1 December, 2022


Gota Speaks Out: My Niece Says, ‘See Maami Because Of Your Matters, I Am Dragged Unnecessarily Into This!’

By Rajpal Abeynayake –

GOTA DENIES ALLEGED JOURNO-THREAT: “Who are these people who destroyed the country, to ask to remove me?”

A Sunday newspaper last week alleged that the said newspaper’s female editor had called the defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa to clarify a story about a matter allegedly involving him — and that the defence secretary had abused her in unparliamentarily language, and also threatened her.

Certain media rights groups have meanwhile taken up the matter, and some others including opposition politicians have called for the resignation of the defence secretary on the issue.

In brief, the run-up to this issue is that the editor of the said Sunday newspaper had called the defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa the week before, and asked him whether he had asked a certain pilot to bring down a pet dog for his wife, from Zurich.

The defence secretary has replied in the affirmative, and said that there was nothing wrong with that, and that he had paid for the cargo. However, the lady then asked the defence secretary why a pilot who had could not fly an A340 aircraft, but could only fly an A330, was assigned for the (intended) flight. She also apparently informed Mr. Rajapaksa that this pilot, who was also the boyfriend of the president’s (and the defence secretary’s) niece who also worked for SriLankan Airlines, had been stopped from flying this aircraft. She said this was because the Pilots’ Guild had protested such a change in operations (i.e.: changing of aircraft) which will cause some 56 passengers to be offloaded, resulting in a loss of revenue for SriLankan Airlines.

She maintains that the defence secretary turned abusive at this juncture and threatened her.

The newspaper reported that the lady editor also called the defence secretary Rajapaksa a second time and informed him of the fact that she will not be carrying the article on the incident in her newspaper due to the fact that she had been assured by certain parties — inter alia — that there will be no commercial loss to the airline. The report went on to say that the defence secretary further abused the editor on this occasion.

Speaking to this columnist on the issue and its ramifications, the defence secretary said the following in an interview:

What is in short your version of the incident that had been reported in a Sunday newspaper, regarding your wish to bring down a dog from Zurich, and your asking a SriLankan Airlines pilot to do so?

When she (the editor) called, she knew that what she was asking about (…the alleged replacement of a commercial flight) was not happening. It had not happened, and it was not going to happen. The Pilots’ Guild according to her had already protested, and therefore as she said, this entire thing was not going to happen. The Pilots’ Guild did not protest in fact.

But anyhow if as she says they protested and it was not going to happen (what she was asking me about…) then I do not see any reason for her to call me. Yet she called me. This is harassment. The main thing is that what she was asking me about did not happen and was not going to happen, and she knew that when she called me.

Furthermore there is an order by a court that her newspaper should not harass me; that order was given in a previous case. The court said they should not contact me.

So this is in contempt of court. I will take this matter up in court.

She contends that she was doing her job as a journalist by asking questions regarding a story she wanted to run as a matter of public interest?

No, this is what I am saying. She knew exactly what had happened, and she said the Pilots’ Guild had protested and this was not going to happen (the altered flight). So then what? What is the need to ask me? This was just to harass me — and is this journalism? How unfair is this?

Sunday Leader cartoon

Did you know that when you contacted a known party to fly the plane, that an alternate aircraft would have to be commissioned as that person was not competent to fly the regular plane?

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong in asking a person I know to fly the aircraft. I can ask that such a thing be done, if it does not hamper any operations.

So that is out of the way. Of course I did not know whether this is an A320 or 330 or340 whatever it is, and he cannot fly it? How do I know these things?

Am I supposed to know these things? I only asked something that was not wrong, but then, if there was some reason that person could not do what I asked for, and if a plane had to be changed, that’s something I did not know. The important thing is that such a thing did not happen. So we will say the Pilots’ Guild protested (though I know they did not) and the flight was not changed. Then that is the end of the matter. Neither me nor anybody had done any wrong and nothing untoward happened. Yet she knows all this and still calls me.

But she says you threatened her?

You see, we will for reasons of argument assume she had some valid reason to call me the first time. But then she calls me a second time, again, one morning.

What is the reason for this call? She says that she is not carrying the story as planned because of some valid reason (…I could not catch exactly what she gave as a reason…), and not because she is frightened of me.

