8 June, 2023


Government To Sign Controversial ETCA Before End Of The Year

The government is set to sign the controversial Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) with India before end of 2016. An Indian trade delegation is scheduled to visit Colombo within the month where matters pertaining to the ETCA draft will be discussed before the agreement is finalized between the two countries.

Malik Samarawickrama

Malik Samarawickrama

However, admits growing opposition against the agreement with India, specially by certain sections of the professional community including doctors and IT professionals, Minister of International Trade Malik Samarawickrama addressing a news conference in Colombo last week assured that the agreement will be signed after necessary consultation with Chambers of Commerce and professional bodies in the country.

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has claimed that the ETCA will pave way for Indian professionals to come to Sri Lanka for jobs, which will jeopardize job opportunities for Sri Lankans. However, Samarawickrama has said that the government will not allow any foreigners to infiltrate the local job market, unless under special cases.

He added that the agreement with India will in fact increase job opportunities for Sri Lankans as India will set up an economic zone in the country, which will also pharmaceutical and auto parts manufacturing plants which will generate new job opportunities for Sri Lankans.

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    May we rest assured that there has been no arm twisting, as has been in the case of the Port City, poaching in Sri Lankan waters, Sampur coal power project etc.

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      school teacher sekara the commie from jaffna.Those were half hearted China looking contracts signed. MR’s Chinese contracts are no different.
      All agreements are known as gentleman’s and its value is only the paper it is written on. Learning to retain the goodwill is paramount in international collaboration- see the japanese and koreans with American patent rights.

      When Blair nicked the olympics and handed the work to Commie Ken everyone at london was furious because taxpayers were informed it would cost 4 times the budget to complete.China had spent over 100 billion.
      Tory Boris was elected and he completed it below budget, before time breaking the Chinese record for which the Chinese hold him in high esteem even today.It’s a lot to do with his command of the classics,languages and character as a social gogetter.( he is not english).

      He won Brexit but was backstabbed by the establishment using working class couple.He told the Americans off including Obama which most british poodles won’t do. Then as new FM standing next to John Kerry the American press wanted him to apologise so he said how can I go to all when I have a 30 year thesaurus? It’s a ridiculous proposal and John Kerry Hugged the man with all smiles.He is a future PM once Trump wins and the going gets tough.

      India has winners of nobel prize and booker prize and many an orator than the SC/ST presented at Nadu against DJ SC/ST. You must work with it and not play mafia art for the good of everyone.If you play the Indians they will do you the same way the Chinese would.
      Once you work well the west will observe because it remembers the takeover of sterling companies and the destruction of Indian enterprises in 83 (at the harbour a malayalee indian property was looted and set on fire)

      • 4

        Even without ETCA Indian professionals are here to fill the gaps.

        IT firms and accounting firms bring down them as consultants all the time. Even Bank of Ceylon brought down McKinsey consultants from India paying almost Rs 500 million recently since we did not have the expertise !!!

        So what is the problem???

        Our doctors should be ashamed when it comes to competition and they will oppose anything. They want everything free but cannot stand upto competition!!!

        1 Free education from year 1-13
        2 Free 5 years medical education
        3 Government job on passing out as a doctor
        4 Free specialization education overseas
        5 Duty free cars
        6 Opportunity to admit kids to popular schools
        7 Free quarters when out of Colombo

        • 6

          “They want everything free but cannot stand up to competition!!! “”

          It’s a common problem with the English speaking world which is not necessarily rational but passionate.They loath french, german speaking world and vice versa. Protection, hoarding and stagnation while Bill G got his spreadsheet breakthrough from hippies playing with his PC like monkey’s.(freedom to experiment helps in invention)

          The Indian government would not let Amazon sell its own goods but market place stuff.- protection. China on the other hand invited the internet giants of the west and beat them to their own game while studying IT from Indians. Alibaba is one such case- it’s easy because Ma knows chinese culture better than the westerner.

          Conditions after 83 did not permit Lankans qualified at prestigious indian technical institutes to survive at Lanka. The same old british trade union style harassment- we hold diplomas from UK we know better.
          While the Brits hire and fire once the job is done- it’s the way of life.So most of the top folk are registered with head-hunters run by Brits because they get the best deal.

          OK Basil got TATA the political animal. Even with loss of $7 billion its revenue is $ 103 billion almost double that SL GDP. The very best of Indias with M&E and industrial moved away from TATA and joined Hindustan Siemens, ASEA Brown Boveri- (there are super intelligent top cats, born SL but of indian origin at both- sinhala language is not a problem)
          2015 -ABB India Ltd has won an order worth Rs 256 crore from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Sri Lanka.

        • 2

          There is no issue with indian professionals coming, infact I encourage it. We should bring competent professionals not only from india but from other countries as well.
          This is connecting the job market of India and SL as a single country which is something we should object.

          • 3

            “”There is no issue with indian professionals coming, infact I encourage it. We should bring competent professionals not only from india but from other countries as well. “”

            With your low level qualifications you are no one to judge was the reply I gave the president of sri lanka institute of engineers. His problem was his company was not selected because they were clueless and wanted to have their own consultants from overseas.

            Are you Durava??

