22 May, 2024


Defence Ministry Revokes Ban Issued Against EP Chief Minister

The Ministry of Defence today revoked the ban issued last week against Eastern Province Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamad, which permitted Army, Navy and Air Force to boycott events attended by Ahamed and prohibiting him from entering military camps, following his outburst at a Navy Officer during a school function in Sampur this month.

SampurThe new order comes following the return of President Maithripala Sirisena to Sri Lanka from Japan. Military Spokesman Jayanath Jayaweera said that even though Nazeer was not permitted to enter the military camps, this ban has now been lifted.

Following the military decision last week, Chief Minister in a letter to Maithripala Sirisena condemned the move as a ‘political decision’ where he accused the leaders of the security forces in joining hands to look at the issue from a limited perspective of protecting the offenders within their ranks and not from the broader prospect of establishing truth and justice’.

“In any event, the issue has broader implications. It would be in the best interest of the country for the responsible officers to apologise. I would not hesitate to express my unequivocal regret and apologies to all those who were present, including the staff and students of the school, the foreign dignitary and the concerned naval officer for my strong but justifiable reaction. I wish to leave any further steps in this regard in the hands of Your Excellencies,” Nazeer said in his letter which was also copied to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Full text of the letter by Chief Minister Ahamed Nazeer:

Sampur Maha Vidyalaya is a school under the Eastern Provincial Council. It is not a national school.

A well- known business organisation in Colombo had volunteered through the Sri Lanka Navy to donate computers and other items to the school. In appreciation of this good gesture, in my capacity as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province, I attended the function held at the school. The Hon. Minister of Education of the Eastern Province Hon. Thandayuthapani also attended the function. The function was organised by the school.

As I arrived at the function, the Hon. Governor’s name and the name of HE Atul Keshap, the Ambassador of the USA in Sri Lanka were announced by the compere who was the English teacher of the school. My name or the name of the Minister of Education of the province was not announced, though both of us had arrived. The Hon. Governor perhaps, noticing the lapse, signaled me to come up to the stage.

When I came up on stage, a naval officer who was acting as the ‘master of ceremonies’, physically obstructed me from proceeding to take my place on the stage. It may be due to the fact that he was trying to stop the media personnel getting on to the stage. His grossly offensive conduct, an offence under the Penal Code, shocked me. I censured him, questioning him as to who he was to stop me. I also blamed the Hon. Governor for not directing the officials to follow proper protocol. I felt insulted in the presence of a foreign dignitary and a large public gathering.

Though it was clearly a usurpation of the functions of the Eastern Provincial Council and in violation of the country’s Constitution, I attended the function without raising any issue, out of respect to Your Excellencies and the foreign guest in attendance in the province of which I happened to be the Chief Minister.

I also understand that the Tri-Forces have today decided to boycott functions attended by me even before Your Excellency the President had looked into the matter. I condemn this as a political decision by the forces whose leaders appear to have joined hands to look at the issue from the limited perspective of protecting the offenders within their ranks and not from the broader prospect of establishing truth and justice.

In any event, the issue has broader implications. It would be in the best interest of the country for the responsible officers to apologise. I would not hesitate to express my unequivocal regret and apologies to all those who were present, including the staff and students of the school, the foreign dignitary and the concerned naval officer for my strong but justifiable reaction.

I wish to leave any further steps in this regard in the hands of Your Excellencies.

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  • 28

    CM is a moron all right…but the tri forces …jumped the gun n now have to tuck their tails between their hind legs n walk in shame..Yes respect is due to the forces for supressing an uprising….but hero worshipping them is going over board…bear in mind Army n police personnel have been involved in robberies…kidnappings.. n murder too..So All cannot be considered as GOOD eggs…

    • 20

      Truth of the matter is that military is a public service like any other service and should be accountable for any wrong doing. They are not above the law. Unfortunately, the competitive politics between UNP and SLFP lead to use Tamils and Tamils rights as their weapon to get votes from Sinhalese. This lead to create a 100 % Sinhala based military and they allowed military to whatever they want, particularly against Tamils. That is why the military were become part and partial of 1958, 1977 and 1983 ethnic violence against Tamils. Violence against Tamils included, robberies, burning of properties, murder and Rape. I don’t think anyone including Mithiri have the power to change this.

      • 15

        The President is a school dropout. The Muslim minister may be so. The Sinhalese and Muslims needed state assistance to Graduate. Bad U din standardisation and subsequent Muslim minister promotions.

        its all in the genes- non care about public administration which came along with the Portuguese and continued by VOC and finally by British.
        However, one aspect of community living by the Portuguese is retained by India at `Dadra and Nagar Haveli` because it is better than Anglo Saxon favoritism..