She calls me to say that she is NOT carrying the article for some other reason, and not because she is frightened of me. I mean it’s too much for her to say this, no? Is this journalism?

I think this is purely for reasons of blackmail. It is blackmail in fact – it is like saying in future we can do this and this to you, because we have this and this (dirt) on you.

Is this journalism or is this blackmail? Mind you she calls me only to say this. Any person can abuse their office. A doctor, or anyone, or even me, can abuse the power of their office. I have not done so. I have not stopped the so-called protests on this incident. But here she is clearly abusing the power of her journalistic office.

So you think it is blackmail – and journalistic excess — yet she says you threatened her and used foul language?

Nothing I said was with any direct reference to her. I did not say so and so, Ms. so and so — I am doing this to you, or going to do this to you, or whatever…

What can you say about the ramifications or rather details, of this whole thing — you know, the fact that a president’s (and your…) niece has also been mentioned in her newspaper article…

Yes, one of my nieces… she is employed at SriLankan Airlines. So she has a relationship with this pilot concerned. So is this wrong? The (her) newspaper draws a cartoon of her and the pilot.

What has she got to do with this? Is this journalism? My niece is saying to me, ‘See maami (uncle) because of your matters, I am dragged unnecessarily into this!’.

My niece is correct – because she has nothing to do with this, and they draw a cartoon of her too! What kind of journalism is this? This is extreme harassment, and even if I said some things under the circumstances, in the context and heat of the moment, I said nothing directly to the editor who called me. Whatever I said, I didn’t say ‘I am going to do this and this to you’  or anything like that! So you can see they are exaggerating and the reader, without knowing any of this background, gets an entirely different picture.

Nevertheless, she states that you had threatened her, and when she asked whether you were threatening, that you had said, ‘yes’. 

Yes, I threatened. I threatened to sue the newspaper, that’s all. To sue is a fundamental right. It is a right that nobody can take away. So when I said ‘yes I am threatening’, I was telling her that I will sue. To sue is anybody’s right, and what I did was I threatened to sue her. There was no other threat. But this is now being interpreted cunningly by them as a general threat to kill or intimidate. That is definitely not the case – I only threatened to sue, which is my right, and anybody’s right for that matter.

It is her contention that there was in fact a separate threat to kill, or at least something to that effect. 

No, in fact I clarified that in the conversation with her over the phone – the very same conversation. All I said was that people are so angry with persons like her who have worked against the war effort and the country, that if she attends a function, 90% of the people would be against her, and that I would be able to point this out to her at such a function. I said such people who are angry may want to kill her — I never said that I was going to kill her; there was no threat by me except the lawful threat to sue.

Well, certain journalists’ organizations and others such as the foreign publication, The Economist, are saying that you threatened her and you abused her in foul language. 

Who are these people? These are the same people who were against the war effort and the fact that I spearheaded the war that destroyed the LTTE. Take a look at these people – Mangala Samaraweera, The Economist, Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu; these are the very same people who hated me and worked and wrote against me for the successful war we waged on the LTTE. Now that they could not get at me in any other way, they are trying to get at me through this – it is obvious. It is obvious that this is not a media freedom issue or anything like that. Looking at the people who are attacking me on this – it’s obvious that since they could not get at me for defeating the LTTE, they are now trying to see whether they can do it through this.

But did you use foul language on the lady?

I did not do so. I used words such as ‘bloody’ or whatever, not to refer to her but to refer to the incident. I never used foul language on her – but I used certain words in the context that she provoked me unreasonably, in referring to the incident, as I have pointed out above. I mean these are words that are used very commonly in America (USA) for instance, in normal usage. In fact a very high ranking officer of the American government (name withheld by this writer) met me and said about the TV programme Hard Talk and the person who does Hard Talk on BBC: ‘You know we are in the same boat… being questioned by that a_shole.’ This person was referring to Stephen Sakur who does the BBC programme Hard Talk. So this is very common usage, in USA for instance, and they use these words in normal talk — but these people are trying to make a big issue out of it to get at me, because they hate me about the war. In any case I used certain words with reference to the incident; I did not use foul language to abuse her.