            • 1

              Who the hell cares with what reply you gives to anyone? You dont have a point at all, and does not really counter argue..just bu++ hurt unemployed indian…

              • 4

                sachoooooooooooothe stupid,

                “”.just bu++ hurt unemployed indian… “

                happy to have indian and chinese friends who work for themselves like us for decades.

                Its taken thunapai kuddu a day to copy and paste the response from other thread.

                school dropout with gun working for kudu mervin and pakistan?

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    Malik Samarawickrama,

    if you do not sign the agreement your government and country are doomed!
    But your government is full of spin and are sharks out to make a fast buck with graft india. The Chinese have great respect for Indian businessmen who are hard cut negotiators.

    “specially by certain sections of the professional community including doctors and IT professionals, “”

    They would lose because of low level of education. UK needed the American arm twisting of EU nations to get into services where qualification differed. Then the hard working EU nationals entered the UK lucrative job market while the UK pensioners purchased property in poorer EU nations like Bulgaria.

    Professionals must learn to pull their socks up and take to their books again and stop behaving like British trade Unions.

    “” which will also pharmaceutical and auto parts manufacturing plants”

    this would be the biggest boom to the working class because they are very strong in both. China is craving for Indian Pharma but India will not sell.

    No nation would give FDI unless you belong to their colour/race- it’s been the practice. Wealth is power and power in another’s hand is dangerous. India has not received much FDI because neighbours are not enterprising like the Yellows who helped China with FDI and inventions, copyrights etc.

    BTW India has more contracts in the Middle East than muslim Pakistan and neither send house maids to ME.

  • 9

    is this fellow mad? India itself is suffering from high unemployment for their expanding population and doing everything to attract FDI. Why the hell should they start factories here in SL that provide SLns jobs while they too badly need it.

    • 13

      Sachooooooooooooo the stupid.
      “Why the hell should they start factories here in SL that provide SLns jobs while they too badly need it. “

      Even the europeans find there is a lot in hell that does not burn and is better for final delivery of manufactured product. indian pharma is a gold mine (they have all the patent rights thanks to their top scholars).

      “is this fellow mad? India itself is suffering from high unemployment for their expanding population and doing everything to attract FDI.”
      India does not need money because it has 1/2 trillion reserves but what it means is it needs brand and product both of which have patent rights and patent rights are expensive (runs in $$ 10’s of billions)

      The standard of education at reputed Indian institutes is superior to Lanka or UK.They follow the german and american system. All India Institute of medical Sciences. Indian Institute of Technology.
      All in all its a lucky break for the starved women workers who have to sell their bodies in the middle east courtesy your muslim brothers in government.
      Don’t screw your own poor sinhala buddhist. Pharma is very big in india like its auto spares which is about 100 years old Nadu Brahmins having established in USA.

      • 5

        LOL..india may have few superior education institutes but india is filled with substandard educational institutes in every field. Everyone knows rising unemployed population is a big problem to india..

        just google it

        • 16

          stupid, school drop out foot soldier,

          You don’t need to tell me more about India or Lanka.
          Indians are humble compared to Lankans.- empty vessels make the most sound.

          You have never met with folk of `class and intellect`that drive the nation unlike refugee Parsee TATA the political family where non get promotion unless you have their blood. Majority are non Brahmin and you can associate only with them- how sad.

          If you ever see the ranches they own in the US you would be stupefied because you have googled the photos or working class tourist from islamic world. Even China has filthy smelly places and 400 million unemployed.
          China has no right to manufacture western drugs because they use animal components and they are dirty- period.
          While Indians have purchased British pharma and are manufacturing in the UK. The trust was established by non other than Bush who was shocked at the inventions by Indian students and presented them awards.
          Even johns hopkins maryland where your Heroin PM went for cancer treatment is full of Indians because islamist cannot swing as they do in the UK. but UK will have to change with Trump. I await the day Trump orders aerial attack when you refuse and prefer to send your mothers as sex slaves to ME.

          The best thing that can happen now s for Ranil to follow Turkey and get the forces to be run by civil persons. YOU ARE ONLY good to kill women and citizens but don’t have the cajones to fight a neighbour. Balu forces want to hold people to ransom.

          • 4

            Are u indian? The matter is no matter how many tatas are their India has millions of poor unemployed low quality potential employees. And we simply dont want them here..

            Another thing is we have no advantage in signing this agreement

            • 5

              There are many Indians, English, French who were there as directors, executives etc of companies owned by them until SirMao `rice from the moon` and nationalisation. Their children today range from ages 40-60 years and they are fluent at sinhala having obtained credits and distinctions in Sinhala the second language.
              That is the reason we call you idiots gass gembo that cannot think beyond using a gun manufactured by other cultures.

              “Another thing is we have no advantage in signing this agreement “
              Ask Xi who signed agreements with China once Clinton opened the WTO doors.? The yellow skins only South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysian Chinese. After 10 years the west trickled in.
              You racist only your closest race and colour would come with FDI.
              Where is FDI in saudi with all its money?? It’s just a proxy colony and that is exactly what China would do with you- fact.

              I am actually suprised that india is giving Lanka another lifeline which it need not because it can use Hindu Nepal for repetitive work.

              If you don’t get you can’t lick Trump but become cannibals.- its a fact of life. You were not eligible to any AID but Samanta P on the order of islamist obama organised the loan and that is her last( Its a loan Christina refused at first)

              Men like you should be disarmed and civilians must control the forces. if a foreign force decides to invade you die or hide under a woman’s skirt? yes.

