15 July, 2024


Fundamentalism Creeps Into Muslim International Schools

Ilma International, a leading Muslim private girls school in Colombo Sri Lanka, has been preaching a fundamentalist Islamic ideology to its children, the Colombo Telegraph learns.

The school, housed at the heart of Colombo has for decades provided Islamic education to Muslim girls.

Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi

Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi

However, deviating from traditional Sri Lankan and South East Asian Muslims, the school together with many other such Muslim schools spread around the country have deviated to Salafist- Wahabist teachings over the past decade, causing concern among Muslims, according to parents who spoke to Colombo Telegraph.

The rise of extremist movements in Sri Lanka has been systematic with the earliest reports coming from the late 90’s.

However the rise has been exponential in the past 7 years, according sociologists.

The ‘black face veil or the Burqa is seen as a symbol of this rising radicalism together with the recent revelation by Defence Secretary Karunasena Hettiarachchi.

The Defence Secretary in a communique earlier this year said that 36 Muslims have left the shores to fight for ISIS a terror group calling for a global re-unification of Muslims.

” This sort of this happening from Sri Lanka is just mind blowing. The Muslims here lived in peace and freedom and have never ever been accused of moving away from the local culture or associating themselves with global terror,” Mohomed Ameer told Colombo Telegraph.

Many Muslims in Sri Lanka who defend the extremist ideologies invoked by Saudi, are in complete denial of the causal link between the ” face covering” ideology and the men who left to fight for the ISIS.

*Video via Channel 4 News

In this VIDEO fundamentalist Muslims in the United Kingdom while using verses to propagate fascism also deny that there is a link between their ideology and terrorism. When one Muslim confronts a radical and says ” you are recruiting for ISIS”, the radical looks at the Channel 4 crew and asks ” have you ever seen me do that?”, much akin to Lankan Muslims in complete denial of the causal link.

According to Sri Lankan military sources all 36 men and their extended families adhere to the strict and fundamentalist interpretation of the Quran.

“All of them and their extended families lived under strict Islamic rule. Some dont have chairs in the house, not because of poverty, but because apparently there were no chairs during the time of the Prophet. Almost all the women and their extended families wore a Burqa or a black garb” an officer said.

The rise in the Burqa, which was not prevalent in the country over a decade ago is also a significant factor in understanding the nature of the fundamentalist.

“Lankan Muslim women always wore the saree or the Shalwar Kameez for centuries. I dont think anyone in our generation or the previous generation remember seeing women in black garbs in Sri Lanka. This is something alien and was only seen in Saudi”  a sociologist told the Colombo Telegraph.

According to many academics the new wave of Islam is an attempt to resist the ‘perceived western domination’ .

” The fact that the Muslim empires suffered defeat, economic, political and military defeat at the hands of western forces is one reason which fuelled this in the early 1900. The ideology was to completely negate themselves or resist any western influence and go back to the ages of Muslim domination which radical Islam believes was best. Its a paradox of sorts. They want a future that lives in the past, defying any sane logic or rationale” the Colombo Telegraph was told on condition of anonymity.

Earlier last year a Muslim poet and activist Sharmila Seyyid was forced to flee the country after being ” hounded by Mullahs”. The poet who is a mother of one and wrote her poetry in Tamil had been threatned repeteatedly by fundamentalist elements in her hometown in Batticaloa.

” This has never been the case and its alarming that the authorities didnt even pay due regard to this. Muslims of Sri Lanka have been a very vibrant part of the Lankan literature and culture. Never were their people imposing their beliefs systems on other Muslims. Those days a mosque festival used to be where the Sinhalese Tamil and Muslim children came to play and enjoy while the elders were reciting in the mosque. It was actually a feast with lights and decorations but today how many do we see?’ MAM Ismail a resident of Kandy told the Colombo Telegraph.

The city of Kattankudy, a city in the East of Sri Lanka is seen also as a symbol of a complete fundamentalist turn. Columnist Izeth Hussain writing to the Colombo Telegraph last year provided in detail accounts of date trees being planted in the area and the extent of the fundamentalism.

Many other ” Muslim” schools which come under the supervision of the education ministry are also propagating fundamentalist and segregationist ideals according sources.

” The school uniform of a Muslim girl was always a shawl around the bosom and long trousers. How many Muslims do you see dressed like that now?. How many Muslim students do you dressed in fully white face veils? This is not fear mongering but its the truth. Muslim leaders have kept their mouths shut about this because they fear backlash or they don’t want to ruffle any feathers given the nonsense that racist groups like the Bodu Bala Sena and others are promoting” a parent told Colombo Telegraph on the condition of anonymity.

According to many, Muslim students either wear the black face veil or the white face veil depending on the criteria set by the school, completely in ignorance of the segregation it causes.

Researches believe that moderate Muslims fear to take any stand against the rise in fundamentalism which draws parallels with fascist ideologies.

” These people are violent and they will quote the Quran as and when they could. Traditional peace loving Muslims are in fear to take this on because the backlash can be crazy. They just dont want to argue on the Quran, but the fact is that even the ISIS quotes the Quran. So who is to justify any nonsense that they do by quoting the Quran or the Bible or any other text? how can you.” Ameer asked.

The Colombo Telegraph learns that despite attention being drawn to these reports, Muslim ministers have shied away from addressing due to fear of backlash.

The rise in Sinhala racism also has led to Muslim leaders shying away from addressing the issue due to fear of “giving in”.

