21 July, 2024


Gnanasara Issues One Day Ultimatum, Warns Of Blood Bath From Maligawatta If SLTJ Secretary Razick Not Arrested

courtesy Foreign Correspondents' Association of Sri Lanka Facebook page

Bodu Bala Sena’s Galagoda Atte Gnanasara has issued a one day ultimatum on Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundara to either arrest the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath (SLTJ) Abdul Razik within a day or face a blood bath from Maligawatta onwards.

Speaking soon after the arrest of Dan Priyasad, who was arrested and remanded on Tuesday evening, Gnanasara said that, Razik must be arrested and also deported. Gnanasara declared that the Sinhalese should not be tested anymore. “The Sinhalese is getting attacked in the North, East and Colombo, while some are being safeguarded. This is not fair,” he said.

Gnanasara said that he will give the authorities one day’s time, and if Razick is not arrested, then his group will launch an attack. “We will wait till tomorrow if this ‘dog’ is not arrested, we will launch an attack. About 100 to 200 of our boys will die,” he said, amidst loud cheering from Gnanasara’s supporters.

“We are asking the Mahanayakes who are asleep, whether they want to see us dead or will they sort out the problems our community is facing. There is so much tension, but not a single Buddhist leader is taking action to sort out the problems the Sinhalese are facing,” he said.

“We sort this issue out with stones, poles and blood, because if this is what they want, then this is what they will get,” Gnanasara warned.

He also assured that steps will be taken to release Dan Priysad, and discussions were already underway with lawyers over this. Priyasad was remanded today after he had made several statements threatening to bomb Muslims in the country, including members of the Thowheed Jamath and Razick. According to many radical Sinhalese groups, even the Thowheed Jamath is viewed as a radical Muslim organization with radical views where statements have also been made by its members including Razick inciting hatred.

In January this year, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe threatened to expose the fascist Buddhist movement led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The Colombo Telegraph in August last year, exclusively revealed that the President and Prime Minister were in possession of a report from the State Intelligence Service which provided details of a plan to create the movement from within temples. The former President during the time, visited a large amount of temples throughout the Island, and was used for a failed attempt to re-capture power during the parliamentary elections. The detailed report states that the sole purpose of these visits was to seek help in safe guarding himself, his immediate family and his brother namely the former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the ongoing cases relating to abuse of power, forgery, murder, fraud, corruption and malpractices through the creation of a Buddhist Temple Based Neo-Fascist Movement.

Meanwhile, the Muslim community has orgnised a protest against the radical Thowheed Jamath organisation on Friday, November 18 opposite the Dewatagaha Jumma Mosque soon after the Friday Jumma prayers.

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Latest comments

  • 29

    I will urge Tamil and Muslims to leave from this blood sucking country.

    Full of thugs in yellow robes on the street and in white bleach in parliament.disgrace for Buddhism.

    All because they had sex with the lion that is the sad of it even the dog and cow not for it arrogant pigs .

    Disgrace for budha

    • 29

      Kugan you should simply be an another stupid person.

      As it is myths known in UK, the myth that sinahalya come from a lion – is also a myth. No scientists have been able to prove yet about the hybrid formation the manner you added above.

      Myths have tied the folks and brought to intoxications at thattime. That we call the culture. Today, being past centuries,them to stay stuck to them has become part of their life.
      Those who can explain let explain, but truths lie somewhere else.

      To me I respect every religion, race and other parameters, since I know my blood and gentics are common with other homo sapiens – we are all the same.

      • 1

        hi don

        You say sinhaleyaa???

        The exact word should be as ” SIN KELAYA ‘ the inhibitants in the DARK JUNGLE in SRI LANKA..

        I am still thinking how to make ceylon as a peaceful country and love to see as its develompment as Malasia and singapore.

        UNLESS WE ERADICATE ‘ POLITICAL TERRORISM ‘ and ‘ BOOTHA KAAVI TERRORISM ‘ in Sri Lanka , it would be a dream only.

