13 July, 2024


Exclusive: Gota’s Intelligence Czar Caught Red Handed As Chinese Mole

Retired Major General Kapila Hendawitharana, a former Director of Military Intelligence (DMI) who had been dismissed by Army Commander Sarath Fonseka as an unqualified “logistics man” was promoted to Major General by Gotabaya Rajapaksa in 2006, and brought back to the high post of Chief of National Intelligence, and given very broad oversight powers over all of Sri Lanka’s intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies.

Kapila Hendawitharana

Hendawitharana and the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence are suspects in the several white van abductions of journalists, the disappearance of Prageeth Eknaligoda and the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge, all of what were done by the Military Intelligence under their command, according to the CID.

After being removed from office in January 2015, Hendawitharana was immediately given employment as head of security for the Shangri-La Hotels in Sri Lanka, where he works to this day for a high salary. This was after Rajapaksa and his defence ministry were implicated in the land deal for the Shangri-La.

After the ruthless terrorist bombings on April 21, including at the Shangri-La in Colombo, many countries including the Americans send specialists to Sri Lanka to assist forces in crushing this new terrorist threat. American investigators have visited the Shangri-La, where several Americans died, and are trying to help Sri Lanka to fight this threat.

But Colombo Telegraph can exclusively reveal that Hendawitharana, Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s right-hand man in the Defence Ministry, is an agent of the Chinese Intelligence. We can today reveal audio recordings of Hendawitharana, who is also the security head of Shangri-La, telling a Chinese Intelligence Officer to use diplomatic means as a “deterrent action” to sabotage the relationship between the US and Sri Lanka.

Hendawitharana is privy to American involvement in Sri Lanka’s new war against terror because of his role in security at Shangri-La, but his concern is not for his employer, in whose hotel so many innocents died, but instead for his handlers in Chinese Intelligence and his political contacts in the Joint Opposition.

In the audio recording, available exclusively below, Hendawitharana tells his Chinese handler to “appraise your diplomatic channels to work on the US-Sri Lanka relationship.”

“There is some development taking place for which the opposition parties, joint opposition, are making hell of a fit,” he warns. “They want to give Americans free passage for any requirement if the requirement arises for them to occupy Sri Lanka, even making use of the harbours and airports.”

“I am also on the watch,” he promised. “The government will deny. I don’t know the underhand plans of them.”

“Make your diplomatic channels aware of this,” the former intelligence chief tells the Chinese, “and ask them to take it up with the foreign ministry of Sri Lanka in advance as a deterrent action.”

Colombo Telegraph can also exclusively reveal how the Chinese have looked after Hendawitharana. In another recording revealed exclusively here, a Chinese contact explains to him how to provide information necessary for China to make tuition payments for the foreign education of a member of Hendawitharana’s family.

We might never know for how long Sri Lanka’s top spy has been in bed with a foreign power, and whether or not he was taking orders from the Chinese at the time he ran our intelligence services and fostered the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), while other Chinese entities were funding the Rajapaksa family election campaigns.

Now with his boss Gotabaya running for president on a national security platform, we have to consider that these are the kinds of people that he trusts with our most valuable secrets. What role will Gota’s former henchman play in his campaign and government? Will Sri Lanka’s American candidate remove the Chinese spy from his Viyathmaga movement and election campaign? Only time will tell.

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  • 29

    Colombo telegraph,

    The thumb rule of media ethics is to public the name of an author. That is done so to ensure that someone takes ownership of the contents. You are a mature web based news portal for all Sri Lankans. However, if you publish nonsense like this you will fall in the same catagory as lankaenews. So please just dont publish nonsense and vilify your self in this manner. You are better worth than this. Horrid and please apologise to Mr. Hendawithana and recall this rubbish immediately.

    • 11

      CT has already descended to Lankaenews level. No doubt about it.

    • 6

      Now CT what is the big secret the spymaster is conveying to the Chinese? Everything he says in the sound track is common knowledge and if CT based its allegation solely on this sound track you are being hilarious to say the least!