And this is the same person (the editor) who abuses her staff in foul language. It is common knowledge that she abuses her staff in the foulest of language — and she is trying to say that I abused her in foul language when I did not!

Certain media organizations and columnists and Mangala Samaraweera are saying that you should be removed as defence secretary as a consequence of this incident.

Who are these people? These are people who have done nothing for the country. I have done much service to the country by getting rid of the LTTE, and they hate me for this. Who are these people who did nothing for the country to ask to have me removed – actually, these are people who destroyed the country. They are trying to make use of this incident to get rid of me and weaken the defence establishment. As I said, these are the very same people (Mangala, The Economist, Paikiasothy, etc.) who were against me when I successfully fought the LTTE — so what can you say about them now?

They are trying to make use of one incident to bring you down — is that in effect your contention?

I have done tremendous service to the country by destroying the LTTE and I think the vast majority of people acknowledge that, and are with me due to that. But these others attacking me on this issue — these are the same people who are trying to take us to war crimes tribunals and all that — because they hate us for destroying the LTTE. But we do not care!

And this incident; I said what I said (to her) with a reason – for a reason. I did not say those things without reason. So who are these people who have done nothing for the country, to ask to remove me?

Lakbima News

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Latest comments

  • 0

    @American Lanka Lover
    You and a few others might like to address Mr.Goat as Gota the Great…but some of us prefer to call him Attila the Goat. :)


    “The impact of Attila’s depredations arguably helped usher in the Dark Ages. It has been said that if Europe had had steppes such as those in Central Asia, the Huns and other Turkic and Mongol groups would have permanently destroyed Western civilization. In literature, Attila and the Huns figure prominently in the Nibelungenlied and other Germanic epics, including early Viking sagas. Some Turkish and Hungarian nationalists regard Atilla as a national hero, but among many Europeans, his name is synonymous with “barbarian” and “boor.”

    Gota the barbarian and boor has helped usher in the dark ages of Sri Lanka. O tempora! O mores! Oh the times! Oh the customs! :O

    • 0

      PresiDunce Bean observes:

      “Gota the barbarian and boor has helped usher in the dark ages of Sri Lanka.”

      I beg to differ.

      For my people the dark ages commenced with the arrival of Vijaya, his goons and rest of the Kallathonies including Tamils.

      He would be pleased to be the first Barbarian. That would be historically wrong. There were many barbarians before him and many more to come.

      My people have learned to live with the Tamil and Sinhalse barbarians for more than 2,500 years. It is time barbarians learned to live with rest of the barbarians.

  • 0

    this kind of f**king language is very f**king common in the US..? he’s trying to defend himself — so f**king stupid.

    but true , that f**king editor should f**king know that she’s not the most f**king valuable person in this f**king country. As Gota said , that women has a GIANT EGO ..

  • 0

    American Lanka Lover -Well said

  • 0

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa holds one of the highest government positions in Sri Lanka

    Gota is in charge of Sri Lanka Armed Forces but he was dismissed from the Sri Lanka Army due Mental Unsuitability.

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s recent violent outbursts and death threats to the journalist are amount to severe abuse of power and demonstrates his mentally unsuitability to run the Sri Lanka Army.

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa should resign immediately

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

  • 0

    It looks like the American citizen, our DS Mr . Gotabhaya Rajapakse can’t polish up his American filth . I would like to see a situation where a Defense secretary of US had called a journalist directly on the phone as a “F…..g shit eating Pig” as our DS did and got away .

    This is what DS Gota had said in an interview to clear his despicable act .

    “ So this is very common usage, in USA for instance, and they use these words in normal talk — but these people are trying to make a big issue out of it to get at me, because they hate me about the war. In any case I used certain words with reference to the incident; I did not use foul language to abuse her.”

    So let us ask him what language he was talking about now after saying the Americans always use it ?
    One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that he is lying and doesn’t have the courage to accept it .
    This shows the level of the education of our DS has unfortunately .The University of Colombo had given him an honorary Doctorate after the war . The ranking of University of Colombo will further decline if he opens his mouth in the future .

    The defense secretary’s megalomania is further elaborated with the following statement .