      • 1

        Don Juan Appuhamy:-

        Even Romulus and Remus who founded the ancient City of Rome, were according to Myth, suckled by a She-Wolf!

        How we stick to Myths even against our Better Judgment and Education!

    • 22

      Bloody Idiot,
      See the blood sucking murdering Muslim scum fighting each other in the Middle East and seeking protection from Christian Western Nations. Go to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and all these rich Muslim countries and get asylum including you who should go to Tamil Nadu

      • 1

        Why don’t you go to India n try for itself first?

    • 2

      No way bro… lets make them animal feed instead!!!!!

    • 15

      Poor Ghanasara has to sleep alone until Dayasan – saviour of Sinhalse is released. Sorry for him. Either one should castrate these men – that seem to have no conrol on their testesterone or bring them into lanken jails.

    • 15

      I think Malwathuchapter theros should take the lead of the issue.

      All these rabid style monks should be called for discussions. If their anxities should be addressed through exchanges.

      Relgioous leaders should come forward and work of the clarity of the misinterpretations if any Muslims are met with.

      That is the way the civlized society should work for resolving the problems.

      Even after that these aggressive factions are being in the ground – they should be tamed by rigorous law enforcement.

      Instead housing for poor, rather they need to build up more prison to locate them under heavy work.

    • 23


      “I will urge Tamil and Muslims to leave from this blood sucking country.”

      Good idea.

      When they go could you ask them to take their Sinhala brethren with them.

      • 4

        that is asking for too much of social rubbish built on ideology.
        Let the fight begin as what matters is the ones left not who is right.
        For the first time the politician Muslims in the world are weak with Trump and Putin.
        Remember the Tamils are asleep with former tiger supporters heading diaspora in the UK/US- they have no go because its tiger terror but care two hoots as long as they are leaders.

        Rev Gnanasara is smart with a new name BJP and draws his support from Sinhala monks in India.

    • 7

      Kugan… ask your 5 year old the difference between the myth and the fact. Remember that Tamil Elaam another myth you midtakenly believed for 30 long years and killed your fellow Tamils?

      • 5

        P. U. Kaymile

        “Kugan… ask your 5 year old the difference between the myth and the fact.”

        The 5 year old kids are far more smarter than their stupid parents who still believe Hybridity was possible 2500 years ago between a beast and a beauty and their forefathers were the first ever genetic engineers who created a race infused with superior le (blood) and most eminent historians also recycle the same story in their history typing as fact.

        Are those “renowned historians” stupider than 5 year old kids?

        “Remember that Tamil Elaam another myth you midtakenly believed for 30 long years and killed your fellow Tamils?”

        I can’t speak for Kugan or his fellow Tamils, however all what I can say is that Non-Tamils bought this myth in large quantity than the Tamils themselves.

        VP must be having the last laugh from his unmarked grave.

    • 2

      dont come back

    • 1

      The day Ghanasara [Edited out] – the day of start of reconciliation.
      We dont need this man to go on his kind of aggressive acts but by betraying us all the buddhists. We have never nodded our head to this man in robes, will never do. We respect non-violence nature of a person, we can also get on with them only.

    • 0

      Well said.

      But the modayas will not leave. They will live to suffer. This is the problem with Tamil and Muslim modayas in SL. May be they inherited it from Sinhala modayas.

  • 26

    There cannot be one law to Gandaskara and to the others, All should be arrested and dealt without bias.

    Is anyone investigating the destruction of ancient Buddhist ruins in north and east and attack on temples? Is cultural minister asleep?

    • 12

      I have the feeling you finally have fallen to sense having understood it.

      What bothers me even today your stand supportive to Rajaakshes who woudl do any rabbelroucing to stay or return to power.

      Respect to you MAN:

    • 6

      Just you come with the kind of thoughts as Rajaakshe apologist.

      Were you born yeserday ?