  • 38

    When Gotler said the the Americans had agreed to recind his US citizenship he was lying. No such thing has actually happened. When a us citizen has court cases pending against him as is now the case the Us Cannot revoke his citizenship until the case are concluded and he is clears of the charges. Using his claim to connect him to the US as their candidate is yet another subterfuge being carried out to boost his chances of becoming president. It is all a load of crap. Gotler was always the manchurian candidate. This article proves it beyond any doubt. Gotler and his gang are also the masterminds behind Islamic extremism in the country. Gobbasena fell into his trap now he is toast. Not electable and not even worthy of being on the ballot. It is high time the rest of the SLFP abandoned both these traitors and find a way out this mess. Handawitharne should be arrested immedialtely for spying, murder, conspiracy to murder etc. The same goes for Gotler. Accept that Gobbasena has been actively blocking this from hapenning with his stooge the AG whom he has now managed to appoint as CJ. The Ponnaya prime minister is the other idiot who needs to be kicked out. Gobbasena keeps kicking him up the arse and he keeps grinning and pretending that all is well. He is a joke totally inefective.

    • 10

      Don’t know what is going on with his US citizenship but there are all the reasons to believe why Uncle Sam will put his money behind Gota in the context of cold war against China in the region. Sirisena is a lost cause. He was used as a pawn to bring about regime change when Rajapakses were tilting toward china. Now it is between Ranil’s UNP and the Rajapakses, namely Gota. Ranil’s UNP is pro-west – the support base for UNP is limited to certain urban circles and among the minorities (Tamil and Muslim), no need to expand on the rest. Gota is a strong Sinhala nationalist and no doubt the recent Easter attack will only help to solidify his base. The Rajapakses may have previously built the image of being pro-china but no longer is true. Even if they wish to tilt toward China, they have got too many strings attached (i.e. MCC, IMF, UNHRC). In short, Sinhala Lanka is in a mess. On the one end, they have got ethnic/religious tensions and on the other Sinhala parties vying for the chair for their own share of loot in exchange of sovereignty. Now, tell us why the US wouldn’t want to groom Gota for presidency?

      • 7

        Wera and Thamizh, both of you are superb analysts. as you guys say, the Sinhala Racist Network has brought the grind to a halt. They miscalculated the reactions of their evils perpetrated against minorities. The over estimated Sinhala terror has many weaknesses as their reliance in the state patronage and state itself is hanging on Muslim money coming into the economy. They have already started the PERSECUTION of the Muslims in the name of War against Terrorism. All Muslim countries are watching very carefully till the RED LINE is crossed. The SL Army and Police is infamous for Sexual harrasment and Sexual violence on captives and surrendees of conflicts. The Muslim world must be on the watch for the first leak of rape of Muslim women, arbitrary arrests which is already happening. Even the kitchen knives are considered as illegal weapons. Meanwhile, Sinhala Racists are let loose with dangerous weapons and given exemption on Terrorism. They are considered as Heroes.

  • 8

    Do you know any person better than him. Anyway better always do not get the job. This govt will last maximum 7 mths only. People are sick of this govt. People are counting days for the election. Writer can say what you want but the people of SL will do the right thing. That is to save the country from Ponsies.

    • 2

      Ponsies? Ponzi schemes?

  • 6

    he looks so happy after eating a fried rice specially cooked for him.

  • 2

    Politics is mixed with criminality.
    It is very hard to follow civilised path because reasoning to respond to sombody can be wrong or rights, but it wouldn’t be a problem if people accept rights to respond or freedoms of express. I asked nany people in the west why tamil and their supporters allowed to write hate, then they said Western countries respect freedom o expression. So we can’t do nothing about it.
    My choice is simply give up. I already realized that i am doing a foolish thing wasting my time and life for useless world most corrupted group of poelple who will naver have any gratitude towards me.
    I from my bottom of heart i did not want to be enemy with tamil, muslim, US, Isreal or india. I DID IT JUST because Sri lanka was helpless, but from now on it is over

  • 3

    At least tamil who lives in sri lanka give up seperarte idea like asking military to leave, the hostilty will go away and trust can be be bulit and next problem is to solve musim problems

  • 2

    Very sad to see CT publishing such stories. BTW, anyone can prepare these sound clips and there is no credence in the approach or the contents of this story.