” The fact is there is a problem. This problem must be addressed. The Bodu Bala Sena should not be the reason it must be addressed but for the longevity and freedom of all Muslims. Because if it is not addressed, Sinhala racism against Muslims is only going to rise”, Ameer said.

Many social media activist also pointed out the lack of Muslim youth voices in quelling the extremism coming from among the Muslims.

” If you take Sinhala racism, the opposition comes from the Sinhalese itself. Even if its Tamil seperatism on social media its the Tamil community who first raise the flag and then joined by either racist or moderate Sinhalese. But what is alarming is the silence of Muslims. Muslims just do not ever speak against this and its on one hand sad and on the other very alarming”, Channa Abeetha Dahanayanke a researcher on anthropology and social media trends told the Colombo Telegraph.

She blamed the lack of education among the Lankan Muslims.

” Even among the educated they lack any knowlegde of religion except the dictas of the Quran. Islam is much more than that, and anyone reading a religion will know the literature, culture, how rules were imposed etc. None of these people know this. The kids in Madrasas are only thought to read the Quran. Not a word of the culture, the reasonings for rules, other religions, philosophy is taught. This ignorance is not only prevalent in rural areas but even many Colombo Muslims have no clue about anything else except rules” Dahanayake said.

Following is a meeting in which a letter of one parent sent to Ilma International against the fundamentalist practices promoted in the school is being read out.

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  • 27

    Who wrote this article? Either a grave worshipper, or someone who doesnt check any facts.

    The video link included at the bottom is from a well known liar and grave worshipper around Colombo. It is almost certain he made it up himself.

    • 8


      “Who wrote this article? Either a grave worshipper, or someone who doesnt check any facts. “

      Reason and Observation Vs. Revelation Debate.

      Yes, there is smoke. Does it matter, as to who wrote it? What are the facts? It was Nicklaus Copernicus. It was seconded by Galileo, Kepler, Newton and Foucault. Yes, the Earth goes around the Sun. Do you want to dispute that?

      Let’s Check the Facts, from the Holy Quran and Hadith, as to the Impact of the Satan Iblis Following Wahhabi’s and their Clones, called Wahhabies, Salafies, Tawhids Najdis, ISIS, ISIL, Deobandis, Talibans, Al Queida, Taliban, Boko Haram etc.

      Do you know the difference between Veneration and Worship? The Wahhabies and their Clones do not know that. They also believe that the Sun goes around the Earth.

      The Fundamental Flaw of the fundamentalists, Jewish, Christian and Muslim, is to believe that whenever, there is a Calamity, interpreted it to say that this happened because they did not follow the religion to the letter, literally.

      They will not take into accounts the facts on the ground or use reason to evaluate the situation.

      Are all fundamentalists, believers in stupidity is a virtue? The data seem to support that hypothesis.

      1. What about Abdul Wahhab worshipers who re-brand Muslims and Kill them?

      Wahhabi sack of Karbala


      When Prophet Mohamed conquered Mecca with 10,000 troops, he killed only 9 Murderers who had specifically Killed Muslims. All others were left alone.

      When the Crusaders invaded Jerusalem, they killed ALL the Muslims and Jews.

      When the Sri Lankan Army invaded LTTE at the final stages, they did rescued many, Many Tamils, but also did kill many Tamils, who were not combatants.

      2. What about Abdul Wahhab sentencing a women to death by Stoning, when the Holy Quran, specifically said 100 Lashes? Is the Iblis-Satan following Abdul Wahhab above Allah Swt?

      Or, is it instructions from Iblis-Satan to overrule Allah Swt instructions in the Holy Quran, just like in Heaven, where the Iblis, Satan Disobeyed, due to his Ego?


      Is it Abdul Wahhab, the Satan Followsers Ego, the Wahhabies and their clone protecting?

      3. Was the Holy Quran Created or Uncreated? Eternal? What do the Fundamentalist Wahhabies and their clones say?

      4. Reverence vs, Worship?

      When the Fundamentalist Wahhabies and their clines, go on Pilgrimage to Mecca and go Around the Kabba, around a stone, do they Worship the stone, just the same way, it was dine in Pre-Islamic times, and re-brand the stone-Allah?

      What about Stoning 3 pillars who represent the Iblis, Satan>Is that Devil worship or Devil Hatred?

      5. Was Prophet Mohamed, PBUH, dead when he was buried?

      What was Ibn Taymiah saying?

      Arab Scholars Reply to Wahhabi Leader Bilal Philips



      1. Hadith of Najd.


      2. Al Azhar Cleic on Wahhabi and Salafis.


    • 6

      Or dear! izeth Hussein where are you?

  • 23

    The biggest problem is that the Secretary of Defense is on a crusade to term every Muslim a terrorist as the west is doing now. Here is is following the Mahinda Rajapaksa agenda. Sirisena has kept him in the post fearing that the Army would turn their guns on him and he feels that the current secretary could control it.