      In the high days of Meeharaka Rajaakshe what got to see was – only selectied investigation.
      Most of all were – former CJ Dr SB s sacking. Did they at all serve justice ?

      TOday, knowing the gravity of problems, current mechnisms seem to work.
      Tomorrow or the days to come, it will be no chance to Galaboda aththe Le Mapila – the nation s blood sucker – born to destroy lanken nation and buddhsm. Certainity.

    • 7


      “Is anyone investigating the destruction of ancient Buddhist ruins in north and east and attack on temples? Is cultural minister asleep?”

      Is anyone investigating the destruction of Jaffna Library and ancient oola manuscripts that were burnt by the armed forces and many inscriptions that were destroyed in north and east and attack on churches and temples?

      Are you asleep?

      Only Kumbakarna (the rakshasa was the younger brother of Ravana) was allowed to sleep most of the year.

  • 17

    BBS Boss Gnasara’s comments make sense.

    Sinhala Budhists are under attack in the North, the East and now even in the Megapolis.

    TNA Leaders have demanded that Buddhism must be expunged from the Constitution..

    TNA CM in the North wants to stop Sinhalese coming there. And he wants the ones settled after the War expelled , along with the SL Army.

    TNA Leader himself displayed his new found power by invading the Army Camp in Killionchci.

    Muslim CM in the East scolded a senior Navy Officer in public and demanded him removed from the stage at a public function..

    His Grama Sevaka now seeks curt orders to evict poor Sinhala Settlers in the East, while Muslim Yahapalana Minister is settling his people in Wilpattu.

    Yahapalana PM is hell bent on creating a new Chapter for the Buddhists, which follows his Buddhism.

    The latest stoush between the PM and the Yahapalana President is a classic example of how precarious the the situation is in our 2500 year old country..

    PM wants the President to sanction his New Constitution to go to a Referendum no matter what the outcome is for the agreement he has signed with the ex PM Cameron and the British Diaspora.

    This was in response to the President’s quip that the Buddhist Clergy will mobile en masse against a Federal Constitution, which divides the Nation into Muslim and Tamil homelands.

    Yahapalana PM went after the Buddhist Monks using trumped up charges hoping to silence their voices and muzzle them

    That involved arresting good monks for even feeding elephants.

    While this Buddhist bashing is going on, the UNP lead Yahapalana Government imposed every possible Tax to hurt the poor. Cut their employment opportunities and even made them redundant by closing Government Enterprises like Mihin Air.

    Now the UNP Government wants to sell the main Airline, Ports, Mattala Airport , Hamabntota Harbour and the CTB.

    It won’t be long before they sell our Freeways to Diaspora Pension Funds.

    They are also planning to privatise the Central Bank to make their mates do Bond Trading without much scrutiny.

    In light if these developments, it is necessary that the Buddhist Clergy give leadership to the inhabitant majority to safeguard their rights and freedom which they enjoy now.

    Because their Parliamentary representaties , 56 of them in fact have abandoned them for Car Permits and special santhosam of 10 Lakhs each, in return for helping the PM Batalanada Ranil divide the Nation.

    • 17

      No doubt you the twisted mind set woudl see it that way.

      But those who know are well aware of the facts -Ghansara of the black sheep of entire sanga community in srilanka.

      This man should get and face it sooner than later is my wish.

      He has been escaped by prevailing laws for all the high crimes he and his provocations made in the innocient folks fo the nation. Aluthgama was one huge incident only. But then leader of the nation just ignored it to protect his brother Gotabaya.

      Today the leaders have all the set of black box related information about Ghanasara in their hand, once the law and order is ready, they can put the man behind the bars for a longer period.

      Sumanaya, you please be ready to go with Ghansara to be his abitthaya in the prison in coming weeks or months. That is the least you can do.

