1 December, 2022


Former Law Student Requests CJ To Disbar Namal Rajapaksa

Former Law student DM Thushara Jayarathna has today written to the new Chief Justice, requesting him to disbar Namal Rajapaksa.



In a letter to the CJ, Thushara who is currently residing in Switzerland upon seeking asylum, has requested for a disciplinary committee to be summoned and for the allegations he has made against Namal to be examined, so that a probe can be carried out into the irregularities committed in the process leading up to Namal giving oaths as a lawyer.

Thushara who had written for the final year of the Bar exams in 2010 along with Namal recalls the manner in which NR was facilitated to separately sit for the examination inside a special A\C room complete with a PC with internet facilities, in violation of regulations set out by the Sri Lanka Law College.

He also stated that the paper was leaked to NR and has drawn the CJ’s attention to the complaints he had made in this regard, to all relevant authorities including the then Law College Principal, the then CJ, the Justice Ministry Secretary, Keselwatte Police, the Human Rights Commission and the Bribery and Corruption Commission.

He has further pointed to the special oath taking ceremony facilitated to NR by the then Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake and the photographs he took inside her chambers upon giving oaths – an opportunity that is not given to other students.

Thushara was compelled to flee the country when he started receiving death threats and was intimidated due to the complaints he made against the irregularities that occurred at the Law College with concern to the examination and oaths ceremony of NR.

However, he has stated that he is willing to testify both verbally and in writing concerning the allegations he has made.

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Latest comments

  • 6

    Oh the Rajapassa’s, oh what a circus

  • 9

    What a curse and a burden this family to the Sri Lankan society!

  • 9

    Thushara – I pray that God Almighty gives you all
    the courage and encouragement to see this fight
    to an end. You have suffered, feared for your life
    and had to flee the country. Let the tiny brat,
    who is tainted not only with corruption but other
    vices, should be exposed. It should not happen again
    in Sri Lanka.

    All CT readers should support this endeavour and ask
    that punk Namal R to sit for the exam again. Like his
    father and uncles, he won’t know one legal provision
    from another. They are all people who have taken the
    law into their own hands.

  • 5


    If you disbar, how can Namal take a girl double on his bicycle?

  • 1

    This is how this bugger’s father bloody Mahinda won all the elections
    for the past so many years due to corruption. A low class bugger see how
    he had done these things illegally and almost all the brothers including
    their uncles are upto for corruption. These rascals are bloody international thieves. The people in this country should never allow
    these bastards to raise their heads again in this country. Bloody Mahinda
    is trying to creep into politics again but he will not get it and further
    it would be a shame a two times president to come and contest for the
    prime minister’s post, this shows his greedy for power. Now it is time
    up to chase all these bastards out of this country and that will one day

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