    The Muslims have no separatist ideas and have no need to support any form of extremism. There is certainly revival of Islam in Sri Lanka and this is seen in both positive and negative aspects by all including the Muslim community. Only a decent discussion and understanding of each others perception can sort this complex issue

    • 28

      Education, knowledge, information are like double sided sword!!!
      I remember seeing a group photo of Bin Larden and 15~20 of his young friends taken in early 1970s. Bin Larden was waring Bell Bottoms, girls had short hair and wore stylish frocks showing legs (rich young Saudis)…What happened to those in year 2000?
      Same goes with Sinhalese Buddhists too. Our fathers didn’t go to temples very regularly, meditation, retreats were not heard of.. but they were more friendlier and tolerate all communities they lived with..
      Now a days, all talk about Dhamma, meditations, retreats.. but when we talk about our Tamils, LTTE, Muslim brothers, they get read with anger and show uneasiness. definitely not tolerating like my fathers in 60s 0r 70s…
      Education, knowledge, information are like double sided sword!!!

  • 10

    My good friend, Bisthan Batcha, posted the following related article in his blog last December.

    Addressing the Concerns & Apprehensions of the Majority Community : The Black Abaya

    The last three decades have witnessed a growing sense of religiosity among members of the Sri Lanka Muslim community resulting primarily from a heightened awareness and better understanding of correct Islamic rituals and practices. Unfortunately, there are reasons to believe that the potential to impose a specific brand of Islam among Sri Lankan Muslims was identified by certain Islamic Nations, which used (and are continuing to use) their enormous wealth to achieve such objectives. Their efforts, inter alia, led to the growing visibility of black abaya and black burqa wearing women in Sri Lanka. It should be mentioned here in passing that there is even a popular rumour to the effect that a certain Islamic Country has sent and is continuing to send container-loads of black burqas to be distributed free-of-charge to Muslims females. It would appear that this specific Country is attempting to impose their cultural dress-codes on the local Muslims.

    Nobody will contest the fact that the members of the Majority Community do not give two hoots as to what the SL Muslims choose to eat, drink or wear. It is therefore an utter waste of time and effort on the part of Muslims to explain and justify their lifestyle habits based on Quranic instructions to non-Muslims. Why then are the members of the Majority Community so perturbed at the sight of black abayas ? It cannot be the abaya itself, after all the female members of the local Borah Community have been wearing similar attire long before the other Muslims. So then we must conclude that the hostility and antagonism generated by the abaya is not caused by the abaya per se, but rather by what is conjured in their minds by the black abaya.

    Based on extensive discussions with members of the majority community, it appears that the increasing visibility of black abaya-clad females has created a deep sense of concern and apprehension among such persons based on two prejudice-driven perceptions.
    Firstly, it appears to confirm the belief that the Muslim population is growing rapidly and is well and truly on it’s way towards emerging as the majority community at some future date.
    Secondly, it signals the emergence of extremism / terrorism among the Muslim Community – based on the simple argument :

    Black Abaya = Saudi / Wahabis / Salafis
    Saudi = Islamic Extremism / Terrorism
    Therefore, Black Abaya = Islamic Extremism / Terrorism

    Since it is an accepted fact that perception is stronger than reality, any attempt to allay the concerns and apprehensions of the majority community by simply denying the possibility of the above phenomena is bound to fail and is therefore an absolute waste of time.

    Empathy is the need of the hour. If the shoe was on the other foot, how would the majority Muslims feel if they perceived the minority Buddhists overtaking them in terms of population size and becoming more extremist in their religious outlook. Not a nice feeling, is it ?

    If the Muslim Community wishes to address the concerns and apprehensions that the Majority Community may have regarding the growing visibility of black abayas, then all it has to do as a first step is to make a collective effort to advocate a switch from the color black to other acceptable colors among abaya-wearers. Islam does not require women to wear only black abayas to project modesty. Such a voluntary move would have the effect of demonstrating the ability and willingness on the part of the Muslim Community to empathize with the Majority Community. Moreover, there will be absolutely no reason thereafter for abaya-wearers in Sri Lanka to be referred to rather derisively as ‘Goni Billas’. Local Muslim women should be encouraged to dress modestly in accordance with Sri Lanka’s culture and ‘hot & wet’ climatic conditions (with an average relative humidity of 80%) – not in accordance with the cultural patterns and ‘hot & dry’ climatic conditions of some distant Middle Eastern country (with an average relative humidity of 30%).

    Furthermore, what measures have the Muslim intelligentsia taken to address the issue of population growth ? Other than issuing feeble statements denying the possibility of the Muslims exceeding the Buddhist population at some distant future date, would it not be more effective for the Community to appoint a Group of Professionals to study this problem to determine the accuracy of such predictions ? Or, are the Muslims waiting for the SL Government to produce such a Report ?

    Unfortunately, the leadership required to give direction to such collective efforts is seriously lacking. Self-proclaimed ‘Muslim civil society’ groups like the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulema and the National Shoora Council are far too busy to bother about such trivial matters. Continuing to turn a blind eye to such critical issues which adversely affects Buddhist – Muslim relations only lends credence to the oft-levelled accusation that the Muslim Leadership in Sri Lanka is influenced by ‘petro-dollars’.