    • 6

      we don’t want rapist occupying force that is sinhala military in the north. Neither do we want lowlife slum dwellers from the south who come here to squat on or steal lands from Tamils and cause all sort of trouble because they are brainwashed by their monks to feel entitled. Sinhalese are welcome only if they come here as friends not as sinhala chauvinists with a political agenda.

  • 28

    Looks like the IGP arrested the Secretary of Tawhid Jamath, because he was shit scared of the Thug Gnanasara.
    Why does Mr Pujith arrest this thug for threatening peace of this country?
    A Buddhist Priest talks of blood bath. Wonderful Sri Lanka.
    Looks Like, Mahinda and Gota are still in control and are running the country by proxy.
    Ado Gananasara, this time we are ready for you and your ilk, you filthy son of a bitch.

  • 26

    Don’t arrest this mad idiot.Arrest his handler by the name of Gotabhaya Nandasena Rajapaksa.This bastard is the fellow behind this.But even if Sirisena wishes to do so he cannot because his blood brother Dudley will never allow it.This whole gang is a mafia that show the world they are sworn enemies but away from the spotlight are on ball squeezing terms.Before long the yahapalanaya idiots are going to be taught a bloody good lesson by the murdeous Rajapaksa syndicate if they ignore this menace .Where is good governance king Prof Wijesooriya?Sleeping I suppose.

    • 13

      Yours really sound that of a Ukussa.

      Yes, the entire society is infected by thugs and thuggish acts, hatred and curses. Real stuff of a devleopoing country.

      Muslims make every other problems to the world – but they are no muslims, just fundementalists or extremeinists of their kind. We also have buddhist extremeists and their representatives – abusing young men with low edcuation being their sacrifices.

      The man arrested last night in Colombo was a man of Ghansara. Ghaansara louded to get him released – no matter the issue was against the civil law of the country. The boy loudly challenged to kill his rival muslims. Like frog awaiting for their prey – Ghaansara waited until the day arises and released his ultimatium. All these connected and unseparable -some suffere from not getting media attractions, while the others remain behind the scene to control them. Once behind the scence are Gotabaya Et al (virulent part of the joint opposition)- in the ground the most abusive monk-who earns all hatreds than the blessings of buddhist people.

      Current duo politicians (PRESIDENT AND PM) are also human beings, they just react with long considerate- being very cautious as no other leaders. Even the mad dog went amok in Batticalo was not addressed yet, irrespective the fact people met with protest marches.

      All in all this war torn country, that make every efforts to rise the head towards the reconciliation.

  • 6

    Is it another Blood bath by these terrorists?. Where is the law of the country active on this cheevaradhari culprit?. If this process is allowed country will go down the drain and another disaster for Muslims. Will they kill all Muslims or Tawheed Faction ?.

  • 4

    Any person wearing a notable religious garb and is abusive as well as threatening with harm and death to anyone or to a group, irrespective of their race or religion, should be arrested, disrobed, and charges filed against the person and presented in a court of law for judgement. If found guilty, they should never ever be allowed to wear the costume denoting their faith.
    Constitutionally, it is a violation against the state to instigate harm and unrest to any individual or faith and in this incident the monk in question is
    instigating a sect against another sect with threats to kill.
    Strangely, the police seem to remain silent witnesses to this atrocious
    Who is running this country ? thugs in monks clothing ?

  • 5

    I don’t think any religion in this world incite violence or hatred towards any other religion. Religion is a base for you to do good things and become a good person in your life. It promotes you to stop doing bad things, help you to eliminate any evil ideas, calm yourself, and also to think about others who are not privileged enough like you and to help them. Some extremists in all these religions think that the religion they believe, is the only true religion, and the rest are all useless. The problem is not about the religions but with the people who does this. The authorities should take action about these people, no matter which religion they belong to.

    • 1

      How about Wahhabi??
      Dali Lama is an atheist and does not need religion to be a good soul- civilized the opposite of the barbarous beast.

