17 April, 2024


Gota Is Mentally Sick, A Family Friend Reveals

By Senaka Samaranayaka

Gotabhay Rajapaksa’s appalling behaviour started after LTTE   suicide attempt some years ago and  as a result of this his head on the right side was knocked so hard, since then he has no control over his emotions especially anger, a Rajapkasa family friend reveals.

Willa and DEW

Last Sunday, Willa Wickramasinghe a businessman and a close confidant of President Mahinda Rajapaksa visited a private hospital to check on an aged female family friend whom he had known for years and who was well versed in political matters in the country. During the visit which lasted for about an hour many interesting topics were discussed. The discussion then turned on to the latest media glare that spilt news on Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabhya’s puppy.

It was alarming to note that there was not a hint of remorse or a feeling of shame from this gentleman for the disgusting manner in which the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence replied to the Sunday Leader editor Frederica Jansz who called him to verify facts. This is despite the fact that the ailing patient went on and on to explain that such behaviour was not welcomed from a person from that caliber and position. She further mentioned that if such threats were made publicly by any other person he or she would have been sued.

Gotabhaya just after the LTTE attack - As a result of the attack his head on the right side was knocked so hard and since then he has no control over his emotions especially anger

Whilst any person with an iota of intellect would consider this tantamount to pure intimidation and threats as the person concerned is not just any one but a man of authority and power. It is hard to imagine that this senior citizen with all his left oriented ideas and years of experience, trying to whitewash Gota’s outrage by making an excuse, mentioning an attempted assassination which was blamed on the LTTE in 2006. It’s a fact that we all know that he escaped unhurt from this ordeal whilst two commandos were killed instantly. But he went on to justify his appalling behaviour saying “this is a result of the Secretary’s brush with death during the attempted suicide some years ago.  As a result of his head on the right side was knocked so hard and since then he has no control over his emotions especially anger.”

Adding insult to injury he stated that he can’t imagine why the Gotabhaya Rajapaksa bothered to answer the call knowing very well that the caller was this woman journalist. He said “a man of such high position should have a person to monitor incoming telephone calls and only calls that are important should be answered by him”

This discussion was later joined by the senior Minister DEW Gunasekara who was very sympathetic towards the Secretary saying “In the interview which he has given to the media today he had admitted that he lost his temper”, implying we have to excuse this poor man’s behaviour no matter what and that Sunday Leader is only making a big drama out of the whole episode.

This reflects how senior citizens and people holding responsible positions who  brag themselves to be  leftists not only trying to justify but try to deny the fact that Defence Ministry  Secretary is not to be blamed for his improper conduct and  trying  to divert blame elsewhere.

Colombo Telegraph 

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