17 May, 2022


Finance Minister’s SIL Rosie Responds To Nepotism Charge

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake‘s sister in law Rosie Malasekara confirmed the alleged nepotism charges leveled against her husband Gihan Malalasekara and his exposed attempt of securing the Sri Lankan Airlines Sales Manager (UK) post by Colombo Telegraph earlier today, when she posted an explanatory comment under the website’s story and also on her Facebook page.

Rosie Malalasekera Gihan MalalasekeraResponding to Colombo Telegraph’s expose, Rosie Malalasekara drew more flak than sympathy from other Colombo Telegraph commentators when she posted reasons as to why the airline should appoint her husband to the role.

Her more emotional posting on her Facebook wall citing the multi talents of her hubby as a husband, father, sportsman and a human being received her desired results.

“she should never have taken matters to her own hands and made such comments in response to the said article on social media. This will now certainly have a direct impact on the eventual selection criteria when the senior management has to decide on the final candidate. Her comment has now had a direct influence on the overall selection criteria and is a conflict of interest now. We do have a media spokesman for the airline and any responses should have come from him and not Mrs. Malalasekara who is not an employee of the airline” a very senior manager of the airline who was disappointed by Rosie Malalasekara’s comment told Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity.

The criticism against nepotism under the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government took off when President Sirisena appointed his brother P.G. Kumarasinghe to the post of Chairman Sri Lanka Telecom as soon as he was voted as the head of state earlier in Janaury.

However the acceleration of criticism against nepotism under the current yahapalanaya government took off when President Maithripala Sirisena got his son Daham Sirisena to accompany the national delegation to the United States of America to attend the United Nations General Assembly.

In between these happenings the President’s daughter Chathurika Sirisena got government officials and police officers to accompany her to villages in the Pollanaruwa District.

The President so far failed to issue a statement or apologize regarding these issues.

The national carrier then tagged along with President Sirisena’s lead when it went on to appoint Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s close ally Charitha Ratwatte’s brother Capt. Suren Ratwatte to the post of Chief Executive Officer, a post the pilot never held before.

Minister Karunanayake’s ‘family affair appointment’ was first highlighted when his brother in law and retired policeman T.M. Bangsa Jayah was appointed to the post of Managing Director of the country’s biggest Insurance Company, Sri Lanka Insurance.

Now even Minister of Ports Arjuna Ranatunga is also shortly set to appoint his brother Dhammika Ranatunga to the post of Chairman Ports Authority in his Ministry.

Rosie Malalsekara’s Facebook posts;

Ravi K BIL

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Latest comments

  • 1

    Dear Angle of Attack.

    I am saddened to think that you are a Back Boneless Coward who has No Balls..

    Since I am sure you are an ex Colleague of Mine.. I challenge you to Identify your self and Call me for which I will pay for your call if the cost of the call is a problem to you..

    With regards to the Tech Log Entry I dont need to Publish it on this forum. If you do so like to know please do get in touch with me.

    Since you posted it and for the benefit of those who have read your post, the matter was investigated by the Sane and Professional set of Management at that time and the DGCA and I was cleared.

    Whether I want to return to Sri Lankan or NOT is None of your business or for that matter anyones business.

    I Guess you are one who is like a Crow who just digs up shit..

    Thank God for what I am, Who I am and Where I am today. That will bear enough proof to everyone when they compare to where you are (as you state in a sinking ship) with no where to go and where I am.

    I DO NOT have any reservations of the Capability of Capt. Suren Ratwatte. I have known him for long enough to know his capabilities.. I Guess people like you will have to revert to start carrying his bags or visiting him in his office with all the Bullshit inorder to ensure that your job is safe..

    With regards to you preferring to be a Frog in the Well it Proves the sort of the Professional you are.. Rest in Peace my Friend..

    I wrest my case where you are concerned with regards to your Post.. I hope i did answer your question.

    • 6

      Mr. Rahim,

      Your condescending article is way out of line.

      There is nothing wrong in carrying bags. You should be shamed for making such comments working for airline industry. That is a totally “frog in the well” comment.

      But, polishing Capt. Ratwatte’s balls, I like that.

    • 5

      Rahim will be Rahim where ever he .He held a PANDAMA to Alles at DS and got undue positions.It was the same at Srilankan.The man used his PANDAMA skills and got the Tech Log Entry matter hushed up. Then he vanished!Thats his quality.Now he is crying for his supper now that his inglorious career is at an end.He is simply trying to rejoin the sinking ship….errr plane.

  • 7

    What a sordid story, the woman must be a complete idiot or a “WACO”. Nevertheless, this miserable woman gets her wish fulfilled or not, Sri Lankans are not known for recognizing talent and capabilities of well suited candidates to run national affairs. It is all based on rewarding nepotism or rewarding political stooges and henchmen. This government is no different, the dog and phony show carried out by the media and the political higher-ups are not sufficient to convince the masses. The only option is for them to brown-nose, or prostitute for the politicians to get jobs and promotions

  • 13

    Air Lanka comes under Minister Ravi? If not the Board of Air Lanka should justify this appointment. If it comes under Ravi or the Board did it under influence of Ravi then this is nepotism.
    The bad crime of nepotism even very much alive in the private sector. How many children of directors of public companies have got appointments through their fathers !
    Look at the biggest company in Sri Lanka John keells. Its former chairman and large share holder is Ken Balendran ( through share transfers decided by the Board of John Keells of whichKen Balendran was Chaairman !).