        • 6

          “The President is a school dropout…………”

          Timbuttu, please tell me how far did America’s famed president Lincoln study in school?

          How far did D.S. Senanayake – the Father of the Nation – go with his studies?

          I believe the President has a degree from the University of LIFE.

          • 6

            Therefore the mess!!
            keep loathing!!

          • 1

            Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 … that was different era… but still …..Lincoln was ” Largely self-educated, he became a lawyer in Illinois, a Whig Party leader, and a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, in which he served for twelve years. “

            • 1

              was shot by Booths the unknown friend of confederates and the donkey kissed DSSena good bye ever loving foe.
              night lamp, thug, Premadasa after the Royal Ascot went Poo Aiya.

              There goes street wise men who don’t have all their marbles and want to rule others by mere mouth.

              debating team calle.

              everyone one who tried to `stain` got the Boot warlord or no lord. Cervantes Don Quixote..

              you can’t love and be wise.-f.bacon.

            • 1

              Thank you Mr Alahakoon, and now I ask you and Mr Timbattu, how far did Winston Churchill go with his studies in school?

              Self education is possible once one teaches himself to read and then reflect. In other words THINK. Thinking is a capacity which many of today’s politicians do not have. Especially ours. To think, one needs to analyse, apply logic, and have an unbiased mind to choose between right and wrong. Because of their political bindings most of our politicians cannot think freely and logically.

              This President has broken away from it, from what I can see. That’s the difference. The day he acts wrong, I will be the first to say so.

              That’s freedom.

              The “mess” we currently find ourselves in, could be largely inherited? Would Mr Timbattu agree? Possibly not!

              • 0

                Water Closet??
                8th like SiriMao he was a fascist who could run a war never a peace time PM. Accepted by whites of UK as an proponent of language nothing more- spin doctor.
                If he had not entered London would never have been blitzed.
                Socialist bLiar tried to imitate him and failed miserably.

                Socialism ends when others funds end.
                See the position of russia and china and south america today- BRICS??
                Same with sinhala buddhist cohorts.

                he is truly flushed even by ukip.

              • 0

                “”Self education is possible once one teaches himself to read and then reflect”

                That is like the frog in the well thinking his well is the only well.

                we all educate ourselves (lecture and reference libraries) but don’t stick to bath guli concept of being spoon fed through out our lives.
                Sitting alone you know only what you see but moving around the world nomads see more and question more.

                We go to university study our subject then branch out to what we like or let destiny take its toll.- lankawe is bound by the British system of trade union style education- a product of piracy.
                There are many top cat surgeons (typically English) of research heading research cells and their job is to go around world correcting others research so they come out of the secret as the first- power and money- goes with driving a donkey off its feet with words alone.- their language.
                that does not mean lankawe can take the upper hand( sudda kotiya etc) because you are under their system unlike Japan.
                R&D has been Japans hallmark from the day the recluse nation opened its doors to the white mans world.

    • 5


      “bear in mind Army n police personnel have been involved in robberies…kidnappings.. n murder too..So All cannot be considered as GOOD eggs…”

      Yes, and they killed Lasantha Wicktamatunga and many others.. but did the Navy Who was insulted part of it?

      We are talking about collective adoration and collective punishment here, both carried out by the armed forces.

      So need to separate the heroes from the culprits.

      • 12

        Dear Amarasiri,
        Either you are ignorant or your are deliberately trying to cover up the Navy. Kumudini Boat murder of 36 people including a baby of 6 months where I performed the post moretem, was carried out by Navy men from Nainativu camp in retalliation to Anuradhapura massacre by LTTE. This was completely hushed up without even a trial though there was incriminating evidence to covict them.
        Before the army started using arbitrary artllery shelling on Tamil dwellings, it was the Navy who did mortar firing from the ships anchored off shore into Tamil villages. Navy in order to quench their blood thirst, was responsible in killing over 500 Tamil Nadu fishermen. In 1983 Navy men ran riot in Trincomalee killing over 200 Tamils and destroying their properties. It is in the Navy camp of Trincomalee that a torture chamber was found and confirmed by UN inspectors, where innocent people like Eknaligoda was taken and made missing. Are these enough to satisfy you.

    • 10

      The ban on Chief minister to enter military camp was a joke from the onset, as no chief minister has ever requested for such. Now the ban is lifted in a few days making the forces to eat humble pie. The government is at fault for this incident to happen, as it is clear that Navy and Governor are the principal culprits. This should be a lesson for the government to prevent such thing happening in northern province as the consequence of that will be much graver.

