOA?

These blokes, (and I am sure there are many of them in the yahapalanaya government) if allowed to go on overdrive like this will surely blow up Yahapalanaya. Young Minister Harin Fernando mercifully apologised for his use of raw filth in Parliament.

The first two performances are all over Facebook and social media. One has to be thankful for these social media outlets. The word spreads like wildfire in a summer Australian bush country. At least social media is acting as a break where our civil society has gone to slumber. Democracy is predicated on one major premise,namely, that the broad populace are engaged with what politicians do. They watch them. They pull them up if they go wrong. Here, in Australia one reason why democracy works reasonably well is that civil society organisations and organised trade unions don’t let politicians off the hook. If even as simple as a prominent tree is felled down for “development” one witnesses hordes of protestors. The media,in turn, falls in line with a conscientious public.

Its not all lost in Sri Lanka, however. The Corruption Decade was brought down partly by Facebook and the civil society organisations. A huge salute to the memory of Venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha! While other prominent monks were aligned directly and impliedly with the corruption regime this monk made the sacrifice. Praise to the monk and shame on others.

On the other hand when politicians like those three above dance the devil why don’t we have some civil society boys hooting them down. I remember in the old campus days boys hooted Sir John Kotelawala when he came as Prime Minister. A little hooting isn’t a dangerous thing especially when now we don’t have White Vans.

Dayasiri and Senasinghe distribute not their personal donations but the givings of others not in powerful positions like them. What are they doing but exploiting the situation for the upping of their political image? They should realise it is unethical to prosper on others’ misery. In these instances it was literally a case of “bora diye maalu banawa” (fishing in muddy waters). Shame on them.!Besides, aren’t these illustrations harking back to the Rajapaksa era when MR and his fellows became such accomplished actors whom Oscar winners would have envied? Kissing the tarmac at the airport. Hugging babies and touching old men and women with “compassion.” Didn’t Senasinghe criticise such episodes of acting and fooling around? I remember him on a TV program doing just that. As long as our people are naive and stupid these cheap tactics work. But why not lift the people from such a state of naivety and show the latter the respect that’s due to them?

And now we come to the serious from the jocular. In a way, it is jocular again. This is the unnecessary warfare waged by Rajitha against his doctor colleagues. The GMOA charges that Rajitha’s son is also unduly going about with Ministry resources. If true, this is another betrayal of yahapalanaya. Was Yahapalanaya gone wrong only when in the hands of the Rajapaksa family? And good when it is in the hands of Rajitha’s family? What a sensible Rajitha should have done is, firstly, to clear his personal life away from his public life. These are two different things which our politicians always conflate to their advantage. We had ten years to see the result. Secondly, Rajitha should have kept his ego behind and dealt with the GMOA with the respect it deserves. Every conflict can be sorted out on a win-win basis but for that, one must send one’s ego on holiday. The GMOA leaders, undoubtedly have been getting into political mode with inflated egos themselves. It spent a lot of unnecessary energy in battling against the ETCA without knowing even what the nature of that animal was. That was pure blunder. On the other hand, the Minister must be above the level of conflict and he must deal professionally and not like a Chandiya. In this instance, Minister Rajitha Senaratne does not appear in good light. His competence is in serious question. He has brought the conflict to the point of bringing in a mediator. That mediation might end his sense of pride.


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  • 22

    And then Hakeem, who was sailing down the rain fed streets, like a pharaoh on the Nile, while folks were hooting him away.I give it to hoi polloi for saluting him this way.
    Wimal Weerawansa, who didn’t want his hair nor his shoes wet observing a similar situation.
    For the politico, ones tragedy is their gift.

  • 15

    What do you expect in a country full of morons:-)

    • 3

      Thepanis and Shyamon Jayasinghe –

      “What do you expect in a country full of morons:-)”

      Measuring morons.

      Imbecile was a medical category of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability, as well as a type of criminal. The term arises from the Latin word imbecillus, meaning weak, or weak-minded. It included people with an IQ of 26–50, between “idiot” (IQ of 0–25) and “moron” (IQ of 51–70).

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


      • 0

        The average IQ ranking for Sri Lanka (79) was a surprise, but appears reasonable.

        Despite free education, have we gone backwards. The regimentation of tuition classes, the reduction of pass marks, the emergence of high profit but low value international schools, (etc) are they responsible? Rote learning does not equate to intelligence.

        Sri Lanka is full of aspiring specialists, but very few intellectuals.

        The average individual accepts folk-tale religion as the truth, exhibiting aversion and often condemning logical reasoning.

        The truth, (however unpleasant it may be,) is more sacred than any religion or patriotic ethos.

  • 15

    ” Secondly, Rajitha should have kept his ego behind and dealt with the GMOA with the respect it deserves.”

    Seriously, Shyamon? RESPECT??? For this bunch of unscrupulous gold-diggers??
    The GMOA might have been respectable 20 years ago, but now I would give the Pickpocket’s Association more respect. At least they send your purse back by post.
    I will start respecting them when they abandon private practice .