  • 19

    Colombo telegraph is losing its reliability because of publishing articles with the unknown vague sources of their news like sociologists, academic says

    As a journalist, I know this is some kinds of purported mud sling attempt against religion. I would suggest you to study Islam clearly. What you all see and what you think is not Islam. It is more than that. It has fundamental concepts. Better study them

  • 10

    While there may be a debate regarding the fundamentalist attitude adopted by muslims (There are those who are having fundamentalist beliefs, but those people are a very small percentage of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka), please remember that the majority of Muslims do not adopt such attitudes and belief. I do not know what this article is trying to achieve, except meander through various topics, not highlighting anything important. Why is there mud-slinging towards this muslim school? Who are these fundamentalists teaching ” Salafist- Wahabist teachings” to these muslim female children? Who is this person in the video and what on earth is he talking about? He’s talking about a so-called Muslim holiday which most people do not celebrate, which is the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday, which has not been celebrated by the Prophet (Sal) himself, nor was it ordained to be celebrated. So why is this school being singled out for choosing not to celebrate a birthday? How can that qualify as fundamentalism? And from what I know, (I have no personal stake in this school), there is no criteria regaring facial veils. The white outfit they wear is their uniform, and only those who wish to wear the veil do so instead of “either wear the black face veil or the white face veil depending on the criteria set by the school, completely in ignorance of the segregation it causes.”. Majority of children do not wear the so called veil which has been forced upon them, according to this article. I do not know why Colombo Telegraph is stooping to such low levels and trying to stir up more conflict between the races who coexist in this country. Next time, I suggest you research a little bit more, instead of just throwing tidbits of information and trying to cook up a soup.

  • 14

    all of a sudden CT is branded as a site publishing crap because of this article which clearly exposes the sinister side of muslims and islam. CT has been publishing articles(lies) published by lots of muslims, catholics and tamils which are targeted at sinhalese buddhists adversely.

    Minorities are bigots and CT has done something good by exposing this.

  • 14

    Islam is what Quran and authentic hadiths say.
    Not what fore fathers from Yemen say.

    Can this clown in the video explain what Quran
    and authentic Hadhiths say about Meelad un Nabi ?

    The author is fearful of veils, having no chairs
    at home, planting date trees and not celebrating
    Meelad un Nabi.

    And the author has failed to define “fundamentalism”,
    “salafism” and “Whahabism” and terribly failed to
    explain the dangers of them if any.

    This article is nothing but total cr$p. CT should be
    ashamed to host host this article.

  • 19

    I always picture Japan when I go down Thalakotuwa Gardens because of its great abundance of Ninjas. Jokes aside, I only had sympathy for those girls who don the burqa on warm summer days.

    • 4

      PLs dont feel sorry for any of those kids wearing the burqa, they are happy and proud about it, for evey drop of sweat, they will be rewarded in the here after.
      You will never understand it, since you have no faith to believe in.

      • 10

        I doubt it, there a lot of Muslim kids who go to Moir and AIS but they never go to the extent of covering their faces. Imagine living a life where you can’t even see your friends faces. I personally used to travel down that road on a daily basis until since of late and I have observed that this trend didn’t exist 10 years back. They just covered their hair before but now they are ninjas.

        But the biggest irony is that all those who cover themselves have fb profile pics of them flaunting their hair. It won’t be long until men creep in wearing a burqa and do something to one of your girls. Think about their present safety rather than a hypothetical future.

    • 2

      Seems no sense. Its like office executives doing sales field work waring a tie on a hot sunny day.

      Ideal for you ware Shorts and Banian

      • 5

        that’s their professional attire.. they can come wearing a banian and shorts but they won’t be getting my business. get your brain out of your ass.

  • 9

    Dear CT

    You have got your judement of Islam all wrong with this article. Yes there are divisions in school of thoughts in Islam and these have led to differences of opinions among Islamic scholars how certain traditional practices should be followed. for eg in this instance celebration of Meeladun Nabi (Prophet Muhammed’s Birthday). While there are some who would say it should be celebrated by praising Muhammed Nabi Sal AW (PBUH) others say this has to be avoided.

    The advent of internet has enlightened the followers of Islam to understand its true meaning and made more and more people aware of the religion. If you ask me why our forefathers and their daughters about 3 to 4 decades ago did not wear the Niqab, the simpler reason is they did not understand the religion to its very word. The differences have arisen bcoz Islam was first revealed in Arabic and the Arabic literature in it is so advanced that a laymen who has learnt colloquial Arabic (spoken arabic) wouldnt understand. Hence there has been differences in interpretation in certain teachings in Islam such as the women’s dress code.

    Now coming back to Ilma’s matter how could you say they have become fundamentalists? Definition of the word ‘fundamentalist’

    A fundamentalist is a person who follows and adheres to the fundamentals of the doctrine or theory he is following. For a person to be a good doctor, he should know, follow, and practise the fundamentals of medicine. In other words, he should be a fundamentalist in the field of medicine. So whats wrong if someone is a Islamic fundamentalist? http://www.ilovezakirnaik.com/misconceptions/a05.htm


    In Ilma’s matter this video shows the parent concerned has a a different view of Islam and belongs to a different school of thought and that is why he has written that letter to the management. Just like you have differences in Buddhism sects (Theravada etc) and christianity (old testamanent, new testament etc) Refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_schools_and_branches

    hence it is totally unfair that this article has bashed the school for following fundamentalism.

    Muslims believe Islam was in this world since Adam and Eve and Islam has evolved over time. Over forty thousand prophets have emerged during crises situations when the religion had become under threat and the last prophet as we Muslims believe is Prophet Muhammed. I think you need to take all these into consideration when you throw a general judgement of the Ilma school concerned. Hence I believe this article was unwarranted and judgement a judement of living in oblivion about Islam.

  • 11

    This is a small issue or difference between different Muslim communities. Nothing to be alarmed of.

    Yes, CT is sensationalising it for no reason. While the writer and the dim wit appearing on the video tries hard for some cheap publicity, Karunasena Hettiarachchi, the Sec to the Minister of Defense should know better not to poke his nose where it doesn’t belong.