      Please put a stop to the following interference:
      1. Construction of a church in Kachchativu by the navy. This church should be constructed by the Bishop of Jaffna, in collaboration with the parish priest and Northern provincial council. I dont think there will be any objections from Tamils for navy personnel to be employed as coolies in the construction.
      2. Governor of northern province sidelining Chief minister in the development of Jaffna town, by holding a meeting with some provincial councillors and MPs. Any development to Jaffna town must be done by the elected municipal council and provincial council, and the governor should not have any dealings.
      If the government does not take action on these and hand over the work to provincial council, no one must blame Tamils later if they react.

      • 4

        MR and Co threw a spanner on this issue, wishfully thinking if the HE takes the hard decision in order to quell the sentiments the majority have, flamed by media, clergies and anti-minority forces in the South to see the beginning of the end to the unity government.
        For the HE, it is a make or break decision, and I think he took the right one. Looking at the whole issue, my take is, we Sri Lankan are always like to look at the last tiny bit of an issue, not beyond, as it is very convenient for us to bluff it, not that they are capable of look the issue in its totality. Same thing how do we look at the emergence of LTTE, highlighting the only bad things they did, in an effort to bury the root causes why it came into being in the first place. They behaved like the CM did in this case and what matters most to the larger audience is the last most dramatic bit.
        In this particular issue, if one looks at the happening on the stage alone, no question the CM should be hung and looking at the video clip I thought it was in a bad display and killed our country’s image at international level. The CM screaming and complaint others for the failure to observe the protocols seemed to have completely forgotten the minimum etiquettes that is expected of a VIP of the province, let alone a lay person.
        On the other hand, if one looked at the issues that leading up to what has happened at the stage, and no doubt it triggered the reaction that CM showed, it opens up bigger issues than mere violation of etiquettes and showing the CM’s temperament to handle a difficult issue. As stated in his letter to the HE, CM didn’t make the whole affairs- the way school building managed and Navy’s involvement, keeping him at arm lengths, etc.-as an issue, but it is clearly an extension of armed forces interference in the civil affairs which is all too familiar in the N-E, when MR was on the helm. Not sure what would be the best course of actions if you have confronted with this exact situation, say if you put yourself in CM’s shoe for a moment, you’ve already insulted and irritated not knowing how to handle the situation, looking for a last life line, sees a signal from the Governor to come on to the stage and you make a move, to be man handle, almost (pushed or blocked using hands, haven’t seen a clip) by this officer. Not a mistaken identity, as he has well-dressed, expected to stand out in the crowd. In that situation, if he has to exert his authority, I think he has the right to ask the officer who he was to do so, though it may have been politely, but we cannot expect everyone to be a Gandhi. Idiot and get out that followed were a bit too much, he was brave enough to utter such words and got away with his head still intact, luckily not blown off by a person with an equal temper of his. If Navy had been volunteered in the building of the school, which is a good thing, why couldn’t they accommodate the CM at this event? Used the event to handing over a finished product show casing what they could do in a peace time. Something not right, and the Navy, Governor all involved knew where it all went wrong and they didn’t make it (what happened at the stage) as an issue for a while. Once the media has got into this and put the clip for viewers, it started spiraling out. The event CM hooked into is akin to the speaker deliberately left out in an event which was being held in the parliament. Seems odds enough??

        Ranil, a logically thinking guy he is, knew straight away and must have asked himself why the CM wasn’t invited. There onwards he would been heard unfolding inconsistencies in the way the school building project was managed, putting the cart before the horse. If you bring forces too closest to public, the fisticuffs bound to happen, most of the times the poor ordinary folk go quiet fearing to an armed man, but sometimes you wouldn’t expect same thing. We all used to this kind of intimidations all along, knowing not worth the troubles that might follow if we even saw our frustration. The difference in this instance is CM stood up, he didn’t choose to pleading.

        The CM yet to explain as to why he slapped a student, can he ignore the humiliation she went through.

        • 4

          Aia ,

          A fair comment ;nonetheless , can’t agree with the last sentence though.

          “The CM yet to explain as to why he slapped a student, can he ignore the humiliation she went through.”

          CM didn’t slap the poor girl , it was unintentional and he should have apologized the poor kid for his outburst then and there.

          I agree , Military should stay out of civil affairs completely , it was mad Gota the goon thought it was ok to Military to interfere in every aspect of civilian lives , time has come to say good bye for Military , you guys should be confined to the barracks like any other civilised country in the world.

