21 April, 2024


Easter Sunday Bombings: Resigned Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando To Be Arrested

Political circles are buzzing with speculation that former Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Hemasiri Fernando will be arrested shortly in order to be made a scapegoat for the security failures that led to the Easter Sunday bomb attacks.


Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that Former Minister of Justice and Sirisena loyalist Wijeyadasa Rajapakashe has made 6 police complaints at different police stations against Fernando. The complaints have been made at Police Sahana Madiriya at Police Headquarters, Colombo Fort, Colpetty, Kotahena, Katana and Batticaloa.

Earlier Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe asked President Maithripala Sirisena to arrest both Fernando and IGP Pujith Jayasundara in a letter.

President Sirisena hinted at the move to arrest Fernando during meetings he held at the Ministry of Defence today. The president had taken his new Secretary to the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry for introductions. During a 40 minute discussion with security officials the question of arresting Hemasiri Fernando came up.

Colombo Telegraph learns from very high ranking sources that Fernando was aware of detailed one-to-one briefings by SIS head Nilantha Jayawardane to President Sirisena before the Easter Sunday attacks. Jayawardane also briefed Sirisena over the telephone on one occasion. Now afraid this information will leak out the president is said to be moving to arrest Fernando in order to silence him

In our previous story Colombo Telegraph revealed that President Sirisena had been given intelligence reports about the Easter Sunday attacks at least 3 times.

Colombo Telegraph is also informed that as Hemasiri Fernando did not regularly brief President Sirisena about intelligence reports because SIS head Jaywardane conducted those briefings himself and did not need other officials to give him the information. Often when reports were communicated President would reply “I know i know Nilantha already told me”

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    To assimilate so many weapons bombs swords etc all these years that means our intelligence unit was in efficient or they were efficient but not the defense minister or ministry. How come there are foreigners without valid visa preaching in the country? Why didn’t the government take action at that time? Why is Wilpattu incidents were not investigate? How come their are people who cannot speak english, sinhalese or tamil residing in these areas? Why didn’t the defense minister didn’t take action when he was informed about the attacks?
    The main person who is responsible is the defense minister. If he was not informed still it is his responsibility cause he elected the IGP and the defense secretary. He had the 3 forces and the police under him. He is responsible.

    Out stupid sinhalese bastards can’t rule the country but ruin the country. Sirisena this is the second time he screwed the economy. When there is normalcy you need to continue with intelligence to monitor activities to avoid disaster instead went to singapore with the family on vacation.

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    It is said Afghani Taliban introduced the Burqa. Hakeem said government should not impose control on Muslim women under emergency regulations, but people can give it up. But until now (Still) Hakeem has not issued any statement advising Muslim women that Burqa was introduced by Taliban, so, now, to show different from terrorists, the Taliban, Lankawe Muslim women will have to find a new dress. The comedy is only after New King banned the Burqa under emergency acts only ACJU pretending like it is voluntarily requesting women to give it up.
    Well, well, well, well. Let’s rewind the tape a little back. This is a dress introduced to Afghani women to keep them under control by Taliban. Many Muslim Writers here opposed it. It is not they are obsessed with Ceylon culture, but there was fear in their mind, by name of moderation, extremism is going to spread. But the commentators argued that these writers are infringing women’s to wear what they prefer because women like the Burqa- the Saitan-ess’ gear. There is some strange interpretation here because in the reality is Western world police has to guard & stop women not wearing even bikini along the beaches, but the Commentators insisted women prefer Burqa to drop the garbage of the curbside. Now the extremist organization ACJU is ordering once again to tear off the Burqa, they loaded on Muslim women. The nest is CT commentators are going to come back arguing it is the women’s right to tearing off the mask because the ACJU has ordered. The game is, the Muslim men, misogynic commentators’ argument is, either way, if their male only ACJU orders, that is the only this in the world women’s freedom and right. In fact these Muslim men are pretending to their women that “You are not out of our control yet, it is not President’s order under emergency, but it is we, your men, again ordering you to take it off”.

    • 15

      Little knowledge is a dangerous thing! This is proven these days all over the social media in SL. Talaiban introduced the burka???

      Whether it’s a man or woman they should have a choice to wear what they want. No government can order it’s citizens what to wear as long as the decency in clothing is maintained.

      Burka banning doesn’t seem like a security reason to me, as none of the suicide bombers wore burkas. During the war LTTE suicide bombers never wore burkas and blew themselves.
      This is merely done to pacify the racists in the Sinhalese community.