              • 1

                Who do you think we are not to realise what india is aiming with that?
                with millions of indians who sleep with no food and millions who suffer without a job Indian government wants to help (LOL) SL? That is why they push this under enormous pressure from SL professional bodies?

                Because India is throwing a life line at us? LOL..we are not tamils to get deceived by indian schemes.

                No matter how many directors or ceos India has , india has millions of unemployed people who will certianly will flew to SL. They already do some even wash plates in a Lankan hotel i know.

                There are NO benefits for SL with this agreement with india

                • 4

                  “”with millions of indians who sleep with no food and millions who suffer without a job Indian government wants to help (LOL) SL? “

                  Even in the UK or USA there are homeless people and that is not the issue at hand or for professionals in technology to be bothered about.

                  The Indian collaboration is supported by the USA- period.
                  the same way Sam delivered the elusive IMF loan. If you do not it becomes somali and you foot soldier would be minting money in an abattoir. Finally the island gets bombed.- your 9/11 harvest is over.
                  Have you heard of Buddha the indian who says nothing is permanent?

                  you are a school drop out with a gun that was nourished in the fascist tradition so who bothers.
                  Are you durava??

            • 5

              “India has millions of poor unemployed low quality potential employees.”

              You can’t have German wages and employment laws Even in the UK the left is still fighting for a living wage- it’s up to the government which has increased the Gov employee salary- How will they pay?? Borrow more, have another US$ 3 billion bond before the end of year.
              TATA UK pays its Indian nationals in the UK the local UK wages.(common sense) Do your house maids in the ME get Arab wages NO- generally $200 per month and that too grudgingly. But highly educated Ceylonese pay the same people in the ME $500 per month plus perks.
              you are used to animals and free trade zones run by multinationals where there is no barrier on wages or wage laws.
              Nation to nation is different. If you don’t like work in india don’t go but you cant stop the rest of society from having the best services.
              I am aware lankans are doing back office work for international banks and this has been contracted by indians companies based at India- so how do they perform financially?? Even Britishers working at call centres don’t earn that much compared to the CoL so ts taken up by immigrants from all over the world.

              • 1

                Your comments has no meaning..just bu++ hurt after being told India suffers from huge unemployment

                • 4

                  “just bu++ hurt “”

                  If I ask 10 technical from your best they won’t answer one.

                  Sachoooothe stupid school drop out working for kuddu mervins pakistan gang.

                  British Raj from Madras left the island as the richest in SARC.

                  Independent Lanka started with the worlds begging bowl and is talking about unemployment and poverty with sub standard education like ISIS.

                  India Unemployment Rate 1983-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast
                  Unemployment Rate in India decreased to 4.90 percent in 2013 from 5.20 percent in 2012. Unemployment Rate in India averaged 7.32 percent from 1983 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 9.40 percent in 2009 and a record low of 4.90 percent in 2013. Unemployment Rate in India is reported by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, India.

                  Sri Lanka Unemployment Rate 1996-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar
                  Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka decreased to 4.20 percent in the first quarter of 2016 from 4.30 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015. Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka averaged 5.54 percent from 1996 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 11.30 percent in the fourth quarter of 1996 and a record low of 3.90 percent in the third quarter of 2011. Unemployment Rate in Sri Lanka is reported by the Department of Census and Statistics – Sri Lanka.

                  Invertebrate, Can you read now who is unemployed.

                  • 1

                    what ever i do i do in MY COUNTRY and a bu++ hurt indian should have nothing to do with it.

                    Again and last time, no matter how many indians work as directors in other countries …still there are piss poor indians who are unemployed

                    • 5

                      “”what ever i do i do in MY COUNTRY and a bu++ hurt indian should have nothing to do with it. “”

                      what ever a working class moron does is our business like in a relational database.

                      stay a `pot plant` and nothing would harm you till you turn to dust soon.

                      you cannot play with falsified data of lanka as most posters do.
                      like – zero casualty. Ha ha what a slot.

          • 0

            Hi Timbuttu. Aka Native Vedda

            Have you metamorphosed recently ??? If so my deepest sympathy!!

            • 1

              you are obsolete wasted space!
              Go check your morphine levels.

        • 4

          Sachooooooooooooo the stupid.

          “”LOL..india may have few superior education institutes but india is filled with substandard educational institutes in every field. “”

          The Best University in India
          India has traditionally been seen as a country that sends rather than receives international students, but a growing number of students from elsewhere are now choosing to study in India.
          Indeed, the 2013 Open Doors report from the Institute of International Education found that India had become the 11th most popular country for US students abroad.

          With the world’s second largest population (after China), and a fast-growing and ever-more influential economy, it’s unsurprising that India’s higher education system has undergone rapid expansion over the past few decades.
          It is now one of the largest higher education systems in the world (after China and the US) – and to an outsider, perhaps one of the most complex. There are thousands of universities and colleges to choose from, of many different types, sizes, specializations and origins, some state-run, others private.
          India is especially well known for the quality of its education in engineering and technology subjects, spearheaded by the prestigious and internationally recognized Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). There are currently 16 of these, around the country, focusing mainly on engineering, technology and science disciplines.