          • 2

            “”thought it was ok to Military to interfere in every aspect of civilian lives , time has come to say good bye for Military , you guys should be confined to the barracks like any other civilised country in the world. “”

            hear, hear, It is not okay to trade unionise the university staff or student.
            It takes the plum and burden off everyone’s head.
            Find a lokku unnahas kadde to politic or community center.

            How civilised, whom??

        • 1

          “Ranil, a logically thinking guy he is, knew straight away and must have asked himself why the CM wasn’t invited. There onwards he would been heard unfolding inconsistencies in the way the school building project was managed,”

          Better start for this would have been why party won the election was not allowed to rule the province. Why all the parties got together and made one Sinhala Party lost the election and one Muslim Party lost the election was appointed to rule. The Answer is that there is rush to have the Eastern Province transformed as non Tamil dominated Province before the next election. So in turn, now Nazeer Ahamed is in power. Ranil wanted it in this way. Ahamed Nazeer was cooperating with Yahapalanaya until now. His loss of attention came only when, at the last minuted, he noticed the Ambassador Atul Keshap is going to on the stage. Otherwise, years ago Ahamed Nazeer would have had confronted with the Navy when it was occupying the school. He would have raised issue of the school is Provincial Property long ago. His foolishness was, he did not think that G7 was also going and New King was guest to that.

  • 18

    We are all aware to be the President of Monkey Island the contender has to have the Muslim vote so here we go with CM bull and tuck- But very soon he would disappear as a controversial burka boy or if not how would so many Muslim ministers be in cabinet position from 48?
    Pakistan is the islands all weather friend speaks a lot about rule of law and the flaw- military or civil.
    Rustic Sarema Sena, did not resign in 100 days however, he is dreaming of 2nd term.
    How do the meth mouth trolls Muslim, Buddhist Christians, Hindus all tolerate Sira?
    your god must be a hell of a fellow- Satan/Lucifer!!

  • 2

    Very well then, let’s move on.
    The folks in our armed services are made of steelier stuff than being rattled by words.

  • 3

    The ban appeared, at start start, as a protection against the Joint Comedians. The flood or something has subdued the Joint Comedians.Even the people in South may starting to see them as empty vessels. Thier Narahenpita Mayday was SOS for them.They failed make the same loud noise the made in the Sampanthar case. Further Ahamed Nazeer had cunning hooked his game with American Ambassador too. Noticing these New King ordered to reverse the illegal ban. Otherwise there would have been long legal tussle might have come out.

    Military Officer got his promotion. Ahamed Nazeer’s authority is confirmed. Austin Fernando may get a bonus. I wrote in my first comment all these comedian will play their games safely to benefit out of this, but the small Tamil girl who was beaten up by Ahamed is the one suffered at the end of the day.

    • 3

      Nazeer Ahamed has released an apology to PM and EP citing that his province in the only one implemented Yahapalanaya; the reason is all parties are in his government. We do not know the second part of his talk but considering Hakeem did his best UNHRC to suppress Tamils receiving a judgement, if he says his province is the only one implemented Yahapalanaya, in the Sinhala Buddhist send of Yahapalanaya, his province is implementing the Yahapalanaya. There were frequent news that he purposefully ignore Tamils interest in the East. If he claims that they are ready to live peacefully with other community I do not see why SLMC could not accept the deal TNA offered that they keep the CM for full term in East but went and made deal half of it with UPFA and went to UNHRC to denounce the Tamils call for justice? Still why Hakeem calling Tamils showing the beggar wound to beg instead of he insisting on Foreign and Commonwealth Lawyers and Judges should be in the inquiry. Isn’t it the EPC CM’s claim of his Yahapalanaya Province is Sinhala Buddhist Yahapalana Province? When he saw there is going to some action against him, he apologised to PM and EP. But he is not coming forward to apologize to the tiny soul he blasted with his wild anger. They are just scoundrels.

      The following is a comment written in another thread. The main theme on that is about the EPC’s CM’s game. So without any changes I reproduce it here.

