21 July, 2024


‘Come on, Be Honest Mr. Ex-President’: Harsha Accuses MR Of Misleading Public Over Revised VAT

Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva today criticized former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, accusing him of misleading the public, following Rajapaksa’s statement yesterday on the Value Added Tax (VAT) revision.

Dr. Harsha de Silva

Dr. Harsha de Silva

“Mahinda Rajapaksa, don’t mislead the people, there is no VAT on the any education service,” Silva said in a post published on his official Facebook page.

The deputy minister said that Rajapaksa, who is also an MP for Kurunegala district has once again issued a statement containing a number of untruths, knowing very well that there is no imposition of the new VAT on education services. Silva said that Rajapaksa has attempted to mislead the public saying that fees from ‘nursery school to tertiary level as well as private tuition classes’ will see an increase following the tax revision which will also effect educational services, unlike in the past.

“Come on… be honest… let us debate based on the truth Mr. Ex-President,” Silva said.

In his statement yesterday, Rajapaksa also called upon the people to rise up against the government for imposing additional burdens by way of increasing the Value Added Tax from 11% to 15%, which will come into effect from May 2.

“The government is now trying to increase the VAT rate from 11% to 15% and widen its applicability to hitherto exempt sectors like telecommunications, health and education. This will cause a 4% increase in the prices of goods on which VAT is already being charged and a sudden 15% increase in the costs of telephone and internet services, medical specialist channeling services, medical tests, private hospital care, private education from nursery school to tertiary level as well as private tuition classes. The applicability of the 2% Nation Building Tax has been extended to telecommunications and electricity as well. Telephone and internet services will see the highest price increases as it will be hit by the VAT as well as the NBT. The NBT on electricity will bring in huge revenues because it will be charged from all users of electricity,” Rajapaksa said in his statement issued on Thursday.

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Latest comments

  • 27

    These matters are beyond his intelligence as we know the articles under his name are ” cut and paste” .
    He should be taken for task by the government for misleading the Public which is an offence.

    I think he need to be more careful when he does this cut and paste as he can easily be punished under Terrorism Act .

    President please do not let this man off the hook ., He’s a master manipulator for his Own Benefit. That is to save Himself and His Family.

    • 16

      I have the feeling the AWARNESS programs being made by current regime on the issue is not enough that is why Bugger et al could issue such statements.
      People should raise the question as to why the current or any other govts need to go for VAT increases –
      We perfectly know the extra vaganza former DONKEY deliberately carried out… knowing all the bits by mid of 2014, he continued to abuse Srilanken AIRLIANES keeping the aircrafts weeks long for his farting entourages that brought nothing actually.

      Remember guys, at the time, UNHRC lady was on a tour to lanka, the bugger et al was on a trip to BELARUS which is a country isolated from all europeans not knowing the geographical location really…. even today, lanken biased, journostlists, have failed to bring any articles, for what purpose the bugger et al focused BELARUS.

      Then we also remember SWAZILAND or the llike presidents were visiting MAHARAJA.

      Today, though the current leaders travel like us waiting for the transit flights, but achieved all sofar… IMF fund as expected to be allowed by JUNE. All other funds will be followed to be positive… so nothign can go wrong if the politicies would be handled to the manner as RW and MY3 move today.

      MY3 s speech day before yesterday was a very good one. That was the best speech he held after him being elected as the President. No show off… nothign like but the mere truth as it is. He did not attack any one either but reiterated the TRUTHS but truths.

      • 6

        I spoke to my circles back in the home country and got to know most of them found some items are cheaper this time while goin to buy needs for the new year.
        There they never complained essential items to have been expensive.

        Anyways, right at the moment, they maintain to the best by going through various asterity measures, some though are against brining new faces from UPFA – anyways, the consensul politics are no easy – at least ot ge the valable amendments done President has to go through same road filled plenty of pot holes but with unbelievable patience, since he is attacked for all the messy situation while the man who deliberately created the stiaution is subjected to enjoy his life based on LIES and lies.

      • 10

        Mahinda talking about these things is like Bernie Madoff and Charles Ponzi advising how financial regulations should be formulated and implemented. The man’s got a sense of humour. He’s got chutzpah.

        Unlike before, where stealing was confined to big-shot politicos, in Mahinda’s regime corruption trickled down to the lowest ranks. Everyone made money. Like it or not, it’s a form of rural “development!”