    Quote :
    “I have done tremendous service to the country by destroying the LTTE and I think the vast majority of people acknowledge that, and are with me due to that. …..And this incident; I said what I said (to her) with a reason – for a reason. I did not say those things without reason. So who are these people who have done nothing for the country, to ask to remove me?”

    So he is acknowledging again that he said some thing inappropriate because he had to say that due to his own reasons he is elaborating now .

    Let us respect his argument that becoming the defense secretary of Sri Lanka he had been a major contributor to the successful defeat of LTTE .
    At the same token let us ask him, what he had done to the former commander of the Army four star General Sarath Fonseka who had dedicated his entire life defending the integrity of this country, and also had been the major strategist who successfully led our Soldiers to defeat LTTE Terrorism. There is absolutely no argument about Gen Fonseka’s role in defeating LTTE Terrorism . DS Gota had already accepted the fact that in one of his speeches that Gen Fonseka is one of the greatest Generals of the contemporary world .

    Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse assumes that people are behind him but never had a fair pole to find out that if people of Sri Lanka are behind him as he claims .Again his position as DS is as government servant and not as a politician to make political statements that people are behind him .

    This DS says that there are certain elements coming after him for war crimes and he doesn’t care .
    “But these others attacking me on this issue — these are the same people who are trying to take us to war crimes tribunals and all that — because they hate us for destroying the LTTE. But we do not care!”

    What does it mean he doesn’t care war crime allegations when accountability is part of good governance ?

    The more he talks more disgrace he brings to Sri Lanka .It is high time that he resigns .

  • 0

    Gota speaks of contempt of Court when referring to what FJ said. He forgets that in that same interview he said “I’m not afraid of the Courts” Oh what a moron !!

  • 0

    Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse said so many lies before..

    So his empty rhetoric is best ignored as the usual BS.

    What a tragic circus!!

  • 0

    Listen all…bringing a dog at the expense of loosing 56 passengers is peanuts to the Gota family compared to chartering whole Air Lanka planes for every presidential trip abroad. The last trip to London’s queen Elizabeth birthday, President charted the whole plane ( 300 odd seats)for a number of days taking the fifty odd delegation, and on the way home from Cuba and Brazil G20 summit, they even had a sing-song in air in the charted plane.So this is how the peoples money well spent.
    Waiting to hear the Raja’s next trip.

    • 0

      Gota says “First and foremost, there is nothing wrong in asking a person I know to fly the aircraft. I can ask that such a thing be done, if it does not hamper any operations.”

      There’s nothing wrong in flying a puppy from Switzerland, but there is something wrong on principal with specifying the pilot who should fly the aircraft — Isn’t that the job of Srilankan… does Gota have shares in the airline to manipulate the pilot’s roster. Imagine if all passengers began to specify their preference of pilots and cabin crew for their flights. And why should this relative fly the plane… will the puppy’s life be endangered by another pilot? Or will the puppy be lonely and so need a loving couple to accompany it (wouldn’t it be kept in the cargo area or does it get a special seat? If its in the cargo area, will the pilot and first officer be taking care of it… otherwise why bother to be on the aircraft. Gota (like many others in his clan) is abusing his authority in the running of the airline by interfering with its staffing. Next time I fly Srilankan I will request for preferred pilots and cabin crew… along with meals. Perhaps Srilankan, ever ready to oblige the ruling family, should begin to issue new forms to all passengers with pilot names photos etc so we can choose…. Nothing wrong with asking, ne, as Gota says.

  • 0

    Did journalist save SL from terorist ? then shut your mouth

  • 0

    Well Well Well, It’s absolutely funny how we have forgotten the past so fast. For over 25 years we were crying saying we needed a head strong leader who can meet any thing head on not afraid of foreign power and for that matter our own terrorist supporters living in Sri Lanka. By some luck, we got one. He headed the war and defeated the enemy in record time. He is a soldier. He fought in the front line of the same war. He knows the game. We must never forget, he was a fearless soldier. He escaped death few times. He was humiliated around the world by Terrorist supporters for eradicating Terrorism. When the World humiliated him who stood by him? No one but he faced them head on. Our own newspapers went against him and humiliated him. But he stood strong and tall. He faced all allegations head on such as jet deals, building houses in Cambridge place and Nugegoda. He is doing developments in the Country. People were crying saying Colombo will never look like Singapore. But now we are thousands times better than what it was. Thanks to this soldier, who knows, Colombo might look like Singapore in no time at the rate we are moving. The best is now we are aspects this soldier to step down from his strong attitudes and change to a diplomat overnight. Knowing the history and where the ‘Sunday Leader’ stands with this fearless solider, is it ok for Janz to call the soldier directly? Do you think this solider will have the mind set even to discuss about a ‘dog’ story with Janz? The little story Janz should take some time and read is ‘ what happens to your head when you put your head inside a Lion’s den”. Also the word F.. is the most universally used word in the English language. Frogs in a well might not know this.