      The political Baba Izeth had proposed his theory of “Tamil Nadu is the problem” is a very short sighted manner. In 1915, the problem in Lankawe was Muslim who attacked the Buddhist Parade in the very late night. That time the Muslims were favored minority of the rulers stationed in Ceylon. They had the prowess to take it on Sinhalese with the support of White rulers. Sir. Pon. Ramanathan resolved it by approaching Britain, direct. From 1917 Sinhala leaders have been showing the retaliation on Tamils for his victory. Then it turned into Tamil-Sinhala problem. The minority, majority problem is in Lankawe from the very beginning. So, as soon as Ceylon got freedom, the first important legislation passed by Sinhala Intellectuals is not about Economy and Finance, Not about people’s Fundamental Rights, Not about Borders and Defense, but about the racism; that is the Indian-Pakistani Citizenship acts. Not that time and even not now, neither Tamil Nadu, nor Delhi is working on that problem. When these landless people were exported to India like cattle, the shameless swindling and worst ill treatment took place on the both sides of the borders is documented history in both countries. A large number of Ceylon Tamils are now refugees in Tamil Nadu. Their pathetic situation has been many times taken to Delhi. There are many societies whose races are not represented in the North India, Including Tibetans, but they are recognized as refugees and assimilated in the Indian communities. But the Eelam Tamils refugees’ lives still pest-ted with suicides and hunger strikes but no changes. The Q-Division manages these peoples are worse than the Lankawe’s Rapist Army. Further, when IPKF came to Lankawe, its aims were to take control of rebels and they carried out crime much enough to investigate a war crime against them. Many times The Lankan Governments had threatened Delhi of carrying out investigation of war crime they committed on Tamils in the North and East, but backed off because it was on Tamils only. These all are indication that India is not seeing the Eelam Tamils problems as the problem of one of its states’ race’s problem. It sees it only on the defense of its land. Further short sighted Izeth is connecting North-East to Tamil Nadu. Then he sees Tamil Nadu as the problem. In that fabulous theory, he failed to consider that there are up country Tamils, their problem is much worse than North-East, but TN or Delhi has remained indifferent to them like the North-East Tamils’ problem. Izeth took this lecture second time on very different circumstances. The Eastern Muslim CM has faced a serious debacle. It has brought very extensive nervousness in the Island wide Muslim Community. Joint Comedian created Sampanthar forcing an entry into Army Camp to create a Tamil-Sinhalese Pogrom. They failed. Now they have grabbed this to create Tamil- Muslim-Sinhala pogroms. For the government functions, ignoring North CM is very common always. There was even Army’s orders any TNA M.P. before go to school, should apply permission from Army and enter the school. Northern CM was simply not included in many of the matters he should have carried out. Purposefully a Northern rowdy, Rishard was put as the Chief of the Northern Development Council. He even diverted the Indian 50,000 homes away from war affected Tamils. Never a Tamils had voice enough to talk about these. Now the same rowdy is reopening the Government factories in North without a chance for Northern CM for a word. Further the Army has been entering the Sari Ceremonies taking place in the private homes of Northern Tamils. Even the, then Indian opposition leader Sushma Swaraj had expressed concern of this behavior of the Rapist Army entering the young girls celebrations forcefully and humiliating the occupants and the celebrating girls. Even as late as last week, the government’s agent governor Cooray invited Federal Party with the hope of splitting the TNA as Federal party and other Parties. So the “non-inviting” is not a question for Northern CM, but to submit for whatever the orders comes from the Army. Though this was not as acute as in the North, but it was there in the East also. But Ahamed Nazeer is kept in the power by Sinhala parties against the TNA who won the election. So he has been cooperating with the Sinhala Parties to remain on the power. But here a Tamil area school has been released and rebuilt by Navy. American Ambassador Atul Keshap was invited to establish some points and make him as witness to G7 Nations. But Ahamed saw it as a different opportunity and Rammed in there like the Rapist Army ram in Sari ceremonies of Northern girls. That is where the things went wrong. Ahamed was simply not able use the opportunity, but he spoiled the situation and created a tension now. The entire Island’s Muslims community is nervous, now. As I said Nazeer Ahamed is being kept in power not the people, but by the Sinhala Intellectuals parties. He has shown his unfaith, color chaining Chameleon behavior to use the presence of the American Ambassador Atul Keshap. Island’s Muslims are worried if the Sinhala parties would dethrone him as for revenge. That is why even Hilmy Ahamed lost his balance and wrote “Will the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) rejoice at the prospect of taking over the Chief Minister’s office in the Eastern province too?”. If even Hilmy Ahamed takes that path, what do you expect the number one racist Izeth to take? He just does not want the power devolved and East and North ruled as one unit. Just as Hilmy Ahamed sees when Nazeer Ahamed loose power(not a chance-but just his ill minded theory),TNA going is to rejoice, Izeth is seeing if there is devolution, again TNA is going to rejoice. So, that is why he is knotting the knee and bald head. Other than that TN had, so far, no influence at in Tamils problem in Eelam. India has not responded to any call of TN.
      May 30, 2016 at 1:42 am

  • 9

    The suspect CM should not see this as a victory for himself. The government has taken the right decision to over rule the three forces as they have no authority whatsoever to issue a ban. If the the ban had gone through Gota should have been the first to be banned for his outburst at a senior police officer trying to do his duty. He further implicated the real war hero SF and publicly humiliated him. What did the military do then?????? They licked Gota’s boots.