        In a small country with 80 ministers who are there for nothing but to selflessly serve the people, where simple logic is turned on its head and the citizens wait with great expectations for something good to come out of something bad, Mahinda is the only ray of hope. The only man who can walk on water; turn water into wine.

        Everyone may have their own take on him but now that good old Prabakaran has bitten the dust, Mahinda is the best entertainer + messiah Sri Lanka has ever produced.

        We all live in hope even though living in hope is what kills us all in the end.

        Only in the sunny isle of paradise.

        • 4

          “Like it or not, it’s a form of rural “development!”””

          from the time of rice from the moon.
          anyone entering the ministry of industry had to pay bottom up to top down.
          It became a joke during Premadasa rule- the bassunna’s used to count the number of doors 6 in all at SLR 50.00 each or the file stays missing.

    • 11

      He was simply not intelligent.

      As Dr Ambare Amila Thero reminds – at the time bugger was elected to the presidency – he was so chilled being unable to fight against the LTTERs then. But all civli society groups and their collectivity strenghtheend morals of the army. Then only, army led by SF was instrumental in winning the war against the rebells.
      This particular devious man showed his kind of politics in lanken politics over the decades. He was known to the many as a rascal came from Beliatta. I heard it my parents and others saying about him not once several times. He had been that violent from day 1.

      If we let rise the dead – our elders, theywoudl tell us the realities of Rajaakshes in 70ties. But last few years, lanken media men were manipulated by Rajakashes to telecast/broadcast only good about them.
      Then the village folks who are majority in srilanka became intoxicated of Rajaakshes…. even if he cuddled a boy but keeping somthign virulent in his heart, media men stammered out a story to tell how kind the leader should be. The day bugger licked the soils immediately putting the feet back on the srilanken airport roll filed… Sarath fonseka confirmed, tha the war was still going on… the country was not fully liberated … that was to send out the message across – MAMA THAMAI MINIHA.. i am the one who liberated the folks from most fiecre LTTERs.

      • 3

        Yes, I too think so… he is more stupid.

        They could better leave the country and stay exile – since almost even everyone was clear the way he continued his politics would no longer be good on long term. All forms of authoritarianism. Family bandism, no democractic values nothing:

        • 5

          “”They could better leave the country and stay exile””

          But the present regime is his very own tainted ambude.
          He would never leave his better half-
          BodhiSira MahaHora.- Mahadana muththa- MR2

    • 3

      I think the best thing MR to do now is to challenge a debate with the governing parties. So that he can share all what he thinks is right and applicable to come out of the problems that the country faces today.

      There if he is decent enough can prove the nation what he is telling is right. Just behave NO SECOND TO WIMAL BURUWANSE cant save his bum. Nor would the nation be satisfied. That is how real leaders woudl do.

      If he feels that there are other options the rulers to settle the econimic crisis – as a senior person and so called loveble leader, should share his stances with the ruling /upfa men and women, how MS has to lead the nation. There, people will definitely, feel the man is honest.
      But I am crystal clear MAHINDA RAJAKSHE we know would never behave solid.

      • 12

        Living in the bubble with all that trouble what a lot of rubble?
        Vote from one Hegel egghead to the other like the night follows the day.
        The island needs to go into international administration if you want your future generations to survive.
        That is the only way forward to get back stolen monies. Or according to US/UK law one has to be a classified terrorist or drug dealer (even the Swiss returned).- the government is both but it is killing its own folk and Tamil is the alibi.

      • 8

        Sirimal & side kick Srilal the hijackers.

        Aney bangh!! Nothing like Gotabaya for Sinhalese Buddhist like you.
        How well he led the nation- no one was Badagini.

        Sobita was a JVP terror in his young days like todays Karuna KP etc.

        So you are worse than Ramona the pissu kelle.

        You say I am in the train, but sometimes I have to get inter connecting flights I am at Germany.

        It is like 70’s movie that JR liked- Colomba Malasanya.

        So your parents what did they study for you to hijack like Sepala the Alitalia??

        • 1

          Why not you guys [Edited out] of MARA seem not like him to face a debate ?

          Can you guys inlcuding some journalists leave few lines as to why none of you have raised the quesiton yet, why MR adminstration held early presidential election ?

        • 1

          But tell us what is wrong him facing an open debate. That can clear everything as any sane would get it right ?

          • 4

            Open debates are not for Rajaakashes.

