28 June, 2022


Duminda Silva’s Sister Follows Hirunika’s Footsteps, Posts Pictures Of Brother’s Head Surgery

Just days since Hirunika Premachandra posted a picture of her father, Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra lying dead with a gunshot injury to his head, Duminda Silva’s sister, Dilini has taken a leaf from Hirunika’s book by posting a series of pictures on her Facebook page which she claimed was the head surgery of her brother carried out at several local and foreign hospitals in 2011 and 2012 since the shootout which left Premachandra dead.

dilini-silvaDilini Silva has posted 17 pictures in total which shows the several stages of the surgeries carried out at the Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital as well as at the Mt. Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. She has also posted a copy of the x-ray which shows the bullet entry and exit points on Silva’s skull.

However, Dilini Silva has only shared the pictures of her injured brother, although not explicitly explaining why she has posted these pictures, almost four years since the incident.

On September 11, Hirunika Premachandra, who is a Parliamentarian made a public appeal requesting authorities to investigate Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne, the consultant neurosurgeon who allegedly covered up for Duminda Silva. In a post published on her Facebook page which shows a picture of her father, lying dead on a hospital stretcher which clearly shows the fatal gunshot injury to his head, Hirunika said, “I am posting this picture not for your sympathy, but for you to understand this is how ‘shot in the head’ looks like. It’s impossible to live even a second after a shot like this,” she said.

Therefore, she said an investigation should be launched soon against the doctor who submitted false medical information to the Court. Wijeratne, a very close acquaintance of Access Group Chairman Sumal Perera is alleged to have come to the rescue of Duminda Silva soon after his shootout with Premachandra, by submitting a false report claiming that Silva, had suffered brain injury as a bullet had travelled through his brain during the shooting between Premachandra and Silva and their thugs.

Sumal Perera was a close associate of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Silva, and four others were sentenced to death on September 8 for the killing of Premachandra.

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  • 4

    What I don’t understand about this article is , how on earth does sumal perera come into this. Who cares whose close acquaintance Dr Maheshi was and I don’t understand why they have mentioned some completely out of context thing which has no relation to what the actual headline is unless ofcourse sumal perera is actively involved in the case which im guessing he is not?

    • 8

      May be him being close to Maharajano, Sumal brockered the case to run that way. He should be the one to have found Dr M to work on this. Normally ones got their qualifications outside are matured according to my knoweldge, but this particular Dr M is said to be so naive to get invovled in this destryoing all the image of lanken medical professionals. These the kind of doctors have betrayed her colleagues being second to DRUG monies. That is why I ve been continously saying all these men and women are passive Drug traffickers born to kill the lanken youth.

    • 1

      Mishaya, even they will use the names of Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Lord Buddha, or Lord Shiva if they can attack Rajapakshes! Thats how their mentality works. It is simple as that.

      • 3

        Max and all grass eaters :

        You will never see it as down syndrome patients will have to live that way… Not insuting down syndrome patients, but you Maxes who are the wild weeds for the lanken society- should learn it let alone today, there will be no room anymore to the level of abuses as was the case with Maharaja.

        I have the feeling one by one, all these men will have to face it… Today, thug – Mahindananda, tomorrow Namal and and..

        All the assets of the Namal, Rajathuma, His wife, Yoshita and all other ministers should be confiscated to find billions of rupees.

        That way we can find billions to relieve the VAT problems of the nation.

        Here even 10 year olds with brains will agree.

  • 10

    you can fake any injury these days.

    just do a Google search with the following keywords ‘aamir khan ghajini head’ you can see Hindi mega actor Aamir Khan had a brain surgery for a film.

    only difference is that is on the left side and kudu Dumi on the right

    • 4

      Hey guys, i am also in your thoughts regarding the probablity of them being doctored. But until we get that clear in next days, we need to avoid adding any harming statments.

      Besides, if the guy is seeking sympathy to get released in the near future, then the justice will be not secured to the victimized. Then other convicted men women would follow the same.

      If the guys behaved against the laws, killing and injuring the others, as no others they can NOT be good any means. Drug traffickers and drug consumers both end up in the same manner – is whatI feel looking at all these.

      This man the convicted criminal – was used say ” Athigaru Janathipathihuma more than anyone in the country” iin election rallies alone. That gave me a hint, there should be something behind that…

      Had MR been the winner of the last election, Duminda Silva would have been the first to go ectasse – being fulfiled his thoughts. These men rather worked for their selfish agendas. They dont have brains, but got elected to the parliaments thorugh the vote of the poor.

  • 3

    Simple, t sort out this issue, courts must order an independent medical investigation if such surgery has been actually performed on Duminda Silva. I think traces of such huge surgeries never get erased.