    The CM must public apologize to the forces as well as the general public who are sickened by his behavior.

  • 18

    “”Sampur Maha Vidyalaya is a school under the Eastern Provincial Council. It is not a national school.””

    What about electricity generation? why did it not go to Pakistan or Vaiko nadu?

    I have my doubts (school under the Eastern Provincial Council) that the school is autonomous of the state. When all school teacher appointments are carried out by ministry of education and paid for from central funding what is this school under dicta of immigrant Muslims??

    Even England has given away Borough/Council its politicians management of schools and gone for Academy. The Muslim schools are the tricky one more interested in extending the mosque and madrasas to stay in vogue/power over the stupid.

  • 1

    Well this is a POLITICAL decision made by HE. President Maithripala Sirisena. There are three grounds/reasons for this decision. The first reason is that the President did NOT want his authority to be COMPROMISED by the Forces Chiefs, especially by that of the Navy Chief’s directive. The second reason, the President did NOT want his authority to be compromised by the Defense Secretary which had been done during the absence of the president in the country. Thirdly, the president does NOT want this issue to “ROCK THE BOAT” of the Yahapalana Government that maybe eventually crack the unity of the government and eventually lead to political disaster in the Eastern Province. On the other hand, this decision may NOT be most welcome by the Navy or the Tri Forces Command, but critically analysing it through the discipline of “Political Communication Research” and understanding, this can be considered not a good omen for the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province. President Maithripala Sirisena always says that he is not in a hurry and takes his time to resolve issues, both political and otherwise. The CM – Navy issue is not just resolved with what the President has announced. The FINAL decision, we will all have to wait and see, Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, Former SLFP District Organizer – Trincomalee District and Convener – The Muslim Voice.

    • 9

      Noor blind Nizam rattles off as if he was born just yesterday.He would not have dared to say what he has said iabove if his God Mahinda Rajapaksa was in power.In fact Noor was praising his God Mahinda from Canada,even while his Muslim brothers and sisters were been murdered in Aluthgama.

      • 14

        “”even while his Muslim brothers and sisters were been murdered in Aluthgama. “”

        Darga Town Kuddu is seeing mahasoni the movie and
        reciting `satanic verses`!

        June 2014 3 days only – 4 killed 80 injured nothing not even the suicide vest that Muslim invented.

        /keep selling porkie kuddu and increase the wealth of the nation.
        You are populating the arab harem well with maids in menial chores. 90% of remittances from ME.

  • 8

    I salute the CM to offer an unequivocal apology to the Navy Officer and others. However the issue has exposed bigger problems in the province. Military and the unelected Governor try to control the democratically elected CM of the province. Who gave the power to the Navy Officer to physically and criminally harm the CM at the stage? Is Mahinda group involved in a Mavil Aru operation to capture power again? Ranil has smelled blood and ordered an investigation in that angel too. Nazeer was doing an excellent job as CM bringing foreign investments and jobs to the province for the last two years even doing better than his counterpart C.V in the north. Why are Sampanthan and Hakeem silent and coward on this issue without showing any leadership? They are the political partners in forming the current Eastern provincial government. It is shame on Sampanthan being also the Official Opposition Leader and has no comment on the issue while enjoying the privileges of the fake position.

  • 12

    I agree with Zbee. The armed Forces should be bared from attending School functions and they should be confined to the BARRACKS.Most of the robberies, Kidnapping, killings are attributed to the army not in the North & East but in other parts of the island. The world knows that the North & East of Sri Lanka is under Military rule even after the war is over.

  • 1

    An interesting reposte from Mr. Ahamed, especially the part about the “offence under the penal code.” Isn’t verbal assault an offence under the penal code? If not, it should be. Both the CM and the Navy officer should be censured.

  • 4

    This is a good move by the Govt. though a belated decision as the inter
    -national community would have been wondering as to who runs the govt.
    in Sri Lanka. Such a decision from the armed forces to boycott a CM of a province should not have been taken unilaterally, without consulting
    the Defence Secy. and the defence minister. The current defence Secy. may have to answer few embarrassing questions as this would not have happened during the period of the former defence secretary.