      No one wants to talk about the issue of Sinhala racism that existed and which still exist in SL which was the cause for the 30 years of war and few riots and killings of Muslims and attacking of churches in recent years. The attack on other minorities started as soon as the war ended.

      There is a law who all should abide by. Implementing the law is the duty of the government. Anyone irrespective of their colour religion creed should be brought in front of a court of law if they have infringed a law.

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        ” During the war LTTE suicide bombers never wore burkas and blew themselves.”
        The original purpose of veil is transporting the women to clients. The main aim behind veiling is, making that woman face not to be recognized by public in the day after because it would hinder her from carrying out women’s social roles like mother, wife or daughter. The bonus it did was enhanced the price by inviting competition. Once, one is veiled, Arabians readily stood in line with bills and notes. Though in motherland whey waited for the for pirate ship for kidnapped women, this is not like American waiting for European slave ships. Though both were merchandise, American one was essential Commodity, basic thing but Arabian one was spiced, enhanced sexual object. Taliban, at the start used the Burqa with Yazidi mode, but then changed it in to Islamic extremism. Burqa’s original name is in Hindi (Sanskrit), that is Salwar Hamish or Pajama( Chadri or Paranja). That is why Burqa is not mentioned Quran.

        That is why ISIS wrote its own rules for “How to own Sexual Slaves”. In Yazidi mode of ISIS, 6 years to 60 years is the same. It is opposite in Sabarimala.

        In LTTE time there were no original Muslims women in Ceylon, so they were not aware of Burqa, so they were forced to invent suicide jacket. Otherwise, while they import bombs from China, they might have ordered a bale of Burqa, too.
        (Fool, if you don’t know what is in the mind of the Trio (Ranil, Old King & New King) just go and ask your masters for your wages (Biriyani and Arrack) of what you have already written, then eat and spread the mat and sleep. You not fit to be in CT like Public forums)

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      A very good and moot observation, but laboriously ‘word-processed’…!

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    We can take look at what our novel Human right Office, HRCSL did on this. All the religious school taken over by Appe Aanduwa had an agreement to maintain their religious customs. That is what the Buddhist & Muslim Schools are maintaining. But when Shanmuga College Woman Principal stopped Muslim women getting out of Ceylon customs and hiding faces and scaring children, HRCSL issued their ruling that the Muslim men have the special rights to enforce their dress code for their women inside the school. So far this HRCSL has not done anything useful. I do not have to list all of them here. But HRCSL issued a statement after Aanduwas bombed in the extremist Chief’s house in Saithamarithu and killed Chief’s family members, that there has to be humanistic approach even to arrest the terrorist. Wow! The vibration of that talks Shocked & Stunted the universe; is that really Appe HRCSL? Then, where is this HRCSL gone to oppose ACJU’s new order saying that women don’t have the right to wear Burqa or remind New King that it is his responsibility to see the Law is protecting the women’s right when they want to wear Burqa?

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      HRCSL did not approve Muslim women wearing Burqa (that covers faces). They ruled out that a principal of a national school cannot impose the dress code on staff teachers. That is quite right decision, unfortunately the principal is a Tamil and that hurts you. Plus those teacher didn’t wear Burqa, they wore Farda that covers only the hair not the face.

      When you can’t comprehend things on case to case basis, you will go on blaming everyone?

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    Colombo Media propagandists carrying a message to Sinhala Modaya that the Aanduwa (the instigator of the Tamil Churches bombing or the hirer of ISIS hitmen) that unlike Tamils, who were openly with LTTE, Muslim civilians are cooperating with Aanduwa so they are going to quickly have this wiped out soon. That is happy news, but, sadly, it is the same Colombo Media is then blaming the Muslim ministers as the organizers of the Muslim Extremism in Lankawe. What Colombo Media saying is, practically, ISIS is doing it; Muslim Ministers are organizing it, but Muslims mass controlling. When Rishard was asked about the escape of the Buddha statute breakers, he said “This is why Tamils have been fully backing up LTTE”.
    Ranil is saying his only responsibility is making sure “No Leader, No Commander, No Soldier of War crime is punished”. Then he forced the lawyers to withdraw the case on the October Coup leaders as they are war Heroes. Then is said he saved the Defense heroes. Now he is saying that they are not allowing him in the Defense meeting.
    Appe Aanduwa rented the ISIS mercenary but doesn’t know which service will be delivered, when. It is American Embassy singing the Santa song “You better not cry baby becuase Best is yet to come”

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      The Muslims did not ask for a separate state. If they do that, you will see a very different reaction. Tamils wanted their own country since the time of Chelva. All proposals (50-50, DDC’s, federal) were ridiculous demands to lay the groundwork for Eelam. TULF did nothing to stop LTTE. After TULF, TNA openly supported LTTE. That is why you see a different reaction towards Muslims, than Tamils.