  • 1

    May be all the records are maintained at Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital and if these are true that Duminda Silva did in fact had serious head injuries and he did in fact recover ‘fully’ due to the talent, intelligences and skills of the able neurosurgeon Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne then the public statement made by Hirunika Premachandra is totally unfounded.

    Hirunika is known to talk out of turn and she had in fact displayed her total immaturity and idiocy when he had got a man abducted, taking the law into her hands. She got away nearly scot free only because of having good connection because had if any ordinary person committed the same he would not be walking free and would be now in remand till the case is over and now been sentenced to a jail sentence but nothing of that sort happened to Hirunika and she got into the delusion she was right.

    Now she has committed a bigger offence involving an equally influential person the Consultant Neurosurgeon Dr. Meheshika Wijeratne. She should now charge Hirunika in courts for rushing to make public statements defamatory of her without verifying the facts and when she in fact brought back a severely injured person (Duminda Silva) with brain injuries back to normal. She would claim she had to be really commended for her talent, skills and dedicated care she provided to the person.

    Dr. Meheshi Wijeratne is possibly now in a very strong position, and will claim she can prove Duminda Silva did have brain injury due to the gunshot wound he received and was treated by brain surgery.

    She will claim she suffered unbearable psychological trauma and had lost her reputation and respect due to Hirunika’s outward lies told to the public abusing her privilege as a member of Parliament.

    She will claim Billions as damages for the irreparable loss of reputation and mental agony she suffered.

    Certainly the photos published looks genuine and am sure the hospital has all records and it will be impossible for Hirunika to challenge hospital records which include and supported by CT scans, operation notes, and other entries and investigations.

    Hirunika from what I have read and seen on TV/YouTube does appear as a person who is foolish, headstrong, talking out of turn, and the typical fool who rush where angels fear to tread.

    Even the public knows Hirunika is not mature, acts before thinking and gets into trouble but due to the influence she derives managed to save her from trouble. Unfortunately she did not learn any valuable lesson and this time she is in serious trouble. She is facing another equally powerful lady Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne Consultant Neurosurgeon and she is fully armed with undisputable facts. so now all the king’s horses and all the king’s men cannot do anything for Hirunika to save her being found guilty by courts. She will not have the money to pay as damages and have to sell her (Hiru)knickers too to raise at least a small part of the money to pay as damages.

    Hiru-knickers should have verified the facts first as these facts could have easily been checked before she accused the neurosurgeon of giving false medical certificate to help Duminda escape from justice. Now Hiru-knickers has fallen into serious trouble.

    This is what happens to people who use influence to escape and then get in to a delusion thinking that they are innocent and never wrong and keep on making the same mistake until get caught into a serious trouble. Had if Hiru-knickers was left alone to fend for herself when she made her first mistake she would have learnt a good lesson and corrected her, when the offence was relatively trivial.

    Sorry now, Dr. Maheshi Wijeratne is in a strong wicket and her case can be easily proved and courts is bound to agree for the sum she demands as damages. Hiru-knickers will in addition forced to make a public apology as well.

    If the published photos are in fact true (which can very easily checked)serves the loose mouth idiot Hiru-knickers. At now on she should control her loose mouth.

  • 11

    You stupid morons! Did duminda requested his bodyguards to kill a person or not kill the person? DID HE OR DID HE NOT! We dont care about these pictures what heppenned to the criminal. The court proved that he is guilty. We dont care about his surgeries whether he got shot, he was healed and he is the criminal and the court gave the sentence. It doesnt matter what stupid masses think the verdict cannot be changed.

  • 9

    There was a time colombo suburbs esp nugegoda was ruled by SInhala MAFIA like duminda silva, mervyn silva and rajapaksas. We the innocent had move away giving these idiots enough room to drive fast with thier henchmen with several vehicles feared we might get shot if did not move. I rememer duminda and vermyn silvas vehicle the driver and the passenger hencmen in the vehicles used to shout at innocent people like us in sinhalese “GET THE FK OUT OF THE WAY”!. Also we were not able to be free to critize. They were encouraging people who love freedom to live in fear.
    At lease those days are over. Raping, murdering, harrasing has reduced.
    What I see is slowly a low abiding freedom loving society is been created but I think it will take some time since there was lot of damage done since 1977 to 2015 unless sri lankans again will go back to appointing morons like JR ,premadass rajavassas to power.
    THANK Q!

  • 0

    Your sudu Putnam is found to be a murderer. You can sooner or later go there to look after him when they clear matters on Siraliya, Carlton &Thajudeen

  • 1

    Apparently hospital workers in SJH saw him conscious and chewing a gum as per newspaper reports.
    Why are the police not prosecuting Maheshi?

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