    The Govt. should go further to reprimand the armed forces official who
    issued the notice to CM,EPC and also discipline the CM,EPC for his bad
    behaviour at the event where foreign dignitaries and invitees were
    The President and PM should be complimented for not playing to the
    gallery and stuck to principles in this case. There is a move by inte
    -rested parties to pamper the armed forces and lead them in the wrong
    path with a view to poison their minds against the Govt. in power. The armed forces should, like in other countries, offer their other 100 % loyalty to the govt. in power and follow orders and not issue orders,and should keep away from politics except participating in voting in elections. There is a country in South East Asia where army interferes in civilian affairs and this should not befall on our country, which is a civilian run democracy.

  • 4

    The only one who misbehaved in this event is the swollen headed Chief Monkey. If the naval officer made a mistake or had a misunderstanding then it is justified. People make mistakes, its just human; but, in response, for the top level civil administrator to behave like a Hitler and a wild dog in public is beyond belief. What a disgrace. He has the bloody cheek to ask for an apology from the naval officer. What a bloody twit!

  • 7

    All the Media outlets who jumped at this story and failed to investigate and report it from an unbiased view shame on you.

  • 3

    Simple , Most Sri Lankan Politicians can not handle their egos , besides I do not see it right under any circumstances to be rude to a officer of not just navy but any force .

    If he is a matured politician ,what he should have done rightfully would have been to have called the Ministry of defence or any higher official and lodged a complaint , when will we learn that there is a system we need to follow before thinking of building the nation, follow the rules and let the person incharge do his job, we voted a new government to make it clear no one is above the law, even if the officer’s behaviour here was wrong ,it does not give the Chief Minister the right to be abusive.

    I am still to see the day Sri Lanka would be governed by the people as it states ………..

  • 1

    The ban was to fool people and to some extend to pacify the armed forces. Even though CM had legitimate grief about the way organizers of the event decided to ignore local administration, he never should have acted in such a disrespectful manner. It is an unwritten rule not to disrespect armed forces personnel in public. Doing that in West would have ended one’s political career. You resolve any issue behind closed doors. After all, these are the people who risk their lives to save others. Forget about the war, who helped when floods hit Sri Lanka recently?

    Now the reaction from armed forces is what I worry the most. Their reaction is not isolated to this incident. It is a culmination of many events. This government is trying their patience and by doing that, they are playing with fire.

  • 2

    The winner of this whole fiasco is Hakeem! He has been condemning Nazeer Ahamed at various Political platforms,even before the so called High Command of the SLMC had met to decide on the issue.This is by no means how a Leader should behave.
    Anyway,he has hit two birds with one stone.By letting down a fellow SLMC COLLEAGUE so as to consolidate his position in Govt:and in the eyes of the non-Muslim he wants to show how reasonably he is as a Leader.
    The 2nd stone of-course is that he has check-mated the rise of Naseer Ahamed who has shown signs of a doer.Perhaps,Nazeer Ahamed could turn out to be threat to Hakeem.

    So at the end of the day,Nazeer Ahamed could turn round and ask et tu Brute[Hakeem]

  • 6

    Noor Nizam the Canada living opportunistic man has one God who’s name is Mahinda Rajapaksa .

  • 15

    Where in the world do you find an ambassador in a village brawl.

    What have they donated here?? the language seems to have shifted to “accountable democracy.” still genuinely pushing for wartime accountability?

    Global champion of human rights and accountability? That’s quite an assertion.

    USAID is total military as per Bush statement to London.

    January 15th stupid Arun Jaitley Indian Finance swaps US$ 1.5 billion for SLR. unwarranted style of baksheesh to a Pakistani leaning neighbor unlike Nepal.

    April 8th China refuses loan of US$ 1 billion and is eager for payback of short term loan of US $ 8 billion.- bad credit, dodgy bug**r neighbor.

    On Thursday 28th April, the United States and Sri Lanka held an important meeting focused on trade, investment, and the broader direction of bilateral economic relations. Samantha Power, U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, even flew in from New York City to attend the event.

    28 Apr 2016 – Sri Lanka Secures $1.5 Billion IMF(American Bank) Loan to Help Bolster Finances
    (in loans to help lower its borrowing costs and fix its finances.)

    The loan program will need approval by the IMF’s executive board, which is due to consider it in early June. Once approved, it’s “expected to catalyze an additional $650 million in other multilateral and bilateral loans, bringing total support to about $2.2 billion, over and above existing financing arrangements,” the IMF said.