      • 1

        @ Lester

        How many Tamils were burned to death by your father and Grand Fathers?
        There was no LTTE before 1983.
        Remember SUNDAY SIL ..MONDAY KILL
        Your Mususlim Bruders never ask for separate country but wanted to make this as a Isulamic country see the difference.
        Do you know how many Sinhalese chicks working in Musulim private companies in Colombo have been converted to Isulam with sweet words and money ?
        still this comedy going on .
        LTTE attacked your SL Cardboard Army Face to Face but your Isulamic bruders blasted innocent church goers and tourists .
        At last your SL cardboard Army couldn`t face LTTE alone but begged for the help of 134 countries to silence them brave eh???
        Now reports are coming out about the love affair of Murderpakses and Jamath Comediens
        Musulim minsiters and Koverner are in panick mode.
        Many Hindu temples in N-E were destroyed by these Mususlim Home Guard Thugs and built beef stall on the site .
        Look what is happening now, mowlavies are being dragged with weapons by STF from Mosques all over the country …STF is breaking the door of homes of Musulims enter women quarter and drag them .


        FYI there was not a single incident like this when LTTE was active ,Mususlims were scared even to talk about bombs .
        So SL cardboard security is so weak agree ?


        • 2

          Dumb Cholan,

          Muslims stood by the Sinhala govt since Independence not giving any chance to Selva, GGP until VP. And Muslims are still working with govt to get rid of this peril arose from few mislead extremists among Muslims.

          Muslim people, religious leaders, ACJU and even a suicide bomber’s sister (as per DailyMirror) had warned years before on these extremists. I heard in a news one of the female suspect was handed over by her parents. I am sure with this level of coordination, with the help of Intelligence services of local and international, police and armed forces, SL is going to tackle this IS terrorists within weeks, if not days.

          We will disappoint croc tear shedding failed LTTEers like you. Because we know what you really need! How many times you need to be shown that a legitimate govt cannot be defeated by terrorism?

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    He was made a scapegoat, indeed. All in this govt should take the blame for this debacle.

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    It brings to mind Kekule Rajaruwange nadu theenduwa.
    A thief broke into a house.
    The wall collapsed and the thief died
    His partner went to the king demanding that the house owner should be punished for the bad construction.
    The owner pointed to the builder, and the builder to the potter as the pot used to measure the water was imperfect.
    The potter pointed to a pretty woman who kept walking up and down past him and thereby distracted him.
    The woman blamed the goldsmith whom she had to see many tines because he delayed repairing an item of jewellery.
    The goldsmith pleaded guilty, but appealed to the king that since the punishment will be to have him mauled by the royal tusker, which could miss him as he was a man of slight build and in the process break its tusk, bringing shame upon the king. He therefore recommended punishing his fat neighbour.
    King Kekule obliged.
    Does HF have a fat neighbour?

  • 10

    May be a silly question – WILL NOT H.E. BE QUESTIONED BY HIS CoI, based on the

    evidence coming to them – for a complete and authentic Report??????

    The Victims and Voters are anxiously awaiting this so-called REPORT, under

    which H.E. thinks he can take cover and face his 2nd Term!!!!!!

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    Bring Mossad and US Troops.

    Cardboard Generals are still in Mullivaikal party mood.pleasedont disturb them .

    SL cardboard forces can’t stop these religious maniacs.

    Catch these so called soldiers of Allah ship entire family to Guantanamo Bay.

    Pests from other provinces should hand over to Chinese who love Musulims.

    Still this coward government is unable to touch these Musulims Koverners and Ministers he he he these jokers wear infidel dress.

    Already Tamil media give stories and photos of these political thoppies and exposing their connection with the Musulim

    Thanks for Musulims for exposing their real cruel face at last.

    Mondayas want a government with the support of this Musulims OR clean this mess .?

    Time is running out.


  • 3

    “President Sirisena had been given intelligence reports about the Easter Sunday attacks at least 3 times.”

    Sirisena does not understand the relevant geopolitics. He does not understand that ISIS began in Iraq, spread to Syria, and now has terror cells all over the world, including Sri Lanka. He does not know about Wahhabism and the Gulf money that is spreading this dangerous ideology all over the world, including Sri Lanka. He is unaware of demographic trends and the consequences for ethnic conflict as resources become scarce. Without this basic knowledge, ISIS can overrun Colombo in a week when Sirisena goes on his next world shopping expedition. How can you fight your enemy if you don’t know who he is?