    His son was appointed chairman of NTB Bank (in 2012 )which is a subsidiary of John Keells.The young man was less than 40 years at the time.
    Was he the best that the Keells group could find ? Was the selection process fair and transparent ? Was it fair by the other stakeholders ? Under a different boss would NTB have done better ?

    These are all relevant questions.

    So when people throw charges of nepotism at political figures we must also examine their own conduct , private sector , NGOs ( AT Ariyaratne etc) sports field.
    This is the truth, sri lanka is very corrupt and sick.

  • 7

    Mrs Malalasekera – you have gone and sullied the pitch for your husband. Now everyone knows he is (or would be) getting the job because of Ravi K. You should have kept your big mouth shut. People are fed up of Nepotism. Period.

  • 2

    Well the hr guys follow head of hr and women also follow him making the airline a wonderful paradise of $@$;$:
    And after all they have won another award!!!!

    CT- keep on writing about the probe results. Why no action yet?? People suffer because of unprofessionalism.

    • 1


      Were you expecting CT to enforce the law?

  • 3

    Hey people, you all are very jealous. RK is a great man. He stood by his leader during trouble times ( I know you might say that he did not have a place to go) He stuck to UNP when those who were big and small deserted RW and joined hands with MR. So why cant he reap the benefits for his loyalty (I did not say ‘Royalty”) He has to think about his next election, he has to earn (he is not old like you and me), he has the chance of becoming someone big in the future (don’t pay much notice to Sajith) He is only promoting his brother -in-law not his brother. He is not appointing his sister to the post. Open your eyes and see it is not nepotism.

  • 4

    This makes me wonder why CT never post an article based on the negative comments Dayan Jay gets now for many years. This is not a big position to begin with to jump up and down for. So, if someone is qualified, simply because he is related to a minister should he be denied that position. Does impartial means every relative of a mp, minister quitting their jobs and staying home to prove that person is devoid of nepotism? The real issue is using their authoritative power to put unqualified family members to the positions they are not qualified. Who says you need managerial experience to be the sales director? If he actually has the experience mentioned in the article, I feel he has more than qualified for the job he is going to accept. These are not grand jobs though it has big titles. But the job that his other BIL Jaya got in insurance company crying out loud nepotism as it is a direct appointment under Ravi K’s authority, and that gentlemen is not qualified for that job. It is not prudent to do this kind of journalism.

  • 1

    y nt v sell out this stinking septic tank called sri lankan air lines to a prospective bidder and end this karachchalai

  • 4

    Rosie Malalsekera I am happy you stood by your husband and that not by merely he being your husband but because he has all the requirements to hold the post he has applied for. I hope the selection board will give him the post which in my opinion he richly deserves and will just ignore all the criticism meted out to this individual which probably is by some jealous individuals.
    Madam encourage your hubby to take up this challenge and if selected prove these critics wrong. I am sure he will live up to the expectations and more, judging by his past contribution to Sri Lankan Airlines
    Madam how ever much a person is good there will be the critiques but its best that they be ignored and your hubby put his best foot forward.

  • 2


    We live in the era of HR[Human Rights].Will these guys in hr take their case to Geneva if their womanising is under threat?

  • 4

    I have always said that he is the only known crook in our party!!!!!! Hope our leader will put a stop to this a.s.a.p

  • 3

    Nearly 68 years being independent country, what has Sri Lanka achieved with its well qualified citizens at high places? 2 millions Srilankan women working as housemaid/ semi slaves.Rosie why don’t you go to Saudi Arabia and work as housemaid

  • 2

    Well only CT remembers and write what has happened in the past and I hope this will be an eye opener for who ever authority who read this… SriLankan employees have no other option than the CT now.

    Hr head will not go to Geneva for sure but I am sure he will use all his big words
    And influence to continue his love life in the department as planning and analytics manager is ever ready to link up with anyone for personal gains. I sometimes wonder whether these women’s spouses are impotent?

  • 3

    Your comment that Rosie doesn’t have a right to respond is not acceptable. You commented and she came out with her side of the story. What is wrong with that.

  • 1

    I personally think Gihan Malalasekera is very well suited for this role,I have dealt with him few times and at all times he was very professional and did a good job in reservations or queries on flysmiles just because he is Ravis BIL does not disquaify him

    i think CT has a grudge against Sri Lankan airlines [Edited out]

  • 0

    Interesting phenomena about Yahapalanaya… seems everyone is taking to Facebook to defend the indefensible.