  • 0

    The man (Gota) is obviously quite demented! NO ONE has the authority to shout like that at ANYONE. He’s a disgrace to the country, and the way he rants on about Sinhala Buddhism, shows where he’s truly coming from. God help those who are trying to get a JUST peace in this country.

    • 0

      Suresh, where were you all this time? We are enjoying JUST peace for the last 3 years. Not a single bomb blast. Families travel in the same bus now.We are able to visit any part of the country. LTTE woman married a Sri Lanka Army soldier. Did you know? Where were you? Did you visit Jaffna? You didn’t see Peace in Jaffna? You didn’t have the Rio Ice Cream in Jaffna? Did any one refuse you to take a boat ride to Delft Island or the Naagapoosani Amman Kovil? You say its a disgrace. How can this be a disgrace to the country? He only spoke with Janz. Not to the whole world. Do you know how this became a disgrace? Disgrace started from the time Janz Published a conversation that took place between two people to the whole world to see. Now that’s disgrace to the country. Him and “Sunday leader’ got issues in the past. Knowing that, Janz put her head inside the Lions den. We all know Tigers are done in Sri Lanka. We know some are doing their best to attack the Lions. People know the truth and they will always stand behind the Lions. The provokers are the Green Elephants who are almost on their last breath. Again the only hope for them is SF but he has three demands. What ever you do, please support your country and safeguard it first. That’s what the Lions are good at and we support them.

  • 0

    While Sri Gota is maligned by the West for authoritarianism, nobody here cares much (at all) about him using course language with journalists. This is a tempest in a teapot. As is the whole underlying pretext, the puppy story.

    The important thing, if you REALLY xare about improving the lives of ALL Lankans, is to increase investor (and tourist) confidence. But it is two steps forward, and one back, as the Tamil disapora refuses to relinquish their deluded dream of Eelam. As long as the Tamils and the left remain divided, their power will remain where it is (minimal).

    ALL sides must truly compromise, from the Marxist JVP to the Buddhist extremists responsible for Dambulla and other affronts to minority rights. But I dont see the Sinhalese doing this, regardless of pressure from DC, Ottawa, Brussels, Chennai and Delhi, until they feel comfortable that the Tamils are really ready to move beyond the outrages they have suffered at the hands of the Sinhalese (Jaffna library burning, Colombo race riots of 1983 etc). The cycle of revenge and retaliation must end eventually.

    Sri Gota is not tough as nails out of inherent machismo; the people wanted a tough leader, and Ranil was/is not perceived as a tough guy who could beat VP. So despite all the namecalling and fingerpointing, the hardline Rajapakses are what the majority wanted. Democracy DID work. The Sinhalese masses still support GOSL, despite the perception created by media (both Lankan and international). GOSL is less popular now as the euphoria of 2009 wears off and the problems that PREDATED Rajapakses, like poverty and corruption, return to the forefront of public discourse.

  • 0

    cry baby.

  • 0

    awurudu 3 kata pera oyagollo koheda hitiye,dan kayya ganawa.oya liyana aya kee denak ita passe lankawata gihlla thiyenawada,gota nathnam tham kattiyatama bada yanawa

  • 0

    Whilst the contribution made by Gota in the collective effort to eleminate terrorrism from our country is much appreciated as well as his capability to get things done such as transforming of Colombo to a clean & scenic place, his aggression & outbursts he displays time and again cannot be condoned. Many fingers are pointed out that he has taken the power of his brother HE the President. When similar things happen regularly such comments get confirmed. Publicly Gota has displayed such behavior at numerous TV interviews. It is ample proof that the claim for such behavior over the puppy dog issue is not a fabrication though Gota tries to downplay it.