          Other highly acclaimed specialist universities in India include the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), of which there are 13 spread across the country.

          Among India’s more general universities, the highest performing in the QS World University Rankings are the Universities of Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune.

          With present day substandard UK qualification Lankans don’t stand a chance unless they do further reading. and get practical experience.

          Fact from 70’s: Get a Royalist with A’s at A level to sit the IIT entrance exam. The chances are very high that he will not find a place. The way most 96% Lankans have got in is by way of reserved seats under nomination by SL.

          • 1

            Still India has a piss poor unemployed expanding population to whom we dont want to open our job market

            • 4

              “”Still India has a piss poor unemployed “”

              Technically qualified Indians do not have placement problems in the UK, USA, or China- fact. As long as English is the bridging language Indians do not have a problem with the educated anywhere in the world.
              You are not aware of the number of indian engineers in American defense.
              Every year the American Embassy picks up 3 of the best from each of the 16 IIT’s offering many niceties but many do not want to go.
              A couple of years ago I read in Time magazine that only one director (Jain) at the Bundesbank Germany is permitted to converse in English while everyone else has to communicate in German.

              School dropouts, street walkers are never aware of the Alumni of Indian technical institutes and their powers at America alone.

              During 9/11 and Afghanistan Vijay Singh was posted at American Foundation Colombo and he was overall chief of defence dept and state dept Asia because only he had the intelligence. No white man has ever held both positions at same time. When Trump wins you listen or be bombed.

              You have been moving in the slums like the Pot Plants who should be confined to Coma Wards.

              “”Who do you think we are not to realise what india is aiming with that?””

              Even modawansa will tell you that the world is taking you back to your mother- buddha is Indian and Sinhala is Bengali muslim blood DNA.

              Even Pakistan is now craving for pact with India.

            • 5

              Sachooooooooothe stupid.
              So you picked up `piss poor ` from CT poster alas you were pissed because
              missed the slang term- `Piss-Poor Protoplasm`

              You see school drop outs selling kudu never learn but remain sloths forever.

              Repeat – Indians with technical qualifications are in demand by the west. then they sub contract donkey work non tech to poorer nations like lanka.AT UK we deal with them when we purchase an american computer, to book a flight, british rail- its runs in $$ billions (back office is big huge but needs head but you sit on head.

              Lanka debts 78% of GDP. Tata alone has revenues of twice Lanka GDP but CEO Mistry will not adopt Lanka. 2nd biggest in IT is Infosy south indian multinational.

              Everyone knows Google So why do you google? because you are school drop out to not know there are several search engines apart from google.
              When i reproduce government data on employment than your slum knowledge of SL and Lanka you spit on your face as if you are fasting muslim slipping away like a sloth.

              Placement Problem is your problem PP not ours we have our own space and enterprise.

              • 1

                Only 25% Sinhalese blood is East Bengali the rest low caste Indian Tamil

                • 0

                  Paul, I only had a glance of the post from Dr. Gnana weeks ago wherein he he said he was quoting from the latest EU survey and i believe he mentioned Tamils had 21% of E.B and Sinhalese had 28%.
                  Have you got something new please?

  • 4

    It is not merely ETCA alone that matters. Any agreement that ought to be signed in practice should have Parliamentary sanction. Just because the executive branch of the Government feels that something ought to be done with another country it should not go and place its signature on the dotted line. Some times a minion of an official commits a country into obligations which ultimately turn out that it cannot be met. I don’t think that is fair by the country.

    What interests to us is the judicial reasoning of the famous Sepala Ekanayake hijack case. Sri Lanka as a country cannot pass retro-active criminal legislation. But in that case Sepala was convicted based on retroactive legislation. The grounds for doing so was that Sri Lanka agreed to outlaw hijacking before the event and it was considered that committing Sri Lanka means the process of legislating had commenced and therefore the legislation itslef is not retro-active.
    Therefore it is seen that any commmital Sri Lanka makes has a legislative impact and therefore processes within the country must be so adjusted that an agreement cannot be signed without the Parliamentary approval.

    • 9

      Sepala was a drug dealer, thief and hijacker-period. JR thought he could hoodwink the italians like he was hoodwinking Ronald Reagan with his anti communist stance. Colvin had him released because he was Sinhala Buddhist from Hambantota and the leader of a prison gang that massacred `alleged tamil terrorist` at magazine prison.

      From your comment I gather you do not have the intellectual know how to signing agreements. Lanka is a debt ridden nation with racial tensions that no one would be willing to invest. Of Course any agreement is only worth the piece of paper.- It won’t be like nullifying the north east after the agreement because it would go to WTO.
      We see men like you everyday- You are just an opportunist nothing more.
      All professionals take your books again and feel the Indian competition so that the citizens may get a better professional advice.
      Where does your law come from?? Penal Code of India and Law of Evidence- ask peiris pappa.

  • 4

    Malik Samare clapped when the ex CB Boss the Mahendran gave the first tranche of Yahapalana bonds worth LKR 60 Billion to Son in Law’s Firm’s Bid at 12.95 percent, full 2,65 % over and above the market rate.

    Now Samare gives a guarantee to Yahapaana suckers that ETCA will be in place before X Mas..

    How cool. Will the Yahapalana suckers clap when ETCA kicks in..