    • 5

      What an idiot you are! If there is no private practice where will all those patients go? Do you think the government hospitals have the capacity to take care of all the people? Without writing nonsense why don’t you educate yourself on the real situation?

      • 13

        Dr Ass

        “If there is no private practice where will all those patients go?”

        Are these private practices run on a charitable basis?

        Does it meet the needs of everyone?

        Is it free at the point of delivery?

        Is it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay?

        “What an idiot you are!”

        It is obvious isn’t it?

        • 0

          “Private Practice” implies a for-profit model. Not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world
          What happened ? Did you forget to refer to your dictionary and thesaurus for the definition ?
          Please look it up and post it here so that we can all partake of the fruits of your wisdom

          • 2


            ““Private Practice” implies a for-profit model. Not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world “

            Dr Ass typed:

            “What an idiot you are! If there is no private practice where will all those patients go?”

            I wrote:

            Are these private practices run on a charitable basis?

            Please learn to read between the lines. It is not difficult even you could do it. Please try.

            Keep an eye on Mannar, maybe the Indians (1.3 Billion) have already started tunnelling the seabed.

            • 2


              “Please learn to read between the lines. It is not difficult even you could do it. Please try. “

              Perhaps if you wrote what you meant, folk wouldn’t have to try to read your mind .. after all, you are hardly a young woman being courted here, who expects her lover to understand she is thinking “A” when she is saying “B”

              It is not hard. Don’t be coy.

      • 9

        I would not say you all are gold diggers or blood suckers, but majority are. Of course there are many very good humane doctors.
        Where in the world who could see forty psychiatric patients within three hours. Can they really discuss the problem? These are the people who do not want others to enter the profession so that they will lose their positions. I know doctors who have asked women to pay with their jewellery if they do not have money. There are some who want a PSA done when a dengu patient is in his recovery stage. You tay in a private hospital and house officer visits you and say the shirt is nice and put Rs. 2000.00 into the bill. List is too long. So do not talk about their service to the community in absolute terms. That octogenarian in SLMC chair is doing nothing. All this should be separate debate,
        I have no faith in Rajitha S, but he should be given fullest support to control this monopolistic blood sucking Union.

      • 2

        Dr As

        Your idea is accepted because of your over working; no time to relax; a sacrifice though you live on a heap of money but look at the comment of NV above or below.

        Doesn’t that reflect the reality from the point of view of the masses.

        Nobody wants to be called an idiot. So shall we try to understand the reality and work some more hrs in the gvt. hospital for the benefit of less fortunate.

        See the possibility of adjusting your professional fee or charges according to the economic power of the masses without being in par with the US or the UK.

        See the possibility of discouraging Patients seeking specialist attention with no actual need for it. (though the hospital management welcome them to enhance profit).

        There’s an unseen side of patients patronizing private hospitals.

        Everything may be pawned, mortgaged or sold to save lives of their precious ones.

      • 10

        Dr As,
        I assume you are a doctor. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?
        1 Why is it only doctors are allowed private practice?
        2 When they do engage in it, do they issue receipts? Even if the patient requests one?
        3 The govt. hospitals would have the capacity if the doctors actually worked there, wouldn’t they?
        4 If you guys are so concerned about patients, and not how much you can charge, why don’t you spend 20 minutes at least with each?
        5 Have you not been educated at public expense?
        6 Why do so-called specialists rip off patients? I know one who sees 80 patients in 4 hours @ Rs 1000 each.
        Well, all I can say is that I don’t need a sanctimonious humbug to tell me the real situation. In the past, doctors used leeches.
        Nowadays, the leeches have become doctors in Sri Lanka.

        • 7

          old codger,

          “In the past, doctors used leeches. Nowadays, the leeches have become doctors in Sri Lanka.”

          Beautifully said!

          Can the doctors justify the multiple drugs-the cocktail they use to cover an array of poosibilties, instead of a very likely one? Medicine has been reduced to a witchcraft by most medical practitioners. The medical professionn needs to be better regulated and there is no doubt the GMOA has to have its wings clipped.

          Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

          • 2


            It is a shame you missed the other beautiful thing “old codger” said – and I repeat it for your attention:

            “I don’t need a sanctimonious humbug to tell me the real situation”! The shoe fits, doesn’t it?!

          • 2

            “The medical profession needs to be better regulated and there is no doubt the GMOA has to have its wings clipped.”

            Definitely, and competition is probably the best way to do it. These guys have negotiated themselves into a position where they have private practice, a pension, duty-free cars, and no need to sign registers. Are they Gods?

        • 4

          old codger

          “6 Why do so-called specialists rip off patients? I know one who sees 80 patients in 4 hours @ Rs 1000 each.”

          Many in this island should have taken up medicine, a license to print money, a license to kill.

          Don’t you think it is cheaper to die than live?