            They are just backstabbers by all nature.

    • 11


      One politician telling the other “Come on, Be Honest”.

      And both want the people to trust them, the politicians

      Been there, seen it done that.

      • 1

        It is unquestionable that he was attacked partly from political motive.

        He cannot fit into Govigama Ravi K shoes at present.;)

    • 3

      There are many middle class families in Sri Lanka who educate their children in private institutions which are registered as corporations, and those will be subjected to the VAT increase, similarly private health care too would be. Dr. de Silva always writes to the lowest intellectual denominator, how convenient.

  • 7

    What’s this hurry for? People will be able to see and experience from next 2nd onward.
    Give government it’s legitimate right to raise income.

    • 9


      Direct taxes Indirect Taxes for Middle income nations.

      All that said, even if we limit ourselves to discussing tax policy, Harsha de Silva’s analysis of the budget is tellingly off the mark.

      lamborghini-Badagini: The limits Of The Budget Debate!!- Kath Noble- Gold Medalist Oxford University- The poor mans friend.

      The lamborghini-badagini slogan is not really accurate, but it is not completely inaccurate either. As the UNP’s chief economist MP Harsha de Silva pointed out, the budget maintains taxes on food such as milk powder and tins of salmon while exempting racing cars. He called it a budget for the 0.1%, no doubt consciously evoking parallels with the popular campaign of the Occupy Movement in the United States and elsewhere that talks about 1% of the population controlling an ever greater share of the country’s wealth. His point was that only the richest of the rich can afford racing cars, which are now going to be cheaper thanks to the Government’s proposals, while the price of basic food items is of most concern to the poor.

      The Treasury issued a totally ridiculous statement in response to this criticism. It seems that it is not lamborghinis but go-karts that are being exempted from tax. Well, that’s a relief, isn’t it? People are constantly complaining about the cost of go-karts!

      Of course tax exemptions for racing cars of whatever kind are completely misguided.

      The proliferation of such random concessions is one of the many things that are wrong with the Government’s tax policy. The more complicated the system, the easier it is to avoid paying one’s dues. At the same time, exemptions mean less revenue for the Government.

      Far too little attention is paid to the appallingly low level of tax revenue being collected in Sri Lanka. Taxes amounted to only 12% of GDP in 2011, far below the international benchmarks of 25% for a Middle Income Country and 18% for a Low Income Country, as noted by Anushka Wijesinha in a recent article on the Institute for Policy Studies ‘Talking Economics’ blog. And rather than improving with average incomes, the ratio is getting worse. This is a massive anomaly.

      In the absence of sufficient tax revenue, the Government resorts to borrowing, which tends to push the country ever further into debt.

      Another huge problem is the extraordinary dependence on indirect taxes, meaning taxes that fall not directly on incomes but indirectly through consumption.

      There are two issues here. First, the two forms of taxation are not substitutes. Indirect taxes create inflation, since they add to costs – if a company has to pay taxes on its inputs, it will simply increase the price of its output to compensate. By contrast, direct taxes have no inflationary effect. And so long as the Government spends the money it collects, taxing corporate profits actually increases the level of profits in the economy and thus also the national income. This is counterintuitive, but non-economists should try to understand that this is often the case in economics. Something that is true at the level of an individual is often not true at the level of the economy as a whole. A company might believe that taxes reduce its profits, but it does not exist in a vacuum – the effect of spending by the Government increases economic activity and generates increased profits, albeit not necessarily for that particular company. (This idea should be more easily accepted now, since it was such a fallacy of composition that Keynes pointed out at the time of the Great Depression, saying that if individuals all saved more then aggregate demand would fall, which would mean a lower national income and thus less savings in the aggregate – the ‘paradox of thrift’. The Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath have repopularised his ideas regarding the need for what is now called a ‘fiscal stimulus’ to get out of an economic downturn.)

      Secondly, the poor bear more of a burden than the rich when taxes are collected indirectly rather than directly, since consumption forms a larger share of their income. They may spend half of what they earn on food, but it would be physically impossible for Bill Gates to do likewise – even throwing so much food away would be a challenge!

      In Sri Lanka, direct taxes constitute only 20% of the total, with the remaining 80% being indirect taxes. This compares extremely badly with other countries.