    What a joke this lot.

    Even our 8 year old kid who called Bodhi Sira Appaya would know that half the Indian population live in utter poverty.

    Poor people in some Indian States are even worse off than the poorest in the World.

    India has the largest Child labour industry in the World.

    How many Srilankan Tamils live in poverty in Tamil Nadu along side the Dalits there?.

    And Samare says Indians are going to open Industries and Economic Zones to give jobs to our Inhabitants,

    People in the South as well as the 2 Million along the Kandy Colombo Road now, should vehemently oppose this cunning scheme of the arrogant LGBT faction of the UNP,

    This is nothing but to to destroy the Nation and make it subservient to India to fulfil the wishes of the West.

  • 7

    Please hurry up and sign since we are late.

    For once our mediocre and unproductive and inefficient entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals will have to get their act together to compete with Indian products and services. This is bloody good for consumers.

    Competition is the name of the game and that is the only thing which will propel productivity and efficiencies. Why is our apparel trade world class? They have to compete with low cost Bangladesh.

    Let the consumers decide whether they want to buy Indian biscuits or they want to eat Maliban or Munchee. Let the consumers have a choice between DSI shoes and Indian brands.l

    For too long we have protected industries which should not be protected through tariffs and subsidies.

    Best example is paddy. Look at the position today. There is no reason to improve yields or productivity!!!

    1 40% of population involved in 10% of GDP
    2 Guaranteed prices for the product
    3 Free water and irrigation
    4 Heavily subsidized fertilizer
    5 Free research
    6 Free land

    Let’s get out of this mind set of getting everything free from the state since there is nothing called a free lunch since tax payers are any way paying for it,

    • 10

      “Why is our apparel trade world class? “
      There is nothing world class but the imported machines used for manufacture of underwear.There is better class underware still manufactured in north africa for the french market and europe in general and they are well known for their leather goods starting from scratch have ruled portugal and spain for 800 years unlike lanka ambude
      Even India’s largest manufacture of Silks for export has all his machines and raw material from South Korea.

      Because both Lankas biggest garments manufacturers are settlers in the island and both have their own people in the trade with the jews from the days of diamonds in africa.
      The American Jews are the biggest buyers of garments in the world.
      52% of lanka exports is textiles and garments and all to the west. India had a touchy problem with making underwear and Victoria’s Secret is made by a Gujarati at Lanka.
      British brought the tea which has been ruined by the feeding only sinhalese so its 17% of trade and dying.

      Competition and Development was what the Arab crusaders of Iraq war said.

    • 1

      Well said jagath! If there is no competetivenes then there would be know development. If you have the competitive Edge with your product you have no trouble in selling them. The free market and economy works only this way. If get Access to bigger market and we have good product, it is a Mine. See the EU, there are 27 countries and more than 500 Million Potential consumers, and no one is crying (other than the UK, for inner political reasons) and the economy and wellfare of all citizens advanced. Only the Seeker product sector looksvfor the market protectionism, and the smarter Business es improve the stratergy to get the market share. See Germanys Automobile and mechine industry, or Swiss products or Italien and French Agra products they do well. We in Sri Lanka are mostly lazy and arrogant but if it comes to competition we hide behind the Nationalism. Why don’t we see that if this agreement is not partaly distroted, that the Sri Lanka get Access to bigger market and Job market? Given that we have the better product or Professionalisierung. Sri Lanka say they have 98% Literacy (???) but being able to read is not the big invention but being able to make the right decision and Handling accordingly makes the difference, the Indians have proved that all the way. People like sach, sumane or lots of dumb politicos are not feeling well in a competitive world, they would rather prefer that some corrupted politician promise them imported Rice, sambol and subsidies than being able to fight for their own chances. How many professional Jobs in Sri Lanka are obtained Through fair play and without uncmpetitive influences. For e.g. If we need a passport rather sooner, we do not go to the Immigration Office to put forward the facts, but we either get a recommendation from a local politician or we pay bribes from the police Guard at Immigration, the pion or the Immigration. Officer. This our way and this would Ruin us. See what is going on in Venezuela, 2nd oil richest country but the people need connections to get some good! Where we are heading too. We need some modest, self esteem and emotional intelligence and not the arrogance about our nonexisting superiority!

    • 1

      This jagath fellow is a real idiot

      • 1

        what a toad! At least he knows what he is about.

        • 1

          I dont think he knows the extent of his stupidity

          • 1

            toadee! in that case stay on the tree don’t come down.

  • 3

    Lot of Indian pharmaceuticals are made in homes and are sub standard. A country with high level of corruption, there is a liklihood of sub standard drugs getting approved by governmental authorities for kick backs. I wanted to buy sanatogen tablets (made in UK). The same was available in Sri Lanka as SAMATOGEN Made in India and imported by a dug importer in Bloemendhal Road. This was a fraud on the people of sri Lanka both by the importer and manufacturer. So, be aware and invite only western pharmaceuticals to set up operations as they will be subject to high regulations in home countries.

    • 4

      “”So, be aware and invite only western pharmaceuticals to set up operations as they will be subject to high regulations in home countries. “”

      Western pharma is now moving to Robots- clean efficient no strike, no sick pay, no annual holiday and above all no Yakku pannina nationalisation. English who went through that period are still alive and kicking..