          This is one more reason as to why they oppose private medical schools, to limit the supply of doctors, a rent seeking profession which want us to believe their primary objective was/is to serve the people. I do believe them.

          • 0

            “doctors, a rent seeking profession which want us to believe their primary objective was/is to serve the people”

            I think the above applies to GMOA doctors . I know there are decent private doctors who don’t charge an arm and a leg for some coloured water.

  • 2

    Rajitha’s son is a jumped-up pothe gura [Edited out]

  • 1

    Hi this is an Indian colony run by Indian colonialparasites and the Indian Empire.

  • 5

    Shyamon missed minister John Amaratunga who is our God gifted and celebrated retard of the “Yahapalanaya” government. John shamelessly admits heavy taxes for vehicle imports when there is no correlation of tax increase to vehicle usage that contributes to traffic congestion in any city that I know of. Seems God taxed John’s brains because brains are “unnecessary” for Sri Lankan politics. GOD BLESS Christian affairs and everything else in this country.

  • 1

    Has Shaymo broken his Siesta !!!!

    Still he seems to have missed that UNP Actor Rajan’s narrative on TV about Thajudeen’s post mortem report.

    The poor fella has had more injuries on his ruggerite body than those of Mr Pirahaparan which I saw on Television.

    Who is the dude who did that post mortem?

    Has the UNP CID taken him into custody after UNP Ranjan’s eye witness account?.

    Or is it just another episode of the Yahapalana version of Chuti Malli & Poddi Malli Show (Nattaya)?.

    Perhaps Yahapalana suckers don’t watch our local TV just like Loku Malli said the other day, when he was door knocking in Yahaplana Colombo Suburbs for Flood Relief…

    On a positive note.

    These are the future leaders of the next phase of Yahapalanaya.

    Rajitha Junior whose God Father ( I mean Parliamentary ) is none other than the UNP Elder, and the current Yahapalana PM Batalanda Ranil,

    With his backing the young Senarathna has a better than even money chance of leading the UNP . at least the youth Wing of the UNP.

    With mighty UNP dad, Rajitha, who told the “GMOA to bring in On”” it will be a formidable combination .

    Ammatata Digital Harin, whom Ranil was grooming as the heir apparent and the future Yahapalana UNP PM in Federal Srilanaka, is now wading in his own pooh, just like one of our poor under privileged kids.

    • 2

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      Where is the name of Dayan’s UNP leader the kessal watte kid?

      • 1

        Dera Native,

        Poor Keselwatta Kid.

        Batalanda banished him to the Bush with that portfolio to build Houses for Dalits.

        Remember the kerfuffle in Kotte, when Batalanda couldn’t win even a chook raffle for two decades.

        And Uncle Karu used Keselwatta Kid to roll Ranil.

        Thanks to our dalit Bodhi Sira , Batalanda did a Lazarus.

        Now his young gun Ministers are boasting that they will never allow Baiyas to come back to power again.

        Now you know why Batalanda banished the Kid.

        • 2

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “Remember the kerfuffle in Kotte, when Batalanda couldn’t win even a chook raffle for two decades.”

          How could he, when VP was on MR’s side.

          “Now you know why Batalanda banished the Kid.”

          Why do you think kid should lead UNP? Is it because the kid resembles Kim Jong-un (North Korea)?

  • 4

    Looks like “the crazy guys of Yahapalanaya” outnumber the sane ones of the group, so where do we go from here???

    First the two ‘leaders’ should clean up their acts and then start to cleanup the Yahapalanaya pretenders who were appointed for political convenience.

    The pre-election promises they made have been discarded and there have been absolutely NO convictions of the criminals who have been charged for the crimes committed.

    The army blatantly disregards judicial orders, the GMOA wants their minister replaced due to his son’s actions, and the list of grievances is seemingly endless.

    Meanwhile, the gangsters of the past regime are plotting in the wings and if they are not dealt with post haste, we will be in for a repeat performance and the present bunch of “crazy guys” will reap the harvest of their hypocrisy.

  • 1

    KAS Sumanasekera again! I knew he will come in to this discourse. Marapalanaya fanatic!

  • 1

    Wel said Bob’s uncle. I was about to say the same thing. Marapalanaya curse will be back and Sumanasekera will smile

  • 2

    Exactly,the uneducated Rajapaksas have no idea that independent police forces in UK, Aussie or America etc would have had the filth behind bars very soon after their firs offense?
    They actually thought Cameron could stop channel 4 showing films from our own military forces phones?

    • 0

      All Praise and Worship to UK, Aussie and America etc !!!

  • 1

    With MPs of this low quality Parliament has gone to the dogs. The day Ranil goes everthing will end

  • 0

    “I Am The Architect Of Sri Lanka’s Recent Change” – CBK Claims.

    No doubt she is ready to take the blame!


  • 1

    Citizen Perera, John Amaratunge is reported to have got an overdose of an enabling drug and gone haywire with a stick-like human device

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