    • 11

      Muhammed Fazl

      “Yes, CT is sensationalising it for no reason.”

      Yes, CT is sensationalising it apparently because there are too many idiots in the Muslim Community, who believe Stupidity is a virtue, and follow the Fundamentalists and the Wahhabies and their clones, with very little knowledge.

      They need to expose those Wahhabi Ulama.

      The Muslims were doing fine before the Devil, Satan inspired Ibn Taymoiah and Abbul Wahhabi appeared from the Najad Region, as per the Hadith of Najd.

    • 11

      Muhammed Fazl,

      Continue to live in denial, if you wish. That is your choice.

      GOSL should not do so. It will wake up to a nasty shock. Sooner or later. We will be taken by surprise.

      Which country has the dubious honor in supplying the highest number of ISIS fighters per Capita? MALDIVES! Believe it or not.

      Sri Lanka has every reason to be alarmed. Sri Lanka must tackle this menace with composure.

      Sri Lanka should not seek advise from religious fundamentalists of Muhammed Fazl’s caliber in these matters.


      Look at what has happened to once modern, liberal and forward looking Turkey. Since Erdogan’s gang of Islamic mental patients arrived in Ankara.

  • 11

    The guy in this video is a sufi practicer, and hence a grave and awliya worshipper.. Celebrating Milad is condemed worldwide.. Hence he and his shirk teaching can go fly a kite.. Fools who wrote this article..

    • 9

      trying to kill the messenger, aren’t you? blame the muslim religious preachers and lebbes for promoting terrorism

    • 7

      Arshan ahmed

      Wahhabies and their clones elevated Aabdul Wahhab above the Holy Quran ans Allah Swt as per Iblis-Satan instructions.

      When the Wahhabis go to Mecca they worship a stone, just like the pre-Islamic Idol worshipers did, by going around it in circles, 7 times.

      The they go and throw stones at three pillars of Satan, the Idols of Satan, Iblis.

      This is All Idol Idol Worship, Stones and Pillars.

      Is this Wahhabi Idol Worship Fundamentalism of Abdul Wahhab?

    • 1

      Arshan ahmed

      “The guy in this video is a sufi practicer, and hence a grave and awliya worshipper..”

      Can you please write the Kalima, for Amarasiri’s and others information.

  • 6

    Did CT just get bought out by fox news or something? Salafist- Wahabist teachings at Ilma international? broad statement, no? I would’ve thought real journos would provide some proof. Maybe Ilma international is, but let the readers decide, your job is to show not pontificate. I’m yet to come across an extremist produced by Ilma International however there are countless number of talented past students of this institution in very productive jobs not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. True journalists would probably have cared to find out. Extremist movements are not only ‘systematically being growing’ in Sri Lanka but all over the world. Nor are they monopolized by Islamic groups. BBS, 969, ISIS, Zionists, the Westboro Baptist Church even Donald Trump (God help us when he becomes king of the world soon) to name a few and the list could go on and on. Just look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamentalism
    As such we have extremists in various shades within every society in every corner of the world. They shout the loudest as such we see and hear them more now. We also do listen to them because of the exponential growth in media proliferation and that could be a reason these ‘sociologist’ are ‘seeing an exponential growth of fundamentalism in the past 7 years’. Some will say that the Black face veil or the Burqa is as much a radical garment as short skirts and halter tops or the practice of bra throwing at concerts that has been imported into the Sri Lankan society. If one is to be tolerated then I cant see why not the other. Free society and all that no? Why is Mohamed Ameer’s ‘mind blowing’ ? Maybe he should chill out a bit as he seems a bit fundamentalist in his own way to accept a claim that Muslims in SL are ‘moving away from the local culture or associating themselves with global terror’. This is exactly what the fundamentalists want us to believe about Muslims all over the world. Remember, one in every 4 humans who walk this planet is a Muslim. You just have to stand outside any Mosque in any part of the world on any given Friday for Mohomed Ameer to get a reality check. Who the heck is Mohamed Ameer anyway? Which brings me to my next point. No disrespect but every dog and its flea has an opinion these days and we are constantly listening to them. And I don’t exclude myself or the this author.
    The claim by this anonymous ‘academic’ that Islam is resisting ‘perceived western domination etc.’ is in it self in my opinion an extremist view. Has anyone asked a Muslim to find out? In anycase does anyone want to be ‘dominated’ by another perceived or not? CT is not doing it self any favors printing such generalization defying any sane logic or rationale. The solution is for the moderates in every group to ignore the extremists. Dont give them air time and prominence be it in your facebooks and twitter verse, TV, newspapers or CT. They feed on us and grow. Just do the right thing as we go about our daily life. Teach the children to do the same. This may not be palatable to the extremists including some elements of the media who make a lot of money peddling this crap and polarizing us. Yesterday had its pariahs, today its Islam and Muslims tomorrow it could be something dear to you. So, im off to practice what I preach which is all I can do, I doubt you can do any better but good luck trying. PEACE! AYUBOWAN! ASSALAMUALIKUM!WHAT EVER!

  • 6

    The expressed sentiments of the defense secretary Hettiarachchi is unfortunate. He is not only exhibiting his ignorance but his inbuilt Muslim bias as well. Whether biased views expressed by a virulent Gnanasara in saffron robes or whether expressed non virulently by a western dressed Herriarachchi it is not too difficult to conclude that both are racists.