      Xi s very interested in Indian pharma as it has produced some of India’s recent billionaire. Indians have purchased many pharma manufacturing in the UK and manufacture it in the Uk.They have the patent rights and can make similar sounding names for the market.

      You have not travelled or lived in the west. Go back and plough the fields because it’s a job mainly for women- repetitive job like what the sewing girls are doing.

      Sanatogen was a “brain tonic” invented by the Bauer Chemical Company, in Germany in 1898 and sold worldwide[1]
      In the US it was advertised as a “nerve revitaliser”. The medicine was prohibited in Australia in 1915 during World War I and a British-made substitute “Sanagen” was introduced to the Australian market the following year, claiming to be “identical to Sanatogen”. The product became fashionable in China in the early 20th century and won the favour of many renowned people.[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanatogen

      The recent winners of microsoft young inventors of the world held at SL was won by IIT and another indian team and both had Digital Medicine. While SL came second with digital space used for advertising (it’s a concept from moving thoran lighting)
      Lanka is very much backward because of the settlers carnage.
      The reality is you are not capable of governing self and neither do you have the money which india has. China does not have the right to manufacture and no one will sell them the patent rights because they use animal components in medicine.

  • 1

    ETCA is not an appropriate public policy are not suitable current our economy development of Trade and Investment.

    The current ETCA an issues is persuading ourselves that Indian has change into New occupational policies to dominated national economic by subject control economic sovereignty by tools of trade of ETCA -Indian

    We should not change into suited Indian agenda for services oriented ETCA proposed trade pact are damages that terms and conditions which that undermined Trade between two countries of Sri lanka -India.

    This is not time to adopting the wrong policies once the need for change has been recognized intellectually and we want shifted far reaching part of National Trade Task.
    1998 FTA with India has be review by current MS led UNP regime, back by UNP-Ranil W.. and CBK of Tamil decedent of Neo-liberalist.

    Which that including many public policies possibilities exist for getting form here to there. What we first have to do is figure out where the “there” is and then create a sense of national economic sovereignty URGENCY about getting there.

    We have to read new world development today there are no physical Indian Empire worth conquering. Hence holding more physical territory by Indian does NOT make one a better economic competitor .

    Those big nations who successes will build brain power industries of the future.
    What Indians going to do ETCA build something where there is today empty intellectual and economic space. ETCA is working for such political mission of hegemony of neo-con democracy back by UNP policy makers. And willing surrender our economic and trade sovereignty to India.

    In fact UNP Ranil.W… says some possibilities of ETCA that look economic gold mines will peter out as they did for 1987 JRJ said Indo-Sri lanaka accord.

    If we want to succeed the development of sustainability of capitalism of the future will have to shifted Trade and Investment for consumption myth of ideology to nation overall building ideology. Nation growth not an automatic process. The Technology is not manna from heaven. It is social process of human creation and their innovation. This is the historical trend and experiences of all prosperity of economically of all nations.

    This will apply Trade and investment too, that has to need valuable skill that any individual can in UNP leadership having such an ability to operate in a Sri Lankan Economy.?

  • 5

    Yours excellency and/or Hon. PM

    Tell our doctors to go and damn,

    If ETCA can bring in doctors, please sign it now; give them a sinhala crash course.

    That’s one of the best things you can do for the people.

    I’m sure you’ll do it and be in power for ever.

    • 1

      I agree with your desperation but beware of the protestors in the profession and their supporters who would finally benefit from this move and sabotage the process so that it comes back to them though they are not capable of higher standards.

      Either way they win unless strict adherence to quality and integrity of the process are maintained.
      This is exactly what happened at Uk and in came Brexit like Humpty Dumpty.

      powerful folk of UK got the contracts and subcontracted several times so the incoming professionals from EU were paid less than local professional yet it was OK to take the challenge on contract via headhunter agency and as time went by most locals found they had no work and industry died.
      Who profited the idle middlemen with no qualification while the work did not seem to suffer.But if monitored well from top to bottom then it’s possible to have better quality for the money spent.

  • 2

    This is a calculated measure of media dose released by Minister SamaraWickrama’s office. There is no truth in that.

    Before Ranil signed the comprehensive revival plan for Port City, Samarawickrama went and put together those deals and came back and announced that China was about to do big investments in Lankawe. Latter Ranil went and signed the comprehensive Port City revival plan. Now Ranil has to pay as much $350 million penalty on signing delay of the revival plan. It was a political expediency Ranil played to cool local Modayas and IC until his local preparation to fool in September 2015 sitting of UNHRC. Now Ranil has to pay this new debt with more Land in Port City. That is, he is expanding the teeny-tiny, small Port City, which he said to Sinhala Buddhist in the election time that it was an Environmental disaster, but not a Sovereignty issue(latter Fonseka described it as if Ceylon flies its Colombo based planes over that land China may shoot it down), to massive scale. China is not ready to release the Hambantota port without settling the debt. Further, it is very adamant in continuing the devilment to unwanted scales, which was agreed in contracts by Lankawe. This adds more burdens on the already unbearable loan burdens or adds more penalties which are settle only by more sovereign land donations. China is reluctant to take it over Hambantota Port and manage it like as it is doing with the highly profitable Colombo Port. It is demanding more and more land in Hambantota too. Like in a metaphor where once a blackmailer got a revealing photo of a woman he demands for more and more free sex using the photo to blackmail the woman, China has taken massive amount of lands in Hambantota and Colombo. It indicates that China is using that Photo to take more photos and using them all to grab more lands. It is not at the level of ordinary computer hacking as in the Old Royals’ time. Further Ranil has said any effort America putting to economic development cannot go ahead without China’s approval or participation. Secretary Kerry many times offered help to Lankawe, Lankawe could not take it. Lankawe has no escape from this, even if it consents to release the photos to public and lose its shame. So it has only one way and that to surrendering to Chania unconditionally. At the start, Ranil said he has given 1000 acres in Hambantota and compared it with India giving 10,000 acres for China in Andhra. India is a big land. India’s largest Trading partner is China. And the lands are given under regular trade leases, not as a sale for war loans with sovereignty or not for 99 years lease (99 years lease is a new story Ranil saying these days – India did not borrow a cent from China for war, even though Sonia cited many time receiving commission from China and letting CCCC to spy in India). But the truth is the Land given in Hambantota is more than 15,000 acres. Some media described as villages. Now Ranil is going back to China to cook up stories.