      Totally ignored by just about everybody, the Government is busy making things worse. Last year, when it finally restored income tax liability to public servants, it managed to ensure that this resulted in no overall increase in tax collection by significantly reducing tax rates and doubling the tax-free allowance. And this year it has introduced a whole range of additional concessions, such as reducing the income tax rate for IT professionals to 16%, organic tea exporters to 12% and large scale poultry farmers to 10%. Meanwhile, companies that list on the stock exchange are to be given a three year half tax holiday. And these are just the new measures. Some time ago, the Institute of Policy Studies estimated that concessions offered by the Board of Investment to foreign companies cost Sri Lanka 1% of GDP, in the process of attracting investment that amounts to no more than 1.5% of GDP – and this money would likely have come anyway, since foreign companies openly state that they are not primarily interested in the level of taxation. Soon it will cost the Government more to administer the tax system than it actually collects!

      Many of these issues were undoubtedly highlighted by the Presidential Commission on Taxation, which spent about a year working solidly on the issue, submitting its report in October 2010. But Mahinda Rajapaksa has declined to publish it.

      When presenting the budget, he highlighted the fact that the Government has not resorted to privatisation, a recruitment freeze in the public sector, cuts in subsidies or neglect of infrastructure development, even though it is short of revenue. But what the President was hiding is that he has nevertheless cut expenditure. Or rather he has prevented expenditure on certain items – education and health in particular – from going up in line with the national income.

      Why? Because he wants to meet the fiscal deficit target set by the IMF.

      I would argue that there is absolutely no need to follow the advice of the IMF, but even doing so would not have been a problem if Mahinda Rajapaksa had got a grip of tax policy.


      COME NOW HARSHA- LETS PLAY BALL- Why does Raghu RBI refuse to help after initial $1.5 billion and China – refused $1 billion and Ranil goes for the addicted by politicians Airline bailout- $3.5Billion.

  • 9

    This clearly indicates that Deputy Foreign Minister Harsha de Silva is in a helpless and hopeless situation over the current VAT increased over his own government.

    2)1st point, read carfully the MR’s statement, he said, “private education from nursery school to tertiary level as well as private tuition classes.”
    Which is correct.

    1)Then Harsha is talking only about the VAT on Education. He’s silent over the other VAT increments which MR has correctly mentioned and explained in his statement about how it’ll affect to the public.

  • 9

    Mr. Deputy Minister, please do not try to take us on a ride, again and again. Forget who said it but read carefully what has been said.

    • 6

      max moron

      “Mr. Deputy Minister, please do not try to take us on a ride, again and again.”

      Alright, you want other crooks to take you on a ride as they did in the past since 2005.

      This is supposed to be a democracy, therefore, you may have to wait another four or so years, if you don’t really mind.

      Let us have an update on recent films that you most enjoyed as you once proudly claimed being a film buff.

  • 9

    MR, the greedy vulture stole Tsunami funds to the tune of Rs. 80 million as prime minister just over 10 years ago and deprived poor Tsunami victims of their legitimate resources to rebuild their devastated lives. Then, he, his family, and cohorts continued to plunder the country for 10 years plunging the economy into the most miserable state ever recorded in Sri Lanka history. It is alleged that they have stolen over US$ 19 billion over this period. This idiot, his fake war hero brother are now taking non-sense. Only gullible Sri Lankans believe his cock and bull story.

  • 5

    Harsha,don’t worry public have already mislead MARA, ,now MARA is lost..

  • 3

    It’s like Blind leading the Blind.
    Of course this is the kind of Rule Mara knew.
    Twisting the Facts. to Lies and Hoodwink the illiterate Masses. The same pattern of Rule he manifested to Fool the Modayas and Rule during his time.

    During his 10 year Rule there was no one to question his Anarchy. There was no Democracy , There was no Freedom of Speech. All we knew was of White Vans and Lies.
    The Modayas the Illiterates read only what Lies were Dished out Daily on the Propaganda Media Via The Dailies and the State TV News . The Stupid Masses Ate the Lunu Miris and Parippu and read and read the Propaganda News , lived happily ever after while the State was Robbed.
    Never questioned as of fear of White Van Phobia.

    Mara’s version of Twisting the statement by the Deputy Minister Harsha is a Fabrication of Lies to cause Dissatisfaction among the Illiterate.

    Ex Idiot Please Stop Feeding Lies to Poor people.

  • 11

    We still believe you Dr Harsha. Keep up your honesty.