  • 3

    I personally, would love to meet this punkmonk alone on the street… with no pig intervention…

  • 7

    The culprit instigating trouble is none other than the low IQ, uneducated, coward GR who ran away to US to work in a 7/11 store. Arrest him without bail then you’ll see the difference.

    • 3


      “coward GR who ran away to US to work in a 7/11 store.”

      It is not entirely true.

      He worked in an IT office.

  • 4

    Any one who talk about rights of Singhalayo is a thug in the country now. If Anagarika Dhammapala is alive, he would be in Welikada already.

    Due to Indian and Diasphora funding any thing against Sinhala majority is a highest paid topics for media coolies and Politicians.

    • 4

      oh the poor poor dingalese! The so-called people of the lion are described as a majority with minority complex for a reason. It’s a collective paranoia only a true Buddhist enlightenment can resolve.

  • 6

    Vast majority of monks in Sinhala Lanka are like this. It’s they who brainwash the Sinhalese to antagonize and oppose any political compromise with the Tamils. It was a Buddhist monk who assassinated S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike for coming up with a solution to end the ethnic conflict. There were Buddhist monks who led rioters during the several anti-Tamil riots. It was the Buddhist monks who called on Sinhala young men to enlist in the army to conquer the Tamil nation.
    It’s Buddhist monks who are today leading Sinhala settlers to colonize Tamil lands to change the demography.

    This is why a Buddhist monk was assaulted in Tamil Nadu. Far from being seen as custodians of peace and enlightenment, Sinhala Buddhist monks will remain a force for hate, death and destruction in the Tamil psyche and in the psyche of Rohingya Muslims who are being exterminated. If LTTE did attack these clean-shaven Taliban and child rapists, I could understand why.

  • 10

    The Rajapaksas government did not arrest these monks and encouraged them now this government is also not willing to arrest them!?

    What does all this say!?

  • 1

    I see a lot of comments from racists but in the guide of pseudo activism. Nobody is born better than anybody else. It is your actions that make you a better or a worse human being.

    ANYONE claiming the their race is superior or inciting hated and division should be locked up in the same prison and let’s see if they will fight each other with their own blood. All these ponneyas are happy to sacrifice others blood in their racist cause. Let’s see how willing they are when locked up together. Their true colours will be shown.

    Wake up people. This is all a game to destabilise the country and bring a certain band of criminals back into power. Let’s not focus on the pawns. Step back and realise who the real enemy is.

    Peace in OUR homeland

  • 2

    Most of the world is still praising our “Yahapalanaya” government for a much improved “Human Rights” ambience in the country, but we are now beginning to realise that things are beginning to go horribly wrong. In the name of religion, we are allowing people to get away with almost anything. I’m having to spend a lot of time finding out about all sorts of groups and persons whom I knew nothing of.

    So, I’ve been reading about the “ Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath”. It is clear that they are a most unsavoury lot, who want Sharia Law to be administered among “their people”. I cannot agree with what I have seen Dr.Rajasingham Narendran say about this group in some place which I cannot now recall. Dr. Narendran appears to be an elderly gentleman who speaks out fiercely when he has to.

    However, I cannot agree with him that tolerance should be shown to Abdul Razick of Maligawatte. Dr. Narendran says that Razick has done no harm to a person from any other community. He is “only” trying to administer Sharia Law among his community. No, this cannot be! If a girl who is little more than a child is forced to marry a much older man (who immediately proceeds to father a child)? That cannot be tolerated in our country. The girl is a Sri Lankan citizen, and should be entitled to certain minimum degrees of protection.

    Anyway, Razick has been arrested, so we’re all right on that score. I’ve now heard him speak – excellent Sinhala, although his own language is Tamil.