    To hide that Malik Samarawickrama bringing the India deal too. What they would do at the end is only on how or what that will contribute for their political survival and filling their pocket. All other talks are to fool the Modayas.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 3

    Malik Samarawickreme, stabbed Arjuna Mahendran in his back, & got his golaya the brainless Coomaraswamy , tho he may be a Cambridge graduate, has had no work since RR closed his London office Galleon.
    Even there he was not a big shot, as it is made out to be.
    AM WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MS to become President.
    What did Cooms do, kick a ball around HAVELOCK CITY.
    His brains are rusty, he is mentally slow
    All Malik wanted was to get HIS man into the CB, so he could pull the strings.
    He wants to have his hand in every pie.
    Every dog has his day, & Maliks will come along soon.

    • 5

      from what i understand he reverted back to the commonwealth secretariat london for a 2 year stint then after a short break he was invited for this and was backed by retired CB employees and AM.

      He played for CH & FC. at Longdon Place in the 70’s I watched him score very often because he had the build like any other european player.

  • 3

    When Ranil came to power in 2001 he declared that Sri Lankan Government is not capable of defeating the LTTE so he gave the North and East on a piece of paper to Nandikadal Thambi. In 2015 he is no different. Today he says Sri Lankans are not capable of anything. So he sent is Dress Designer Friend and Galeon Ravi all around the world in all fours begging for funds. Having realized all of them are just wind bags now he has turned to China. China is whipping his posterior big time. They will also make sure this Government is squeezed out of power very soon. That is why Ranil is playing the ETCA card to scare the Chinese. But what Ranil does not realize is ETCA is what will send him home. In a few months time Appaya will put a full U turn and do to Ranil what he did to MR. If anyone is dreaming of seeing this government in power for their full term they will be rudely woken up very soon. The first signs were clear with the Pada Yatra. Even Sira has realized the genuine flow of passion with MR/JO flow. Sambanthan in the Opposition Leaders seat has just made things easy for people.

  • 3

    Hey Malik;

    Your knowledge on international trade stinks too much it reminds me of a large SHRIMP. You know where shrimp stores shit? Your pro ECTA messages lately have baffled me ;
    “I love shrimps they are delicious but one of my friends told me that shrimps have their shit stored in their head area and so one day I decided (as a good reasonable Royalist does ) to dissect the prawn myself and found out it was true. That is so weird and they don’t have blood either. But the big question is if they have shit for brains then where is their brain? how do they think?”
    I hope you got the message.

  • 4

    All the nay-sayers here are living in the past.
    If we can get cheap doctors from India, why not? Why should we help that bunch of nincompoops, the GMOA, continue to screw us?
    Do we really need to pay a local gardener Rs.2000 per day?
    If people are not paid more than they are worth, they have no need to worry.
    And by the way, India may still have poverty, BUT there are more Indians with an Australian-level income than in Australia itself.There are 150,000 SRI LANKANS who prefer camp life in India to coming back here.
    A good clue to the direction of the Indian and SL economies is the fact that Sri Lankans can only afford to buy used cars. Indians buy brand new ones, at one-third the price. So who has to be afraid of what?

    • 3

      “”So who has to be afraid of what? “

      Supporters of Lactose Prone Chinese want protection like the French who can’t have agricultural protection without EU funding.

      The west can have protection because it has the money and technology but the economies did not grow fast enough so the doors opened for global village.
      The ant army of the world China took it on and created 350 million jobs for themselves thereby shutting most of the industry in the west.

      So Trump promises to bring back the jobs and they will go robotic.
      The Chinese are going robotic too in a big way with German assistance.(as you know the best is never sold) In a small east german village pharmacy just one man pharmacist with robotic arms as workers serves the customers. The robot does the job of 3 humans.

      If lanka does not take the opportunity to learn from collaboration it would go off the map like Sikkim or be wiped off map.
      I fact I am suprised the indians are being kind to offer this to Lanka..
      Any idea how it’s happening??

      • 0

        “If lanka does not take the opportunity to learn from collaboration it would go off the map like Sikkim or be wiped off map. I fact I am suprised the indians are being kind to offer this to Lanka..”