    Insult to journalism???

  • 11

    This is why Rajapakse’s don’t want foreign forces and judges. Their crony network will be exposed

  • 2

    What a load of rubbish,the writer is so naive to understand that if HENDAVITHARANA is agent of Chinese,the Chinese would allow him to act in this manner. The writer will be better off concentrating on cookery than serious journalism.
    And Colombo telegraph to employ the writer shows how desperate the tabloid is.

  • 4

    You’re not very good with logic are you? So according to your logic, our SIS is basically an Indian spy because they had contacts with Indian agencies? PM and others are American spys because they had contact with American agencies I mean do you think an intelligence officer will talk to another intelligence officer or a garbage disposal guy in that country? You don’t see the this part though “They want to give Americans free passage for any requirement if the requirement arises for them to occupy Sri Lanka, even making use of the harbours and airports”. United States has sanctioned murder of 40000 people in South America for having different ideologies under operation condor. You think they’ll love us when they did that? And if he really is a Chinese spy, China would never help facilitate any family members of his. That’s just moronic, it simply reveals that China has contacts with him. It’s like spying 101. Don’t have direct contact with your spies. What you’ve revealed is that the government is trying to give unrelenting access to USA in Sri Lanka and a previous intelligence officer used this information to stop that. And also he wants favors, like literally 100% of every Sri Lankan.

    • 2

      My friend, west of time, Look forward to uniting Sinhalese if that’s the most hardest thing. Fighting war with other countries is not as hard as uniting Sinhalese. My dream will come true if can do it. Also, it is the only sole solution to meet internal and external threat. Otherwise waste of time and waste of your life.

      Japan have best technology which can put the whole world to sleep. China is fast developing and they already have all best weapon, Nobody can put China down. China is not looking for wars, but somebody want a war, it will be devastating.

      So, take some example from Chinese and Japanese to develop Sri lanka.
      Japan is small as Sri lanka, so why Sri lanka can’t achieve same development.? Problem is disunity and corruption.

  • 4

    A former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka dismissed Soldier Kapila Hendawithana as unsuitable for logistics work. He was brought back by Gotabaya Rajapaksa in 2006, promoted to Major General and given the high post of Chief of National Intelligence, with very broad oversight powers over all of Sri Lanka’s intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies.
    Maj Gen Kapila Hendawithana was removed from office in January 2015, but was immediately given employment as head of security for the Shangri-La Hotels in Sri Lanka, where he works to this day for a high salary. This was after Rajapaksa and his defence ministry were implicated in the land deal for the Shangri-La.
    Kapila could not foresee the Easter Sunday event in Shangri-La.
    A mole and a Chinese mole at that?

  • 9

    Former President rounded up some of his former military henchman and made a big political show of preparing draft proposals to handle the current crisis. His military advisors are those who claimed that Sri Lanka could not ever defeat the LTTE. MR is promoting Gota for Presidency claiming these two defeated the LTTE while the real hero who defeated LTTE was SF. Without SF Gota if elected cannot do anything other than running back to USA if things get bad . Hope Sri Lankans will realise before its too late.

  • 0

    Trick is this. This is not read b many. Tomorrow a Sinhal translation will appear in headlines without these so called recordings, with gotas photo with Hendawitharana, with the headlines.. “Is gota behind shargri la attack” in the hope that gullible naive guys and sworn enemies of Gota would believe the story.

  • 7

    Were the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka genuinely the work of ISIL or carried out by the Rajapaksas in view of the elections? Did they get any help from a foreign agency to carry out this attack for them? The Rajapaksas had excellent relations with both China & Pakistan. These tapes & other evidences must be thoroughly investigated without prejudice. May be a conspiracy.

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