    Sri Lankan Muslims are not demanding a separate state. Our politicians cover their torso from neck to toe in white. The Muslim women from head to toe in black. It does not make either of them fundamentalists, or do they??

  • 12

    Every human knows Buddhists follow teachings of Lord Buddha, and Christians follow Jesus, and Muslims follow Prophet Mohamed. This punk who follows his khat (a narcotic drug) chewing, Yemeni forefathers, cannot be a Muslim.

    Moreover, we have to learn to live with the fact that every religions group in Sri Lanka has become more religious. For example there was no hour long morning and evening pirith played on loudspeakers before a decade. And there were very less Budhu maluwas or Christian statues on junctions. Considering these new developments does it mean Buddhists and Christians have become fundamentalists?

  • 11

    We love Ilma Int’l and want our children to get a good education with an equally good Islamic background from this school. If there are those who don’t like it and no0t what they expect, they are free to withdraw. I am sure there are a few hundreds waiting to fill up any vacancies. We must not fall to such traps set up by these freakish looking clowns with comical top hats who speak rubbish and who encourages and supports parents to withdraw their child from schools, thus depriving them receiving a decent education. Let alone their own ‘un-Islamic’ custom of Muslim women kissing stranger’s hands and feet, that of their Naqshabandhi leader, he has the nerve to criticize others of so called ‘un-Islamic’ practices.


    and Shekh Bilal Philips response


    • 0


      “We love Ilma Int’l and want our children to get a good education with an equally good Islamic background from this school.”

      They must Teach Islam as a subject, only one Class per day, so that the students can learn about Islamic History and Islam, in relation to world history, Islam in Relation to the Other Religions, and turn out Muslims who respects others, educated and can think, yes think.

      Why are they bringing in Billal Phillips and other Wahhabi and other Clone preachers to poison the minds of the young at an early age?

      This is brainwashing. They will lose critical thinking capabilities, early in life, and will be at disadvantage throughout their lives.

      Sri Lanka is sill a Multi ethnic, and Multi Religious Society.

      That is why, there should be separation of Church and State even in schools

      Reason Vs, Revelation Debate, still continues for the Ulama.

      Is the Sun going around the earth?

      Did Adam and Eve Evolve?

      The correct answers, yes correct answers were given by reason and natural philosophy, called science these days.

      The Intellectual Collapse of Islam

      Neil deGrasse Tyson lectures a crowd on how religious fundamentalism is the root of the collapse of the Islamic Golden age of Science and Mathematics in Baghdad. An Islamic scholar named Hamid Al-Ghazali deemed Mathematics evil.


  • 1

    The dude in the video clip is talking out of his turban. A school has every right to conduct its curricula in the manner they deem fit and parents have every right to choose a school based on that curriculum. We any of them have had Catholic schools where all students were required to attend religious mass at the morning assembly, Buddhist & Hindu schools, where all communities attended and we never had this kind of issue before. here are plenty of schools in Sri Lanka and this so called “Ahlul Bayt” parent, whose origins are from Yemen, can choose from any of them for his children’s welfare. Lack of tolerance between human beings is the biggest bane of our societies.

  • 9

    This is exactly what happened in the west. Fearing of being labeled rasist, these issues were nor addressed. I have seen the difference lately when I visit SL. So many women in abayas. This need to stop, if not sri lanka will become another Afghanistan. We should do the following g.

    Ban full face abayas.

    Have all Schools submit their school cirriculiam to education ministry.

    Ban all fundementalist Schools.

  • 2

    Oh dear !!! This guy is not even taken seriously!! Can’t believe CT would post or quote this guy.

  • 6

    Can all Muslims read what else has been said in the article ??! How did these 36 people leave for Isis ? Where did the ideology come from ? Are u saying there is no extremist Muslims in the country who want to shove their brand of religion down another’s throat ? Just look at the comments here and on the Facebook page. Instead of arguing on the issue look at the threats and holier than thou attitudes you have come up with. No wonder the conclusion is that many Muslims are mutts, who don’t read or know anything other than verses in Arabic. I’m sure none of these people writing have even read the thafseer once. Iqra. Read.

  • 5

    Reading the article and comments, it appears that Islam is a religion shrouded in controversy.
    There appear to be many interpretations of the Quaran which contradict each other.
    The most dangerous version appears to be that ‘practised’ by the ISIS – against which, a multinational force is battling.

    In Sri Lanka, the ‘islamic pot’ is boiling since 2009 in the most thickly populated village, Kattankudy.


    From the thirties onwards, Kattankudy was a ‘closed’ society with tall kadjan fences around each dwelling, and females were never seen outside.
    The Batticaloa obstetrician said in 1960, that “muslim women menstruate only once” – at puberty – as they give birth with hardly any interval between births. Early menopause and death due to illness mostly untreated as women were reluctant to consult male doctors, were common.
    Muslims must ‘liberate’ their women in line with countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • 4

    To start off with Why is the man getting all so emotional and his voice shaky ?


    I do not Consider myself that Muslim or this Muslim ,I am Muslim ,if am allowed to make Salat in any Mosque ,I will and I will listen to any sermon (which has become possible only now and I believe its with sincere inner Jihad with myself and am grateful To Allah swt) when Muslims can not embrace tolerance among your own people while the differences are not thinner than the thickness of hair ,tell me how will you ever be able to bear tolerance with those who are chalk and cheese comparing to what you believe in?