        Most Lankans are blissfully unaware of the progress India is making, and our insular media prefers to carry supplements from the Daily Mail or Washington Post but not the Indian Express or the Hindu.Our frogs-in-the- well still think India is full of roadside toilets and sacred cows. I do wish the Indians would be even kinder and do a Sikkim on us …

        • 0

          “Our frogs-in-the- well still think India is full of roadside toilets and sacred cows.”
          ” I do wish the Indians would be even kinder and do a Sikkim on us … “

          . Studies and surveys have consistently indicated that approximately 90% of persons in any given country have strong patriotic sentiments.

          Therefore they feel less and think more then run away when asked to use a search engine which would give an answer first time if folk feel like a child.
          Its the American spin of Truman that continues. Remember when Samanta Powers on her last occasion kept on saying Obama instructions then arranged the loan that China refused.
          Hillary is a crook and prefers a soylent green world because of her multinational backers. Neither the Indians or Chinese like her because they tasted it before the libyan war.
          It’s crucial that Trump wins to change the spin. He is admired by Putin and Xi and Shalli Kumar industrialist chicago is at present the main outside funder of Trump plus friend of Modi. It’s all trump cards no bigot sinhala tamil muslim can match.
          SL is in debt 78% GDP and the banksters (all private like Goldman Sacs) have permitted a borrowing of 4 times the GDP which citizens have to pay. This would make lanka an island of cannibals.
          check this data base on economies its a beauty
          enter sri lanka in the search if its not showing and click the radio button economy on the left – it gives accurate details of the situation.
          every time we use a debit or credit card it goes through Master or visa (backstage operation- so the world is one) if folk horde money then worms eat it and if they buy art work thieves come in- like the song joker man there is no way out.- you get the jest.
          Shalli Kumar wants India to be one as it was during the British Raj which Churchill, Nehru too wanted because they saw what would happen-
          So it’s a case of waiting a couple of months and not letting our SL politicians deflect the rejoining for a peaceful subcontinent. You know certain states and union territories it’s not possible for folk of india to just take permanent resident like UK does for its channel island- off shore banking. You see how I see prosperity in friendship with the right people.

  • 0

    The UNP govt. led by Ranil W…has a responsibility and accountability to maintain trade and development in stability at a reasonable level. If it fail to do last 19 months so that maintain economic sovereignty of an Island by acting manner of by an introducing ETCA will created instability & disorder market economy ,it ought to pay political consequences.

    By that lager scale selling of national wealth the vested interest of Indian, I think that was bad move that is —-why waste of money transaction costs of associated with buying and selling of wealth of state by selected of few Indian buyers.

    Since 2015 January 9th after financial crisis had been deepen and wider ,did not know how much debt has been rising and how much it could pay its creditors; so UNP political advices has lost proposed an interesting of innovation of Trade and Investment are concern.

    In fact that Misrule of UNP financial and monetary policies, rather than trying to pay more than it could ,which would lead to another debt crisis a few years down the line, it proposed GDP-indexed bond.

    The Country the lost direct foreign investment of capital–FDI, UNP’s led CB bond issues and that created Ex-capitalisation capital market by UNP Ranil W…. pay more if and when Sri lanka income right to down and that country could afford to pay?

    Why is that UNP desperate on proposed ETCA with Indian services sector agreement that reregulating financial system would actually misdirected be no more innovative in ways by UNP leadership.

    ETCA not going to creating a financial stability that actually fulfils the functions that financial system is supposed to perform is an important step of restructuring market economy. And put our own house into order by the fast track of that reorientation of national sustsnibility of capitalism by UNP leadership?

    Well ongoing created crisis by UNP cannot overcome by proposed ETCA, but we need not only financial sector, but the rest of re-innovators the rest of economy as well is more urgently address by current regime in power.

    I was assume when UNP leadership being helm of power in state apparatus have not done nothing good job; that we must give priority restructures the financial system and redirected the basic regulatory structure which the financial system in smooth operation.

    Unfortunately country the previous govt. under MR ruling alliances which has done well being of nation that prosper growth rate of GDP 7.9% development has been disappear once for all; it goes to post-war financial crisis UNP Regime being power 2105 January 9th.
    This is not only challenging facing economic survival of the country, which that crisis leads to political uncertainties in the post WAR period 2009 May in Sri lanka.

    Needless to say that nutshell of by ongoing definition a Global economy is one where factors of production, natural resources, capital, technology and labour in fact, the as well as commodities and services move around the world.

    By and large Monopolies of capitalist headed by USA hegemonies make money by moving services, commodities and natural resources from where they cheap to where they are expensive and from moving manufacturing commodities from where it is expensive to where it if cheap.
    The technology gets employed where it earns the most money.

    Labour similarly moves to the place where wages are highest.
    In this process of searching around the global for the highest returns, wherever they may exist,prices, rents, wages ,interest payments and dividends become equal.
    Wages rise in countries of developing nations with low wages and fall in rich countries with high wages a process known to economists as call factors of price equalization.

    What I am telling Indian capitalist do not want to missing many opportunities in our local market by making more money from proposed agreement of ECTA pact.

    This is a simple fact of ABC of economy reading has not yet been that realized by any of learn lessons from the past by the pool of ignorant UNP’s leadership and their thinking tank.

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