    He must remember that he is appointed to a high office of the goverment of Sri Lanka elected by the people of the country. He is not entitled to think that he is the Defence Secretary of his brothers goverment. It is common sense and moral responsibility for a Civil servant to conduct in a responsible & disciplned manner & maintain the dignity of the position that he is holding. The language used is very coarse & unacceptable in civil society. Letting out of such verbal diarrhea is extremelly crude even on a man, leave a side it been on a woman. Being a younger sibling of the President of the country on whom the HE depends much, such conduct is undoutadley of immense pain and embarrassement.

    If we are thinking of making Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia, it is not only economic development that we should hope to display to the world, but a collection of many things including good governance, acceptable health standards, better per capita income, good education as well as high moral values and professional standards of both within and outside the goverment.

    • 0

      Even in the war front, you need to understand, Gota did not bring any pride to this nation. Some Sinhala extremists, I hope you are not, are happy that the war had been won at any cost but nation is coming under huge pressure to answer many, many questions on accountability. Because of Gota’s barbaric actions during the war, our nation is increasingly isolated and becoming a pariah state in the eyes of the international community

    • 0

      ”If we are thinking of making Sri Lanka the Wonder of Asia, it is not only economic development that we should hope to display to the world, but a collection of many things including good governance, acceptable health standards, better per capita income, good education as well as high moral values and professional standards of both within and outside the goverment.”

      Well said Kumar. A country cannot develop if it does not have a proper opposition and unable to face criticisms.
      at present in SL there is no room for any dissent in the North and East. News print are threatened or burnt down.Any visible protest is quashed even before it begins. Initially threatened with violence and their houses are demolished or damaged. Property destroyed. If The protest leaders persist they go missing never to be seen again. Goons are appointed by Gota’ to ensure that. White vans are at his beck and call.
      Now managing the rest of the country, most Editors or TV producers are in the pay roll or have enough skeletons in the cupboard for Gota to rattle. Ordinary uninformed singhala masses are reminded time and again of how brutally he removed LTTE and to be grateful and if not they will have to experience some of that brutality unfortunately.The middle class have learnt to be mum and slowly get their sons and daughters to studiously get their qualifications in these International schools and of course then find a Job abroad living one foot there and another here. The upper class rich folk of course are already connected to the Rajapakses one way or another and sitting pretty.
      Now every thing is neat and tidy but from time to time some iritating Journalist in the form of Fredricas rear their head and disturb the hard earned peace! How dare they? Won’t the man get his mood disturbed and become foul? come
      on! Please understand!

      • 0

        Despite much physical development is carried out in many areas of the country day by day the country is sinking into anarchy. Unprecedented level of crimes and most going unchecked due to police are made to be part of the crime circle due to being politicized, frauds at most institutions coming under government, every government contract becoming a wheeler deal, Mahanayakas & the media silenced through threat or bought over & the political leadership losing the sense of fear & shame. What better formula for self destruction!

    • 0

      Kumar, Getting down a puppy from swiss is not news worthy, it just can not make the uproar FJ made it to be now. She managed provoke GR and got what she wanted. Mr.Gotabhay must however learn to control his temper but who the hell are those calling him to go. What have they done to give them the right to make that call.

  • 0

    Rajpal is a real [Edited out]

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy
    In short:
    • If you act with maturity and consideration for other users, you should have no problems.
    • Don’t be unpleasant. Demonstrate and share the intelligence, wisdom and humour we know you possess.
    • Take some responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you’re participating. Help make this an intelligent place for discussion and it will be.

  • 0

    Every body has defects. So does Gota. But, he has done some good things to Sri Lanka. Because, most of the ministry secretaries are useless idiots.

    But, the way this woman has created the story is very Bitxxxxxchy. She deserved what she got.

  • 0

    Narada, everyone who coment for this artcle know the real truth, but they are pretending that they don’t know anything, and they show they love peace and human rights, media freedom and take this as optunity to condem Gota and Srilanks ,all these people wrote here they removed their TIGER SKIN and put FOX SKIN show the world that they are very innocent and peace loving persons

    Api Konde badapu Ceennu nemei

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