    • 8

      Yes, Sriyani, I also respect him. He is the guy to represent us out of lanken population. I have no doubt the kind of politicians do their best but not for money grabs. His speeches are very intellegent. Mostly focusing on the topic. Not just uttering rubbish as is the case with many other young politicians.

    • 5

      “”We still believe you Dr Harsha. Keep up your honesty. “”

      So you believe in Harsha?

      How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?”

    • 3

      Sriyani Mangalika, & Sama

      “” We still believe you Dr Harsha. Keep up your honesty. “”

      are the 2 of you his relative by any chance??

      Here, here! NO politician is EVER…EVER well-meaning. IF YOU believe that, then you are very naive. Money, power, and ulterior motives are the ONLY things that drive a politician to get out of bed each morning.

  • 7

    Harsha there is a couple holding a plaqard in Diyatha Uyana wanting to fondle in public in their new found freedom. Can you go and put a Kane to the sikka there instead of trying to piss around with things you have no clue about.

  • 7

    “Come on… be honest… …….”

    Harsha, can this Rajapakse fellow ever be Honest? He doesnt understand the meaning of the word!

    The flip side of the coin is, can you guarantee that your cabinet colleagues at all times be squeaky clean? Can you give a guarantee on that?

    How come you have some minister subject ministers who appoint their brother as the chairman, and in the case of one, even though the person concerned knows not a jot on the subject?

    How come?

    Dont we deserve a break for god’s sake?

    • 1

      Then the pigs might fly.

      • 6

        Aren’t You Hegel Egghead supporter??

        So how come EU posted at Germany??

        When you change nations while in the train within EU your IP changes.

        Whom are you kidding.

        Folk like you and Sri lal steal foreign post saying others are not professional but professional politicians and even farmers have shown better results in industry.

        Aney you are like that ramone kitchi katchi Coup.

        you deserve the ever loving Goatabaya as president.
        only he can bring order- thats a fact after that we can see.

  • 7

    Since when did MR and honesty go together in the same sentence?

    • 4

      I think you are talking about yahapalanaya and their thousands of accusations of corruption and murder! Oh and the 18 Bn, and the white horse from Buckingham palace in America, and the lambirginis, and the private aircraft discovered in a pitiful state, and the gold buried in swimming pools and land.. !!

    • 6

      It is like sky and earth difference.

      Anyways, there are still masses in the country, that dont want to see it right yet.

      But I believe very same folks will not sing the song in favour of him for the rest of their life.

      Dayan and others Pundits have to shut up their both ends soon.

      ALready, the current regime has done much strengthening democratic values. That is therefore, they the europeans make efforts to allow the GSP plus back to the country.

      • 4

        Honesty is not even miles near to MAHINDA RAJAKAHSE.

  • 4

    Beats me why Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya Rajapakse and Namal Rajapakse are not already serving time in prison. Everybody seems to know their crimes but no action. This probably has emboldened Mahinda Rajapakse to issue false civil disobedience incitement statements with impunity.

  • 3

    Honest Harsha, are you dabbling in Economics or Politricks??
    Now comes the issue.
    Were you conferred the PhD in Economics from a accredited programme of the University ?

    What state and do at times baffles me.
    Learn to read between lines & small letters in Politics before making statements.

    Paddy: MR was never honest but was always street smart & cunning.
    If not, how did he manage to siphon out that much money from the asute Chinese? He knew where to align himself to get money unlike the Yahapalanaya who got their foot in their mouth and are struggling today.
    Further, Western advice & strategy are not compatible to Asia.
    Yahapalanaya simply failed to see that.

    Likewise, Southern strategies does not work in the North.
    Thats the reason Sampanthan Annai is a maestro in the North & Wiggie Annai changed colours after being elected as the Chief Minister.

  • 3

    Mr. Harsha De Silva! May I take out the Dr. part from your title and replace it with just Mr.
    Why? I think you are the one who is misleading the public. Usually, for a PhD what students do is to copy from others and then, cut and paste it in their thesis and research papers; the source is mentioned in order to avoid plagiarism. In your case you are not capable of doing even that!
    There is VAT increase on private education and MR is 100% accurate on that but you are trying to misquote him and then mislead the reader (just like you had done during the last 2 elections)! Please do not think the general public/readers are fools like Sirikotta and Prez Sirisena’s hyjacked SLFP followers! You guys lied to the general public to capture power and for 16 months you had done nothing to fix the economy! In short, you guys had no plan for the country!The only thing you had been doing was to run after MR to punish him for his wrongdoings! And that has not materialized either! Therefore, we are disappointed again and again and again!