    Sri Lanka also plans to sell as much as $3 billion of bonds in international markets this year to help bolster its finances. Mahendran said last month the island nation will tap other sources like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank as well as lenders from Japan and Korea once the IMF gives its endorsement.

    LOAN LOAN LOAN- under the American jackboot.

    Will Modi toadie and Arun Jaitley, try once more with others money, what he has been questioned and is still in duniyaka sawahal.

    Only China uproots the American Jackboot being world second in trade-
    with US$3.30 Trillion in reserves. America In Debt US$17 trillion of which US $2 Trillion external. Big Mac is multinational 556 non humans- Lobby and Pres.

    Washington is “very clear-eyed about the challenges ahead,” Power says.
    I doubt she or ambassador know if they are coming or going coming January 2017- lets hope we get rid of old bitter wine who just follow a stupid boss who has undermined american law- hussain the outlaw.

  • 4

    1.Ahamed Nazeer’s behaviour was unbecoming considering the high public position he held. His public display of displeasure showed him up to be egotistical, lacking an awareness of the enormity of his behaviour, and therefore unfit to hold public office. It would have been so gallant if Ahamed humbly accepted the snub and remained dignified.

    2.The navy’s action in not according the Chief Minister his rightful position was reprehensible and smacked of deliberate insult. There is a protocol to follow that supercedes personal agendas. The local naval commander is unfit to hold that position

    3.The Governor, though experienced and highly respected made an ass of himself. Was it he himself or his staff who were responsible for this faux pas? Unfit and incompetent must be taken off his team.

    4.The Deputy Minister of Defence and the Defence Secretary made a serious error of judgement in banning the Chief Minister from Military Camps! What is this? An inter house rugby encounter? This duo may even decide to invade India over the arrest of fishermen caught poaching in the Indian ocean! Both are unfit.

    The Sampur incident highlights the poverty of intelligence and the inability of our public officers to act within context without being overwhelmed by the situation. I suggest that we look for more capable people to run our country, if there are any.

    • 3

      A good one!

      An unemotional, sane and true analysis of the incident.

  • 2

    From the letter CM has written we can elucidate that the major function of the CM is to attend free give away ceremonies that are funded by the private sector companies. Did anyone ask the question how much the helicopter ride from Colombo coated for this free ride show of all these Yahapalana majic show the CM was so eager to attend. May be it was costlier than all the items distributed to the children that day. One wonder what the American wind bag doing in a ceremony like that.

  • 1

    “…………………which “permitted” Army, Navy and Air Force to boycott events………………………”

    Is it a requirement that military are obliged by law or by any other
    regulation, to always take part, even by force, in civic functions?

    Why did the ‘business organisation’ volunteer the donation “through the Sri Lanka Navy”?
    This needs explanation.
    Why cannot anyone/any organisation volunteer donations to any school directly, while keeping the Ministry informed?

  • 3

    Not only me, majority of srilankans agree that these Navy, army and air force should handover civilian affairs to Tamil and Sinhala mix police. North keep-on insisting this for a long time while business minded East suffocating themselves to be in good books of the government to catch few bones and now they couldn’t bear any more of this jungle rule. All the Tamils and Muslims and good Singhalese should give their full support for this courageous act(even a termite bite before die). Now is the time to say good bay to them and it is up to them to face international criminal court, punishment from karma they earned or from individual who were affected ask justice from them. The good government can not keep allowing them to loot, kill and steal any more like luni Gotha/MR allowed. Hope we all unite to get out of the present mess we have allowed/created by our own selfish and stupid nature. In the past we laughed at other countries but eventually we fell into the hell-hole.

  • 1


    Loaded question; The American windbag,is indeed an Indian,serving the interests of God only knows who!and that too at Sampur.
    An eventful episode has brought up another front.I am curious too,like ALICE!

  • 0

    Nazeeer Ahamed is generally known to be cool man. Exceptions are there. In this case Governor knew that CM was coming. Governor was told that there was no room in the plane and was asked to come by road. The question is being a CM, why wasn’t he given a place in the podium. CM’s behaviour is unacceptable, but I do blame the Governor, a veteran public servant.

  • 1

    Nazeeer Ahamed is generally known to be cool man. Exceptions are there. In this case Governor knew that CM was coming. Governor was told that there was no room in the plane and was asked to come by road. The question is being a CM, why wasn’t he given a place in the podium. CM’s behaviour is unacceptable, but I do blame the Governor, a veteran public servant. Governor also should apologise to the CM. Of course he is a President’s man so he will not apologise

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