    All of you are such a bunch of Hypocrites , both of you ,you who think are on the sufi path have no basic idea of what Sufism is about, and you who abuse the term Salafi are the same ,,,you quote somuch the Quran and you sufi ,hubul awliays mbrand yourselves with whatever names you want ,Inshala , you will never have any portion of Jennah ,Jennah is not so cheap ….what waits for you both is the deepest depth of jahanem you moonafeekeens ..


    One is calling the other names ,and both if you ask ,one will quote the quran and the hadees , one is angry for a School with all its right to include in its school administration what should be and what should not , and what both the sects are arguing over have no authenticity of negating ones faith by conducting the function or not conducting the function ,it is neither prohibited nor approved and so much of noise .

    — Hey dudes ,, tell my how many of you damn idiots are aware the number of Muslims who are still in refugee camps , the numbers of homeless , the numbers of Muslims who go hungry by the day and none of you donkeys even care , stop bashing your own kind and go and learn from the people of other faiths today ,shame on you ,how to serve Allah swt by serving your people , it is not for each of you idiots on this comment list to judge any Muslim , all most of you know is to judge ,,,, make repentance and stop this fitanah , without alienating yourselves and bringing the curse of Allah swt upon you like what has happened to the whole of Arabia , you are a bunch of laughing stock, I know what the none salafi is trying hard is to feed on the Salafi to get into the good books of the majority ,remember Allah swt knows every single soul’s thought , at the same time the so-called salafi you are no better you want to lick the boots of your slave masters in Saudi .. you both have hell prepared for you Inshala (ameen ya rab)somuch of hate , evil ,bigotry in both the groups hearts ,as usual you really believe you can bribe Allah swt(Nawazibilah) ,that is what both you groups do, do all the rubbish and then slander ,backbite , scandalize fellow Muslims , dragging your fellow Muslim down in life , bring him to the road and walk all over him and never lift a finger to help and then go every year for Haj ,yes Inshala ,Paradise is so cheap ,Allah swt forgive me.

    If you and that shaking Steven in the Video are sincere in you what you profess with your tongues that each of you are true Muslims , you would have called for a dialogue , you idiots , that is what The Holy prophet (Pbuh) and asked us to do , not belittle each-other , have a dialogue , remember no son will be questioned of his fathers faults , nor no father will be questioned of his sons action , truth is clear from falsehood , so who the hell are you two groups who have not even the slightest idea of the well fare of your fellow Muslims , to fight over a decision taken by a private Educational institution , of a celebration that has no validity of merit in any form ,nor by not holding it negation of any merit , can each of you swear in the Name of Allah swt (both groups) to have his curse upon you if you were wrong in your comments ? first go and build your community that is falling apart ,you need a Ummah (community ) first to start with , you judging people ,you have taken exactly after the people of Musa (Pbuh) no wonder the the Curse of Allah swt is upon the entire Ummah . arrogance coupled with ignorance , you have not moved a finger to help the community and you come here to brag in ignorance and bring animosity against the Ummah from other communities ,may you perish .

  • 5

    Congratulations to CT for having hi-lighted this cankerous problem in our Country. There is little doubt that there is extreme Muslim radicalism pervading this land and it is growing fast. We have only to look around our work places, super markets, streets, Condominiums, Public places,Mosques, and now schools, to see how it is spreading. It is a well orchestrated sinister movement. Unless something is done fast to curtail this menace we are heading for another ethnic/religious confrontation.

  • 5

    It is a mistaken belief that the Burka was not prevalent in Sri Lanka.

    My mother’s and earlier generations of Muslim women (she was born in 1915 and died in 2002) wore thick clothing (velvety thuppatti – complete with gauzy face covering), and secluded themselves from menfolk in full conformance with purdah. When they had to travel out of their homes, they typically went about in carriages with windows fully curtained and even a curtain between the driver’s compartment and the passengers. In the 1950s and 1960s, even my sisters went to school (Bishops College) accompanied by an ayah, and in a car curtained in all passenger windows and between the passengers and the driver.

    Several years ago, I read a Ceylon Observer article about the early history of Galle Face, and it was mentioned there that the carriages of Muslim women were heavily curtained.

    In the preceding years, Muslim women seldom went out of their homes, and if they did, they rode in such heavily curtained conveyances. In those days only those Muslim elites who hobnobbed with the British sahibs had reduced their compliance with Islamic norms worldwide.

    In my father(Dr. M.C.M.Kaleel)’s biography, he is quoted on page 27 regarding his 1942 election, “In this election Muslim ladies came out of their secluded purdah to cast their vote in large numbers. Mr N.D.H. Abdul Careem provided them with a number of heavily curtained cars , so they may observe their cherished purdah while coming to the polling station…”.

    On page 121 of his biography, he says regarding his Hajj pilgrimage of 1958 (the biography mistakenly states 1948):

    “This was one of the most strenuous but enjoyable trips and on our return we decided that Mrs. Kaleel should give up the strict purdah. After meeting many of the people of the Arab countries, where we found both strict purdah-observing people, and those who had completely discarded purdah, and had taken to European dress. We found that it was only the very old ladies and the plain-looking women who strictly observed purdah, but the younger ones and the good-looking women, even with their husbands had completely discarded the purdah…”

    Even Arthur C.Clarke, I think in his “View from Serendib” mentions the commotion that happened when a pet monkey went into a Purdah-observing Muslim neighbour’s household.