    For the 1st year, I felt sorry about the Yahapalakayas for their lack of strategic planning, and I thought that would be fixed quickly, but now I am mad and mad at the so called educated bunch in the UNP. Look at the most recent mess created by the newly appointed Media Ministry secretary; he issued a ‘Missive’ to media; even the Media Minister does not know what it was and the entire Yahapalana bunch is in trouble now! You guys are giving arms and ammunition to the Joint Opposition just before their May Day rally! Do you want genuine UNP supporters at village level to be cannon fodder!
    Look at the Prez; he does not know what has been decided by the Cabinet though he is the head of the Cabinet!
    I’m sure MR’s May Day rally will be a huge success since people will go voluntarily to release their anger on Yahapalanaya; listening to Weeravansa and Gammanpila will be a ‘cathartic release’ for them. Anyways they need it desperately because they and their family members from toddlers to teenagers are to face the VAT increases as of May 02!
    (For those who are not familiar with the expression Cathartic Release, this is the definition: “Releasing emotions decreases the pressure or tension in the person so they have fewer negative emotions and are less aggressive. Sigmund Freud was the first to use catharsis theory in psychological therapy.”)

  • 3

    One thing to be said of Harsha is he is honest. He does not lie or comment about the indefensible points.

    So the only point he could make about MR speech was about nursery schools and tuition classes. I dont think tuition classes and nursery schools even provide tax returns anyway.

    a) Obviously no mention of tertiary schools or International schools

    b) No mention of heavy govt borrowing

    c) No mention of Debt/GDP ratios

    d) No defending of world prices and local price mismatch

    Most of all nothing about the ongoing bond price scam.

    • 5


      “One thing to be said of Harsha is he is honest. He does not lie or comment about the indefensible points.”

      Harsha de Silva once said in the parliament

      “I am telling to the world. We (UNP and myself), will not allow anybody to take President Rajapaksa or any other leader to International court about War Crimes, We will not allow the President whether he won or lose to be tried before war crime tribunals,”


      “The MP said, at the interview responding to the GTF spokesman’s allegations he stressed that he was not going to agree with the extreme views of both sides and insisted that what was needed is a credible domestic investigation.


      “I am a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist. I have no desire whatsoever to align with the Tigers and betray my country,”

      What did he mean?

      He was ready to protect MR from war crime charges.

      He believed in a “credible domestic” investigation.

      Being a Southerner and Sinhala Buddhist by nature he would not betray the country as if non-Southerners and non-Sinhala/Buddhist are ready to betray the country.

      Therefore he as a Southerner and a Sinhala/Buddhists ever ready to prevent MR and other leaders being taken to International court about War Crimes.

      Why didn’t he say we as a Sri Lankans would not allow MR being taken to International court about War Crimes?

      By being a Southerner and a Sinhala/Buddhists does he think he has a special duty to protect alleged war criminals? Instead does he wants to bury truth and deny justice to the victims by setting up a “credible” domestic investigation?

      Please remember after all he is a politician, and a proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhist.


      • 5


        Well said , at the end of the day they are all Double tongued , warped minded Liars.
        That’s the name of the game of Politicians .

        They will scratch each other’s backs from Green to Blue or ,From Blue to Green.
        Shameless Buggers not worth talking or writing about.
        Disgusting People these politicians.

      • 5

        Dear Native,

        That was all before the Diaspora, UNP London and the West bought the biggest ass Sinhala Buddhist to become the President.

        Has Dr Harsha made any speeches in these 15 months of Yahapalanaya, defending the Sinhalese let alone Sinhala Buddhists?.

        Did he say anything about Vellala Samabndan and his ” Old Boys” marching in to Killinochchi Army base and ridiculing the brave soldiers and their new hired Commander in Chief?.

        Poor Harsha couldn’t work out the growth rate in your Future Federal Eelaam after Nanthikada..

        What would he know about VAT…

        • 4

          KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

          “What would he know about VAT…”

          Good question.

          You must be an expert on VAT, I mean VAT 69, Master of the Malt, a blended whisky, first made in Scotland by William Sanderson in 1882.