  • 2

    Gihan, whether or not you were qualified for the job and whether or not you get the job, should have been the decision of the Sri Lankan board or who ever was going to make the final decision at Sri Lankan ( maybe even outside SL) Still, I am of the opinion that on such a matter your wife should never have got involved, however much she felt that you deserved it based on what she said, which again was a wife’s opinion. Also she should never have gone public on a matter that was not hers by right to do irrespective of the fact that you, her husband was applying for the job.Rooting for you was just not on, it was never going to help your case. She has unnecessarily drawn flak on herself and you, and might now colour your choice even if you were in line to get the position earlier. All Wive’s have a way of “throwing shit on the fan” albeit with good intentions.Someone should have advised her.

  • 1

    Let us gets some facts of the table instead of shooting at one another.

    1. An Airline Sales Manager in Sri Lanka does sweet bugger all except wine and dine the top producing agents and buying productivity through agent incentives. Thats how they meet their targets. No rocket science here and definitely no MBA’s required. Need to draft a letter in English, ask the new kid to do it and pretend you are correcting the draft.

    2. Airline sales in USA is production driven and if you do not meet your targets on a quarterly basis, its bye bye! No increasing fares by $50 and pretending it was all your hard work. No reducing fares and claiming the increased traffic as your doing too. I am narrating tricks used by Sri Lankan Airlines over the years to fool the idiots who care to listen.

    3. Sri Lankan Sales Manager in the UK has to move market share from every single airline that competes into the Indian sub-continent. They are even fighting for Sri Lankan traffic despite having direct flights to Colombo. When service sucks, punctuality is unknown and aircraft reliability is suspect, the only tool left is pricing. And, there is only so much it can be reduced before you are flying for free.

    Into this comes a man whose career appears to have started in the cabin, not in the sales field. I will not hold that against him because 25 years can change plenty of things in all our lives.

    Obviously Mrs. Malalasekera did not expect one of their ‘friends’ to leak her comments. Once it was in the public domain, CT did its duty as a media site. The culprit here is not Mr. Malalasekara but his brother-in-law Ravi. He is upto his usual tricks and it appears Ranil has not woken up yet.

    Action speaks louder than words Mr. PM. Disce Aut Discede?

  • 0

    Rossie Mallasekara, is appointed as a secretory of Ravi Karunanayake. All bull shit. How can she be secretory when she is living in UK.

  • 0

    I see you have posted under both stories. How much did Rosie pay you to do this?Please dont polish apples like Mohd Ramzi Rahim. If Gihan is so good I am sure some other airline would have grabbed him in the UK. I hope Sri Lankan Airlines recruits Rosie and gives her the job instead. She seems to be calling the shots at home, why not at the airport too?
    Tch! Tch ! if only my sister married Ravi K…..I would also have got a better job!

  • 0


    You appear to have more indignation than you can possibly contain.
    Teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs eh?

    • 0

      Dear PLATO, I sympathize with you . You could be young,…I have met Hon. DSS and many others of same positions…and I am in the evening of my life.

      You LIED to the public and this FORUM that gives us a chance to exchange learned views should not be misused , in the way you did. Kindly be honest, fair and reasonable. In journalistic parlance it is a sin to lie.

      Read what you wrote which I append below. PLEASE contradict me if I am wrong. ..Hon DSS Senanayake conspired with Sir Alan Rose who was at one time our Soulbery Commission’s Secretary, later A.G. and later the CJ (as recommended by Hon.DSS) and suggested to Lord Soulbury to appoint the Son Dudley as the next PM after him …and not John Lionel Kotalawela who was in line. SWRD who was the Leader of the House left the coalition (SWRD WAS NEVER A UNPer as many think.)D.S. died after suffering a stroke on horse back as he had acute Diabetes and a severe heart condition. He did not die as he had an accident as conveyed to the people.


      There is that old adage….
      Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.
      I say this without any malice;In your anxiety to defend the credentials of your Husband in the social media you have unnecessarily burnt your Boat.
      When old D.S.Senanayake was PM,IN THE OLD DAYS,he had to face a lot of criticism for appointing his son DUDLEY to the cabinet.
      DS shot back at his critics;…
      Why should I not appoint him just because he is my Son?


    • 0

      Dear PLATO,
      I am not angry . You lied to this learned audience because of your UTTER IGNORANCE when you wrote that HON. DSS found fault with those who opposed the appointment of son Dudley to succeed him as PM. WHO EVER TOLD YOU THAT DSS LIVED TO SEE the appointment of Dudley as the 2nd PM by Lord Soulbury?
      PEOPLE WILL SAY THAT PLATO (NOT THE GREEK,but our S’Lankan PLATO) is a Pachaya or our Tamil brethren will call you a “PACHORIS.”

  • 0

    As per Rosie Malalasekera’s explanation, her husband genuinely deserves a 2nd Chance for a middle management position to serve the National Carrier more than as a Job to earn. (known devil is better than unknown devil) since Rosie’s Family may be however happy and financially quiet stable at this juncture having two professional children in their family. I do not believe they have any bad records in the past…since 1994 but beaten up by then Governments. Wives should always stand up for their great husbands who are Skillful and who have not cheated anyone though out their career days and not school fun days… Rosie has all the right to give her own personal comments (than defending her husband or whole scenario) and she was very smart and brilliant to react to the media at short notice.. Cheers to both Rosie and Colombo Telegraph for using Professional and Diplomatic Language in this news article…!!

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