    • 0

      @ Lester

      Once again proved Modayas simply majority in numbers by accident are unable to rule.

      He He He how can Modayas who can t run an Airline / Hospital / School run a country.

      Ape Anduwa .

      Once Shangahi was taken by US, French and British all had their own areas with own law and police. Same will happen here in this CURSED country .

      Bring US and Mossad to N-E
      they have experience in hunting these vultures performed a super, funeral for Osama and Big Mouth Gadaffi .

      Already rest of the country is under Chinese control.

      Where is Ape Anduwa ?

      Lots of babies are being born in Southern Hospitals with chinese face for Sinhala moms.


  • 4

    The Sri Lankan mass should and must take action to dump this dangerous and utterly incompetence person before more damage is done. Sri Lankans , you do not deserve this person.

  • 1

    Not enough,

    His Highness , Cardinal Dr Ranjith is resuming the Sunday Masses .
    I am not sure it will be held at Kochchikade yet…

    Hemasiri and UNP Minister Harin both should be brought to the closest Church next Sunday,
    And made to apologize to the Congregation after the Mass for betraying the Safety and Security of the Catholic Community and not saving the hundreds of innocent lives ,while they were privy to the Intelligence warning of those dastardly attacks by Jihadists.
    UNP Harin in particular must bow down to each and every participant for a special apology for boasting about how he saved his precious life from the tip off from his Dear Dadda’s Hospital Bed….

    Now Harin says he didn’t want to Shoot the Messenger….
    What I say is Harin should shoot himself now .. That is if he has a conscience…

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    WR is the architect of Oct revolution and almost all shameless activities of MS being a low class subject himself. The political kinds are firmly holding onto power to safeguard themselves from the crimes and frauds they have committed be it red blue or green. The forces are just glorified because of their uniform and the perks. The forces must corner all the political subjects and let a honest individual take over the leadership of this country.

  • 2

    Ban Burka permanently.

    In Kuwait, Bahrain,n Morroco, Tunis, and all CIS countries there is no Burka joke they wear a short dress.

    Ban the SIREN during the early morning from Mosques it disturbs babies and sick people.

    Follow Chinese technique to nail Musulims ..every Musulim household there now has got a QR code.

    France has electronically tagged the legs of suspicious Musulim .

    MOSSAD know better, invite them.


    • 1

      Cholan, You like the Jews dick so much so why wait till Mossad come to Sri Lanka. Just a hop and jump to Kerala, enough Jews for you to enjoy, even local Jews. If you are in a hurry just get hold of a Thamby. His tip too cut like the Jews.

  • 2

    Its important that the committee, which for some reason not called Presidential Commission and called Special Investigation Committee. In my opinion President Sirisena is trying to protect himself. He knew about the attacks on April 4th and again on 6th and definitely RAW would have informed him again when he was in India. He did not take action and only action he took was to take his family and run away to Singapore. He should be investigated first.

  • 2

    The essence of the story is to arrest Hemasiri to silence him. It is irrational. The best way to silence him is to offer him something. Now, if Hemasiri and Pujith are both arrested then it is in the interests of MY3 because the prized catch is Pujith. Putting Pujith in a cage can mean further revelations in the conspired killings of MY3 and GR for which still a DIG is languishing in remand. My reading is that these officials have kept everything in record and thus safeguarded themselves administratively, thus no board of inquiry can find any of them at fault. Can a politician admit that he knew about the incident in public? If that happens fellows will be in the streets. If RW says “I did not know” so can MY3. In reality who told the truth? It is Hemasiri when he admitted to a foreign journalist that they knew the story but never expected that this would be the extent of the damage. It is the reality that had the story be given some publicity well beforehand, then some buffoon of a minister would come and say that it is not the case as in a previous occasion. Telling the hotels to be prepared for any eventuality would lead to the conclusion that some anti-government official is trying to constrict the flow of tourist and thereby the economy. The mistake in the chain was not to inform the Cardinal at least orally. Had the Cardinal cancelled the mass, a high level minister might have told the Cardinal that there is no truth in the story. Is Sri Lanka that unfortunate for bombs to explode and cause death and destruction for it to open its eyes?

  • 0

    It is the current govt should take the responsibility for situation. There have been some many in incidents involving Muslim s but govt did not care. Because current govt depends on the Muslim mps. That is why still govt has not questioned any muslim mps. All the Sri Lankans know this and UNP will have to pay price for that. Even hard core UNPers upset.

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