    And they’ve arrested a man who answers to the strange name of “ Dan Priyasad”. He, too, seems to be getting what his behaviour richly entitles him to
    But just what is being done to the Rajapaksas? When is their Day of Reckoning to be? Now I’m getting too abstract.
    Much more to the point, when are we going to take action against Ampitiye
    Sumanarathana Thero of Mangalarama Temple, and Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero? Sri Lanka comes very close to the top on one of those ranking lists for countries. The list for “Most Religious Countries”. That those two “religious dignitaries” are still at large shows that they are “more equal” than their fellow citizens.

    What is getting proved now? That “when an ethnic minority fellow makes an error, the guilt – as measured by newspaper reports, or the statistics accumulating in a policeman’s head – is a shared guilt, a community-wide guilt. So, I have to be a little bit more responsible.”
    That is a quote from this story:


    Delightful reading, but Mahesan Niranjan certainly makes his points well. The minority fellows have to “over-perform” to achieve anything. We majority guys are likely to get away with murder and rape. So, that’s the sort of society we have become, less than two years after the euphoria of the “Rainbow Revolution”

  • 12

    The man who threatened the president on the internet was arrested but this Monk-ey who threatened to kill hundreds of Sri Lankans is walking free…

    The rule of law in this beautiful nation!!!

    What is this if it’s not impunity!?

  • 1

    All over the world shrewd politicians (lay or clergy) are finding out that the best way to brainwash the gullible voter in a democracy is to provoke nationalism. Hitler, Mussolini, Prabhakaran, and Trump tried that. Hitler set the world war II, Prabhakaran almost managed to capture power, and Trump actually succeeded.

    In India, Vajpayee and Moody have tried and succeeded. Modern day’s Islamic terrorists are putting the Koran instead of the nationalism to capture power.

    I am hopeful that nationalism in Sri lanka will not survive the test of voters. Gnanasara should come to mainstream politics by giving up the monk look. If he can get All the Buddhists to vote for him we have a ultra nationalist president in the future. Good luck to him.

  • 5

    Anagarika Dharmapala (the Homeless One)

    The nasty little Sinhala/Buddhist nationalism did not start with Hitler, Mussolini, Prabhakaran, or Trump but it started with the public racist Anagarika Dharmapala.

    It was ceremonially and democratically crowned in 1956.

    “I am hopeful that nationalism in Sri lanka will not survive the test of voters.”

    You must be a dreamer.


    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today…
    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world…
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one

    • 1

      Nasty little Tamil/Hindu nationalism didn’t not start with Hitler, Mussolini, Anagarika Dharmapala or Trump. It started with the rabid, nationalist Cholas who Tamils venerate and celebrate.

      • 0


        “It started with the rabid, nationalist Cholas who Tamils venerate and celebrate.”

        Good, go and fight them in Tamil Nadu (India) if ever you can catch them.

        By the way, don’t come back since Tamil Nadu is your ancestors’ homeland.

  • 2

    “”“We sort this issue out with stones, poles and blood, because if this is what they want, then this is what they will get,” Gnanasara warned.””

    That is the best thing I heard from a Sri Lankan- `with stones, poles and blood,`

    In a democracy when there is no money the country either prints or goes to war or both. Mahinda did both.

    Europe and the 2 great wars were initially fought with sticks and stones then in competition both sides to the conflict developed sophisticated arms.

    During the LTTE period both sides developed arms with the assistance of their folk/lecturers overseas. Development, copy rights, patent rights is costly.

    Please go ahead and fight with stick and stones so one day you manufacture tanks, and drones and by this time you would have industry too and not be slaves in the middle east or Europe.
    Rev. Gnanasara for the post of defense secretary.

  • 0

    Whilst arresting Abdul Razik, this goon (A)Gnanasara & his ilk should also be arrested.