    So, it is only when Muslims became more westernized, following Arab fashion, that they gave up these traditions, and unfortunately, those commenting on these fashions are only aware of this much more recent situation as the norm.

    • 0

      Dear Mr.Kaleel,
      Thank you for writing about the muslim dress of your mother, my grandfather Mr.N.M. Abdul Hameed was a good friend of your dad’s if he is the same man who found Dr.Kaleel’s hospital. My mother remembers this same type of dress worn by her mother too. I am so keen to know more about this topic including any pictures you may have. My granny too later probably gave up wearing the velvet burqa, because I never saw her in one. Just the saree. But she never walked on the streets. Like our muslim girls of today. She usually travelled by car. My mother and her sisters travelled to school with their father and granny.

  • 0

    The best Comment , short but absolutely to the point .
    I salute you @ Respected Sir

  • 1

    Who wrote the article?

    If he was a Muslim, then he got the desired effect of dividing the Muslim Community.

    • 6

      We, the muslim community, began doing that ourselves, right after the Prophets death with the introduction of the Sunni and Shia denominations. We don’t have a right to tell non muslims not to divide us until we stop it from within.

  • 1

    Muslims are opening there eyes, the speaker is loosing business,because
    His grave worshipping and prayar for ruppee business is being shunned by Muslims.
    Igonarant Muslims used these guys to pray and astrological predictions and the sil thread.
    Islam is only worship Allah, no grave worship.

  • 3

    Hey this article is
    garbage. there is a difference between a fundamentalist and a fanatic. A fundermentalist is simply person who strictly follows a set of fundermentals whereas a fanatic is a deviant extremist!
    People in the past are different to the people in the present simply because the latter are much more educated than the former,then the same applies to religious adherence . it’s not that we hate people of other faiths, we love them the same! It’s just that we are more educated about religion than before, and thus are more practicing. We are required to cover for the sake of modesty. I cover from head to toe, but I don’t support any IS rascals. We respect the culture and faiths of others

    • 2


      “garbage. there is a difference between a fundamentalist and a fanatic. A fundermentalist is simply person who strictly follows a set of fundermentals whereas a fanatic is a deviant extremist! “

      Yes, thee is a difference between a Fundamentalist, Fundamentalist, Fanatic, and a Fanatic.

      Washabies and their Clones are Fundamentalist Fanatics.

      Abdul Wahhab, the Iblis-Devil Follower, stones women, when the Holy Quran and Allah swt says 100 lashes.

      The Wahhabies Kill 5,000 Muslims in in Karabala,Iraq.

      Washabies and their Clones are Fundamentalist Fanatics

  • 3

    what about the trending miniskirts, tight jeans and short tops…?
    Were they trendy in the past too? Isn’t that complete westernisation of our modest Lankan society? This is what one should be alarmed of; of clothes which almost reveal the Shape or colour of female private parts,not the clothes which cover them. Extreme immodesty is to be scoffed at not extreme modesty!
    With love and peace.

    • 4

      First “mini-skirt” recorded found and dated to about 1300BCE
      But for us, it came into wider use and became known as “mini” in the 60’s – very trendy then.. 50 years on, it is still in use
      Not sure why clothes should alarm you so much
      Clothes are clothes are clothes.. we have many types of clothes on this planet. For example, our President loves brassieres and objects to them being wasted needlessly. He does not fear brassieres.
      The ladies in your family… do they wear the brassiere and other dainties ? Is that not a “Westernisation” ? Are you taking steps to ensure they go back to their roots ?

      • 1

        Okay, as bitchy as you wanna be, if there is no one to set the limits, more women will be walking around in skimpy clothing bearing it all, and even tempting men to play ‘catch me if you can’ games to their own detriment. Women must take the initiative to dress modestly in society and if they fail, then men should not be blamed for the bedlam that follows as they too are only human waiting to prey on a lonely hit and miss opportunity, if you get a little sniff at my trend.

        As Muslims we recognize this stuff only too well, and therefore never leave room for such senseless miss-hits, and by this we tend to be safer than sorry in our life’s commute. Our success is also due to our women who oblige with decent and modest clothing to conceal their assets, let alone strengths and weaknesses, and further they consider it no one’s business to probe their finer points, irrespective of who they are, man or woman.

  • 3

    What a pointless article, written with the sole intention of discrediting the Muslim community of SL. There is ZERO evidence given for the incendiary headline. What about mentioning the titles of the supposedly extremist books being used, or even a couple of direct quotes about what is being taught to the children of this school? Instead we are treated to a collection of opinions from a few people, none of whom have mentioned anything specific.

    As for the video attached, do people not engage their brains anymore? The speaker in the video is talking about the practice of asking for the intercession of “saints” to appeal to God on their behalf. The school (quite rightly) doesn’t seem to subscribe to that sort of nonsense, and that is the reason the parent in question has decided to withdraw his daughter from the school. But it has been cleverly inserted here to make non-Muslims think that it is a protest against ISIS-style hate mongering.

  • 0

    The events unfolding at present involves the whole world and is clearly written in the Holy Bible. If one read the Books of Daniel, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets, Mathew, and Revelation you will understand. This Period is the time when The “Falling Away” has commenced with man moving away from Godly living by rejecting God and His Anointed thus making ordinary folk look to other sources of comfort for their emotions. We need to “Watch and Pray” and wait for His return for the Bride. (To understand what I am getting at, I challenge you to read the Bible)

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