          Harsha must be lager lout, please sit him down and teach him about the goodness of VAT,

          Find below some useful information which I believe would help you to drop names:

          Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt
          Nose: Hints of spice and caramel, notes of barley malt, with a soft wheat character. A touch of pear juice.

          Palate: Ground almonds and barley malt. Slightly biscuity, more of those pear notes, a little pepper. Sweet, rounded.

          Finish: Woody, spiced finish. Caramel.

          Overall: Simple, easy-going stuff. If you’re looking for a dependable blend, this is an excellent choice.

          • 2

            Dear Native,

            I am so happy that you are learning about good things in life than burying your head in the sand, and barracking for Batalanda Ranil and his ex SLFP crooks in the Yahapalanay,

            In fact I had some VAT 69 at the Light House after a long time.

            One of my mates said it was probably filled in your native land. and shipped across through the Settu Canal to make a quick buck.

            And I believe him because I didn’t detect any of those notes which you have copied from the Web.

            Seriously I would have preferred a Black & White Label Old Arrack with a few cubes of Ice,

            Right now I am on a bottle of 15 Year Old Glen..

            And freshly brewed Short Black with a couple of nips of Cognac after the meal.

            • 2

              Hello KA Sumanasekera

              “And freshly brewed Short Black with a couple of nips of Cognac after the meal.”
              That’s like taking a strong morning coffee with brandy 1/2 & 1/2 to make your day as a truck driver.

              “”What would he know about VAT…””

              What does Dalit operator know about value added tax??

              There are internal and external debts since I am a kind of a redneck, can you explain to me please where does the buck stop i.e. who is the ultimate source of all that enormous credit?

              Please simple terms steering clear of the language of economics which was developed for anything but explaining things.

              • 2

                Hello Thatcher..

                You should address this to the Singaporean with copies to Native Vedda and Malik Samarawickrema , the UNP party Treasurer….

                • 0

                  Hello KA Sumanasekera,

                  Like TED I enjoy the sunshine, listen to the chirp of birds have my own salads and when the need be enjoy Jerez at Andalusia to the baila beat on the streets- nothing like street artist.
                  All money is surreal- keep to barter and let the Singaporean lick his wounds.

                • 0

                  Hello KA Sumanasekera ,

                  “You should address this to Native Vedda”

                  The day you do Abhayamudrā both hands and practice Mindfulness (the 4th) especially the intake of food, you would not feel hungry- just like the Japanese Zen or Burmese.

                  Then there won’t be a necessity to address the Native Veddha he is very wise like a sage.

                  Please give me a mathematical formula for Wisdom.

                  That question goes out to every Lanakn who has prefix `Dr` but is not a doctor of medicine especially Harin who thinks he is the only brain in town.
                  (as kids we never saw these general graduates show off like this- boru sobana)

      • 1

        All these days, thought Harsha De Silva was a born dill.

        But after reading these quotes, I now have great respect for the man.

        The same way, my disgust and loathing of Pooten increases tenfold!

      • 0


        If Harsha said no war crimes for MR, he probably meant it. Obviously contradicting the inferred party line of some.

        My gut feeling is thats how Ranil thinks too. Dont recall him ever saying about sending anyone to International courts.

        Mangala Samaraweera is a different kettle of fish, he has other teams to think of other than team Lanka. You know a woman scorned and all that.

        There are proud Southerner and a Sinhala Buddhists, proud Jaffna Tamils etc.

        I consider myself a proud Southerner and Tamil.

  • 0

    I just can’t understand why this Govt. that has a string of PHDs and other top qualifications MPs, can’t simply inform the public clearly of what they are doing. Even after what the previous President had said, they still don’t know how to explain in details to the general public. At this rate, the former President coming back to power very soon is not an imagination.

  • 5

    Dr Harsha must have got his PhD from CTB..

    Otherwise what the F**** is he doing in a job which was well executed previously by a GCE Ordinary Level dropout..

    That is another story.

    The Digital Minister who called a decent Medical Doctor a Padadaya because he wouldn’t suck up to the Yahapalana dick head Rajitha minister,says the phone charges are going up even after they were exempted from the VAT .

    Dr Harsha should perhaps try to explain this bizzare claim from his fellow Yahapalana Mminister.

  • 1

    Why the hell are all paying attention to MR when all know that he is a branded liar?

  • 0

    Adrian………… adrian… tap your conscience and see when you last lied?
    We human beings are all liars from our childhood days.
    Have we not?

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