  • 0

    What the f… is happening. Arresting this guy on the instructions of the BBS is a desecration of the justice system and police servility to the criminals. The BBS monk and the Sumana criminal monk in Batticaloa should be first arrested and locked up for inciting violence, religious intolerance and racial hatred. These are not monks but thugs wearing yellow robes. Also in the new constitution that is being drafted why the f… must Buddhism be given a special place. Religion is a matter of private individual choice and the state has no right to give Buddhists special privilege in the constitution. The constitution is for every citizen in the country irrespective of whether he or she is a Buddhist, catholic, Muslim, Hindu or atheist or non believer. And the ridiculous situation is that Buddhism is not even a religion but only a philosophy, so why the f… must these Buddhist monks be given special treatment and forced respect when they are not religious clergy but only criminals who under the cloak of teaching Buddhism are taking the nation for a ride.

  • 0

    Who is ruling the country. Is it the democratically elected representatives of the people or the so called Buddhist Monks who are a disgrace to Buddhism? It is very sad to note that the police in large numbers stand around and look on while these thugs in saffron robes destroy property and threaten other people with death.

    Are these thugs above the law of the land? If the Sri Lankan state police cannot provide protection to the non-Sinhala people who should protect them? Where should they seek protection if the state does not give them protection?

  • 0

    I sincerely hope that the Muslims ask ‘for game’ now itself. In another 30 years they will be 50% of the population, considering that each Muslim woman is purposely having 12 children… by then it will be too late.

    When Muslims reach 50% of the population, they will openly demand Shariah law and other medieval horror-shows. Then both the Sinhalese and Tamils can kiss their ownership of the island goodbye.

  • 1

    Another fire at Fashion Bug store | The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
    12 hours ago – The Sunday Times Sri Lanka … Another fire at Fashion Bug store … fire swept through the premises of a ‘Fashion Bug’ warehouse at Pepiliyana in Nugegoda last night. … Divineguma Dept. to become Samurdhi once again.

  • 2



    Why is it that up to mow Hon.MP Mahinda Rajapakshe has not condemned the Treats at bati and Colombo ?

    No The JVP …

    Makes one wonder , it is that only The President is concerned about The Minority rights? is it not the duty of every single Mp in Cabinet to have condemned it openly

    Like the good old saying of George Bush JR, either you condemn terror and be with the US (meaning the Civilized) or you are one of them .

    Terrorism need to be redefined , any-form of harm ,hurt ,fear mongering , arsenal , threats to destroy property , Innocent human lives , disrupt the security of the country , no matter which religion or race ,should be hence considered a traitor and branded a terrorist and should be sentenced for life , you need to enact this in the new legislation , you need to be serious , you need to

    “I always tried to be correct, not politically correct.”

    “I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind.”

    Lee Kuan Yew


  • 1

    For those who say that minorities should leave Sri Lanka the truth is YES I want to leave. In Fact I knew that if the LTTE was ever destroyed the next target would be the Muslims. I tried several times but my family did not agree with my concerns so here I am in this god forsaken country.

    Now I am not young anymore,I dont have the finances and I dont have the necessary qualifications to migrate but I am going to send my Children out of here.

    But here is a question to those Sinhalese who want us to leave. Do you think Sri Lanka will be better without the minorities. Do you think the Sinhalese will have peace and prosperity? (Read the history books about separate Sinhalese Kingdoms who waged war against each other) Even after independence the Sinhalese youth waged war twice against the government.

    Remember from independence it is the Sinhalese who have ruled this country.Sinhala Only was introduced so that Sinhalese will be given prominence in all spheres of the country, marginalizing the minorities.

    The amount of public wealth that was robbed by your leaders, stupid economic policies, waste and corruption is not the minorities faults.

    Here is something to ponder. For every Rs.100.00 that is lost from the public wealth Rs.70.00 belongs to the Sinhalese. Air Lanka,Mihin Air,Mattala,Habantota,hedging deal,bond deal,duty free permits,CEB and several other state institutions are making colossal losses. Is this the minorities fault?

    Do you think if the minorities are not here this will change?

    There is a lot I can say to educate the Sinhalese but sadly I dont think it will help. Kuweeni cursed this country. So whether there are minorities or not this country will never see peace.

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